The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Unknown Object

Chapter XXXVII

Note: The characters in this story are 18 and older.

An hour later, the stage was set. Tim had sent Mom upstairs and ordered her not to come down for the rest of the evening. Mrs. Berger had listened to the recording of the guide to obedience, and Tim had set up a series of commands and suggestions that would make her accept everything that was about to take place without question. Now, she sat on the living room sofa in her sweater and sweatpants until he was ready to release her from the ray gun’s control.

Tim hadn’t wanted to change Mrs. Berger’s personality—part of what had led him to develop a childhood crush on her had been how gentle, nurturing, and, well, motherly she’d always been, and those were qualities he wanted her to maintain. He could have easily turned her into a sex-crazed maniac (and he might well do that on another occasion, but not for their first time).

He wanted it to be special.

Mrs. Berger, after all, was a special woman. His first childhood crush, the person who’d set off his hormones, made him realize what it was about girls that made guys do stupid, crazy stuff in order to impress them.

Keeping her personality and her sense of self completely intact while having her be willing to have sex with Tim had posed a bit of a challenge, until he realized the answer had been right in front of him all along—the yoga lesson.

He got to work.

* * *

While he was programming Mrs. Berger, Heather had come home from track practice. She’d been more than a little shocked when she realized what Tim was planning.

“Mrs. Berger, Tim? Really? She’s like…she’s like the same age as Mom. And Eddie’s the same age as you,” Heather whispered harshly, looking over where Mrs. Berger was sitting, eyes glazed over as she listened to the guide to obedience on a pair of headphones hooked up to Tim’s phone.

“So what?” Tim whispered back. “I mean, yeah she’s Mom’s age, but Mom’s already part of…”

My harem, is what he wanted to say, but he still wasn’t quite comfortable saying the word out loud. It sounded too silly, too medieval.

“…she’s already part of, uhm…you know, I’ve been with her,” he sputtered lamely.

“I-I guess that’s true,” Heather said, biting her lower lip. “I guess I never considered—I mean, you’ve known her since you were a little kid. I knew you were going with other women, but I thought they’d be…closer to our age.” She looked again towards the sofa where Mrs. Berger sat, her eyebrows furrowed in skepticism.

Tim wondered why his sister had assumed that he’d only be pursuing girls close in age to him. Perhaps, even with the commands, the guide to obedience, all of it, her unconscious mind still understood what was ‘normal.’ That would explain her reluctance last weekend to have sex with Mom, he mused, as well as her shock that Tim was planning on adding Mrs. Berger to his group of women.

Whatever was going on in Heather’s subconscious was something he’d ponder later, when he had the time.

But, for now…

“Heather, I’m planning to be with a lot of women...maybe they’ll be eighteen years old, maybe they’ll be fifty,” Tim said, looking into his sister’s beautiful brown eyes. “You don’t have a problem with that, right?”

“N-no, I suppose not.”

“Good girl,” Tim said, and gave her a kiss on the forehead. “Now, why don’t you grab some food from the kitchen and head upstairs? Don’t come back down until tomorrow morning. Mrs. Berger and I will be needing some privacy.”

He patted her bare bottom (she’d undressed as soon as she’d come in). Heather blushed slightly, understanding Tim’s meaning, and then headed towards the kitchen. With a sandwich in hand, she went towards her bedroom a few minutes later, and Tim took the opportunity to admire her lovely, toned legs as she went up the stairs to the second floor.

Afterwards, he began setting up the living room for the evening ahead. He rolled up the yoga mats that Mom and Mrs. Berger had been using and put them in a corner, then went to Dad’s office, where he was keeping the boxes of toys and costumes that he’d received last weekend.

The first thing he did was inflate the air bed he’d ordered, putting it in the center of the room. Then, he rummaged through the boxes until he found it—massage oil. He put the bottle on the coffee table. Thinking for a moment, he then went to the laundry room and grabbed a few towels so they could wipe themselves off afterwards and placed them on the easy chair next to the sofa.

Tim had been inspired to purchase both items after watching some videos on (of course) PornHub. In fact, PornHub had proven to be the source of inspiration for a great number of the items he’d purchased the previous week. In this case, Tim remembered, he’d clicked on some random Japanese porn when he’d seen it—‘nuru massage.’ It was a type of erotic massage in which a man and a woman coated themselves in oil and rubbed all over each other while on top of an air bed. This was apparently done in Japanese soaplands, which were some sort of brothel-type establishment were you could pay for massages which would ultimately turn into full-fledged sex, complete with a ‘happy ending.

Tim had watched a number of ‘nuru massage’ videos and had become fascinated with trying it out himself someday, which was why, when he’d seen that Amazon carried air mattresses and massage oil, he’d purchased both on a whim. Never mind that neither of the bathrooms in the house were big enough for it. The living room would have to do (he could just have Mom clean it up afterwards).

Tim finished setting everything in its place and surveilled the room.

“Yeah, this should be good enough,” he said to himself.

Hopefully, Mrs. Berger would be susceptible to the commands he’d given her.

* * *

“Why, Tim, I had no idea you were a yoga expert,” Mrs. Berger said, smiling widely. She sat across the sofa from Tim, as he’d explained to her that he was, in fact, the person who’d first gotten Mom interested in yoga in the first place and, in fact, had been the first person to coach her (in reality, Tim had never done yoga in his life).

“Oh, yeah, I’ve been doing it for years. The downward dog, the, uh, upward poodle, all that stuff. I actually reached the rank of upper yogi just a couple of months ago,” Tim continued. Mrs. Berger, of course, believed absolutely everything he said as thought it were gospel. Exactly as he’d programmed her to. He could tell her he’d been the first man to travel to the surface of Mars and she’d believe it. Though he didn’t want to push his luck.

“Then you must know so many advanced techniques! You’d probably be bored helping out someone like me,” Mrs. Berger said, worriedly.

“Oh, no, not at all,” Tim said, waving his hand as though to brush off her concerns. “On the contrary, I always love to introduce new people to the art of yoga—spreading the message about the benefits of meditation and wellness.”

“I never would have imagined—when I think of you and Eddie playing, it’s always the video games and those collectible card games. So, you’d really be willing to train me? It wouldn’t be too much of an imposition?”

“Mrs. Berger, you’ve been taking care of me since I was a kid. This is the least I can do.”

“You’re such a good boy, Tim. I’m so glad you and Eddie are friends,” Mrs. Berger said, clasping his hands gently. “With everything that’s been going on with him recently, it really comforts me that he has people like you in his life.”

Tim gave a slight cough and looked away. If only Mrs. Berger knew that he was the reason Eddie was in all this trouble in the first place…the fight, the suspension, all of it was because of Tim’s use of the mind control gun. The pangs of guilt he felt at her praise were almost enough to make him back off from his plans.

Almost enough.

But not quite.

Mrs. Berger interpreted Tim’s discomfort as humility, and she patted his hand warmly.

“Well, then, shall we get started? You’ll have to guide me through every step of the process, though” she said brightly.

“O-oh, yeah, let’s,” Tim replied, re-focusing on the task at hand.

Mrs. Berger stood up and put her hands on her hips. She smiled brightly, an almost childlike expression of excitement on her face.

“Okay, teach, what should we do first?” she asked, jokingly.

“W-well,” Tim said, clearing his throat, “The first thing we should do is make our bodies nice and limber. We’ll be doing a lot of movements, so it’s important to warm up, to release the tension.”

“I certainly have my fair share of that,” Mrs. Berger nodded, “Especially after this past week.”

“Y-yeah, so, uhm…,” Tim coughed. “We should probably start by, uhmmm, massaging each other’s bodies.”

“Massage? Is that…is that part of the routine?” Mrs. Berger asked, curiously. She wasn’t upset or weirded out or anything—Tim’s commands precluded that sort of reaction. She genuinely was just asking because she wanted to know.

“Oh, yeah, absolutely, it’s one of the most important parts. In fact, there’s this special oil we have to use, but luckily enough, I have some,” Tim walked towards the table where he’d set the oil down, bent down, and grabbed it.

He brought it over to where Mrs. Berger stood and showed it to her. She took the bottle in her hands, looked at it.

“I can’t read any of what it says…is this…Chinese?”

“It’s actually imported from Japan,” Tim said, truthfully. “It’s very high quality.”

“Oh my, it does seem like a bit of a waste to use such expensive oil on a beginner like myself,” Mrs. Berger said. “Are you sure about this, Tim?”

“I’m…I’m very sure, Mrs. Berger,” Tim said, gulping.

“Alright, then,” she nodded, and smiled again. “I hope it doesn’t stain, though—these old things are the only gym clothes I have,” she gestured towards her sweatshirt, grabbing its cloth with her thumb and forefinger.

The moment of truth, Tim thought to himself.

“Don’t worry, Mrs. Berger, your gym clothes won’t get dirty, like, at all—”

“Oh, that’s nice to—“

“—because the massage is done in the nude.”

Mrs. Berger, who’d been nodding happily along, froze in an instant. This time, though, it wasn’t due to the effect of the mind control gun. It was pure shock.

For a few seconds, she said nothing. Tim wondered if he’d gone too far—just as Heather had been in disbelief earlier when she saw what he was planning to do with Eddie’s mother, perhaps Mrs. Berger’s unconscious was making her hesitate.

Tim held his breath. Should he go grab the mind control gun, change the suggestions to something easier to accept?

But he needn’t have worried.

“W-well, I didn’t expect that,” Mrs. Berger said, finally, laughing a bit nervously. “But I suppose…I suppose if that’s how it’s done…”

Tim exhaled and smiled in relief.

“No need to be embarrassed,” he said. “After all, I’m going to be naked too. For the massage, I mean.”

“O-oh, i-is that so?” Mrs. Berger appeared slightly more perturbed at that.

“It’s perfectly normal,” Tim reassured her. “Remember, I’m an upper yogi. I’ve done this a thousand times.”

That reminder seemed to calm her down, though he noticed one of her hands kept fidgeting with the frayed hem of her sweatshirt.

“Now, why don’t we start by getting undressed?”

* * *

Mrs. Berger was visibly uncomfortable as she used both hands to lift her sweatshirt above her stomach, and then above her head. Most likely, the fact that Tim couldn’t take his eyes off her was putting her on edge. Of course, she thought he was looking at her from a purely professional standpoint as a yoga instructor, gazing at her body to see which areas she most needed to work on. There was nothing sexual or perverted about it, as far as she was concerned (Tim’s commands had made sure of that). Besides, this was Tim West, her son’s best friend—she’d known him since he was a child, and in her eyes, that’s all he was—a precocious child, to be sure, but still…just a kid.

Mrs. Berger finished removing the sweatshirt, carefully folded it and placed it on top of the sofa. She was wearing a modest, nude-colored bra, but it was still the most Tim had ever seen of her cleavage, and it made him salivate.

She then proceeded to do the same with the sweatpants, and, as she bent over to pull them down, Tim got a great look at Mrs. Berger’s generous cleavage. Unlike the first time he’d seen the tops of her pale breasts, this time Tim didn’t even bother to disguise his stare.

Finally, Mrs. Berger stood in front of Tim clad in just her underwear, her arms folded around her chest. The basic nude-colored bra was complemented by a pair of black panties.

“Okay, Mrs. Berger, let me check your physique before we go any further. It’s important for me to come up with the best type of routine for you. Could you please put your arms down?”

“Oh, b-but…ok,” she said, her voice slightly tremulous, but she complied nevertheless.

Tim knelt in front of the woman, his face frozen in a mock-serious expression, as he began his ‘inspection.’

Mrs. Berger had small feet, well-groomed toenails, and curvy legs, leading to flared hips (with large, rounded buttocks), and a body that was the dictionary definition of ‘curvaceous.’ It was true, as he’d noticed before, that Mrs. Berger was oh-so-slightly overweight, but the overall effect on her physique was an attractive one—she was voluptuous and full-figured, with proportions that emphasized her hips and her generous bust.

Tim stood up and faced Mrs. Berger, whose cheeks were now visibly red, and gave her a thumbs up.

“Okay, I think I’ve got the perfect routine in mind for your body type,” he said, grinning.

“H-how wonderful,” Mrs. Berger said, fidgeting slightly.

“Well, what are you waiting for?” Tim said. “It’s time to take the rest of your clothes off.” As though to encourage her, he began unbuttoning his own school shirt.

“It’s…it’s really necessary, isn’t it?” she asked, but moved her hands to her back and began to unhook her bra.

Tim smiled in what he hoped was an encouraging way, and he heard the soft ‘click’ of the bra being unhooked. He swallowed nervously.

Here it comes, he thought to himself. A sight I’ve waited over five years to see.

Mrs. Berger shrugged off the bra straps, first on her left shoulder, then on her right.

And then, the bra fell onto the floor.

Tim couldn’t contain himself and let out a small gasp.

Mrs. Berger’s breasts were so large that they sagged slightly, and he could see trace of pale blue veins beneath her pale skin. Her large, pink areolae and the nipples that topped them seemed to be begging to be sucked on. They were even more amazing than they’d been in any of Tim’s fantasies.

Too embarrassed to notice Tim staring, Mrs. Berger proceeded to put her fingers underneath the waistband of her panties and, in one swift motion, pulled them down. She raised one leg, then another, and then the panties were on the floor next to the brassiere.

As she straightened herself, Tim’s eyes followed until he saw the treasure beneath her legs, a bush of dark blonde hair around Mrs. Berger’s mound. Unlike the women Tim had been with before, Mrs. Berger was hairier. It reminded Tim of the old ’70s porn starlets he’d seen on the Internet. sometimes. Her pussy lips were almost entirely hidden by her pubic hair.

As his gaze moved upward, he noticed a small vertical scar, long-faded and almost imperceptible, between Mrs. Berger’s crotch and her belly button. Mrs. Berger noticed him staring and traced the scar with her index finger.

“That’s from when I had Eddie—from the c-section,” she explained, helpfully.

“I-I see,” Tim said.

“There were complications during the delivery,” she continued, reminiscing. “The umbilical cord got all…tangled up…I don’t remember the medical name for it, and so the doctor ordered a caesarian.”

“Is that why you never had other kids?” Tim asked, slightly curious. He’d always wondered why Eddie was an only child, especially considering how much Mrs. Berger doted on him. She’d always seemed like the type of person who would have a half-dozen rugrats scrambling around the house.

“Yes—oh, it’s not because I can’t have any, you see. I was just…scared. Even though the doctor said it was a one in a million chance that it would happen again, I…” Her voice drifted off, and she looked into the distance.

“Uhm, couldn’t you still have one? I mean, you’re not…you know…,” he wanted to say ‘not that old,’ but didn’t know how to do so politely.

“I-I could, certainly, but at this point, I think that phase of my life is over—even if I weren’t so worried, Eddie’s father, well, he’s so busy these days and he’s actually looking forward to Eddie being out of the house after he graduates, he wants us to go traveling on holidays more often,” she said, her voice betraying a hint of sadness.

“Oh, I-I get it,” Tim responded, his voice quiet, though he didn’t, not entirely. If Mrs. Berger wanted more kids, he thought, Mr. Berger was being kind of selfish by not giving them to her. He should be encouraging her to get over her worries, not trying to distract her with vacations.

Besides, Tim reasoned, if he were in Mr. Berger’s shoes, he’d probably be doing it with Mrs. Berger practically every night. Pregnancy would be an inevitability.

An inevitability.

That’s it, Tim realized. If Mr. Berger won’t give her the baby she so obviously wants…

Then I will.

In his mind’s eye, he pictured it. A grateful Mrs. Berger, her belly swollen with her unborn child. Eddie looking forward to having a new sibling. Mr. Berger, his mind hypnotized into accepting the situation, ready to raise the baby as though it were his own.

Just the thought of it made his cock harden.

Without further ado, Tim took off his shirt, unbuckled his belt, and then dropped his pants. His boxers soon followed.

He stood in front of Mrs. Berger, his penis engorged, so stiff it was almost facing up towards the ceiling.

Mrs. Berger’s eyes went as wide as dinner plates as she looked at her son’s best friend’s erect cock.

“T-Tim, th-that’s…I…uh…,” she couldn’t put what she wanted to say into words. “A-are you sure that you’re…in appropriate form for a yoga lesson?” she lamely concluded.

“Oh, this?” he asked nonchalantly, pointing at his penis. “Yes, please don’t worry about it. This is all part of the lesson. Trust me, Mrs. Berger.”

She swallowed loudly.

“O-of course, Tim, I just…I…”

“Now, why don’t you sit down on the air bed,” he said, gesturing towards it, “and I’ll get started with the massage oil.”

* * *

Mrs. Berger sat on the air bed, her eyes closed, as Tim sat behind her. He squeezed some massage oil onto his palms, oiled up her bare back, and began rubbing her shoulders.

“Your back is so stiff, Mrs. Berger,” he said.

“Hnngh…yes, I have…so much stress,” she murmured, as Tim kneaded her shoulders and neck, now slick with the oil.

He continuously rubbed her shoulders, and felt the tension in them begin to uncoil, Mrs. Berger unconsciously leaning back towards him. Squirting more oil onto his palms, he gently rubbed the oil onto her arms, from her upper arms to her forearms, then onto her hands, her fingers.

“Does that feel good?” he whispered.

“…Yes…,” she sighed.

“Good…this next part will feel even better. Remember, don’t be startled…this is a full body massage. Just follow your natural instincts…don’t let yourself be held back…go with the flow…”

“Nnnhh…a-all right…”

Finally, Mrs. Berger’s beautiful orbs were within reach, Tim thought. He slowly moved the palms of his hands down her chest…oh so slowly…finally, he grasped Mrs. Berger’s large breasts, weighing them with both hands. They were absolutely massive. Using his thumbs and forefingers, he began teasing her nipples, felt them stiffen. He gently massaged both beautiful udders.

Mrs. Berger gave a small yelp, but after a moment of hesitation, relaxed.

This was just part of the massage, after all.

Tim was ecstatic. Mrs. Berger’s boobs, the object of years of fantasies, were now in his hands.

For the next few minutes, all he did was gently play with both breasts, softly pinching and pulling on her hard nipples. Then, he moved the tips of his fingers down her soft stomach, rubbing the oil as he went along.

Mrs. Berger gasped as the cool oil touched her skin.

Tim moved closer to Mrs. Berger, inching towards her, until her back touched his chest. He leaned his head down, and placed his mouth against her ear.

Whispering, he instructed her to lie down on the air bed.

She did so without a word of protest.

She’s really getting into this, Tim realized.

“Now, lift your left leg for me, Mrs. Berger. I need to oil up both of your legs, starting from the soles of your feet.”

“I’m…I’m a little ticklish,” she mumbled, embarrassedly.

“I’ll be gentle,” he reassured her, and he was, thrilling at the soft feel of her skin. First, he oiled up her left calf, knee, her thigh. Then, he did the same for her right leg.

There was only one place left.

“Spread your legs for me, Mrs. Berger. It’s time…time to, uh, oil up the crotch.”

Amazingly, there were no objections. She simply bent her knees, and then spread her legs.

Tim gulped, hesitatingly touching her crotch.

Her pubic area was slick with moisture, he realized.

Mrs. Berger was already very turned on.

He looked up from her crotch, saw that Mrs. Berger still had her eyes closed, but her cheeks were blushing. He could see her chest, those beautiful knockers, rising and falling as she gasped for breath. Tim could tell—she was definitely excited.

Tim dug through the pubic hair until he saw her clitoris. Its head was already peeking out from the clitoral hood. With his index finger, he gently touched it.

“Ah!” Mrs. Berger cried, tensing up.

“It’s okay, Mrs. Berger…just making sure to get that oil on everywhere…”

“O-of course…sorry…”

Her outer lips were dark red, her inner lips engorged. Tim coated them with oil as well.

Tim could have fucked her right then and there.

But not yet.

“Okay, Mrs. Berger…now that you’re covered in oil…it’s my turn,”

“Mmm?” Mrs. Berger said. She opened her eyes. “O-oh, of course.”

She sat up on the air bed, a slightly dazed look in her eyes.

“Could you pass me the bottle, Tim? I’ll put the lotion on you next.”

“Sorry, Mrs. Berger, that’s not how it works. There’s a specific process to the massage.”

Mrs. Berger cocked her head in confusion.

“Now that you’re covered in oil, you have to put it on me—by rubbing it on me with your body.”

“Wh-what do you mean?”

“Like this…”

Tim lay down on the air bed, and used his arm to pull Mrs. Berger down on top of him. He could feel the softness of the two pillows on her chest against his own, and for a few seconds, she just lay there, stiff and unmoving.

And then…she began to rub herself on Tim, a slight groan escaping her lips.

“Now…follow my directions…”

* * *

Mrs. Berger caught onto the idea of the ‘full body massage’ quickly enough. Using her breasts, she spread the massage oil onto Tim’s chest, his stomach. Then, moving downwards, she squeezed his stiff cock between her two mounds, covering it with oil as well.

She lay down on her stomach and moved back and forth across Tim’s left leg, then his right. Tim could feel her wet pubic hair brush against his knees.

It was so fucking hot, he almost came right then and there. The feeling of the two of them, covered in the massage oil, sliding against each other, was unlike anything he’d ever felt before. A feeling of pure pleasure, as though every square inch of his skin was an erogenous zone, enveloped him. Mrs. Berger was definitely feeling it too—when she’d begun to move around, she’d done so reluctantly, but now, she was into it, slipping and sliding on top of him, the slick oil intermingling with her own love juices.

Mrs. Berger had moved her body back so that it was on top of him, and she rubbed herself back and forth, her crotch rubbing against his genitals. Tim could hear her moaning under her panting breaths.

She was ready. And quite frankly, so was he.

“I think—I think that’s enough of a warm-up, Mrs. Berger,” he whispered into her ear. “Shall we get started with the actual yoga routine?” Gently placing his hand on her shoulders, he had her sit up next to him.

“Nngh…ahhh…y-yes…alright…,” she said, her breathing a bit labored. Was that the sound of disappointment in her voice? Clearly, she’d wanted to continue the warm-up ‘massage.’ Not that Tim could blame her.

“Don’t worry, this next part is even more fun,” he reassured her. “Now, uhm, the yoga routine I’ve prepared for you is a two-person routine. We’ll be, uh, joining our chakras, connecting very deeply, in order to get the maximum benefit from the workout.”

Mrs. Berger nodded along, as though Tim weren’t saying pure nonsense.

“For this routine, it’s important that you follow your, uhhh, basic urges. Just go with the flow. Don’t think, but feel.”

“Don’t think, feel—I see…I think,” she said.

“Okay, so…uhm…lie down on your back…,” he said, gesturing to the air bed, shifting away to give Mrs. Berger space. As she did so, Tim couldn’t help but stare at her.

Lovely blonde hair, pulled back in a hairband.

A few laugh lines on her lovely face, but looking younger than her years.

Massive breasts, rolling around enticingly, begging to be fondled.

And her hairy crotch.

It was time to fuck.

“Now, spread your legs again, and I’m…going to move in between them…”

Mrs. Berger moved her legs apart, exposing her furry pussy, slick with love juice. Tim moved, kneeling in front of her, placing his cock in position at her entrance. Suddenly, Mrs. Berger, as though realizing what Tim was planning, began sliding backwards, and using her elbows, lifted herself up slightly.

“W-wait, Tim, what, what are you going to do? Are you…you can’t be thinking of…,” Mrs. Berger suddenly blurted out, and began closing her legs.


“Like I said, we’ll be joining our chakras—don’t worry, Mrs. Berger, this is just yoga. Nothing to be concerned about. It’s a position called, uh, ‘the beast with two backs.’”

“But isn’t that…I mean, if you do that, it would be, wouldn’t that be like having se—“

“Not at all, Mrs. Berger. This is a well-known, very typical yoga position.”

“O-oh…I-I see,” she replied, though her voice still betrayed some doubt.

“I mean, Mrs. Berger, how long have we known each other? You trust me, right?” He said, his voice betraying slight disappointment.

“O-of course, Tim. I trust you. I was just…startled, that’s all. I guess I’m just…not very familiar with yoga,” she said, and relaxed her body, laying back down.

“Take a deep breath,” he instructed her. “And then let it all out…let your stress and your tension out along with it.”

Mrs. Berger took a long breath, and exhaled. As she did so, she moved her legs apart again. Tim shifted his body slightly, his cock now directly in front of her pussy.

“Now…this next part is called ‘insertion.’ Nothing to worry about…very normal…,” he whispered, as he used his fingers to gently spread her moist pussy lips.

Mrs. Berger took another breath, another exhalation.

“That’s good…just keep taking those deep breaths,” he said in a calming tone.

As he did so, he pushed the head of his cock past her outer lips.

“Just breathe…”

Then, he felt the delicious tightness of Mrs. Berger’s pussy as he slowly, inch by precious inch, worked his cock into her.

Her pussy gripped him like a vise. She was wet, but so amazingly tight.

Tim looked down, saw as his cock entered her, kept pushing, as he heard the labored sound of Mrs. Berger’s breathing.

Finally, his engorged member was inside her up to its base.

“Are you okay, Mrs. Berger?” he asked. He looked up at Mrs. Berger. Her face was red, her eyes were closed, and she was focused on her breathing exercises.

“Y-yes…it just…it just feels…”

“Remember what I said before…don’t think…feel…let your urges guide you. This is supposed to feel good…”

“…I-I understand, Tim…”

“Now, I’m going to start the actual routine. I’ll…I’ll move in and out…and you…just do what comes naturally…”

She hesitated for a second, then nodded.

Slowly, Tim began pumping in and out, feeling Mrs. Berger’s inner walls tightening around his cock, and looked down to see his slick cock disappear and reappear at each thrust.

I can’t believe it, he thought triumphantly. I’m actually…having sex with Mrs. Berger!

For the next few moments, his hips thrust in and out of her pussy in a pistoning motion while Mrs. Berger lay on the air bed, breathing heavily.

And then…

Mrs. Berger opened her eyes, and hesitantly began to move her hips as well, in conjunction with Tim’s.

“…Ungh…y-yes,” he grunted, “Don’t hold back.”

She moaned softly, and he could feel her flexing her pussy, using her hips to squeeze his cock. Tim moved down, gripped Mrs. Berger’s shoulders, sank on top of her and felt her generous bust press against his chest. As he did so, Mrs. Berger folded her legs on top of Tim’s hips, drawing his cock in even further.

This was a dream come true. He was having sex with Mrs. Berger…and she was definitely getting into it. Of course, from her perspective, they were just ‘doing yoga,’ but instinctively, she was moving her body in just the right ways.

“Oh God…,” she mumbled, “I never knew…I never knew…mmmm…yoga could feel so good…”

Tim pumped in and out of her faster and faster, and Mrs. Berger reciprocated by speeding up the movement of her own hips.

Her eyes, previously closed in embarrassment, were now open, looking at him. As he stared at her beautiful green eyes, looked at her lovely face, Tim couldn’t help himself.

“Mrs. Berger…this is…ahh…another part of the routine,” he said. “We’ll join our mouths together and share our chakras that way.”

He turned his head slightly and kissed Mrs. Berger, on the lips.

“Mmm!” Mrs. Berger was momentarily startled, pursed her lips, but after a few seconds, opened her mouth, let Tim’s tongue enter it.

Their tongues intertwined, danced with each other, as Tim kept thrusting into Mrs. Berger, who lifted up her hips to meet each of his thrusts.

And now Tim lifted his head and grunted and moaned too, as he felt Mrs. Berger use her pelvic muscles to tighten herself around his penis.

“S-so good! It feels…uhhhh…so gooood, Mrs. Berger!”

“Me too, Tim…Oh God, yoga is…amazing…wonderful…I love this…,” she whispered into his ear.

The two continued, their bodies in rhythmic motion, the sloppy sounds of their copulation and their moaning reaching the second floor. Tim was sure that Mom and Heather could hear absolutely everything that was going on.

“Please…Tim…move faster…I’m about to…unnngh…”

About to…?

Tim realized Mrs. Berger was on the brink of orgasm, and wondered if it would be possible for the two of them to cum at the same time. His pistoning hips increased their speed, and Mrs. Berger moved one hand down towards her crotch, teasing her clit.

And then, Tim felt it. It was as though Mrs. Berger’s entire body was shivering, and as she arched her back, she began screaming in pleasure.

“Ahhh! I’m…Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness!”

The expression of orgasmic bliss on Mrs. Berger’s face was too much for Tim. He could no longer contain himself. His cock exploded, and what felt like gallons of his seed pumped into Mrs. Berger’s hot pussy.

Tim collapsed on top of Mrs. Berger, embracing her tightly. This had been a dream come true…no, more than that…a fantasy made flesh.

As the two panted, their sweaty bodies still connected by Tim’s slowly softening cock, Mrs. Berger gently patted Tim’s back.

“That was very good…you know, Tim…you’re a very good…yoga teacher,” she mumbled happily.

Tim took a deep breath, and raised himself off the top of Mrs. Berger, lying down next to her. As he’d pulled his cock out from her slick pussy, he noticed, a trickle of semen had begun to leak out of her overheated love hole.

“W-wow…,” Tim said, looking up at the ceiling. “You were…you were great, Mrs. Berger.”

For a while, the two just lay on the air bed. Then, Mrs. Berger turned on her side, looking at Tim. As she did so, she used the tips of her fingers to gently rub his slick chest.

“So, Tim…that was the ‘beast with two backs,’ right?”

“Huh? Oh…oh, yeah,” he said, absentmindedly. He’d almost forgotten the stupid name he’d given it.

Mrs. Berger’s left hand moved downwards, past his chest, his stomach, until it gently gripped his cock.

“I may not know much, but I know yoga routines go through a lot of different movements. So…what yoga position will you teach me next?”

Tim turned to stare at her in slight disbelief.

His cock, being gripped by Mrs. Berger’s hands, began to stiffen once again.