The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


by Pan

Chapter 9:

As soon as she got home each day, Mom would strip down to her panties.

That was just the beginning.

Lucy would often be waiting at the door for our mother. She’d throw her against the wall and passionately make out with her.

Mom would reciprocate, of course—if she didn’t, she’d risk talking about sex, and she could never do that. No, far better to make out with her teenage daughter than risk revealing what an absolute pervert she was.

I’d sometimes stand there and watch as my busty family members kissed, their hands roaming around each other’s bodies. Lucy would reach down to find Mom soaking wet; she’d push her panties to the side, and finger fuck her right there in the hallway.

There are few hotter sights than your mother’s knees buckling as she cums around your sister’s hand.

Dazed, Mom would often be dragged into the living-room. Lucy would push her down onto the couch, grab her long hair, and force her mouth to my cock. As my mother fellated me, that stunned look on her face, Lucy would spread Mom’s legs and go down on her.

I could see Mom’s eyes, silently pleading. Was she pleading for us to stop, or was she pleading for more?

I would never know, because she’d never talk about it.

Mom came almost as easily as Lucy—she’d get off several times by her own daughter’s tongue, and then again as I unloaded down her throat. It was so hot, knowing that these images, these sensations, these experiences would be running through Mom’s head on loop all night and all day…until the events of the next evening replaced them.

She was starting to become more lust than woman.

Sometimes Mom would sit back and watch as it was Lucy’s turn to get me off. Lucy would pinch her nipples and beg me to treat her like the filthy slut we both knew she was.

Mom would never play with herself, though I knew she wanted to. Her fingers would twitch, as though all she wanted was to reach down and stroke her clit, get herself off again.

If I wasn’t in the mood, Lucy would instead bring out some toys, and spend the evening using them on our mother. I lost track of the number of times I’d watched Lucy fuck Mom with a huge strap-on, or handcuff her to the furniture as she used nipple clamps and a particularly strong vibrator.

Mom would twitch in orgasm, cumming and cumming again, never able to articulate her desires. Lucy and I would use our mother as a pliable sex-toy until it was time for bed, when we’d finally give her a break, and let her go into her room to get herself off once or twice before bed.

On mornings when I woke up early enough, I’d make my way into Mom’s room and stick my erection into her sleeping mouth. She’d wake up, wide-eyed, and began fellating me.

Her morning blowjobs were always the most enthusiastic. I was never able to work out why.

Sometimes I’d come in to find my sister had beaten me to it—I’d stand in the doorway and watch as Mom grasped my sister’s perfect ass, her tongue deep inside Lucy’s wet cunt, the two of them writhing in pleasure, oblivious to my presence.

Mom was ours; a completely obedient, submissive toy, existing only for her children’s pleasure. Every moment she was at home, she was almost-naked, sweaty, and available for our use.

She was nothing more than a piece of property.

And since Lucy was mine as well, that meant they both were.

My life was insanely close to perfect…and I knew exactly how to get it the rest of the way.

Session C27:

“When did you last cum?”

“Seven weeks ago.”

I didn’t even have to lead into it with a hypothetical this time. Maybe Richard had inferred the survey, the lead-up questions…or maybe he was just so worked up, he wanted to share how long it had been.

Session 46:

“Have you enjoyed the last week?”


Even through my sister’s monotone, the strength of her response was obvious.

“What would make it even better?”

“If you fucked our mother.”

“What else?”

“If you fucked me.”

I smiled. Perfect.

“Aside from letting me fuck you, is there anything you would refuse me?”


“If I told you to do something, even if it was incredibly difficult, would you do it?”


“If you weren’t able to, would you lie to me?”

“No. I would never lie to you.”

“Good girl,” I said, and woke her up.

Session 47:

“Have you enjoyed the last week?”


“What would make it even better?”

“If I could cum.”

After waking my sister up, I’d given her some clear instructions. I’d told her that I was jealous that our mother got to fuck her, but I didn’t. I told her that I wanted nothing more than to cum inside her, but that I wasn’t going to order her to fuck me.

That would be wrong.

She looked devastated, but…well, after seeing our mother sobbingly think that the ‘burglar’ incident was her fault, this was nothing. I stayed strong, and after a few minutes, my sister just nodded.

And then I’d told her—until I fucked either her or our mother, I wasn’t going to cum.

She looked horrified.

That’s when I dropped the bombshell: until I came, she couldn’t either.

My sister, as I’ve mentioned, cums really easily. Like, it’s great. It’s truly delightful—you stick a cock anywhere near her, and she’s halfway there. You rub her clit (or, depending on how worked up she is, just her nipples) and she goes off like a firecracker.

She always was verging on ‘goddess of sex’; and this fun feature absolutely tipped her over the edge.

To her credit, she’d obeyed.

In the six and a half days since I’d ordered her not to cum, she—to the best of my knowledge—had abstained.

It’s not like we hadn’t been doing anything sexual, either. I’d spent half the week with my cock down her throat, or my fingers in her pussy, or lightly jacking off while watching her work out her frustration on Mom’s enormous tits. The three of us had been fooling around just as we had the week before, but with one key difference:

Lucy had neither cum nor made me cum.

The plan, of course, was to get her so worked up that she would beg me to fuck her, or to fuck Mom. I wanted her to be climbing the walls with frustration—I’d given her a taste of heaven, and then taken it away from her.

And again, to her credit…so far, she’d resisted.

Admiring someone’s moral strength might seem a little strange, considering it was the only thing standing between my cock and my sister’s wet pussy, but…well, it was hard not to be impressed.

I firmly believe that my sister was born to be a slut. Her body, her hair-trigger orgasm, her insatiable submission…it had been a lot of work (and I mean a lot of work) to get her here, but once she’d entered the realm of full-time sister-slut, she’d taken to it like a fish to water.

She’d never once complained of having a sore jaw, or needing a break, or ‘having a headache’. Once she’d started being my on-demand sexual toy, she’d been the best slut a brother could ask for.

Except, of course…that she wouldn’t let me fuck her.

“Hypothetical,” I said. “I ask you if you have any requests.”


“What do you ask for?”

“I ask if I can cum.”

“How do you ask?”

“Please,” my sister begged. “Please please please please please please please.”

“‘I tell you ‘no’. What do you say?”


“I say no, not until I do. What do you say?”

“Oh god, please. I’ll do anything!”

I smiled.

“Would you let me fuck you?”

There was a hopeful pause, followed by a confident “No.”

God damn it, Lucy.

I knew how hard it had been for her. She’d asked me to tie her to the bedpost as she slept, just so that she wouldn’t accidentally touch herself overnight and disobey me.

I’d obliged, of course. I’d do most anything for my sister.

That, and it made it far easier to sneak into my mother’s room and fuck her.

Session A183:

“You’re just a sex toy for your children.”


“Every day and every night, they use you however they please.”


“It’s the most erotic thing you’ve ever experienced.”


“You love your life.”


“You love being a full-time fucktoy.”


“You’d do anything your children wanted you to.”


“If your son wanted to fuck you, you’d let him.”


My mouth was open, ready for the next statement, but Mom’s response gave me pause.

Wait. Was…was it that easy?

“If your son wanted to spread your legs, right now, and slide his cock into you, you’d let him.”


“You’d enjoy the experience.”


“You’d get off as he did.”


“Hypothetical: your son comes into your room while you’re sleeping.”


“Instead of sticking his cock into your mouth, he sticks it into your pussy.”


“You love it.”


My mouth fell open and I sat back, my head spinning.


I’d grown so accustomed to my sister’s resistance, I hadn’t even considered where my mother was at.

As far as she was concerned, Lucy and I had fucked. She found it hot—the hottest thing she’d ever heard of.

We’d been using her for our pleasure for a little over a week now, and she hadn’t objected to anything—she had no limits.

No limits.

Unlike Lucy, she didn’t have this weird dichotomy of ‘incest’ vs ‘not incest’. As far as she was concerned, it was all incest…

And that was why she loved it.

For the first time since I’d started hypnotizing my family, my mother was actually giving me less resistance than my sister.

To be safe, I spent twenty minutes running through different scenarios. I checked that it wouldn’t cause her to freak out, or break like Marcie had, or feel the need to suddenly tell Lucy.

Nope. As far as my mother was concerned, fucking her was just a part of the fucked-up world she was already living in.

It took me about a minute to realize that I was still staring at my mother, instead of doing what I’d dreamed of doing for years.

“Spread your legs,” I breathlessly commanded.

She obeyed.

“Make sure you’re nice and wet for me,” I whispered.

She obeyed.


I swallowed. My throat was suddenly incredibly dry.

“Grab…grab my cock.”

My mother obeyed.

“Move it between your legs.”

She obeyed.

I leaned forward. My mouth was inches from my mother’s.

I kissed her.

She kissed me back.

“Move your panties aside,” I rasped.

She obeyed.


I stared into my mother’s blank eyes.

Was I really going to do this?

“Move me inside of you,” I ordered softly.

She obeyed.

Session 47:

It wasn’t easy, timing trysts with my mother to avoid getting caught. It got a whole lot easier when Lucy asked me to start tying her to the bed at night—suddenly, I had eight or more hours in which I could fuck my mother, as loudly and enthusiastically as I wanted.




I’d thought fucking Marcie was nice. Well, no, fucking Marcie was nice.

Fucking Mom?

Fucking Ma was heavenly.

No matter what Lucy and I had done to our mother, she’d remained mostly silent. When my cock was pounding in and out of her, it was a whole other world. The moans, pants, and sometimes squeaks that came out of my sexy mother…jesus helling fuck. The sounds alone would have been enough to get me off.

Combined with the warmth, the rhythmic tightening, the feeling of her dark thatch of hair…

I’d spent years jerking off to the idea of it, and it still managed to exceed my every expectation.

She seemed to cum with almost every thrust, and when I unloaded inside of her…

I had to forbid Lucy from going down on my Mom of a morning, to ensure she didn’t recognize the taste. After cumming inside my mother, I’d fall asleep on her ample bosom, and often wake up in the middle of the night to discover I was inside her again. Was it Mom, slipping me inside her as we slept, or was my subconscious aware of the golden opportunity in front of me, and ensuring that I took advantage?

Maybe Mom knew, but she certainly wasn’t going to talk about it.

Unloading into my mother several times a night made not cumming while Lucy expertly fellated me much, much easier. And so while Lucy was climbing the wall with frustration, I…

I can honestly say, I was the most sexually satisfied I’d ever been in my life.

Still, I had to admit, I’d missed the feeling of cumming down my sister’s throat.

“Blow me,” I ordered with a grin. My smile broadened at the speed with which my entranced sister dropped to her knees and got me off.

As I came inside her mouth, I could see her twitching, wanting nothing more than to reach her own orgasm.

“Sit up,” I ordered. She leaned in to kiss me (unusual, while she was tranced—I can only assume it was due to her extreme arousal) but I pushed her away.

Some guys think it’s hot, making out with a girl who’s just swallowed their cum, but I’m not really into it.

Maybe if she was sharing it with Marcie…or Mom. That was something I could get behind.

“Not now, Luce.” I said, running my hands down her naked body. “There’s something I want to ask you.”

She just moaned in response as I slipped two fingers into her slick pussy. It was always wet, these days, and I was knuckle-deep almost instantly.

“Now,” I said, enjoying her short yelp as I spanked her. “You want this to continue, don’t you?”

Lucy nodded. Her whole body twitched slightly, and as I moved my fingers in and out, she shuddered with delight.

“You want me to fuck you, won’t you Lucy?”

She nodded, twitched, and shuddered.

“This can only continue if I fuck you, can’t it?”

She nodded. I could feel her sopping wet cunt spasming around my fingers.

“You’ll want me to fuck you, don’t you Lucy?”

Nod. Twitch. Shudder.

“You want to feel my cock inside you, don’t you?”

Nod. Twitch. Shudder.

“Do you play with yourself at night imagining me fucking you?”

Nod. Shudder.

“Are you looking forward to me cumming inside you?”

Nod. Twitch. Shudder.

“What would you say if I asked you to fuck me?”

Twitch. Twitch. Shudder.

No nod…but no resistance, either.

I pushed my luck, sliding my fingers in and out of my sister as I did.

“Lucy? What would you say if I asked you to fuck me?”

To my horror, a series of short pants and moans were the only response. My sister came, her tits bouncing and her cunt clenching repeatedly around my fingers.

God damn it, Lucy.

Session A184:

“You love fucking your son.”


“It’s the single most satisfying thing you’ve ever done.”


“It’s made you feel complete.”


“It’s made you feel more like a woman than you ever have before.”


“You love it.”


“You love it more than anything.”


“It’s the best thing you’ve ever done.”


I don’t know that Mom would normally have agreed to that, but with my cock pounding in and out of her, she was likely struggling to think of anything that topped the feeling.

“You feel complete.”


“Fucking your son completes you.”


“If fucking your son completes you, it must be why you exist.”

This one did give her slight pause, but as soon as I slowed down, she nodded.

Basic Pavlovian conditioning. Fuck her harder when she says something I like, slow down when she hesitates.

“You exist to fuck your son.”


“You exist for your son to fuck you.”


“Your purpose in life is to be fucked by your son.”


“Say it.”

To my surprise, my mother obeyed.


I groaned with pleasure.

I had achieved everything I wanted to with my mother. This? This was just for fun.

“You will always cum when your son does.”


My eyes rolled back in my head as I unloaded inside my mother. Nothing had ever felt this good.

I couldn’t wait to see how my sister compared.

Session 48:

“Have you enjoyed the last two weeks?”


This time, there was a slight hesitance to my sister’s voice.


“What would make it even better?”

“If I could cum.”

The attitude in my sister’s voice broke through the monotone. I hadn’t heard her this whiney since we were kids, and Mom had refused to buy her the Lego set she’d wanted.

“You want to cum?”

Yes. Please, yes.”

After our last session, I’d woken my sister up and hoped that she wouldn’t remember cumming.

Consciously, I don’t think she did, but…well, her entire vibe was completely different. Before I’d put her under, she’d been highly-strung. On edge.

After waking her up, she was much calmer, much more relaxed.

And so, with a sigh, I’d repeated the order—she couldn’t cum until I did—and emphasized that I was not to be disobeyed.

This time, I’d waited two weeks. After all, with my mother’s hungry pussy at my beck and call, I was in no rush.

By the end of the second week, my sister was worked up. She wanted to be submissive and obedient, I could tell…but instead, she was tense. Irate.


She wanted to cum. She wanted to cum more than anything…I hoped.

I’d feigned frustration, trying to ensure that it wasn’t too obvious what Mom and I were up to. My sister, as far as I could tell, had believed me.

Still, no harm in checking.

“Do you think I’ve cum in the last three weeks?”


“Why do you think I’m so much less worked up than you are?”

“Because you’re better than I am.”


My sister didn’t respond. Even in her relaxed trance state, I could still feel her frustration.

“How so?”

“You are more in control than I am.”

“What makes you say that?”


She hesitated. I sighed.

“Spit it out.”

“You’re a sexual god.”

Couldn’t help but smile at that one.

“What would you do in order to cum?”

Anything,” my sister said, emphasizing all three syllables.

“Will you obey my every command?”


It was time.

I had to be careful, but it was time.

“Hypothetical. I hypnotize you.”


“Neither of us have cum in three weeks.”


“You tell me you’ll do anything if I let you cum.”


“I tell you to let me fuck you.”



“I tell you to tell me to fuck Mom.”


“You know that I won’t let either of us cum until I fuck you or Mom.”


“You want me to fuck you or Mom.”




God fucking damn it, Lucy, WHY??

I took a deep breath. Now we were both frustrated.

“Why,” I said slowly, trying to remain calm, “won’t you tell me to fuck Mom.”

“Because it would be selfish.”

I took another deep breath.

“What does that mean?”

“If you fucked Mom, that would be incest. That would be wrong.”

“But you want me to.”


“So what’s stopping you?”

“I can’t make you and Mom do something wrong for my own benefit. That would be selfish.”


Yet another deep, calming breath.

“But you know I want to as well.”

“Yes. But I can’t make you do that.”

“Why not?”

“Because it would be wrong.”

I threw my hands up in the air. I was on the verge of waking Lucy up, telling her I was fucking Mom, and that she could either get onboard or she could fuck off.

Our mother was, after all, serving my every sexual need. Lucy, despite my best efforts, was not. What did I need her for? I had Mom. I could…

I shut my eyes and slowly counted to thirty. When I reopened them, I saw my sister—my sexy, hypnotized, naked, obedient, submissive sister sitting in front of me. Her blonde hair was down. It ran down her back—she’d positioned it that way so it wouldn’t block my view of her perfect tits.

She loved me. She would do anything for me.


For the fourth time that night, I took a long, deep breath.

She just wanted what was best for me. I couldn’t get mad at her for that.

It was the last limit. I’d been dancing around it for months. Months which felt like years.

If I could get through this limit, that was it. I’d have everything. Everything I’d ever, ever wanted.

I’d managed to move every other limit. It had taken time, effort, and—above all—patience, but they’d all been moved.

I could move this one as well. I knew it.

Session 43:

“What would really show you how powerful I am?”


There was a long pause, as Lucy mustered up the courage to answer.

“If you fucked me.”

Session B124:

“Marcie,” I said softly. “Marcie, can you hear me?”

No response.

“Marcie, next time we come into the room, I want you to take your top off.”

Marcie stood up, and began taking her top off. I rolled my eyes, and gestured for my sister to redress her friend.

Lucy hadn’t cum for nearly 17 days, and just the sight of Marcie’s perky tits coming into view was causing her to go glassy-eyed.

“Don’t cum,” I said softly, and Lucy nodded obediently.

To my surprise, Marcie’s selective hearing came into play once more, and the girl who had taken my virginity wailed in orgasm.

Fortunately, her father was deep in trance, repeating instructions in the next room.

Session 43:

“If I fucked Mom, would you fuck me?”



“Because you’d be so powerful.”


“So you’d be too powerful to resist.”

Session 48:

“Committing incest is wrong, isn’t it?”


“If I made Mom commit incest, that would show you exactly how powerful I was, wouldn’t it?”


“If I made you commit incest, that would show you exactly how powerful I was.”


“How could I make you commit incest?”

“You could hypnotize me into doing it.”

“How could I make Mom commit incest?”

“You could hypnotize her into doing it.”

“If I hypnotized you or Mom into committing incest, you’d believe I was all-powerful, wouldn’t you?”


I paused. Lucy’s breathing had gotten faster, just at the thought of my power. I didn’t want to do anything that would push her over the edge and risk making her cum.

After her breathing slowed, I continue.

“If I hypnotized someone into committing incest, would you be able to resist me?”


“You’d have to do whatever I said, wouldn’t you?”



“Because you would have complete control of me.”

“Do I have complete control of me now?”


“How could I get complete control of you?”

“By showing me how powerful you are.”

Lucy has had boyfriends before. No one particularly notable, but she’s dated in the past.

I wonder how much of this weird obsession with ‘power’ is something that I inadvertently implanted, and how much of it is just…her?

Did she have her boyfriends start fights, to show off for her? Did she have them dominate her?

If I’d asked her, she’d definitely tell me, but…

I don’t think I wanted to know.

“If you saw me make someone commit incest, you’d let me fuck you.”


“Hypothetical: I hypnotize you.”

Nod. We’d been down this road before, but there was no harm in checking.

“While you’re under, I make you fuck me.”


“New hypothetical: I hypnotize Mom.”


“While she’s under, I make her fuck me.”


“Why don’t you believe that would happen?”

I was asking more out of frustration than anything, but my sister still answered.

“Because it would be selfish.”

“You don’t believe I would do something selfish?”

“Not that.”

“Why not?”

“Because it would be wrong.”

My eyes widened, and I sat up straight.

I had an idea.

Session B125:

“Take your skirt off.”

Marcie obeyed. She stood in front of us, naked.

Her shirt was already off.

Hypnosis isn’t like it is in the movies. You can’t just give someone a command, and have them carry it out. ‘Cluck like a chicken when you hear the number five’—stuff like that, it doesn’t work.

You can learn more about someone, you can subtly shift their world-view, their morals, their limits. You can affect their dreams, and you can alter their memories.

But I couldn’t just say ‘Hey, Lucy, every time you hear a dog bark, you’re going to come into my room and suck me off.’

I mean…I probably could, but she wouldn’t obey because she was hypnotized. She’d obey because she’d take any excuse to come into my room and suck me off.

In Marcie’s new state, however…none of the rules applied.

Last time we’d visited, I’d told her to take off her top when we entered. Sure enough, as soon as Lucy and I had walked in, she’d stripped.

Thank god we’d entered the room alone.

Session 48:

“Hypnosis turns you on, doesn’t it?”



“Because when I’m hynotized, I give up control.”

“Why do you like giving up control?”

“Because it turns me on.”

“Why does it turn you on?”

Lucy reflected on that one for a while.

“I like being dominated. I like being under the thrall of someone more powerful than me. I like giving myself over to someone else.”

“Why do you like visiting Marcie?”

“I think it’s good for her.”

That was very sweet, but not the answer I was looking for.

“Does it turn you on?”



“It reminds me of how strong your will is. The fact that you broke her, it…”

Lucy’s monotone quivered slightly.

“It’s so hot.”

“What would you think if I broke Mom like that?”

“I’d be horrified.”

“Would you be turned on?”


I had no plans to break Mom. I had no plans to break anyone, ever again. It ate me up inside, seeing what I’d turned Marcie into.

She’d once told me she wanted to be a vet. She wanted to make the world a better place, help sick and wounded animals. Heal them. Make them better.

Now, she was going to spend the rest of her life…

I sighed.

I’d do anything to avoid that happening again.

And I was going to do what I could to help Marcie. To help my sister’s friend.

…to help my friend.

Session C28:

“What did you dream about last night?”


“What about Marcie?”

“I dreamt that she was back to normal.”

A hint of a smile broke through Richard’s blank stare. I sort of wanted to hug him.

Instead, I pressed on.

“Did anything else happen in the dream?”


“Will you tell me what?”


“Why not?”

“Because of her,” Richard said, gesturing to my sister.