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The Unknown Object

Chapter XXX

Tim occasionally peeked behind the curtain that covered up the history classroom’s window, nervous that someone would try to drop by, interrupting Mr. Hudson’s induction. When he wasn’t doing that, he paced nervously around the room. Seated at one of the classroom’s desks was Mr. Hudson, his eyes glazed over and unfocused, earbuds on, listening to the guide to obedience Tim had recorded on his smartphone last night. At the head of the classroom, sitting at her desk, was Ms. Davis, in a similarly zombiefied state. Drool slowly dripped from the corner of her mouth, to her chin, and then to the surface of her desk.

Tim looked at the clock on the wall. The recording had been playing for the past thirty-five minutes or so and should be nearing its end. Of course, that wouldn’t be the end of it. After it was done, Tim had to place some firm commands in Mr. Hudson’s mind. Commands that wouldn’t lead to the situation he’d faced with Ms. Davis.

Hannah Davis…she had turned out to be a bigger problem than he’d ever imagined. Tim realized the old librarian hadn’t been exactly correct regarding what she had told him—Ms. Davis superficially followed his commands, but tried to go against them wherever possible. If she found a loophole in any of the orders Tim gave her, she was sure to warn her boyfriend Ryan about what Tim was doing.

There were two possible solutions, of course—he could simply make her an obedient, loyal servant, but that might affect her personality and Tim couldn’t bring himself to do that. He thought back to the fantasy scenario that had played out between the two of them yesterday—Ms. Davis thinking that Tim was Ryan, the way that she had treated him, the way that she’d pleasured him. That was what he wanted, not a mindless, simpering servant.

So Tim decided that he needed to punish her, make her see that any attempt at turning against him would have real consequences. And probably the best way to do that was by taking care of her boyfriend. Tim had already planned to control the man when he came to pick up Ms. Davis for their planned date that evening (a date—hah! That was most definitely not going to happen). Initially, the plan was just to have them break up and get rid of an impediment to his ‘relationship’ with his history teacher. Now, though, he might have to change that plan.

He glanced again at Mr. Hudson. The recording should almost be finished playing now. As far as Mr. Hudson was concerned, Tim had no qualms about turning the man into a simpering servant. He had gone out of his way to make life difficult for all his students, and now it turned out he was a peeping tom pervert. It would be an apt punishment to make a man like Hudson subservient to Tim. Perhaps it was Tim’s selfishness and self-delusion that made him look down on John Hudson, failing to realize that as bad as his gym teacher was, Tim was orders of magnitude worse.

Finally, the recording finished playing. Tim gingerly removed the earbuds from Mr. Hudson’s ears.

Mr. Hudson served in the army, right? Tim thought. Well, then, I think I know exactly how to phrase my next commands.

With a malicious smile, Tim began to speak.

* * *

Study hall was simultaneously the most relaxing and annoying period of the school day, Heather reflected as she sat at her table in the library, where the class was held.

It was relaxing because the supervising teacher, the school librarian, didn’t really care what they did during their allotted time (as long as they kept the volume down), so a lot of students just played games on their laptops or wasted time on their Insta feeds or on Snapchat. For her part, Heather usually tried to get some math homework done during the period, as it was her worst subject and she could usually find other students who were willing to explain the more difficult concepts to her (usually boys who thought they had a shot with her—no freaking way, of course).

But it was also annoying because study hall was one of the few classes she shared with Jenny, Tricia, and Samantha, and they were always distracting her with gossip or pestering questions. Back when she’d been dating Eddie (what a mistake that had been), the questions had mostly revolved around who her mystery boyfriend was. Now, they were about her absences from track practice. Her friends’ idle chatter prevented Heather from focusing on what she considered to be her most important assignment of the day.

Since that morning, Heather had been trying to come up with a plan for the task Tim had set out for her. For him, it had been a thoughtless aside, a spur-of-the-moment idea. But due to the commands he had placed on her, Heather had (however inadvertently) taken his words and prioritized them.

Tim had told her and Mom that he’d like them to “think of some things for us to do this weekend.” And he had specified “in the bedroom.” Heather knew what that meant—sex. Due to her brother’s manipulation of her mind and her emotions, Heather was no longer repulsed by the idea of Tim having intercourse with her as well as their mother. She no longer remembered the fear and shock she’d felt just a few days past, or running to Eddie’s house to beg for his help. Those memories, those morals and ethics, had been, if not entirely wiped from her brain, pushed deep within her subconscious.

Instead, she tried to think of ways to please Tim. She’d considered the types of things she knew boys liked—oral sex, different sexual positions. However, would those things make Tim happy? Or was he looking for something more exciting, more exotic? Still, it wasn’t like she could ask her friends for advice on something like this.

Jenny and Tricia sat on each side of her, and Samantha sat in front of her at the big table near the back of the library. They were far away enough from the librarian that they didn’t have to lower their voices as much as they would otherwise have, and Heather kicked herself for not sitting somewhere closer to the front, where her three friends would have been forced to keep quiet, allowing her to focus her thoughts a bit more.

“So, were you really sick? Or were you just playing a little hooky?” Tricia asked, a mischievous smile on her face, her green eyes sparkling with curiosity.

“I heard your dork-uh, your brother was absent yesterday too,” Jenny whispered in a mock-serious tone.

“You’ll be at today’s practice, won’t you?” Samantha queried, her tone of voice more serious.

“Of course, I wouldn’t miss it—I swear, guys, I was just feeling a little under the weather, and Mom insisted I stay home,” Heather told them, an earnest tone in her voice.

“Why didn’t you reply to any of our messages, though?” Now Tricia took a petulant tone, as though trying to make Heather feel guilty.

“O-oh, that. Well, I misplaced it the day before yesterday and by the time I realized, the battery was dead. I was lucky that Tim found it and—“

“Ugh, don’t even talk to me about your brother,” Samantha groaned, making a dismissive motion with her hand.

“Huh? What’s wrong with Tim?” Heather suppressed the urge to defend him. He’d made her promise that she’d act normally outside the house, and she’d complained about him enough to her friends the past couple of years that they would be suspicious if she suddenly started praising him now.

“It’s so creepy how he comes to our competitions, for one,” Jenny said, contorting her pretty face into a disgusted expression.

“And I swear whenever I run into him in the hall he’s staring at my…boobs,” Tricia whispered.

“Same,” Jenny nodded solemnly.

“Huh? Pretty sure you don’t have any,” Tricia retorted, with a slight chuckle.

“Uhm, I’ll have you know, I’m perfectly proportioned to my body type, unlike yourself,” Jenny answered, rolling her eyes.

“Perfectly flat is more like it,” Tricia said, motioning to Samantha for a high-five. Samantha pointedly ignored her, sighed theatrically, and turned back to Heather.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to put your brother down or anything—it’s just, you know, he’s a friend of Eddie’s, and I’m still creeped out by what that guy did.”

“That’s okay, Sam—I understand,” Heather replied.

“I wonder what would possess a guy to show some random girl his boner,” Tricia mused. “Do you think it’s, like, guys think that, ‘well, if a girl showed me her kitty I’d be DTF’ and somehow believe the reverse is also true? It’s like the only thing on their mind is sex.”

“Ugh, tell me about it—Doug is always…uhm…you know. Ever since we did it last year, it’s all he ever wants to do when we get together,” Samantha blushed slightly.

Just then, a thought sparked in Heather’s mind. Jenny and Tricia were pretty boy-crazy, even if neither them had a boyfriend. And Samantha had complained more than once about how she’d caught Doug on his smartphone, searching on his browser for…things.

Naughty things.

She’d been wracking her brain all morning and hadn’t actually come up with anything. But, maybe…

“Yeah, guys are real…pervs. What Eddie did to you was super gross, and I’m so glad he’s being punished for it,” Heather stated, looking at Samantha.

“For real,” Tricia agreed.

“Totally,” Jenny nodded forcefully.

“I guess I should have known…because, uhm…when I used to browse on Eddie’s laptop, he had like, links to porn websites and stuff.” Heather had never actually browsed Eddie’s computer, but she thought that sounded sufficiently believable.

“Ugh, yeah, Doug has PornHub and Brazzers bookmarked on his browser—he doesn’t even try to hide it. I think guys our age are just controlled by their hormones,” Samantha whispered the names of the two sites.

“Sometimes I wonder if it’s even worth it to have a boyfriend,” Jenny wondered.

“Speak for yourself, Jen. I’m totally looking forward to hooking up with one of those guys from Central High when we have our track competition the week after next,” Tricia joked.

“Hook up? Trish, you’ve never even been on a date,” Jenny sighed.

“And your tiger mom won’t even let you leave the house with a skirt that goes above the knee,” Tricia taunted.

Heather just sighed as the two girls continued their friendly bickering. It was true, though—Jenny’s mom would never let her go out on a date (studies came first, and she only begrudgingly allowed Jenny to participate in track and field), and Tricia, surprisingly enough, had never been asked out. Heather suspected the reason for that was Tricia’s reputation for spreading gossip—the boys in their class were probably worried that anything that happened on a date with her would quickly spread to all the girls in their grade. And they were probably right.

Still, this wasn’t the reason Heather had moved the topic in this direction, and she tried to move past Jenny and Tricia’s digression into their (lack of) dating lives.

“Y’know, with all the dirty stuff boys watch, it does kind of make me wonder—why do they like that stuff? Like, Sam, you said you caught Doug watching porn on his smartphone once, right?”

Samantha groaned slightly at the question.

“You’re starting to sound like these two,” she whispered, pointing at Tricia and Jenny. “Yeah, a couple of times…”

That was all it took.

“Oooh, what kinda stuff was he watching?” Jenny asked.

“Yeah, what kinda pervy stuff is your sweet Doug into?” Tricia joked.

“Ehhh…,” Samantha looked off reluctantly into the distance, as though she’d rather be anywhere but where she was sitting.

“Don’t keep us in suspense, Sam,” Heather prodded.

“Aw man, you too?” Samantha sighed. “Well…you know…he said it was the type of stuff guys liked the most…”

“Oh? what do guys like the most?”

“Well…y’know…guys don’t like to look at other guys’ dongs…so…you know…lesbian stuff,” Samantha whispered the last part.

“Ew, two girls going at it?” Jenny asked, in mock horror.

“Yeah, I mean…,” Samantha was blushing now. “Two women…of course, it’s all done for benefit of the male gaze…I told Doug how disappointed I was in him for watching that stuff, but he said that all guys are into that type of thing. Said it was ‘the ultimate male fantasy.’ You know, I bet if you look at your brother’s browser history, that’s the sort of stuff you’d find.”

“Whoa, Jenny, look at how red Heather’s face just got,” Tricia giggled.

“Totally—I bet Heather is picturing her brother spanking it to some video of two girls right now,” Jenny tittered.

“The image you just created in my mind is making me want to vomit. You two are going to traumatize Heather,” Samantha complained.

“N-no, it’s not…it’s not that at all,” Heather said, trying to wave both her friends off.

Except, of course, Jenny and Tricia weren’t entirely wrong. Heather was indeed blushing, out of embarrassment and a slight sense of fear—because she’d just figured out what to do to please her brother this coming weekend.

* * *

“Do you understand what you’re going to do, Mr. Hudson?”

“Yes, sir,” the P.E. teacher said, eyes downcast, ashamed to meet his gaze.

“Okay, then…I want you to head to your next class. During the weekend, I want you to work on those files we talked about—then, on Monday, we’ll start subjugating the rest of the P.E. department. Got it?”

Mr. Hudson nodded, stood up, and walked to the door of Ms. Davis’ classroom. Before leaving, he turned back and looked at Tim. With a sheepish, servile smile, he spoke to his new master.

“Thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve you, sir. I promise, I won’t let you down,” Mr. Hudson said, formally saluting him as though Tim were his commanding officer. Tim smiled and saluted back.

Once Mr. Hudson walked out the door, Tim locked it again and turned back to Ms. Davis, who was still sitting at the front of the classroom, gazing off into the distance, some drool dripping off her chin and onto her desk.

It had been simple enough to figure out how to deal with Mr. Hudson once Tim had remembered that he’d been in the military—what he’d done was simply instill in him the same type of unswerving loyalty he would have for his commanding officer, times a thousand.

Tim had initially thought that the fact that Mr. Hudson only taught the boys’ P.E. classes would have made him far less useful as he sought to target the most attractive girls in school. However, as he’d perused the voyeuristic photos on the man’s phone, he’d had an ‘eureka’ moment.

There were literally hundreds of girls in school, and, due to his general lack of popularity, Tim didn’t know most of them. But Mr. Hudson had access to the school computers, with everyone’s records and personal information. That access, combined with his extensive collection of photographs (after questioning him, Tim found Mr. Hudson had even more images in his home computer, comprising the entire female population of the school), gave Tim an idea.

Over the weekend, he’d ordered Mr. Hudson to create detailed files for all the female students in the school. Names, addresses, telephone numbers, immediate family, any siblings they might have who also attended Lansdale High. Accompanied, of course, with photos (both official ID photos and any of the voyeur images that the P.E. teacher had illicitly taken). Tim could then use those files to decide who struck his fancy, and add them to his future harem. He’d no longer have to rely on seeing random girls in the hallways and then having to figure out their names, homerooms, and trying to catch them off-guard and enslave them (Tim was no longer pretending that what he was doing was anything other than that).

Of course, Mr. Hudson couldn’t simply call those students to one-on-one meetings, as he wasn’t teaching them. They’d be way too suspicious. But that was where the second part of Tim’s plan would come in. Starting next week, Mr. Hudson would lure individual teachers to empty classrooms, where Tim would be waiting with his mind control gun at the ready. If he could subjugate the entire P.E. department, that would be a vital step in his long-term plans, which were still somewhat hazy but were slowly coming into focus.

But that wasn’t the only thing he was going to do, he thought to himself as he looked at Ms. Davis.

She’d tried to go against him. She was most likely plotting, trying to figure out how Tim was controlling her (he’d made it so she wouldn’t notice the mind control gun, just as he’d done with Mom and Heather), and would try to tell her boyfriend Ryan at the first opportunity.

He had to punish Ms. Davis.

Of course, Tim had reflected, he could just do to her what he’d done to Mr. Hudson—implant complete admiration and loyalty. That would be easy enough to do, thanks to the power of the ray gun.

But Tim had wanted Ms. Davis to keep her personality. He had deluded himself into thinking he had been generous to Ms. Davis, had given her the opportunity to submit to him. And how had she thanked him? She’d tried to subvert his orders, tried to act against him. If Tim hadn’t impulsively visited her between classes, who knows what might’ve happened.

Tim inspected Ms. Davis. Just like yesterday, she was dressed modestly, wearing a short-sleeved white blouse. Minimal makeup. He gulped—no matter how she dressed, there was no hiding the fact that she was so pretty.

She had a dinner date with her boyfriend, Ryan, that evening. Of course, Tim had planned to disrupt that encounter, enslave Ryan, get rid of him—and take his place, once and for all, as Ms. Davis’ lover. He didn’t really have a grudge against this Ryan guy, or anything like that. He’d never met the man, and other than vague feelings of jealousy regarding his relationship with Ms. Davis, Tim held no animosity towards him.

Now, though, he’d begun to view him as a threat. Not because of anything Ryan had done, but because of what he could do. He was someone who wasn’t under Tim’s control, and that made him potentially dangerous.

It was that, combined with his childish desire to discipline Ms. Davis, that led to what Tim considered a truly inspired idea.

Tim sat across from Ms. Davis and, with a wicked smile on his face, began to give her a series of instructions…