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Author’s note: These stories are dedicated to Carole. © 1999

The Awakening

The Vyartu Stories

Story Number One—Part Two

“Please...” she begged, “please, touch me.”

Darrin unfastened Shannon’s belt, and then pulled her pants down to her ankles. The scent of her juices practically flowing over her labia was too much to resist. Even as Darrin squatted to pull Shannon’s pants down, his mouth opened, and his tongue flicked out to taste her soaking wet panties.

“Oh my God!” Shannon moaned loudly. Her hips automatically pushed to Darrin’s face. “Oh God, oh God, oh God, please, I have to cum.” she moaned. Her hands tried to push Darrin’s head to her pussy.

“Not just yet.” Darrin smiled as he stood up again. He grabbed the sides of her panties and ripped them from her body. He grinned to see the short, red hair around Shannon’s pussy dripping with her juices. He took her hand and put it on his cock. “You want to feel this, don’t you?”

Shannon whimpered. “It’s too big... Oh yes, please.” She slowly sunk to her knees. “Yes,” she whispered, “please, fuck me.” She was trembling, and wet arousal dripped steadily from her flooded pussy. She stared in amazement at the cock before her.

“Why don’t you warm it up first?”

“W-warm it up?” Shannon managed to look up into Darrin’s eyes.

Darrin smiled. “With your mouth.”

Shannon licked her lips and nodded. “Yes... with my mouth...” She looked back to the cock and licked her lips again.

Shannon examined the cock as she reached out to grasp it. Even with her long fingers, her hand could not reach all the way around the thickness of the cock. The hard shaft of flesh was easily more than a foot long. Something in Shannon’s mind told her she would never fit that huge thing down her throat, but she was filled with a need to suck the huge cock.

Using both hands to stroke Darrin’s erection, Shannon leaned forward to lick the head. Her tongue slid over the engorged head, tasting the salt and heat of his flesh. Soon she was stretching her lips painfully wide to suck the end of the cock into her mouth.

Darrin moaned. His cock had never felt so sensitive. Wild waves of pleasure shot through him from Shannon’s mouth. His breathing was already speeding up. His hands reached to Shannon’s head and began pulling it toward him. Her moaning gag was drowned out by his own loud moan. His cock began to throb, and he only pulled her head more insistently.

Warm arousal flowed from Darrin’s huge erection straight down to Shannon’s vagina. The more she sucked in, the more Darrin moaned, the closer Shannon felt herself get to orgasm. Her vaginal muscles ached and pulsed. Her mouth sucked and licked harder. Out the side of her eye, she could see herself in the mirror on the back of the front door. Her throat bulged almost like a cartoon. And still she did not have the full length down her throat. She looked down, and saw nearly half of the cock still sticking out of her mouth. Her hunger for it only grew. Her throat tried to swallow the cock as she pushed head forward.

Darrin was not only pulling on Shannon’s head, his hips pushed to her face. The swallowing motions of her throat on his cock fed his loud moans. He felt the build up of semen within his loins. His cock throbbed and flexed in response. The sensation of Shannon’s mouth and throat was maddening. His moans were more like yells.

Shannon was shocked as she felt herself reach orgasm. She had not touched herself . Her hands were still stroking the cock she had not taken into her mouth yet. But she felt the sexual release explode within her. She moaned loudly against the cock in her mouth. Her body rocked with the climax.

Darrin could hold back no longer. His first eruption of hot semen flooded down Shannon’s throat, forcing her to swallow faster. His climax only grew. His hips bucked forward as he roared out.

Darrin’s semen was too thick. Shannon was gagging. She pulled her head back and was rewarded with a spurt of cum to her face. Again cum landed on her face. Shannon began trying to lick her face. She reached out to grab the cock. She ended up pulling the cock down as she grabbed it. Darrin’s cum covered her breasts. She finally pointed the exploding cock to her open mouth. She tried desperately to swallow more semen, but half of it ran down her chin. Her own climax flooded out onto the floor.

Darrin’s roar filled the apartment. Each release of semen seemed more intense than the one before. Finally he felt the climax faded, and Darrin staggered back. He looked down at Shannon, her heaving chest covered in his cum, her hands desperately scooping cum from her face and neck to put in her mouth. He smiled. He watched her rub his semen into her chest and moan. She rubbed it to her chest and licked it from her fingers like a woman with an addiction to cum. And she was going to get more, because Darrin’s sexual hunger was not sated yet.

With most of the cum swallowed or saturating her skin, Shannon looked to Darrin. “Please... oh my God... fuck me. Fuck me please. I’ll do anything. Fuck me. I have to feel that cock inside me. I don’t care. I’ll do anything. Just please, please, please fuck me.” She crawled to him on her hands and knees.

“You really will do anything, won’t you?” Darrin looked down at her. He could feel the hunger still simmering within him. His cock had partially softened after the tremendous orgasm, but already it was regaining its former hardness. He did not see how he could possibly have any semen left within him, but the hunger was still there. Staring at Shannon, Darrin could feel the hunger begin again to burn and grow. He would have to fuck this woman.

“Yes, yes, yes.” replied Shannon. Her voice pleaded with Darrin. “Please fuck me. I’ll do anything you want. I have to feel you fill my pussy. I need you inside me. I don’t care what I have to do to get it. Please, command me, use me, but please fuck me.”

“Lick my feet.” Darrin smiled down at her. He was only marginally surprised to see Shannon begin eagerly licking his feet, almost like a dog. On her hands and knees, she was leaning down and licking Darrin’s feet as if she were genuinely enjoying it. “Stop.” Darrin watched as she moved to a kneeling position and looked expectantly up to him. “Walk outside right now.” Darrin grinned as he watched Shannon stand up and walk to the door. Still completely naked, she opened the door and walked out. She stood there, looking back into the apartment at Darrin. “Come back in and close the door.” Shannon complied and returned to kneeling at Darrin’s feet.

“Please,” she whimpered, “fuck me.”

Darrin decided to test just how far Shannon’s virtually hypnotic obedience went. He knelt down before her, and placed his hand over her mouth. She moaned softly as Darrin stared into her eyes.

“Your pussy aches, doesn’t it?” asked Darrin softly. Shannon nodded. “Yes, it aches. And you are so aroused by me. Even now, you can feel your arousal growing.” Shannon moaned as Darrin spoke. “You cannot help but wish for my cock to fill your aching vagina.” Shannon nodded to this. “You need it inside you. You can just imagine it filling you.” Shannon shuddered and moaned loudly against Darrin’s hand. “You can almost feel it pushing into your tight pussy. And your arousal is so high, you can feel the orgasm building already. You can feel the cock pumping in and out of you, filling you like never before. In and out.” Shannon was moaning loudly, hips rocking back and forth. She stared right into Darrin’s eyes; her gaze pleading for his words to become reality. “The heat of arousal inside your pussy is becoming unbearable. You need to cum. You need to climax.” Darrin’s words had Shannon trembling now. “But you cannot climax yet. You feel yourself on the edge of climax, yet your arousal still grows.” Shannon’s trembling was becoming more pronounced. “There is one thing that will let you reach climax. Your body needs my permission.” Shannon was moaning loudly and shaking as her hips bucked back and forth. Her juices flowed from her vagina in a steady stream. “You need to ask permission. When I take my hand from your mouth, you will beg for permission to cum. You will be unable to cum until I say the word ‘yes’.” Darrin removed his hand from Shannon’s mouth.

“P-ple...” Shannon’s voice faded to a moan. “P-p-please... I h-have t’ cum. Let-t m-me cum-m...” Her breaths were fast and hard, as were her wild moans. Her body bucked hard to the imaginary cock that still heated her sex. “Oh God... Let m-me c-cum... I beg you... an-nything... j-just l-let me cum-m...” Her moans were nearly screams.


No sooner was the word spoken, than Shannon burst into wild orgasm. She fell back to the floor and writhed like a woman in seizure. She bucked and thrashed, cum gushing from her like a river. She screamed like a wailing banshee. Minutes passed of this thrashing and screaming, and would have continued had Shannon not passed out. But even unconscious her body trembled.

Darrin sighed. Now who was he going to fuck? He waited a full half hour for Shannon to wake up before deciding to dress himself and leave. She was still unconscious when he left.

Shannon would be unconscious on the floor until her roommate came home from work several hours later. There would be a brief scene of worry and panic with the roommate. Shannon would awaken, smiling. The events she would recount to her roommate would give Shannon’s roommate wet dreams for weeks to come. Said dreams would grow more intense when the roommate heard the many complaints from apartment neighbors about how loud Shannon’s screams had been.

Darrin’s hunger was growing once more. He was able to walk back to the grocery store where he had left his car. He drove back to his own apartment, but narrowly escaped an accident twice. He was distracted by his own thoughts. Thoughts of Shannon writhing on the floor. At his apartment building, Darrin managed to stagger into his apartment. He struggled to make sense of what was happening. But his thoughts were clouded.

He could not remember walking to his bedroom, but he was laying on his bed, naked. He lay there, tormented by the hunger until he drifted into a fitful, restless sleep. His dreams were full of wild sex with Shannon, with Alexis, with Lisa. Then came the dream of her. He heard the knock at the door. He climbed out of bed and walked to the door. His footsteps seemed slow. He tried to run, but he couldn’t. Finally he arrived at the door and pulled it open. And there stood a woman. The woman at the door was as tall as Darrin. She had long, thick, gloriously golden hair. Her large, round eyes had irises that were as green as winter wheat. Her face was the most beautiful Darrin had ever seen. Her bodily dimensions, with the fullness of her chest, the narrowness of her waist, the curve of her hips, the length of her legs, were perfect. She opened her mouth as if to speak, and Darrin woke up.

He was covered in sweat. The bed sheets were soaked. But not entirely with sweat. Darrin smelled the spent semen before looking down between his thighs to see the large stain and puddle of it. Darrin stared at the semen. He realized that the hunger was diminished. Not gone but diminished to a manageable point. A new sensation came to his awareness. His bladder was achingly full. Darrin climbed off the bed and hurried to the bathroom.

Darrin did later get a more restful sleep, though still with the dream of her. Sunday afternoon Darrin woke up to hear a knock on the door. He rubbed his eyes and pulled on a T-shirt and a pair of shorts before answering the door. Lisa was at the door. Darrin frowned.

“Hello, Darrin.” Lisa was smiling sweetly. “May I come in?”

“Sure, why not.” Darrin stepped aside to let Lisa in.

“How are you?” Lisa asked as she walked in.

“I don’t feel well, Lisa. Get to the point.”

“Alexis and I have been talking. And I don’t think you realize what she did for you, because she loved you.”

Darrin groaned. “Get to the point.”

“Alexis was raised with rather conservative values. She’d always been, well, a bit prudish regarding sex.”

“Could have fooled me. She wasn’t happy unless we fucked once a night.”

“That’s just it, Darrin. Alexis was only like that because she loved you. She told me she was always so aroused by you, and she always felt so at ease that she could openly express her inner desires to you.”

“What the hell are you talking about?”

“That’s how she knew she loved you. Because she wanted to have sex with you so often.”

“Are you daft? That’s lust, not love.” Darrin was getting angry. And he could feel the faint hunger begin to grow again.

“Not for a woman like Alexis, Darrin. She has very conservative views on sex. She is not one to give herself to man as she did for you.”

Something fell into place in Darrin’s thoughts. He gained the faintest inkling of what had happened between himself and Shannon. He stepped close to Lisa. “And you, Lisa? What of your sex values?”

Lisa looked up to Darrin’s eyes and faltered for a moment. “I-I-I don’t, uh...” She licked her lips and tried again. “I guess I am more liberal than Alexis.”

Darrin stared right down into Lisa’s eyes. He could feel the hunger growing. “Liberal in what way, Lisa?”

Softly Lisa responded. “I am not a prude like she is.”

“Oh? Is that so Lisa? Do you like sex?”

Lisa nodded slightly.

“Do you? Would you like to have sex with me?”

“Yes.” she whispered. “No!” Lisa quickly corrected herself.

Darrin took her hand and placed it on his swiftly hardening cock. He smiled as her eyes widened and her hand probed the length of him. “Come now, Lisa. Wouldn’t you like to feel that huge thing fill you up?”

“Oh my God.” Lisa’s voice was a soft, awed whisper. “Oh my God. It’s so big. It’s huge.” She whimpered as she realized Darrin’s penis was still growing. “Alexis never told me about this. It’s enormous.”

Darrin smiled at Lisa’s reaction. And he could smell her arousal growing. He could smell the scent of the wetness in her pussy. Staring into Lisa’s eyes still, Darrin reached into her blouse and began to stroke the fabric of Lisa’s bra just over her nipple. Darrin’s other hand pushed down under the waist of Lisa’s pants, pushing down to her panties, which were wet. As they stroked her panties, Darrin’s fingers pushed to her labia. Lisa could only moan and shudder and stroke Darrin’s now fully erect cock.

Darrin could feel the wild hunger growing inside him. He still did not fully understand what it was or what it meant. But he knew he would need to fuck someone soon. And he knew he could make Lisa a willing partner in sex.

“Come on, Lisa. Be honest. Wouldn’t you just love to have sex with me?”

“Yes.” Lisa whimpered the word.

“Doesn’t your wet pussy just ache to know what it feels like to filled with my cock?”

“Y-yes.” Again the word was whimpered.

“Why don’t you show me how much you want it? Undress for me.” Darrin pulled his hands away from her body, and Lisa groaned at the loss. Darrin stepped back from Lisa to watch.

Lisa stared hungrily at Darrin for a moment before obeying. She kicked her shoes off and peeled down her pantyhose. She struggled to unbutton her blouse as fast as she could. Her bra was off quickly, as were her pants. She stood there in her panties and looked to Darrin.

“Panties too.” said Darrin softly.

Lisa pulled her wet panties off. Her shaved vaginal lips glistened with moisture. She whimpered as she looked to Darrin. She stood there naked, staring helplessly into his eyes. All of her bare, soft curves exposed to Darrin, she shuddered as a wave of arousal passed through her.

“So tell me, Lisa, how much more liberal than Alexis are you?”

“I am not sure what you mean.” Lisa’s voice was soft now, spoken with faint pants of breath.

“You said you were more liberal about sex than Alexis. Do you have sex often?”

“Yes.” Lisa blushed. Her hand moved slowly toward her labia.

“How often?”

“At least once a night.”

“Oh? How do you manage that?”

“There is a man...” Lisa’s voice trailed off, and she whimpered. Her hand had reached her vaginal lips. Her fingers were slipping in and out of her pussy. Her legs were in a rhythm of movement, slowly bending her knees ever so slightly and straightening again. She was struggling to remain standing despite the growing weakness in her legs.

“Tell me more, Lisa.”

She continued softly. “He has a crush on me. He let’s me use him for sex. He’s pretty good too. And he got a big...” Lisa moaned. “But not as big as yours...” She moaned again. “Please fuck me. I’ll do anything. I’ve never been this hot. Oh God, it aches. Please, Darrin, use me. Fuck me. Please.”

Lisa slowly sunk to her knees. Her fingers were moving swiftly inside her pussy, which was leaking wet arousal profusely. She alternately whimpered and moaned. Her gaze remained locked to Darrin’s eyes, and begged him to use her.

“Will you really do anything?” Darrin asked softly.

Lisa moaned. “Yes.”

“The first thing I want you to do is to start referring to me as ‘Master’.”

“Yes, Master.” Lisa moaned loudly. She was trying very hard now to make herself reach an orgasm. Her arm was beginning to tire from pumping her fingers so fast. From the heat of her arousal, Lisa’s body was taking on a sheen of perspiration.

Darrin felt the hunger blazing inside him. Yet, he seemed to be much more in control of it than he had been while with Shannon. He stared at Lisa, feeling the ache of the hunger but also feeling strong and wild. He felt as though he were full of power. A wild power, like a blazing fire, not consuming him, but waiting to consume. To consume what Darrin was not sure of. But he knew it was related to his hunger, and his hunger was focused on Lisa.

Not just yet, Darrin thought to himself. Lisa was too close to an orgasm. “Stop finger-fucking yourself.” Darrin commanded.

Lisa whimpered loudly as she pulled her hand away from her pussy. “Oh Darrin... Master... I need to cum... please...” Her words came out haltingly between her panting breaths.

“Don’t worry. You will, my helpless Lisa. You will.” Darrin walked to his kitchen and removed a bottle of beer from the refrigerator. He walked back to Lisa and handed her the bottle. “Here. Use this.”

Lisa took the cold bottle in her hand. Her gaze drifted back and forth from the bottle to Darrin’s eyes. As she lowered the bottle toward her dripping wet sex, her eyes stopped to stare at the size of the bulge in Darrin’s shorts. She shuddered and moaned.

Darrin stepped back to watch. He smiled as Lisa groaned while pressing the bottom of the bottle against her vaginal lips. She trembled as her labia slowly spread around the cold glass. The intense cold pushing into her hot pussy made her trembling increace to a constant shudder.

“Oh my God...” The words escaped Lisa’s mouth in the form of a loud moan. “I can’t... I’m... This...” No thought was completed as the bottle slowly sunk into her. Her shuddering increased until finally with half of the bottle inside her, her hips bucked up to envelop the bottle. Only half the neck of the bottle remained outside her pussy. Lisa obviously did not care, because she was preoccupied with the orgasm that shook her violently. Her mouth was open wide but no sound came out. Her back arched up several inches off the floor. Her hands tried desperately to grip handfuls of the carpet beneath her. Moments later, as the climax slowly began to fade, Lisa finally let out a scream as her body collapsed.

Darrin smiled. Now Lisa was ready. She would still be aroused and still in need. Only now she would last a little longer while he fucked her. He had a sense she would not take long to reach orgasm again. But then, with his hungry arousal, he might not last that long either.

Kneeling down beside her body, Darrin lifted Lisa’s limp form. He stood and carried her into his bedroom. He laid her down on the queen size bed, and watched as her trembling and whimpering form curl up on the sheets. Darrin stepped to his dresser and removed four soft, cotton T-shirts. He firmly tied a shirt to each bedpost. He tested the strength of the headboard and the footboard of the bed. Gently Darrin tied a shirt to each of Lisa’s wrists and then each of her ankles. Lisa now lay spread-eagle out on the bed.

Lisa had watched Darrin tie her limbs down. Her mind was lost to her overwhelming desire. She had never felt sexual desire like this before. Her orgasm had not lessened her desire. The climax had increased her desire if anything. Her gaze was locked on Darrin’s motion while he pulled off his T-shirt. However, when his hands moved to pull his shorts down, Lisa’s eyes could focus only on Darrin’s huge cock. She whimpered and felt her pussy flood anew. Lisa watched the cock move from beside her bed to between her legs to resting against her thigh.

“Look at me, Lisa.” Darrin’s voice was soft and full of his sexual hunger. He stared right into her eyes as she slowly looked up from his cock. “You are mine now, Lisa. You know that, don’t you?”

Lisa nodded slightly. She did not say the word ‘yes’ because Darrin’s mouth had begun sucking on her nipple, and all she could do was moan.

To be continued...