The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Unknown Object

Chapter XVI

“Oh God…I…I’ve never done anything like this before…never even thought…ohhh…Tim!”

Despite her protests, Mom was on the bed, squatting on all fours, the perfectly tight brown penny of her asshole pointing up to where Tim was standing. She moaned into a pillow as Tim, his index finger covered in Vaseline, digitally penetrated her anus. He felt the delicious tightness wrap around his knuckle, so different from his mother’s pussy.

As soon as Mom had realized what Tim wanted to do, she’d made one half-hearted protest after another. She had never done this before, she wouldn’t be able to give Tim a good lesson on anal sex, it wasn’t really common outside of pornography, not even his father had ever tried to do this with her, and so on and so forth.

Tim had found her embarrassed reaction to be almost cute. Due to the commands he’d given to her with the mind control gun, he knew she couldn’t ultimately refuse anything he wanted to do in the bedroom, but her obvious discomfort and shyness only served as more of a turn-on for him. Perhaps a week ago, the guilt of doing something she was clearly reluctant to do would have been enough to get him to stop. He would have used the mind control gun again and gotten her to forget the whole thing, resume a normal mother-son relationship, and he would have been satisfied with the photos he’d taken of her covered in whipped cream and using those for fap material.

However, the previously powerless young man had become drunk with lustful greed. His mother and his sister weren’t just beloved family members anymore. They were sources of great pleasure, and he wasn’t about to stop using them to get that pleasure. On the contrary, his mind kept coming up with new and exciting things to do in the bedroom.

He looked down at his mother, her ass pointed towards his, her pussy practically dripping with love juice, every single part of her waiting and read to be used for his enjoyment. The middle-aged woman had the physique of someone ten years younger—toned and tight in all the right places, yet curvy and sensual as well. What an idiot his father was, Tim thought. If he had a woman at home like Mom, he’d never take business trips. He’d spend every single day exploring her body, finding new and sexy things to do with her.

When they’d wandered into the bedroom earlier, Tim had looked for any sexy lingerie his mother owned in order to have her dress up for him. He was greatly disappointed to discover that the silk chemise she’d worn the day he’d lost his virginity to her was the sexiest piece of bedwear she owned. He’d have to remedy that.

The day he’d lost his virginity, he thought to himself. Now his mother would lose her anal virginity to him. It was strangely appropriate.

“Unghhh…Tim…,” his mother gasped. “Are you…are you sure you want to do this…? I…I’ve never done it before, so I don’t know how it works, really…I’ve only heard stories…and…uhm…”

“Don’t worry, Mom,” Tim reassured her, as he gently inserted a second finger into her anus and began spreading more Vaseline into the inside of her asshole. “I’ve watched a lot of porn, so I at least know how the basics work. You just need to loosen up, relax, and trust me.”

“Ah!” Mom gave a yelp as she felt the second finger enter her. “You…you really shouldn’t be watching those types of videos, dear…they’ll give you unrealistic expectations regarding…unnghhh…sexual relationships between men and women…”

Tim just smiled. He didn’t doubt it. Due to not being able to talk to the girls at school without becoming a nervous wreck, most of his knowledge of the opposite sex came from PornHub, Japanese hentai videos, and random screenshots of famous actresses doing nude scenes for movies. Maybe that had warped his sensibilities, he considered, or maybe it had prepared him for the sorts of things he’d be able to do with the mind control gun.

As he absent-mindedly inserted a third finger into Mom’s asshole, and kept entreating her to just relax and enjoy the experience, he thought back to the wedding photos of Oskar Müller and Elizabeth Duvivier. The women in the background of the photos were all young, all beautiful. Tim was almost completely certain that they were also Müller’s slaves…er, his conquests. Why had the word slave come so naturally to his mind, he wondered?

Müller had invented the mind control gun in the first place, had obviously known intimately what it could and could not do. Tim pondered if he’d written anything on the subject. Even if he’d only written about the potential of the mind control gun in a hypothetical manner, it could give him important insights into how the device functioned, as well as any limitations it had that he wasn’t aware of. He still didn’t even know the device’s effective range, or how many people it could be activated on at the same time. If he’d had any papers, they’d either been destroyed after he died, or possibly donated to the city library. He made a mental note to take a trip to the library sometime soon, if only he could keep away from the temptation of the sexy women in his household.

But for now, I’m just going to enjoy the sexy body in front of me, he thought.

“Okay, Mom, I’m going to start…just relax, don’t tense up…,” Tim said softly, almost kindly, as he took the Vaseline and began to spread it generously over the head and shaft of his erect cock. From his vantage point, he saw his mother take a deep breath and give a small nod.

He aimed his turgid member at her anal entrance and began to slowly, but firmly, push himself into her ass.

Mom gasped as she felt her son enter her, and reflexively tightened her anus, causing Tim to grunt with pleasure.

Bit by bit, he inserted his well-lubricated cock into Mom’s butthole. Once he was all the way in, he began moving his hips, gently and carefully.

It felt strange, but so good.

“Ah!” Mom gave a small squeak. Tim looked down and saw that she was playing with her clit as he moved in and out of her.

He got into a steady, slow rhythm and began pushing in and out.

Now he’d taken his mother’s anal virginity. The two had been, in an odd way, each other’s ‘first.’

* * *

“Are you sure you just need some rest? Maybe you’re getting sick,” Jenny looked at Heather worriedly, her hand on Heather’s shoulder.

The track and field team sat at their usual lunch table, and Jenny, Tricia, and Samantha all looked at Heather with some concern. The concern was well-founded, in some respects. Regional competitions were less than two weeks away, and every moment of training until then was incredibly important to improve their chances of success. It shouldn’t have surprised Heather that as soon as she had told Samantha that she was going to have to skip after school training, Samantha, in her role as team captain, had called for an emergency meeting.

Heather’s face was red with embarrassment. It wasn’t like she could reveal the actual reason she wanted to leave school early today. That she wanted to talk to her brother-slash-lover about what their new relationship meant, how they were going to hide it from their family, how he felt about her, steps they needed to take to be discreet…

Samantha interrupted her thoughts.

“Look, guys, does anyone else feel sick?” Samantha asked. “Maybe, like, food poisoning from the cafeteria food?”

Tricia, her fingers nervously playing with her pretty red hair, shook her head.

“I feel okay, but I don’t usually eat cafeteria food,” Jenny stated. “My mom says it’s really unhealthy so she usually makes me take stuff from home.” She pointed to the lunch she’d brought with her, black pepper beef over rice with some Chinese cabbage. It actually looked really good, Heather thought, in comparison with the slop the cafeteria usually served.

“It’s just kind of weird, Heather, because aren’t we all usually in sync?” Samantha queried. “Like, I feel like our periods tend to match up, and I’m not due yet for a little bit, so…”

Heather just sank further into her chair. If the earth could have swallowed her up, it would have been doing her a massive favor.

“Uhm…I don’t want to embarrass you, Heather, but…” Tricia put her elbows on the chair and held her freckled face in her hands as she stared straight at Heather. “Is there…maybe…another reason you wanna leave early?”

“W-what do you mean?” Heather gave a slight squeak. There was no way Tricia could have figured out the real reason she wanted to go home early, could she? Tricia was the school’s gossip queen, but not even she could have realized what Heather and her brother had been up to yesterday unless she’d been looking into Heather’s bedroom window with a pair of binoculars. Not that Heather would put that past Tricia, not if it meant getting her hands on some ‘hot goss.’

Heather’s stunned expression must have confirmed something for Tricia, because she gave a wry half-smile and snapped her fingers as though she’d just figured out a mystery.

“I freaking knew it!” Tricia gloated triumphantly. “Heather’s skipping practice to hang out with her boooyfrieeeeeend!”

“Oh my God,” Jenny said, laughing and pointing at Heather. “Look at her face, that’s totally it!”

Samantha was the only one of the three friends who wasn’t smiling. Her usually pretty face had become stern. The long blonde hair that usually framed her pretty face now seemed to be creating a dark shadow over her eyes, lending it an oddly ominous air. Heather panicked slightly—she knew how scary Samantha could get when she was pissed off.

“Seriously, Heather? You know, I’ve even told Doug that I’m not going on any dates with him for the next two weeks so I can focus on track, and he was okay with it. And meanwhile, you’re gonna skip practice just so you can hang out with this ‘Sweetie’ guy you’ve been keeping secret from us? Where’s your commitment? We’re supposed to be a team!”

Uh-oh, Heather thought. I need to nip this in the bud. I mean, they’re not wrong, but they’re also not right.

There was no way she could tell her friends the whole truth about her situation, not unless she wanted to make a bad situation a million times worse. But luckily, she did have something she’d been holding in reserve which would allay their suspicions and hopefully give her excuse a bit of credibility.

“L-look guys,” Heather said, holding her hands up in front of her as though to ward off an attack. “I really do feel some really bad cramps and I totally am having a heavy flow day, but I get why you wouldn’t believe me. The truth is, I’ve been hiding a secret from you all…a big secret.”

Jenny, Tricia, and Samantha all visibly inched forward, their curiosity piqued.

Heather took a deep breath.

“It’s about the guy in my contacts that was labeled ‘Sweetie,’” Heather said, looking down at the table, embarrassed to look at her friends in the face. “It was that creep…Eddie.”

There was an audible gasp from Samantha. Tricia mouthed a silent ‘whoa’ and Jenny covered her mouth with her hand, shocked.

“I know…I know…before you guys say anything…he tricked me…he was totally manipulating me to get closer to Samantha, and I fell for it.”

“Oh my God, Heather…you poor thing,” Samantha said, her anger suddenly and instantaneously melting into sympathy. She gave Heather a warm hug. Heather felt only a little guilty about it—nothing she was saying was a lie, but she was definitely using it as a way to distract attention from the real reason she wanted to go home early today.

“So Eddie was totally using you to scope out info on Samantha?” Tricia asked, shaking her head in disbelief. “That’s absolutely fucked up. What a total degenerate. What an awful human being.”

Tricia’s eyes darted around the cafeteria to make sure no one was listening in. Then she leaned in to where Heather was sitting, and looked at her with a serious expression on her face.

“Did he send you dick pics too?” Tricia whispered.

Jenny groaned and rolled her eyes. “Geez, Tricia, come on!”

“What?” Tricia said indignantly. “Come on, we were all thinking it—that guy turned out to be a total creep!”

Samantha just sighed and shook her head.

After that, the questions about Eddie came fast and furious—how had they hooked up? How far had they gone? Why had Heather kept the relationship secret? Didn’t she ever think it was weird that Eddie didn’t want anyone to know about the two of them?

It was uncomfortable for Heather, but at least any and all thoughts of her wanting to leave school early due to ulterior motives were gone from her friends’ minds.

She took a deep breath, exhaled, and began to answer their questions as best as she could.

* * *

Tim and Mom lay on the bed, embracing each other, enjoying the afterglow of sex. Tim loved this, he realized, and thought of how to convince his mother to let him sleep on the bed that night, and every following night. As far as he was concerned, he was the man of the house now.

He looked into his mother’s face, his fingers tracing her laugh lines, the gentle nape of her neck, her shoulder. The mother-son relationship the two had shared for the entirety of his life had been inextricably changed by the events of the past week. Now, comingling alongside those memories of her picking him up from kindergarten, sewing his broken shirt, putting band-aids on his knees after a day of roughhousing, reading him bedtime stories, were erotic memories of the two of them engaging in acts of forbidden passion.

Before this past week, Tim had never thought of his mother sexually. She’d just been ‘Mom.’ The usage of the mind control gun had been impulsive, almost accidental. The suggestions he’d implanted into his mother came from sexual frustration, not incestuous feelings of desire. In fact, the decision to implant those suggestions on her had burdened him with feelings of guilt that he thought would never go away. But after the events of the past few days, the guilt he was feeling had transformed into overwhelming lust, and he found it difficult to think of her in any way other than as a woman, an incredibly desirable woman. If anything, the taboos he was breaking only increased the eroticism of the acts they were engaging in. It made Tim feel as though he were above conventional morality. Those rules were for other people, not him.

His mom looked back at him with a mysterious expression. Tim wondered what she was thinking. Of course, he could always just go downstairs and fetch the ray gun and find out her exact thoughts, if he truly wanted to. She couldn’t keep any secrets from him, not really.

After the two of them had cuddled for a while, Tim stood up and decided to clean up a bit. He had plenty of time before Heather came home, he realized as he looked at the clock on the nightstand. The school’s last period should be about to end, and then Heather would be headed over to track and field practice. He calculated he still had at least six hours. Nevertheless, he might as well start doing a bit of clean-up now so he wasn’t running around at the last minute. He still had to implant suggestions in Heather and Mom to be okay with the fact that Tim was going to be fucking both of them, hopefully together, and he didn’t know how his sister would react to seeing him doing stuff with Mom, no matter how unshakable the trust and loyalty he’d implanted into her psyche were. Besides, the kitchen downstairs was still in disarray from his morning whipped cream session with Mom.

Tim stood up and stretched, his crotch still coated in Vaseline. He looked at the bed. The bedsheets were a mess of lubricant, love juice, and cum. He’d have to get his mother to clean that too. He wiped off some of the Vaseline with a sheet. Then he saw the trash can he and Mom had tipped over when they’d come into the bedroom.

Tim sighed. If he was going to clean up, he might as well start small. He knelt down, placed the receptacle back in its upright position, and began gathering all the trash that had fallen out when it had overturned. Some old receipts, crumpled papers, used-up lip balm, and…

He audibly gasped with incredulity when he saw it, and the sound of it was loud enough that his mother noticed. Where had this come from? Why was it in Mom’s trash can? In her bedroom? What did it mean for the commands he’d implanted in her?

Mom lifted her head from the bed and looked in Tim’s direction.

“What is it, honey, what are you…” She stopped when she realized what Tim was staring at.

On the floor, next to the trash can, was a used condom.