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The Unknown Object

Chapter XXV

“So, this Ryan guy is your boyfriend, huh, Ms. Davis?”


Tim was scrolling through the messages on Ms. Davis’ phone. She was sitting in the sofa in the living room. To be more accurate, she was sprawled on it, with all the grace of a rag doll.

“How long have you been dating him, Ms. Davis?”

“A year…a-and six months…”

“I guess it’s true what they say about girls keeping track of anniversaries and stuff. Is it serious?”


Tim sighed.

“Is it a serious relationship, Ms. Davis? Just answer any question you hear from me, Ms. Davis—it doesn’t matter if I address you directly or not.”


Tim was curious. The normally private Ms. Davis was an open book to him. From the photo album on her phone, he’d already seen that she was a total foodie—lots of photos of sophisticated-looking cuisine. No nude selfies or anything like that—he’d guessed Ms. Davis would be cautious about those sorts of things. Her Instagram (which was private) was almost all food pictures too, along with photos of her and some bearded goon who he guessed was this Ryan guy. He was older than her, with some gray in his beard. Some of the photos of the two of them had been taken at places like ski resorts, or restaurants where she wore fancy dress. A few were photos of the two of them hiking at a nature preserve. Nothing particularly scintillating, but Ms. Davis sure was a beautiful woman. No matter what she wore, whether it was a gown or jean shorts, she looked gorgeous. In school, she was usually serious to the point of severity, but the photos showed another side of her—smiling, laughing, carefree.

The fact that she was lying there on the sofa, powerless before him—he had to admit, it was turning him on. He had a boner. She was dressed in her usual conservative teacher’s outfit. A dark green blouse, against which he could see her breasts straining due to the awkward position she was in, and a black, knee-length business skirt. She was wearing some black flats, probably good for a teacher who stood in front of a whiteboard all day. Her normally intense blue eyes were unfocused, staring off into the distance.

Tim turned his attention back to her phone, specifically her conversations with this Ryan guy. Their texts were pretty interesting—it seems Ms. Davis found some of her students lazy and annoying, and she’d vented about it to her boyfriend. She also thought Mr. Hudson was a total perv who undressed her with his eyes.

He’d hate to break it to her, but that description probably applied to the entire male half of the senior high school.

“How often do you and this Ryan guy have sex?”

“…a-about once…a month or so…”

“Huh, I thought it would be more. Why not more often?”

“…Ryan…is…he’s busy at work…he was promoted just a few months ago…and…when he gets home…too tired to come over…”

“You two don’t live together, huh?”

“…we’re…he’s hinting at…moving in…I want to…”

Tim looked at the woman before him, his history teacher. The conscience that had been screaming at him about the mental and physical violations he had put his mother and sister through was silent now, replaced with lust.

His cock was hard.

His heart was beating like a jackhammer.

Ms. Davis wasn’t an attractive teenage girl, or a gentle mother figure.

She was a woman. A woman in her prime. The object of lust of many a teenager.

And she was just a few commands away from being his, forever.

His mind went back to his fantasy of her, wearing nipple tassels, gyrating on a pole.

He could make that come true, if he wanted, he could make this sophisticated woman beg for his cock.

Tim’s throat suddenly went dry. He gulped, licked his lips.

“Have you ever sexually fantasized about one of your students, Ms. Davis?”


“Why not?”

“I don’t find…immature…hormonal teenagers…attractive…and…they’re my students…my responsibility…ethics…morality…it would be wrong…”

“What do you think about me, Ms. Davis?”

“…You’re…unremarkable…a middling student…your grades…”

“W-well, that’s just my performance in class. Am I, y’know, attractive?”


Tim cringed.

“What would you say if I asked you to have sex with me?”

“N-no…n-never…” Ms. Davis trembled slightly, as though her unconscious were striving to resist any command that would cross her moral boundaries.

Not that Tim had expected her to say yes. He just wanted to see how effective the ‘guide to obedience’ Ms. Sommer had left for him was.

He made up his mind. This beautiful woman sitting in front of him was going to be his.

He looked at the guide. He’d brought it to the living room with him and placed it on the coffee table.

Fifty pages of instructions, carefully bound and stapled together. This would take a while.

He opened up the guide to its first page, started reciting out loud.

“Please listen carefully, Ms. Davis. You will listen to each one of my commands and suggestions, taking all of them into your heart. When these suggestions are in conflict with your memories and thoughts, the suggestions will take precedence...”

* * *

It took Tim over forty minutes to read through the instructions. He took Ms. Sommer’s advice into account, made sure to read carefully, not skipping over a single line, not inadvertently changing the language of a single command.

By the time he got to the last page, he felt oddly exhausted. He kept looking at Ms. Davis to see how she was taking the commands and suggestions. Unlike his earlier attempt, there had seemingly been no rejection of the commands he’d been giving to her.

On the last page, Dr. Müller had placed an explanatory note for his ‘heir.’

“FINAL NOTE: Once the commands have been given, the slave’s mind will be in an entirely pliable state, like plasticine. On an unconscious level, the slave will be unable to rebel against, or in any way harm, the master. To those around them, they will appear unchanged, but their hearts and souls (if such things exist) will be bound to you. Alternatively, you may enjoy introducing scenarios and situations into their minds, even impossible ones. Their minds will accept these situations without question; you may keep them in this state, or, via a simple command, return them to reality, with you as their master.”

It was the last two sentences which Tim found most intriguing—he remembered what Ms. Sommer had told him. How he could make Mom believe Tim was actually her husband, or do something as impossible as making Mom believe she was his sister and his sister believe she was Mom.

He looked at Ms. Davis, though she didn’t (couldn’t) look back at him. Her eyes were staring off somewhere into the distance, as though waiting for his orders.

His erection strained against his pants. He wanted her.

At that moment, Ms. Davis’ phone vibrated again. It had done so twice throughout the induction process, as he read through the guide to obedience. It had distracted him both times, though luckily he had managed not to lose his place.

Now that he was done, he grabbed her phone from where he’d placed it on the coffee table. The messages were all from Ryan, the boyfriend.

He gently grabbed Ms. Davis’ limp hand, using her fingerprint to unlock the phone.

‘Ryan: Hey babe, wondering what u want me to bring from the restaurant after ur done with the meeting. Do u want some temaki or some nigiri sushi? The chef will prepare it for when I clock out.’

Ten minutes later.

‘Ryan: Clocking out in less then an hour so we r operating on a deadline here. If u don’t tell me what u want I will just choose for u and u hate when I do that lol’

Just now.

‘Ryan: Everything ok with the meeting? Text me when u get this message’

Tim thought for a second, then texted back, imitating the style of texting he’d seen Ms. Davis use in her previous messages to her boyfriend.

‘Hannah: Didn’t see your messages until now, hon. The meeting took longer than expected, and now there is something else I have to do. Can I take a raincheck?’

After a few seconds, Tim saw the familiar “…” which meant someone was typing a response.

‘Ryan: Everything OK babe?’

Tim typed back.

‘Hannah: Just the usual. I’ll tell you the details when I see you next time. I won’t be home till late today. Luv u.’

A few seconds later.

‘Ryan: We still on for tomorrow right? U can tell me then. Sending u my love.’

Tim sighed and powered off the phone. No more interruptions.

That little exchange had given him an idea, though.

He looked at Ms. Davis and grinned.

“Ms. Davis, I want you to imagine this scenario in your mind…”

* * *

Tim’s bedroom, about an hour later. He’d made an effort to clean up, but it was, quite frankly, still a mess. The AC was on, but Tim had closed the curtains. He didn’t want anyone from outside seeing what he hoped was about to happen here.

Ms. Davis sat at the foot of the bed, still under his control.

He looked at her once again. Modestly dressed in a knee-length black skirt, with a green blouse. Straw-colored hair, that reached just above her shoulders. Beautiful, piercing blue eyes. A delicate, upturned nose. Just a little blush and eyeshadow, a natural shade of lipstick. Lips that looked warm and inviting.

She sat there, like a marionette that had its strings cut, her arms slack, her head slightly tilted to one side.

Tim swallowed.

The most beautiful teacher in school, in his room.

He’d delayed long enough. Time to see if the scenario he had created for Ms. Davis had taken hold in her mind.

He moved the dial on the mind control gun to ‘RELEASE.’

He pointed it at Ms. Davis.

He pressed the button.

A short, sharp burst of static.

The vibration running down his arm.

Ms. Davis blinked, as though she were coming out of a deep slumber, and then looked at her surroundings, as if momentarily confused, gathering her bearings.

After a few seconds, she looked at him, a beaming smile on her face.

“Oh, Ryan, it’s beautiful!”

She bounded out of the bed and ran to Tim, embracing him, and then she was kissing him, first on the cheeks, and then right on the lips—Ms. Davis was kissing him, and Tim was kissing her back, and it was so fucking hot, and he hugged her, his hands on her lower back, and it was all he could do not to cum in his pants right then and there.

Ms. Davis’ body was warm, and Tim, his hands tremblingly began tracing the gentle curve of her spine. As he reached her upper back, he could feel the brassiere underneath her blouse. As he did so, she kissed him, more and more intensely. He could feel the heat of her lips on his, he could smell the mild floral perfume she always wore to class, more intense because of her closeness to him. He could feel her soft, generous bust pressed to his chest (and Ms. Davis could no doubt feel the erection in his pants pressing against her—how could she not?).

Tim couldn’t believe it—the normally cool, collected Ms. Hannah Davis was actually kissing him, pressing his mouth open with her tongue, slipping her tongue into his mouth. Their taste buds rubbed roughly against each other as Tim gave his history teacher a French kiss, the saliva in their mouths intermingling.

Tim shivered slightly, his heart thumping against his chest.

After a minute or so of enthusiastic kissing, and of Tim’s hands wandering over Ms. Davis’ back and tentatively touching her buttocks, she finally pulled back slightly, looking into his eyes. She was taller than Mom and Heather, so their faces were almost level with each other.

Tim flinched a bit at that—those intense blue eyes looked as though they were peering into his soul, and for a moment he was scared that the illusion he had created in Ms. Davis’ mind might shatter.

But then she smiled at him. Tim realized he had been holding his breath, and began breathing again.

Because as far as Ms. Davis was concerned, Tim wasn’t Tim. He was her boyfriend, Ryan. And Tim’s bedroom wasn’t his bedroom. It was a luxury suite in a five-star hotel that Ryan had booked for the two of them as part of a surprise summer vacation.

Tim had imitated the types of commands and suggestions he’d heard Dr. Müller give in the recording he’d prepared for Ms. Sommer. He had set a very general scenario for Ms. Davis and let her mind fill in the blanks: an ideal summer vacation at a five-star hotel. She and Ryan had spent the day having the most wonderful time. They’d just come upstairs from having a fantastic dinner, and now it was bed time. Romance time. He’d made sure to suggest that Ms. Davis felt very turned on.

Ms. Davis’ mind would paper over any incongruities in the scenario. Like the fact that this was a teenager’s messy bedroom. Or that she was wearing the same clothes she always wore to work. Or that she had just kissed one of her teenage students, not her boyfriend.

Whenever she looked at Tim, she saw Ryan. Whenever she heard Tim speak, she heard Ryan’s voice. If Tim said something odd or unusual, her mind would just…skip past it, just like her mind had skipped past the fact that Tim was clean-shaven, but Ryan had a beard.

Tim wanted to experience what it was like, being with Ms. Davis in her private life. Not as her student, but as her lover. He wanted to know her as her boyfriend Ryan knew her. It was almost voyeuristic.

“You’ve just been staring at me, babe,” Ms. Davis said, smiling, interrupting his train of thought. “What are you thinking?”

“Oh, uh…I was…I was just thinking how lucky I am,” Tim replied, honestly.

“Oh yeah?” Ms. Davis looked at him, radiant. She looked around at his messy bedroom. “I was thinking the same thing—I can’t believe you planned this entire surprise trip…this must have cost a fortune, how could you afford it?”

“You’re worth it. You know how much you mean to me, how important you are. You…you know how I feel about you, Ms. Da-uh, Hannah.”

Shit. Luckily, the commands he’d placed in Ms. Davis’ mind were holding. She didn’t even blink at his obvious mistake.

“Still,” she said, with a mischievous grin. “You must have some ulterior motive for treating me to all this, eh, Mr. Capestrani? No man takes a woman on vacation to a resort in Bali…without expecting a little something in return, ” she murmured, teasingly.

Bali. Indonesia. So that’s Ms. Davis’ ideal vacation, Tim thought.

She moved closer to him until Tim could feel her breath against his ear. He shivered.

“So, the question is…do you want something from me?” Ms. Davis whispered, her fingertips gently tracing his chest, then wandering down to his stomach…and then, oh my God, heading further below. When she reached his crotch, her fingers wandered over the length of his erect cock.

Holy shit.

“Oh, God, Ryan. I’m so turned on right now, babe, and I can see you are, too…do you want me?” she whispered again.

Tim swallowed, and in a trembling voice, whispered back, “I…I do…I want you…H-Hannah…”

Ms. Davis took his hands in hers, walked him to the foot of the bed, then, putting her hands on his shoulders, turned him around, pushing him down onto it in one quick movement.

She hovered over him, her beautiful blonde locks creating a halo around her face. Was she blushing?

“I love you, Ryan. I love you so much,” she said, a shy smile on her face.

A wave of guilt crashed over Tim then, as he thought of Ms. Davis’ real boyfriend, Ryan. Tim knew what he was doing was unforgivable. It was as though he were intruding on an intimate moment that he knew Ms. Davis would only want to have with the man she loved.

But those guilty feelings quickly washed away when he felt Ms. Davis’ hands on his crotch, as they felt for, and found, his pants’ zipper. And then, those same warm hands, with their tapered fingers, pulled down his pants, his boxers…and firmly grasped his rock-hard cock.

* * *

The electric hum of the air conditioner, Tim’s moans of pleasure, and the sloppy, wet, sucking sounds were the only noises that could be heard in the bedroom.

Tim couldn’t believe it. He tilted his head downwards to see the pretty blonde head bobbing up and down, and he still couldn’t believe it.

His history teacher, Ms. Davis, was giving him a blowjob.

And it felt soooo fucking good.

With her left hand, Ms. Davis pumped his cock firmly, while twirling her tongue around the head of his penis, her cheeks hollow from sucking, sometimes taking it out of her mouth and giving it a kiss. With her right hand, she gently cradled his balls.

Occasionally, she’d look up at him, meeting his eyes with hers, as though to affirm that what she was doing was making him feel good.

And it was, oh, it was. Ms. Davis was good at this. Who would have thought that the ice maiden of the history department was an expert at giving head?

Every single male student in his high school would have given his left nut to be in the position Tim was in right now. Maybe some teachers too.

“Mmm, feels so good…ohhhh…it feels so good…”

His hips, as though acting of their own will, began to thrust upwards, in and out of Ms. Davis’ pretty mouth.

Ms. Davis responded by going into a rhythm of her own, her lips squeezing around his shaft, her head nodding up and down, sometimes letting Tim’s cock be hit by the cool air before putting her warm, wet mouth around it again.

It felt amazing.

Ms. Davis’ entire focus was on his penis, her mouth, her lips, and her hands devoted to making sure he was feeling the maximum amount of pleasure. This was a fantasy come true.

He took his hands and put them around Ms. Davis’ head.

“Take me…ffffuckkk…take me deeper…please…your mouth feels…ungh…so good…”

Ms. Davis lowered her head further, taking his shaft into her mouth more deeply, bouncing her head up and down on his cock more frantically.

Tim wondered whether he should have Ms. Davis teach Mom and Heather how to give oral sex later—she could definitely teach them a few lessons. Heather had never done it before, and Mom was always reluctant to take Tim in her mouth. Ms. Davis, though, had no such hang-ups. She clearly enjoyed satisfying her lover. Ryan was a lucky guy. Had been a lucky guy, Tim corrected himself. Ms. Davis was his now.

As Tim’s hip thrusts became more frenzied, so did his teacher’s head bobbing, until…

“Unggghhhh…I’m gonna…I’m gonna cum…H-Hannah…I’m gonna cummmm!”

Rather than removing her mouth from his member, Ms. Davis kept swirling her tongue against the head of his engorged penis, and then Tim was pistoning his hips upwards, and thick, ropey strands of cum were jetting forth from his cock. Rather than pulling her head back, she was greedily swallowing down every single drop. Tim could hear the nasty slurping sounds she made as she gulped it down.

Holy shit, Ms. Davis was swallowing his cum..!

After she had drained his cock dry and swallowed every drop, she stood up at the foot of the bed, facing him.

“Ahhh…was that good for you, babe?” she said, panting slightly. “You were…somehow you felt even bigger than usual, in my mouth.” She touched her fingers to her lips. Her face was red, her hair disheveled. She used her hands to rearrange the blonde strands.

Tim just stared at her. Ms. Davis was still wearing her skirt and blouse. Her shoes had come off, he wasn’t sure when.

He sat up, took off his shirt. Now Tim was completely naked, but Ms. Davis was still dressed. That didn’t seem fair.

“G-get undressed for me, Hannah,” he said, pumping on his limp cock. “Get me hard again so we can…so we can fuck.”

Ms. Davis just looked at him, an unreadable expression on her face…and then, after a few seconds, began unbuttoning her blouse, ever so slowly. As she did so, she began swaying her body erotically. She bit her lower lip, and gave a slight, guttural moan.

Tim swallowed hard.

His history teacher was doing a fucking striptease for him.

As though moving her body to music only she could hear, Ms. Davis finally reached the bottom button of her blouse, and then, using both hands, flashed it open, revealing a modest black brassiere which nevertheless showed a generous bust. A taut, pale tummy. She took the blouse in one hand and swung it over her head, then threw it on the floor.

Tim’s cock hardened and he kept pumping. His breathing was hard.

Ms. Davis is so fucking hot, he thought.

Now his normally unassuming teacher was slowly, very slowly, unzipping her skirt.

“Shall I…take it off, Ryan?” she asked, with a slight giggle.

“F-fuck..y-yes…t-take it off…,” Tim moaned, fapping like a madman.

With a slight giggle, Ms. Davis stepped out of her skirt. Now, she was clad only in her underwear, her black panties a matching set with her brassiere. Despite the dark color of her underwear, Tim could see the panties’ gusset was already moist. Ms. Davis had to be very aroused, he realized.

He took a moment to appraise her body. Ms. Davis had a lovely figure that was normally hidden by her modest clothing. A naturally small waist, large breasts (though not as large as Mom’s, Tim noted), and curvaceous hips. Her proportions were lovely and graceful, just as she was. Her legs were long and slender, creating an impression of sophisticated elegance. Her feet were small, with small, pretty toes and clear nail polish.

There was nothing elegant about what she was doing now, though—getting ready to unwittingly have sex with her own student. Ms. Davis smiled at him as she reached behind her back to undo her brassiere.

“Do you want to see me, babe? All of me?”

“Oh…oh, f-fuck…I want to see you so bad, Ms. Dav—uh, Hannah,” Tim moaned as he vigorously rubbed his now rock-hard cock.

Ms. Davis covered her breasts with one hand, hiding the nipples, while gingerly removing the bra with another. She tossed the bra onto Tim’s head.

“Sh-show me…show me your tits…,” he groaned.

Ms. Davis winked, and then brought down her hands, her breasts exposed, in full view. They were firm and buxom, with rounded pink areolae, and hard nipples that stood up, looking like little rubber erasers on the top of pencils, perfect for suckling on.

Then, as though she could no longer hold back her overwhelming lust, Ms. Davis grabbed her panties by the waistband and pulled them down, stepping out of them one leg at a time. She threw the panties at Tim’s face, and he rubbed them all over his nose, smelling the musky scent of her juices.

And now, his teacher was standing in front of him, completely naked. Tim dropped the panties on the bed and surreptitiously looked down at her pussy.

Though he had fantasized that Ms. Davis was fully shaven, in reality her crotch had a trimmed triangle of pubic hair, a few shades darker than the golden hair on her head. Just below it, he could see what seemed to be the clitoral hood, and below that the cleft of Ms. Davis’ gleaming vulva, seemingly coated in moisture.

“Oh, fuck,” Tim said, speeding up his rubbing.

“Slow down, babe,” Ms. Davis said, gently. “You’re going to cum again before you’ve had a chance to put that monster inside me…but before that…”

She put her hands on his shoulders and pushed him back down on the bed again, and then crawled over him until her crotch was hovering over him.

“It’s time for you to return the favor, wouldn’t you say?”

Tim looked up at her moist, dripping pussy.

“Lick me, Ryan—baby…make me cum,” she groaned, moving her pussy onto his face.

Tim gaped at the sight of his Ms. Davis’ moist crotch, the stray, wiry blonde pubic hairs along the outer lips. With her having spread her legs over her face, he could see the dark pink inner labia peeking out. She was so wet she was almost dripping. The strong scent of her juices was different from Mom’s and Heather’s, but it wasn’t bad. Just different. He couldn’t wait to taste her.

Tim licked his lips and got to work.

* * *

Tim was inexperienced at cunnilingus but, just like in the classroom, Ms. Davis was an avid teacher. She would tell him when what he was doing felt good. He’d started by licking her vulva, but she’d quickly told him to focus on her clit, so Tim did so, using his index finger to gently pull back the clitoral hood while using darting motions with his tongue on the left, and then right side, of her clitoris. After a few minutes of this, he began using his other hand, moistening it with Ms. Davis’ juices, and then gently inserting a finger into her vaginal opening, up to the first knuckle, then to the second.

Ms. Davis seemed to enjoy that, as she moaned loudly and grinded onto his face, her clit tickling the tip of Tim’s nose.

“Oh…Ryan…I love you, baby…I love you so much…,” she kept repeating, and for a second Tim believed he really was Ryan, that Ms. Davis was his girlfriend, believed the illusion that they were on a trip to Bali.

How awesome would it be if that were reality?

Keeping his tongue on Ms. Davis’ clit, Tim used both hands to grab her ass and bring her pussy closer to his mouth. He groped and kneaded her firm buttocks, once inadvertently brushing a finger against the brown penny of her sphincter, with Ms. Davis reacting by giving a small, cute yelp.

Finally, he knew, she was close. She began to grind against his face, harder and harder, giving out little “oohs” and “aahs” of lust and pleasure, and then he felt her body shiver. She gave a low, guttural moan that let him know she’d orgasmed.

“That was good, honey,” Ms. Davis said. “But I want you inside me now…”

Balancing herself on one of her legs, she pulled away from his face, and then moved on the bed until she was balancing herself on her knees on top of him, her wet crotch right above his erection.

Tim’s turgid member had never been so hard in his life. Not even with Mom and Heather had it been this good. This was the passion of a woman in love. At that moment he knew he would be using the guide of obedience on both his mother and sister, causing them to feel the same raw passion for him that Ms. Davis felt for Ryan. He imagined Heather grinding her crotch against his face while Mom and Ms. Davis used both their expert tongues on his cock.

“Tell me, Ryan…,” she gasped, taking heaving breaths, placing the tip of her cock against her pussy lips.

“Huh?” Tim asked in confusion.

“Tell me how much you love me,” she said, smiling at him. A pure, dazzling smile. Tim blushed. Why had no one ever looked at him like that before?

“…I love you…Hannah…,” Tim said, looking into the depths of Ms. Davis’ azure eyes.

She looked back at him, and using one hand to spread her pussy lips, the other to grasp Tim’s cock, Ms. Davis guided him into her depths.

And Tim was inside of her.