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Unorthodox Research chapter 5

Jeffery opened the wine and started pouring it into the three glasses. As Nancy picked up her glass, Jeffery said, “Nancy your submissive persona that you are experiencing here is your true persona. However, while you are not in Dorset, you can pretend to be as you were on Thursday last, the only difference is you are no longer permitted to wear underwear of any kind and you must wear nothing but that coat whenever you are not at your place of work. Furthermore, you can leave when you have completed your three oral events on both of us. Just remember you are to return here after work each Friday.”

They ate their lunch and before Jeffery could move from the table Nancy slid under the table and opened his zip again. She fished out his penis and stimulated it with her fingers and lips until it was hard and then took it all into her mouth and started her second round. Isabella cleared the table and washed up and when she came back Jeffery was just standing up. Isabella slid into his seat and Nancy moved back into place.

After Nancy had brought Isabella through three orgasms she backed off and sat on the floor under the table. Jeffery had left the room and was sorting through his copied paperwork from work and putting all his archive through the crosscut shredder. Most if his copies were concerned with previous versions. He had concluded that a line should be drawn under the current version resulting in everything he had was before this and therefore obsolete. After he had destroyed his whole archive and emptied the bin under the shredder three times he picked up the black rubbish sack and walked out to the incinerator in the garden and burnt all the shredded paper.

Nancy came out to him and said, “What are you doing?” and Jeffery replied, “I have just destroyed, the entire project related archive I had at home. I will be on the market for a new job soon and all this is now longer needed.” Nancy asked, “Why do you think you need to look for a new job?” Jeffery said, “Since the takeover, our MD had been heading for a nervous breakdown and he has not lined up any new projects. My current project is only a month from final hand over and after that I will be twiddling my thumbs.” Nancy said, “Perhaps Nancy could pass some work across to you if you are interested, what are the skills of your team.” Jeffery replied, “Colin and I are both Electronics Designers and Andy is a chemist, plus we have a financial wizard in the guise of Isabella.” Nancy said, “Nancy had always earmarked Isabella to ultimately be a Financial Controller of one of the group and you would make a good General Manager. Nancy will see what she can do when she gets back. In the meantime has your cock recovered?”

Jeffery move across to the garden seat and sat down and unfastened his zip as Nancy moved into place, Jeffery said, “I am going to speak to your subconscious so you will have no knowledge of what I am going to say. Come here and sit beside me. All the commands I gave you on Friday are now cancelled you are now only submissive to Isabella and me, no one else will be able to command you. You will be one hundred percent obedient to Isabella or me and will believe as true anything we tell you. You have worn latex all weekend and your skin will now not tolerate, for more than eight hours, any other fabric. You will not change your clothing until tomorrow morning and the only underwear you are permitted to wear is latex underwear. There will be a strong attraction for you to come back here at weekends but if you have a need to stay on Oxford you may do so.

When you leave here this afternoon and begin to drive home you will start to realise that you have left behind your true loves. You have always loved Isabella and now you have discovered that you love me and no other man or woman will do. Knowing that Isabella will become Mrs Highcliff, you will have to consider other roles for yourself in this household and you will eventually conclude that living as our live in sex slave would be your only option. Once you determine that being this is your preference you will arrange your life accordingly. There is no rush you can take your time to arrive at this conclusion but is must be made before we have our first child.

Now get back on your knees and slip my cock in your mouth and wake up knowing that your mouth was made for my cock and Isabella’s pussy, no other person’s sexual organ will do, and in fact they will revolt you. Now wake up as you stuff my penis into your mouth forgetting completely this conversation.

Nancy started pumping her mouth up and down on his cock with no knowledge that any time had been lost or that her world had corrected slightly. When Jeffery came Nancy did not lose a drop and cleaned him before redressing him. As she stood up she realised that she was becoming addicted to his cum as she had realised earlier that she was addicted to Isabella’s.

Jeffery said, “That was my three, have you finished or do you need to find Isabella?” Nancy replied, “I’ll go and find Isabella before I leave you.” Jeffery stayed in the garden enjoying the cool air. The incinerator had long ago expired and he planned to move the project out of the company to some new location where Andy could continue the chemical development, he did not believe the electronics could go anywhere except into a different enclosure and Colin could take care of that.

He had thought long and hard whether he should start a business that used the project deliverables and decided now was probably the right time. He remembered the Edward Woodwood programme “The Equalizer” and decided to do something along similar lines. Now that his colleagues were attached and happy, now would be the time to discuss it. He stood and started walking back to the house before he reached the door Nancy appeared still wearing the mackintosh and she said, “I am off now I will be in touch regarding that matter we discussed and I will see you again on Friday.” Jeffery said, “Drive carefully, and we will see you soon.” Nancy climbed into her sports car and was soon disappearing down the drive.

Jeffery went to find Isabella blowjobs were nice but putting his cock into Isabella silky smooth pussy was his heaven. He found her on the settee in the sitting room with her eyes closed. He stood looking at her and concluded that he may have picked her randomly but she was his personal picture of beauty and was now embedded in his heart. She felt movement on the settee when he sat down and she opened her eyes and seeing this Jeffery said, “Will you become my wife. I have never felt about anyone the way I feel about you, I love you with all my heart.”

Isabella replied, “Are you sure, I saw the way you looked at Nancy and I felt a little inadequate.” Jeffery continued, “There was no comparison between you and Nancy, you are forever material, Nancy is only weekend companionship.”

Isabella replied, “You made me enjoy Nancy as much, if not more than you, for that yes I will marry you.” Jeffery removed her mask and kissed her and then they made love on the settee and they both found it so much more rewarding than the times before. The both dosed on the settee and ended up having a late dinner.

That night Isabella slept without the mask and as close to Jeffery as she could get.

Next morning they showered, together and then Jeffery selected what they both would wear and then Isabella made breakfast. They arrived at work a little early, Jeffery made a large pot of coffee and they were sitting in the meeting room drinking it when Andy arrived. After he poured himself a mug he joined them and Jeffery, unloaded his thoughts from Sunday and Andy replied, “So you want to set Colin and me up in a private hovel while you become Edward Woodwood going around dispensing justice on those who break your moral code. One, I am happy here I feel protected in a large company and secondly, your Moral Code is not normal, you are very perverted.” Jeffery said, “Well would you have, Colin to be the Equalizer?” Andy said, “I think we need someone new, an ex-policeman or ex-soldier or better still an ex secret service operative like the Edward Woodwood character.” Jeffery said, “You have a point but where do we find one of those.” Andy said, “Have I ever mentioned my Uncle Frank?” Jeffery replied, “Is he the one that worked for MI6 but left under a cloud.” Andy said, “Yes that is him, I don’t remember me telling you that.” Jeffery replied, “You told Colin one night when you were drunk.”

Before they could say any more the elevator door opened and Heather ran out. She reached Andy and said, “You have to come the boss has gone mad, he has turned himself into a woman.”

Andy said, “While you are here, Isabella and Jeffery are getting married, would you like to make it a double wedding.” Heather said, “You made me wear the most embarrassing clothing and had everybody laugh at me. You made it so I was miserable when people didn’t abuse me and now you ask me to marry you in the most non-romantic way possible, why do you hate me so much.” Andy replied, “As I have said before, you are not worthy to think of yourself in terms of self. You are only happy when someone gives you their time. I have just asked if you would like my time for the rest of your life. If you say yes I will give you back your worth as a wedding present.” Heather said, “Why don’t you just command me.” Andy replied, “Ok if you don’t want to marry me, you will have to remain my slave, ok slave take me to your leader.” Heather said, “So that’s it, you give me a choice and then take it away.” Andy replied, “The choice window was open but you chose not to make use of it, so it is now closed. Come on let’s go and see your boss.”

All four of them entered the elevator and ascended to the ground floor. They walked through the building, to the front and where the MD’s office was situated. Heather knocked on the door and Yvette said, “Come in.”

Five people entered the room and Jeffery said, “I do like your dress boss what made you choose that one.” Yvette said, “Jeffery you have to help me, that woman from Oxford has made me change in to what you see and she chose all the clothes I am permitted to wear.” While Yvette was looking at Jeffery waiting for him to reply, Andy sprayed him on the face and Heather got a good face full too. Jeffery turned on his watch and said, “Heather, down stairs when Andy asked you to marry him you said, yes and you now realise that you love him more than you have loved anything up to now or are likely to love in the future. Now take Isabella outside while I talk to Robert. When you get back to your desk, count down from 50 to zero and then wake up forgetting that you have been in a trance. Once the girls had left, Jeffery said, “Now young lady what is your name and what did Kathleen do to you and your family?” Yvette replied, “My name is Yvette and I am the Mother of two of the most outrageous sluts outside of London.”

Jeffery continued, “Well Yvette I would like you to forget that you were once a man, and forget all about Kathleen, you decided to try latex clothing after your secretary Heather started wearing it and you liked it so much you decided not to wear anything else. Your family have not changed in the last twelve months and your daughters have always been sluts. It is your job to prepare them for their future careers in the personal services industry. Now you will do whatever I, Andy or Heather tell you to do and you will count down from 100 to zero and wake up forgetting that you have seen us this morning.” As they walked out of his office Andy asked, “Do you hate him that much and who is this Kathleen.” Jeffery said, “Ask Isabella who Kathleen is and no I don’t hate him but he has been on my case since we started and he finally got to me.” As they approached Heather and Isabella, Heather said, “We were discussing a double wedding, how is Robert?” Andy said, “Heather, Robert is now called Yvette and you must treat her as a woman. Make sure she contacts HR and starts the process of recording her sex change.” Heather replied, “For you dearest one I’ll do anything.” Jeffry said, Ok you stay with heather and Isabella, come with me.” On the way back to the elevator Isabella asked, “That spray you sprayed into Yvette’s face is that your mind control compound and is that what you used on me.”

Jeffry replied, “I thought we had discussed this, you are a natural submissive and I did not need to use mind control on you and from now on you will get sexually aroused whenever you think of or witness mind control.” Isabella replied, “I need your body, please hurry.”

Heather knocked on Yvette’s door and when she heard a voice call “come in”, she entered and said, “What do you want me to do, do you need an interview with HR to change your personal details or can we do it by phone.” Yvette said, “Call Nancy Edwards and get her advice, she will know what I should do.” Heather returned to her desk and asked Andy, “Do you know who Nancy Edwards is; he wants me to contact her.” Andy replied, “Isabella mentioned a Nancy, try ringing the Oxford Company.”

Heather found the telephone number for Oxford Technologies and gave them a call. When she got through she said, “This is Heather Mitchell I am the MD’s secretary down here in Ferndown, could I speak to Nancy Edwards please.” After a slight delay, she was transferred to Nancy and she then explained her situation advising Nancy that Robert was last seen leaving the Office with Kathleen McCartney lest Thursday and has arrived at the office this morning, as a woman.

Nancy agreed to accompany Kathleen to Ferndown later that morning. Heather passed on that message to Yvette who thanked her. Andy said, “You seem to be managing, so I’ll go back to work and I’ll see you at lunch time.”

Andy returned to the sub basement to find Jeffery’s office door closed and locked and the sound of sex coming from the room. Andy returned to his lab and started the work on the necessary delivery methods for Jeffery’s business plan.

In Oxford, Nancy had called Kathleen to her office and was asking her what happened during her visit to Ferndown. Kathleen realised that her memory of the visit was disjointed but could not remember what she said to Robert after she hypnotised him, or what she did after she left the business premises with Robert until she started her journey home. Nancy said, “So if you cannot remember what you did to him, his change in personality could be down to you. It will be down to you to restore him to what he was.”

They left Oxford at 10:00am and arrived at Ferndown at ten to twelve Heather showed them into see Yvette and then called Andy and told him that the visitors had arrived. Andy told Jeffery who then used the elevator to the ground floor and walked to Yvette’s office. Upon reaching it Heather told him the two visitors from Oxford were in with Yvette.

Jeffery knocked on the door and Nancy came out saying Kathleen was busy with Yvette and should be left undisturbed. When Nancy saw it was Jeffery she whispered, “Can we go somewhere my mouth needs your cock?” Jeffery took her to the media room which, had no windows and he sat in a chair and opened his flies. Nancy knelt in position and fished his cock out of his pants. She soon had it hard and her mouth started blowing him. Jeffery said, “It was a very pleasant surprise seeing you this morning. Have you given any thought to your growing need? Isabella is down in the Project area and what have you left Kathleen doing.” As he came and Nancy lapped his seed all up, she then said, “Yes I have given it thought and yes I would like to see Isabella and Kathleen is trying to hypnotise Yvette but she is not getting anywhere.”

Jeffery pulled up his zip and said, “Ok let’s get things moving and they walked back to Yvette’s office. Jeffery said, “Heather would you take Miss McCartney down to the sub-basement, she would like to speak to Isabella and you can talk to Andy.” As Nancy and Heather walked away, Jeffery entered Yvette’s office and found Kathleen still trying to entrance Yvette. Jeffery asked, “How are you getting on?” Kathleen replied, “I don’t seem to be able to entrance her now.” Jeffery said, “Sit here while I talk to you. When you leave this room you will remember hypnotising Yvette, and when she was in a very deep trance you will remember what you did to her on Thursday last and then reinforced it again. You will however try to keep the knowledge of this event from Nancy and therefore you will tell Nancy that you have failed.” Then turning to Yvette, Jeffery said, “And you Yvette will remember Kathleen hypnotising you and making you more feminine. You are now a complete woman in every way except for your inverted vagina. This is a piece of your body; you will keep secret, except when the females at home use it. Now go down into a very deep trance and allow Kathleen to continue.”

When finished, Kathleen is here to change your personnel details to take account of your sex change. Now both of you will wake up as soon as I am outside, forgetting that I was ever here this afternoon.”

Jeffery left the room and Kathleen continued to reinforce Yvette’s programming and when she finished and brought Yvette out of the trance, Yvette said, “You were supposed to help me not make it worse.” Kathleen said, “Well now we will need to change your personnel records so you can keep your job as a woman.” Picking up the phone she rang the personnel department and talked them through the changes that would have to be made.

Meanwhile Jeffery returned to his office and found Nancy between Isabella thighs. Isabella looked a bit spaced out and Jeffery asked, “How many?” Isabella replied, “That was number nine, she is insatiable.” Jeffery continued, “I think it is you who is insatiable, she will stop when you tell her to.”

Isabella replied, “You might be right, but I am not telling her to stop just yet.” Jeffery said, “Nancy you should stop after the twelfth, however you are now totally addicted to Isabella and will need to get your fix at least once every one hundred and twenty hours.”

Jeffery then left the room looking for Andy. He found him in the meeting room with Heather and they were in an embrace. Jeffery said, “You two look a lot better now.” Andy replied, “We just needed a little push towards the middle. Now that she has accepted my proposal, she has been elevated to a partner status rather than a slave.” Heather added, “He is so much better when he treats me like a woman.” Jeffery said, “I am feeling a little redundant at the moment but when Nancy goes I will start throwing out all my rubbish.”

After several more minutes, Heather returned to her desk and Andy moved into his lab. Nancy completed Isabella’s twelfth orgasm and sat back down on the floor saying, “I can’t believe how things have changed since you left Oxford. When you were there I wanted you to do that for me, but now I need to do that for you.” Isabella replied, “Your tongue seems to be at home in my pussy. Between you and Jeffery I am in sexual Heaven.” Nancy sat on the floor looking at Isabella and realised that she was head over heels in love with this woman.

End of chapter 5