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Victoria’s Mansion: Chapter 10

Marie steeled herself, prepared for the worst. She’d been dropped into the sex dungeon of the haunted mansion, locked in with all of their kinky toys. If there was any place they planned to finish her off in spectacular fashion this would be it.

From behind she heard the rattle of silver chains whisper to her. Turning quickly she saw the shackles swinging slowly, as if someone had just passed by. Marie tried to focus on everything at once to search for the next attack. But her heart kept pounding in her ears with the determination of a freight train. She was certain they could come marching up behind her and she’d never hear them coming.

Out of fear she spun around but saw nothing. No ghosts, no fetish-gear clad lesbians. What were they waiting for? They’d been relentless the entire day, taken her friends one by one. For all she knew Katie had already been brainwashed and devotedly serving Victoria.

“Come on then!” Marie shouted harshly, voice echoing in the dimly lit dungeon. “Where did all your slave ghosts go off to? You’ve taken everything from me,” she said, nearly on the verge of tears. “So why play coy now? Just come out and finish this!”

But the sexual playground remained silent. She wasn’t even able to sense the presence of the ghosts. They could be hiding from her, but why? What was there left for them to take? Marie figured they might be leaving her to stew in her terror until she went insane. Smiling bitterly the naked blonde figured she was nearly there already.

She’d been backing up slowly, head swiveling around in preparation for when they pounced, and shouted in surprise as she backed up into something cold and metallic. Marie turned to attack but saw only a metal cart in the middle of the room. On top was an old film reel projector, dressed in a thin coat of dust.

Marie studied it suspiciously, wondering how she could have missed it. Then on its own accord the handle of the projector began to turn, the reel spinning as the projector groaned to life. She studied the light panning onto a screen on the wall, cracked film slowly coming together to form a black screen. Marie found herself sighing with relief. The tension had been unbearable, but now the ghosts were trying to brainwash her. Just as she’d come to expect.

Suddenly the screen lit up as a heavy bass began to pulse from the projector. The projector displayed a living room, cheaply decorated and shot on even cheaper film. A cheerleader was bouncing in the corner of the room next to an old record player, blonde pigtails bouncing as she shook her ass to the beat, skimpy skirt giving regular flashes of her red panties.

“Are you kidding me?” Marie actually said out loud. The plants coming to life in the greenhouse, controlling her body and showing her the past of the house. All those strange powers she’d resisted, and now they were showing her a porno? Marie nearly struck out at the projector with anger until the cheerleader turned, a bubbly girl that made her freeze in shock. It was herself in the film, a sexualized porn version of Marie in a cheap cheerleader outfit.

She found she could do nothing but watch in surprise as her cheerleader double ran to answer the door, opening it to reveal none other than Rose decked out in a similar outfit. Despite the situation Marie was forced to admit that the black nerd filled out the uniform well. She’d never worn anything like that before, though Marie supposed her friend would happily dress however her new mistresses wanted.

“You’re just in time for the sleepover,” porno Marie said seductively, making no effort to hide the fact that it was a cheap plot device to lead to sex. “The other girls should be here soon.”

“Then I better hurry up while I have you all to myself,” Rose replied, grabbing the girl and kissing her greedily. The camera pulled in as the two cheerleader tumbled towards the couch, kissing and groping. The film showed Rose’s hand trailing down her stomach and slipping into her double’s skirt.

Marie winced, prepared for the pleasure that was no doubt about to assault her. The porno Marie moaned happily as the fingers entered her. But the real Marie opened her eyes cautiously, feeling nothing. She studied her body quickly but the girl found she wasn’t being effected at all. Meanwhile the Marie in the projected movie was grinding into the touch, clutching her own breasts as an orgasm overwhelmed her.

Marie shrugged, happy that she at least wasn’t going to be linked to their pleasure. She was still damn horny though from everything she endured and was a little jealous of the orgasm her film double was moaning from, but at least it wasn’t trying to brainwash her. Yet if the porn film wasn’t doing anything why show it to her?

The door opened again, this time revealing Katie and Mac. They both wore the same skimpy cheerleader outfits, but it was hardly worth the trouble as they quickly stripped them off. The film Marie smiled, sliding away from Rose to go over and greet them. The black girl licked her fingers off, smiling happily.

Marie hugged the now naked girls, letting Katie and Mac eagerly undress her. Marie couldn’t seem to take her eyes away from the movie, watching as these fake versions of her friends pleasured the fake version of herself. She looked behind her, still seeing no secret trap springing on her. She still felt no pleasure, no supernatural pull. It was like they were simply showing her nothing more than a porno starring all her friends. And featuring her prominently.

The double was now naked as the real Marie, stretching her hands out as Katie took a nipple in one mouth, Mac placing herself on the other breast. They licked and bit at her nipples while their hands slid down to tease her even more. The porn Marie threw her head back, bucking and whimpering with need at their touch.

Marie heard herself whimper, noticing how sore her own hard nipples were. But it wasn’t pain from teeth dragging over the sensitive flesh, instead it was the simple need to be touched. She was so god damn horny and the film was only making it worse. Was this their plan? Tease her with pornography and hope she’d give in and touch herself? Marie kept her hands planted to her sides, nails dragging over her skin to try and keep herself focused.

The film Marie had no trouble giving in however. Her friends had quickly overpowered her, planting the blonde on all fours facing right at the camera. Katie and Mac held her arms down while Rose took her place behind her. She took hold of Marie’s ass, giving it a quick spank.

“God you’re so wet, Marie.”

The porn version moaned while the real Marie tried not to focus on how wet she was too. Rose wet her lips and lowered herself down behind her friend, tongue slithering into Marie. She shook and moaned into the camera, face flushed as pleasure overwhelmed her. While Marie felt her own skin flushing as she tried to keep her hands from shaking. She wouldn’t give in. The ghosts couldn’t win like this. They would try something soon. They always did.

Marie wasn’t sure how long she’d been watching the film. The doubles of her friends eagerly played with the fake Marie, flipping her over to finger her. Shoving the blonde’s head against their own leaking pussies and cumming hard against her tongue. Now the porno Marie was bent over the couch. Katie had a small paddle in her hand, smacking the girl hard on the ass. Mac was beneath her, planting two small clamps against her nipples and twisting them, torturing her with pleasure. Rose was behind her, kissing at her back as she slipped the vibrator over her clit. The fake Marie came and came endlessly, moaning her friends names with such love and gratitude.

While Marie stood there shaking, dripping down her thighs. Body on fire, crawling with sexual need. But she kept herself frozen, repeating the same mantra over and over.

“Can’t give in. Can’t let them win. Gotta resist. Can’t give Victoria what she wants. Gotta resist. Can’t let that bitch win. Can’t give in.”

Marie shut her eyes tight, but it was as if the film played against her own eyelids, the projector beaming the film directly into her mind so the girl wouldn’t miss a second of the fun.

Marie shook and came, opening her eyes dreamily. She felt like loose rubber, ready to melt against the endless pleasure. The girl gazed up, staring through the strange black portal against the living room wall. The sex dungeon certainly appeared enticing, but she wasn’t about to leave her friends behind. She stared at the naked double of herself, standing firmly in place as she shook against her desires.

“You shouldn’t be so stupid you know.”

The girl through the portal opened her eyes in surprise, searching the dungeon for whoever had spoken. Marie rolled her eyes and said “In here, dummy.”

The two Marie’s locked eyes, one breathing heavy from the unbearable need while the other purred happily as the vibrator put perfect pressure against her clit.

“Why are you being so stubborn? Don’t you have any idea how good this feels?”

“I’m not falling for one of your tricks,” Marie snapped. “You’re not real.”

“Of course I’m real,” Marie answered, grunting as Katie smacked her ass hard. Her toned rear was red and sensitive from the divine punishment. “How do I know you’re real?”

Annoyed that this pornographic knock off would dare to doubt that she was real the naked blonde huffed and crossed her arms. But this only put pressure on her sensitive breasts and she had to stifle a moan.

The Marie in the film laughed, quickly turning into a moan as Rose increased the power of the vibrator. “Seriously this is so fucking good. And after what we’ve been through all day we deserve the right to keep cumming and cumming. Why deny yourself anyway? Because you don’t want some lesbian ghost owning you?”

“She took my friends!”

“They seem happy enough to me,” Marie said smiling, kissing Mac as the chubby girl played with the clamps on her breasts. The boring Marie trembled at the passionate kiss but fought against it.

“That’s not them. It’s not who they really are.”

“Just like I’m not really you?”

“Yes! You’re just some sex toy Victoria thought up.”

“Or maybe I’m like Rose and her lovely new Mistress. I’m the part of you that wants to play with the ghosts.”

“You’re lying,” Marie said quietly, trying to ignore the fear rising in her.

“Remember how we asked Ronnie Damico to choke us during sex? That was such a fun night, the thrill and danger of it.”

Marie went bright red as her breath caught in her throat.


“Or that one special video we watched as a kid. How that beautiful woman had a hot candle burning over her, watching as the wax dripped down slowly over her body. The way she cried out so loudly we thought she had to be in pain, but she kept begging for more.” The film Marie gave a low laugh. “Watching Evelyn use the candle on that one girl, mhhmm, the things that did for us. You couldn’t run away fast enough.”

This had to be a trick. There was no way they could know about that. Victoria must be getting in her head, trying to use those old fantasies against her. Except it didn’t matter if it was Victoria at work or not. Because these weren’t desires the ghosts were trying to put on her. This really was one of her darkest fantasies, the first she could remember.

“We always wondered just why she loved the pain so much. Until one day when we finally wanted to know the truth. You remember,” Marie said slyly.

Marie trembled, the memory still vivid. She’d gotten one of the dusty old candles from the cupboard, lit it and watched anxiously for the wax to start to drip. Just as it had in the film. She stripped nervously. Completely naked so the wax wouldn’t get on her clothes. And finally when she couldn’t stand the tension anymore she had reached out and taken the candle, bringing it over her breasts and…

“We held the candle too close and burned ourselves,” the Marie in the porno said laughing. “Still have the little bright red mark right here.”

Marie absently rubbed a finger over the spot above her left breast where the flame of the candle had bit her. The ghost of a smile traced her lips at the memory. She’d been so angry at herself being stupid. Of course she’d get it wrong and it just hurt. It was all just fantasy that it could feel so good. But as she moved to put the candle away a thin trail of wax fell and struck her thigh.

Instantly it all made sense as she moaned out from the heat. Feeling the hot wax dripping down her skin, slowly getting closer and closer to her pussy. But it stopped short, cooling and hardening in place. So she tilted the candle and let more white wax cascade down, biting her lip at the perfect pain of it.

“I played with the wax until the candle ran out. I can’t remember the number of times I came,” Marie said smiling. She looked up at the film playing, the other Marie smiling with her. And then she realized what she’d said. The naked girl shook her head, realizing she was wetter than ever.

“You never told anyone about that fantasy. Too afraid of what others might think. But that’s what this mansion is for,” the porno Marie explained. “Here there’s no one to judge, no one to shame you for what you enjoy. You’ll be free to explore whatever turns you on safely. And all the girls in the house will be eager to help you. Just look at Hillary and Rose. They’re free to enjoy themselves, free to play with everyone else.”

“But they’re slaves.”

“So? Being a slave is kinky. It’s what turns Victoria on, so admission to the mansion is helping her live out her fantasies too. Then she’ll make all of your sexual desires come true. A little bowing and kneeling, chanting ‘Yes Mistress Victoria’. Sounds like a fair deal to me.”

“I couldn’t agree more,” Victoria announced as she entered the living room in the film. Marie half expected a cheerleading outfit but the witch was in a see-through green gown. And also carrying a large black candle burning brightly. Both Marie’s felt their pussy’s tremble at the sight, whimpering.

“Y-you can’t break me,” Marie said trembling. But the witch ignored her, strolling over to the fun Marie with the ass spanked red. This Marie eagerly slid off the couch, posing on all fours for her. Victoria smiled, holding the black candle over the girl’s back.

“Don’t worry, Marie. I’ve stopped trying to play with you. This version seems like much more fun, and I’ve got your friends to play with as well.”

“So you’ll let me go?”

“Of course not. I’m simply not going to waste my efforts on you anymore. You can just stand idly by repeating your boring mantras about not giving in while I play with all the other fun girls in the mansion.”

Victoria finally turned to stare at the girl, smiling wickedly as she overturned the candle. A thin stream of inky black trailed down and oozed over the porn Marie’s back, the girl wincing and moaning at the exquisite pain of it. The perfect heat searing and heightening her pleasure, pooling on her back. The wax continued to flow, never seeming to slow. Marie realized that with the ghost’s magic the candle might never end, constantly teasing and torturing as it coated her. She couldn’t hold back the moan, but Victoria turned away without interest.

Instead she fawned over the Marie on all fours, breathes sharp and ragged as the wax began to drip down her sides. Thin trails of wax traveling down her stomach, over her shoulder and snaking over her breasts. Marie watched as a tendril of black wax slipped between her ass cheeks, the girl shaking as the hot wax poured over her cunt. The film Marie came suddenly, unable to withstand the sensation of flowing heat.

Marie was only able to watch as her greatest fantasy unfolded, Victoria making certain she couldn’t feel a thing from it. After this horrible day of being brought to the brink of orgasm, to the edge of insanity over and over. All the supernatural pleasure they’d tortured her with. Now the ghosts were simply ignoring her. Would probably ignore her for all eternity now. She’d be the only spirit in the house left out of the orgies. The only girl they wouldn’t play with or tease as a mindless slave. She’d be the only one with her mind and free will intact. And god help her but Marie couldn’t come up with a worse torture.

She dropped to her knees, trying to hold back the tears. Watching as the slave versions of her friends helped Victoria in making her double live out her fantasy filled her with such a shocking sense of being alone. Each girl appeared with a candle now, Rose dripping red wax over her ass. Katie pouring blue wax on one shoulder while Mac held a white candle over the other. All the colored wax swirling over her, Marie cumming over and over as they marked her.

She never knew she’d wanted anything so much. That her friends would want to help her, to join in on the fun. It was what they wanted, tricking her into giving in. But to be locked in this house and never see her friends again, or become a slave and live with them. It hardly seemed like a choice to make.

“I…I’ll do it.” Marie shut her eyes. “I’ll be your slave.” She was terrified of what it would feel like being changed. “I’ll do whatever you want.” Then again she’d already been brought close so many times. “I’ll obey whatever you say, Victoria.” And each time she’d been nearly overwhelmed by the pleasure of it. “Brainwash me like the others.” Maybe she’d be able to enjoy it now that she’d stopped fighting. “Let me be with my friends.”

Marie kept shaking, sitting in the dark of her mind and wondering when it would begin. But after a few seconds of nothing she opened her eyes, shocked. Victoria remained in the film projected on the wall, the other girls still fucking her double coated in wax.

“I said I give up,” Marie repeated louder. “You win. Just do it already.”

But Victoria carried on as if she were deaf, kissing the pornographic Marie and sliding her fingers into the girl’s cunt.

“Fucking enslave me already!” Her shout echoed through the dungeon, but no one reacted. Marie was ready to go mad. They’d put her through hell by trying to brainwash her and now that she was ready to give in they just ignored her? But then she caught Victoria’s eyes, the woman fixing her with a knowing look before turning back to play with her other slaves.

Victoria wasn’t ignoring her. She just wasn’t going to help her. None of the spirits would. Which means…

Marie shivered. She’d have to brainwash herself. Her hand slipped between her legs, shocked at how soaked watching the film had made her. She wanted to be that version of her in the film. The one that wasn’t afraid, who could enjoy her fantasies. The version that got to live with her friends.

Grinding onto her hand Marie thrust her fingers faster. Moaning as she enjoyed the show. Her other hand roughly playing with her breast. Nipples sore from wanting to be played with, finally getting the relief she dreamed of. She was already shaking and trembling as the orgasm rose up in her. Marie wanted to shut her eyes but forced them to stay open. She had to watch her friends and remember why she was finally giving in. To live with them and keep them happy.

Had to watch who she would become. The Marie painted in hot wax and eagerly licking at her friend’s pussy. But most of all she had to keep her eyes on Victoria, stare at the ghost as she finally won. By instinct she knew she was meant to cum staring at Victoria.

No. She’d cum staring at her Mistress.

Instant ecstasy as she climaxed, letting the long denied orgasm wash over her. Marie didn’t fight it anymore but allowed herself to get swept up in it, lost in the pleasure. Trembling she fell forward, left panting on the floor of the dungeon as her fingers still circled her clit. By force of will she raised her head, took in the projected image of Victoria pleasuring the girls and felt…

Nothing. Curious she made herself rise back to her knees. Her mind felt the same to her. Still swimming in pleasure from cumming but not a slave.

“Why…why didn’t it work?”

Victoria turned her back to the camera, to Marie, and continued to tease her loyal slaves.

“Why aren’t I enslaved?”

But with the ghost ignoring her Marie’s panicked mind rushed to the only logical conclusion. Part of her was still holding back from the mansion. Even as she was cumming the pleasure had been tinged with fear of what would happen. Clearly she hadn’t surrendered forcefully enough.

Determination renewed, her fingers slid back inside her. Marie would cum properly this time. Still sensitive she had to keep slowing herself down, knowing if she tried to force it the orgasm wouldn’t come. It was denial all over again as Marie was forced to slowly stimulate her body. Thankfully the movie still played, Victoria teasing and punishing her friends. Or rather, they were only her slaves now. Just like she wanted to be. What she needed to become.

Somehow that set her off like a chain reaction. Pressure rising rapidly as the orgasm took hold of her body, this time echoing through her slowly, deeper somehow. She threw back her head and howled with pleasure, wanting Victoria to hear. For all her fellow slaves to hear. Marie would show them she was ready to join them.

She fantasized about opening her eyes to find her new Mistress standing firm over her, chin raised high as she gazed down at her new slave with delight. The image rekindled her need instantly even as her body felt so incredibly heavy and exhausted. But when Marie opened her eyes her Mistress was nowhere to be seen. Victoria still chose to stay in the film with her double. Her shoulders fell as the weight of her failure set in. It still wasn’t good enough to get her attention. Marie struggled to her feet, a manic grin growing on her face.

The girl would show Victoria she was ready to submit.

Marie shuffled to the far wall, legs still trembling from the two powerful orgasms. Her eyes stayed glued to the movie and so she stumbled forward blindly, stopping when her hands hit the chains set into the dungeon wall. They rattled at her touch, but now the sound awakened something hungry inside her. Curiosity for how it would feel to be chained and bound helplessly. And excitement at the knowledge that soon there’d be an army of spirits eager to help her learn.

The naked girl hurried back to her spot by the projector, hands filled with toys. She instantly found the small puddle that had formed beneath her. She’d have to make that much bigger if she was to impress Victoria. Her knees were red from kneeling on the hard surface but she knelt anyway. The plan was for her to endure the pain to get to the pleasure after all. Delicately she attached one nipple clamp, wincing at the sharp pressure. She licked the other clamp, batting her lashes at the film hoping that Victoria or her friends were watching her. They continued to ignore her as she slipped the clamp onto her other nipple, but for a moment the other girls on the projected film seemed to moan louder.

Spurred on Marie rolled onto her back, spreading her legs wide as she trailed the vibrator along her thighs. Letting the vibrations tease her more and coating the toy in her own juices. Her pussy was soaked enough that she felt confident being fucked by anything, but this wasn’t for her. She was cumming for the mansion and had to entice them. Seduce the ghosts and convince them to take her.

This time it took several minutes until the next orgasm, but this Marie did deliberately. Every time the orgasm grew close she would switch off the vibrator, whining and quivering as her body cried out for release. Victoria was keen on denying her, so it must be what she wanted the girl to do to herself. Keep denying the orgasm she craved, prove she could obey. Marie thought that was what good sex slaves must do and so she set to it eagerly.

Part of her wondered who was in control. She was doing all of this for Victoria, but the witch hadn’t instructed her. Marie was the one behind the shameless display and that knowledge only excited her more. But a voice in her head nagged her, wondering if she was really obeying or still acting as she wanted. The argument distracted her, kept the orgasm at bay. Then she realized that the thought of not being obedient to Victoria had become so undesirable and that simple change in her mind was enough to send her tumbling to the edge of orgasm.

On the screen Victoria turned to address the bound and suspended Katie but Marie thought she saw the witch’s eyes linger as they passed over her, the girl imagining a knowing smile on her lips. Taking this slight acknowledgement as permission Marie allowed herself to cum.

“Yes, ohfuckyes Victoria. Thank you. Thank you…Mistress!” She quickly added the last word, hoping it would please her. Yet as the orgasm came down Marie was still herself, exhausted and frustrated. But she didn’t say a word, simply set the vibrator down and went back to the wall. This time she stopped by the rack of costumes, marveling at the endless selection. The thought that somewhere in this fantastic wardrobe might be outfits that would excite Victoria enough to enter the dungeon and take her. She’d model herself in every last one if it meant she could join her friends in servitude. Part of her resigned itself to knowing it might take just that to appease the witch.

Victoria was right to be furious at her and deny her the right to serve. She and Katie had been fighting her this whole time when they should have simply accepted their fate. They would never be able to win, not against her. Not against the mansion. If she had simply joined Hillary right there in the living room when she’d first strolled in naked then it would have been so much simpler. The ghosts would have been happy to take in such an eager slave. Would take away all her fear and doubts. But she had fought them and so she needed to be punished. And the only way out was to finally give them what they wanted.

Marie slinked out from between the rows of costumes, clad in thin purple silk that barely covered her breasts, a silk skirt that left her wet cunt easily visible. She rolled her hips with each step, letting the belt of silver charms ring out as she moved. Marie lifted her arms over her head to display the gold bands she had adorned herself with. Blonde hair held high in a ponytail, gold necklace around her neck. The belly dancing outfit had instantly caught her eye. She supposed it was the connections it had to her mind with harems and slave girls, but also the fact that it allowed her to show off what she could offer.

The slave girl began to dance, letting her hips shift and sway hypnotically. Her abs glistened with sweat as the blonde twirled delicately on her toes. At first she put her attention towards the screen, reaching out to her future Mistress to try and draw her in. But soon she found herself caught up in the dance as she whirled around the dungeon, showing off the skills she had learned in the belly dancing classes she had attended with Katie to keep in shape. Thank god she hadn’t gone for the Zumba classes Marie thought happily, bending down low to put her ass on display. She lost track of her dance performed in worship of the mansion. She lost track of her own thoughts, simply letting her body take over and move on instinct.

In a final twirl the girl threw herself to the floor, landing on her knees with her palms stretched as far as they could reach and slapping to the floor. Panting with exhaustions she rested her head on the cool floor, hoping only that she had proven herself.

A loud clap echoed like thunder, shocking her. Marie raised her head to see Victoria smiling down at her from within the movie, clapping slowly. The other slaves in the film began to applaud her as well and soon the dungeon filled with clapping and cheers. Her body burned bright red from the attention, hardly able to remember the last time she’d felt so rewarded. They’d accepted her, finally.

“I must say I wasn’t certain if your intentions were true,” the witch spoke sweetly, stepping to the edge of the screen. “But it would appear you are finally ready to join our ranks.” Behind the ghost knelt the good Marie, the obedient slave who had been rewarded and marked with candlewax. The slave was smiling proudly, equally pleased with her double’s devotion. Marie returned the smile gratefully.

“Thank you, Mistress.” Victoria’s smile grew at hearing the title, and the knowledge that she’d pleased her sent warm shivers down her stomach. “I see my place now. How you’ve already brainwashed me, trained me so I would be ready to obey. I don’t have a choice anymore. I know I’m yours.” Marie was almost bouncing with excitement, licking her lips. She’d finally surrendered enough to please them. It was all she could remember wanting anymore.

Victoria suddenly covered her mouth as she laughed loudly. The kneeling slave cocked her head to the side, scrunching her brow. Had she said something wrong?

“Oh, sweet girl. You think you’ve already been brainwashed.”

Of course she had, they’d brought her to all of this. Messing with her mind to give in to the thought of submission, diving head first into the denial until there was no resistance left. That’s what her Mistress had done to finally break her.

“My dear Marie, the entire time you’ve been in this basement we haven’t tampered with your thoughts in the slightest.”

“But…then why did I…?”

Victoria’s red lips parted into a cruel grin. “Everything you’ve done down here was your own decision. And I must say I’m quite impressed by the lengths you brought yourself to all on your own.”

Marie shook her head, setting the silver bangles and charms of her harem outfit clattering. The witch was lying. She always lied. It couldn’t be true. They made her want to give in. Made her turn it into a show for their approval. And yet…

She knew in her heart it was true. It had been so easy to let go and blame her actions on the ghosts but the one who put her through that agonizing denial and humiliation had been herself. Giving in to temptation to explore the toys and outfits she’d feared upon first entering. Wanting to dance and seduce the ghosts so they would make her a slave as they did her friends. It really had been Marie forcing herself to submit all along.

“Control is merely a state of mind,” Victoria said sagely. “An altering of perception, putting yourself in the hands of another. Magic was never needed to achieve that, though our special abilities do make it quite a bit more fun. And normally a much easier process. But I have to thank you. That strong resistance of yours reminded me why I enjoy enslaving others so much.

“To force women to the very edges of their sanity, the walls they built up to keep out the truth of their desires. The rush of finally breaching their defenses and setting them free in a new world of pleasure.” Victoria licked her lips, eyes locked on her newest girl. “And to achieve all of that without entering their minds supernaturally, just as I had to do when I first began with Irene. You girls frustrated me beyond compare, but you truly did make this the most fun I’ve had in decades.”

Marie cast her eyes to the floor, head bowing slightly as she forced herself to speak. “Does that mean…you’ll take me now? Let me be with my friends?”

The witch smiled graciously, holding out her hands as an offering. “Of course, my dear. I told you all along there was a part of yourself eager to enter the reality of this mansion and the pleasures it can provide. Now that you’ve experienced it firsthand, I believe you are ready.”

The slave rose to her feet, smiling nervously. Knowing this monumental decision was hers to make was daunting, the choice to throw away everything she’d known in her life before. But the truth was what she truly cared about had already become a part of the mansion. The friends she loved dearly were already waiting for her. The witch stood at the edge of the movie screen, the square of projected light a portal into her world. The images of her friends waited eagerly, cheering her on with each step.

Marie closed her eyes and reached out, finally at peace.

And in the blink of an eye it was all ripped away. A crash of metal roared from behind her while as Marie watched the light of the film cut out, the portal to the living room vanishing instantly. In its place Victoria stood against the wall, standing in the dungeon. She was staring beyond Marie in utter shock, eyes narrowing with anger.

Marie turned around and saw Katie standing there, one foot proudly planted on the projector she had just smashed into the ground. The reel spun haltingly, light flickering from the lens before the projector died out with a final wheeze. Katie smirked in triumph, and behind her Marie could sense Victoria’s anger like a physical presence.

“Sorry to cut the home movies short, but me and this undead bitch need to have a conversation first.”