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Unorthodox Research Chapter 2

At 9.00 Isabella arrived outside the company in her red Ford Focus and wearing a navy pin stripe skirt and jacket looked the epitome of the iconic professional

Heather took her into the MD,s office and offered her a drink; however, this young woman wanted nothing to drink and wished to see the Jeffery straight away. The MD phoned Jeffery and told him to come to his office and escort the auditor to his laboratory.

When Jeffery met Isabella, he was pleasantly surprised as to how attractive she was and realized that implementing his plan was definitely on. He therefore escorted her through the factory and down to his layer in the service elevator.

The knowledge he had been able to research before Isabella arrived, was very little other than she was paranoid and trusted no one. She would not take food or drink from anyone she did not know and would not stay in Hotels.

Jeffery had decided he would have to use a less, covert approach and use either chloroform or gas to render her unconscious so he could administer the drug. He decided to use an aerosol containing a concentrated anaesthetic that would give him enough time to inject the drug into her blood stream. Once she was injected, she would be at his mercy.

Jeffery conversed as they descended and when to doors eventually, opened Colin sprayed the anaesthetic into her face and then apologized saying her was trying to catch one of the test mosquitoes that had escaped.

Isabella was more panicked about an escaped mosquito that the spray as she fell into Jeffery’s arms. He carried her to the meeting room and injected her with the concoction. In the blood stream, it would take one or two minutes to take effect and she started to come too after three minutes. Jeffery apologized for the mishap and told her she was safe in this lab the mosquito had been anesthetized and recovered. When Isabella was about asked why when she said, “I do not appreciate being mistaken for a mosquito and I will be making a formal complaint about your sloppy department. Now, can we please make a start on your project finances?”

Jeffery knowing the drug had become affective walked out of the meeting room and into his Lab where he turned a device on, picked up a microphone, and said, “You will sit quietly and accept all the following commands and give them your absolute obedience. You will forget everything associated with the mosquito; you will reviewed all our project finances and you will be so impressed as to the format and content, and will not find any discrepancies or missing information and you are happy to approve and sign off our accounts. You will also sign a copy of the Official Secrets Act and not pass on any knowledge that you learn while you are here.

However when you leave this building this afternoon you will discover an overwhelming need to purchase some slutty clothing made from Latex or PVC and you will want to wear them. Once you have them, on you will not want to wear anything different and you will become very submissive to Jeffery Highcliff and will do whatever you are told. When you drive out of our car park, turn left and if you turn right at the next traffic lights you will find a company called Sealwear and you will want to see their product range.

You will love being obedient to your Master and the more outrageous the command the greater the pleasure you will experience when you obey.

Although you may currently have inhibitions and prejudices as to why you would not perform a particular act, these will evaporate forever once you commence your compliant actions. You will not consider that these actions are anything other than your idea and will not accept as possible, any suggests you have been controlled.

He turned the machine off and returned to the meeting room. When he entered, he gave Isabella the financial files, left her to get on with it, and went back to work.

Isabella continued to look at the files making many notes and did not accept any offers by Colin or Andy to make her a drink. At 3 o’clock, she said, “Thank you I have almost finished and I can find nothing wrong. I will return in the morning and complete my audit but you have nothing to worry about. Jeffery thanked her and escorted her back to the elevator.

Jeffery went back to work looking forward to seeing what she had on when she came back in the morning.

Isabella left the company and followed the directions to the Sealwear factory and as she pulled up outside she thought “This is handy I need some new clothes I’ll see want they have got in here. As she entered the business unit, she came across lots of latex clothing and chose number of item to try on. He purchased three outfits for work three for pleasure and ordered some bondage wear for play. Paying with her debit card, she got back into her car and started the two-hour drive back home.

Jeffery called a project meeting at 16:30 and they all met in the meeting room. He asked for an update on the task allocations and Andy said, “I think I am very close to a delivery mechanism for the fixer that would be almost instantaneously active. I think I should be able to test in a few more days. Colin reported that the miniature transmitter was ready and he would package it with a built in microphone so it would work stand-alone. Jeffery asked how long and Colin replied, “three days before a test will be required.” Jeffery said, “Ok its Thursday today I will devise a test for Wednesday next week in a location outside this lab.”

At 5 o’clock, Colin and Andy left and Jeffery put all the current prototypes and bottles of fixer in the safe and started to lock up. The last thing he did was engage his homemade security system before entering the elevator.

Andy met Heather at the elevator and asked her how her day had been. She replied, “Quite good a few people mentioned my dress and two girls found me in the ladies masturbating when they talked about me I felt really good.” Andy said “do you really need to go to the Ladies to masturbate can you not do it at your desk.”

On the way out to his car, Jeffery was accosted by the Managing Director who asked him how it was going with Isabella. Jeffery said, “Fine she hasn’t found any anomalies in our financial records and she has signed The Official Secrets Act so I am happy for her to complete her work.” The MD was livid, once again, he had been out manoeuvred by Jeffery so said, “The HR lady will be here next week so I hope you are as tolerant with her, anyway you had better gets on so goodbye.”

Jeffery said “Goodbye” and got in his car.” On the drive home Jeffery was thinking about the next test and decided to make it someone Colin would like. Thinking about Colin he remembered that he had mentioned he was still very fond of his ex-wife. “Now I wonder where she was now” he thought

At home, he made many phone calls and eventually finding a friend of hers who told Jeffery that she was living with another man in Parkstone. Later, when Jeffery found out the man’s name he soon found out the address. He took a drive out and stopped outside the house. There was a man working in the front garden so Jeffery got out and started chatting. He learnt this man had lived there for four years and he worked as a Solicitor. Jeffery saw Colin’s wife through the window and was reminded how good looking she was. Jeffery got back in his car thinking, “sorted.”

Next morning Andy and Heather arrived at the back and once again, Heather had to walk through the factory although this time she was trying to get people to notice her in the hope they might speak. She now desperately needed attention. She even showed one of the production workers the dildo in her arse.

Jeffery and Colin arrived shortly after and they all met up in the meeting room with their morning coffee. Jeffery described what he was considering and Colin said, “If that is for me I will need to think this through, I don’t want revenge and if I were to take her back I would rather have her as she was.” Jeffery said “Ok we will hold off on this plan until you decide what you want.” They all went to get on with their assignments and Jeffery sat in his office plotting. At 10:00 Isabella arrived, dresses in a latex cat suit and high heels. Jeffery told her how nice she looked and took her into the meeting room. He produced a piece of official looking paper saying this is the form you need to sign that will restrict you from passing on any information you learn, while you are in these labs. If you tell anyone what we do down here, you will be prosecuted under the Official Secrets Act. The Project had been designated as Top Secret.” Leaving the paper on the table with all the financial files Jeffery left her to it.” Back in his office, he remembered the war surplice gas mask he bought because it had a very strong smell of rubber which was still here in his office. Picking up the box he returned to Isabella and said “Your latex cat suit is very nice but you are improperly dressed to work here.

You need to put this on and wear it whenever you are dressed in latex.” Isabella said “I am sorry I did not know that, I will put it on right away.” Taking the mask out of its box she fitted it over her head. Jeffery said, “That’s perfect thank you” before going back to work. Isabella continued to work looking through the goggles in the mask smelling the strong odder of rubber and hearing the sound of her breathing through the mask’s valves.

As she worked through the final financial file bringing her right up to date, she felt relief that she could finally escape from this dreary place. Although she had been instructed not to find anything wrong, the financial records were very comprehensive the only missing information that was strictly not necessary was full descriptions for the deliverables. These were in code but for each deliverable. These codes were clearly traceable throughout the accounts. She started to write her report and when lunch-time, came Colin opened the door and asked if she would like any lunch it was his turn to fetch it. She was about to decline when Jeffery appeared and said “It’s alright Isabella you can take your mask off to eat tell Colin what you would like.” Isabella replied “Could I have a tuna and mayonnaise sandwich in brown bread and a bottle of still water.” Colin shouted “OK” as he ran to the elevator.

Jeffery sat down with Isabella and said “I bet you really like the mask, that strong smell of rubber, the sound of your breathing together with tightness of the rubber around your head, delights all your senses.” As you finish your report I want you to think about working here for me. I find keeping the accounts in their current sate quite an encumbrance on my time, which could be better used on the project deliverables.” Isabella replied “Ok I will think about it but I am happy where I am at the moment I am not looking for a change.”

Jeffery went back to work in the lab while he waited for Colin and Isabella went back to her report but between the sensory overload from the mask and being unable to stop thinking about working for Jeffery, she made little progress.

Colin was back with the lunch and all three men walked into the Meeting room and sat down. Colin handed out the orders and Jeffery said “You can remove the mask now Isabella but by the end of lunch you will be restless to put it back on.” Colin looked at Jeffery with one of his looks and Andy smiled. Jeffery was thinking about his plan and decided on his next action he stood up and said “It’s my turn to make the coffee would you like one Isabella.” Isabella replied “No thank you I don’t drink coffee or tea I am perfectly happy with my water.” Jeffery said “Ok Andy could I have a quick word about Heather in the kitchen.” Andy joined Jeffery in the kitchen saying “What’s this about Heather?” Jeffery replied “A ruse to get you out here I need some of the fixer in Colin’s cup I’ll explain why later.” Andy went to fetch a dose and poured it into Colin’s coffee. Jeffery carried Colin’s mug and his and Andy walked back into the meeting room with his own. As they were finishing their lunch and drinking their coffee, Isabella put the mask back on with a sigh. Jeffery said “you two stay and have five, while I sort something out.” Andy engaged Colin in conversation.

Jeffery went into his lab and turned on the device. He then said “Colin’s rubber dildo fetish you must stay there until I tell you. Isabella you need to go to the toilet. Andy’s rubber mackintosh fetish, come in here.” Colin sat very still and both Isabella and Andy got up and left the room. As Jeffery heard them leave, he said “Colin’s rubber dildo fetish, you do not mind what happens to Isabella and the more you think about your ex-wife the need to be cruel towards her will grow until you are happy to make her your slut.” He finished talking and turned off the device just as Andy entered saying “Ok, what is all this about.” Jeffery explained what happened in the meeting room and what he had decided to do.” Andy said “I thought we are immune.” Jeffery said “I knew we would have to bring Colin down to our level at some point, so I left a back door in, with a key.” Andy said “we should change our group name to “the three perverts” now that he had joined us.” Jeffery said “don’t push it he doesn’t know it yet.” Jeffery walked into the meeting room as Isabella walked out of the only toilet.

Jeffery said “Come on Colin time to get back to it.” Colin shook his head and said “Sorry I was thinking about my ex-wife.” Jeffery asked, “Have you made a decision yet.” Colin replied, “Not yet, but I am working on something”

At three o’clock Isabella, finished her report and started tidying up. Jeffery asked her if she had considered his offer and she replied, “I would like to go back to my office but I don’t think they will like me being dressed like this.” Jeffery said, “Stay here with me, I like you dressed like this.” Isabella replied, “If you would allow me to take off this mask I could go home.” Jeffery said, “This is not just an ordinary mask, this mask stimulates all your senses, and it would be inappropriate for you to take it off except at meal times.” Isabella said, “In that case I will have to stay here with you.” Jeffery said, “Isabella, you are a very beautiful woman and I would like you to spend the time between now and five o’clock coming to terms with you being my girlfriend. By five o’clock you will love me almost as much as you love your latex clothes.”

Jeffery went back to work leaving Isabella deep in thought. She had always been a natural submissive and knew a strong man would take her at some time. In her normal work place there was a dominant woman who was always trying to take control of her, but up until now she had been able to avoid being taken.” Her mind had used the inevitability of being taken to rationalize the feeling she was now developing for Jeffery.

During the afternoon, Andy had a breakthrough, he had mixed an old compound which he had almost written off as not successful and had added this to a new delivery medium. The resultant was four times stronger than he was looking for and capable of being delivered in vapour from that would be absorbed through the lining of the nasal cavity which being a mucous membrane rich with blood vessels would enable the active compound to be passed straight into the blood stream and delivered to the brain. He took a small atomiser from his stock and filled it, now he needed a test.

Colin was having difficulty fitting the latest design into the pen and in the end said to Jeffery, “This is not going to work we need another enclosure.” They considered a number of options and decided on a pocket watch. Jeffery said, “I have an old pocket watch at home I will bring it to work in the morning.” They guessed the internal dimensions of a pocket watch and fabricated the components and antenna into that enclosure. By the end of the day they had achieved a working module for that enclosure. Colin and Andy left at five o’clock and Jeffery went to collect Isabelle. When he entered the meeting room Isabella stood up and said, “Master, please accept this humble individual as your obedient slave.” Jeffery was astonished at this response it was not as he expected and said, “I would prefer you as a partner but a slave will do for now.”

In the car going home Jeffery asked her why she wanted to be his slave and she told him of the fight she had suffered from Nancy and her struggle to contest it. She went on to say that she had always known that someone would be powerful enough to take her and now that is had happened she felt relieved.” Jeffery’s home was down a long tree lined track and his house was inside a walled compound, as he drove into the yard, he said, “Welcome to your new home, this is a pervert’s paradise, no one can look over the house or garden and the only way in, is down that long track.” He parked the car and took her inside and into the large sitting room. He turned to her and said, “Apart from eating there is one other time you can remove your mask and that is now.” Pulling her mask off, he kissed her. It was a gently loving kiss and Isabella returned it with the same passion. After the kiss had finished, which had lasted more than ten minutes, Isabella said, “I knew this would happen one day and I am glad it was you. I always feared it would be someone really cruel who would chain me up and beat me.” Jeffery said, “Like you, I am a rubberiest and go in for gentle bondage not the heavy BSDM kind.”

After the mask was back in place they worked together in the kitchen preparing their evening meal. After the meal was over, Isabella cleaned up while Jeffery looked for the watch. They sat and watched some TV before bed and when they went to bed, Jeffery gently took her virginity and continued for five more orgasms before he allowed himself to cum.

Friday morning found Jeffery in his latex pyjamas between his latex bedding waking with a weight on his chest. Isabella’s head, still in the mask, was lying on his chest. Jeffery started to pull the mask off which awoke Isabella, but before she could complain their lips touched and a morning bout of sex began. Five of Isabella’s orgasms later they showered together.

Jeffery was late for work for the first time in five years and walked into work wearing a latex suit with Isabella on his arm. He handed the watch to Colin and sat down in the meeting room with Isabella to review her report. He was delighted that she had not referred to any of the products by name or function; she had used the codes Jeffery had devised years before. Her summary was exemplary and he signed it as having been checked. Jeffery sat her in his office and told her to contact HR and arrange for her move to his department with immediate effect, while he got on with some work.

Colin informed him that the watch was ready and would need to be tested before he could use it on Beatrice. Andy entered the lab and told him about his development. Jeffery said, “Under normal circumstances I would insist on two tests but we have an imminent need to protect the team from the visiting HR person so let’s go for broke, any suggestions on a subject. Andy said, “How about the MD, he is really getting on Heather’s case, she heard him talking to HR yesterday asking for a replacement. Jeffery said, “Ok Andy how does the user guard against your atomiser.” Andy said, “I have prepared an inhibitor, if we each inject ourselves we will be immune from its effects. Jeffery said, “Ok inject me and I will test the products on our illustrious leader when I take him Isabella’s report.”

By eleven o’clock Jeffery had been immunised and was walking towards the MD’s office carrying the report with the watch and atomiser in his pocket. He was still in his latex suit and was pleased to find Heather in a latex top and micro skirt. Heather said, “He has someone in with him, but you are to go right in.” Jeffery knocked and then entered, he found to his astonishment a large woman standing in front of a glazed Managing Director. Jeffery said, “I hope I am not interrupting anything, I can come back later.” The woman replied in a very velvety voice, “No come right in, and you are.” Jeffery replied, “Professor Jeffery Highcliff and you are.” The woman replied, “I am Kathleen McCartney and I am from Human Resources in Oxford. Come and sit down, I was giving Robert here, a demonstration of what I intend to do to you.” Jeffery had the atomiser in his hand hidden by the report and replied, “No I’ll let you carry on turning Robert into your slave and just leave this report.” He held out the report and as Kathleen moved toward him to take it. She held his eyes and said, “Just relax and listen to my voice. She stopped talking when Jeffery sprayed Andy’s compound in her face. Andy had estimated that is would be almost instantaneous but even Jeffery was surprised. She had only, got one more word out before she became comatose.

Jeffery turned on the watch and said, “Kathleen you will obey any instruction I give you and you will believe as true anything I say. You came here to subjugate Robert and make him and his family your slaves for life. You are the most perverted female hypnotist in the Country, you love to humiliate and embarrass your victims and the only victims you have here in Dorset are Robert and his family. You love to wear latex yourself and you always make your slaves wear humiliating costumes in latex. Your goal for Robert is to turn him into a latex woman.” Jeffery took the report from her hands and placed it on Robert’s desk and then said, “You will forget that I came here and you must never try to hypnotise me or any of my team. Now just sit down while I deal with Robert.”

Jeffery sprayed the compound into Robert’s face and then said, “Robert you are now 100 percent subservient to Kathleen, you will obey her in every way without question and believe everything she tells you. You must not continue your endeavours to change your secretary you are more than happy with Heather. Kathleen has hypnotised you and turned you into her pet and there is no hope of being rescued. You are still in a very deep hypnotic trance five times deeper than the one Kathleen put you in and only she can awake you.” Then turning to Kathleen, you have hypnotised Robert so use your skills to enslave him completely and keep him humiliated and away from his home until after nine o’clock this evening. When you take him home enslave all his family and make them latex sluts, when you leave Robert’s house after completing your humiliations of every one there, you will forget what you have done and return home, now count down from one hundred and awake when you reach zero forgetting that I was here or that you have been controlled.”

Jeffery then left the room and told Heather that they were not to be disturbed for any reason. Returning to the sub-basement, he congratulated Andy on the compound saying that it certainly worked well then he instructed him to make up three full bottles handing him the slightly used one. He then said to Colin make two more miniature neurotransmitters, one for each of us. I will hang onto the watch, use anything you like for the other two. Returning to Isabella, he removed the mask and kissed her long and hard. Isabella returned the kiss, and when they broke, she said, “I have always been a very scared person but now I am I am so happy. I spoke to Nancy in Oxford and told her I was staying here. She tried to persuade me to go back but when I told her I had found my Master she said, “Dam” and then put the phone down. I always thought she had designs on me, I expect she will try to persuade you to release me.

Colin stuck his head around the door and said “I am going shopping and will get lunch on my way back what do you want.” Jeffery said, “We will all meet you in the pub at half past one.”

End of chapter 2