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The Unknown Object

Chapter XIV

Tim woke up the next day to the sound of a car horn sounding downstairs. He stretched and trudged to his bedroom window and saw Dad walking out the door with a suitcase, heading down the driveway to the car that was waiting to drive him to the airport. Must be Dad’s co-worker who’s come to pick him up. What impressed Tim as he looked at the vehicle was that it was a Tesla. A far cry from the Honda Accord and Toyota minivan his family owned. Tim thought back to the expensive watch he’d seen Bill wearing at dinner the other night. How does that guy afford all this expensive stuff?

More importantly, Tim realized, was that Dad had left before he’d had a chance to use the ray gun on him. He’d planned to wake up early and give Dad some suggestions to make sure that he wasn’t surprised by the…affectionate…relationships he’d developed with Heather and Mom over the past week. But he’d been so tired yesterday after his experience with his sister that he’d fallen asleep as soon as his head had hit the pillow. He could kick himself for not setting an alarm. It was too late now. At least Dad would be gone for a few weeks, but using the ray gun on him would have to be his first order of business as soon as he came back from his trip.

Tim heard a door open out in the hallway, and he knew that his sister had just gotten up. Probably headed to take a quick shower before heading off to school. Tim thought of joining her in the shower, but quickly discarded the idea. Heather was probably still feeling sore after yesterday, and besides, Tim had other plans for today.

Tim sat down at the computer and opened up links he’d bookmarked last weekend. When he’d first hypnotized his mother, he’d gotten all her passwords in order to cancel her hot yoga appointment; along with that, he’d gotten her credit card information, which is what he was going to discreetly use now in order to buy some items to use during the weekend. There were a ton of websites which specialized in sex toys, but surprisingly, he was able to find most of what he wanted on Amazon, which was even better, as no strange charges would show up on Mom’s credit card statement. What’s more, everything was in stock and would arrive by Friday, which meant his weekend plans would go off without a hitch.

As Tim added stuff to the online store’s shopping cart, he looked at the little piece of paper next to his laptop where he’d written his sister’s and his mom’s measurements, which he’d taken from their underwear. He’d need everything to be the right size for some of the events of the upcoming weekend. Just thinking about it made him excited.

He thought back to just a week ago. Sitting in the cafeteria with Eddie and Yang, as the three of them bemoaned their lack of success with women—and at least two of them had been telling the truth. He absent-mindedly pondered what Eddie was up to now. It didn’t matter, he concluded. Tim thought of all the beautiful women at school who had always seemed out of reach. The cheerleaders, the track and field athletes, the girls’ basketball team, even teachers like Ms. Davis. If he could take women as unattainable, as forbidden, as his mother and sister, getting anyone to obey his commands would be child’s play.

Tim thought back to the list he’d made. He’d been unable to find any of the girls on the list by themselves. But maybe there was a way around that. If he could use the ray gun on a teacher, any teacher, and then have that teacher call someone in to an empty classroom…

He was pondering and planning when he heard a sudden knock on the door.

Tim opened the door and saw his sister waiting in front of the doorway. Heather was already in her school uniform, that cute pleated skirt and short-sleeved shirt, her hair tied up in a simple ponytail. Her beautiful brown eyes were darting left and right, as though too self-conscious to look him directly in the face.

A sudden mental image flashed before his eyes, of his sister giving little yelps and moans of pleasure as he pounded into her, over and over again. Just a day ago, he’d been nothing but an annoying older brother, an object of embarrassment. Now, he was so much more.

“Good morning, Heather,” Tim said, with a self-satisfied smile. “What’s up?”

“…Hey…good morning,” his sister replied, hesitantly. She was blushing, too shy to make eye contact. Tim suddenly realized, this must be what Eddie had seen whenever he and Heather got together. Never again, though. From now on, this blushing, beautiful girl would be his and his alone.

“Anyway, uhm, I was just wondering…if you wanted to walk to school together this morning…?” Heather continued.

Tim suppressed the feelings of triumph, trying not to let them show on his face too much. I bet this is what it’s like having a girlfriend, he considered. What a ridiculous scenario. His own sister, shyly asking him to walk to school with her. Still, he had to be careful. He didn’t think anyone would find anything odd and suspicious about two siblings walking to school together, but Heather’s feelings were obvious to anyone who bothered to scrutinize her. The last thing Tim wanted was Heather’s friends seeing the two of them and wondering why she was acting so strangely towards her unpopular, geeky brother. No, it would be better for them to maintain their distance while they were in public, at least for a little while, until Heather got her feelings under control, or until Tim gave her further commands using the ray gun.

Besides, he had other things to do.

“That sounds great, but, uh,” Tim replied, “I don’t think I’ll be able to go to school today. I’m actually still pretty tired from yesterday. I’m not an athlete like you are, and we had quite a workout, y’know. I’ll just tell Mom I’m feeling a little sick.”

Heather’s face, which had already been blushing, got even redder. Her eyes darted around even more desperately.

“But,” Tim continued, “I want you to go and give it your all during practice today. I know you have those regional competitions coming up, right?”

Heather nodded furiously, still blushing.

“Hey,” Tim said. “Yesterday was awesome. You don’t…regret it, do you?”

Heather shook her head. Of course she doesn’t, Tim thought to himself. He’d made sure of that with the commands he’d given her.

Tim poked his head out the door and gave a quick, furtive look around to make sure his mother was nowhere nearby. Then, he placed his hand on his sister’s chin, and tenderly moved her face up towards his, and kissed her.

Heather stiffened momentarily, and he felt her give a slight shiver, and then she melted into the kiss. Tim drew her close to him, embracing her, his hands tracing down the small of her back. As they continued kissing, one hand slipped beneath her skirt, gently fondling her firm buttocks.

They continued embracing and, after a few moments (and giving her bottom one more squeeze), they disentangled themselves from each other.

“So, uh, have a great day at school today,” Tim said, breathing a bit heavily. He could feel his cock raging in his boxers, and knew that if he didn’t let her go, he wouldn’t be able to control his lust for much longer.

“Y-yeah…thank you…uhm…you take it easy today, and I’ll, I’ll see you when I get back,” Heather said, breathing just as heavily.

As Tim watched his sister shakily walk down the hallway towards the stairs, he couldn’t contain the self-satisfied smirk from his face.

* * *

Kathleen heated up the water for her morning coffee. She had been distracted since yesterday evening; her mind preoccupied with thoughts of her son. Thoughts she knew she shouldn’t be having. It was one thing to initiate her son into adulthood, she knew, but quite another to develop feelings for him.

What’s going on with me?

When Robert had come home last night, she had noticed a strange atmosphere at the dinner table. Heather had been quiet and nervous, nothing like the cheerful, energetic daughter she was so accustomed to. She had barely said a word during dinner, never taking her eyes off her food, as though she were ashamed to look at her parents and brother.

Tim had seemed happy enough, though Kathleen was sure he kept glancing at her, caressing her body with his eyes. Perhaps Kathleen had just been imagining that, but she was fairly sure she wasn’t. Of course, maybe that was to be expected—Tim was a teenager with raging hormones, and considering the events of the past weekend, she should not have been surprised that he kept looking at her that way. What surprised her was just how much she enjoyed it, craved it.

Robert, of course, had been completely oblivious. All he could think about was his business trip the next day.

* * *

That night, after Robert had gone upstairs, she’d followed him to the master bedroom shortly after.

As she entered the room, she saw her husband undress, changing into his pajamas. He barely even bothered to give her a glance as she closed the door. The familiarity of two decades of marriage was reflected in the fact that the two of them had grown accustomed to each other’s nakedness. She inspected her husband’s bare back, almost clinically comparing his physique to that of her son’s. As he turned around, she glanced at his genitals, at the thick, long penis dangling between his legs.

Her mind was torn between the two loves she felt, equally strong, towards her husband, Robert, and her son, Tim. She felt a wave of guilt wash over her then. It was one thing to have sex with Tim, to help him in sexual development. She knew there was nothing wrong with that, that it wasn’t infidelity because they were family, because it was a lesson, nothing more.

On the other hand, it was quite another thing to have romantic feelings, passionate emotions, towards someone other than her husband. To have an unfaithful heart, she knew, was wrong. She loved her children, completely and unreservedly, but she believed that romantic love should only exist between a woman and her husband.

The feelings she had for Tim were…wrong. They confused her and ashamed her.

Maybe it’s just that Robert and I haven’t been intimate in such a long time, Kathleen reasoned. I’ve confused the feelings I got from my weekend with Tim for actual romantic emotions.

If that were the case, it would be an easy enough thing to fix.

As her husband went to open up the cabinet and grab his pajamas, Kathleen walked towards him, softly stroked his strong shoulders with her hands.

“Darling?” A startled Robert turned around, looked at her. Without hesitation, she tightened her arms around him and turned her head up to look into his eyes, and kissed him.

Robert was momentarily startled, but returned the kiss, his own hands grasping her shoulder.

After a few seconds, he pulled away from her, panting slightly.

“That was…what’s gotten into you?” Robert grinned, somewhat disbelievingly.

“Robert, it’s…it’s just been so long,” Kathleen said, looking up into his eyes. Her hands stroked his hairy chest, feeling his quickening heartbeat. After a few moments, she slid her right hand down his chest, past his stomach, and then grasped the length of his cock.

Robert gasped, and she felt the heat of his thick member in her hands, as it slowly hardened.

“Darling,” he whispered roughly, “are you sure…the kids are still up…they might hear…”

She put a finger to his mouth, her other hand pumping at his hardening cock.

“Don’t worry, love. I’ll be…discreet,” she said, giving him a devilish grin. As she did so, she knelt down, never taking her eyes off of his.

On her knees, she looked at his cock, and couldn’t help but compare it to Tim’s. Robert was much hairier than his son, but not even the pubic hair on his crotch could disguise his cock’s length and thickness. Robert and Tim had remarkably similar penises, though Robert’s was perhaps a tad thicker in diameter, and slightly stubbier than Tim’s.

Robert was now fully erect, the purple head of his veiny cock pointed straight at Kathleen’s face. She moved closer to it and began giving it gentle kisses, licking the head while stroking the shaft.

Kathleen had never been particularly fond of giving oral sex, but she knew how much her husband enjoyed it, so on the rare occasions she did so, she strove to make the experience as pleasurable for him as possible. She twirled her tongue around the cockhead now, putting it in her mouth, moving her head back and forth the way she knew Robert liked it. She felt him begin to move his hips back and forth, as he put his hands atop her head.

“Fuck,” Robert said below his breath, and she could hear his panting. His hips began to piston slightly more forcefully.

With one hand, Kathleen manipulated Robert’s cock while she stuck the other down her panties and began rubbing her own clit. She could feel the moisture gathering around her crotch, taste the pre-cum on Robert’s dick. It had been so long since she had been with her husband like this. Too long. That had to have been the cause of her confused feelings. It had to be.

Robert’s panting, and the wet, slurping, licking sounds echoed throughout the bedroom.

After a few more minutes, Robert tried to pull away.

“I’m…I’m about to cum, darling…,” he whispered, gently trying to pull out of her mouth. Robert knew that Kathleen hated to swallow his seed. To his surprise, without a hint of hesitation, Kathleen grabbed him from behind, grasping his buttocks, and taking his cock deeper into her oral orifice.

“Wh-what are you doing? I’m about to—ahhhh—about to—unnnghhh…I’m cumming…!”

Robert’s seed exploded into Kathleen’s mouth, splashing onto her tonsils and the back of her throat, and she swallowed it all, greedily, hungrily. The taste, slightly salty and somewhat bitter, coated her taste buds. She had never liked it, but she knew her husband would find it exciting to see her swallow his semen. And indeed, Robert looked down at her, a shocked expression visible on his face. What was going on with his wife tonight, he was doubtlessly wondering?

With a pop, her husband’s slowly softening cock left her mouth, and Kathleen used her hand to wipe a small dribble of cum from her chin. She stood up and began to undress.

“Lie down on the bed, Robert,” she said, smiling. “I’ll take care of you tonight.”

Robert gave a confused grin and moved towards the bed, lying back down. He leaned towards his nightstand and turned the family picture so it was facing the wall. It was an odd habit of Robert’s that Kathleen found endearing, his embarrassment at the thought that the kids’ photograph could be some sort of virtual audience to their lovemaking. After that was done, Robert opened up the nightstand’s drawer and grabbed a condom.

Kathleen performed a little striptease in front of her husband, taking her bra off, swinging it around overhead, throwing it in his direction for him to catch. Robert did so, smiling, and she could see his limp cock slowly grow tumescent again.

Kathleen took off her moist panties and stood completely nude in front of her husband. Robert grabbed his cock, fully hard now, and took the condom out of its package, rolling it onto his shaft. As he did so, Kathleen turned the bedroom lights off, and strode towards the bed.

* * *

After a few minutes of kissing, rubbing, and teasing, Kathleen was wet enough, and Robert was hard enough. He lay back and Kathleen climbed on top of him, grasping his cock and plunging it into her depths.

Kathleen and Robert settled into a comfortable rhythm; intimately familiar with their partner’s body after decades of marriage, they knew exactly where to touch, where to stroke, to get the maximum response. Her weekend with Tim came into Kathleen’s mind, unbidden, and she marveled at how different the experience of sex with the father was from sex with the son. Tim had been frenzied, desperate. He could not get enough of her body, touching it playing with it, as though he had been a man dying of thirst who had just reached an oasis. Robert, in contrast, was confident, accustomed to Kathleen’s body, the small little moans that she made to indicate pleasure. He played her body like an expert musician played his instrument.

After fifteen minutes or so of lazy lovemaking, Kathleen reached orgasm, her body trembling with erotic rapture, and Robert reached his climax a few minutes later.

Afterwards, husband and wife cuddled together, slowly falling asleep, their naked bodies entangled together.

As her mind and body lay in an ever-increasing slumbering haze, Kathleen realized something troubling. The night of passion she had thought would resolve her lingering feelings towards Tim had done nothing of the sort. The passionate emotions and strange desires for submissiveness were still there.

Kathleen drifted off into a troubled sleep.

* * *

The next day, Robert left for his trip with a little bit of extra spring in his step. As Kathleen walked him out the door, he reminded her about his offer of having her join him in Louisiana later on.

“I don’t know…,” Kathleen hesitated. Last night’s lovemaking, rather than clearing up her confusion, had only made it worse. She wasn’t sure quite what to do now. The guilt she’d felt yesterday only ate away at her even more.

“If it’s the kids you’re worried about, don’t,” Robert said, a large, kind smile on his face. “We can always ask your sister Lily to drop by once in a while to make sure they haven’t burned the house down.”

“Let me think about it, alright? We can talk on the phone tonight, after your trip.”

“Okay, okay, but it’ll be fun—you know it will,” Robert replied with a wink. He gave her one last kiss and then walked out the door, lugging his gear behind him. Kathleen stood by the doorway and waved at Bill, who was waiting in his idling car. Bill waved back, then helped Robert pack his things away. As the car drove off, Kathleen closed the door and went back to the kitchen, where Heather was already sitting at the kitchen table, eating some granola and yogurt.

“Good morning, sweetie,” Kathleen said, trying to put a happy façade. “I was actually about to make some breakfast. Are you sure you don’t want anything else?”

Heather shook her head and just kept eating. She was unusually quiet this morning, Kathleen noted, just as she had been yesterday. Kathleen wondered if anything was going on with her daughter—perhaps she’d gotten into one of those teenage arguments girls get into with their friends, or maybe she was worried about her grades—she remembered that Heather had been struggling with mathematics recently.

“Do you want me to make some fruit salad for you—“

“Sorry, Mom, gotta go. Love ya!” And with that, Heather grabbed her bag and, without so much as a glance backwards, sped out the door.

Kathleen sighed and began clearing the kitchen table. What was going on with her family recently? The interpersonal dynamics had definitely changed between the four of them. The three of them, she corrected herself. Robert was the same as he’d ever been. She just couldn’t’ figure out why—it was like an itch that she couldn’t scratch.

As she stood in front of the kitchen faucet, her mind distracted, she heard another set of footsteps. Her son. Tim.

“You’re up early this morning,” she said. “Do you want some coffee?”

She turned around, but to her befuddlement, Tim wasn’t wearing his school uniform. Instead, he was still wearing the old t-shirt and pair of boxers which he usually wore for bed. He was carrying his smartphone in one hand, and in the other…he was holding something…but whatever it was, it wasn’t important. Not worth focusing on.

What was worth focusing on, though, was the fact that he was going to miss the school’s morning bell if he didn’t hurry.

“What do you think you’re doing, young man?” Kathleen said, adopting the tone of voice she used for reprimands, though it felt a bit hollow. “Get yourself upstairs and get showered and dressed before you’re late for school.”

Tim leisurely put the phone and…other object…on the kitchen counter, and then opened up the refrigerator door.

“Well?” Kathleen said, tapping her foot to indicate impatience.

“I don’t think I’m going to school today, Mom,” Tim said from behind the refrigerator door, his voice slightly muffled. “I think I need another lesson from you. An urgent lesson. It can’t wait.”

Kathleen blushed. She knew what that meant. Another lesson. Her mind rifled through possible excuses, though she knew she didn’t need to give him any. He had to get to school. But…he wanted a lesson.

She couldn’t explain why, but she knew that she could not turn him down.

“I…I see…well, that’s an, uh, it’s a very important thing for your development, so I suppose I can call the school today and let them know you’re not feeling well,” Kathleen stammered. “Shall I make you some breakfast and then we can…we can head back upstairs?”

Tim’s head poked up from behind the refrigerator door. He had a big grin on his face.

“There’s no need, Mom,” he said. “I already know what I want for breakfast.”

Tim closed the refrigerator door. As he did so, Kathleen could see he was holding something in his hands.

A bowl of strawberries and a can of whipped cream.