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Victoria’s Mansion: Chapter 11

“You dare to interrupt me?” Victoria snarled at Katie, shooting a death stare at the nude Katie. But the blonde’s tight lipped smile didn’t waver. She was ready for the confrontation and anything the witch had in store for her.

Marie stood helplessly between them. On her right was her best friend, trying to make a final stand for their freedom. And to her left was Victoria the witch, green gown flowing as she marched forward. Marie struggled to decide whose side she was meant to be on. The right thing to do was to stand with Katie and oppose the ghost trying to enslave them. But then she’d spent this entire time in the basement begging to be a sex slave. She’d still be trying to seduce Victoria into taking away her will if Katie hadn’t stopped her at the last moment. But if she’d already surrendered to the temptation of the mansion did that mean it was already too late for her to return?

Katie raised an eyebrow at her friend, no doubt equally curious about who Marie would choose. How much of her show had she seen? Had Katie been watching and waiting as Marie degraded herself, trying to prove she could be obedient enough for the mansion? Marie realized that Victoria was studying her as well. Why wouldn’t the Mistress wonder? The girl had practically sold her soul already. But Marie couldn’t deny she still wanted to support her friend. Yet stuck between the two women she hung her head in shame, unable to decide.

Victoria shrugged and faced Katie, knowing that she was the last true challenge. Once the rebellious girl fell under her power then Marie would quickly follow behind. Except Katie appeared far too confident. If she had escaped her enslaved friends Victoria had hoped the encounter would have weakened her. Instead Katie stood with hands on her hips, as if eager for the fight. For that matter how had she even entered the basement?

“Not knowing what’s going on is a good look for you,” Katie taunted. “It kind of sucks not having things go like you planned, doesn’t it? See we wanted a simple ride home back to college and instead my friends end up brainwashed by this mansion. So I’ve been really looking forward to a chance to spoil your day in return.”

“You’ve certainly proven to be a troublesome thorn in my side, but nothing I’ve never handled before.”

“I doubt that,” Katie replied smugly. “And if you don’t believe me just ask your former slave.”

Victoria cast an eye at Marie, figuring she meant the prize she had cheated her from, but Marie appeared just as clueless. Then they both noticed how Marie tugged at strands of golden rope in her hand. The ropes trailed into the clothing racks and one by one a girl appeared at the end of the three makeshift leashes. Mac and Hillary smiled dazedly, simply happy to feel so owned. Patty kept her eyes downcast, already sensing the anger coming from her former mistress.

“Patty,” Victoria said quietly, doing nothing to hide the furious anger welling up inside her. “Why are you letting this girl lead you around like a stray dog instead of enslaving her like I ordered you to?”

“I-it’s not my fault. She…she…” Suddenly Katie yanked on the rope, making it go tight around Patty’s neck and dropping her to her knees. Marie gasped, never seeing Katie so ruthless. But the eighties ghost didn’t react with pain, instead she moaned and quivered at the abuse. For a moment her adoring eyes focused only Katie, before she turned to stare at Victoria with renewed confidence.

“Mistress Katie has enslaved me now. Me and my two fellow slaves love and obey her. I let her into the basement so she could face you.”

“You would betray me? After everything I’ve done for you? Have you hated your place in my mansion so much to perform this treachery?”

Patty seemed to recoil, hurt. “Of course not, Victoria. I love it here and I’ve enjoyed everything you did with me.”

“Then why would you help her?” Victoria shouted, stabbing a finger a Katie.

“Because she made herself my Mistress and I have to obey my Mistress like you always taught me.”

For a moment Victoria was at a loss for words. She directed her attention to the nude forms of Hillary and Mac, who had both kneeled beside Patty simply because they supposed it was what Katie wished from them.

“And you two submitted to her as well? Choosing her over me?”

“Yes, Mistress Katie is the best.” Mac said proudly but quickly shrunk back at Victoria’s reproachful sneer. Hillary however kept her gaze, not retreating from the ghost.

“Mac’s right. Katie is amazing at this, I never would have guessed she could be so…commanding.” Katie seemed to blush and turned away, but Hillary kept going. “Victoria I’m so grateful to you. You and the others helped me realize what I really wanted. To not be stuck up and hate myself for my desires, or look down on my friends for going after what they wanted. You promised me freedom and gave it to me. And that means I’m free to choose to be Katie’s slave. I just enjoy knowing I can make my friend happy.”

Katie stepped behind her kneeling slaves, petting Hillary’s head. The redhead nuzzled into the palm of her hand like a cat. Victoria was speechless. Even Marie was shocked. This entire time she’d thought they’d broken Hillary, turned her into some psychotic nymphomaniac, and yet despite the new sexual appetite it was still her friend deep down.

Victoria noted the adoring expression on all three of the kneeling slaves, happy under the power of their new Mistress. “You’ve stolen from me,” the witch said simply. “Resistance I can forgive, it’s a natural response. Even lashing out at my plants and my slaves in your fear to escape I can’t hold against you. But stealing the love of my girls from me? That’s something I can’t reconcile.”

The lights of the dungeon seemed to darken, the walls quaking from the ghost’s anger. Victoria strode toward Katie who stepped up to meet her boldly.

“I have such horrible tortures in mind for you. Such punishment that will make you cry out in agony. You’ve ignited fury in me that I haven’t felt in centuries.” Long cracks split into the walls, the beams of the ceiling sagging and groaning as if the house were to implode around them. Victoria was shaking, trembling at the unbearable rage.

Suddenly women began to appear within the dungeon, attracted by the powerful dark energy filling the house. The women varied wildly be age and race, most naked but some still clad in costumes. Marie noticed Evelyn hiding by the silver chains, appearing deeply afraid.

The redheaded Irene appeared, the young, ancient ghost smiling quietly at her wife. For a moment Victoria’s anger seemed to fade, but then the two forms of Rose appeared beside her. Kneeling was the black girl who was Marie’s friend, arms locked between the girls legs. And on the other side was the pale skinned form of Valeria, her dominant creation, with a hand on Irene’s shoulder to comfort her. Victoria noticed the red brand the sorceress queen had placed on Irene’s forehead, as Valeria had marked on many of the slaves of the mansion she’d played with so far.

The house rattled violently as Victoria’s rage reignited. Another of this group that had defied her and would need to be dealt with. At least the girl Rose had the decency to surrender to the house first. Victoria turned to face Katie, the blonde’s confidence fading fast. She’d expected a fight, but the frightened expressions of the other ghosts told her that this wasn’t some bluff or a show of power. The witch had truly lost it and was nearly ready to bring her own mansion crumbling down in her fury.

“This murderous rage filling me, there’s only one solution. Only one thing left now for me. You’ve truly driven me to the most desperate of acts.”

Katie shrunk back from the witch, shoulders hunched and anticipating the blow. But no matter how scared she was the girl still placed herself between Victoria and the three girls she’d enslaved. Katie was the one who had forced them to obey her and dragged them down here. She wasn’t about to abandon them.

Victoria strode up to the trembling girl, stopping mere inches from her. The ghost’s eyes burned bright red with her supernatural power. She took in a deep breath, preparing herself for the unpleasantness that was to take place. Then with all eyes upon her Victoria dropped to her knees and hung her head, slipping off her gown so it fell to the floor around her. Utter silence filled the dungeon as even the mansion had gone still. In a quiet voice Victoria finally spoke.

“I need you to punish me, Mistress.”

Katie blinked, hands still held up to fight.


“I need you to punish me, Mistress,” Victoria said more forcefully this time. “I’ve been wicked and need to be disciplined for my anger.”

The blonde studied the other ghosts but most were shocked as well. Only the oldest ghosts like Irene and Evelyn appeared relieved. Katie turned to Marie for help but it became clear it was up to her now.

“You can’t be serious. You want to submit to me?”

“No, I’m so furious I want to fling you from the roof,” Victoria snapped, eyes burning with dark power again. But the witch closed her eyes and composed herself, letting out a heaving sigh. “But I need to swallow my pride and not give in to my emotions. So I need someone to chastise me for my actions. Discipline me so I do not become foolish in my rage. And since that means stopping me from wanting to kill you I suggest you not take long.”

Katie nodded, still not entirely understanding but eager not to be killed. She hesitated, feeling the eyes of every member of the mansion upon her. But she knew stalling would only work against her and so Katie forced herself to act.

She shot out her hand and took a hold of Victoria’s jet black hair, suddenly pulling her head back to stare at her. The witch snarled and began to rise but Katie quickly slapped her with her other hand, leaving the dominant ghost shocked. Katie yanked on her hair again and forced her back on her knees.

“You’re angry with me?” Katie snapped. “I’m the one who’s been chased by horny ghosts for what’s felt like three days. You’ve tried to break into my mind. Hell you’ve tried to break my mind. You had some giant plant bitches swallow me up to rape me and you’re angry with me!?”

Katie broke into a voracious grin.

“There is one thing you’re right about, bitch. You need to be punished. And I’m going to enjoy this.” A faint glimmer of a smile appeared on Victoria’s face but Katie backhanded her, the ghosts in the basement wincing. The witch looked up at Katie with confusion but the girl didn’t back down. “No, you don’t get to enjoy this. Now apologize to Marie.”

Katie twister the handful of smooth hair and forced Victoria to spin on her knees, facing the surprised girl. Marie wasn’t able to decide what was more shocking, the hurt and submissive appearance on the witch’s face or the almost greedy expression of joy that had taken over Katie.

“I-I’m sorry Marie.”

“That’s okay,” Marie answered slowly, confused. But Katie suddenly spanked Victoria on her pale ass.

“Not good enough. What are you apologizing to her for?”

“Unggh. I’m sorry I tried to enslave you. I just wanted to let you feel the pleasure of—”

Another sharp spank across the ass. Marie started to notice the gathered ghosts getting into the act, fear giving way to excitement. Most had never seen Victoria as anything but their Mistress. Watching the woman who controlled the mansion, who owned them, being treated as a slave was the ultimate in blasphemy. An entirely new taboo desire they’d never experienced before.

“Don’t try to explain why you acted like a complete bitch. Just apologize to her and mean it this time.”

“Yes, Mistress. I’m sorry Marie. I shouldn’t have put you through all of this torment.”

Marie nodded and accepted the apology, but deep down she wasn’t sure. The events of the day had truly been horrifying, but by the end she’d been begging to be enslaved. Was she really that angry at them over it if she wanted to experience more?

Katie was hardly finished, leading Victoria by the hair to face Hillary and Mac. Their leashes lay on the floor at Katie’s feet but they still stayed obediently kneeling, clearly happy that their Mistress was in control now. Seeing that Victoria was level with her two enslaved friends she shoved her head down so it was nearly resting on the floor. Now the witch was forced to gaze up at the girls as if she were a dog being punished.

“Now apologize for enslaving Hillary and Mac.”

“But they loved it! And-and you enslaved them too.”

Katie reached back to spank her but instead saw Marie and broke into a grin.

“Marie, you deserve some payback too. Spank Victoria for me.”

Marie crossed one arm over her chest and held out her hand to politely refuse. “Th-that’s alright. I really don’t need to—”

“Marie.” Something in Katie’s voice caught her and she found herself freezing. “Marie, spank this slave for me. Now.”

She shivered at hearing her friend Katie speak to her like this, but at the same time she found herself getting wet. Victoria was the one who’d brought her to the point of admitting that she wanted to be controlled. So really it was her own fault for making her this submissive.

Marie gave Victoria a light spank on the ass, hardly making a sound.

“Spank her harder unless you want to be punished to.”

She turned to Katie in shock, and honestly the girl seemed surprised at herself. But her determination quickly returned. Under that confident gaze Marie knew she meant the threat, so she bent down and smacked Victoria hard on her pale ass, the former mistress crying out in surprise.

Mac and Hillary giggled, enjoying the expression of shame and humiliation washing over Victoria’s face. But bent over it was also clear to see how wet she was becoming from being treated this way. Marie kept slapping the witch slave on the ass, watching as her pale rear became bright red from the abuse. Victoria managed not to say a word but after a minute she was left whimpering.

“That’s enough,” Katie finally said. Marie stopped her hand in mid-swing. She felt as if she’d been in a trance, not in control of herself. Because she felt the need deep down to obey Katie.

Katie released her hold on Victoria’s hair, the ghost sitting up and stretching her sore neck. She tried to sit but the instant she sat on the floor she bounced up wincing. Victoria laid her eyes on Marie, the girl retreating expecting retribution for her part in her humiliation. Instead the witch was almost smiling, as if impressed.

Victoria spun as she heard her new Mistress Katie click her tongue to get her attention. The blonde had laid down on her back with legs spread, pussy dripping. “Come on Victoria, time for you to apologize to me now.” The witch looked at her reproachfully but she certainly dived her tongue into the girl’s pussy with surprising enthusiasm.

“Huh, who would have thought for all the show of being so powerful that you were a switch?”

“I’m not normally,” Victoria said planting a kiss on her clit. “But I have some…problems with anger management. When I first became a spirit I think you saw how fixated on revenge I was. Luckily Irene was there to stop me. Usually I was the one in control but when she saw my rage she quickly put me into place. She’s the one who kept me even headed all these years.” Victoria glanced up from Katie’s pussy and saw her wife Irene in the crowd of ghosts, smiling and licking her lips at the show. “She’s the reason I never killed anyone.”

“Wait, I thought you killed her husband?”

“That whoremonger? He died of syphilis a few years after I began haunting the mansion.”

Katie shrugged, about to comment on it when Victoria’s tongue slipped back inside her. The ghosts of the mansion began to join in, some simply beginning to masturbate while others began to pair off to begin the orgy. Hillary and Mac turned and shared a passionate kiss, happy that it had all worked out. Patty whined beside them, feeling neglected. That quickly stopped as the two slaves pinned her down to grind against her, using her as a sex toy.

Among the growing orgy stood Marie by herself, staring at the activities with fascination and horror. She chastised herself wondering why she was afraid, she’d been so ready to throw herself into this life earlier. Best thing to do was try to give in and enjoy it. She took a hesitant step towards her friends, Mac with her head planted between Patty’s legs while Hillary sat on top of the ghost, grinding her hips down against her face. The redhead was writhing with pleasure, head thrown back and eyes closed.

Marie knew she could easily join in. Simply surprise her friend by playing with her breasts and meeting with Hillary for a kiss. Or even crawl in behind Mac to eat her out, begin a line of horny girls pleasuring each other. It seemed so clear how to proceed and her trembling pussy told her she wanted nothing more to join in.

But it was still wrong.

These weren’t her friends, couldn’t be. The house had changed them, made them different. Katie had enslaved her friends? She’d even ordered Marie around as if she were an obedient slave. Marie couldn’t accept that her friends would really want this.

She fled from the dungeon, running up the stairs and out into the hall before she could question where the stairs came from. Marie ran without direction, knowing the house would simply send her in circles regardless. Behind her was left a scattered trail of jewelry and shreds of her purple silk costume. The girl couldn’t bare the sight of the outfit she’d picked out, choosing to rip it away in defiance. All she wanted was away from the orgy, away from what had become of her friends. She noticed a small white door and threw it open, instantly blinded by bright light.

Marie stumbled against the light but felt the cool breeze trailing over her naked body. Blinking the world came into view around her and she saw that she was outside. Somehow she had made it into the backyard. But she wouldn’t let herself believe it. Had to be a trap.

A few feet away stood the enormous stone fountain, the stone beauty standing proudly as water trickled down her naked body into the pool below. Marie stuck her hands in the cold water and splashed it on her face, instantly shivering.

This was real. Marie began to bounce up and down, unable to contain herself. It wasn’t a dream or a trick. She was free! Marie threw her hands into the air and cheered, flipping off the enormous hulk of the ancient mansion. She’d done it. Although Marie had to admit she hadn’t actually done anything. She supposed Victoria and the spirits were so preoccupied with the orgy that they hadn’t even noticed her slipping away. Now that she’d discovered a way out she could sneak into the basement and get her friends out to safety.

But her smile faded as the memory of the orgy came to her. The girls had all thrown themselves into the depraved fun without a moment’s hesitation. Mac and Hillary fucking that ghost Patty. Katie dominating Victoria, and when Marie had last looked even Irene had joined in, slipping behind the witch with toys of her own to use on her wife. Even if it was possible to slip in without being seen her friends would never want to leave. There was nothing left of them anymore.

Tears in her eyes Marie began the long walk away from the haunted mansion. Even the fact that she was naked hardly mattered. It’s not like she’d ever be able to explain what she’d seen. No one would believe her about how her friends disappeared. She’d truly be on her own from now on without anyone caring for her.


She spun in surprise, watching as Rose ran out of the house after her. Marie tackled into the naked girl and gave her a crushing hug, impossibly grateful. At least someone else had been able to make it out of that madhouse. If anyone would have been able to break free it would be Rose. Marie finally faced her friend but what she said next broke her heart.

“Are you leaving already? The fun’s only just getting started.”

“What? Aren’t you leaving?”

“Why would I leave? I’m happy here.”

Marie backed away, shaking her head. “No, you’re not. It’s them messing with your head. They brainwashed you.”

“Victoria and the others didn’t do anything to me. Technically I brainwashed myself, or at least a fragment of my personality did. But that just means that part of me responded to the mansion and what it offered. You’ve felt it too.”

“But it’s wrong. We should be trying to escape.” The blonde was stumbling and weaving, barely able to catch her breath. It was all too much of her to come to terms with. Rose caught her quickly and carried her over to the fountain, the friends sitting down by the edge of the small pool of water.

“Marie, listen. No one’s in any danger. The ghosts never wanted to hurt us, just—”

“Turn us into lesbian slaves.”

Rose was about to argue but shrugged instead. “Yeah, pretty much. But it’s not like that’s such a bad thing.”

“How can you say that? You’ve always tried to be so independent. Are you just going to throw away everything you’ve worked towards?”

“You mean thousands of dollars in student loans to try and get a shitty job in the hopes that through all that I’ll find happiness. Marie, inside that house are dozens of other women, all of them ready to do anything to help us be happy. To help us do what we want with our lives. That’s the same reason we joined the sorority, to be part of something bigger. The mansion’s the same principle, although the sorority house didn’t have quite as much girl on girl action.”

Marie sniffed, staring at her friend. She wanted so badly to believe it was really Rose talking to her, but it easily could just be a brainwashed slave saying whatever it took to bring her back inside, trap her forever so she could be enslaved as well.

“Rose, you’re not you. Not anymore. They’ve changed you and gotten rid of who you were.”

“Marie, people change all the time. Everything we go through makes us a new person. You’re certainly a different person than before we went in there.”

“No! They didn’t brainwash me!”

“I don’t mean that part,” Rose held her hands out defensively. “When we thought we had a chance to escape the mansion you chose to go back inside because you refused to leave a friend behind. I’d never seen that kind of bravery in you before. The way you kept fighting for us, for what you thought was right. It was beautiful. The mansion helped bring that strength out in you, but it also revealed your fantasies too. A part of you that accepts how much fun it would be to stay in there.”

Marie couldn’t stop wringing her hands, not knowing what to do or say. Did a part of her want to stay in the mansion? Yes. She couldn’t deny that.

“But-but I can’t. Everything else, every other part of me is screaming at how sick it is to want to be a slave. How wrong it is.”

“I think that’s why they usually go with brainwashing,” Rose admitted. “I suspect its fun for them as well, chasing down girls and corrupting them. Victoria and her girls want to give that tiny spark of desire a chance to grow but you refuse to even acknowledge it.”

“Then help me,” Marie said meekly.

“I- I want you to stay. To live here with me. With Katie and the others. But that’s me being selfish. If you really can’t handle it I’ll convince them to let you leave. We-we’ll have to think of something to explain all of this for when you leave, but I think we can—”

“No,” her friend said softly, taking her hand. Marie stared into her eyes, pleading. “Rose, help me.” And then Rose realized what Marie truly wanted. She wanted to be brainwashed. Rose smiled, holding her hands.

“Are you sure this is what you want?”

“I want…so many different things I can’t choose. But one thing I know is that I never want to leave you girls. I love you, Rose.”

“I love you, too.” The girls held each other tight, knowing this was the last time they’d be hugging as friends. Once they entered the mansion they’d become so much closer. Lovers, sisters, slaves. Together for eternity. Marie pulled away and now Rose was able to clearly see the excitement gnawing at her friend. She was ready.

Rose closed her eyes and felt herself vanish. Or rather it was like a coin turning. One side went out of sight, and Valeria took over instead. Marie gasped as she watched her nerdy, black friend transform into a dominating, pale skinned gothic sorceress.

“I still find it weird how your skin changes color like that.”

Valeria patted her knees and laughed. “Technically this character was already thought up in her head like this. If I had known I’d be slipping into it I’d have given Valeria a stronger resemblance.”

“So you’re going to be the one to do it?”

“Mhm, Rose is in here too. I’m simply the part of her better suited for this.”

Valeria reached out to her gingerly, fingers caressing Marie’s cheek. The girl shivered at first but quickly warmed to the touch. A thought struck her and she backed away slightly.

“You’re not going to give me one of those freaky head brands, are you?”

Valeria laughed and snorted, a sound Rose had made so many times when she’d been caught off guard with a joke. Right then it laid to rest any doubts that this was anything but her best friend. She might have turned into two people, but it was still the same Rose she’d always known.

“Don’t worry, Marie, it won’t be anything as dramatic as that. Maybe once you’ve settled in we can see if you’re feeling kinky enough for it,” Valeria added with a wink. Marie allowed herself to smile as the sorceress took hold of her cheek once more. She dove her free hand into the fountain, lifting her hand out with water cupped inside. As she raised it past Marie’s eyes she saw the sun sparkling off of the water, remembering the dream in the car that had started this all.

Victoria had told her that she would join them, that her friends would live with her here. Was it merely a coincidence she would be taken the same way as the dream, or was Victoria trying to show her that it was destined to end this way? Her eyes locked with Valeria, and within that she saw Rose as well, clear as day. The only thing that mattered was that they were together and she could live happily with that.

The sorceress poured the cold water over her head slowly, light and pleasure filtering into her mind. It was as if the water was washing away her thoughts, those silly anxieties holding her back. Another handful of water cascading down over her head. Purifying her. Already she felt happy and light, smiling absently. If this is how the other girls felt as they surrendered then it really wasn’t so bad.

Her vacant eyes settled on the mansion beyond Valeria and in the windows she saw her friends gathered there. Hillary and Katie holding one another, smiling warmly. Mac waving enthusiastically like a little kid. Even Victoria and Irene were there, the ghost wives watching hand in hand at the newest resident of their home was inducted.

Already her fears had been melted away, but Marie was still skeptical if she would ever see eye to eye with the woman who had put her through such hell. She would be happy to join in on the fun with the other girls, but Marie was almost certain she’d never be one to participate in Victoria’s brand of recruiting.

The train of thought was broken as Rose took her friend’s head in her hands, gently rocking her back. Marie blinked in surprise, wondering where Valeria had gone.

“I asked my other self if I could be the one to do this. Is that alright, Marie?”

The blonde took her friend’s hands away so she could lean in and kiss her, tenderly. “It sounds perfect, Rose. Thank you.”

Rose took hold of her head again and lowered her back into the fountain, slowly letting her sink into the water. It had felt cold before but now it was warm, luxurious. Marie felt herself uncoiling, a human being wound so tight with worry and fear. But now that tension was finally released. It was as if she were dissolving, the person she was before melting away. And whoever returned into the mansion, Marie knew they would love their new life there.