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The Awakening

The Vyartu Stories

Story Number One—Part Ten

“Please,” began Helena in a soft and pleading tone, “fuck me.”

“Yes, we are through playing around.” replied Darrin. “Now you are mine. And I’m going to use you. Open your mouth, slut.”

Helena shivered at the sound of that word, ‘slut’. She said nothing and opened her mouth. She was not surprised when Darrin began to push his huge cock into her mouth, but she whimpered. Her lips seemed to barely fit around the circumference of the head of Darrin’s cock. Without hesitation, Helena began to lick the hard flesh in her mouth. The sensation stoked the aching desire in her pussy, causing her to whimper more. She began to suck, and a shiver of pleasure shot down her torso.

Darrin also felt a shiver of pleasure. His eyes closed when Helena began to lick. He thought how he wanted her to tongue to move over the head of his cock, and his Vyartu hunger at full strength had easily directed Helena to obey that thought. Every time Helena whimpered, Darrin felt the soft, sound vibrations. No sooner had he thought she should suck, the hunger prompted Helena, and she began to suck. The pleasure moved through his cock like electricity, sending ecstasy straight into his brain. More blood began rushing to his cock, making the hard shaft of flesh throb. He felt the vibration of a soft moan from Helena, and he let his own soft moan escape.

That moan from Darrin made Helena shiver again. When she was rewarded with the taste of precum from Darrin’s cock, her vaginal walls began to tremble. The juices of her pussy were dripping past her labia. She could feel faint throbbing in her clitoris. Her vaginal muscles began to flex as more of Darrin’s precum leaked into her sucking, licking mouth. Helena moaned again to the head of Darrin’s cock as she felt her body rushing toward orgasm. She sucked harder, lustfully trying to swallow more precum. She began making short, muffled squeals as the tension in her pussy increased. Her eyes closed, and she moaned loudly, pressing her tongue to the underside of the head of Darrin’s cock, as Helena shook with orgasm. The blessed release of cum filled her aching pussy, but did nothing to satisfy her need to be fucked.

Darrin still had his eyes closed, but he knew Helena had just climaxed. He smiled, enjoying the sensitivity of Helena. She was sucking harder and more eagerly on his cock, and the pleasure was intense. Darrin groaned softly as he grabbed the sides of Helena’s head. He pulled her head toward him until the head of his cock felt the back of her throat. The vibration of Helena’s moan made Darrin’s cock throb harder and sent a shudder of delight through his body. His hands began to push and pull Helena’s head back and forth, bumping the head of his cock repeated against the back of her throat.

Whimpering and moaning, Helena sucked harder as her head was moved by Darrin’s hands. Her body was trembling now, under the influence of Darrin’s Vyartu desire. She more her pussy ached, the more aroused she became. The cock repeatedly filling her mouth reminded her of how empty her pussy was. Cum mixed with the fluid of her continued arousal was dripping steadily from her labia. The muscles of her entire body were beginning to feel a weary ache. That only served to remind her how helpless she was in the situation. She would not stop, could not stop until Darrin was finished with her. Her pussy ached painfully with need, labia and clit throbbing with hot arousal. She must please Darrin so he would fuck her. She sucked greedily now, pressing her licking tongue to Darrin’s cock.

“Mmm... Damn, you’re good.” Darrin spoke softly. The expert fellation was stoking his lust and pleasure. His hands finally pulled her head further, forcing her throat to take more of his cock. He moaned happily at the sensation of the tightness of her esophagus around his cock as he slowly pulled Helena’s head closer to his hips. The vibrations caused by Helena’s attempts to squeal and groan sent bolts of pleasure through Darrin’s cock. He moaned loudly as the pleasure intensity made his torso shudder. “Oh yeah.” he said as he felt the contractions of the throat trying to swallow. He pulled Helena’s head slowly until her lips were around the base of his huge cock. She was whimpering and shaking, and Darrin liked that. His hunger allowed him to know that Helena was getting close to orgasm again. He laughed heartily, but mercilessly began to pump her head back and forth, forcing her to take his hard, throbbing cock down her throat.

Helena could not stop Darrin. She could not even try to pull her head back from his grasp. The girth of his cock stretched her throat almost painfully. Her vaginal muscles were squeezing tight once more, trying to ease the empty ache. The ache seemed to be spreading. Her skin tingled with a want to be touched. Her erect nipples were starting to throb faintly. The level of arousal and sexual want was more intense than Helena had ever dreamed possible. When she had been a virgin, her first sexual experience seemed the most wild, most exquisite, and most vehement experience, unlike anything she had ever dreamed sex might be. Now, in this moment, with Darrin’s cock repeatedly being forced down her throat, with her body and her own Vyartu desire completely subjugated, Helena felt like a virgin once more.

Overwhelmed by Darrin’s hunger, Helena was already at the edge of orgasm once more. The fast pumping of her blood increased the painful throbbing of her clitoris. Her hands were palm down on the carpet, supporting her weight as Darrin’s grip rocked her back and forth. She sucked desperately on the huge cock as she lifted one hand and touched her clit. She released a muffled scream as her body shook wildly with sudden and fierce orgasm. Hot cum mixed with her arousal juices sluiced down her thighs. Her hand quickly went back to the floor to keep her from collapsing.

‘Slut’ was the word that came to her mind as the orgasm began to fade too soon, leaving her pussy with greater ache than before. But she was willing to be a slut, a whore, a fuck toy, anything for Darrin, the man who controlled her so completely. So there was no shame when she thought of herself as a slut now.

The pain of Darrin’s cock throbbing harder and faster inside Helena’s tight esophagus was increasing. Darrin was aware of the interaction between his and Helena’s Vyartu hunger. Hers was overpowered by Darrin’s, but not inactive. Helena’s Vyartu hunger was slowly increasing the sensitivity of Darrin’s cock. The tightness of her throat, however, was actually helping to hold back Darrin’s own sexual release. Liquid fire filled his loins, building up like water behind a dam. Each pull of Helena’s mouth along his cock put another crack in that dam. Darrin was groaning in pleasure and in pain of the fatigue trying to set into the muscles of his arms. The faint sound of Helena’s stifled squeals made him smile. Darrin looked down at Helena. Her nude body was covered in a thin layer of perspiration. Even with her mouth wide open and full of his cock, Helena’s face held an expression of desperate need. Like a conquered sex goddess, thought Darrin.

Darrin closed his eyes again as the pressure of hot semen in his loins reached a critical level. He moaned loud and roughly pulled Helena’s head to him. With her lips around the base of his large penis, heated cum violently erupted from Darrin’s cock. He yelled as the pleasure of forceful release shook him. Repeatedly the blissful sensation of hot semen shooting through his cock and blasting forth into the swallowing throat of Helena made Darrin shudder.

Helena felt the grip on her head tighten a moment before the first splash of thick, hot cum shot down her throat. Her esophagus was still trying to swallow, and each contraction of her throat muscles milked more semen from Darrin’s cock. Painful heat throbbed in her vagina, and she began to feel lightheaded. The strength of Darrin’s Vyartu hunger forced Helena’s body to rocket again to climax. She was barely aware that her cum trickled from her pussy. The lightheadedness turned into a sensation of weakness that filled her entire body.

A wildfire of invigorating ecstasy filled Darrin’s body. Each burst of semen sent another blaze of pleasure through him. Darrin moaned loudly, almost roaring. Helena’s throat was tightly swallowing, milking the cum from his cock almost as fast as his cock was producing it. At last the orgasm began to fade, and Darrin pushed Helena’s head back, A spurt of thick cum filled Helena’s mouth. Two final shots of semen landed on her face as Darrin pulled his cock out of her mouth and let go of her head.

Despite breathing hard, Helena kept her mouth shut, holding the salty semen in her mouth. She let the taste saturate her tongue before she swallowed. Finally she allowed herself to open her mouth and gasp for air. Her eyes, with a pleading expression, looked up to Darrin’s face.

“Please,” she whimpered, “fuck me.”

There was only one need, only one priority for Helena at that moment. Sex. Food, water, and air would all be willingly sacrificed if only Darrin would simply fuck her. She would do anything, pay anything, commit to anything for a moment of Darrin’s cock inside her throbbing vagina.

“Please,” she whimpered again, “whatever you want, just fuck me.”

“Damn, you’re gorgeous.” Darrin looked down at this curvaceous woman, who had one stripe of white semen diagonally across her forehead and a second stripe down her left cheek. He smiled, enjoying the sight. His penis was starting to harden again. “Get on the bed now, slut.”

Slut. There was that word again. Helena felt a shiver of delight. She was enjoying being a slut. Her helpless body, still under the thrall of Darrin’s power, was already rising in arousal again. The ache in her pussy, clit and nipples was unceasing. The release of tension granted by her previous orgasm had lasted only a moment. As she climbed onto the bed, Helena wondered which term better fit her at the moment, ‘slut’ or ‘sex-toy’.

With four cotton T-shirts, the same four he had used once before on Lisa, Darrin tied Helena’s limbs to the corner posts of the bed. Helena gave no resistance to this.

“Please, fuck me.” Helena whimpered.

From the drawer in his bedside table Darrin removed a tube of body oil.

“Please, Darrin, please fuck me.” Helena tried to sound seductive, but her voice was desperate.

“Alexis loved this stuff. It’s scented with jasmine.” said Darrin as he opened the tube and dribbled oil on Helena’s breasts.

“No, oh God, please, fuck me. I need you inside me. Please, I’ll do anything.”

“I know you will.” Darrin replied while rubbing the oil over Helena’s chest, teasing her nipples, but also making sure to lubricate the very narrow valley between her breasts.

The soft, slick touch of Darrin’s oil covered hands made Helena moan and shudder. She knew what Darrin was about to do. Arousal juices were seemed to be streaming from her aching pussy. Her vaginal muscles were spasming, rhythmically squeezing in a desperate attempt to gain release from unquenchable sexual need. Despite all this, Helena could not keep herself from pushing her chest up to Darrin’s hands even as she continued to beg.

“Darrin, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.” The desperation in her voice made Helena sound like a slut to her own ears. Darrin’s Vyartu power was irresistible. Helena could not fight back. She wanted, needed to be fucked by Darrin. Absolutely nothing but Darrin’s cock inside her would satisfy Helena’s need. She had no thought outside her current sensations and her need to be fucked, except a tiny part of her mind that kept telling her she was a harlot, a slut, a whore.

With Helena’s chest well lubricated, Darrin moved to straddle Helena’s torso. He laid his hard cock between Helena’s breasts. The head of his huge erection came to rest against her lips. Darrin grinned as Helena’s whimpering and begging was quickly replaced by the sound of Helena’s mouth sucking needfully on the head. Darrin grabbed the perfectly firm breasts that glistened with oil and pressed them against each other, forcing them to envelope the size of his cock. He moaned softly as he began to slide his large penis back and forth between those breasts. Helena’s moaning mouth was ready to suck and lick the head of the cock each time it emerged from the top of her cleavage. Darrin started the motion slowly, but the Vyartu hunger was demanding control. It wanted more, and Darrin was soon swiftly fucking Helena’s breasts.

For Helena and her vagina, this was pure sexual torture. Her clitoris, her labia, her inner walls were throbbing hard and fast and painfully. Each throb was like a burst of fire in her flesh. She moaned with each throb, whether Darrin’s cock was in her mouth or not. Every time that cock presented itself to her mouth, she sucked on it. She was a slut with a need, but she was also a sextoy controlled by a power and desire not her own. Repeatedly she tasted that hard flesh, and her mouth watered, waiting for more. Her nipples also throbbed, the pulse of blood amplified by the pressure of Darrin’s hands squeezing her breasts so tightly together. She could feel the pressure of his thumbs on her areolae, just under the peaks of her nipples. The result of all this torturous stimulation and continued exposure to Darrin’s Vyartu desire was Helena’s body fast floating toward yet another climax.

Helena’s Vyartu power was still affecting Darrin. He could feel it tugging at him. Darrin understood what was happening. Helena’s Vyartu nature was hungry for sex, but it wasn’t being “fed” as it might normally be during sex. Darrin was taking in all the sexual energy. And it was enrapturing beyond anything Darrin had ever experienced before.

Shaking and bucking and writhing, Helena felt the drain of her Vyartu power, and with that power went her will. Helena arched her entire body up and began trying to push her chest back and forth to provide more friction for Darrin’s cock. Her heavy breathing and the flexing of her vaginal muscles were in time with Darrin’s thrusts. The muscles of her tight pussy clenched hard, pressing her inner walls together, but her vagina felt empty. Despite the empty feeling, however, her body was on the verge of another orgasm. Her moans were more like soft screams now, and were proceeding from her mouth every time the head of Darrin’s cock was not in it. “Fuckme, fuckme fuckme,” Helena tried to make the soft screams say.

And then Helena felt the spasm of Darrin’s cock. The next moment seemed to happen in slow motion. Helena could feel her orgasm begin as she watched the jet of thick, salty, white semen shoot from the tip of Darrin’s cock and fly towards her face. Orgasmic juices began to flood her pussy with an agonizing slowness as time seemed to creep along. Time resumed it’s normal passing though, when Darrin’s hot seed splattered on her cheek. And she heard herself begin to scream out, “Fuckme, fuckme, fuckme!”

To Darrin the sound of Helena’s pleading screams was another layer of sensation that fueled his Vyartu hunger. Even as he spurted his male cum on Helena’s face, the hunger pushed his sexual tension up once more. The release was fast and pleasurable, but his erection did not begin to fade. Each eruption of semen was accompanied by a hot throb of intensified arousal. Darrin had so far been able to control his actions, but now feral instinct and Vyartu hunger were overwhelming him. Darrin could stop it no more than he could have stopped an avalanche.

Helena was exhausted. But she could not stop herself either. “I need to be fucked. I need your cock inside my cunt. Fuck me. I’m your slut. I’m your whore. I’m anything you want me to be. Fuck me, I beg you. I need it. I’m your fuck toy. I need you. I need your cock. I can’t help it. I need you. I need to be fucked. I need you to fuck me. Please, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.” Helena’s voice was saturated with sincere desperation. She begged like a drowning person might beg for air. And when she finally said the word, she gave it no thought. “Master,” she said. It came out as natural as if she had called him by name. “Master, fuck me. Please. Master, I need you.” Her body shook and trembled wildly. Her last orgasm was fading but she could feel another trying to rise in her. Sexual arousal like this was outside her wildest imagination. She had never felt or dreamed of anything like this. Her Vyartu desire was drained. She was completely at the whim of Darrin’s Vyartu hunger, and her sexual desire and need was now linked to his.

Darrin looked down at the face and body of Helena. He had one thought. Fuck. He moved himself backwards and raised his hips. His enormous penis was pointed directly at Helena’s tight, clenched vagina. The veins on Darrin’s cock were visibly throbbing. The head was purple and engorged with blood. Helena’s pussy was already flooded and dripping with arousal juices again. The scents of sweat and cum filled the room. Both Darrin and Helena glistened with sweat. For a brief instant, Darrin paused. His body was perfectly still except for the heaving his chest and the throbbing in his veins. Helena’s body still trembled and shook. Darrin was silent. Helena continued to bed and plead to be fucked. When the instant was past, Darrin rammed his gigantic cock into Helena’s aching pussy.


Helena entire body was consumed by the orgasm. She felt it in her vagina, her hips, her legs, her abdomen, her breasts, her arms, her hands, her feet, her fingers, her toes, her neck, her head, her lips, her tongue. A nuclear explosion of white hot, pure, preternatural pleasure beyond ecstasy consumed every cell of her flesh, sinew and bone. She no longer begged for the power of speech had left her. She could not even scream. Her body had stopped trembling and shaking. She was still. Her hips were thrust up in the air. Her mouth was wide open even though no sound came out. She was as motionless and silent as if she had been carved from stone.

Darrin was moving. He was fucking. In. Out. In. Out. Hard. Thrust. There was no thought, only the sensation, the pleasure of the moment and the motion. Helena’s pussy was slick and hot and tight. With each thrust of Darrin’s body, Helena’s pussy was slicker and hotter and tighter. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. In. Out. In. Out. In. Out. Thrust. Thrust. Thrust. Harder. Harder. Harder. Faster. Faster. Faster. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Hot bolts of unadulterated pleasure exploded through his body with every single invasion of the cunt below him. The pleasure was more than ecstasy. It was without name. The pleasure seemed to crackle like loose electricity through him and around him. And his loins were aflame with the heat of a sun. In. Out. In. Out. In. Out. The electric, unnamable pleasure fed the sun and made it grow. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. The sun went nova, exploding, expanding, finally forced to send its power and heat down the only channel allowed it. Scalding hot semen shot forth from Darrin’s cock in a stream, filling Helena’s pussy, surrounding Darrin’s cock and gushing past Helena’s labia. Darrin had finally become still again, his mouth wide open and silent. He too had become like a statue.

For a moment they were both still, like a statue carved of a moment of perfect and divine and absolute sexual pleasure.

The heat of Darrin’s semen was more stimulation and pleasure than Helena’s drained body could handle. She collapsed, limp as a rag doll.

When Helena collapsed, Darrin’s body relaxed. His hips went down, and the head of his cock stayed inside her vagina. Hot, thick semen continued to fill Helena’s pussy and gush out past her vaginal lips. Darrin was still enraptured by the pleasure. A sense of satisfaction greater than any he had ever known during his life seemed to slowly settle upon him. Minutes passed as his Vyartu body emptied itself of semen. The satisfaction and bliss only grew as the minutes slipped by. At last, when the orgasm was done, Darrin, lowered himself to the bed beside Helena. He pulled her limp but breathing body into a gentle embrace. He kissed her lips gently.

“Rest well, Helena.” said Darrin. “You’re an amazing woman.”

Darrin rose up from the bed. He was grinning without realizing it. He felt wonderful. He felt alive. He felt strong. He felt like a giant. He realized that he’d never felt his Vyartu hunger fully satisfied before. He grinned a little wider.

When he finally emerged from the bedroom, Darrin was fully dressed in a knit shirt and jeans. Helena was still unconscious on the bed. Lisa and Alexis were sitting together on the couch, talking quietly.

“And how are you two doing?” asked Darrin as he walked toward the couch.

Both women turned to look at him. Both were smiling.

“I think we’re both going to be okay, Darrin.” replied Alexis.

“Have I told you both how beautiful you are?” asked Darrin.

Lisa and Alexis giggled. “Only on occasion.” said Lisa.

“Remind me later, and I will.” Darrin headed for the door, car keys in his hand.

“Where are you going?” Alexis stood up.

“I have an appointment to keep. I’ll be back later.”

“What about Helena?” asked Lisa.

“She’ll be fine, but she’s going sleep for a long while, I think.” Darrin smirked. “You’re both free to stay or go. I may be gone for several hours.” Without waiting for a response, Darrin walked out of the apartment. He walked quickly to Brook’s car. He had something very important to tell Brook. He laughed as he got into the car and drove away.

To be continued...