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Victoria’s Mansion: Chapter 9

The only thing that kept the two naked women moving was the fear of the army of ghosts at their heels. Marie tried to study the hallways they ran through but the mansion was an impossible maze. The exertion from the horrifying day was taking its toll, forcing Katie to slow herself down to help keep pulling Marie forward.

“Come on, we’ve got to run!”

“C-can’t. Can’t breathe,” Marie slumped into the wall, chest heaving. Her muscles screamed in agony and her first thought was about being sore in the morning. Then it occurred to her that if the morning ever did come it might find her a mindless thrall to the spirits of the house. That was enough to push her back to her feet, but even the fear couldn’t get her moving.

“Marie, we don’t have time to stop. They could be right behind us.”

“They could be anywhere,” Marie spat back angrily. Katie was barely sweating and she was certain the athlete would be able to run for an hour more. But now Marie knew she was holding her friend back and Katie wasn’t about to leave her on her own. “We know they can pop up in any damn room. What’s the point anymore? Rose is gone.”

“She’d want us to keep moving,” Katie pressed.

“No, she doesn’t! She wants us to be slaves like her! It’s what Hillary and Mac want too. They’re so damned brainwashed they’re helping the ghosts to catch us. So what’s the point of running anymore?”

Katie tried to comfort her but Marie knocked her hand aside. It was all her fault, dragging them to this damn mansion in the first place. Victoria and her ghosts were the ones chasing them, but Marie was responsible for leading them in the front door. Now three of her friends were gone and all she was doing was dragging Katie down with her. There was hope for her at least, but not if she kept trying to help Marie.

“Katie, you keep running. I’ll-I’ll hold them off.”

“You’re barely standing. I can help carry you so we can—”

“No, they’ll just get you too. Please, I can’t be the reason any more of my friends get enslaved. Just save yourself and leave me.”

Katie suddenly slapped her face, crisp and sharp pain igniting across her cheek.

“Stop blaming yourself! All of us are in this together, it’s not all on you. Besides, you were willing to stay behind to try and help Hillary escape earlier. Where did that bravery go?”

“It left when my friends tried to make me a drooling lesbian slave,” Marie muttered. “There’s no point in holding out anymore. They’re all gone. Even if we escaped, what would we do then?”

A happy voice echoed into the hallway, making the nude girls spin in surprise. “So glad you’ve come around to our way of thinking,” Hillary called out with a bright laugh. “Now you know how I felt. What’s the point of some boring old stupid life? In the mansion I can do anything I want! No more shame or judgment, no responsibilities. Just me and all the other girls who are ready to show me more ways to have fun.”

“Hillary, this isn’t you,” said Katie.

“Yes it is, Katie. It’s finally the real me.” Hillary strutted forward, twirling to show off her nude body. She was still marked in the black ink from Victoria’s spell but even the ink had begun to streak and fade away. “No more having to think you girls were lower than me, that you were idiots for throwing your lives away. Marie, I thought you were ruining your life by drinking and going to parties. It didn’t affect you at all but I couldn’t stop myself from thinking how much wasted potential you’d end up as.”

Marie’s cheeks were burning with shame. She knew Hillary had been one to turn down parties for studying but had her friend really been judging her that harshly all along? Hillary turned to Katie, face filled with regret.

“And Katie, I hated you, I’m so sorry. I thought you were a whore fucking everyone in sight. I honestly believed that you would get knocked up and your life would be over and I would’ve been happy to hear it. I would have felt validated for not having any fun. What kind of a spiteful bitch feels that way about her friends?”

“You’re lying,” Katie replied. “It’s Victoria messing with your head.” But even she felt the truth in her friend’s words.

“No, it’s the truth. I was a cruel, spiteful little prude. I wanted to just feel superior to all of you. But being in this house opened my eyes to so many things. Sex isn’t something dirty, it’s fucking beautiful! Katie I can’t believe I ever thought less of you for enjoying it. I’m sorry that I was always a bitch about it. That I tried to make you girls feel bad for your life choices. This isn’t any brainwashing talking, this is who I really am without all that religious repression and judgment.”

“So you give us a heart to heart and we’re supposed to forgive you for trying to enslave us?”

“No, I can tell you two are still going to fight us on that. And I do feel bad that we have to put you through all this terror and agony,” Hillary said frowning. But then the redhead brightened. “But there is a bright side. Since I know how amazing it is being a sex slave I’m certain you’ll love it when Mistress Victoria finally breaks you. So the sooner I brainwash you the sooner you’ll be at her feet beside me and can forgive me for all of this.”

“You’re twisted, Hillary. We’re not going to let you break us!” Marie was shouting now, full of fury. Katie smiled, glad that the blonde had at least gotten out of her depression.

“Oh I am twisted now, and it’s so perfect.” Hillary wrapped her arms around her body to caress her breasts, licking her lips lewdly. “And I’m not gonna stop til you are just like me.”

Katie stepped forward bravely, putting Marie safely behind her. “Then you’ll have to get past me first.”

Hillary giggled, eying up the blonde party girl standing buck naked. “And what’s our naked little hero going to do to stop me?”

Suddenly Katie lifted her leg and sent it crashing into a table against the wall, smashing the top of the table leg with ease. As the table toppled to the floor Katie quickly scooped up the broken wooden leg, spinning it threateningly. She held the improvised bat at the ready and stared down the slavegirl.

Hillary’s face fell and the slave took a step back. “I’ve come to love rough punishment but that’s just a step too far for me.” The redhead tried to laugh but even in this brainwashed state her fear leaked through.

“Then get your butt over here and I’ll show you just how rough real sluts like me can be.”

“Tempting as that may be, I’ll go ahead and let my new friend Patty deal with you.”

Katie blinked in confusion. Patty? Who was that?

Suddenly the air before her shimmered and a thin naked woman appeared from nowhere. Her short black hair was gelled up in a retro 80’s style and she giggled sweetly even as Katie swung the bat through her head in surprise. But the weapon passed through her as if she were nothing but mist, the attack not even disturbing a single hair out of place.

“Hiya. Mac told me you’d be lots of fun,” Patty said sweet as poison.

Desperately Katie swung the bat again, but this time Patty caught the table leg with her hand, easily overpowering the athlete. “We’re really looking forward to breaking your will. It’ll be a fun bonding activity for all us girls.”

Patty suddenly swept her hand forward and Katie was thrown clean off her feet, sailing past Marie and crashing through a closed door. The door’s hinges snapped off and fell toppling to the floor with Katie groaning on top of it. Marie started running towards her but stopped as Mac appeared inside the room, hands grabbing hold of Katie’s arms and dragging her deeper inside. Patty strode forward proudly, giving Marie a wink before the ghost walked through the door to join her new slave girlfriend and the struggling Katie.

Hillary put a hand on Marie’s shoulder, making her jump away in surprise. But Hillary didn’t try to catch her, just smiled and nodded towards the room. “Sure you don’t want to give in after all? You and Katie can surrender together, joined in submission to the mansion.”

The fear of being alone surrounded Marie, making the offer tempting. It’s not as if she’d be able to survive on her own. If this was the end, let her be with her friend at least. She was nearly ready to agree, to walk in towards her fate, when Mac suddenly came flipping through the air, landing unceremoniously on her ass. They turned to the room and saw Katie still struggling to escape, Patty barely able to restrain the wild girl.

Mac quickly righted herself and went charging in to help while Hillary stared in shock. How was Katie still able to fight with all of this against her? Marie smiled, finding her courage again. “Sorry, Hillary, but seems like you girls already have your hands filled.”

“You’ll never escape you know,” the redhead replied scowling as Marie began jogging away down the hallway. “They’re still going to catch and brainwash you.”

“Maybe they will, but you won’t be there to watch.” It was enough of a small victory to give her hope. Even if she couldn’t escape she could at least spoil their fun as much as possible. Making sure that Hillary disappeared into the room Marie focused on just getting distance, turning down the winding hallways randomly.

She was in a stretch of mansion she certainly didn’t recognize. The walls here were ancient and forgotten, wallpaper peeling and wooden boards left exposed and broken. The rest of the mansion had been spotless compared to this. Were they trying to unnerve her?

Marie was so lost in the surroundings she almost didn’t notice a door opening to her side. An errant groan of wood alerted her in time and the girl leapt back, dodging a pale hand that had snatched out for her arm. Marie turned and saw Evelyn in the doorway, the voluptuous European girl smiling amiably. She was decked out in a black leather corset and garters, holding a riding crop in her spare hand.

“Aw, I thought I could sneak up on you.”

“What do you want, Evelyn?”

“Just wanted to give you another sample of what you’re running from.” The ghost kicked the door open the entire way, revealing another girl chained to the wall of the room. She was shackled by her arms and legs, a blindfold over her eyes. Marie watched in shock as Evelyn confidently approached the strange girl. Was she another victim of this house?

Evelyn snapped the riding crop across the girl’s thigh, the chained girl moaning instantly with need. “P-pleassse….need to cummm,” she moaned pitifully. Evelyn casually reached out and tweaked one of her nipples, the girl bucking her hips.

“Is this what you would like, Marie? To be suspended helplessly, completely at our mercy?”

Marie studied the desperately horny face of the shackled girl, drooling down her chin. How long had they kept her on the edge of orgasm like that? Hours, days? Centuries? Evelyn watched the fascination on Marie’s face, grinning wider. She placed her hand on the chained girl’s stomach, slowly letting her hand drift lower and lower. The girl fought against the restraints, moaning as the fingers drew closer and closer to relief.

And watching fascinated Marie found herself with the same sensation, that smooth hand trailing down her stomach towards her tingling pussy. Marie knew if she stood standing here that anything Evelyn did to her shackled slave would echo in her. Yet she couldn’t bring her feet to move. Was she shackled in place as well? Was it like the spell in the library?

The girl cried out in pleasure as fingers found their way into her wet folds. With a start Marie screamed as well, turning and running down the hallway. She still felt the tingling sensation, being linked with the ecstasy she felt. Had to get away from Evelyn before she had a chance to catch up with her.

But as Marie passed the next room she felt her heart skip a beat. Impossibly Evelyn was seated on the edge of a dresser, dangling her feet playfully. And kneeling beneath her were two tanned slaves, each licking and kissing at her feet with devotion. One slave’s curled hair bounced excitedly as she bobbed her head up and down, submissively running her tongue over Evelyn’s foot. Marie felt humiliation sweep over her, burning shame at the thought of herself being made to perform an act so disgusting. And yet…running under it was a thrill of exhilaration, begin so completely under her control to be forced to enjoy it.

Marie spun around to escape only to discover the Evelyn was now in the room opposite. She had a Hispanic woman on her knees, tied in place with handcuffs. “Perhaps you’re not a fan of feet, then. But that is the wonder of our home, Marie. There are so many ways to experience bliss, to achieve satisfaction.” Evelyn picked up a burning red candle, the light illuminating her face beautifully. “Some simply enjoy the act of being used or pleasured, while for others…” She tilted the candle over the woman, red wax running down the length and dripping sensually over her large breasts. The chained girl moaned in joy, shivering at the sudden heat.

“Others have that one special interest that overrides all reason.” Evelyn glanced her eyes up, freezing Marie with her intensity. “And since you’ve kept rejecting my Mistress, perhaps we simply haven’t found what your special fantasy is. But I look forward to finding it.”

Marie sprinted away again, this time seeing the next door opening to her right. She kept her eyes shut and ran past, ignoring the moans of pleasure that chased her. But the further she ran there was always a door, always a fresh voice of another obedient slave. She went naturally into swimming form, weaving her head left and right to try and avoid the sight of what Evelyn did to the slaves of the mansion. All of them once terrified girls like her. And what were they now?

Though she tried to resist fragments began coming to her, brief glimpses of sweat coated flesh that she couldn’t shy away from fast enough. Then her eyes began to trail on the doors longer, taking in the bizarre sights. Evelyn using a whip along a moaning girls back. Evelyn on her knees and fucking a girl with a strap-on. Flashes of ball gags, leather masks, handcuffs, straitjackets. It all began to overwhelm her. All the taboo pleasures the vicious mansion offered. Relentless in the possibilities.

Marie finally staggered to her knees as her strength ran out. It felt as if she’d been running for hours. Hours in this endless maze of dark fantasies. She glanced up only to see Evelyn teasing another mewling slave. Her hand was encased in black rubber, connected to a battery on the wrist. Her fingers trailed over the girl’s nipple and produced a bright arc of blue light. The slave trembled at the electric touch, pleasure crackling through her nerves. Marie moaned with her, the electricity striking her own sensitive breasts.

“This is a fun toy one of the last batch of slaves brought in. I must say sex toys are like wine, they only keep getting better.” Evelyn laughed triumphantly, slipping the electrified glove down between the girls. Marie rolled to her side to avoid watching but the pleasure still ignited as bright lightning washed over her pussy, teasing the orgasm closer and closer. She crawled desperately over the carpet to try and escape.

Mercifully once she went past the doorframe the pleasure faded, leaving her teary eyed on the floor. Marie studied the hallway, finding it endless on either side. Doors opened in the distance, each a portal to a new form of depraved pleasure. She knew she wouldn’t be able to withstand this. This is what the ghosts had done for centuries, wearing down their wills until they simply couldn’t stand to fight any more.

Except Katie. She thought of the party girl alone with their brainwashed friends and found she still had hope that Katie was alive. She was the resilient one. Always found a way to do something the ghosts wouldn’t expect, that’s how she’d carried Marie this far.

Evelyn poked her head out of the room, draping her arms over the doorway. “Have you given up then dear? If you haven’t decided on which room to settle on we could always drag you from one to the next, give you the full treatment.”

Marie threw her a hateful glance, but her lips were smiling. Evelyn bit her lip in worry. She had expected the girl to fight more. Was she ready to give in after all? But instead the blonde charged in the opposite direction, crashing into the hallway wall. The exposed broken boards cracked apart but still held on, barely. Marie shook her head and rebounded to tackle them again.

Evelyn screamed in shock and ran forward. Mistress was counting on her, she couldn’t allow the girl to escape. Marie finally tore off the boards and crawled into the dark recess of the wall. Splinters bit at her naked body but it was tame compared to the tortures the bdsm slaves had been displaying for her. Suddenly a hand clamped on her foot, nearly knocking her off balance into the darkness.

Evelyn had caught her foot, pulling desperately to drag her back into the hall. Other spirits began to pop out of their rooms to watch, those that weren’t chained to the floor. Marie held onto a support beam as the ghost yanked at her foot, using supernatural strength to nearly pry her away. But Marie lashed out with her other foot and caught the ghost in her corseted chest. Evelyn went tumbling to the ground and was only able to watch as the naked girl crawled into the empty space in the wall and vanished from sight.

The spirit got to her feet, closing her eyes to focus. She’d lived in the house long enough to truly commune with it, become privy to every dark corner. It took only a few seconds to find Marie, scared and clawing through cobwebs. Evelyn had to admit no one had ever attempted to burrow into the walls to escape before. But her mistake was in retreating to the mansion to escape the ghosts. They were merely the occupants. The mansion was the force that kept them here and afforded them their pleasure.

Marie crawled along on her stomach, punching and kicking at floorboards to find an exit. She wished she had a flashlight, or a phone. She’d even settle for a decent pair of pants. The cramped space kept her head knocking against the low ceiling, only making the bruise from where Katie headbutted her worse.

Suddenly she found the space opening wider. Not that she’d hit a larger section, but the roof actually lifting away, as if the house were breathing in air to expand it. The ancient walls moaned sensuously, and she could sense the house alive around her. Before she could respond the ground begin to split, the floorboards splitting apart as if it were a mouth opening wide to spit her out. Marie snatched for anything to cling to but the floor slipped out from under her, sending her tumbling into the darkness.

A frightened moment later she landed on a soft surface, the mattress comfortably catching her. She peered into the darkness but there wasn’t a speck of light to go by. Had she fallen into one of the bedrooms? Marie had been running down that infinite hallway for so long it was impossible to figure out where she was, not that the mansion followed any logic otherwise.

Then soft light began to flicker into the room, old lightbulbs revived to life to offer yellow light. That was when Marie nearly screamed. First she saw the chains built into the walls, the armory of fetish toys beside it. She spun and took in the fearsome sight of the racks of clothing, a near infinite selection of leather and latex, silk lingerie and costumes of every kind. It was just as Rose had shown her on her phone. Marie turned to where the stairs should have been but there was only a blank wall.

She had been dropped into the sex dungeon and there was no way out. In the mansion above, Evelyn grinned triumphantly while the slaves around her laughed in anticipation of the show to come.

* * *

Katie knew instantly she was in trouble. She’d been able to hold off Hillary and Mac easily, even if they hadn’t been turned into horny slaves they weren’t a match for her self-defense training. But that training had never included what to do against a lesbian ghost intent on capturing you. So even though she’d expertly flipped Mac over her shoulder and sent her crashing into Hillary, she wasn’t prepared for the invisible force that knocked her off her feet and sailing onto the plush bed within the room.

Katie had to claw her way out of the plush red blanket that tried to smother her, but then she saw the golden tassels hanging off the corners of the four poster bed. The gold ropes reared back as if they were cobras, quickly snatching and coiling around her arms and legs. Patty giggled happily as she manipulated the ropes, dangling Katie over the bed and leaving her spread eagle in the air. The blonde fought against the restraints but the supernatural power animating them was too strong to budge.

Her two brainwashed friends appeared on either side of Patty, rubbing at their sore backs. They were smiling wickedly, clearly eager to deliver some payback for treating them as training dummies.

“Can’t you two even try to fight it?” Katie pleaded angrily.

“Nope, where would the fun be in that?” said Hillary.

“Yeah, plus I love being here with Patty,” Mac added as she kissed at the side of the ghost’s neck. The 80’s spirit cooed in appreciation, petting her lovely sister slave.

“Fine, then you can’t blame me for what I have to do against you girls.”

Patty laughed dismissively, the naked girls on her sides chiming in. “And just what might that be? Struggle and cum against your will?” She licked her lips, moving in on her prey as if she were a spider advancing on the fly. “You’ve caused our Mistress so much trouble. She really wants you broken in good and hard. Pleasure you until your brains melt and drip out of that wet little cunt of yours. Face it, babe, nothing you can do now.”

Katie bit her lip, trying to think. “I thought Mac said you weren’t one for all this brainwashing stuff. Way she told it in the ballroom you were more interested in just getting to play with her.”

“Mhm, I do love this girl.” Patty and Mac shared a sweet glance, kissing passionately. “But I’m a simple girl who loves simple pleasure. I’m not into enslaving others, but if my Mistress wants it, I’m helpless to do anything but obey.”

“Ditto, I’m the same way now,” Mac added happily.

“So just a horny bunch of girls willing to do whatever their Mistress says, pathetically obedient.”

“Go ahead and be mean,” Patty said pouting. “Because whatever you think about us, it’ll apply to you soon. Hillary, Mac, why don’t you slip between her legs and get this party started.”

“Yes Ma’am,” Hillary answered, not needing to be asked twice to eat out her friend. But just as she was ready to crawl under Katie thrashed violently, twisting back and forth against the ropes. The ghost grinned, she really did have some fight in her after all. It might be taking up the full extent of her power but there was no chance at all for Katie to snap those ropes.

Then with a sudden crack the posters of the bed snapped, Katie flopping to the bed like a fish plucked from the water. Hillary leapt back in shock, but Katie instantly rebounded off of the bed and tackled her. Ropes still dangling from her arms and legs she easily pushed the redhead across the room, tossing her into the large closet set into the wall. Katie slammed the doors shut, slipping the rope off of one wrist and using it to tie the doorknob against the wall. Hillary slammed against the door and shouted with despair.

“You can’t do this to me again! I missed out on all the fun before!”

The ropes at her feet were tugged off the ground by the invisible will of the ghost, taking Katie’s legs out from under her and sending her skidding across the room on her ass. Mac pounced on top of her, eager to hold her down for her supernatural lover to finish her off. Instead Katie used her momentum to flip on top of the chubby girl. Now in control she slipped the ropes around Mac’s hands, quickly knotting them in place at one end. As Mac struggled to free her hands Katie rolled behind her, reaching between the slave’s legs and snatching the dangling length of rope. With a quick jerk the golden rope slid against Mac’s wet pussy, the friction instantly making her buck and moan in surprise.

Thinking quickly Katie tugged on the rope again and again, each time sending the length of it sliding over the slave girl’s cunt, quickly reducing her to a trembling mess on the ground. Ignoring her friend pleading to cum from the abuse Katie took hold of her legs and hogtied her, a difficult task given how slick the rope had become from her juices.

Katie stood up proudly, watching Mac rolling over the floor and struggling against her bonds to keep the rope pleasuring her with the rough friction against her clit. Katie slid the remaining length of rope off of her ankle, holding it tightly between her two hands as she turned to face Patty. The ghost was watching the struggling slave with fascination, clearly surprised at how quickly Katie had turned the situation around. Hillary was still pounding against the closet, the wooden doors creaking but willing to hold for now.

“So, guess that just leaves you to deal with,” Katie said confidently.

Patty blinked in surprise, then burst out laughing. “They weren’t kidding, you really are trouble. You might be able to deal with living girls easily, even outwit our traps. But I can move you around like a ragdoll. Possess any object in this room.” Patty was advancing without fear, coming so close to the girl their breasts were only inches apart. Even if the ghost was a few inches shorter she was hovering above the floor, trying to force Katie to look up at her. Or wave her tits in the girls face. “And you can’t lay a finger on me, but I can certainly touch you.”

“That’s where you’re wrong,” Katie said slyly. “I’m not going to have any trouble touching you at all.”

“Plan on becoming a spirit like me? Sounds desperate.”

“Nope. In fact, you’ll be the one letting me touch you.”

“And why would I ever do that?”

“Like you said, you’re a submissive little slut,” Katie said grinning. “Nothing wrong with that at all, except that it leaves you at the mercy of those in control. And that’s what I’m doing right now, taking control. Just like I did to Mac.”

Patty cast her eyes down to study Mac, who was still desperately struggling against the ropes. Not to escape, but simply to try and cum against the ropes holding her. Katie reached down and smacked Mac’s ass hard, the girl yelping and quivering with need. “Do you want to cum, Mac?”

“Y-yes, please,” she moaned.

“Then you have to stop following that bitch Victoria.”

“But I can’t do that. I’m her sl-slave.”

“Not anymore,” Katie replied, venom dripping from her words. She took hold of the rope and used her strength to pull it up, lifting her off the ground as the rope dug beautifully against her wet lower lips. “You’re my slave now. If you don’t want to be free, then you’ll obey me. Do anything I say, when I say it. You do that and I’ll let you cum.”

“B-but Victoria, she’ll…”

Katie swung her palm down and smacked her ass again hard, followed up quickly with another spank that set her ass on fire, pain and pleasure mixing perfectly to drug her mind. “Say it, Mac. You keep saying how good it is to surrender, then prove it. Become my sex slave, you know you want to.”

Finally she couldn’t take any more. The house had broken her resolve so easily, it wasn’t as if she had any resistance remaining. “Yes, please Katie! I’ll be your slave, just as loyal as I was to Victoria.”

“Not good enough,” Katie said, dropping her back to the floor. Mac rolled onto her back, staring up at her pitifully.

“I’ll do anything you want. I just wanna be used. Please…Mistress, take me. Make me cum, Mistress.”

Katie smiled ruefully, ashamed that it had come to this. But if her friends had been reduced to wanting to be nothing but slaves, then she’d stop trying to fight that impossible battle. Instead she’d use it to her advantage. Katie slipped her hand between Mac’s legs, fingers quickly pumping into the desperate girl. Thumb grinding into her clit the slave quickly came, losing all sense of reason as she surrendered eagerly.

While Mac was left twitching on the floor from the ecstasy, Katie stood and faced Patty. The ghost wore an incredulous face, completely unable to believe what she’d seen. She’d broken Mac herself, enslaved her to Victoria. And yet…she felt the change in the girl. Mac had been taken from the mansion, devoted herself obediently to Katie.

Now she was furious. The girl was allowed to resist, allowed to be a pain. Because Victoria always won in the end. But she’d fallen in love with Mac, wanted to spend eternity with her as they explore the pleasure of the mansion. And now this bitch was trying to take her away. Patty rose higher into the air, power emanating from the spirit as if a storm were rising up in the room.

“How dare you think you can do this! This mansion has stood for centuries under Victoria’s power. What makes you believe you can simply come in and—”

No doubt the angered slavegirl had more to say, but Katie was bored of it. So she whipped the golden rope through the air, snapping the end of the tassel against Patty’s right tit. The ghost recoiled at the unexpected burst of pleasure and pain, moaning despite her rage. She reached up and caressed her sore nipple, staring at Katie as if she were some kind of a monster.

“H-how did you…”

“Like I said, you’d let me touch you any way I want. Because I’m someone in control, the dominant expressing what I want. And like a good submissive you can’t bring yourself to do anything but obey.”

“I only serve Mistress Victoria!”

Katie reared back her arm and whipped at the other breast now, again expertly hitting her nipple. Patty cried out at the strike, cheeks flushing. She held her breasts defensively, but it only helped her to feel how hard her nipples stood at attention from the rough treatment.

“If that’s true then why aren’t you stopping me?”

Katie began to advance, the spirit backing away through the air.

“You could just let the rope float right through you. But you won’t. Because you want to feel it. You want to let me hurt you, tease you, bring you pleasure.” Katie grinned now, holding the rope tight in her hands. “After seeing what I did to Mac, you want to experience the exact same thing. A brand new Mistress to submit to.”

“No,” Patty muttered weakly. “That’s not…I…I…”

“Don’t worry, you don’t have to do anything. Except stay right there and let me do whatever I want with you.”

Katie reached out to take hold of her hands, gripping her wrists tight and feeling how fast her pulse raced with excitement. She yanked the ghost down from the air, planting her feet on the ground as she pulled her hands aside to expose her chest. Patty turned her head aside, ashamed at how horny she felt. But Katie took hold of her nipples and twisted them, making her cry out.

“Look at me,” Katie said, pinching them tighter. And Patty met her gaze, shrinking under the determination she saw there. “You want this. It’s what the ghosts of this house made you into. Or maybe it really is what you wanted. But now I’ve got you and you love it, don’t you.”

“…yes…” she muttered under her breath, unable to bring herself to lie. The girl was ordinary, no supernatural power or anything to back up her claims. And yet she still felt the need to obey.

“Louder,” Katie yelled as she snapped the rope down like a whip, bringing it down hard against the ghost’s ass.

“Yes Mistress!”

Katie smiled, finding herself turned on by how rapidly the ghost was nearing the edge. If only a little foreplay like that left her this desperate then this wouldn’t be hard at all. She pointed at the floor, the slave instantly dropping as if she’d been trained to obey for years. But that was the truth, Katie realized. This mansion hardwired every girl inside to be submissive and obedient without restraint to their owner. And if it was the only way to free her enslaved friends then Katie was willing to do whatever was necessary.

* * *

Hillary kept ramming the door, cheering at every new crack against the wood. Nearly free now, the door shaking violently with every hit. If she missed all the fun of enslaving Katie because of this then she’d ensure the new slave received plenty of punishment. Part of her hoped that Katie was even still barely hanging on, so that the redhead would be the one to topple her over the edge and send her drowning into debauchery.

With a final hit the closet door shattered and Hillary was free, quickly righting herself and eager to drink in the scene of Katie’s seduction. Instead she stared with wide eyes at the sight of Mac and Patty on all fours, heads bowed reverentially as Katie tied the golden rope around their throats. As the blonde straightened up she held the ropes in her hand as if they were leashes for the slaves.

Katie turned and studied Hillary curiously, a wicked smile on her lips. The redhead’s eyes darted for the door, trying to gauge how fast she could escape. But Katie snapped her fingers, the sound instantly drawing her attention. Even Mac and Patty gazed up at her with adoring eyes.

“What’s wrong Hillary? You were the one who kept asking us to join in the fun. Now I’m the one in charge.” She advanced on the frozen slave, her two leashed girls crawling along behind her to keep up.

“So if you really want me, want to explore all kinds of naughty fun together, then now’s your chance.”

Hillary opened her mouth to speak but couldn’t find the words.

Katie grinned and reached up to take a hold of her hair, holding it tightly as she lowered the other girl to her knees. She pulled Hillary until her nose was up against her own soaked pussy.

“I’m finally ready to play with you, Hillary. I’ll accept you as whatever you want to be.” Hillary raised her head to look at her, seeing only the kindness in her friend’s eyes. But then that hard dominance returned, making her shiver at the intensity. “So submit. Obey me. Be my slave, Hillary.”

The redhead smiled wide, finding the right words quickly now. “Yes Mistress Katie, whatever you desire.” She dove between her new owner’s legs, eagerly pleasuring her. Slowing only as Katie bent down to tie the rope around her neck to collar her.

Moaning at the pleasure Katie let the orgasm wash over her, sweet relief after the hours of endless denial. She wasn’t going to let Victoria or this mansion control her. And now she had three eager slaves ready to help her save Marie. She just hoped it wasn’t too let to reach her before they changed her too.