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Unorthodox Research chapter 9

Jeffery said, “Well there are only us here now, why don’t you give me a fashion show with what you bought.” Nancy said, “I would rather not get undressed here in the middle of the garage.”

Jeffery said, “Nancy since you first came down to visit Isabella, you have been my obedient slave, do you wish me to instruct you to get undressed.”

Nancy said, “There is a CCTV system down her and a security guard keeping an eye on the Cars while the board are upstairs. He will be waiting for us to drive out so he can lock up.” Jeffery said, “Just forget about him and his cameras and take off all your clothing.” Nancy took everything off and Isabella opened the trunk.

There were three bags each containing a different outfit. Isabella pulled each outfit out if its bag to show Jeffery there were two outfits made of rubberized material one was a green cotton material and the other maroon satin. The other was a fetish pony costume complete with a horse’s head mask, a corset, cat suit and hoofed boots. Jeffery said, “Let’s try that on first.” Isabella helped Nancy on with her pony suit, first the cat suit, then the corset, complete with tail and then the hood before the boots. When Nancy was finished putting on the pony outfit, she said, “Alright help me out of this and I try on one of the work suits. Jeffery said, “Just leave that on for now and put one of your work suits on top”. Isabella again helped Nancy on with her work suit. When Nancy was wearing the satin skirt and jacket, Jeffery said, “That looks lovely on you, Isabella tidy up and put everything back in the trunk, I will take Nancy back to Helen.

Jeffery called the elevator and when it arrived he led Nancy inside. As the doors closed, he said, “While you are wearing that mask you must only communicate as a horse however you will not be aware that you are wearing the Pony outfit or that all your words are neighs. Nancy neighed and Jeffery said, “Don’t worry I will explain to Helen. When the elevator doors opened, Jeffery said, “Helen when you look at Nancy you will see her beautiful face and hair as you did before and while she is wearing this hood that only you’re subconscious can see you will not hear her voice. When you have finished your shopping you will take Nancy home, she will need someone to watch out for her while she is dressed as a pony. Nancy, Helen will look after you. I’ll see you tomorrow, why don’t you bring Helen with you, until then do whatever she says.”

Jeffery returned to the car park where Isabella was waiting and they set off to Dorset. As they were driving towards the outskirts on the A316 through Twickenham, Isabella asked, “Did Nancy take off the pony costume?” Jeffery replied, “She wanted to wear it around town so I made Helen the boss”. Isabella said, “Well I hope you know what you are doing Helen used to work as a dungeon mistress in Soho.” Jeffery said, “I am sure Nancy will enjoy the ride.”

Helen closed down her computer and locked the door, after leading Nancy out. She did not need to shop for latex she had a wardrobe full of it in her apartment, so she took Nancy to a fetish club where she was a member and received a lot of attention with her compliant pony. After staying there for a while, Jeffery’s instruction to take her home kicked in so she led Nancy to her London apartment. Inside she said, “Are you hungry and would you like something in your pussy. Nancy nodded, meaning she was starving and Helen opened her bondage drawer and took out a pair of bondage mittens that made her fingers useless. She put them on her hands then she cuffed her wrists behind her back and lastly she said, “Nancy, Jeffery has obviously hypnotized you to do as I say, so you must always do as I say even after tonight, but you must not tell Jeffery, you will remain my slave forever. Now I supposed, he meant I should to you to your home but his did not make his meaning explicit. So tonight you can stay here.

Jeffery was approaching the bottom of the M3 where it joins the M27 when he said, “Phone Nancy and make sure she is alright.” Isabella rang Nancy’s mobile but Helen just let it ring. Then she thought, “Perhaps this is not wise,” so she picked up Nancy’s phone and called back the missed call. When Isabella answered, she said, “Is that you Nancy and, are you at home?” Helen said, “Hi it’s me Helen, Nancy is in the shower and yes we are at home. Everything is fine.” Isabella replied, “Ok get Nancy to call me when she is out of the shower.” Helen said, “Ok I will, bye.” Jeffery said, “If she is at home ring her land line.” Isabella dialed Nancy’s home and no one answered.”

When Isabella updated Jeffery he asked, “I don’t suppose you have Helen’s home number.” Isabella remembered that Helen lived in Frith Street so she rang directory enquiries and got Helen’s number. Isabella was about to call the number when Jeffery said, Don’t call yet I will stop at the John Barleycorn and we will have something to eat and I will call her from there.

As John pulled into the John Barleycorn car park he parked opposite the pub door and said, “Ok lets contact Helen, she is in serious trouble now.”

Helen was sitting on the bed with Nancy when her phone rang. She reached across to the bedside table and picked it up and as she said, “Hello”, Jeffery said, “Helen, listen carefully and don’t hang up until I tell you to. Where is Nancy?” Helen replied, “She is here sitting beside me.” Jeffery replied, “Did you go shopping and is Nancy out of her Pony suit.” Helen replied, “No I didn’t need to go shopping I have wardrobes full of latex clothing and Nancy did not want to take the pony suit off.”

Jeffery said, “You have been very naught and I want you to release Nancy and let her have a naked shower. When you see Nancy naked you are going to realise that your love for her is everything to you. Your eyes want to see her, your nose wants to smell her, all your skin not covered by latex needs to touch her and when you eat out her pussy you will become addicted to her. While Nancy is in the shower you will dress in her pony costume and cover it with your own clothes.

After Nancy is showered, ask her to phone me. Now hang up and put the phone down.”

Jeffery and Isabella entered the pub and found a table in the bar. Jeffery bought them a drink and picked two menus from the stack on the bar. After they had both chosen from the menu Jeffery ordered the food and they were eating their starter when Nancy rang. Isabella answered her mobile, and said, “Are you all right.” Nancy replied, “I am now that I am having something to eat.” Jeffery held out his hand for the phone and Isabella said, “Hold on Jeffery would like a word.”

When Jeffery took the phone, he said, “Did you enjoy your pony suit.” Nancy replied, “You made me so submissive to Isabella I felt right at home and when we were in that fetish club, I orgasmed twice. My only problem was that no one listened to what I said.” Jeffery continued, “That is because while you are wearing your pony mask you can only make the sounds of a horse. What is Helen wearing now?” Nancy replied, “She has on the pony costume and a full length mackintosh with hood.

Jeffery said, “Nancy you are no longer obliged to do as Helen instructs and please hold the phone against Helen’s ear?” He waited fifteen seconds and then said, “Helen, you are forbidden to change your dress. You will remain in the pony costume and your mackintosh until Nancy brings you here tomorrow only when you are at my house will you be able to change your clothing and in exactly ten minutes your voice will change as Nancy’s did and you will only be able to make neighing sounds. You have ten minutes to persuade Nancy to bring you to Dorset for the weekend, otherwise you are stuffed.” Jeffery closed the mobile and handed it back to Isabella as the server, came to collect their dirty plates.

When the line went dead, Helen said, “He would like you to take me with you when you go to Dorset.” Nancy put her rubberized satin skirt and jacket on then said, “I have work tomorrow. Come to Oxford in the afternoon and we can go from there.” And then she stood up collected her handbag with her keys and said, “I am going now, see you tomorrow. If you are not there, I will go without you.” Helen, was left speechless as Nancy left the apartment. Helen stood up intending to take her clothes off, but when she attempted to take them off, she realized for the first time that Jeffery’s words were her law.” She picked up her telephone by the bed and instigated a call back to the last number. When Isabella answered Helen said, “Please you have to help me, Nancy has gone and I am stuck in these clothes and I have to get to Oxford tomorrow.” Isabella replied, “Jeffery gave you enough time to persuade Nancy to help you.” Helen replied, “Neigh neigh,” and Isabella said, “When you go to bed tonight you will sleep soundly and when you wake up in the morning all this will become the new you so don’t worry,” and then she terminated the call.

Jeffery said, “That was interesting, I assume that was Helen. It will be fascinating to see what she is like if she comes tomorrow.” Isabella replied, “She certainly has a challenge before her to get from London to Oxford tomorrow without talking and wearing a pony-girl costume.”

The waitress brought their main meal and a new couple sat at the table next to them so they started talking about the weather and other insipid topics. After they finished their meal Jeffery paid the check and they got back in the car. As Jeffery drove across the New Forest on the A31 Isabella’s mobile rang and it was Nancy informing her that she was now at home having picked up a take-a-way meal on the way. Isabella replied, “I am glad you are now safe, and both Jeffery and I are looking forward to seeing you again tomorrow. Jeffery is also fascinated to see if hungry Helen will make it.” Nancy replied, “If she can get to Oxford before three thirty then I will bring her.” Nancy said, “You keep leaving with my clothes in Jeffery’s trunk, what am, I to wear tomorrow.” Isabelle replied, “You looked good in that satin suit, wear that. We will sort out all your clothes tomorrow and move them across to your car. Take care and remember we both love you, bye”

Jeffery turned off the A31 and through the Ferndown Industrial Estate then right onto Wimborne Road and left into Stapehill Road and within two minutes, was parked in front of his house.

As they entered the house, Isabella asked, “Why did you want me to take the minutes at the board meetings?” Jeffery replied, “Because I trust you to get them right and I like having you with me.” Isabella kissed him and they soon found themselves in bed having sex.

Next morning Jeffery was in the shower and Isabella was making breakfast when Colin rang. Isabella picked up the phone and Colin asked if it would be alright to pop around before work. Isabella said, “Ok, I’ll put some more bacon under the grill.”

Colin arrived as Jeffery descended the stairs and Isabella carried three plates of bacon, eggs and mushrooms into the dinning room. Colin sat down with Jeffery as Isabella fetched the coffee and toast and said, “A lot more of my memory came back yesterday while I was working on prototype number 2. Andy came to work and he is responsible for Kathleen’s successes, he gave a special mix of chemicals to his uncle Theo six months ago and a second batch five weeks ago.” Jeffery asked. “What did you do to him once you confirmed he was responsible?” Colin said, “I nipped around to Sealwear at lunch time and bought a gasmask with a built in gag and made him so that he only has his chemical knowledge and expertise while his is in his lab and wearing the mask.” When Heather came down for him at the end of the day and saw him in the mask, and she asked if he could wear it home. So I agreed providing she still has it on when she comes to work. By the way where is this old PhD research unfinished project.” Jeffery replied, “It is in the garage and it does work but it also needs some refinements.” Colin said, “If it will go in the back of my estate car, I will take it into work.” Jeffery said, “I’m sure it will, we will try in a minute.”

After breakfast, Jeffery assisted Colin to get the EMP cabinet into the back of his old Volvo. At the same time Helen was sitting in her London apartment at her laptop trying to compose an email which she would send to one of her so called friends asking for help. Helen’s only problem was that she had been a domineering bitch to all her friends and she was scarred that there would be some kind of retribution if any of them saw her like this.

When she first got up and looked in the mirror she saw nothing wrong and had made breakfast, her trouble started when she attempted to eat it. Her stomach was now rumbling and she was very thirsty but she had tried everything to get the mask off and failed. She had also failed to form any recognisable words so the use of the telephone was out.

Helen had rewritten her email several times and in the end had deleted it. She had concluded that she would have to find a private hire minicab that could be booked on-line and she would have to visit the cash machine at the bank to get money to pay for it. Helen Googled, “London Minicab Hire,” and then surfed all the selected sites trying to find an on-line booking form. After following a number a failed paths she found one site with an email address, so she composed an email to TST cars requesting a chauffeur driven car that afternoon from her Soho address to Nancy’s factory in Oxford to arrive at half past two, explaining that the passenger could not talk and would be in costume and that they should contact Nancy for payment.

Jeffery and Isabella followed Colin into work and Jeffery once again assisted Colin to unload the device. As Colin pushed the device with Isabella following, entered the freight elevator, Jeffery said, “I will go and see if Yvette is in her office”. Jeffery walked to the front of the factory and not finding Heather, knocked on Yvette’s office door. Yvette’s girly and submissive voice called out, “Come in,” and as Jeffery opened the door he found Yvette and Heather standing by the desk. Heather was still wearing her short pink mackintosh and they were looking at a letter from corporate HR. Yvette said, “Aha, Jeffery, just the man.” We received this letter this morning and it advises us that both Kathleen and the board Chairman are both dead and that the board is being re-established to include all General Managers.”

Jeffery replied, “Well congratulations you will make a good contribution to the board.” Yvette continued, “I can not accept such a position, look at us Heather and I are the laughing stock of everybody.” Jeffery replied, “Nonsense, everyone knows it was Kathleen who created you and that she also compromised all the other female members of the board, you will fit in perfectly.” Heather said, “It is not her intellect or business acumen that concerns us, it is her submissiveness, the new Chairman could compromise her and the future of this establishment and put all our jobs at risk.” Jeffery replied, “Fear not Heather your job is safe and so is everyone else’s, the new chairman will watch out for Yvette and this factory. There are three new members to the board, Yvette, Nancy and the new Chairman.”

Yvette said, “Do you know who the new chairman is, you seem very sure what he will do”. Jeffery replied, “Yes I know who it is, I accepted the position yesterday. But as of yet I have not had any written confirmation so knowledge about this, is not to leave this room until I advise otherwise.” Yvette replied, “Congratulations, I cannot think of a better person to take up this role. I feel much happier accepting this now. What will happen to your Project?”

Jeffery confirmed, “The project is completed apart from a formal handover and some information archive and disposal. I have given Colin another Project to start on for the same client and Andria will finish archiving the chemical formulas and completed products.” Heather replied, “Now that you are the chairman, do you have Kathleen’s triggers that will allow me to change my clothes. Under this mackintosh I have on a very embarrassing outfit so I have to keep this coat on all day.” Jeffery replied, “I will try and acquire her triggers but in the mean time why don’t you treat your mackintosh as a coat dress and wear it proudly as a dress.” Heather replied, “That is a good idea, I will do that.” Yvette said, “Heather is much more submissive than me, you need to be very careful what you say.” Heather replied, “I am feeling much better now I will get back to my desk, Thank you Dr Highcliff.”

After Heather had departed, Yvette said, “I am glad it is you, taking over the board but now that Kathleen is out of the way, how do I rebuild my confidence.” Jeffery replied, “The Police are investigating Kathleen and Roderick, perhaps they will uncover, how they mind controlled people. I need to speak to Marilyn so I will talk to you later when I receive confirmation of the position.” Yvette sat and her desk as Jeffery left the room and continued to go through her post. Jeffery walked through the engineering labs and found Marilyn alone in her office. The project accommodation where all the desks and engineers were located was similar in size to his basement so he placed his bag on a desk outside Marilyn’s office and went inside.

Marilyn looked up and said, “Jeffery what can I do for you?” Jeffery turned on his remote and said, “Just relax and go to sleep I am talking to everyone on Marilyn’s team, you are all now asleep and when you awake you will not remember this trance or any lost of time. All you females in the room will remain subservient to any male in this factory. All except Marilyn who will be subservient to anyone unless she has her butt plug in when she will only be subservient to Jeffery Highcliff. The men in Marilyn team will for the rest of today be dominant over the females but after five o’clock this evening you will both become subservient to any woman on the planet and especially any partner or girlfriend.

Marilyn you will remain asleep and the remainder of Marilyn’s team will now wake up forgetting any inconsistence in time or purpose. Marilyn your love of latex will grow and will become absolute. You will in future not only need to wear latex, you will also need to be immersed in latex on every square millimeter of skin in more than two layers. While you are at home you will wear a gas mask over any hoods you are wearing except when you need to eat. After you have had the gas mask on for twenty four hours, you will continue to wear it when not at home and from then on you will wear two full head hoods and your gas mask all day, removing the mask only while you are hungry and there is food in font of you. Now you will wake up after you count down from 100 to zero forgetting that I was here or that you have been in a trance or that anything has changed. As far as you will believe your need to embrace your latex fetish, is your natural desire.” Jeffery turned off his remote and walked out of the office collecting his bag before leaving the project accommodation.

Jeffery walked around to the freight elevator and descended into his old accommodation. As he entered the accommodation Isabella said, “You have some mail including one from Oxford. As Jeffery walked towards her he passed Andria’s lab and saw the gas mask she was wearing and the mackintosh similar to Heather’s. Colin came out of their lab and said, “This PFN is incredible, you have more power coming out of this than a traditional oil filled one”

Jeffery said, “That was the main basis of my research, I started building a device that would generate and electromagnetic pulse to wipe out electronics over a wide area but when I failed I thought of things I could do in a small area and came up with this but my Professor couldn’t envisage a use for it. He was looking for products that could make him a millionaire. In had its first real test on Tuesday and it fried the electronics but it turned the plastic explosives in to cyanide gas which killed a man who I now believe, was Andria’s uncle.”

Colin said, “How did you test it at the University?” Jeffery said, “I separated all the components you would used to make a bomb and placed each separate module into the cage and triggered the pulse, all the electronic fried but I used TNT as the explosives and nothing happened. The effect on Plastic explosives was only performed as a desk top study.

What I was trying to do was kill a battery. I could envisage a bomb design where the detonator would fail unsafe if all the electronics failed. But I never finished that research.” Colin said, “Ok, I have enough to work on now, this PFN however is very impressive and I am sure I can come up with other uses for it in time.”

Colin returned to the lab and Jeffry joined Isabella to open his mail. He opened everything except the one from Oxford and it was all offers from his suppliers. He noticed some of the military specification chip he had used in the A4 binder, were being removed from the catalogue so he phoned up the supplier and ordered his complete remaining stock. Lastly he came to the unopened letter and found it to be the offer he was expecting the salary was ten times what he received now and the package was extraordinary, when he showed the letter to Isabella, she said, “I am marrying a legal millionaire. Where will we live?” Jeffery replied, “This is our home but we will probably need a flat in London.” Isabella replied, “The Company already has a London apartment, in Belgravia, you need to speak to Helen she controls and allocates its usage. Jeffery said, “I wonder if we will see her this evening.” Isabella replied, “I expect we will, she is normally very resourceful, she has had that job for four years and has never been known not to deliver on any reasonable request.”

Jeffery said, “Create the files necessary for my job as chairman and put this in the first one, while I see how Colin is getting on.” Isabella made up several files and labelled each one while Colin and Jeffery did what they loved to do, play with electronics to create a solution to a problem. Colin had created eight different multi-vibrators to stimulate the PFN and connected them through a rotary switch. He had eight AA batteries each fully charged providing 1.6 volts. They cycled through the different circuits each with a new battery in the cage and fired the PFN. Jeffery made Colin wait before opening the cage explaining that he had designed the cage to bounce the RF energy around inside for as long a period of time as possible.

After each attempt they checked the output of the battery and all except one was still fully charged the one that was not fully charged output 1.22 volts. Jeffery said, “You are now at the point where I gave up, I found a frequency that reduced the battery output to just over a volt but that would have still been enough to detonate a charge. After I stopped, I thought about it for a long time afterwards but could only think of providing a sweep of frequencies to change the composition of the electrolyte. It’s a pity we have lost Andy; he would have been useful here.” Colin said, “We have not lost him, we just need to use him in his lab and speak to him via email.” Colin then sat down at his computer and created an email for Andria. Jeffery said, “Why the gas mask and the gag.” Colin replied, “He makes a far more attractive female that he ever did as a man and she was very distracting, the changes to her voice make her sound very sexy as well. I could not get on with my work.”

Jeffery asked, “Does he talk at lunch time?” Colin replied, “Yes but only as a bimbo, not as a scientist.” Jeffery continued, “We could always undo that.” Colin admitted, “I was so angry I made it so he would ignore any further attempts with any technology.” Jeffery continued, “That is a pity but, I can see why you were angry, did he tell you what he did to your marriage and did you change any of my programming.” Colin said, “I assumed you had made him subservient to you and Heather so I did not change that but he will accept no more programming from any source and yes he did tell me what he did.”

Jeffery said, “So be it, but we can try a little psychology at lunch time.”

Isabella came out of the office and said, “Nancy would like you to phone her and you had a call from a Chief Superintendent Winslow from Scotland Yard, the numbers are on your desk.” Jeffery excused himself form Colin’s company and went into his office. He dialled Nancy first and she told him that the Police had been back and had found a chemical in Roderick’s mansion that they believe was used on the board members. They would like to talk to you as you seem to be an expert in such technology.” Jeffery acknowledged that he would speak to DCS Winslow and asked, “Have you heard from Helen.” She replied ,”I had a call from a Chauffeur Company asking if I would pick up the charge for transporting her from her flat to here and I said yes. She should be here by half past two.” Jeffery replied, “Ok I will call this Mr Winslow and see what he wants and will see you at about five thirty.”

End of Chapter 9