The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Unknown Object

Chapter VI

Tim woke as the sun hit his face. He blinked, bleary-eyed and looked up at the ceiling of his bedroom. Everything seemed normal, the same as usual.

Had it all been a dream?

He closed his eyes and thought back.

His first kiss.

His first fuck.

Taking his mother in every position he could think of.

Fondling every inch of her body.

He looked under his bedsheet and saw an ever-familiar tent rising in his boxers.

It had all been real.

And it didn’t need to end yesterday. As long as he had the mind control gun, it could go on as long as he wanted.

All the chains of morality and ethics that he’d once felt bound to seemed to have been broken, shattered.

His mind raced with possibilities of the things he could do to his mother. He could buy some dildos and other sex toys. He could try doing like in that one video he saw, putting whipped cream and ice cream and strawberries all over her body and eating it off her bare skin, the ultimate dessert. Get her some sexy lingerie and have her model it for him.

He stood up, stretched, and then headed downstairs. He could smell fresh coffee and toast. His mom was at the stove, dressed in a bathrobe, wearing a t-shirt and a pair of sweatpants. A far cry from the chemise and lace panties she’d worn for him.

I should make her dress like that for me all the time when it’s just the two of us at home, Tim thought.

“Good morning, sweetie,” Mom said. “Did you sleep well? I’m making scrambled eggs. Do you want some?”

“’Morning, Mom. Sure, scrambled eggs sounds good,” Tim’s stomach rumbled. He’d worked up an appetite yesterday. “Maybe some coffee, too?”

“Of course.”

Tim watched his mother prepare breakfast, and imagined her in the nude, wearing just an apron, like in those Japanese hentai videos he’d seen. He gulped, his face reddening.

“Here you go,” Mom said as she brought over his plate.

“Thanks, Mom.” Tim grabbed a fork and started eating.

Then he thought of something.

“By the way, Mom, what time do you have to go pick up Heather today?”

“Heather? Oh, she sent me a message this morning—let me check,” Mom said, grabbing her phone from the kitchen table. “Hmm, she wants me to pick her up a little after twelve.”

Tim looked at the clock on the kitchen wall. It was already almost nine in the morning. He only had three hours left, at max.

“Why do you ask?” Mom said curiously, as she bit into a piece of toast. “Did you want me to take you to the mall today?”

“No, no, nothing like that,” Tim smiled. “But I did want to ask you a favor. Have you showered yet?”

Mom looked at him, cocking her head in curiosity.

* * *

As soon as they got into the bathroom, Tim practically ripped the bathrobe, shirt, and sweatpants off his mother’s body. His boxers came off a few short moments later.

“You have…ahhh…so much energy,” Mom marveled. “I certainly…mmm…hadn’t planned on spending my weekend like this…”

“I’m sorry, Mom,” Tim feverishly said. “You’ve got…such an incredible body…I can’t…I can’t keep my hands off it…you’re…so sexy….” He kissed her cheek, her neck.

His hands wandered from Mom’s waist to her ass, and he began to fondle it. It was soft, yet muscular.

“Are we going to just stand here…or are we going into the shower?” his mother panted.

Tim stepped into the shower and turned it on. As his mother walked in, he grabbed the liquid soap which hung next to the shower head.

“Let’s get you nice and squeaky clean, Mom,” Tim said.

“Oh, so that’s why you wanted to get me into the shower, was it? To give me a bath and wash me? You’re being so kind to your mother today,” Mom said with a raised eyebrow, before breaking into a smile.

* * *

Sex in bed had been hot. Sex in the shower was just as hot. First, he’d lathered Mom up, giving him an excuse to caress every single part of her body. He took his time squeezing and kneading her ass, inserting his thumb into her asshole (to make sure it was clean, he assured her), rubbing her taut stomach, her bellybutton, caressing her legs. Then, she did the same for him, paying especially close attention to his cock. He played with her pussy, gently spraying her clitoris with the shower head (which he’d seen on PornHub a few times), and once she was ready, he had her steady herself by putting her palms onto the bathroom tile while he thrust into her from behind.

He slipped into her easily—she was very wet, in more ways than one. He felt her pussy squeeze his cock, and he quickly got into a comfortable rhythm…she moaned softly as he pounded into her.

They probably wasted more water than they would have in about a week’s worth of showers, but Tim thought it was definitely worth it.

“Hahhh…hahhhh…your body…your body is so amazing, Mom…” he said, as he looked down at his cock as it rammed in and out of her, her firm buttocks giving a slight shake whenever they slapped against his stomach.

Mom just moaned and gasped in return.

As he was about to cum, Tim pulled out, spraying his mother’s back with his seed, which was quickly washed away by the droplets of water falling from overhead.

“That was really good…Tim…,” his mother gasped as she steadied herself. “Very…very good…”

She stood back up, embraced him, and kissed him on the cheek, like a proud mother whose little boy had just brought back an A+ on a particularly difficult math test.

“Now, let’s clean up and dry ourselves off,” Mom said. “I have to go pick up your sister, and I think I’m already running late.”

As she toweled herself dry and turned on the hair dryer, she turned to Tim, who had already put on a pair of clean boxer shorts.

“By the way, Tim, could you be a dear and take the bedsheets down to the washing machine?” Mom asked. “I have to put on some fresh linen on the bed before your father gets home.”

It was as though Tim had just been hit with an electric shock.

Of course. His father would be home tonight. And with both his father and his sister around, he might not have a chance to use the mind control gun on Mom again.

Tim got a hold of himself, nodded, and then went to Mom’s bedroom to clean up the evidence of their weekend of lovemaking.

* * *

Later that afternoon, Mom returned with an excited Heather, who kept talking non-stop about the track and field results. Apparently, they had not just qualified for the regionals, but had received medals. Heather had beaten her personal best in one the dashes—five-hundred-meter dash, maybe? Tim wasn’t really paying attention.

Heather was usually hooked onto her phone, texting her friends, but today she wanted to show off her victory to one and all—including, it seemed, Tim.

“Check this out,” she said proudly, holding up a medal. “First place! And look at this,” she said, taking out her phone, “I got a photo of me biting on the medal like they do in the Olympics.”

She started going through the photos, showing Mom and Tim photos of the races. Tim perked up slightly at that—the uniforms the girls wore for track and field were extremely form-fitting, and he got a really nice look at Heather’s friends. Heather herself was too distracted explaining what the events were to notice Tim leering at some of the selfies of the girls in which a lot of cleavage was clearly visible.

Heather and her friends had taken a bunch of pictures, and as Heather swiped through them, she swiped too far back, to a shocking result.

It was a selfie of Heather that she’d taken in front of a full body mirror. One arm was pointing the camera towards the mirror, the other was covering her cleavage. The only thing Heather was wearing was a pair of blue panties.

For a quarter of a second, Heather just sat there, her eyes widening. Then, she let out a strangled yelp and shut her phone off.

“Neither of you saw that! You saw nothing! Nothing!” she said, her face reddening. She pointed at Tim. “Especially you! Perv!”

She stood up and ran towards her room and slammed the door shut. Mom ran after her.

Curious, Tim creeped up the stairs. He saw Mom was talking to Heather through the door.

“Heather, sweetie…won’t you open up?”

“No…don’t wanna…,” Tim heard the muffled reply through the door.

“Sweetie…I understand your embarrassment, but…can we just talk? You don’t have anything to be ashamed of.”

After a few seconds, he heard the door unlatch, and Mom walked into the room, closing it behind her.

Tim was curious now. What were they talking about? He moved slowly until he was in front of the door, and then put his ear to it. He could pick up bits and pieces of conversation.

“…besides…not that different from wearing a swimsuit…you were covering yourself…didn’t see anything…”

“…Tim saw me…so grossed out…die of shame…looked…perv-o…”

“…not like that…you’re his sister…doesn’t see you that way…family…”

Tim’s face reddened with guilt at this last part.

“…guess so…still…photo…deleting…”

“did…take photo…to show boy? …careful…images leaking…cloud…”

Whoa, was his sister interested in someone? Did she take the photo to send to a guy?

“…know…careful…this one boy…”

Tim strained to hear, but couldn’t make out whether Heather said the boy’s name.

It was then, however, that the conversation took a dangerous turn.

“…learning about sex…important…you need…to learn…?”

“…what do…mean……?”

Tim’s heart leapt to his throat. He thought back to the suggestions he had given his mother, the changes in common sense.

Had he said mother and son?

Or had he said parent and child?

Because if it was the latter…and her mother thought Heather was becoming interested in sex and might need lessons…who knows what she might suggest, in that situation?

Tim had to put a stop to this, right away.

He knocked on the door.

“Yeah?” he heard Heather’s voice, sounding a little annoyed, but not horrified. He’d stopped the conversation in its tracks, just in time, apparently.

“Uhm…Heather…I, uh, just wanted to see if you were okay,” Tim replied limply. “I’m, uh…sorry?...” He wasn’t quite sure he should be sorry about, though.

He heard a loud sigh of annoyance coming from the other side of the door.

“It’s okay,” Heather said. “Just, like, forget you ever saw that. I’m talking with Mom right now. Hint, hint.”

“Cool, cool,” Tim stated. “But actually, Mom, I need your help with something, like, right away, in my room. It has to do with the, uh, air conditioner…?”

“Oh no, don’t tell me that repairman screwed things up. Wait here, Heather, I’ll be right back, I just need to take a look at this,” Mom said and opened up the door. “Let’s see what the problem is.”

Tim gave an apologetic shrug to Heather, who was sitting cross-legged on her bed. She ignored him, her face still a bit red.

As he went into his own bedroom, he saw his mother looking at the AC. She’d turned it on and was feeling the air flow with her hand. While she was distracted, he rummaged in his closet until he found it, turned the dial to the appropriate setting, ‘CONTROL.’

“Tim, what’s the problem? It seems to be working just fine…”

As his mother turned around, Tim pointed the ray gun at her, and fired.