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The Unknown Object

Chapter XXXII

The fork hit the floor with a loud clatter, and Kathleen Biggs-West bent over from where she was sitting in order to pick it up.

Kathleen and Heather were sitting at the dinner table together eating a charred asparagus kale pasta, the type of healthy meal that Tim wasn’t a fan of (he’d moan and complain whenever Kathleen tried out one of her vegetarian recipes). They were both, of course, fully nude—Tim’s commands were active even when he wasn’t home, and so as soon as they’d both gotten home, they’d undressed and neatly folded up their clothes, leaving them in the foyer.

Tim had attempted to remove sexual inhibitions and moral boundaries from both mother and daughter, but some unconscious discomfort still clearly remained—Kathleen and Heather scrupulously maintained eye contact, trying to avoid looking at each other’s naked bodies as much as possible, and Kathleen had felt a sense of relief when she put on her apron in order to make dinner for the two of them.

It had been a typical Friday dinner (or as normal as it could be under the circumstances), until Heather had told her mother about the idea she’d had, how they might be able to please Tim that weekend.

Kathleen had been so shocked that she’d almost tipped over the entire pasta bowl. Luckily, only the fork had gone over the side of the table. Her hand trembled slightly as she grabbed it from the floor. As she sat back up, she did her best to avert her eyes from her daughter’s bare chest.

“Heather, I—did I hear you right?” she said, keeping her tone even and nonchalant.

Heather’s cheeks were red, and she nodded curtly. This clearly wasn’t something she was particularly comfortable with either.

“…I’ve also been thinking about what Tim asked us to do this morning,” Kathleen said in a pleading tone. “But I…I don’t think he would want us to go that far.”

“Well…do you have any other ideas…?” Heather asked in a quiet voice as she picked at her pasta.

Kathleen paused for a few seconds and was about to answer when the household phone began to ring.

“Let’s pause this conversation,” she said, grateful for the interruption. She stood up and went to the living room, picked up the telephone.


“Oh, Kathleen, so glad you picked up,” a familiar voice answered on the other side of the line. It was Barbara Berger, Eddie’s mother. Kathleen had been friendly with the woman for years, due to the friendship of both their sons. But of course, Kathleen had heard about the drama with Eddie—it was all any of the mothers in her PTA WhatsApp chat had been talking about for the last couple of days. Barbara, who was usually quite active in chat (mostly sharing silly cat pictures), had understandably left the WhatsApp group the day Eddie had been suspended. What could she possibly want now?

“Barbara—I’m so glad to hear from you. Is everything okay? I don’t want to pry, but it’s just that, as you can imagine, I heard about what happened with Eddie.”

She heard a long sigh on the other end of the line.

“It’s—it’s a shocker, for sure,” Barbara said after a few seconds. “Preston and I, we never thought Eddie was capable of something like this—we thought we’d raised him to respect and value women. We’ve been doing a lot of thinking over the past couple of days, deciding just what to do—we’re looking at military schools.”

“You’re thinking of transferring Eddie out of Lansdale High?”

“He’s begging us to reconsider, of course. All his friends are here. But we’ve failed somewhere in his upbringing and I think this might serve as a wake-up call for him.”

“Has the school said what they plan to do?”

“They’re in discussion with the girl’s parents—obviously, she doesn’t want to interact with Eddie, or to have to see him—they’ve even mentioned a possible lawsuit,” Barbara said, putting a harsh emphasis on the word ‘lawsuit.’

“The girl, Samantha…I know her parents, she’s one of Heather’s best friends, but they’re—difficult.”

“Well, as you can tell, I’m a more than a little stressed out by all this. That’s actually the reason I’m calling.”

“Oh? Is there anything I can do to help?”

“Well, it struck me just a day or so ago, I really could stand to lose some weight—you know, I’ve put on a few pounds over the past few years.”

“Barbara, you always look lovely, what are you talking about?”

“That’s kind of you to say, but I know I need to lose about ten pounds, and get into better shape. And I remember you have that Peloton bike, and you take those yoga lessons—and I just thought to myself, ‘who better to ask for advice than Kathleen?’ It would serve as a distraction from the things going on at home, at least.”

“Barbara, that’s a wonderful idea—in fact, yoga doesn’t just have health benefits, it can really help clear your mind.”

“That’s just what I need.”

“Well, do you have some free time this week?” Kathleen asked, her voice brightening.

“Yes, of course—shall we meet and maybe you can recommend a yoga studio?”

“Actually, I have something even better in mind—I have an extra yoga mat. Why don’t you come visit, and I can show you some basic routines? If you like it, I can recommend a few different personal trainers at the local studio.”

“That would be truly lovely. What day should we meet?”

“Give me a second to get my appointment book,” Kathleen said. “Oh, I’m looking forward to having a new yoga practice buddy.”

* * *

At the Berger home, Eddie sat in the living room, doing the classwork he’d been assigned by his teachers today (all except Ms. Davis, who was absent but had left a pile of papers for him on her desk). He had his laptop turned on—his mother didn’t want him using the computer unsupervised, claiming she didn’t trust him not to look for porn or stalk Samantha Andrews online.

He couldn’t help but overhear his mother in the next room, talking with Tim and Heather’s mom on the phone, about yoga of all things. For some reason, a couple of days ago Eddie’s mother had suddenly become fixated with the idea of getting into shape. If Eddie had to play armchair psychologist, he’d guess that the reason behind his mother’s sudden interest in exercise and weight loss was the fact that it was something she could manage—whereas the looming threat of a lawsuit from Samantha’s parents, as well as the trouble he was in at school, where things beyond any of the family’s control.

Eddie turned his attention away from his mom’s chattering (she was currently deciding on a day to have a yoga tryout or something), and to the various tasks at hand. He’d been tasked with creating a self-study plan over the weekend that would be handed to the school administration for approval. If he was able to complete all the assignments he’d been given to his various teachers’ satisfaction, he’d be able to pass the year without being forced to re-take any of his classes during summer school.

Having finished most of his classes, he turned to history. Ms. Davis had left a bunch of readings on the Peloponnesian War as well as a research essay project with strict guidelines. Eddie flipped through the pages—there was a lot of heavy reading involved, but it was clearly and meticulously organized, like Ms. Davis’ tasks usually were. Then he got to the last page of the stack of papers, and did a double-take.

Unlike the other papers, which had been printed, this one was handwritten and contained a bunch of notes. Eddie skimmed through them.

“Oskar Müller…Austrian (?) scientist…Moved to Lansdale…Specialty: electromagnetics. Creator of (this part had been scratched out and was illegible) device…Only way to counter electromagnetic waves—tinfoil??? Head coverings??? RESEARCH AT PUBLIC LIBRARY.”

Eddie scratched his head. What the heck was this? Eddie’s first thoughts were that he’d picked up the paper by mistake, but then thought twice about it. Ms. Davis wouldn’t have put this there if she didn’t want him to research it. And he wasn’t going to risk leaving it out of his study plan and failing her class.

Eddie opened up his laptop and started typing in the study plan for history class, making sure to leave days available for visits to the public library, where he’d do a deep dive on this Oskar Müller guy, his device, and anything else he could find.

Still, he couldn’t help but wonder what Ms. Davis was thinking giving him such an odd assignment.

* * *

Ms. Davis wasn’t thinking much of anything at the moment—she was too absorbed in a mixture of anger, shame, and pleasure. She sat on her bed, wearing the cupless, crotchless lace bodysuit her erstwhile student had personally selected for her, as Tim, his shirt already off, embraced her, gently tracing the skin of her bare left thigh with the tip of his fingers. She shuddered at his touch.

Once Tim had put Ryan under his control, he’d followed suit with Ms. Davis. While Ryan listened to the recording of the ‘guide to obedience,’ Tim had turned his attention to his teacher, giving her a series of suggestions. Among the suggestions was something he’d been meaning to try out—he had no idea whether it would work or not, but he wanted to see if he could extend the mental effects of the device into the physical realm, by increasing Ms. Davis’ tactile sensitivity. Specifically, he had commanded her to find it extremely pleasurable to be touched by Tim—orgasmic, almost.

This was part of a greater game that he’d decided beforehand. Just before bringing Ryan out of hypnotic control, he’d released Ms. Davis. Upon hitting the ‘release’ button, she shot up from the bed and immediately covered her chest and crotch with both hands.

“No need to do that, Ms. Davis—I’ve already seen everything you’re trying to hide, after all.”

“Y-you bastard,” she said, though her voice sounded more panicked than angry. She didn’t run—Tim had made sure she was unable to move from where she was, unable to attack him or flee the room. Instead, she looked towards where Ryan was sitting, facing the wall, his head slightly tilted to the side. Her expression turned to one of concern. “What did you do to him? Is he—is he alright?”

“He’s okay. He’ll keep being okay as long as you follow the rules for the game I’ve prepared.”

“Game? What are you—? You sick…you little…” she sputtered, her hand still covering her most intimate of places.

“Don’t be like that. I’m going to give you a chance to win freedom for yourself and Ryan.”

“Freedom? What do you…what are you talking about?”

“Well, it’s pretty clear that you and Ryan have a very loving relationship. In fact, look at what I found while I was searching through his pockets for his phone,” Tim said, and brought up a small, shining, circular object.

Ms. Davis looked at the ring for a moment, and as comprehension began to dawn on her, tears began to slowly, silently fall down her cheeks.

“Oh God. He was…he was going to ask me to marry him tonight—and, and instead…,” she said, her voice tremulous.

A flash of anger suddenly struck Tim, sparked by Ms. Davis’ reaction to the ring. Why was a guy like Ryan so lucky? Why could he win the devotion of a woman like Ms. Davis, while Tim was stuck a dateless loser?

The truth was, Tim had resented Ryan from the moment he’d seen the guy’s chiseled, bearded face. The tailored suit, the expensive-looking shoes, the muscles, everything about the guy screamed privilege. He was the type of guy, Tim thought to himself, who had beaten up and given swirlies to guys like Tim back in high school. The type of jock who’d dated and fucked all the hot cheerleaders while the nerds struggled to ask out even the most ordinary girls on dates.

Of course, had Tim known the truth—that Ryan had been a friendless nerd himself in high school, and had only blossomed in college when he decided to enroll in a gym, make changes to his lifestyle, and follow his passions—he would simply have found another reason to dislike the man. At the root of Tim’s feelings lay childish, petty jealousy.

Tim shook his head and re-focused his attention on Ms. Davis.

“Take a seat,” he said, patting the bed, and she did so, with obvious reluctance, her eyes darting from Tim to Ryan and back again.

“Like I was saying,” Tim continued, “I’m going to give you a chance to win your freedom. Tonight, you and I are going to put on a show for Ryan. We’re going to have sex—“

“No!” Ms. Davis gasped, recoiling in horror.

“Yes. We’re going to have sex…and you’re going to show him your devotion. The rules are simple. If I orgasm before you do, you win. If you orgasm before I do, you lose. If I win, you become my loving slave. If you win—I wipe your memories, Ryan’s, and the two of you get to go and enjoy your dinner date. It’ll be like the last couple of days never even happened.”

Ms. Davis looked at him, as though staring at a repulsive insect. Tim could see the mixture of hatred, anger, and fear in her expression—one that he knew would soon enough be replaced with complete love and devotion. There was also hope in her eyes now, hope that the nightmare she’d been living through the past couple of days might somehow end.

“You…you’re a monster…you realize that, don’t you? This isn’t…this isn’t normal. Not what you’ve done to me, and not what you’ve done to your family. No normal person would do this.”

Tim thought for a moment. Ms. Davis was right—just a week ago, he knew, he wouldn’t have even considered the things he had done over the past few days. He looked down at the mind control gun, felt its weight in his hand.

This is what had done it. It was just way too much power for one person—it wasn’t just that he could do all of these things to his mother, to his sister, to Ms. Davis—it was more than that. It was the fact that he could reset people’s memories at any time. If he ever felt guilty about what he was doing to Ms. Davis, or his family, he could simply make them forget these things had ever happened, could make them go back to their lives as they had been before Tim had found the mind control gun.

Tim gulped for a second, at the brink of a realization—what made the mind control gun so powerful wasn’t just its ability to control people. It was the fact that it made Tim’s life free from consequences. If he wanted to have sex with a woman, no matter who it was, he could simply point the ray gun at her and make her a willing participant. If he wanted money, he could just go to the bank and make the bank manager give him as much cash as he wanted. If he wanted straight As, he could just get the school principal to change his GPA to whatever he desired.

There was something wrong, really wrong about that—it wasn’t how people were meant to live. People were supposed to learn from their mistakes, grow as a consequence, and become better people. The mind control gun took that away.

Tim blinked repeatedly, and as he’d done before, considered erasing Ms. Davis’ memories, those of her boyfriend, putting things back as they were before, maybe even finding a way to erase his own memories somehow.

Then he looked at Ms. Davis’ body.

The swell of her magnificent breasts, the curls of her pubic hair, visible between her legs.

He remembered how good it had felt to have sex with her last night. How good it had felt to lose his virginity to his mother. How good it had felt to go from being a joke his sister was embarrassed by, to having her ride his cock.

He wouldn’t…he couldn’t give that up. He was too weak-willed.

“You’re right, Ms. Davis…but there’s no way back for me. Now, be quiet about the terms of our little game. Remember—you have to do everything I command. I’m going to wake Ryan up, and then…we’ll give him something to see.”

* * *

Ms. Davis was breathing heavily now, as Tim embraced her tightly, caressing her bare back. He could feel her shivering with each touch, but he wasn’t sure what that meant—were they being caused by feelings of pleasure, or revulsion? Tim could imagine what was going on through her head—her anger was competing with her desire to make Tim reach orgasm first and win the ‘bet.’

Sitting in front of the bed, facing them, was Ryan Capestrani. Tim could feel the man’s eyes, staring daggers at him—he had stopped trying to scream a few minutes ago, when he realized Tim had done something to make him unable to use his voice. Still, there were flecks of spittle and drool on the bottom part of his bearded chin, as well as on his tailored shirt. The man’s eyes were red with rage and tears; unable to speak, unable to move, unable to look away, he was forced to watch the woman whom he’d planned to ask to marry him being embraced by one of her students

For her part, Ms. Davis was reluctantly acceding to all of Tim’s desires, in the vain hope that he would keep his word and release both her and Ryan. If he erased both their memories, Ryan would forget the events of the evening, forget watching her being groped and fondled by the lustful teenager. When Tim moved his face close to hers, began to peck at her lips, she shuddered again, and then, to Ryan’s horror, began kissing him back, their tongues entwined, guttural groans coming from the back of her throat. Ms. Davis was desperate to tell Ryan to look away, to close his eyes, but Tim had forbidden her from addressing him. All she could do was hope that he understood that they were both under the teenager’s control, that she wasn’t doing this out of her own free will.

After a few minutes of enthusiastic french kissing, Tim put his hands on her shoulders, and gently pushed her back onto the bed, her bare breasts delightfully jiggling as she fell backwards. Tim stared at his history teacher’s teats—the beautiful, pink nipples with their small areolae, fully erect.

He had to taste them.

“Ryan…you probably don’t know this, but at school, all the guys in history class fantasize about Ms. Davis,” Tim said, as he gently fondled the teacher’s generous mounds. He turned to look at Ryan, saw the man’s face was red with rage, then turned back to Ms. Davis’ chest.

“I bet they all wish they could do…this,” Tim continued, bending his head down, and taking one of Ms. Davis’ nipples into his mouth while gently tweaking the other with his thumb and index finger. He closed his eyes, suckling gently. The fact that he was being stared at by his teacher’s boyfriend only made the whole scene so much hotter, as far as he was concerned.

How many times had he watched cuck porn on the internet? Of course, that was all performed by porn actors. The husband walking into the bedroom to catch his wife with the pool boy, the pizza delivery guy screwing the girl when the guy comes back from grocery shopping.

This was better—this was real.

The same history teacher who’d spent the past year lecturing him while probably not even knowing his full name, was now completely under his control.

And her boyfriend, the same guy from all the cute couple photos on her phone, was helplessly staring as Tim took his woman for himself.

Tim felt a wetness around his lower stomach. He released Ms. Davis’ nipple with a loud pop and sat up, looked down.

She was completely wet down there, her pussy dripping with moisture, her dark blonde pubes matted with love juice.

The suggestions were working, Tim realized. Ms. Davis was on the brink of orgasm. He could hear her heavy breathing, the small ‘oh’s’ of confused lust, as she struggled to get back from the edge.

It was time to fuck.

Tim stood up, began undressing by taking off his belt, and paused. He felt self-conscious. He’d undressed in front of other guys before, of course, but that was in the locker room during P.E. class. He’d never undressed in front of another man while sporting a full boner, getting ready to fuck said man’s significant other. It was…awkward.

Maybe it would be easier if…he hadn’t planned on doing this, but…with the ray gun, it’s not like anyone would find out.

“Ryan, you still can’t speak, but you’re going to follow each one of my commands. Stand up.”

Ryan looked confused for a moment, then sat up off the chair, the panic in his face only increasing. After all, Tim realized, the guy had probably thought he was tied to the chair, not realizing the only things that were preventing him from moving weren’t ropes, but Tim’s own commands.

It was only when Ryan stood up that Tim noticed it. The fabric around Ryan’s crotch was noticeably straining, and now that he was standing, he could notice Ryan shifting his legs around slightly, trying to hide the bulge.

Ryan had an erection. Tim was surprised—he hadn’t ordered Ryan to be sexually excited by the situation. Maybe it was nervousness, maybe Ryan had a cuckold kink he’d never explored.

Tim smiled. This is an interesting development.

He glanced towards Ms. Davis, who had yet to notice the tent in her boyfriend’s pants, perhaps mentally focused on trying to rid herself of unwanted feelings of sexual excitement.

“Ryan—now, I want you to strip. Take off all your clothes.”

Ryan’s eyes darted around in a panic before settling on Ms. Davis’ face. He shook his head ‘no,’ but his hands, as though operating on a will of their own, began removing his tie, taking off his jacket and tossing it on the floor.

Then, unbuttoning his shirt.

Ms. Davis looked from Tim to Ryan and back, uncomprehending. What was Tim planning?

When Ryan took off his undershirt, Tim looked towards Ms. Davis.

“I just want you to know, Ms. Davis—what you’re going to see next, I didn’t command him to do it. I didn’t order him to feel this way. This is all him.”

Ryan shook his head, mouthing ‘no’ over and over again, but that didn’t stop his hands from removing his belt, unbuttoning his pants, unzipping them.

When the pants dropped to the floor, Ms. Davis realized what Tim was talking about. The massive erection was unmistakable underneath the silk boxers Ryan was wearing.

And soon enough, those dropped to the floor too.

In a few seconds, socks and shoes were off, and Ryan Capestrani stood naked, his turgid penis seemingly as hard as a bar of steel.

Tim stepped back to look at Ms. Davis’ boyfriend. The feelings of envy he’d had when he first saw the man had now come back, redoubled. He had a hairy, well-muscled chest, visible pectorals, toned abdominal muscles. There was a simple tribal tattoo on his right arm, the type that used to be popular about fifteen or so years ago. Ryan’s face was still red, but his eyes were downcast, embarrassed.

Tim looked at Ryan’s erection. It was thick, almost as thick as a soda can, the dark purple head pointing upwards. His scrotum had tightened around his balls, making the penis even more prominent. Tim had never seen another man’s erect cock before, and he was glad to see that, while Ryan had beat him in pretty much every other area, Tim’s own penis was slightly larger.

To prove it, Tim unbuckled his pants, taking off everything except his socks. His own penis felt the touch of the cool air, and he gripped it tightly in his right hand.

Tim stood next to Ryan, the two men, so visually dissimilar, standing in front of Ms. Davis. Tim looked at his penis, and then to Ryan’s. As he’d thought, he was a good inch and a half longer.

He looked back at Ms. Davis.

“Wh-what are you doing? T-Timothy…”

“Ms. Davis…I just had a great idea,” Tim grinned. “Get on all fours.”

Ms. Davis shook her head no, but immediately got into position on the bed, on her knees. Tim moved behind her, accommodating himself, spreading her pussy lips open with his left hand. He heard her moan under her breath when he gently stimulated her clitoris with his thumb. His cock hovered in front of her entrance.

“Now, Ryan, move to Ms. Davis’ front. That’s right, get on the bed, sitting up on your knees. Put your dick right in front of her face.”

Ryan was silently screaming again, spittle flying from his face, but he had no control over his body, and he moved exactly how Tim had directed.

“Now, we’re going to do a little move I learned about online,” Tim grinned. “It’s called the spit-roast. Take Ryan into your mouth, Ms. Davis.”

A sound, veering between lust and sadness, escaped from Ms. Davis’ lips, but she did as Tim commanded, opening her mouth and, as she had done so many times before, placing Ryan’s penis into it. She licked his purple head, and he gave a slight shudder. As she took her boyfriend into her mouth, Tim pushed his cock into her well-lubricated pussy. The delicious sensation, the tightness of her inner walls, he could feel it as his cock went deeper and deeper into her.

“Now, Ms. Davis, make sure to make Ryan feel good with your mouth…and I’ll do my best to make you feel good too.”

Tim began thrusting in and out of his history teacher’s moist hole, his hands gripping her buttocks. From his vantage point, he could see her head bobbing up and down on Ryan’s cock, the hot, wet, slurping sounds. Ryan, for his part, had given up on the screaming and was just staring at Tim, his brow furrowed, his expression—beyond angry. It was unnerving, to say the least.

Tim couldn’t have that.

“Ryan, you’re feeling good. Forget about your anger. Let the pleasure take over. You’re enjoying this—this is fun…this is good…you wanted this—this is the perfect way to celebrate this evening. You and I, we’re friends, right? We planned this—Ms. Davis, uh—Hannah—she’s here to make both of us feel good. I’m right, aren’t I?” Tim commanded him.

Ryan’s face contorted as it tried to make sense of Tim’s instructions. His eyes closed, and after a few seconds, they opened again.

He stared at Tim for a second, and then his face broke out into a smile.

Tim grinned back.

“Now, you can’t scream, but you can speak, Ryan—tell me how you’re feeling.”

“Hannah’s mouth…f-fuck…it’s fucking amazing. The way she’s using her tongue—Jesus…,” Ryan said, his hands moving to steady themselves on the top of Hannah’s head, as she kept bobbing her mouth in and out of his hard cock. In the meantime, Tim continued thrusting, his cock enfolded by Ms. Davis’ fantastic pussy. He felt her shiver each time he pushed into her, and he knew she was nearing orgasm. He had to make sure she reached it before he did—he wanted to win the ‘bet,’ after all.

It was a depraved tableau. Both men, one on each end, thrusting in and out of of Ms. Davis’ hot holes.

And while Hannah Davis tried to contain herself, the feelings were too much—every time Tim thrust into her, she felt herself getting closer and closer to her peak. She tried to distract herself by focusing her mouth, her tongue, on Ryan’s cock, but it was no use. She moved her hips back and forth, feeling the wonderful friction and hearing the sloppy, wet sounds as Tim’s cock moved in and out of her pussy.

Tim gave Ms. Davis’ ass a slap, watching the flesh jiggle as he continued thrusting into her from behind. This was amazing. He looked at Ryan, who had his eyes closed and his head raised upwards, groaning and grasping Ms. Davis’ head with his hands.

For a few minutes, it just continued like that—the slapping of flesh on flesh, the wet, sticky sounds, the guttural moaning and groaning from all three participants.

Gradually, Tim increased the speed of his hips. Ms. Davis’ pussy—it was so amazing, and it tightened around his cock like a vise. He could feel it now. She was close.

It was time to end this little game.

“Okay, Ryan…Ms. Davis…the both of you…it’s time—ungh—time to cum!”

Ryan grunted loudly as thick jets of cum streamed out of his cock and into Ms. Davis’ waiting mouth, and she greedily began to swallow.

And as she did so, at Tim’s command, Hannah Davis orgasmed, her entire body trembling as she reached climax. Then, the last part of Tim’s orders came into effect—her mind, her thoughts, her very sense of self, was rewritten.

All of her experiences with Ryan over the past year and a half, her desire to build a life with him, her love for him—all of it seemed to dissolve within her mind, in an instant. At the same time, her disgust, her hatred of Tim, her feelings of humiliation—all of those emotions vanished, replaced by pure adoration, pure obedience. His desires were her desires. She lived to serve him.

How could she ever have felt anything else towards him?