The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


by Pan

Chapter 4:

Session 42:

In the last session, I’d asked Lucy some more questions, fucked her mouth, and then woken her up. She didn’t even question the fact that she woke up with my cum in my mouth any more.

I think it excited her.

Since then, I’d been reflecting on her reaction to believing that I was responsible for Marcie.

I mean, she wasn’t wrong to be scared. What I’d done was monstrous. I’d destroyed someone - and not just anyone, but Lucy’s best friend. I’d slowly stripped away her humanity, used her for pleasure, broken her.

And then…abandoned her.

Over the next few days, I thought long and hard about it, and I decided I was going to help Marcie. I didn’t know how, but I was going to do what I could to make things better.

The trouble was, there was only one way to do that.

I needed Lucy’s help.

I needed Lucy’s help to see her, and I’d probably need Lucy’s help to do whatever I could do to fix her.

But if Lucy knew that I’d destroyed Marcie, she’d be scared. Her innocent brother would suddenly be a monster. Her innocent brother would be someone she should be scared of.


“How do you feel about me being your master?”

“I love it.”


“It turns me on.”


“Because…it’s so wrong.”

“How do you feel about Mom being attracted to me?”

“I love it.”


“It makes me feel less alone.”

“What else?”

“It turns me on.”


My sister’s blank eyes stared at me as she thought.

“Because it’s fucked up.”

“Anything else?”

“Because…it means that…it means that there’s something about you. Something…sexy. Irresistible.

“Something powerful.”

I smiled at that. I’d hoped that was the direction she’d go.

As I spoke, I moved one hand between my sister’s legs. She obediently parted her legs, and a soft moan escaped her lips as I began to stroke her wet pussy-lips.

The more turned on someone is, the easier it is to influence them. And with what I was about to suggest to my sister, I needed her to be as turned on as possible.

“How do you feel about hypnosis?”

“It turns me on.”


I slipped one finger between her slick folds.

“I love the idea of giving up control, giving up power.”

“When I hypnotize you, who do you give up power to?”


I slipped another finger into my sister’s sopping wet pussy.

“When I hypnotize you, it makes me more powerful, doesn’t it?”


Even while deep in trance, even while speaking in monotone, my fingers distracted Lucy enough that she got caught on the ’s’.

“Power is sexy, isn’t it?”


“You find power sexy, don’t you?”


“The more power I have, the more sexy I am, right?”

I slipped a third finger inside Lucy’s wetness, causing her answer to come out as a slight yelp.


“Stroke my cock.”

My sister obeyed immediately.

“When you learned that Mom was attracted to me, that made me more sexy, didn’t it?”


“Because it made me more powerful.”


“You know I’ve been hypnotizing Mom, don’t you?”


“You know I’ve been hypnotizing Mom, don’t you?”


“Did you know I was hypnotizing Marcie?”


“Would you believe me if I told you that I had been?”


“Would you think it was true?”

She paused. Maybe she was distracted, maybe she needed time to think.

My thumb found her clit, and was making soft circular motions that I knew she loved.

“Would you think that it was true, that I’d been hypnotizing Marcie?”


“You know that Marcie and I were sleeping together, don’t you?”


I knew that my sister had known that it was “good”, but I wasn’t sure what she knew beyond that. I didn’t want to say anything that wouldn’t match my sister’s image of me, but I needed to know how much she knew.

As my three fingers slowly pumped in and out of her, as my thumb brushed over her clit again and again, I stared at her blank face.

She was trying to sit still, but every now and again her entire body would twitch, and I knew that she wanted nothing more than to writhe around in pleasure, to throw her body back on the bed and ride the waves of orgasm.

“Don’t cum until I tell you to,” I said casually, and she nodded, her face desperately trying to stay neutral.

There was, I realized, one way of learning exactly what Marcie had told my sister.

“What did Marcie tell you about our sex life?”

“She said - oh!”

There was a pause, as Lucy’s neutral face squinted slightly. I’d seen this before - she was fighting an orgasm. My sister cums easily, and it takes her serious effort not to orgasm until commanded.

Effort that she was valiantly putting in, at my command.

“She said that it was…goooooood.”

“What did she say specifically?”

“She said that you were…oh, god!”

I waited for Lucy to fight off the orgasm and continue, but she didn’t finish her thought.

“What did she say specifically?”

“She said that you were a god.”

“A god?”


“What does that mean?”

“She said that you were a goddddd…a god of sex.”

“Did she say anything else?”

“Said that…worshipped…you…”

I smiled.

After that conversation between my sister and her best friend, everything had changed. Lucy had suddenly become reluctant to do anything sexual with me.

I had assumed that it was because she’d learned I was sexually active, and that had changed how she looked at what we were doing. Teaching me to kiss, jerking off in front of me - if someone is totally new to sex, those things can be seen as a sort of innocent exploration.

If someone is sexually active, they suddenly have a whole different context.

But to learn that Marcie had told Lucy that she…worshipped me? That I was a sex god?

It hadn’t been more than a month after that conversation that Lucy had begun treating me the same way. I’d thought it was entirely due to my influence, that I’d steered her that way through hypnosis. I mean, I’m a guy - there’s something about being sexually worshipped by busty women that’s such a turn-on…

But maybe that conversation with Marcie had planted the seeds.

“Why do you think Marcie worshipped me?”


“But why do you think?”


I leaned in close, and in a soft whisper, began speaking directly into my sister’s ear.

“That’s not enough though, is it?”


“Do you think that I ever hypnotized Marcie?”

My sister’s hips began jerking and bucking, and I could feel her cunt clench around my fingers.

She’s normally so very obedient, but…well, I know that my sister cums really easily. I waited until her orgasm passed, and then asked the question again.

“Do you think that I ever hypnotized Marcie?”


The monotone was back, even as my sister huffed. My fingers were still inside her, and as I wriggled them slightly, her eyes widened.

“How do you feel about that?”

“I think…”

I began sliding my fingers in and out of my sister once more.

“I think it’s…hot.”

“Does it make me more powerful?”


“Would you believe me if I told you that I made Marcie worship me?”


“Would you think it was true?”

My thumb brushed over her clit again. It’s always ultra-sensitive straight after she cums, and so I waited until Lucy’s eyes returned from their brief journey to the back of her head before I asked again.

“Would you think it was true?”


“How does that make you feel?”

“Like you’re…like you’re powerful.”

“Do you think I did anything wrong?”



“Marcie always…liked you. You just made her…made her happy.”

I smiled.

“Would you like Mom to be happy?”


My fingers sped up slightly.

“Would you like Mom to be happy like you are?”


“Would you like Mom to be happy like Marcie was?”


“She won’t do it on her own, will she?”


“What should we do?”

“We should…”

There was a pause, and I reconsidered the question.

“What do you think I should do?”

“You should…you should hypnotize her.”

“And what?”

“You should hypnotize her and make her your slave.”

“Like you?”

“Like me.”

“That would make me more powerful, wouldn’t it?”


“That would make me even hotter, wouldn’t it?”


“Tell me what you think I should do.”

“You should…oh! You should hypnotize Mom. You should make her into your little slut. You should make her suck your cock and be your naked little sex slave.”

“What if I asked you to make out with her?”


“How would that make you feel?”

“Turned on. I want to make out with Mom while you watch.”

“How do you feel about me hypnotizing Marcie?”

“Turned on. You turned her into your sex slave. You made her worship you like a God.”

“How do you feel about me hypnotizing you?”

“It’s great. I love it.”

“What if I hypnotized you into committing incest?”

“That would be so hot. I want to be forced to fuck you. I want to be forced into riding your cock. I want to be forced to feel you cum inside me.”

“How do you feel about me hypnotizing Mom?”

“I think it’s so hot. I want you to turn her into your sex slave. I want you to fuck her face while she’s under. I want you to cum in her mouth, and for her to wake up with no idea why her mouth tastes so strange. The idea really turns me on. I can’t wait.”

“How do you feel about me hypnotizing Mom, making her want to fuck you?”

“Yes! I want you to make her want me. I want you to watch us make out. I want to suck on Mom’s boobs while you watch. I want you to cum over the two of us. I want you to fuck Mom while she goes down on me.”

“Wouldn’t that be incest?”

“Yes. It would be so hot.”

“Do you know what happened to Marcie?”

My sister’s already-blank face froze, and I swear I felt her cunt clench with nervousness.

“No,” she said in a monotone.

“Do you want to know?”


“I’m going to tell you.”

Nod. No resistance. Perfect.

“I’m going to tell you, and when I tell you, I want you to cum.”


I began slowly sliding my fingers in and out of my sister’s pussy again. Just a few months ago, I would have given everything to get to this point, to touch my sister in this way. Now, it was almost normal.

I leaned back in and whispered into my sister’s ear once more.

“Marcie disobeyed me.”

My sister squirmed.

“Marcie disobeyed me, and that’s what happens when you disobey me.”

She started vibrating with need.

“You’re never going to disobey me, are you?”

“No! No, never!”

“Marcie disobeyed me…and so I told her that I’d never fuck her again. That’s what destroyed her.

“That’s how powerful I am.”

Breaking through the blank haze of hypnosis, my sister’s face contorted in orgasm. Her pussy clenched around my fingers again and again, and when everything finally died down, she collapsed backwards onto the bed.

After a few seconds, I slowly withdrew my fingers; Lucy shuddered as I did.



Her face was still blank, and her voice was still a monotone.

“How do you feel about visiting Marcie?”

The corner of her lips twitched, as if a smile was threatening.

“Sounds hot.”

“Good girl.”

My sister shivered in pleasure at the compliment.

Session C15:

“I hand you the survey.”


“The third question is ‘when was the last time you masturbated?’. Do you answer?”


“What do you put?”

“Nine days ago.”

I smiled. Just as I’d hoped.