The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


Chapter 4

When Jeanne woke up, it was twilight. The fact that her kids were already home from school only registered after she brought herself out of her lust-induced coma. Sitting up, she quickly arranged her clothes into a semi-respectable state and made her way upstairs, fearing the worst. Did anyone see me? I was naked and spread with fingers up my cunt. If the kids came home they’d see me for what a complete slut I’ve become, the thought aroused Jeanne as much as it disgusted her. At the top of the stairs, it was easy to see that Cass and Jack’s rooms where unlit and empty. Lily’s light was on, though, and Jeanne knew she must have seen her. The thought turned her on so much it nearly made her knees buckle.

The horny mother quickly headed back down the stairs and pulled out the pills Jack had given her. She slipped a few more into eggs she fried for Lily, ground one and put the dust in a glass of Orange juice, and placed five more beside the meal on a tray. God, she’s taking almost as many as I did. I can’t do this to her, she’s my own daughter! These chemicals are going to completely fuck her mind into a brainless fucktoy... Jeanne tried to stop herself from bringing the tray up the stairs, but she was so excited, so completely aroused that she couldn’t stop herself from ascending the stairs and knocking on Lily’s door.

Jeanne didn’t wait for Lily to answer and opened the door, hoping to find Lily masturbating. Jeanne was in luck- as the door flew open, she saw Lily’s legs clamp together and her hand fly up to her blouse. The hand was doused in juice.

“Mom!” Lily shouted, turning an even deeper crimson, “You’re supposed to knock!”

“Sorry hon,” Jeanne said, avoiding her eyes and placing the tray on her desk, “I know I missed dinner tonight, so I cooked you up some brinner! Sorry it’s not more, I’ve been...under the weather.” Jeanne waited until Lily took a sip of her orange juice. “Oh, I’ve also got some vitamins for you. Since I’m sick, I don’t want you to catch it. Eat them all up now!” Jeanne’s cheery voice could have won her an Oskar. She intently watched the young teen pick up the pills and down them without so much as a second thought. Of course she trusts me, Jeanne thought, I’m her mother. But, god help me, I can’t stand being this horny any more. I’ve got to get Jack to fuck me...

As if on queue, Jeanne heard the door open and a raucous Jack and Cassidy enter. “Shoulda seen that fucking cow! One whiff of this new shit and the bitch was bent over begging for me to pump her.” Jack was laughing, his muffled voice coming from downstairs. Jeanne decided to see what was going on. “Wait here Lily, I’m going to go say hi to your brother and sister...” As Jeanne left Lily’s room, she shut the door behind her and could just make out Cassidy’s reply.

“We’ve got to try that shit out more,” Cass said, breathless, “It gets me so fucking hot...” As Jeanne descended the stairs, she saw her eldest daughter sitting on their dinner table, legs open. Her miniskirt covered nothing, and she was wearing no panties. To top it off, all that she was wearing for a blouse was a fishnet camisole, her erect nipples peaking through. “Careful,” Jack responded, “It wears off, unlike those pills. Still, it could be fun,” Jack said, making eye contact with Jeanne for the first time since he got home, “To try it out on someone who’s already a total slut. Come here, bitch. I want you to suck my cock.” Jack unzipped his pants and pulled out his slick, wet dick. He had obviously had sex very recently, but was still hard.

Jeanne stepped forward, “Lily’s upstairs, she might-” the drugged mother’s words were cut off by Cassidy’s vicious, unanticipated slap across her face. Before she could react, Cassidy had grabbed the back of her head and shoved her down onto Jack’s cock. The taste of the wetness on Jack’s cock both disgusted and excited Jeanne as her tongue ran up and down along Jack’s shaft, Cassidy’s fingers still dug into her hair, forcing her down and pulling her up.

Suddenly Jeanne felt a hand snake down the front of her blouse and grab her bra. As Jack jerked her arm up, the brassiere tearing away along with her silk shirt, her breasts meeting the open air with a violent snap. Cassidy’s hand traced a sharp, firm fingernail up along her mother’s leg while her other hand pulled up her skirt for better exposure. “Wow Mom, you’re soaking! Not even wearing panties anymore? God, you’re turning into a bigger slut than I am!” Cassidy’s fingers plunged into Jeanne’s cunt, the lubrication running down the young girl’s arm. “Jack, you’ve gotta fuck this little slut, she’s primed for your cock!”

“Oh yeah? Let’s see.” Jack stepped back, his cock popping out of Jeanne’s mouth, and let his mother fall to all fours. He casually strode behind her and got to his knees, the tip of his cock stroking Jeanne’s clit as she moved to the rythm of Cassidy’s fingers pumping in and out of her.

“Please...Please, for the love of god Jack, if you have even an ounce of sympathy left, you have to fuck me!” Jeanne’s outburst startled both sinister siblings. The continued to tease and and taunt Jeanne for a moment until Jack managed to say, “Damn, if she’s this desperate, I wonder what this shit will do to her.” Jeanne looked back to see a small, thin bottle in Jack’s hand, with a spray nozzle on the top. It was pointed directly at her face when his finger pushed down, and a fine mist sprayed from the top. Jeanne sneezed, then snorted, then her vision went completely black and she could taste honey on her tongue. Slowly, the taste faded, and Jeanne’s vision returned, but something was different.

For the first time in her life, Jeanne knew she was a slut. She knew she was only good to be used and that was all she wanted out of life. The embarrassment from being controlled by her kids was gone, replaced by only a raw sexual satisfaction at being used by them. The fear of Lily finding out what a slut she was was wiped clean, replaced by a desire to get her daughter to fuck her too, to see her fucked, to see Jack fuck her. Jeanne was at the peak of being overwhelmed when Jack plunged his hard, throbbing cock into her.

Jeanne let out a squeal of delight as she was penetrated by her own son’s manhood, a thought that had once left her sad and disgusted but now filled her only with lust. “Oh god yes, fuck me just like that,” she moaned, not noticing Cassidy walking around the two, observing their desperate rutting.

“You two fucking like nasty little perverts is turning me on,” Cass said as she sat down in front of her mother, “Why don’t you put your whore lips to good use while Jack pounds you?” With that, Cassidy grabber her mother’s head once again and moved forward, this time forcing Jeanne’s head down onto her own labia. Jeanne’s reaction was immediate and enthusiastic as she began to lick around Cass’ hood. She even brought up her hands and began to finger her own daughter, overwhelmed with sensual lust.

Suddenly, Jack stopped. “No, what are you doing?!” Jeanne’s desperate voice was almost a scream of frustration. “Just-just keep fucking me...” she pleaded, but got no response from Jack. “Why are you doing this? You made me this way! You have to use me!” Jeanne turned and crawled to her son, taking his cock in her hands. It was large, thick and still glistening from her. She began to kiss and lick all over the member, cleaning it of her juices. “Please...” she begged, one last time.

“If you really want me to fuck you,” Jack said, a hint of cruelty slipping into his voice, “Then you’re going to go upstairs, tell Lily that the doctor needs her to take this...asthma medication,” the young man pulled out the aerosol spray he had earlier and placed in the hand Jeanne was using to cup his balls. “Make her a slut and get her to swallow the rest of the pills, so it stays permanent. Then, and only then, will I cum in your slutty little cunt.”

Jeanne looked at the can, and thought about the pills. “But...I can barely contain myself, and even I didn’t take as many pills as she would be. This would...this would make her a total slut! There would be no going back, it would ruin her...”

“No, it would make her perfect. Perfect for fucking, perfect to take advantage of. Absolutely perfect. And you, dear mother, are enough of a whore to do it for me. So, go. When you’ve made her into a mindless fucktoy, come back I’ll fill you with my cock and my cum. But not a second before.” Jack’s sinister grin widened as Cassidy knelt next to her mother and began to suck his cock, sending Jeanne the message that if she couldn’t measure up, Cassidy would.

Anguished, Jeanne headed up the stairs. By the time she reached the top, she could feel her wetness dripping down her legs and her arousal overwhelmed any sense of morality she once had. What was left was a methodical, calculating and (above all) horny Jeanne. No way I’d be able to seduce her like this. I’ve got to get some clothes. Jeanne headed to her bedroom and removed her skirt, replacing it with a sheer light blue negligee that she hadn’t worn in years. Pert nipples were clearly visible through the fabric (which only served to make them harder as it rubbed against them) and after taking a look at the mirror in her bedroom and seeing a sexy, wanton seductress in the reflection, Jeanne was ready.

This time, Jeanne gave a cursory knock before opening the door. It was apparent that Lily was fingering herself moments before Jeanne entered the room. Her skirt was pulled up around her thighs and she was laying on her back with her legs open. The young girl closed them when Jeanne entered, but her blouse was on the floor. Lily’s bra was still on, but the hint of a nipple appeared at the top. “MOM! How about some privacy?!” Lily was obviously frustrated and taking it out on her Mom. I’d be pissed too, if I was finger fucking myself and got interrupted before I came Jeanne thought.

“Sorry honey. I just wanted to talk to you about something,” Jeanne sat on the bed next to Lily and placed a hand on her thigh. It was more sensual than a casual tough between a mother and daughter, but nothing inappropriate or that would raise suspicions. “Your doctor called today. He said you’re at high risk for...for severe asthma attacks. If you spray this in your mouth,” Jeanne brought out the aerosol can and handed it to Lily, “You’ll be able to avoid developing...complications.”

“So if I do this, will you give me some time to myself?” Lily snapped. Her frustration was palpable, down to her flushed skin and the sweat beading on her forehead. Jeanne knew her daughter was aroused, and it turned her on.

“Don’t take that tone with me, young lady! Just do as I say, then we’ll finish our talk and you can have all the time to yourself that you want.” Jeanne shifted to face her and gave her a withering look. Lily didn’t seem to notice Jeanne’s hand snaking it’s way up her thigh.

“Sorry Mom,” Lily sighed. Looking down at the can, she seemed to take some time to ponder Jeanne’s hand before picking it up, opening her mouth and spraying a healthy amount of the can’s contents directly in. Jeanne saw her daughter’s eyes roll back into her head and her tongue stick out briefly.

“It’s okay sweety,” Jeanne cooed and she stroked Lily’s hair and moved her other hand even further up her thigh, feeling the wetness left by her cunt that was smeared by her legs. “Once the process finished, all you need to do,” Jeanne stated, surprised by how excited turning her daughter into a sex toy was making her, “Is to swallow these pills. Be sure you get them all!” Jeanne pulled the remaining Vitamin pills out of the bottle and handed them to Lily along with what was left of her spiked orange juice. Lily was in no shape to respond, so Jeanne forced her hand to her mouth, the pills falling in, and then lifted the cup to her mouth. Lily gulped it down, a bit of juice dribbling down her chin as her glazed eyes stared off into an unfocused nothing.

Jeanne cleaned the juice from her daughters face and waited. Slowly, Lily’s eyes came into focus as her hands reached between her legs. “Lily! What in heaven’s name are you doing?” Jeanne demanded, eying her daughter with manufactured disapproval. Slowly, Lily regained control of herself. “I...I’m sorry, Mom, I just couldn’t help it. I feel...horny.”

“Liliana Matthews! How dare you speak to your mother like that! And to touch yourself in front of me!” Jeanne smirked as she scolded her frustrated daughter, knowing it was only a matter of time before Jack fucked her like a good little whore for her hard work. “Me?!” came Lily’s enraged reply, “Speak for yourself! I was at least trying to get some decent privacy. You, on the other hand, fuck yourself on the kitchen table in broad daylight!”

Jeanne’s surprise was palpable. “ saw me?”

“Of course I did!” came the reply from her daughter, “You were spread out on the table like a gutter slut!”

“Where did you learn that word young lady? I—look,” Jeanne said, taking a deep breath to recover, “Sometimes us women have needs. We need to be used occasionally and when we don’t get the dick we need...well, we turn into whores. We’ll get the cock we need wherever we can find it. There’s only one way to avoid it, and that’s to masturbate. Have you ever tried before?”

“Well,” Lily started, staring down at her mother’s hand, still on her thigh, slowly and sensually stroking up and down, sending unfamiliar and frightening tingles through her loins, “I-I tried earlier today, but it wasn’t-it didn’t help.” Lily stammered, “I still feel so fucking horny.”

“Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?” Jeanne asked playfully. “Let’s see...” Jeanne leaned in and gave Lily a kiss on the lips, platonic at first, but the longer it lingered the more her lips slid along her daughters’ and her hand finally reached her daughter’s inner thigh. She broke the kiss and said, “Well, if you’re still horny, then you didn’t do it right. The goal is to make yourself cum.” Jeanne moved a position where she was lying down, rather than sitting, right next to her daughter.

“The first step is to get comfortable. If you like it, you’ll be doing it for a while.” Jeanne laid back and spread her legs, the negligee parting to expose herself. “Here, give me your leg,” Jeanne grabbed Lily’s leg and placed it over her own. “Now, take your right hand and place it here,” Jeanne showed Lily by placing her own hand over her clit, “And rub in slow, soft circles.” Jeanne began to trace tiny circles over her hood and glanced at Lily. After a moment’s hesitation, Lily mimicked her Mother’s actions.

“Good, that’s good. Now, slowly increase the speed. Yes, that’s right. With your left hand now, trace circles around your cunt. God, yes...” Jeanne sighed with pleasure and continued for a few minutes, her eyes closing as she began to slip into a cloud of lust. She was brought out of it by a moan from beside her. Eyes snapping open, she saw Lily fingering herself, probing deeper and deeper. Jeanne grabbed her left hand and held it.

“Careful dear. You don’t want to take your own cherry,” That’s Jack’s job thought Jeanne.

“But I can’t help it!” Lily whined, “I need it so bad. My fingers aren’t enough!”

“Well, we’re not done sweety. Here, let me take off your bra.” Jeanne guided Lily to sitting up and unclasped the bra. Lily’s tiny A cups were free. Jeanne lustily began to caress the breasts, occasionally letting a finger slip over a nipple to elicit a moan from her daughter. “That’s it...keep rubbing Lily, we’ll make you cum yet.”

“Please...I’m so horny it hurts...” Lily moaned, her hand frantically moving across her sex, desperate for release.

“Well, if that’s not finishing you,” Jeanne said with a smile, knowing she had Lily exactly where she wanted her, “Then perhaps this will help,” Jeanne brought her lips to her daughter’s nipple and began to gently suck and lick around the areola. Lily did nothing to slow her hands, but her expression of pure ecstacy and lust was enough to speak for itself. Jeanne’s head began to move it’s way down, tonguing her tight stomach and her tiny belly button down to where her hands were busy at work. Jeanne sternly grabbed Lily’s hands and stopped her. “What are you—oh!” Lily’s angry demand was cut short by her mother’s tongue on her clit, rubbing up and down slowly, the moistness of her mouth lubricating the already soaking girl.

Lily arched her back and moaned, almost screamed with pleasure. “Oh god...I, I can’t take it, what’s, it’s, I,” Lily stopped talking and now did scream with intense euphoria, her incoherent babbling at an end from experiencing her first orgasm. Jeanne wiped her mouth of Lily’s juices and exited the room, heading downstairs.

When she reached the bottom, she found Cassidy being fucked from behind by Jack, his cock pumping in and out of her. “We...we heard you upstairs. Sounds like you’ve made a total slut of her. Good job,” Cassidy said, trying to keep control while she was fucked. Her efforts earned her a slap on her ass from her big brother. “Shut it slut,” he rammed her extra hard, eliciting a moan, “Just cum for me so I can fuck your whore of a mother.” Cassidy cried out in a very similar moan to her sister’s and slumped onto the kitchen table.

“Now come here, slut.” Jack demanded and headed into the living room. He was completely nude now, and his cock stood at attention as he sat on the couch. “Ride my cock and tell me about what just happened.” Jeanne gleefully complied, straddling his cock so that he was deep inside her. As she began moving her hips back and forth to slide his cock around inside of her, she told him, “Oh, don’t worry. I sprayed her, made her eat the rest of those pills and taught her to masturbate,” Jeanne now began bouncing up and down, her pert breasts jiggling in Jack’s face as he tore aside the negligee to lick and suck her tits. “When that was done, she was overwhelmed. She’s a total and complete slut now Jack. I even ate her out until she came on my face. Oh!” Jeanne felt her son’s cock twitch with excitement as it unloaded inside of her, clearing the drug-induced lust...for now.

As the realization of what she did dawned on her, Jack folded his arms behind his head and snickered. “Ate her out huh? Well, by the end of the week she won’t even be able to remember anything except for my cock, so don’t worry about it. Your pills should be taking full effect soon, so don’t worry. You’re tits will get larger, and more firm,” Jack pinched a nipple for effect, illiciting a moan from Jeanne, “Your cunt will be tighter and you’ll get all the cock a little whore like you could ever want. Best of all, you’ll get to see me take the virginity of your little girl. Not only that,” Jack said, moving his hips once again, bringing Jeanne back into a state of arousal, “you’ll get off on it too.”

Jeanne tried to argue, tried to tell him that he should stay away from her little girl, that she couldn’t possibly get off on a monster like him violating her innocent daughter...but he was right. Even the thought of it was enough to get her wet again. She sighed, brought her lips down to Jack’s ear and said, “You’re right. Let’s fuck her until she doesn’t even remember who we are.”

“That’s the spirit, Mom. You’ve been taking your Vitamins, haven’t you?”