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Unorthodox Research chapter 3

Back in the MD’s Office, Kathleen was still giving instructions to Robert about his new life. When she ran out of things to say, she woke him up and asked him to right down his name and address and details of his family. He wrote, Yvette page no 3 Beaulieu gardens, West Moors, Dorset my wife is called maid and my two daughters are called slut 1 and slut 2. Kathleen said, read it back and tell me if anything is wrong. Yvette read what was on the paper and said, “No everything is as is should be.” Kathleen said, “Good are you ready we are going shopping, make sure you have your purse. As they walked out of the office together, Kathleen asked Heather where she bought her latex clothing and Heather gave her directions to Sealwear.

They took Yvette’s car and drove to the Sealwear factory and shop.

Jeffery wrote up the developments and tests performed and thought what, do we do next.

When it was time to leave for the pub, Isabella said, “Do you want me to go dressed like this.” Jeffery said, “Have you any other clothes.” Isabelle replied, “There are some outfits in my car and a rubber coat.” They went up in the elevator and out through the front to Isabella’s red Ford Focus. In the trunk there was a suitcase and Jeffery looked though it and then said, “Change into this dress and then put the coat over the top and you can remove your mask. Isabella said, “Where can I change.” Jeffery picked up the suitcase and indicated she should follow him. He took her to Robert’s office and met Andy talking to Heather. Isabella changed and put her cat suit and mask in the case. On the way out Jeffery asked Andy, “Are you bringing Heather.” Andy replied, “Yes I think I will, come on slut, we are going to lunch.” The four of them walked to Isabella’s car and with the suitcase in the trunk set off to The Old Thatch Pub.

Jeffery had booked a table for four and when they arrived he asked if it would be a problem to increase it to five. They were shown to a table laid for six and one of the place settings was cleared away. Jeffery ordered a bottle of wine and Andy said, “What about the alcohol policy.” Jeffery said, “You and Heather can have the afternoon off and I will run Isabella home before I return to work with Colin, we need to get these other two devices finished this afternoon. Heather said, “What devices are you talking about.” Andy said, “When they are finished I will show you one.” Heather then asked “Isabella if she liked the clothes she was wearing.” Isabella said, “I am Jeffery’s slave and would be happy in anything he gave me to wear but I really love this latex, how about you?” Heather replied, “I suppose I am Andy’s slave but I am not all that keen on rubber.” Andy said, “Whether you are keen or not is irrelevant you are no-longer permitted to wear anything else.” The conversation was making Heather very happy and wet so she continued, “I will wear whatever you tell me and if you were to instruct me to like it I probably would. Before Andy could respond, Colin arrived and said, “I have got two enclosures that will do” and then pulled two toy pistols out of a bag. Jeffery said, “What a brilliant idea, what made you think of them.” I thought I would go to a jeweller for a pair of watches but they were far too expensive so I thought of toys and looked in Streets in Ringwood and found these, there will be room for a bigger battery as well. I thought we could use rechargeable ones and charge them up when we go to bed. Jeffery said, “Have we got enough components to build them this afternoon.” Colin said, “All we need to do is assemble them so yes it will be done this afternoon.”

They gave the food order to the Waitress and continued chatting about anything while they waited for the food to arrive. After it arrived, Heather who had not been included in the banter, found a lull while the food was served and asked Colin, “Why don’t you have a slave like, Jeffery and Andy.” Colin replied, “Up until recently I didn’t want one but seeing Isabella and you, has got me thinking. I have now decided that I am going to try and get my wife back.” Heather said, “I remember your wife and I did not know you had lost her.” Colin said, “She moved out about six months ago and walked straight into someone else’s house. And now that someone else is the Lawyer dealing with our pending divorce.”

Jeffery said, “Are you going to deal with him as well.” Colin said, “Oh yes I was hoping you would be available to help on Sunday evening. I still have some clothing to buy and a cage to build.” Heather said, “Why do you need a cage.” Julie never would allow me a pet before, so this time I will get a dog before she comes back.” Jeffery said, “I will certainly help on Sunday what time do you want to start and where are you going to take her.” Colin said, “From that bastard’s house at about seven o’clock.” Jeffery said, “Ok we will plan it when we get back to the office. Were you thinking, about buying latex clothing for Julie, you should do it this afternoon? I’m not sure if they open on a Saturday. You should have time to do that on the way back I am going to take Isabella home and Andy is taking the afternoon off.

Jeffery paid the check and they when off in different directions. When Isabella got in the car she immediately refitted the gas mask and then Jeffery drove them home. He explained how the latex needed to be cleaned and what other tasks, he would like her to undertake, that afternoon.

After they made love he redressed in a clean latex suit and returned to work. He arrived in the sub basement just before Colin and when they were together, they started assembling the toy pistols. The antenna was in the barrel and a directional microphone in the hammer. The battery and electronics were fitted into the handle and the activation switch was a, push to make variety, built into the trigger.

Jeffery turned on the spectrum analyser and pressed the trigger on the first pistol. Nothing showed on the analyser. He checked the analyser was working by activating the watch and achieved a received signal of 930 microwatts at about two metres distance. He then tried the second pistol and the analyser showed a received signal of 1.6 milliwatts. He walked out of the lab and down the corridor to the elevator and Colin shouted “Nine fifty microwatts.”

They stripped down the first pistol and Colin started to test out the circuitry. He found a faulty component and replaced it. The second test was successful showing 1.55 milliwatts on the analyser. Jeffery then said, “Perhaps the power is too great, we should attenuate the output.

Colin fitted a small switch into the breach that would provide two output levels full power or half power. When they tested the revised design, the output at half power was 1 milliwatt.

Jeffery said, “Here you take one of these and one of Andy’s atomiser’s and I will give the other one to Andy when I see him over the weekend. Now, what are your plans regarding Julie.” Colin replied, “I want to turn him into a wus and turn Julie into my bitch and slut. I need you to help me I cannot think of the right words to change them properly, you have had a lot of practice and are definitely getting good at it.” Ok lets tidy up and then we can go, I wonder what Kathleen is doing to Robert?”

After Kathleen had taken Yvette out of the office before lunch and they had gone straight to Sealwear. While Yvette was being changed into a latex female, the owner of the factory gave them the name of an establishment in Bracknell who would fix her hair and facial features. So when they left Sealwear, with several outfits of latex clothing for Kathleen, Yvette and all of Yvette’s family, they drove to Bracknell.

When they found the shop, Kathleen realised it was a shop for Transvestites and taking Yvette in she explain to the woman behind the counter what she wanted and asked what the shop could do. The Woman replied in a very sultry voice, “We can do almost anything, Hair, makeup, and voice, we can even provide sex change hormone treatment.” Kathleen asked, “What could you do today.” The Woman replied, “Hair make up and voice this afternoon anything more takes much longer.” A deal was struck and Kathleen left Yvette at the shop while she went to find something to eat. After eating in a nice restaurant she went window shopping around the town. She returned at four thirty and almost didn’t recognise Yvette. Her lips had been changed and her makeup was loud and slutty, she was wearing a wig of blond curls. The shop Woman said, “I am nearly finished, one more injection in her voice box and we are finished. When all was complete Kathleen whispered to the Woman, “Does she need to come back for a makeup touch up at any time.” The woman replied. “No you didn’t ask for temporary features so the makeup is tattooed on and the wig is sown on. The bottox in her lips is permanent the by tomorrow her voice should be like mine.”

Kathleen instructed Yvette to pay the bill and then they headed back to Bournemouth where they walked up and down the beach so Yvette could get used to her heels.

Jeffery got back to a spotless house at five o’clock and found Isabella asleep on the bed in her cat suit and gas mask. She was lying on her side with both hands behind her so Jeffery took some hand cuffs out of a drawer and cuffed her wrists. He then found a leg manacle and locked her ankle to the bed frame. He gently kissed her rubber covered forehead and then went out to his car. He drove to West Moors and parked outside no 3 Beaulieu Gardens.

Walking up to the door he checked his atomiser and toy pistol and rang the bell. Latina answered the door and Jeffery asked if Robert was at home. She replied, “No but I am expecting him soon, do come in and you can wait.” Jeffery was shown into the sitting room where Robert’s two children were sitting looking through their school books. Latina asked if Jeffery would like a drink and he said, “Coffee please a little milk but no sugar.” Jeffery waited until he could hear the water being poured into a cup and he sprayed the two girls. As Latina entered with the cup, Jeffery took it and sprayed her. He turned the power on the pistol to high and pulled the trigger. He then instructed Latina to sit down. Talking into the microphone he address all three and told them that they would do as instructed or believe as true any statement given by either Kathleen McCartney or me. He also told them that if Kathleen, were to try and hypnotise them they would succumb and drop into a very deep trance much deeper than would normally be achieved by normal hypnosis. All instructions delivered during Kathleen’s hypnotic delivery will become your rules for life and no one not even Kathleen will be able to change or delete them.”

He then told them to forget he had been there and to not expect Robert until nine o’clock this evening. You will each count down from 100 to zero and awake when you get to zero forgetting that I was hear or that you have been asleep. He carried the cup out to the kitchen, washed it and then left the house before driving back to Isabella. When he arrived as home he found a very agitated Isabella sitting in the bed. He removed the mask and kissed her for a very long time. As the kiss progressed, Isabelle calmed down and by the time it was finished she was very calm. As he pulled away Isabella said, “You said you were not into bondage.” Jeffery said, “I said I was not into heavy bondage but this is light loving bondage, and I am certainly into this.” Isabella said, “When I woke up I needed the loo and when I couldn’t move I panicked, where were you?” Jeffery said, “I had to pop out for half an hour and you were fast asleep.” He refitted the gas mask, undid the ankle cuff and then escorted her to the bathroom before unzipping her crutch and sitting her on the loo. While she was on the toilet he went back to the bedroom and pulled out a brand new vibrator from the bottom drawer in the tallboy. He fitted new batteries and then returned to find Isabella standing up

He wiped her clean and then pushed the vibrator in before closing the zip. Isabella squealed and as he turned it on she said, “You are a wonderful man, are you going to take these cuffs off.” Jeffery replied, “Not until bed time, I will make dinner.” He then walked to the kitchen to begin his preparations.” Isabella moved to the sitting room and sat down. The vibrator was doing its intended job and she was soon squishing about on the chair.

While in Bournemouth Kathleen, had Yvette, buy and new shinny PVC handbag and a cheap purse and had moved all her personal items into their new homes Robert’s old expensive wallet had been thrown away and his car keys now had a fluffy pink rabbit attached.

All the time they were parading up and down the promenade Kathleen was giving Yvette instructions how to walk and wiggle her hips and by the end of the walk Yvette would never be able to walk without heels or in any other way. They ate in a pub in the Landsdown area and started back to West Moors at five to nine and arriving at half past. Yvette, carrying the shopping bags from Sealwear, let herself in, Kathleen followed her in and when Latina saw them she said, “Who are you and what are you doing in my house.” Yvette had been instructed not to speak and Kathleen said, “My name is Kathleen McCartney and I am here to introduce you to your new mistress. Latina knew there was something special about Kathleen but could not remember what it was and was soon in a very deep trance.

Kathleen said, “You are now the French maid in this home and your name is maid, you can remember no other name. Whenever you talk, you will talk with a very sultry French accent. You may only talk properly when you are wearing your going out coat, which Yvette will give you in a moment. Yvette is your mistress and in addition to your house cleaning, laundry and cooking duties you will help her to develop her feminine side, if you every see her performing a masculine act or mannerism you must instruct her as to the correct female execution. This is the only time you are allowed to dispense an instruction. At all other times you will be totally subservient to anyone in the house. You will wear the clothes in this shopping bag at all times, you are not allowed to wear anything else unless I give you explicit instruction to do so. Get changed now and put all the clothes you remove into the wash.

Over the next few weeks your lust for your mistress will grow and you will become to love her with all your heart forgetting any other love you may ever have had.” As Maid finished dressing in her latex maids uniform, Kathleen then instructed Yvette to hand Maid her coat and as she did, Kathleen continued, “Maid this is your going out coat you will wear this whenever you leave this house and for all the time you are outside. You may only remove it once you are back inside this house. Your one privilege as a servant in this household is that you can sleep in the same bed as your mistress and share the double dildo that she uses each night. You will however only ever see it or feel it, as a rubber dildo.”

Now Yvette, where are your children please go and get them. Yvette walked up the stairs and returned with his two young children. Kathleen started her hypnotic induction and was surprised how quickly they became entranced. She thought to herself, “Either I am getting better or these two are excellent subjects.” When she was sure they were deeply hypnotised she told them both that Yvette was their Mother and the other person in the room is your domestic servant called maid. Then turning to the older one Kathleen asked, “Tell me your name and age and what you intend to do with your life.” The girl replied, “My name is Francesca and I am eighteen, I have just finished high school and am starting my degree at Imperial Collage in September.” Kathleen said, “Your name is no longer Francesca, you will only ever remember that you have been called slut 1. Slut is not only your name; it is your way of living. Everything you do, you will do it the way a slut would do it. Your first and last thought will always be about sex. You will now undress and put on the clothes your mother will give you. From now one you can only ever wear the latex clothing your Mother supplies and you will be completely subservient to your mother and every male on the planet. Before you look to the outside world for your sex you must develop all your whore skills. Your Mother has a useful appendage under her skirt and she will help you. Now count down from fifty if you can remember your numbers and awake when you reach zero.

Turning to the second daughter Kathleen said, “How old are you and what, are your ambitions.” The second girl replied. “I am sixteen and I am just about to start my higher exams, my ambition is to follow in my sisters footsteps and to be better than her in everything she does.” Kathleen said, “Unfortunately your name is Slut 2 and you will rewrite all your memories to remove any other name and to make that your only name. As your name signifies you are a slut, in this house you are not permitted to wear clothes and you will do whatever your mother and older sister tell you to do. When you go out of this house you must wear the short rubber coat your Mother has bought for you. This is the only item of clothing you are permitted to wear and it must be worn with the pink rubber boots your mother will also give you. The only person you are permitted to instruct or command is your domestic servant. Everyone else on the planet is your master or mistress and you will do whatever you are instructed to do and perform how you are instructed to perform.

Now count down from fifty and wake on zero then crawl under your mother’s skirt for your nice surprise. Kathleen instructed maid to awake and then commanded Yvette to take on all the roles of motherhood for her two outrageous sluts before picking up her belongings and walking out of the house.

Kathleen hailed a taxi in the main street and as it delivered her back to her car she forgot enslaving Robert and his family and started her journey back to Oxford.

During the early hours of the next morning, a cyclone roared through the vicinity and a lot of roads were blocked with fallen trees. By breakfast time the road network was in total gridlock with no one going anywhere.

Jeffery and Isabella were having breakfast when the telephone rang, Jeffery answered it and learned from Colin that all the roads were blocked and no one would be likely to get into work. Jeffery decided to call Robert to get a management decision and when the phone was answered he did not recognise the voice so he just continued, “There seems to be a lot of disruption on the road network and the TV is advising people not to travel so I suggest you close the company for the day.” Yvette had not been looking forward to going to work so readily agreed that this should happen and asked Jeffery to contact Heather so she could pass the word.”

Jeffery called Andy and asked, “Have seen the news.” Andy replied, “Yes it looks terrible out there have you had any damage. Jeffery replied, “I don’t know, I haven’t been outside yet. The reason for my call is that Heather’s boss would like her to contact all the project heads and inform them that the company is closed for the day.” Andy said, “When she is finished what she is doing, I’ll get her to do that.”

After finishing the call Jeffery looked outside and saw two trees blocking his track to the road. Returning to Isabelle, he told her what had happened and that he would try and sort it. Taking the petrol powered chainsaw from his garage he started cutting up the trees blocking the lane. He did not stop for three hours and eventually cleared a path to the road and had created four large piles of logs. As he walked back towards the house with his very hot but silent chainsaw, he was overtaken by a flashy sports car which, continued up the lane and stopped outside the house. Jeffery did not recognise the car and noticed a woman in the car, he thought of what Isabella has said about Nancy. Inside his rubber overalls he was swimming in sweat and it was dripping out of his wrists and down into his boots. When he reached the house there was no one in the car and no one visible so he put the chainsaw away and then retrieved is jacket out of his car. In the jacket pocket were the half full atomiser and the watch.

Entering the house he heard a raised voice coming from the sitting room and followed the sound. As he stood in the doorway he saw Isabella standing by the fireplace and the stranger standing three feet away, shouting at her. Jeffery coughed and then said, “Isabella please sit down and disregard everything that happens in the room until I tell you otherwise.” As Isabella sat down the stranger turned and said, “What have you done to her, I’ll have your hide for this.” She stormed towards Jeffery across the room and as she neared him, he sprayed her in the face with what was left in the atomiser.

Turning on the neural transmitter he said, “Calm down, you seem to be under the misapprehension that you have a dominant character, unfortunately this is not the case you are very submissive. So much so, that you will carry out any instruction from anyone. Obedience is your new aphrodisiac, every time you follow an instruction you will feel pleasure and every time you try to fight a command you will feel pain. You will do whatever I tell you to do and take on as true any new truth or rule I give to you. Lastly, you will always refer to yourself in the third person and always use lowercase letters when writing your name. Now get undressed while I find you something to wear and while you are doing that what is your name.” Nancy replied, “My name is Nancy Edwards and what are you doing to me.” Jeffery turned and headed for the stairs and Nancy started shedding her clothes. Jeffery retuned with an old very heavyweight short rubber coat, the rubber was thick and very smooth on both sides. He handed the coat to Nancy and said, “Put this on, and from now on you will now only wear this when you are not at work and you are forbidden from wearing any underwear at any time. Now sit down next to Isabella while I make a drink.” Nancy put on the coat and fastened it up then sat down next to Isabella Jeffery picked up all Nancy’s discarded clothes and disposed of them in the waste bin in the kitchen.

Jeffery retuned a few minutes later holding a tray conveying three mugs of coffee and a plate of biscuits. As Jeffery placed the tray on the coffee table, he said, “Isabella please, wake up and take your mask off and Nancy you can also wake up now forgetting everything that has happened since you came into the house.”

Isabella took off her mask and reached for a mug, Nancy shivered as she discovered what she was wearing and said, “What did you do.” Jeffery picked up the plate of biscuits and passing it around said, “Would either of you like a nibble.” Isabella took a biscuit off the plate and Nancy said, “How did Nancy get here wearing this rubber coat.” Isabella recognised that Jeffery had changed Nancy and said, “You came to visit me so I could show you where I now live and I have no idea where you got that coat from, I assume you travelled down in it.”

Jeffery said, “I will leave you girls to get reacquainted, I need a shower.”

End of chapter 3