The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Unknown Object

Chapter XXXIII

Later that night.

Timothy West and Ryan Capestrani lay on the bed, Hannah Davis sandwiched between them. All three were covered in a sheen of sweat, their skin coated with various fluids, exhausted from their bedroom romp.

Tim looked to his left, saw Hannah sleeping soundly while Ryan looked up towards the ceiling, his face dazed, confused. Now that he’d ejaculated, Tim was feeling what his friend Yang called ‘post-nut clarity.’ He felt a keen sense of embarrassment—not at the fact that he’d taken a happy couple and destroyed their lives, but at the reality that he was lying in bed with a woman and another guy.

Originally, his plan had simply been to take Ms. Davis and have Ryan watch as she orgasmed and became Tim’s slave. It was only when he’d seen that Ryan had an erection that he’d changed gears and had decided to create an impromptu threesome. Some part of him had found the situation…exciting.

Tim pondered—why had he decided to do that? His mind raced through the various possibilities—it wasn’t because he had some hidden, heretofore unknown interest in other guys. Ryan might be a conventionally handsome man, but Tim’s lusts were exclusively directed at the fairer sex. No, it was something a little more twisted than that—the fact that he had power over Ms. Davis and Ryan…that’s what had done it for him.

Power was a great aphrodisiac. The fact that Tim could make Ryan, who clearly wanted to tear him to pieces, participate in a threesome with him, and to even be happy about it, was a thrill in and of itself. It was the same reason why he’d initially tried to dominate Ms. Davis rather than merely enslaving her mind. He got a weird kick out of her fruitless efforts to resist.

Had he always felt this way? Had the mind control gun just brought out those hidden feelings in him, he wondered? When he’d started using the ray gun, he’d fantasized about having a girlfriend. Then, it had become about losing his virginity. Now, it was about creating his own personal harem. How had things escalated so much in just a little over a week?

Tim rubbed his sleepy eyes. Why was he even thinking about this sort of stuff? Reflecting and having deep thoughts—neither of those things were his style.

He sat up on the bed; Ms. Davis was breathing softly, while Ryan still stared upwards at the ceiling. He noticed that Ryan had placed his arm over Ms. Davis’ shoulder, a casual, unconscious gesture of affection that annoyed Tim.

Well, he’d had his fun with Ryan, he thought, as he grabbed the mind control gun from the night stand, but he was done with him for now.

Tim turned the dial on the gun to ‘CONTROL’ and pointed it at Ryan, who was still ignoring him (of course, one of the key commands that Tim had placed in everyone he’d controlled thus far was that they would ignore the presence of the ray gun).

“Hey, Ryan,” he said, in as casual a tone as he could muster. “Have you ever heard the saying ‘three’s a crowd’?”

At this, Ryan finally turned his head towards Tim, as though seeing him for the first time. He was about to say something, maybe to tell Tim to leave now that the threesome (which Ryan now believed had been his own idea) was over, when the young man pressed the button on the gun. Tim felt the familiar shock and vibration run through his arm as the gun was activated, and Ryan’s head immediately dropped back down onto the pillow.

“Now, Ryan, you’ll obey the following commands…”

* * *

Tim played the engagement ring as he sat at Ms. Davis’ breakfast table the next morning, twirling it on the wooden table’s surface. He’d decided to keep it as a souvenir of the previous evening. He wondered how much it was worth? Not that it really mattered, but he was a little curious how much Ryan had spent on it.

The sound of a running shower could be heard in the background—Ms. Davis was no doubt thoroughly cleaning every lovely part of herself. If Tim hadn’t woken up before her and already showered and changed, he might have been tempted to join her.

Ryan, of course, was nowhere to be found, and he wouldn’t be darkening the door to Ms. Davis’ apartment ever again. Tim had made sure of that, giving him a series of instructions—first, that he would tell his restaurant staff that he had broken up with Ms. Davis the night before (thus explaining the abrupt cancellation of the dinner date); second, that he wouldn’t be dating or having sex with anyone ever again (for some reason, Tim couldn’t stand the thought of Ryan dating another attractive woman, so he’d made sure that he’d be permanently abstinent—in fact, he’d even forbidden Ryan from masturbating); finally, that he accepted Tim as his absolute master, and would happily follow any and all commands given by him, in the most discreet manner possible.

Tim thought about his plans for the weekend—the packages he’d ordered, filled with costumes and toys, had probably arrived yesterday and were waiting for him at home. And so were Mom and Heather. Of course, he could bring Ms. Davis over to his home but…the more he thought about it, the more reluctant he was to do it. Tim’s house was very close to the school, and he didn’t want to risk anyone, like the student athletes who did practices on Saturday and Sunday, spotting Ms. Davis going in or out of his house. It could lead to rumors and other complications that he wasn’t quite ready for.

The thought of student athletes reminded Tim of Heather’s friends in track—Jenny, Tricia, and Samantha. It used to be that whenever they visited the house to hang out with Heather, Tim would hole up in his bedroom, put on a pair of headphones, and play Fortnite or World of Warcraft. The girls were attractive, but he found them to be a little childish and obnoxious—and if he were being completely honest with himself, he was a bit scared that his eyes might wander and they’d catch him ogling them. Discretion was the better part of valor, so the only one of Heather’s trio of friends he really knew was Samantha, since she’d been friends with Heather since elementary school.

Of course, now that he had the mind control gun, the next time they visited, he’d have to come up with something more fun to do than just hiding out in his room.

Tim noticed the shower had stopped, and he heard the pitter-patter of feet walking towards the kitchen. He put the engagement ring in his pocket and turned towards the doorway to see Ms. Davis walking in, wearing a simple, fluffy pink bathrobe that ended just above her knee, her hair wrapped up in a towel.

“Good morning,” she said shyly. “Would you like some breakfast, Ti- I mean, Master?”

Tim couldn’t help but grin. That was one of the instructions he’d given her when he’d had her under the control of the ray gun yesterday. When it was just the two of them, she’d refer to him as ‘master.’

“I sure would, Ms. Da—ehm, Hannah. By the way, you wouldn’t happen to have an apron, would you?”

“W-well, yes, I own one. Do you—are you asking me to wear it, uhm, Master?”

She was so submissive that it was as though Tim were talking to a completely different person than the Ms. Davis he was used to. In comparison, the changes he’d made in Mom’s and Heather’s personalities were mild. He missed Ms. Davis’ fiery personality a little bit, but having the strong woman who’d defied him become so meek and obedient was actually a bit of a turn-on as well.

“Yeah…why don’t you take off that bathrobe and put an apron on? Just an apron, you understand,” he said, grinning lewdly.

Ms. Davis nodded and untied the fluffy belt around her waist. Then, with a shrug, the bathrobe fell onto the floor, and his history teacher was completely exposed. Tim unconsciously licked his lips as he took in her small ankles, her shapely legs, the furry, upside-down triangle of pubic hair on her crotch…this was a sight the other guys in his class would kill to see.

Suddenly, apropos of nothing, a fantasy he’d had last week came to his mind.

“Ms. Dav-Hannah, have you ever shaved your pussy bare?”

Ms. Davis turned to look at him as she took the apron from the hook it was hanging on next to the stove, her expression quizzical.

“O-of course not…uh, I mean, no, Master. I usually just trim my, uhm, area about every five days or so,” she looped the apron over her head as she spoke, adjusted it and began tying it around her waist. The apron had a simple but colorful floral pattern.

“If you wanted to…uhm…get rid of all your hair down there, how would you do it?” he said curiously, watching her open the refrigerator and bend slightly as she took out a bottle of milk and an egg container.

“W-well, if I were to do that, I think the best thing would be to go to a spa and have a wax technician do it. I’m not confident enough to do it myself. I wax my legs, but my private parts are a little…,” she stopped and shivered slightly. “Anyway, how do you take your eggs? I can make you a fluffy cheese omelet with chives—it’s my specialty.”

“Oh, uhm, that sounds good,” Tim said. He wasn’t sure what chives were, but he was a bit too embarrassed to reveal his ignorance.

Ms. Davis gave him a dazzling smile (the opposite of the hateful look she’d been giving him for the past couple of days—all of her anger and hatred replaced with loving feelings of servitude), took a bowl and whisk out of the cupboard and began cracking eggs, humming softly as she did so. Tim stared at her bare back and shapely buttocks. It was a beautiful sight. He imagined what Ms. Davis’ totally hairless crotch would look like (like a porn star, maybe?) and could feel himself get hard.

“Is there a spa you usually go to that could, uhm…do that procedure? A full wax?”

“W-well…There’s a spa in the neighborhood…I don’t usually go there, but I could check and see if they do the procedure and if they have spaces open during the weekend,” Ms. Davis continued as she used the whisk to beat the eggs. “B-but, Master,” she protested, “I’ve…I’ve never—“

Tim interrupted. “I want you to make an appointment with a spa today and get a full, uhm, what do they call those, Brazilian wax. It would be so hot for you to be totally hairless down there, Ms…uh, Hannah.”

Hannah—she wasn’t Ms. Davis to him anymore, Tim kept reminding himself—turned to look at him, her eyebrows upturned slightly, giving her face a worried look. “W-whatever you say, Master, but…I’ll be sore afterwards, and the skin around the genital area will be…what I mean is, you and I won’t be able to…you know.”

“Eh, for real?” Tim grabbed his phone from his pocket and opened up Google, typed in ‘Brazilian wax’ and began scrolling until he found what looked like a health website. As he clicked on it, he was taken to an official-looking women’s health website. It explained the procedure in detail (whoa, they even waxed the butthole!), and the aftercare. At the very bottom, in bold, was a list in bullet-point form, which stated:

Avoid any strenuous activities, such as high-impact workouts, for at least a day after the waxing procedure in order to prevent irritation. Avoid sexual activity for 36-72 hours after the procedure to allow the skin to heal thoroughly.

Tim thought for a second. He could use the ray gun to make Hannah not feel any pain from the procedure, just as he’d made her feel orgasmic pleasure the night before. However, the mind control wouldn’t affect the physical side effects of the waxing, like skin irritation. So if he had her get the wax done today, he wouldn’t be able to sleep with her again until Monday at the very earliest.

Tim thought of his mother and sister at home. As amazing as Hannah was in the bedroom, it wasn’t as if he didn’t have other options available to him. He smiled and looked up from his phone.

“That’s okay. Let’s get you an appointment at this spa today, and you can, uhm, I dunno, spend your time correcting papers and prepping for classes while you recover. Oh boy, that smells amazing!” Hannah was flipping an omelet pan over the grill, and the mouth-watering smell of cheese and egg wafted over the kitchen.

“Wait until you taste it, Master,” she said cheerfully.

Tim could tell it was going to be a good weekend.

* * *

By the time Tim got home, it was almost nine in the morning. Breakfast had been awesome—it turned out chives were kind of like scallions, and complemented the omelets perfectly—and Hannah had been able to book an appointment at the spa for that same day.

Tim fumbled a bit with the housekeys before finally opening the front door. As he entered the foyer, he saw two carefully-folded piles of clothing on the entryway’s shelf. One set belonged to Mom, the other to Heather. Tim knew what that meant—both women were home, waiting for him.

He walked into the living room and saw three large cardboard packages on the coffee table. Tim didn’t even have to guess—he knew that they had to be the stuff he’d ordered. He was tempted to rip the boxes open, but that could wait. He heard voices coming from the room Dad used as an office when he worked from home, where the big desktop computer was kept. Though he couldn’t make out what was being said, he could make out the voices—it was Mom, Heather, and…a third person? It was then that he heard it—the unmistakable sounds of a woman moaning. What the hell was going on? Had his commands had some unexpected effect yet again?

Tim hurried to the office, the sensual sounds growing louder as he approached it. He swung the door open and almost tripped over the shag carpet that his father had installed last year. What he saw was surprising—his mother and sister were sitting next to each other behind Dad’s mahogany desk. They were both naked, of course, and Tim couldn’t keep stop his eyes from roaming over their bodies. His mother’s large breasts, sagging slightly but still delightfully perky for a woman of 45, and his sister’s smaller pair, with their lovely pink nipples. He’d seen them both naked before, of course, but never next to each other.

What really startled him, though, was the computer screen—it was turned on with the browser open to a porn website. The sounds he’d been hearing, even louder now that he was in the room, were from a video that was playing which featured two young porn starlets humping each other using a double-sided dildo. The camerawork was sloppy, shaky, amateurish, zooming in and out of the women’s genitals as they moved their hips in unison and gave loud, fake-sounding groans. Tim’s mother and sister were both absorbed by the action on the screen, though they didn’t look exactly turned on by what they were watching. Mom’s brow was slightly furrowed, and Heather’s lips were pursed as though she’d just bitten into something sour. What had possessed the two of them to start watching porn?

“What-uh, what is going on here?”

Heather gave a slight yelp of surprise, and Mom quickly grabbed the mouse and closed the browser, as though she’d been caught doing something she shouldn’t have. Tim recognized the panic in her eyes—more than once, he’d been in the middle of fapping while watching porn on his laptop only to have one of his parents come in, and he remembered slamming the laptop shut while pulling up his shorts, hoping against hope they hadn’t noticed what he’d been doing. Mom and Heather looked just as mortified as he’d felt in those instances.

“Tim, I…I didn’t hear you come back,” Mom said, her cheeks turning red, as she stood up from behind the desk and walked towards him. Without a word, Heather walked beside her mother, and as they walked past the desk, Tim had a perfect view of both women’s bodies.

Heather was slightly taller than Mom, but there were clear physical similarities between the two that showed they were mother and daughter—the small feet and ankles, the shapely legs…but Mom had broader hips, a hairier pussy (in comparison, Heather’s pubic hair was relatively sparse) with darker labia, and larger breasts. Mom’s stomach was toned, but Heather’s was slightly more muscular, as befit a track athlete. Their facial features, though, were where it became obvious the two were parent and child. Heather looked like a younger version of Mom, and it wasn’t hard for Tim to imagine that his mother had looked exactly like Heather back during her high school days. The same small, cute nose, the refined features, the light brown eyes.

As they approached him, Mom gave Tim a kiss on the cheek, and he felt her right breast brush alongside his arm. Heather did the same for his other cheek, and Tim gulped. Even though he’d spent the entire previous evening having sex with Ms. Davis, he found himself getting hard again.

He blinked, shook his head slightly, asked the question again.

“Why were you two watching those, uhm…videos?”

“…It was my idea,” Heather finally said after a long pause. “I was…I was trying to think of things we could…do to please you.”

Tim was slightly confused.

“Watching porn? You thought that’d, uh, please me?”

“Of course not,” Mom said, her tone unexpectedly harsh. She let out a breath, and her expression softened slightly. “Your sister just had an…an idea, but I’m sure you’ll think it’s ridiculous. Besides, those packages you were expecting arrived. Don’t you want to go open them?”

The two women took Tim arm in arm and walked him out of the office and back towards the living room, and he realized they were trying to change the subject. Now he was really intrigued.

“Wait, hold on,” he said, stopping in the hallway. “Answer my question—why exactly were you two watching that on the computer? And what was Heather’s idea?”

Heather swallowed audibly, looked towards her mother, and then looked back at Tim. Her cheeks were visibly reddening with embarrassment.

“Well…yesterday during track practice, I was talking with my friends, and we were discussing the…the types of things guys like.”


“And…well…one of…one of the things that was mentioned…” She paused, looked towards Mom again.

“One of the things that was mentioned?” Tim prompted her.

“…girl on girl…,” Heather mumbled, facing the floor. Her face had gone completely red.

Tim wasn’t sure if he’d heard what he thought he’d heard.

“Could you…could you repeat that?”

“I said that Samantha mentioned that guys like…girl on girl…so I thought…me and Mom…we could…you know…”

“You could…what?” Tim wasn’t quite sure if he was hearing what he thought he was. He could feel a pounding in his ears, and realized it was his heartbeat, pounding in his chest. Was his sister actually offering to…?

Heather was fidgeting, as though trying to think of ways to escape the situation. Finally, Mom came to her rescue.

“What Heather is trying to say is…you asked us to think of things to do that would please you, and we…well…w-would you like to watch the two of us…in-in bed?”

Tim was suddenly struck with the reality of the situation.

His mother and his sister were offering to have sex with each other.

In front of him.

An incestuous lesbian sex show.

He swallowed, hard. Certainly, he’d fantasized about a scenario like that. But he’d always imagined he’d have to be the one to instigate it. He never thought, never even dreamed, that the two of them would come up with it on their own.

Their obvious reluctance was intriguing, however. Tim thought he’d removed taboos regarding incest, but he realized that deep down, some of the feelings of immorality towards the act remained. And, in a way…that made the idea even hotter.

“But you’re…you’re not interested in something like that, I’m sure. Why don’t we just head to your bed and we can take turns with y—“

“I think it sounds perfect, Mom.”

Heather’s face, which had been focused on the floor, darted up and looked at him. Her eyes were opened so wide they looked as though they were going to pop out of her head.

“T-Tim?” Heather questioned, under her breath.

Tim put his arms over both women’s shoulders, brought them close to him. He kissed Heather on the forehead.

“Thank you for coming up with such a wonderful idea. I’ve…I’ve always wanted to see something like that.”

“Y-you have?” Heather asked, looking up at him.

“And you and Mom love each other, right?”

“W-we…we do,” Heather said.

“Of course. You care about each other. So there’s no problem with the two of you expressing your…your feelings physically,” Tim reassured them. This is going to be so fucking hot, he thought.

“Th-there’s not? …But…,” Mom looked towards Heather.

Was he really going to make his mother and sister do this, Tim wondered, his heart racing.

But of course, he’d already made up his mind.

“No, there’s not,” Tim said, smiling, his hands moving towards both women’s waists. So similar, yet so different. “Now…let’s head upstairs.”