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Victoria’s Mansion: Chapter 6

Mac turned the empty box over, hoping to find even crumbs left. They hadn’t had a chance to eat anything since the ghosts locked them inside and unlike the others she didn’t have the luxury of being knocked out and unaware of how hungry she was. Checking on Rose she saw her friend had hardly moved, still methodically typing on the laptop with a grave face.

“I can’t believe you can write at a time like this.”

Rose shot up, guilt painted on her face. She quickly shook it away, smiling. “I’m not writing, I’m trying to do anything I can to find a signal. Hopefully these ghosts haven’t lived recently enough to know how to block out wifi signals.”

“Any luck yet?”

“You mean a hot-spot just drifting through the woods and parking outside so we can call for help? No, we’re not that fortunate. But I’ve also got a ton of papers and books on witchcraft and the supernatural that I’m gleaming through to try and find anything useful.”

Mac laughed. “Seems like your Stephen King obsession is finally paying off.” Rose smiled and put her nose back to the screen, scanning through the dense writing. Mac spied the door to the next room and got up. “Hey, I’m going to go into the kitchen quick.”

Rose reacted as if she’d just casually suggested she was going to take a quick swim through a pool of lava. Mac held her hands up defensively. “I remembered that we left the bag with all the food in there. I’ll just go snatch it and be right back.”

Putting her laptop aside Rose got to her feet. “I’ll come with you then. It’s not safe to be alone, especially with Hillary locked in there.”

“But if we both go no one would be here to keep an eye on Katie and Marie.” The sleeping girls were between them, finally resting. Rose shivered at the thought of those unseen perverts coming for them if she wasn’t here to protect her friends.

“I’ll be right in the next room, Rose. And Hillary is locked up on the other side of the kitchen.” The black girl seemed doubtful so Mac pressed on. “The slightest weird thing happens and I’ll scream. You can wake up the others and come save me. Plus I know I overeat but the rest of you must be hungry as well.”

Rose’s stomach betrayed her, gurgling and crying out.

“Let me bring back some food so we can all eat and recharge when we change shifts. At least before the witches wake up and start up their weird games again.”

Rose still wasn’t certain if it was a smart move but she couldn’t deny the logic. And if Mac was gone for a minute she’d have time to…

“Alright, just- be careful okay? I don’t want to lose another friend.”

“I’ll be laser focused. Will you be okay by yourself?”

Computer back in her lap Rose flashed Mac a confident smile that surprised her. “Yeah, I’ve got everything locked down here. Bring me back something good, okay?” Mac nodded and marched through the kitchen door.

Rose held the brave face until Mac left the room, sighing with exhaustion as she finally let it slip away to show the worry beneath. She cleared away the useless digital books she’d brought up and opened a blank page. Staring at it pensively, remembering how it felt when she had almost succumbed before.

Sure it was incredibly stupid but it was their only sure way of contacting the spirits, of possibly talking their way to freedom. The thought of Hilary’s face mindlessly orgasming flashed before her eyes, knowing that she could end up the same way if she failed. Rose stretched her fingers to begin typing before she quickly slammed the laptop shut, breathing hard.

“I’ll just wait a minute. Prepare myself.” She thought she could hear the ghosts laughing at her cowardice.

* * *

Mac cautiously entered the kitchen, studying every dark corner for signs of a masked killer or a leather clad lesbian. At this point she wasn’t sure which was scarier. The blue duffel bag full of snacks was right on the porcelain counter where they’d left it. She tiptoed to it as carefully, afraid the slightest sound would set the haunted house off again. Almost certain it was a trap Mac picked up the bag and tested the weight, wincing. But the bag was normal as ever, stuffed with boxes of food and some drinks.

Hillary’s voice carried through the wooden door at the other end of the room, making her jump. “Did you decide to be a slave like me yet?”

Mac looked around uncertainly, holding the duffel bag tight to her chest. “Um… no?”

“Oh, okay.” The enslaved girl almost sounded disappointed, going silent again.

Slinging the duffel bag over her shoulder Mac turned to exit and stopped cold, staring at the Eighties girl blocking her path, still dressed in her black leather jacket and slicked up hair. The ghost seemed to be happily eating a peach, posed sitting casually on the counter with her plaid skirt bunched up to reveal more than enough skin to make anyone interested.


“Hi Mac,” she replied cheerfully, taking another bite out of the peach. Juice dribbled down her chin in a thin stream. “Sorry, I was starving so I came down for a quick bite to eat.”

The sorority girl took a cautious step back, before realizing that she was now heading right towards the locked pantry with Hillary naked and crazy inside. So instead she took a cautious step forward, back towards the undead party girl. Patty giggled, finding the uncertainty hysterical.

“Wait a minute, do ghosts even need to eat?”

“Not really,” Patty answered with a shrug. “Then again we don’t have to fuck either, but why would we give up something so fun just because we’re dead?”

Despite the fact that her supernatural mistresses were keeping her friends hostage in the ancient house Mac found herself seeing the ghost’s point. Eying the kitchen doorway Mac was trying to decide how quickly she could run there, regretting all the cardio she never did in her life. Patty followed her eyes and smiled.

“Oh, I’m blocking you in, aren’t I?” With a surprisingly graceful move Patty slid across the counter, folding her legs up as she passed Mac. Mac for her part flinched back and hit her head against the wall. Patty waved the peach to the door, smiling. “There, now you’re free to leave.”

Mac studied the open doorway and turned back to Patty. “Why aren’t you trying to brainwash me like the others?”

“Hey I just signed on for the sex and partying. A lot of the older girls here get off on the whole kidnapping and enslaving part, but I prefer more conventional fun.”

“So, at the party before, that wasn’t you trying to make me a lesbian slave?”

Patty blushed deeply. “Well it is a lot of fun playing with the woman here, but I was really just doing it because I thought you were cute.” Now Mac found herself blushing, an idea forming in her head. Patty could be lying, trying to lure her in, but Mac was usually a pretty good judge of character and the ghost seemed to be honest in wanting to help out. And honest about being attracted to her which was in no way making butterflies flutter in her stomach.

Mac thought the idea was crazy, but it still might be possible to convince Patty to help them escape. All she had to do was explain that while the sex part might be fun they really weren’t as keen on the enslavement for eternity part. If she could talk with her more, help the ghost understand their fear, maybe she would-

With a start Mac realized that Rose was still waiting for her, was probably worried sick. “Shit, Rose is waiting for me and—”

“Don’t worry, I’m keeping an eye out on her too. She’s completely safe right now, I promise. She’s keeping herself occupied.” If there was hidden meaning in the words Mac missed it completely. Patty took another bite of the peach and smiled. “Let’s forget about the others. Tell me about yourself.” Mac smiled back, ready to put her plan into action. Seducing the girl to help her should be easy enough. She only hoped Rose wouldn’t miss her too much if she was gone for a minute or two.

* * *

Carefully, Rose typed out her message, sweating like the laptop was a bomb about to explode. It was a pretty apt simile she thought, considering the unknown forces she was messing with. If she was smart she’d wait until Mac was here, but if anything her friend would try to stop her. She had to do this on her own.

«I know you’re watching. You took control of my writing before, corrupted my story.»

Rose watched the room, unsure of what kind of response she was expecting. It was only when she heard the keys clicking that she glanced down and saw her hands typing on their own. She gulped, afraid of what was coming as the letters slowly coalesced into words.

«I’d prefer to say that we enhanced your story quite a bit. Much more attention grabbing our way, don’t you think?»

«My characters weren’t lesbians,» Rose typed defensively, realizing how foolish it was to argue about her writing when their lives were on the line.

«They certainly seemed to enjoy themselves regardless of what they were. And let’s not forget you found it quite entertaining too.» Rose blushed with shame.

«People tend to think of such things as identity so rigidly. They have such a concrete image of themselves, what they enjoy and what they despise. It never occurs to them to explore other possibilities besides what they deem to be safe experiments, oblivious to all the pleasure awaiting them. That’s all we’re offering you, the chance to strip away all your perceptions and allow you to experience pure pleasure, in forms you couldn’t even imagine.»

«I’m sure this opportunity must be so great,» Rose wrote, jabbing at the keyboard. «That’s why you have to lock people inside until they have no choice but to give in.»

«We are quite demanding in our pitch, we’ll concede that. But Rose surely you are able to see the necessity of it. The pleasure we infused you with before, the freedom coursing through you at the promise of being owned, trained, given purpose.» Rose was breathing heavy, body betraying her by heating up as she read the words her hands unwillingly wrote.

«Rose, you felt the desire, you cannot deny the truth of it. Think of your friend Hillary, was she a chaste asexual woman living her life in purity? That may have been the mask she wore for everyone in her life, but do you think that is who she truly was deep inside? She had dreams, desires, just like you. But she suppressed them, locked away the possibility of letting herself have joy in her life. We simply freed her from that cage, allowed her to embrace her true nature. And she has been working quite hard at making up for lost time.»

«Why are you telling me all of this?» Rose bit her lip, no longer certain if this was smart. While her mind was fixed on the words they sent to her Rose had become hyper-aware of her body, how her bra slowly caressed her breasts with every breathe she took. Rising and falling, teasing, and her breathing only grew faster as she read. God, her nipples had become so sensitive she swore she could make out every individual stitch of the fabric rubbing against them.

«You see the truth, Rose. We cannot light a fire where there is no spark. If there was truly no part of you that desired what we have done to you, we’d have already released you. Would we waste our time on a completely futile attempt? No, you five were chosen for your potential. We can read your souls, see the worry and anxiety weighing down upon you. The fear of the future, of lives gone unfulfilled.

«We will take you, frighten you perhaps, as we break you. But not to destroy you. Breaking you will be erasing that image of yourself you believe in. Simply so we can set you free, allow you to be your truest self. And you have already realized this, Rose, that is why you have come to us willingly.»

«I didn’t come to you. I won’t let you touch my friends, you evil bitches!» Rose slammed the laptop shut and threw it across the room, stopping the ghosts from contacting her. At least that’s what she intended on doing, was screaming at her body to do. But the laptop was still sitting on her legs. And her hands were locked to the keyboard, frozen like clay statues. She pulled, struggling, heart racing, but they wouldn’t budge. Then slowly they came to life, tapping at the keyboard no matter how hard she tried to stop herself. Words appeared, one by one, flashing before her eyes as she was helpless to do anything but remain captive.

«You remember the power we had over you earlier, when you were caught in our story. We could have taken you then, but why spoil the fun so soon? And now here you are, using the same method as before so that we may enter your body and make you ours.»

Rose wanted to type no, she wanted to shout and scream NO as loud as she could, but it was useless. Her mouth was held tight by unseen restraints, every muscle of her body rigid except her hands which typed with furious purpose.

«Do not deny it, you knew there was a chance that we would use this moment to enslave you as we did Hillary. But deep inside this wasn’t seen as a threat.» She was on the verge of tears, fighting with the emotions running through her. «You craved this, wanted us to finish what we began with your story. That is why you contacted us.»

Rose shut her eyes tight, but the words still filled her mind, whispered by hidden voices.

“If you truly want to fight us, if you don’t want to give in. Then prove it to us. More importantly prove it to yourself. Show us what you truly want Rose.”

And just like that the paralysis was gone and she was free, leaping to her feet. Rose took in the room and her heart sank, realizing she was far from free. The room around her had been carved from polished black stone that absorbed the light, casting a veil of shadows over the space. Dim torches burned at the corners of the room, revealing a wide altar set before her. Statues lined the walls, all made in the image of the owner of these chambers. The ruler of the castle she was now locked inside.

Rose was inside Queen Valeria’s chambers. And the raven haired sorceress was standing across the altar, staring at her with a bemused glance. “So you’re the one who dreamt me up,” she purred. “Nice to finally meet you. I must thank you for this body, it really is something.” Valeria twirled, red robes swirling around her lithe body, open at the top to reveal a bountiful chest. “You claim to not be a lesbian but to want your villain to appear this beautiful, I think you might be trying to deceive yourself.”

“I- I never said you had a big rack,” Rose stuttered, trying to come to grips with the situation. “Well, not explicitly. I had to imply that you were, um, voluptuous. Not for me, for the readers. The villain can’t just be some hideous monster, for the story to work Valeria- well, you, had to be desirable.”

The queen brushed back her hair, grinning as she leaned over the altar to reveal more of her curves. “So you desire me then, is that what you mean?” Valeria cackled as Rose blushed deeply, turning away to hunt for an exit.

“You already know there is no escape from my chambers. This entire world is your creation after all, there is nothing here you are not personally responsible for.”

Rose spun to face the Queen, suddenly determined. “That’s right. I made you and every other character here, so I’m the one in charge. This is my mind, my story, and I command that you let me go!”

The laughter that filled the room took away whatever confidence Rose had begun to feel.

“That is truly adorable, dear. Trying to be in command, take charge. It’s so out of character for you, Rose.” The sorceress pulled back her plump red lips into an evil grin, one hand playing with the hem of her dress to flash more pale skin. “Myself, on the other hand. My entire reason for existing is to be the one giving commands. It’s the natural order of things, and a good writer knows that the story must follow its own logic or it all breaks apart.”

“This isn’t some stupid story,” Rose cried. “This is my life! My mind! And I won’t let some cheap floozy villain try and take it away from me.”

“You still don’t understand my meaning. I’m not simply a character brought to life by the ghosts out there. I’m you. The dominant part of yourself, filled with all those dark emotions and desires you’ve always hidden away from prying eyes.” Valeria advanced upon Rose, the girl shaking at the sheer presence of the fantasy queen made real. “And if I am the distilled essence of your dominance, then you are simply whatever is left. And what would that be, Rose?”

‘Submissive’ Rose thought, the word intruding before she could stop it. She sprinted away, trying to escape Valeria and the awful word that wouldn’t stop ringing in her head.

‘It’s not true, it can’t be true. I’m who I’ve always been.’ Thoughts running together rapidly Rose desperately clawed at the walls, ignoring the knowledge that it was useless. She simply had to stop herself from believing Valeria’s argument, which should be easy since it was so ridiculous.


Except the Queen wasn’t really wrong. Rose was always a follower, always waiting for someone else to volunteer or for the instructor to give clear directions before starting anything. Every time she wanted someone her courage would fail her, leaving Rose waiting and hoping that they would make the first move. There was always the thought of throwing concerns aside and simply taking what she desired, but the fear and anxiety always snuffed out such ideas. All those impulses buried away, until Victoria and her coven gave them a voice.

Slowly Rose took in the sight of Valeria standing over the altar, her confidence in her victory absolute. And the lust that filled her eyes, that hungry glance, Rose was able to recognize it now. Valeria truly was the incarnation of her deepest desires, every emotion she lacked.

Valeria was the dominance and confidence in Rose.

But then what was she? If she made up their other half, what was left in her that Valeria hadn’t already taken? Of course she already knew the answer, the word printed upon her soul. She was the cowering, simpering, submissiveness that ruled Rose’s life. Her eagerness to please, wanting to do anything to make her friends happy, devoted to being good and following the rules.

The epiphany of who she truly was, Rose felt fear striking deeper than ever as Valeria laughed. Against such a powerful force, what chance did she stand?

“I-I won’t give in.” Have to fight it. “No matter what you say to me.” She speaks the truth. “I won’t let you make me a slave.” Why was her heart racing so much at the thought of serving her?

“Of course not dear,” Valeria replied confused, as if such an idea was ridiculous. Despite herself Rose felt a tender relief, believing wholeheartedly whatever the dominant woman said. “You’re job isn’t to roll over like a trained pet. You have to give me the pleasure of breaking you first, crushing that resistance and remaking you as I see fit. That is your purpose, and you can’t fight it.”

Rose groaned as Valeria spoke, the words stirring her body into a frenzy. She needed to escape now or she’d be trapped as the evil queen’s puppet forever. Her pussy thrilled at the thought, stirring Rose into action. She spun on her heel and bounded for the other side of the room, hoping to find anything to aid her.

But now Valeria was done toying and watching Rose squirm. The sorceress was boiling over with excitement, finally free from her prison inside the shy girl. Valeria shivered, her own sex slick and eager to be worshipped. Time for her to claim her prize. Valeria snapped her fingers, summoning up the dark forces she commanded.

A tight grip wrapped around Rose’s wrists, as if they were held by chains invisible to the eye. The restraints went taut and Rose felt her arms yanked back, her feet sliding out from under her as she hit the ground. Flipping to her knees Rose saw her hands fixed in place, held out towards Valeria. The Queen grinned and waved an arm, drawing the magic restraints tighter.

Rose kicked up from the ground, desperately trying to pull away, but it was no use. Dark forces held her in their grip, slowly dragging her to the altar to face whatever punishments Valeria had planned. Fighting with every ounce of strength Rose held her ground, sweating and straining but inch by inch her feet slipped across the stone floor.

Valeria delighted in the sight of the girl fighting, knowing all too well how this would all end. But she decided it was time to move things along. The queen held her palm before her, summoning supernatural power to flow over her hand. White power flashed brightly, slowly turning her skin the pale brilliance of glaciers as her hand froze over. Flexing the frozen fingers proudly, she laid it upon the floor and spread her will outwards. The ice flew across the floor, freezing the stone tiles in its path as the stream of ice sailed towards the girl.

Rose saw the magical spell working towards her, but knew if she tried to jump out of the way the restraints pulling at her wrists would gain control. The ice powers she’d given to Valeria, so proud of herself for every inventive use her villain made of it against the heroes. Now it was reduced to just another weapon the queen could use to try and break her.

The flash of white light swept under Rose’s feet and she tensed, certain that the wave of frozen magic would creep up her legs and lock her in place, helpless to run. But instead the light flashed and she felt nothing. Surprised she gazed down and saw the stone floor beneath her a perfect mirror of ice. By then it was too late. Already off balance the invisible chains pulled tight and Rose went sliding and spinning over the ice as Valeria drew her prey in close.

Rose screamed helplessly as the same supernatural chains wrapped tight over her ankles and waist, flipping her into the air. Reduced to nothing more than a doll she could only make out the room spinning before she landed hard on her back. To her horror Rose found herself laid out on the stone altar, with the magic restraints locking her arms and legs to the corners of the stone slab. Like a snake delighting in the kill Valeria slowly advanced into view, swaying with each step as she took in the lovely sight of the writer wrapped up and ready to be devoured.

“Mhm, nearly perfect.” Valeria’s hands swept over the girl’s body, fabric tearing of its own accord as her shirt and pants ripped away, revealing smooth dark skin. Rose fought the restraints with everything she had, rising up off of the slab and seemingly held in the air by nothing at all, yet the magic was too strong to break. Delighted Valeria took the opportunity to rip away her pink bra and panties, leaving her completely exposed.

“There, now it’s perfect.”

“You haven’t won yet,” Rose spat, still desperately hoping that was true. The villainess had restrained her body, but so far hadn’t touched her mind yet. But Rose knew she’d never be able to escape this magic, no matter how much she told herself it wasn’t real. All she had left was to hope that she could endure whatever twisted plans her own character had in store for her.

“Oh come, dear. You of all people should know how much I enjoy toying with my victims.” Valeria cooed to the naked girl, soaking up the resistance she was still trying to show. “You’re the one who made me sadistic after all. And you’ve given me so many exquisite ways of expressing it, all those creative dark spells you imbued me with.”

Valeria trailed the fingers of the still frozen hand over the nude girl’s stomach, delighting in how she jumped and shook at each cold touch. “Get away from me!”

“What’s the matter, Rose? Not a fan of the cold?” Valeria beamed down at her, sending fresh shivers down Rose’s spine. “Don’t worry, you’ll be begging for me touch soon enough.”

“Never.” Even if there was no hope to hold on to, Rose had her pride. However Valeria abused her, she’d never give her the satisfaction of begging.

“We’ll see about that,” Queen Valeria replied, holding her other hand out for Rose to see as she began to chant in some ancient language. Before her eyes the fingers began to burn bright red, heat radiating strong enough for Rose to feel it. Rose ran through a mental list of every spell and artifact in her story but she’d never written anything like this. The confusion on her face only egged Valeria on, chortling in triumph.

“Don’t recognize the spell? I warned you that I was part of your mind. And I’m just as creative as you are dear.” Rose cried out as the glowing crimson hand was pressed down on her stomach, so certain of the impending pain that she almost felt the searing heat. But instantly she realized that there was no pain, not even discomfort. It was the complete opposite, as the supernatural heat seeped into Rose’s muscles, igniting bright passion as it slowly coursed through her system.

Instantly she was coated in sweat, intense heat surrounding her on all sides as the need grew worse. It wasn’t pleasure, not truly. Instead Rose felt pure sexual desire blossoming from every inch of her body, her very being begging to be touched. The heat was overbearing, too intense to think or plan. Rose was reduced to simply moaning and shaking, the need for relief the most powerful sensation she’d ever experienced.

“Well? Ready to beg yet, Rose?” Valeria’s mocking smirk brought her back to her senses, but only barely. She couldn’t give in, not to her. Anything but that. But what was there for her to do? All she could pray for was that Mac would find her, try to wake her from this nightmare. But what if she wasn’t able to wake up? What if she spent eternity on this altar, body burning and steaming and needing to be fucked? How long would it take before her very mind melted away and leaked out onto the floor?

“I have to give you credit, I expected you to be a whimpering mess by now. For that, I’ll even be nice and reward you.” Valeria snapped her fingers and the restraints vanished. Rose instantly compressed into the fetal position, rocking as every part of her was screaming to be touched and used. Hands flew over the burning flesh, desperately groping and sliding to try and make it subside. Somehow it made perfect sense to Rose that she should fuck herself silly. As long as Valeria wasn’t touching her it wasn’t surrendering.

Her fingers flew into her slick pussy, thumb grinding against her clit and Rose moaned as she felt…

She felt nothing, she realized with terror. Her body registered the touch, but the heat was so bright inside her, so intense that her own touch barely registered. Rose flipped onto her knees, bucking against her hand with everything she had but it still was too little to bring relief. She even abandoned her hand, straddling herself on the edge of the altar and grinding her slick cunt against the stone slab. Valeria cackled with delight as her creator degraded herself like a horny animal, soaking the stone in her sweat and pussy juices.

“Poor, poor Rose. So desperate, but still too proud to ask for help.”

“F-fuck you,” Rose cried, thrusting against the altar faster and faster. The queen sighed, truly feeling pity for her other half. The sooner she just gave in and became a slave the sooner they could go find the other girls. There were plenty of fantasies Rose had suppressed, from half seen glimpses of the other girls changing in their dorm rooms, or harmlessly playing while drunk at parties. Rose would never admit it but she’d fantasized about sleeping with almost all of her friends. And now Valeria was free to capture their minds and finally live out those perverted dreams. Well, almost free. She just needed to break Rose first. It was for the good of them both, really.

Valeria stretched out her magically frozen hand, mist faintly trailing as it moved. Just a finger, pressed down against Rose’s back gently. Rose roared in surprise and slipped off of the altar, collapsing to the floor as she shuddered in near orgasm. It had been so good, sooo good. Crisp intense cold breaking through the heat, the sensation so perfect she could barely stand it.

“Good girl. And that was just a light tap on your back.” Rose shook on the floor, struggling to get her breathing under control as her body fought her, wanting more. “Simply imagine the ecstasy you’ll feel when I finger you.”

Rose cried out in despair, the queen laughing with delight as the girl continued to flail at her feet. Bending down beside the naked girl Valeria pressed her frozen palm to her stomach, Rose’s eyes fluttering back as her muscles were paralyzed with pure pleasure. Beyond anything she could even comprehend. Valeria trailed her fingers and tugged on Rose’s nipple, teasing and twisting it gently. But to Rose it was the worst type of torture, burning heat and searing cold colliding with one another to create explosive pleasure.

Her cunt was in agony, so full of heat and need and crying out to be used. And the rest of her body agreed. Rose was lost in the swirling heat, latching onto the pure bliss that Valeria’s hand provided. It was the only way to save herself, she’d go mad if she didn’t get relief. But she couldn’t surrender, she needed to fight. If Valeria won she’d be a slave in her own mind, collared and kept at her queen’s feet. Valeria would be able to move within Rose’s body, the other’s completely unsuspecting. She’d take them one by one, use her dark magic to corrupt them. Make Katie worship at her pussy, using her skilled tongue to pleasure her, Mac and Marie made mindless as they devotedly played with one another. Valeria would own them all, obedient to their Queen, Rose always wet and playing as her mistress corrupted her friends. It was her place to obey and serve, without question.

Rose cried out, eyes opening. The fantasy was so real, so vivid. So perfect to her. The worst part was that she didn’t know if Valeria had planted it in her mind, of if Rose had dreamt it up herself. Valeria had only manipulated and abused her body, but why hadn’t she done anything to her mind? She was powerful enough, Rose had given her so much dark power.

‘It’s because she’s part of me’, Rose realized. ‘Wanting to enslave me, to corrupt and own my friends. All those dreams of hers… they came from inside me.’ Shaking, Rose saw it with sudden clarity. Valeria was the part of her that wanted to become one with the house, to bring her friends under its power with her. Which meant that she really did want this after all. All she was right now was the resistance, the part of that wanted to reject it and fight. And it was possible that she could resist, that she might be able to find some way to stop it.

But why? It was a simple choice, to suffer with the desperate need as Rose, or to take command and delight in the pleasure as Valeria. And with the heat consuming her, Rose made her choice.

“I… need it,” she said quietly.

“What do you need?” Valeria mocked. She wanted to help Rose, to bring her relief instantly. But Rose wanted it to be cruel, she always had. And so Valeria asked again, pleased that she was finally ready to play. “Tell me what you need.”

“Need your fingers… Mistress.” The pleasure at simply saying the name felt so right, Valeria and Rose both bucking with joy as she uttered it.

“Not yet. Tell me what you need your Mistress to do to you.”

“Pleeeease, Mistress. Finger my cunt, it’s so hot I can’t stand it. Need you to make me cum, need you to own me.” Rose couldn’t stop herself from speaking, it was all gushing out of her. For so long she’d fought the idea of being a slave to the house, and now that it was here she couldn’t shout it loud enough. “Mistress… make me yours. Own me.”

“Very well,” Valeria whispered, her icy fingers trailing pleasure as they slid down her stomach, inching towards her soaked mound. Just as they were about to reach her clit they pulled away, still so close Rose was able to sense the pleasure they could bring. “Say what you are as I enter you, Rose.”

Breathing hard, Rose prepared herself. What would it feel like when she gave in? Would it change her? Erase her completely? But she wasn’t afraid, she’d never been more excited in her life. Rose knew she would be safe. Valeria would always care and watch over her from now on.

“I’m your slave!” She shouted, Valeria sliding her fingers into her lips. Instantly the spell broke and the heat and cold ripped through her body, every cell of her being exploding in blinding pleasure. Rose was swept away in the rush of pure bliss, melting away as she surrendered completely. Cumming endlessly, she moaned her Mistress’ name.

Valeria groaned as her new slave convulsed in orgasm, pussy clenched tight around her fingers as she fucked her harder. Finally it was all too much, Valeria ripping away her gown with her free hand to expose her own body. She fell upon Rose, kissing her deeply as the two were finally able to experience one another. It was everything Valeria had ever dreamt of, for the both of them to finally be free.

And when they were done, they knew that her friends were outside. And the thought of making Marie, Katie and Mac mindless slaves was enough to make both the queen and her servant climax together.

* * *

Mac kissed Patty deeply, savoring the sweet taste of peaches on her tongue. Cheeks flushed, breathing heavy, Mac knew the ghost was desperately horny, ready to give in. Now was her chance, to make her help complete her plan. She broke the kiss, a thin trail of saliva connecting their lips.

“Patty, will you help me?”

She held her breath for a moment, but slowly she nodded. “Of course, Mac.”

“No matter what I ask?”

“Anything. I’ll help you do anything you ask of me.” There was struggle in her eyes, almost like she was sad about something. But Patty was about to disobey her mistresses, so Mac could understand. She didn’t want to get Patty into trouble, but she needed to do this. The plan was all she had left to save herself. Taking a deep breath, heart racing, she knew it was time.

“Okay then Patty. I need you… to open the pantry, to let Hilary out. So that I can become a slave like her.” She felt like she was floating, hardly able to believe she had seduced Patty into doing this. It was all according to the plan, the plan to save her. She’d go to Hilary, become just like her. And once they were both slaves they would… would…

What came next didn’t matter, she realized. Once she was a slave it wasn’t her decision to make. She simply needed to follow the plan, do what it said.

Patty reached into the wooden pantry door, fingers sliding through the wood effortlessly. The ghost manipulated the lock, while Mac watched on drooling with anticipation. Her body felt so light, heart racing. The party girl opened the door wide, smiling sadly.

Mac looked at her with concern, taking her hand. Why was Patty sad? Mac was the one who had tricked her, seduced the ghost into helping her become a slave to the house. She gave her a deep kiss, so grateful for all her help.

Patty watched Mac drunkenly walk into the pantry, already stripping her clothes away. She didn’t want to lie to the sweet girl, it almost broke her heart having to manipulate her thoughts into wanting to give in. But once she was a slave to the house too they could be together forever. And Patty would have all of eternity to make it up to her friend, til the end of time to play with one another and enjoy their bodies. Beginning to smile Patty stepped inside the pantry and closed the door, happy to see both girls naked and on their knees.

Hilary’s hair was matted and dirty, from rolling on the floor in orgasm for hours on end, with her body slick with pussy juice. Mac stared at her in rapture, she was so beautiful and free like this. Why had she tried to fight if for so long?

Patty stroked her head and Mac purred happily. Hilary grinned and slid down to all fours, tongue working quickly to find its way inside her friends soaked cunt.

“Say it Mac. It’s part of the ritual that you have to give in.”

Moaning lightly Mac lifted her head and stared into the eyes of the ghost, knowing once she said this they’d be lovers for all time, eternal slaves to Victoria and her house.

“Take me, all of me. I’m your slave now.” Hilary grunted in orgasm, practically on the verge of tears of joy. Finally one of her friends was a slave like her. “My mind, my soul, my cunt, all of it belongs to the house. I’m yours.” Patty grinned and kissed her hard, slipping off her jacket and tossing it in the corner. Mac and Hilary fell onto one another as they desperately explored the others body. Patty stripped down to nothing, feeling how pleased her Mistress was with her work.

The pantry door closed on its own, muffling the sounds of sex as the three girls joined together, united as slaves to the house.