The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Noble Cure

By zorkmeister ()

A new batch of arrivals had been brought to the centre. The epidemic was finally under control. It had taken a massive effort but once the populace had eventually been convinced that the Virus was very real and very scary, there had been a new found enthusiasm for the extreme measures that this contagion demanded. This Virus, this plague, which had wreaked untold devastation on society had to be eliminated forever. It had to be eradicated no matter the cost.

Dressed in her long white medical coat, Sandra checked the charts prepared on the latest group of infected that she was about to help this morning. Seven men and women had been brought in by a sweep team combing the last remnants of Viral resistance in the old industrial area. Helplessly infected victims eked out some sort of depraved existence within the rusting machinery and discarded remnants of an economic system long since fallen into obsolescence. These pitiful creatures, minds ravaged by the effects of the Virus that had corrupted them swarmed like insects inside these zones of darkness far from the sight of the new, ordered society Sandra and others like her were proud to be building. The Infected had no lives, no future. The Virus had claimed their minds and bodies, turning people into nothing but vectors for the dissemination yet more variants of this nightmarish disease. Sandra shivered at the thought. It repulsed her.

But at last they were beginning to cure these poor people and Sandra was proud to be part of this noble effort. A feeling of accomplishment welled up within her every time she saw the gratitude on the face of a newly healed sufferer. That reward made all the sacrifices more than worthwhile.

Sandra glanced at the chart for her first patient; Alice Thompson, age 22, a former college student with a promising future ahead of her before the Virus had taken root. Now Sandra would be able to put Alice’s life back on track and return the opportunities and potential she deserved to have within the glorious new society they were creating. The Virus was the past; tomorrow belonged to them.

Sliding back the green curtain Sandra stepped into the holding cell. Alice, a tall, gangly, blonde with dirty, tangled hair squirmed in the restraints that bound her to the reclining chair she was pressed into. It was unfortunate that they were necessary, but Sandra knew that without them the girl would certainly try to escape. One of the symptoms the Virus produced was that the infected never realised that they were infected until they had been cured. Throughout time immemorial, people had lived their entire lives blissfully unaware of their infected status, blithely passing it on to generation after generation, allowing the Virus to mutate and infest the very fabric of humanity. Yes, Sandra truly believed that it was necessary to fight fire with fire at times when dealing with the Virus, no matter how regrettable it was.

Seeing her enter, Alice looked up at Sandra. Alice’s big blue eyes bulged with uncontrollable fear and terror. Tears rolled down from her eyes, tracing lines of liquid silver down her grimy cheeks.

“Please....” Alice sobbed through her tears, “don’t do this. You have to let me go.... pleeeassseee....”

Sandra gave the restrained girl her biggest, most reassuring smile. She gently reached out and patted the girl’s left hand, still encircled by the tight band of leather.

“Hush there little one,” Sandra soothed, “there’s nothing to worry about. We’re not going to hurt you. You’re going to be all right.” The girl recoiled from her touch but to no avail. The chair held her fast. Alice was powerless to move away from her captor.

“Noooo... I know what you do...” Alice wailed. “My boyfriend ....he.... he.... dear God no...” Whatever it was Alice was trying to say broke down as unbridled terror took hold of her.

The tortured girl managed to emit one last desperate plea before breaking down into gibbering incomprehension. “Pl..eee...ase......”

Sandra looked on, tears welling up in her own eyes. The Virus was evil personified. If she had needed any further convincing of how the Virus corrupted and twisted the minds of those infected by it, Sandra had only to look at this poor unfortunate victim. The Virus had taken everything from Alice.

Determination swelled up within Sandra. She wanted to scoop out every ounce of corruption, cleanse every cell and wash clean the very fabric of this girl’s infected mind.

Taking advantage of Alice’s breakdown, Sandra reached over the still distraught captive and took hold of the gleaming dome like device mounted on a swing arm above the chair. With a single fluid motion she deftly positioned the small conical unit atop the tangled dirty blonde mess that covered Alice’s head.

Registering the cold metal pressing against her head Alice emitted a piercing scream that filled the entire cubicle. Sandra tenderly pressed her left hand against the girl’s cheek mirroring the intense compassion she felt for this terrified victim.

Her right hand cradled the control device, a small black box with a long black lead that snaked up into the dome that crowned Alice. Sandra traced the outline of the single large button with her index finger.

Alice’s wet, horror filled blue eyes met Sandra’s as she continued to stroke the damp cheeks of the girl, trying to alleviate her pain. Slowly, Alice seemed to be growing calmer as she began to accept the inevitability of what would happen next.

The Virus within her would be eradicated. Alice’s cure was at hand.

With a supreme effort Alice managed to compose herself. The Virus had one last pointless, pitiful sting left within it. An outburst of pure venom spewed forth.

“Fuck you bitch,” Alice hissed directly into Sandra’s face.

Sandra stabbed the button. Hard.

Instantly Alice’s features contorted with pain. Her body bucked against the tight straps of the chair. Alice’s mouth opened wide, gasping in unimaginable pain as the small, cylindrical Inoculation Unit was thrust downwards into her head. The girl’s eyes looked as if they would burst out of their sockets.

The pain of Inoculation was always a terrible sight to behold. It disturbed Sandra. But she knew deep down that it was necessary. A sudden, intense, short term pain that would end a lifetime of suffering. Reaching upwards with her hand, Sandra gently touched the round metal circle of her own Inoculation Unit that was flush with the top of her head.

Sandra had once been infected just as Alice was. She too had been a thrall to the corrupting whims and desires of the evil blackness that had consumed her mind and body. But thanks to the work of this small metal device implanted within her brain, the tyranny of the Virus was over forever. Sandra knew that the Inoculation Unit worked constantly within her keeping her healthy and pure. Never again would the Virus be able to consume her thoughts.

By now Alice had passed through the initial pain of implantation. Right now, the Inoculation Unit was sending forth the first shoots of the forest of probes that would consume the infected parts of her mind. Billions of microscopic neuro-filaments would burrow their way into every tiny nook and cranny of Alice’s brain, repairing the ravages wrought by the infection that had claimed her for so long. Alice would have a new personality, a new way of thinking and a bright new future once she was cured.

The girl had shut her mouth now. Her eyes were still wide but glassy and unfocussed. Sandra knew that Alice’s mind was beginning to accept and co-operate with the Inoculation Unit. Soon Alice would be free.

Sandra looked on, watching patiently over her young charge. Alice was perfect for a textbook cure. She was young so the Virus would not have had much chance to do too much in the way of irreparable damage. Most of her thought processes could be retained or salvaged by the Inoculation Unit. Only those sections of her mind too badly corrupted would have to be isolated and cast adrift from her consciousness forever. Alice would simply forget these infected memories, emotions and responses. As far as her new Inoculated mind was concerned, they had simply never existed.

Alice’s blue eyes were changing, gathering focus as the girl slowly became more and more aware. The girl slowly, but deliberately turned her gaze towards Sandra. Her face was devoid of all emotion contrasting starkly to the heated emotions of just a few minutes ago. Alice stared at her saviour thoughtlessly and in silence.

Alice spoke slowly and deliberately. A crisp clear voice full of certainty and promise filled the small cubicle.

“I have been Inoculated. I am cured. The Virus is destroyed.”

A massive smile swept over Sandra’s face as she listened to Alice profess her newly cured status. Joy throbbed through Sandra’s mind at the thought of another soul redeemed from Viral purgatory. At last this pretty young girl would have the opportunity to realise her potential and live a worthwhile life.

Sandra’s eyelids fluttered as the familiar, addictive, flower of sweet bliss she so desperately craved bloomed within her brain. The filaments within her mind were rewarding her for a job well done. Sandra rejoiced.