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Unorthodox Research chapter 12

She walked back towards the house and turned the remote on. Isabella then said, “Nancy, Helen stop rutting and listen.” She waited for them to stop and then continued, “Nancy, you love Jeffery and I more than anything else in the world and you love doing as you are told, you are now Isabella’s slave as well as Jeffery’s and will do whatever either of us tells you. If there is every any difference between what Jeffery says or Isabella says, Isabella’s words will always take precedence. You are no longer a randy stallion, come over to Isabella and she will release you. Helen you will remain a randy mare, when you are not wearing your mackintosh. To be a human being, you must have your mackintosh on and fully fastened. If one button is undone on your mackintosh, you must only make the sound of a pony. When a pony or a human, you will do as either, Jeffery, Isabella, or Nancy instructs you. Count down from fifty to one and wake up on one forgetting these instructions.” Isabella turned the remote off as Nancy joined her and Isabelle unfastened the hood. Isabella said, “You go back to the house while I get Jeffery’s book.”

Isabella ran back, picked up the A4 binder and brought it back to the house. Nancy was waiting in the hall and Isabella said, “I want you to help me with this bed, we need to move it to the stable and put it together. I will take this book back up to Jeffery and will be straight back.

Moments later Isabella returned to Nancy and they carried the parts of the bed over to the stable. The most difficult piece for the girls was the mattress but they managed it after several breaks.

When all the parts of the bed, were relocated to the stable, they started assembling the bed and very quickly had it all together. They made it with the latex bedding and then walked together back to the house.

On the way Nancy said, “I am ever so randy, all the time I was fucking Helen I never managed to orgasm.” Isabella replied, Jeffery is on his bed, he should be ready for some relief by now. Come with me.” They walked up the stairs and into the master bedroom. Jeffery was lying on his back and his body, was mostly hidden by, the long cape. Isabelle said, “Lift your bum off the bed so I can reposition your clothes.” Jeffry complied and Isabella pulled the skirt of the cape up above his waist, making the flap in his trousers visible. Isabelle unzipped the two zips and turned the lap down releasing Jeffery engorged cock. Nancy positioned herself so she could lower her pussy down to envelope Jeffery’s cock. Nancy rode his cock as she bounced up and down. Isabelle whispered to Jeffery, “Don’t cum until Nancy has had sex orgasms.”

Jeffery complied and came as soon as Nancy was orgasming for the sixth time. As Nancy extracted herself from Jeffery, she said to Isabella, “How did you do that, he was fantastic.” Isabella said, “I will tell you later. Let us go down stairs. Jeffery can join us in half an hour.”

In the sitting room, they sat together on the settee and Isabella told Nancy what she had done. Nancy questioned the mechanics and Isabella gave her the full account of how she had done it.” Jeffery joined them after thirty minutes still wearing his bondage clothes and the cape. His cock was, again engorged, under the flap and he was in need of more relief. Jeffery said, “These clothes are affecting me more than any other latex clothing I have ever worn, Isabella would you help me for a moment.” Isabella said, “Ok in a moment.” Nancy excused herself saying that she needed the toilet. She went upstairs and removed the remote from Jeffery’s dresser. After flushing the toilet, she returned down stairs and passed Jeffery and Isabella on their way up.

In the bedroom, Isabella removed the cape and unfastened the flap. Lying Jeffery down on the bed she took up the position last used by Nancy. As Isabella found her rhythm, Nancy turned on the remote. Sitting in the Kitchen she said, “Jeffery, Isabella, I love you dearly and you will both love me. You will both do as I command you. You will not attempt to instruct me to do anything. Jeffery loves his bondage and Isabella, will also like to try it soon. When she does, she will become as enamoured as Jeffery and like Jeffery will be unable to ask anyone for release.” Nancy turned off the remote and placed it in her coat pocket. She crept upstairs and into the bedroom. Isabelle had just come down from her third orgasm and Nancy said, “Have you had enough Issy. It is my turn.” Isabella jumped off Jeffery’s cock and Nancy said, “Have you tried the bed in the cellar yet.” Isabella said, “No I have not.” Nancy replied, “Well come with me, you should, I bet you will love it.”

Nancy led Isabella down the two flights of stairs and into the cellar. She then helped Isabelle into the vacuum bed and removed all the air. When Isabella was confined in the bed, Nancy tuned off the light and walked back to Jeffery. His cock was still standing up and Nancy climbed on top and slipped her pussy down onto it. She started to ride him and as she did, she whispered, “Jeffery I think you should marry me and not Isabella. You love me and I love you, so I am right for you.” Jeffery knew something was wrong and he suspected that Nancy had used his technology and he had previously protected his mind, however he still wanted to agree with Nancy. So he fought the command and said, “I would prefer to marry Isabella but you are a very attractive woman.” Not fully appreciating the technology, Nancy did not want to push it, so she said, “Just consider it then,”

Nancy and Jeffery fucked all afternoon and at Five o’clock Nancy removed Jeffery’s bondage so he could start making dinner. Jeffery had a shower and when he moved back to the bedroom, Nancy was not there. He opened his dresser and checked on the binder and remote. The binder was there and intact, but the remote was missing. Jeffery went in search of Nancy and found her in the sitting room. He moved close and hugged her giving her a big kiss. As their tongues wrestled, Jeffery felt her coat pockets and slipped the remote out without her knowledge. He slipped it in his own pocket and continued kissing. When the kiss was over Nancy said, “You should be doing dinner.” Jeffery knew something was wrong, he felt compelled to obey.

Jeffery knew that his bedroom was over the sitting room and the new antenna would reach where he was so he turned on the remote in his pocket and said, “I will go now, but before I do, Nancy you will forget all knowledge of my MC technology and what you used it for. You will never attempt to control Jeffery or Isabella and you will always obey any instruction from either of them.” He moved up to the bedroom and continued, “Jeffery you will remove all Nancy’s instructions from your subconscious and protect your mind from this technology from ever affecting your mind in the future. He then picked up the A4 binder, and took it down to the cellar. He placed in the room and then when up the stairs to the front door. Turning the remote back on he said, “Isabella, you will remove all programming and instructions made by Nancy and you will never again do as she instructs you. You are no longer required to stay in bondage but you will still love heavy bondage, if it ever happens again.”

Jeffery turned off the remote and returned to Nancy saying, “Could you please go down and release Isabella, I need her in the kitchen.” Nancy moved to obey without concern and Jeffery walked to the kitchen.

Jeffery started preparing vegetables and minutes later, Isabella joined him saying, “I have left Nancy down in the cellar, I did not like doing as she instructed, thank you. Here let me do those, you go and Check on Nancy and then go and lie down. You must be shattered after your earlier performance.” Jeffery did seem tired so, he agreed and left Isabella to prepare the meal. He walked down to where Nancy, was incarcerated and said, “Nancy are you comfortable.” Nancy screamed, “Get me out of here.” Jeffery said, “Just a minute I need to get something. He walked up to his bedroom and collected a gas mask with built in gag. He returned to Nancy and fitted the gag and mask over her head. When it was firmly in place he said, “There, you should be comfortable now. Dinner will be ready in an hour or so, if you would like to join us please indicate by saying yes.” Nancy screamed into the gag and then tried saying yes.” Jeffery said, “OK I think I understood that, I will be back for you when it is ready.” Leaving the cellar he re-joined Isabella in the kitchen and asked if he could help.” Isabelle replied, “Everything is under control, go and sit down in the sitting room and have a snooze.” Jeffery remembered his fatigue and was soon asleep in an armchair.

An hour later, Isabella woke him and said, “Could you go and get Helen, dinner will be on the table in five minutes. I will go and get Nancy.”

Jeffery stretched and stood before walking out towards the field, Helen was waiting near the gate and she came trotting over. Jeffery said, “Where is your mackintosh, I left here on the fence. Helen neighed loudly and followed him back to the house as she was still wearing the pony outfit complete with a horse’s head mask.

As they entered, the dining room Isabella was serving Dinner and Jeffery asked, “Where is Helen’s mackintosh it was on the fence by the gate.” Isabella replied, “Nancy was wearing it and probably still is, I haven’t been down for her yet.” Jeffery said, “Sit at the table, Helen and I will go and get Nancy.”

Jeffery descended the cellar staircase and turned off the vacuum pump on the bed and then opened the valve to allow air back in. He then unzipped the bag and allowed Nancy to stand. As Nancy stood, Jeffery said, “Go up to the dining room and swap clothes with Helen, there has been a change of plan.

After dinner, Jeffery took Nancy out to the stable and that night Helen slept with Isabella and Jeffery. Isabella awoke at five o’clock and woke Helen, she and Helen showered and then went out for Nancy. Time was a little tight so Isabella said, “You are both late so, Helen will drive you Nancy, can get changed at home.” Nancy neighed at Isabella as Helen pushed her into the passenger seat of her car. Isabella told Helen to take Nancy home and to make sure she changes before she goes to work. Helen agreed that she would and then started her journey back to oxford.

Isabella went back to Jeffery and found him still asleep. She crept in beside him and was soon, dreaming of Jeffery being bound in heavy bondage. Jeffery awoke at nine o’clock and seeing Isabella beside him started to panic. He jumped out of bed and almost fell over the bondage clothes he wore the day before. Seeing them on the floor, he thought about wearing them again and then remembered his dream. As he picked up the clothing and folded them, he felt waves of pleasure and almost forgot about Nancy. He straightened the bedroom and then went down to find Helen and Nancy and when he went outside, intending to go to the stable, he noticed Nancy’s car was missing.

As he turned to go back into the house, Isabella was walking down the stairs and he met her at the bottom. Jeffery asked, “What happened to Nancy and Isabella?” Isabella replied, “They should be in Oxford by now, what would you like to do today.” Jeffery replied, “I thought I would finish going through my father’s bondage clothing, after we have had breakfast.” Isabella replied, “Good idea, I will come and help you to decide what to try on next.” Jeffery loved the way Isabella was supporting his desire to try more bondage. He made the breakfast from them both and they sat down together. During the meal, Isabella told him how Nancy and Helen had been dispatched, and Jeffery asked her to check on Nancy to make sure she was all right. Isabella rang the number for Nancy’s secretary who answered almost immediately. Isabelle asked if she could speak to Nancy and the Secretary told her Nancy had called earlier and said she was going to be late, apparently she was going to a meeting at head office this morning.

Isabella replied, “Ok I will ring her there.” Isabella dialled Helen’s office number and when Helen answered, Isabelle asked where Nancy was.” Helen replied, “She is standing right next to me and is going back to Oxford in about ten minutes when she finishes her drink of coffee.” Isabella asked to speak to Nancy and after a slight delay, Nancy’s voice could be heard at the other end. Isabella handed the phone to Jeffery who asked, “Is everything OK Nancy and are you dressed for work.” Nancy replied, “Yes I am fine and I am wearing that nice latex coat dress, Issy and I, bought on Saturday.” Jeffery asked what Helen was wearing and Nancy told him that she had not attempted to change out of the black floor length mackintosh. Jeffery then said, “I plan to come up to London tomorrow and start preparing for the next board meeting. Are you free to have dinner with us tomorrow evening?” Nancy replied, “Yes I would love to join you.” Jeffery said, “Put me back to Helen then.”

Helen came on the phone and Jeffery asked her to book a table for four the following night at a good London restaurant.” Helen agreed and Jeffery terminated the call.

After breakfast was cleared away, they walked back up to the attic and Jeffery started pulling latex items out of the box they found the day before. At the bottom of the box, there was a very heavy weight cat suit. It was manufactured with waders at the bottom and a bodice with internal sleeves with a built-in gas mask. The heavy zip was a security closure and locked when fully closed. Jeffery held up the suit and Isabella asked, “Are you going to try it on?”

Jeffery removed his shirt and jeans and started to feed each foot into the waders. The lining was a very smooth latex and his cock responded. Isabella helped him on with the bodice encasing his arm and hands in the internal pockets. As Issy pulled up the zip she found that there were a number of attachments on the shoulders. He pulled the mask over Jeffery’s head and locked the zip. Isabella then looked at the other items Jeffery had discarded to see what the attachments, were intended for. After searching for several minutes, she found something that corresponded to the fixings across his shoulders. As she unfolded the latex, she discovered it was a pair of inflatable arms and hands attached to a bodice that attached to the suit.

Isabella fastened the bodice onto the suite and then told Jeffery to wait there. Isabella descended the attic stairs and went into Jeffery’s bedroom. She took a heavy weight latex mackintosh out of his wardrobe and walked back up the stairs. She pulled the un-inflated arms and hands into the sleeves of the coat and fastened it around him. After fastening the belt of the mackintosh she led Jeffery down stairs and out to the garage. Jeffery had a mobile compressor, he used for inflating his car tires and Isabella connected this to the nozzle attached to back of the bodice. When she turned on the compressor, the arms began to inflate and when both hands and arms were inflated, a valve opened and the excess air was allowed to escape.

Isabella turned off the compressor and was astonished to see the quality of the arms and hands. Knuckles were evident on each finger and the thumb looked natural. The visual appearance was of a man in latex gloves and a latex coat over wellington boots.

Jeffery said, “Are you able to relieve my arousal, sweetest. These bondage clothes do strange things to my cock and my love for you grows exponentially.” Isabella took hold of his false hand and shook it. She said, “The quality of this suit is amazing, you would hardly tell your hand was not really yours.” Keep hold of his hand, she led him out of the garage and towards the car, as the heavens opened. Isabella pulled up both hoods into the up position to keep their heads dry and said, “Let’s go for a ride, I’ll drive.”

Isabella sat Jeffery in the front passenger seat of his car and Isabelle jumped in behind the steering wheel. The rain was coming down in torrents and the driveway was becoming a small river. Isabella eased the car out onto the highway and turned in the direction of Bournemouth. Driving down the spur road towards Bournemouth, they maintained a slow speed in tandem with the other vehicles on the carriageway. With the windscreen wipers on full the visibility was being obscured by the rain. Isabella took the slip road towards the Castle Point shopping complex and parked on the upper level. There were not many cars as everyone else had parked in the underneath parking area in the dry.

Isabella said, “We will window shop at every store on this level and then if you want we can go home.” They walked to the southern end and started to slowly transverse the exposed level. There were a few shoppers about under large umbrellas. As the past the Marks and Spencer store two other people in rubberized rainwear walked towards them and as they got close Isabella could see that they were an older couple. As the space between the closed, the old woman said, “I recognize that suit young man, are you Jeffery Highcliff, Hank’s boy and who is, this lovely young woman?”

Jeffry replied, “Yes I am Dr Jeffery Highcliff and Hank was my Father, this young woman is my fiancé, and where have you seen this suit before.” The woman replied, “I think the explanation will take longer than we would like to stand in the rain. Come back to our place and have a coffee or something.” Isabella said, “We would love to, where, is your car.” The woman replied, “We came by public transport, you can take us home, in your car.” Isabella liked the woman’s attitude and replied, “We are parked over there.”

The four walked towards Jeffery’s car and the rain did not ease at all. As Isabella unlocked the car and opened the passenger door for Jeffery. The man and woman climbed into the back seat. Isabella was the last to enter and as she raise her arms to drop the hood, The man behind her reached over the back of her chair and took hold of her wrists, saying, “Leave it up you look very fetching like that.” Isabella decided to keep it up and reversed out of the parking slot. She headed for the main exit and asked, “Which lane should I use.” The Woman replied, “Just head back to Ferndown and we will direct you when needed. Jeffery was thinking, “Have I met these two before, and how did he recognize this suit under this long mackintosh.”

Isabella reversed the journey back to Ferndown and as she turned off the A338 onto the west bound A31, the woman said, “Take the third round-a-bout and turn left down Boundary Lane. As Isabella turned onto Boundary Lane, the woman told her to take a right down a dirt road. They followed this dirt road for three miles and then the woman directed Isabella towards a large imposing pair of high gates.

As the car approached the gates, the man operated a wireless remote and the gates swung open revealing a large old two-story house. Isabella stopped close to the front door. The rain was still heavy and Isabelle climbed out of the car and opened all the other doors then helping Jeffery out. The woman opened the front door of the house and stood to one side in order to let her husband and their guests in. The old man entered first and as Isabella and Jeffery entered, he said, “Stay here and I will bring a towel. Jeffery and Isabella remained in the porch dripping rain water all over the stone floor. The Woman removed her mackintosh and stepped into the house. The man also removed his coat and hung it on a coat stand before following his wife. When Jeffery and Isabella were alone, Jeffery said, “I need you, these clothes have made my cock swell and it is not comfortable.” Isabella replied, “We won’t stay long and I will help you as soon as we get home.”

Before they could converse any more the old man returned with two towels. He handed one to Isabella and then started wiping down Jeffery with the other.

When both were dry, the old man invited them in to the house. He led them though to the kitchen and invited them to sit at the large table. The old woman was making four drinks and said her husband, “Would you please remove Jeffery’s mask so he can enjoy his coffee.”

The old man moved to the back of Jeffery, dropped his hood, fiddled with the lock and soon was taking off the mask. When Jeffery’s head was clear, he asked, “How did you recognize this suit?” The old woman replied, “Because he made it. He was an engineer and a very good friend of your Fathers.” The woman then turned to Isabella and asked, “Who was it who started the latex fetish, between you or Jeffery.” Isabella replied, “Jeffery has had a latex fetish for a long time, I found mine some months ago.” The old man asked, “So when did Jeffery decide to try is Father’s bondage clothing.” Isabella replied, “We were in the attic looking for some single bedding when we came across a box with these bondage clothes in and Jeffery wanted to try them. He now says he gets a lot of enjoyment from them.” After Isabella had helped Jeffery to drink his coffee, the woman said, “Let’s leave the men to talk about Jeffery’s lost relative, while I show you around, dear.”

The old woman led Isabella out of the room and showed her around to house. After seeing every room in the house, they went out into the back garden and through a gate into a paddock and across to some stables. Inside the stabled Isabella saw all the trappings for pony-girls like inside Jeffery’s stables. Isabella asked if they had any pony-girls at that moment and the woman took Isabella’s wrist and moved it quickly to her face saying relax and sleep. The misdirection and hypnotic induction caused Isabella to drop into a trance.

The woman deepened the trance and then checked that Isabella was in a deep enough trance. She then asked if Isabella had ever tried being a pony girl and Isabella told her all that had happened over the weekend. She did not mention any mind control just talked about the race and what Nancy and Helen had been doing. The old woman asked Isabella to remove her mackintosh and was pleasantly surprised to find nothing underneath it. The woman took a bondage pony-girl suit out of a cupboard and instructed Isabella to put it on. The woman helped with all the bondage fastenings and when it was on, Isabella had no use of her hands or arms. The woman instructed her to take on the persona of an obedient pony-girl. One who loved bondage and one who could not speak any language other than a pony? The woman also created two triggers, one that would return Isabella to this persona whenever anyone uttered the trigger and one to return her to herself. She programmed Isabella that although she would not be able to understand words while in the pony persona any word spoken would go straight to her subconscious and remain there forever.

In the house, the old man had tried to hypnotize Jeffery but had not having any success. After some fifteen minutes, he had given up and said, “I hope Martha is having better luck.” Jeffery replied, “What is Martha doing to Isabella.” The man replied, “Knowing Martha she is making a pony-girl who loves to dress as a pony and likes to run.” Jeffery replied, “That will not be difficult she loves that already.”

The man replied, “Come we must stop her then, she is a very accomplished hypnotist and will not stop for anything when she gets started.” They reached the stable at Martha was defining the triggers and when she was finished the man walked in and said, “Stop she is already Jeffery’s pony and she loves it.” The old man helped Jeffery out of his mackintosh and then began to release him from the suit. When the suit was off, Jeffery put the mackintosh back on and picking up the suit said, “Come Isabella we will go home.” Isabella did not respond and Martha said, “She does not understand words except for her trigger. William, please remove Jeffery’s suit so he can take Isabelle home. Jeffery you can keep Isabella if you bring one of your other Pony’s across to us next Saturday.” Jeffery replied, “Thank you I will bring one over and our trap so we can have a race.” Martha screeched and said, “That will be lovely, we have not had a race since your parents and grandparents had their terrible accident.”

Jeffery put his bondage suit and Isabella into the car, drove out of the gate and followed the road network back to his house. As he parked beside his house, he gave Isabella the trigger that returned her to herself and she screamed, “Get me out of this.”

Jeffery replied, “Calm down, before I release you from this bondage suit, I need to remove the hypnotic programming from your mind. Just come with me for a few minutes and then I will release you.”

Jeffery led Isabella into the house and upstairs into their bedroom. He laid her down on the bed and then removed the remote from its hiding place. He walked out of the room and down to the kitchen.

Sitting by the kitchen table he said, “Isabella, listen very carefully. I want you to go into a hypnotic trance, four times deeper than the one Martha put you in. The two triggers that Martha gave will now only work, if I utter them. However, whenever I say “Issy pony girl”, you will became the pony as defined by Martha and you will love being a pony. When I say “Issy normal now”, you will become yourself and if you are still wearing your pony suit you will not complain because you still love it together with bondage in both personas. You will never request to be released, from bondage and you will want to be caressed and bound as often as possible. Whenever you wear a gas mask or helmet, you will orgasm with pleasure and you will believe that you look beautiful. You will always obey me, any new truth I impart will become your unshakable truth and your mind is now, permanently protected, from any further deployments of this technology and from any attempt to hypnotize you.

When I wake you up using your trigger, you will slowly emerge from your trance without any knowledge of me correcting you. Jeffery moved about the kitchen and prepared a light lunch for both he and Isabella. When it was ready he walked up stairs, he re-hid the remote and then spoke Isabella’s second trigger. He waited for her to awake and then said, “I have made some lunch would you like to join me.” Isabella smiled and said, “You will have to feed me after you remove my ponies head.” Jeffery replied, “Come down stairs and I will remove it in the kitchen.”

Isabella followed Jeffery down the stairs and into the kitchen where the small table, was laid with two settings.

Isabella sat down in her seat and Jeffery started to unfasten the pony helmet. When it was off, Isabella asked, “Why do I feel as though my favorite toy has been taken away.” Jeffery replied, “Don’t panic I will put it back when you finish eating.” Jeffery was surprised at the speed Isabella ate her light lunch. She gobbled every fork full that he offered up to her mouth and was ready for the next one before he has a chance to get it. After finishing all the food he offered up the glass of wine and she downed it in one.” As he moved back to his own food, Isabella asked, “Could you refit the helmet.” Jeffery move to fit the helmet over her head and as he closed and locked the zip. As Isabella shook with her orgasm, Jeffery said, “Martha certainly did a number on you.” Isabella replied, “You need to remove her from my mind.” Jeffery uttered the first trigger and returned to his food. Isabella wanted to shout, but all her language skills evaporated.

After Jeffery had cleared away the dirty dishes and cutlery, he looked outside, and saw that it was still raining heavily. He was still wearing the long black mackintosh with nothing on underneath. He wanted to put on the suit in the car but with Isabella unable to help him he overcame the desire and walked upstairs to the attic to see what else was in his father’s box. He found a cat suit with build in waders and gloves but no hood. He doubled checked each part of the suit for hidden bondage traps but found not. He dropped the mackintosh from his shoulders and dressed in the cat suit and after fastening it he redressed in the mackintosh, he now felt able to go outside without getting wet so he returned to Isabella and led her to the door.

Isabella did not want to go out in the rain and struggled in the doorway. Jeffery said, “Come my little pony a little rain won’t hurt you. You will love the patter of rain on your pretty rubber head.” He walked Isabella out to the paddock and locked her in the field. As he walked back to the house Isabella trotted around the field.

An hour later Jeffery found he missed Isabella and he went to find her. He found her under the eaves of the stable and called her to him. As she neared her uttered the second trigger and she hugged and nuzzled him. He removed the mask and she said, “That was lovely but thank you, I need your loving.” Robert led Isabella to the bedroom and helped her to remove the pony suit, they made love for hours and then slept in each other’s arms.

Next day they showered together and then started the journey to London. Jeffery took up his new job and the group went from success to even greater success. He and Isabella were married on the fifteen together with Heather and Andria who looked more like female twins than husband and wife.

The end