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Unorthodox Research Chapter 11

Once the police contingent had gone, Jeffery said, “That was a lovely meal and I think the Police went away happy.” Nancy replied, “Those two younger Police persons could not take their eye off each other throughout the meal, they must really be in love.” Isabella replied, “Yes they were like that at lunch time as well.” Jeffery said, “I’ll clear the table you two start stacking the dish washer.”

As Jeffery entered the dining room Helen said, “He has made me as randy as anything and now he has gone, can you help me, please.” Jeffery opened the drawer and pulled out the pony mask and handing it to Helen, said, “Put this back on like a good pony and do you need the toilet?” Helen said, “Just a pee at the moment,” as she pulled the mask over her head and zipped it up feeding the skirt of the mask under the collar of the mackintosh. When it was on and the zip firmly closed, Helen attempted to plead with Jeffery but all she did was neigh. Jeffery leaned down and opened her crutch zip and said, “You can pee in your paddock” and walked her out of the front door the flood lights were on in the courtyard but as they walked around the house in the direction of the gate it became very dark, the field was only illuminated by the moon and stars. At the gate he slipped off her mackintosh and as she cantered into the field, he folded it over the closed gate and walked back to the house. Helen squatted and relieved her bladder and then tried to relieve her arousal with her fingers. This time it did not work and it only made it worse. Standing in the middle of the field she looked around and started to cry.

Jeffery went back to the dining room and collected all the glasses and unused cutlery and took it all to the kitchen. Nancy said, “Where will Helen sleep tonight, you are not thinking of leaving her in the field are you.” Jeffery said, “I had thought of putting her in your vacuum bed.” Nancy became anxious and asked, “Where will I sleep?” Jeffery continued, “You might like to share our bed as you are now part of the family.” Nancy threw her arms around Jeffery and kissed him as Isabella walked into the room and said, “Put him down he is taken.” After Nancy broke the kiss she replied, “I was just thanking him for my promotion”.

When the dishwasher was on and everything that wouldn’t fit in it, was washed and put away, they retired to the sitting room and watched the TV up until ten o’clock.” As the News started Jeffery said, “I will go and get our pony and put her to bed.” He walked to the field and at first couldn’t see Helen, her coat was still where he put it but there was no sign of his pony girl. He leaned on the gate and shouted and a very subdued figure appeared out of a darkened corner of the field. There was no spring in her step and she walked slowly to where Jeffery was standing. He opened the gate and then held open her mackintosh and she slowly and lifelessly pushed her arms into the sleeves. Jeffery turned her around and started fastening the front of the mackintosh and noticed her darkened eyes. Jeffery said, “I see that you have realized your mistake, it is a pity, you could have been much happier if you had not abused Nancy. Come on and I will put you to bed.” They walked slowly to the house and as they got into the light Jeffery could see the tears. He led her down the steps into the basement and without removing the mackintosh eased her into the vacuum bag attached to the bed. As she lay on her back with her head on a pillow, Jeffery closed the bag, there had been no fight in Helen and Jeffery said, “I am sure you will like this but as you lay here, reflect on what you did and how you could have done it better.” He then turned on the vacuum pump and the air slowly left the bag sealing Helen in an unmoving cocoon. When all that was left was Helens entrapped body he said, “Sleep tight and if you are good I will see you at breakfast. Helen’s body was locked in an extremely aroused state and trapped in a vacuum bed, making it impossible for her to achieve any stimulation.

Jeffery exited the basement turning off the light. Helen did as Jeffery had instructed and thought of how she had treated Nancy. In all her days as a Dominatrix, she had never considered the plight of her submissive victims and at first; she did not think she had done wrong. But as time passed she realized that Jeffery was a different kind of Master and she replayed Jeffery’s instructions and recognized that she had failed to follow them as Jeffery would have expected. She was still thinking about Jeffery as a Master when she eventually went to sleep.

While Helen’s recriminations were rattling around in her mind, Jeffery was making love to his two submissive girls and after they all had been, well and truly satisfied, they all went to sleep in each other’s arms.

Saturday morning saw Isabella up first and she disturbed Nancy getting up. Nancy joined Isabella in the shower and caressed her lovingly and they gave each other an orgasm before Jeffery awoke. Nancy said, “I have wanted you since the day I first met you and Jeffery has enabled me to share you, I am the happiest women in the world,” as Jeffery was standing in the doorway to the en-suite and he replied, “Think nothing of it, I have both of you, and that makes me the happiest man in the world. Nancy you told me that you loved being submissive to Isabella, so from now on when you are in her company, you can make no decisions and you must confer to her all your decisions from, what to wear, to, what to do.” Jeffery turned and left the girls to incorporate their new reality.

Isabella said, “I hope the Sealwear shop is open this morning, we are going shopping again right after breakfast.” Isabella dried herself and the passed a towel to Nancy saying, “Dry yourself off, while I find you something nice to wear.” While Nancy was drying herself off, she dreaded the gleam in Isabella’s eyes, before she went looking for clothes.

Jeffery had his shower in the main bathroom and walked back into the bedroom while Isabella was looking into her wardrobe. Jeffery asked, “Are you looking for something specific?” Isabella replied, “Nancy bought the pony outfit for a little play but Helen has taken that so we are going shopping, if they are open, and I was looking for a short mackintosh like the one Andria wore”. Jeffery said, “Why don’t you both wear a mackintosh until you choose something to buy. I’ll phone them up and see if they are open for business.” Jeffery picked up the phone on the bedside cabinet and dialed the Sealwear shop. When Regina answered, he told her who he was and asked if they were open for business and at what times. Regina replied in her German accent that the showroom would be open from 10:00 to 12:30. Jeffery said, “Thank you, we will be there at 10:00.”

Isabella said, “I would prefer it, if it was just Nancy and me, you need to deal with Helen.” Jeffery replied as he pulled up his latex jeans, “You are right, I had momentarily forgotten about our pony. Talking of pony’s could you get another pony outfit for Nancy and perhaps one for yourself.” Jeffery had left the room before Isabella had thought to object.

Jeffery moved all the way into the basement and as he spied his victim, he said, “How are you feeling this morning and have you ever slept in one of these before?” Jeffery released the valve on the bed and turned the pump to blow for sixty seconds. As the bag filled out Helen was able to move and Jeffery started to unzip the bag. Her muscles were very stiff as she tried to crawl out of the bag. Jeffery helped her out and eventually she was sitting on the edge of the bed. Jeffery asked. “Do you want to go straight out to your paddock so you can go to the toilet, or would you like to stay in and have breakfast?”

Helen pointed to her mouth so Jeffery said, “Go to the dining room, and while you are sitting at the table, you can take the mask off, but you must put in on again before you leave the table.” Jeffery retired to the kitchen and made breakfast for four, when he carried it into the dining room Isabelle and Nancy were sitting at the table with Helen and they were all in black latex mackintoshes. Jeffery placed a plate in front of each of them and said, “You all look lovely. While, you are at the shop this morning, I will clean and repair the stable.”

After breakfast, Helen refitted her mask and Jeffery escorted her to the paddock, taking her mackintosh off, as she reached the gate. As Helen scampered away, Jeffery walked to the stable. He had not been in the stable since, his parents and grandparents had died, and he was shocked at what he discovered. The nearest stable to the house had been rebuilt and was a very sound structure, when he opened the door there were four stalls and an open area. In the open area was a trap but the harness at the end of the shafts were not intended for a pony or horse they were intended for a person. He searched the stalls and found another latex pony suit with all associated bridles and bits for a woman. At the back of the stall, there was a shelf with an number of trophies on display. Jeffery walked over and took the first cup off the shelf to scrutinize it closely. He was more surprised to see his Mother’s name as the winner of a pony-girl race when he was thirteen. He looked at the remaining cups and calculated that his mother was winning from when he was thirteen at boarding school to when he was twenty-two at University.

He then realized that the rubberized mackintoshes that were stored in his bedroom as a child were placed their on purpose, with the intent on giving him a fetish. He remembered his Mother always in ankle length dresses and skirts with high neck blouses. “What if she was wearing latex under her normal clothing,” he thought. He had often fantasized about such an occurrence and was disappointed that his parents had not confided in him. He took a closer look at the latex pony-girl suit and found it much different to the one Helen was wearing. The arms were incarcerated in an arm binder and the built-in boots were more like hooves.

Jeffery stepped outside and called Helen. As she trotted over, Jeffery compared her size to his mother and thought, “She is about the right size, only mother had more powerful legs.”

When Helen reached him he said, “I found some equipment in the stables, I would like you to try but before we do I would like you to change your pony-girl suit. Come inside and we can see if it fits you.”

When Helen entered the stable and saw the trap, she neighed franticly. Jeffery said, “Calm down, now as I help you to undress you will remain as a pony-girl and not be able to talk.”

Jeffery removed the mask and then unzipped the suit, pulling it off Helen’s shoulders and then rolled it down her legs. As Helen pulled her feet out of the suit, she neighed again and Jeffery said, “Now now, there is no need to be frightened, I will not do anything to harm you. Here slip your leg in this. Jeffery assisted Helen to don the suit and as her feet slipped into the hoof boots, she squealed and as her arms were pushed into the binder she squealed again. Jeffery fastened the suit up and discovered that there was a small padlock to lock it on. Jeffery did not bother to find the key before closing the lock and then proceeded to fit the horses’ head piece, incorporating a mask and strange gag.

When the suit was on, Jeffery started to attach the trap and then the bit and rains. The gag was designed to make neighing sounds and air was driven through it in either direction.

When everything was fitted correctly, Jeffery led pony and trap, out into the paddock and mounted the trap. He cracked the whip and shouted, “Walk on.” Helen took the command and an instruction and started to walk around the field. After a hundred yards, Jeffery had her trot and she was trotting past the gate where Isabelle and Nancy stood holding a number of shopping bags were watching. Jeffery slowed Helen to a walk and said, “Take your shopping to the stable; we will be there in a minute.”

Jeffery walked Helen around the field and stopped her in front of the stable. Stepping down from the trap he said, “You stay here, while I see to Nancy and Isabella.” Jeffery entered the Stable and Isabella said, “We could only get one Pony-girl suit, for Nancy, they did not have one in my size.” Jeffery said, “Not to worry, you are about the same size as Helen. Nancy put your pony-girl suit on, Isabella you can put on Helen’s suit, it is in the first stall.” Isabella walked into the first stall and saw all the trophies. She looked at the first two and notices that the winner was one, Susan Highcliff. She knew Jeffery was an only child, so assumed it was his mother or grandmother. She shed her clothes and started putting Helen’s sticky suit on. The inside of the suit was still covered with Helen’s perspiration. It took a bit of effort but she did achieve it before Jeffery entered the stall. Isabella said, “This suit was very sticky with Helen’s sweat.” Jeffery replied, “It did not stop you from putting it on and in a minute it will be full of your sweat.” Isabella asked, “What do you want me to do?”

Jeffery replied, “I am going to get your three girls to race against the clock and the winner shares my bed and the looser spends the night here in the stables.”

Jeffery led the two ponies outside and said, “I will take Helen first and you can watch how she does it.” He mounted the trap and the said, “Helen when I say go, you are to circumvent the field as fast as you can. This is a race against the clock.” Jeffery got ready to set the stopwatch function on his wristwatch and shouted; “Go’” as he started it.

Helen took off at a run and covered the first side of the field in forty-one seconds. She continued around the outside of the field and covered the complete distance in four minutes twenty-two seconds. As she stopped, she almost fell down. Her lungs were screaming and her legs were like lead.

Jeffery made a note of the time and released Helen from the trap. He then attached the trap to Nancy and said, “You have nice powerful legs, I expect you to beat that time.” Nancy had not practiced in the hoof boots and did not know if she could run at all. After attaching the trap, Jeffery mounted it and then said, “The same rule applies, when I shout Go, you are to go as fast as you can.” Jeffery got ready to press the button and shouted, “GO”. Nancy set of in a sprint and covered the first side in under, thirty seconds, she continued and at the same speed around the next two sides, and slowed slightly back to the stable. Jeffery stopped the watch and recorded the time being three minutes fifty-two seconds.

He stepped down and then transferred the trap to Isabella and then whispered, you have three minutes fifty to beat but you are the only one in proper shoes so I am expecting you to win, don’t let me down. You will start when I shout GO.”” Jeffery held his finger over the stopwatch button and shouted GO, although he did not press it until Isabelle had covered the distance to the first corner. Isabella flew around the field and sis not slow until she was yards away from the stable. Jeffery stopped the clock and added twenty seconds for his delay. The time recorded was three minutes eleven seconds, so with the twenty seconds added, Isabella still won.

Jeffery detached the Trap and pushed it back into the stable. Isabelle asked, “Well, who won then?” Jeffery replied, “I’m afraid Helen lost. She will have to sleep out here in one of the stalls tonight. Let’s all go back to the house where you can wash and clean these suits.” They all walked towards the gate and as Helen reached her mackintosh, Jeffery put it over her shoulders and fastened the top two stud fastenings. They all walked back to the house, Helen tried to speak but the mask made it sound like a horse’s neigh, and she eventually gave up.

As they crossed the threshold, Jeffery instructed Helen to remain as a pony until he instructed her otherwise and asked Nancy to see to her cleansing. Nancy led Helen up to the bathroom and started to undress her. The suit was sticky and sweaty and took a lot of effort removing. After Nancy pushed Helen into the shower, she started to undo her own suit and peeled it off. She added a little water into the bath and threw both suits into the water. When Helen was washed, they changed places and Nancy instructed Helen to clean the suits. Jeffery had left Isabelle in the kitchen preparing a little lunch and he walked up stairs. He walked into the bathroom as Helen started cleaning her suit.

Jeffery said, “You will get every nook and cranny clean in your suit and the same in Nancy’s and while you are cleaning you will become more and more randy.” Jeffery turned as Helen neighed loudly.” By the time Nancy emerged from the shower, Helen was cleaning her suit with one hand while the other was in her pussy. Nancy said, “My suit needs two hands.” Nancy walked out of the bathroom and met Jeffery, he said, “Stay and help Helen with the suits and then dress as you both were, before. I have something for you, after we have had lunch.” Moments later Isabella entered the bathroom and removed her suit before jumping under the warm water. Helen pulled it into the bath and began washing it as Nancy started to dry Helen’s with a fluffy bath towel.

Jeffery walked down stairs and laid the table in the dining room. He carried Isabella’s prepared lunch through and placed the four plates on the table. He placed four wine glasses beside each place and added a bottle of white wine in the centre.

He was ready when Nancy and Helen arrived. Both were wearing their Pony costume complete with hood. Jeffery said, “Seeing as Helen is not wearing her mackintosh, she must remain a pony girl even when I remove your hoods. Helen while you are in the guise of a pony girl you can only make the sounds of a pony.”

Jeffery proceeded to undo Nancy’s hood and pulled it off, he then attempted to undo Helen’s put the lock on the zip was closed. Jeffery asked, Nancy, how she removed it to let Helen have her shower. Nancy replied, “The lock just came undone when I pulled it.” Jeffery said, “There must be a knack to it, let me try again.” Jeffery pulled on the hasp in every angle he could manage but the lack stayed closed. After tugging at the lock for two or three minutes, Jeffery said, “Well Helen, it looks as though you are stuck in the suit for the time being.” When Isabella came into the room, Jeffery was in the kitchen pouring the coffee into two mugs and Nancy said, “Jeffery cannot get the lock undone on Helen’s hood.” Isabella attempted to on fasten the lock and it came undone in her hands. She proceeded to pull of the hood and placed it on the chair beside Helen. Jeffery came in and said, “How did you do that?” Isabella was examining the lock and said, “This little leaver on the side changes from M to F. It was at F, what does that mean.” Jeffery said, “Pass it here.” He changed it from F to M locked it and then opened it. He then changed it back and pulled very gently and it opened again. Having worked out how it worked, pleased Jeffery, and he clipped it back on Helen’s hood.

They all had lunch and after all the plates were cleared, and as Jeffery fitted Helen’s hood back in place, he said, “From now on you are now a randy filly and you will get more randy as you walk around your field. Nancy, come with me.” Leaving Isabella to clean and wash up, Jeffery led Nancy to his bedroom. Opening a drawer, he pulled out a large double dildo. He fastened her horses hood back on and unzipped her crutch, As he stuffed on side of the dildo into her pussy, he said, “This afternoon you are going to be a randy stallion and your are going to chase Helen around the field.” He led Nancy back down stairs and then led both ponies out to the field. As he released them and then shut the gate, Nancy started towards Helen but Helen did not run she just allowed Nancy to impale her on her pole. Jeffery shut the gate and walked back to the house leaving the ponies to their sexual marathon.

As he entered the house, Isabella said, “I need you in the bedroom, what you have done to those two women has made me very randy.” Jeffery needed no more stimulation so they both retired into the bedroom. Jeffery mounted Isabella and they started a marathon session of their own. Forty-five minutes later Isabella was asleep and Jeffery eased himself off the bed. He crept out of the bedroom and down stairs. He intended to prepare one of the stalls for Helen to sleep in.”

He walked out to the stabled and checked each stall in turn, the last one was the most appropriate so he started to clean it and then when it was ready, he walked to his car and drove to the local furniture store and bought a single bed made of pine with a firm mattress. They agreed to deliver the bed that afternoon so he returned home. He met Isabella on the threshold and she asked, “What have you done to Nancy and Helen they are chasing each other around the field and fucking like there is no tomorrow.

Tomorrow being Sunday, they could continue if they want, but tonight Nancy will be on our bed and Helen will be in the stable.” Isabella replied, “What will she sleep on.” Jeffery replied, “I have just bought a single bed, which is being delivered this afternoon. Isabella replied, “So you have everything under control then.” Jeffery replied, “I will have when it comes, all I need to do is hook out some single bedding.”

Isabella said, “I will help you find it, where would you start looking.” Jeffry replied, “There is a box of bedding in the attic, we should start there.”

They walked up into the attic and Isabella said, “What a lot of rubbish you keep up here.” Jeffery replied, “Most of this belonged to my parents and Grandparents, I have not been keen to go through it all. Those three boxes over there are mine.” Isabella asked, “Which of these boxed do you think the bedding is in? Jeffery replied, “I have no idea, try those over there

Isabella walked over to the indicated boxes and opened the first one. There was female clothing on the top and as she delved deeper, she felt masses of latex. She removed the cotton clothing to reveal dresses and skirts, all in a variety of colored latex. She pulled each item out and laid it over the banister. Jeffery looked on in awe, and after a long pause said, “They must have belonged to Mother.”

When the first box was empty, Isabella moved to the second one and found a similar content although these clothes were for a male.” Jeffery moved over to scrutinize these as Isabella moved to the next box. Jeffery pulled out a number of male outfits before he noticed they were all bondage items.” Isabella saw him and said, “You should try one of those on, you know what bandage does to me.” Isabella opened the next box and found bedding. She looked through the bedding as Jeffery started to undress. When Isabella found some single bedding in Latex, she pulled it out and turning to Jeffery, said, “This will do nicely.” She gasped as she witnessed Jeffery change clothing. He picked up a pair of slacks with a strange flap in the front and a zip up the back. Isabella walked to help. She zipped up the back zip and locked it off at the top. She undid the flap and found a reinforced hole where his tackle should be. She pulled his cock and ball sack, through the hole, and then closed the flap. She then picked up a strait jacket and helped him to slide his arms into the sleeves. She pulled around her shoulder and fastened the straps locking his arms around him. When he was immobile, she rubbed his cock through the heavy rubber flap and it grew to maximum erection. Isabella said, “You obviously like this, Just a minute and I will get the camera.”

Isabella descended the stairs and went into the bedroom, taking the A4 binder and the remote out of Jeffery’s dresser drawer she tiptoed up the stairs and placed the binder on the top step. She then descended the stairs and walked down stairs to the sitting room. Turning the remote on, she talked into the mouthpiece and said, “Jeffery while you are in bondage you will never give anyone a command and always do as Isabella commands. Isabella is now your mistress and you will always do, as she wants. You will never consider that anyone has mind controlled you and you will always love Isabella. While you are wearing those clothes, your cock will remain hard and you will believe that, it is the clothes that are responsible.” She was about to turn off the remote but had another thought, so she continued, “You will not command Isabella or Nancy without Isabella’s permission and you will not ask to be released from those clothes.” As she turned off the remote and put it back from where she retrieved it, the front door bell sounded. She shouted to Jeffery, “I will get that and be with you in a minute.”

Isabella opened the front door, and was, greeted by the deliverymen, from the furniture shop.

The tall one asked, “Where would you like the bed madam.” Isabella replied, “Could you just leave it in the hall, my Partner will sort it out when he returns.” The men unloaded the parts of the bed and stacked them in the hall. Isabella signed the delivery note and watched them drive away. Returning to the attic, she retrieved the A4 binder and returned it to Jeffery’s dresser. She then walked up the attic stairs and into the attic. Jeffery was standing were she had left him and he looked spaced out. Isabella did not know about his earlier attempt to block all uses of the technology but the improved antenna had wiped that all away and left him in a deep trance. Isabella walked over to him and looked into the box. Reaching in, she pulled out a floor-length latex cape and pulled it over Jeffery’s head. She fastened the front fastenings and then said, “Jeffery, you will not notice the cape, you will wake up knowing that you love bondage as much as you love me and you will wake up when I kiss you.”

Isabella leaned in and kissed him. Jeffery awoke and returned the kiss. When they broke, Jeffery said, “I never knew bondage could be so stimulating. Isabella replied, “While I was down stairs the bed arrived, they left it in the hall.” Jeffery replied, “Good, but I was going to move it to the stable, like this I can’t.” Isabella said, “You move down to the bedroom, I will get Nancy to help me.” Isabella walked down the stairs carrying the latex bedding followed by a very slow and careful Jeffery.

Isabella walked out to the stable and deposited the bedding in the third stall. She then went out into the field and called Nancy. Nancy did not respond, she just kept running after Helen.

Isabella walked back to the house and up to Jeffery’s bedroom. As she entered the door, she said, “I cannot get Nancy away from Helen. Can I use your magic book and can you tell me how to use it.” Jeffery, explained about the A4 Binder, the remote and gave instructions how she should be far enough away from the binder to, avoid being affected by it. Isabella took the binder and remote out to the field and placed the binder near the two rutting ponies.

End of chapter 11