The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Unknown Object

Chapter XXXIV

The two women sat at the foot of the bed, awkwardly embracing each other. Their breasts pressed against each other’s chests, Mom’s larger breasts mashed against Heather’s smaller bosom.

Mother and daughter stared into each other’s eyes, their faces red with nervousness and embarrassment.

Tim sat in a chair facing the bed, his clothing lying in a messy pile on the floor. He had his right hand wrapped around his rigid cock, pumping gently as he got ready to watch the performance that was about to unfold. His breathing was ragged, nervous. Neither woman had really done anything yet, but just the knowledge of what they were about to do was enough to make Tim’s penis as hard as a steel rod.

“…I’ve never…I never thought I’d be doing this with you…Heather,” Mom said, sighing, putting her right hand on Heather’s cheek and gently caressing her daughter’s face.

“M-me neither…Mom…,” Heather replied with a shaky voice.

For a few moments, mother and daughter simply looked at each other. Then, as though coming to a mutual decision, their faces moved closer to each other.

They kissed. Awkwardly, at first, their lips touching, albeit stiffly. Mom moved her hand, put it over Heather’s chest, as though feeling her heartbeat, and then gently cupped her left breast. Heather’s arm moved from Mom’s waist to her thigh, and her fingers began gently stroking it. Mom gave what sounded like a slight yelp at that, and in response, began using her thumb to play with Heather’s firm nipple. Heather let out a small ‘oh’ when Mom did that, and as soon as her mouth opened, Mom’s tongue flicked out, began caressing her daughter’s lips, and then her tongue.

Tim swallowed loudly.

The two women were now French kissing, their tongues wrapped around each other, as their breathing became heavier and more labored. As they did so, their hands wandered over their bodies, tenderly fondling each other.

“…wow,” Tim muttered softly, as his hand stroked his penis more firmly.

The wet kissing sounds became louder and sloppier as the minutes went by. Then, abruptly, mother and daughter broke off the kiss. They turned and looked at Tim, and then back towards each other.

“Heather, can I…can I touch you…down there?” Mom asked, her voice trembling.

“…Y-yes…I think…I think Tim would like that…,” Heather said, her eyes downturned. “And…and it would make me feel good too,” she whispered.

Tim gulped. This was so hot. He knew that part of it was just a show—Mom and Heather were saying the types of things they thought would excite Tim. But he didn’t care.

“I want you to…touch me there, too,” Mom said, her voice husky, and placed her fingers on Heather’s stomach, then her entire palm. Her hand wandered past Heather’s abdomen, then past her bellybutton, until it reached the sparse fur of her crotch.

As though inviting Mom in, Heather spread her legs, revealing her pussy.

Using her other hand, Mom gently pushed Heather down onto the bed, kissing her again, then spread her own legs.

From Tim’s vantage point, he could see both women, lying down on the bed, their legs spread, highlighting their perfect pussies, as they deliberately gave him the perfect view of their genitals. Mom began tentatively put her index finger above Heather’s outer lips, and gently rubbed her daughter’s clitoral hood. Heather gasped, arched her back slightly.

Tim compared both women’s pussies. Mom was hairier, her inner pussy lips slightly visible, darker, scalloped. Heather’s pussy, on the other hand, was a perfect line, with a bit of peach fuzz. She had less pubic hair and it was trimmed in a triangular shape.

Not for the first time, Tim marveled at the power of the mind control gun. His own mother and sister were having sex with each other for his viewing pleasure. It was a situation which would have otherwise been impossible, unimaginable. He wondered, for a second, how Mom and Heather would react if he returned them to their original states, but kept their memories intact. How would Heather feel about having lost her virginity to her own dorky brother? How would Mom feel about having had sex with both of her children? He wondered how much they would hate him for making them do this. Of course, he could always just return them to how they were before he’d ever used the ray gun on them—he would be the only one who’d know the naughty secret of all the things he’d made them do, and they’d be none the wiser.

It was an idle thought. Perhaps at one point he’d considered wiping their memories and returning them to their original state, but that time was long past. Both women belonged to him, now and forever. He would never let them go.

Now, Heather was returning the favor, awkwardly digging through Mom’s pussy hair to find her clitoris and, with the very tip of her finger, touching it. Mom gave a slight moan, kissed her daughter again. It was very much not a mother and daughter kiss.

“I…I want…,” Heather said, after breaking off the kiss momentarily. “I want…your fingers…inside me…”

Mom groaned, kissed Heather again, more frantically this time, her fingers flicking over Heather’s clit. Both women’s pussies were moist, practically gushing. Tim wondered whether the unconscious immorality of the act was making them even more excited than they would normally be.

“D-don’t lie…,” Mom whispered, her voice husky. “You don’t…want my fingers…,” she said, as she inserted her index finger into her daughter’s pussy, causing Heather to groan. “What you want…is your brother’s cock…isn’t that right?”

Heather looked towards Tim’s crotch as his hand stroked his turgid member more and more rapidly. She smiled at him, then kissed Mom again.

“Yeah…I love…Tim’s cock…,” she said, and then she inserted her own finger into Mom’s pussy. Mom gave a slight gasp, and then the two women were frigging each other, moving their hips back and forth as they thrust their fingers in and out of each other.

It was an incredibly lewd sight.

Tim stood up from the chair. He couldn’t hold himself back, he had to fuck one of the two pussies in front of him. The only question was—which one?

He was still debating whether to fuck his sister or his mother when a familiar ringtone interrupted his train of thought. Both women yelped in surprise, almost in unison, and looked towards the nightstand, where Mom’s phone was ringing.

Tim walked over to the nightstand, saw the caller ID.

It was his father.

He turned to the two women, still lying on the bed, no longer grinding their hips against each other, but instead looking at him quizzically. The phone kept ringing.

Tim licked his lips. He’d had an idea.

“…Mom, lie back on the bed and spread your legs for me. Heather…why don’t you use your mouth to…to play with Mom’s boobs?” Tim gulped.

“But, Tim—the phone…,” Mom gasped, her brow furrowed.

“It’ll be all right…Mom, whatever you do, try to…keep your voice steady, ok?”

Mom’s eyes widened as she realized what Tim was asking her to do.

“But Tim, your father, he might realize—“

“It’s okay, Mom…just…stay calm.”

Heather didn’t say anything, but from her expression, Tim could tell how mortified she was by what Tim was asking the two of them to do. Nevertheless, she separated herself from Mom and stood on her knees on the bed.

Mom arranged a pillow below her head, and then Heather moved her head down to Mom’s chest, gently suckling on her left breast. As she did so, Mom spread her legs.

“Now, try to be as quiet as you can,” Tim said, grinning. He picked up the phone, answered.

“Hey, Dad,” he said.

“Tim? Hey champ,” he heard his father’s voice coming from the other end of the phone. “How have you been? How’s school coming along?”

As Tim listened, he saw Heather close her eyes, trying to singularly focus on the task at hand, sucking on her mother’s teat. Mom shivered slightly.

“Everything’s going…just fine, Dad,” Tim replied.

“That’s good, that’s good to hear—by the way, could you put your mother on the phone? There was something I wanted to talk to her about.”

“Mom, huh? Sure…just…give me a second,” Tim said. Moving towards the bed, and, supporting himself on one of Mom’s knees, he climbed onto it. His breath quickened slightly with the excitement of what he was about to do.

Moving carefully, he placed the head of his penis at his mother’s entrance.

“Ah, Mom, it’s Dad ,” he said, winking. She looked at him, her eyes betraying her nervousness. What would they do if Dad figured out what was happening on the other end of the call?

“She’s there?” Dad replied. “Could you put her on speaker?”

“Let…let me see,” Tim grunted. With one hand on the phone, he used the other to spread his mother’s very wet, slick pussy lips, and moved his cockhead forward. As he pushed himself in, his mother’s inner pussy lips began to wrap around the head of Tim’s penis. He looked up and saw that his mother’s left hand was caressing Heather’s glistening naked back, as Heather played with Mom’s lovely mounds.

“Tim…? Are you alright?” Dad’s voice squawked.

“O-oh…I’m alright…I’m…I’m great, actually,” Tim said, his voice raspy, as he sank his cock into his mother’s pussy. He could feel her vagina caressing his shaft, and he began gently thrusting in and out. The tightness was magnificent.

“S-sorry, Dad,” he said as his hips pistoned in and out of his mother, “She’s, uhm…doing one of her workouts…I’ll…I’ll put her on speakerphone now.”

And what a workout it was, he thought. He pressed the speaker icon on the phone’s screen.

“Hello, dear,” Mom gasped between Tim’s thrusts, trying to keep herself together.

“Kathleen, honey, it’s so good to hear your voice,” Dad’s voice said. “You doing one of your yoga workouts? I know you hate having them interrupted—is that…what’s that sound?”

Dad could probably hear the rhythmic slapping of Tim’s body as his cock thrust in and out of his mother’s pussy. Or maybe it was the wet, sucking sounds of Heather playing with Mom’s nipple.

“It’s, ah, it’s nothing, dear. It’s just…the exercises are quite intense, and, uh…mmm…Tim and Heather have decided to join me in working out. You’re probably just hearing them…ahhhhh…moving around.”

“You actually got the two of them to join you in your yoga sessions?” Dad laughed.

“Y-you’d be surprised at how…ngh…good they are. Tim’s really…really into it,” Mom said, biting her lip.

Tim said. He looked down at where his slick cock met his mother’s juicy crotch, watched it disappear and reappear as it moved in and out of her. If only his dad knew what those sounds he was hearing actually were.

“Well, I would never have imagined that you’d get Tim of all people to do yoga with you. You know, it’s been too long since I’ve done regular workout routines. You remember, Kathleen, what a jock I was back in college? Once I get back, I could join you guys some mornings. It might make for some good family bonding,” Dad mused.

Fat chance, Tim thought. Mom and Heather are mine, and I’m not sharing.

“So, is Heather there too? How’s my baby girl doing?” Dad asked.

Heather released Mom’s nipple from her mouth for a moment. “I’m here, Dad. Just, uhm…just working out…” Then, using her tongue, she began teasing Mom’s areola. Mom gave a slight moan of surprise.

“B-by the way,” Mom said, trying to change the topic. “How are things going in Louisiana?”

“Y-yeah, Dad, are you, mmm, gonna bring us some souvenirs?” Tim asked as he steadied his thrusting by placing a hand on his mother’s hip.

“Well, that’s actually what I wanted to speak to you all about. Everything is going good, but the negotiations are a bit more complex than we initially thought they’d be. I might have to delay my return by about a week.”

“O-oh,” Tim said, moving his hand to one of Mom’s bouncing breasts. It was so soft, so pliable. And it belonged to him.

They both did—motherand daughter. And Dad didn’t even know.

“That’s a shame, dear, but…mmm…take all the time you need,” Mom said, closing her eyes, giving in to the pleasure.

“Well, don’t worry, I’ll still bring back some souvenirs for the three of you—by the way, Tim, Heather—Are the two of you getting along? No arguing or fighting, I hope.”

“…ungh…yeah, all three of us are getting along really well,” Tim said. His sister turned around, looked at him, smiled.

“Yeah, Daddy, Tim’s…Tim’s been great,” Heather beamed, looking lovingly into her brother’s eyes.

Tim sped up his thrusts, like a jackhammer..

“Great to hear. Heather, baby, I’m so sorry I’m going to miss your track competition. I hope you’re not too upset,” he said, his voice apologetic.

“Th-that’s okay, Daddy,” Heather said. The track meet was the last thing on her mind at the moment.

“I promise I’ll catch the next one. And I’ll bring you back something extra special to make up for it.”

“Thank you, Daddy—I’m looking forward to it,” Heather said as she turned her tender attentions back to her mother’s erect nipple, suckling on one while teasing the other. The sight was so exciting Tim couldn’t help but speed up the rhythmic movement of his hips even more.

“Well, I’ve got to get going. I’m meeting the clients for lunch today—Kathleen, I’ll email you my updated flight schedule later today. I’m cautiously optimistic, but I think this deal might be—this might be the big one. Keep your fingers crossed for me.”

Tim was nearing his climax.

“…ahhh…that’s, that’s great, Dad,” Tim grunted. The exquisite feeling of his mother’s pussy gripping his cock was indescribable, and he knew he was going to cum soon.

“Y-yes…unngh…yes, dear…I’ll check my emails later for your travel itinerary,” Mom grunted.

“Say, that workout sounds—are you sure you’re okay? Don’t overdo it, Kath. You don’t want to injure yourself, and Tim isn’t really used to working out regularly yet —“

Tim didn’t hear the rest. The phone fell onto the bed as his cock exploded inside his mother, and he felt like gallons upon gallons of cum were gushing into Mom’s waiting pussy. She put a hand over her mouth, did her best to stifle her orgasmic groans. He gasped, grunted, and after a few seconds, picked up the phone again.

“—anyway, the important thing about working out is warming up first, doing some cardio before getting into anything too intense.”

“Ahhh…hhahhh…will…will do, Dad,” Tim mumbled.

“Love you, son,” Dad said. “Don’t overwork yourself with these exercises, okay?”

“S-sure thing, Dad,” Tim replied. “Love you, too.”

“And to my two girls—Kathleen, Heather, I love you. I’ll call again soon.”

“Love you, Daddy,” Heather mumbled, her attentions elsewhere.

“I love you, dear,” Mom gasped, but she was looking at Tim as she said so.


* * *

Robert West put his phone back in his pocket, shaking his head in amazement. He was standing in the hotel lobby, waiting for his business partner, Bill Desario, so the both of them could head out to lunch and schmooze with their clients.

He chuckled slightly to himself. His couch potato son, doing yoga of all things. Would wonders ever cease?

Robert mused as to what could have brought on his son’s sudden interest in physical fitness. Maybe he was trying to get in shape for a girl—Tim was a bit of a late bloomer in that department. Maybe his old man could give him some tips on how to ask a girl out on a date once he got back home from this (hopefully very lucrative) business trip.

He wished he’d been able to talk to Kathleen for a bit longer. Over the past few days, he’d really been missing her. He couldn’t stop thinking about the night before he left on his trip, how the two of them had made love—it had been a while since they had been with each other. Usually, Kathleen insisted that they wait until the kids were on a sleepover, or he’d have to book a hotel room for the two of them and come up with a suitable excuse for Heather and Tim (usually, that he and Kathleen were going to an important business dinner). Kathleen was a bit of a prude in that sense—she was always worried that their children would overhear, or that they’d wander into the bedroom when they were in the middle of a romantic interlude. That, combined with how exhausted Robert usually was when he came home from one of his extended trips, meant that having sex had become a rare occasion indeed.

He made up his mind—the next time he spoke with Kathleen, he’d insist that she come visit him in Louisiana. The kids were old enough to be by themselves, and, if Kathleen still hesitated, he could just ask her sister Lily to stay over for a few days and make sure the kids didn’t burn the house down.

Suddenly, Robert felt a hand on his shoulder.

“You okay, partner?” Bill asked, smiling. He’d apparently arrived at the lobby while Robert was daydreaming.

“Huh? Oh, yeah, just got off the phone with the family. Just got distracted thinking about them, I suppose,” Robert replied.

“Everything okay?”

“Oh, just fine—just missing them a bit, y’know,” he shrugged.

“Sure, sure. It must be tough, being so far away,” Bill said, a bit dismissively. He raised his arm, and motioned to the Patek Philippe watch he loved to show off. “We’re running a bit late. Shall we head out?”

“By all means—we don’t want to keep the clients waiting,” Robert nodded. The two men walked out of the lobby, as their thoughts turned to strategizing for their upcoming business lunch.

* * *

Afterwards, Mom, Heather, and Tim lay on the bed, enjoying the afterglow of sex. At some point, Mom’s phone had fallen underneath the bed, and none of them had bothered to pick it up.

Heather suckled on Mom’s left nipple, while Tim sucked on Mom’s right, as though both were returning to infancy. Mom lay back, eyes closed, stroking both her children’s heads gently, lovingly. What bliss. What an amazing feeling.

After a while, Tim felt his cock begin to stiffen again. With a slight ‘pop,’ he let Mom’s nipple out of his mouth. He looked at Mom, who seemed to be ready to drift off to sleep, even though it was barely noon. Then, he turned to his sister.

“Heather…,” he whispered.

“Hmm?” she looked up at him, her mouth still on Mom’s breast.

Tim motioned to his penis.

“Could you…with your mouth…?”

“Ah, I’ve…never…done that before, but…I can try,” Heather blushed.

Mom stirred slightly, opened her eyes, and saw what Tim was pointing at.

“Why don’t I help you, Heather? What do you think, Tim? Want me to give your sister some pointers?”

Tim grinned and nodded.

Minutes later, Tim was lying on the bed, looking down as the two women did their best to please him with their mouths. Mom gave Heather advice on how best to pleasure him—how to pump his shaft with her hands while using her tongue to lick his cockhead, creating a suction seal with her lips and making Tim feel indescribable pleasure. At times, Tim could feel both women’s tongues on his cock, and he arched his back, put his hands on their heads, begged them for more. They happily obliged.

Watching mother and daughter debase themselves to pleasure Tim…he couldn’t put into words how excited it made him feel.

Just as he was about to cum again, he gestured for both women to get on all fours, and he knelt in front of the two of them, looking at their dripping wet pussies.

This time, he penetrated Heather, doggystyle, while using his fingers to pleasure Mom. Both women grunted, moaned, creating an erotic symphony for Tim’s ears alone.

Wanting to compare the flex and feel of their pussies, he switched back and forth between Mom and Heather, sometimes pulling out of one of them mid-stroke and then penetrating the other.

Finally, after about twenty minutes of pumping, groaning, humping, and unbelievable sensations, and after both women had orgasmed multiple times, Tim ejaculated again, this time pulling out and coating Mom and Heather’s asses with his seed.

He collapsed between the two of them, and as his eyes closed, he could feel his mother and his sister embracing him, one on each side, molding their bodies to his. He could feel their warmth, and as he drifted off to sleep, he mused to himself—how addicted he’d become to the feelings of power, domination, but also love (maybe what he’d felt had once been familial love, but it had become something much more perverted, much more exciting).

Tim had never been happier in his life.

* * *

The rest of the weekend was spent much the same way. In fact, the only times Mom, Heather, and Tim left the bedroom were when they needed to go to the bathroom, or to shower when their bodies became too sticky with love fluids, as well as to recharge their energy by going downstairs to grab something to eat.

Other than those occasional digressions, though, Tim spent the rest of the weekend sexually experimenting with both women. There was no fantasy that was beyond his reach. He especially enjoyed watching Mom and Heather have sex with each other and then joining in. He had them eat each other out in the sixty-nine position while he recorded video of it on his phone. Then, he opened up the boxes he had ordered, took out the vibrators and dildos he’d purchased, and had Mom use them on Heather, and vice-versa. At one point, Tim had mother and daughter use a double-sided dildo to recreate the porn video they’d been watching when Tim walked in on them in Dad’s office. Though they’d initially been reluctant to have sex with each other, their desire to please Tim far outweighed it, and they did everything he asked them to, never complaining.

Ms. Davis (he really needed to get used to calling her Hannah, Tim reminded himself) sent him a few text messages over the weekend, letting him know that she’d gotten the Brazilian wax done, and sending him some pictures. Her bare pussy was a sight to behold, but Tim could see she’d need a couple of days to recover from the procedure—her genital area, though hairless, was also red and inflamed from the hot wax. Luckily, the two women snuggling next to him were more than enough to keep him busy in the meantime.

By the time Sunday night had rolled around, all three of them were exhausted. Tim had ejaculated at least six or seven times, and his penis felt absolutely drained.

He was lying in bed in Mom’s room (which was quickly becoming his), with his mother and sister asleep and snuggled up to each other, as he considered the events of the weekend, and began to plan for the week that lay ahead.

This had been a lot of fun, he mused to himself. ‘Fun’ might be an understatement for what had occurred in the West household over the past two days, actually.

Still, thus far he only had three women under his control, and two of them were his relatives. It was time to step things up a little bit, he decided. But that would require planning, and caution.

Making up his mind, Tim grabbed his phone from next to the bed and looked up Mr. Hudson’s number from his contacts. When he’d controlled his P.E. teacher the other day, he’d made sure to get his contact information, and he’d instructed Mr. Hudson to be ready to reply to his calls and messages at any time.

The phone rang just twice before Mr. Hudson picked it up on the other end.

“Good evening, sir,” his normally abrasive teacher said, his voice meek and respectful.

“Hey, Mr. Hudson, did you have a good weekend?”

“E-eh…yes, yes, sir. I-I completed the task you set out for me. All the information you wanted it is in a file. I can give it to you on Monday morning saved onto a USB drive. Unless you want me to e-mail it to you?”

“No, it’s better that there not be any electronic trail. Tomorrow’s fine. Oh, speaking of which, Mr. Hudson, there’s something I’m going to need you to do tomorrow.”


“Listen carefully…”