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Disclaimer: This is a fantasy story with sexual and mind-control content. But you should know that already if you are reading this disclaimer. All characters contained herein are entirely fictional, and any resemblance to actual persons is coincidental. Also, these stories are entirely of my own making. Any resemblance to other stories is entirely coincidental.

Author’s note: These stories are dedicated to Carole. © 1999

The Awakening

The Vyartu Stories

Story Number One—Part Three

“Look at me, Lisa.” Darrin’s voice was soft and full of his sexual hunger. He stared right into her eyes as she slowly looked up from his cock. “You are mine now, Lisa. You know that, don’t you?”

Lisa nodded slightly. She did not say the word ‘yes’ because Darrin’s mouth had begun sucking on her nipple, and all she could do was moan.

Darrin deliberately began to slide the length of his hard cock against Lisa’s wet vaginal lips. He smiled to feel her writhe under him. He continued sucking on her nipple, and licking it roughly.

Lisa arched her back, trying to push her breast to Darrin’s face. Each lick she felt seemed to fire a bolt of electric desire straight to her vagina. Her hips helplessly bucked and twisted, trying to bring Darrin’s cock inside her. Her labia and her inner walls seemed to burn with need. She could feel the sheets under her ass and thighs getting wet with sweat and the juices that dripped from her pussy. Her whole body was trying to press itself to his. Lisa could feel herself approaching orgasm once more.

Darrin lifted his head away from Lisa’s breast. He smiled at her moanful whimpering. He leaned toward her face, looking her in the eyes. He slid a hand over her chest and down her abdomen to her clitoris. Gently he teased her clit with his fingers as he pressed the length of his erection harder to her vaginal lips.

“Oh my God... Darrin...” Lisa moaned. “Please, take me... fuck me now. I beg you.” Her body shuddered. “I’ve never been so hot. God... Please, Darrin, I ache.”

Darrin grinned. “My helpless Lisa, I am in control here.” Darrin’s voice was soft, but full of feral heat. “I control even you. You want madly to be fucked and to cum. But before I am through with you, you will not only offer me anything I want, you will gladly offer yourself to me. You will offer to be my slave before you cum.” His stare bored right down into the depth of her eyes. “And no matter how hot you become, or how much stimulation you experience, you will find you cannot climax. Your body needs my cock to reach orgasm. Needs, Lisa. Do you understand?”

Lisa nodded. “Yes... Please... I beg you... take me, use me... anyway you want... just please fuck me now.” Her whole body arched up to push her sex against Darrin’s cock and fingers. Faintly she whimpered, “Need... need... need...”

Smiling, Darrin pulled himself away from Lisa’s pussy. Two of his fingers slid between Lisa’s labia. Lisa moaned loudly as those fingers began to swiftly thrust in and out of her. Much to Darrin’s delight, Lisa writhed and cried out as fingers from Darrin’s other hand began to stroke her clitoris. Darrin moved his head down to Lisa’s chest, and began to lick on the nipple he had earlier ignored.

“No... Oh God. Please, Darrin, fuck me. Please. My pussy aches, Darrin. Please fuck me. I am begging you. Begging you, Darrin.” Lisa’s head slowly tossed side to side. Her arms and legs pulled against her bindings. Her sweat covered body twisted this way and that, trying desperately to increase her stimulation.

Darrin added another finger to those ramming into Lisa’s vagina, making the total three. He then began to suck on her nipple. He sucked hard and licked as well. The fingers of the hand stimulating Lisa’s clitoris began to lightly squeeze the sensitive flesh as they stroked.

“Oh my God.” Lisa’s voice was as loud as her moans. “Please... Oh God... fuck me. Darrin, I have to cum. I beg you to fuck me.” She moaned loudly as a shudder shook her body. “Yes, anything... I’ll do anything. Darrin, oh God, fuck me. I need you to fuck me.”

Darrin began to gently bite the nipple in his mouth. Darrin’s fingers on Lisa’s clitoris pinched the clit with each stroke. The number of fingers repeatedly and roughly plunging into her increased to four. He also began rubbing his hard erection against Lisa’s inner thigh.

Lisa’s body was nearly in convulsions. She writhed and bucked and twisted frantically. “Darrin... Darrin...” Her voice was tinged with her growing need. “I need to be fucked...” Her words and sentences came slower. Her moans, that sounded more like cries with each one that passed her lips, were slipping inbetween her words. “Oh God, please, Darrin, Anything you want... just fuck me. I’ll do anything you want... be anything you want... take me... use me... anything... anytime, Darrin... God, fuck me... be anything... be your mistress... be your slave... your sex slave... anything you want... need you... fuck me... need you... need, Darrin... need...”

Darrin lifted his head to look at Lisa. His cock throbbed against her inner thigh. “What do you need, Lisa?”

Lisa’s words were moaned, and her breaths were soft cries. “Need... to be fucked... to be used... by you... to be yours... to be yours... anytime... need to be yours... to be fucked...” Her head thrashed side to side. Her sweaty chest heaved for air; her breaths becoming soft screams. Lisa’s entire body struggled to arch up to Darrin. The wet arousal dripped in a steady stream from her pussy. Four fingers kept thrusting into her, pulling out and thrusting in again, but her sex felt cavernously empty. It ached for Darrin’s cock. “Yours... to be... am... am yours... take me... your slave... God... please... need...” Her words were forced in between her breathy screams.

Darrin laughed. His laugh was hard and full of the hunger that now blazed and throbbed in the very cells of his body. His body was trembling with his struggle to maintain control. With his intense need in his gaze, Darrin glared down at Lisa.

“Good girl.” Darrin spoke softly. “Good girl.” Darrin pushed himself up. He moved his cock so the tip of it rest against Lisa’s labia.

“Yes... God... please... need...” Lisa’s voice was faint as her body thrashed uncontrollably. Her head tossed wildly side to side. Her hips began to buck up and down, fucking the air, trying to get Darrin’s cock inside her. Lisa’s sweat covered body strained against her bindings. She tried to beg some more, but her moans and screams obscured any words she tried to form.

Darrin gloried in Lisa’s howl as he rammed his throbbing erection into Lisa’s pussy. He held his hips still above Lisa, as she bucked like a wild animal on his cock. Darrin could feel Lisa’s vaginal muscles flexing frantically. His body trembled not with struggle, but with the tension of the orgasm building within him. He could feel Lisa’s cum gushing hot around his cock and the heat building inside him. When his flesh could no longer withstand the tension, his hips slammed down, pinning Lisa’s body to the bed, and his scalding semen erupted violently into Lisa’s sex.

Lisa’s now sore throat tried to scream once more. She felt the intense heat of Darrin’s thick semen fill her vagina. She could feel the knot of wet bedsheet underneath her back. She could feel her own wet hair sticking to her face. All sensation slowly faded as she experienced the second explosion of Darrin’s cum inside her. Before the third eruption, Lisa was unconscious.

Darrin was blissfully unaware of Lisa’s state. He was lost to the sensation of an orgasm more intense than he had ever thought possible. He felt energized and invigorated for several moments before the drain of the orgasm over took him. His body fell limp against Lisa’s body. His semen still shooting into Lisa’s pussy, his body still trembling with the intensity of the climax, Darrin descended into a deep sleep.

Darrin began to dream. He was in his apartment, waiting for someone very important. He couldn’t seem to remember who was coming to his apartment, but he knew the person was very important to him. He was sitting on his couch, staring at the door. Finally, a knock sounded on the door. Darrin stood up. He tried to walk to the door, but his steps were slow. He strained to move faster, but his legs moved as if the air was thick as syrup. A near eternity later, he was at the door and opened it. Standing on the other side of the doorway was the most beautiful woman Darrin had ever seen. The woman at the door was as tall as Darrin. She had long, thick, gloriously golden hair. Her large, round eyes had irises that were as green as winter wheat. Her face was the most beautiful Darrin had ever seen. Her bodily dimensions, with the fullness of her chest, the narrowness of her waist, the curve of her hips, the length of her legs, were perfect. Darrin watched her open her mouth. He knew she was about to speak. And that’s when Darrin woke up.

The light of the fading dusk was struggling through the windows as Darrin, now wearing a fresh T-shirt and shorts, stood in the kitchen of his apartment. He was pouring coffee beans into a grinder when a still partially dazed and completely nude Lisa wandered from the bedroom. Darrin heard her footsteps. He was smiling as he turned to watch her. He had never felt this exhilarated. He had awakened almost a full two hours back, feeling fresh and rejuvenated. He had never before felt so alive and so strong. The sight of Lisa naked and slowly walking toward him made him laugh out loud.

“Good God, Darrin,” Lisa began, her voice coming soft from her sore throat, “that was the most incredible sex I’ve ever had.” She looked at Darrin with a mixture of desire and awe. “I haven’t felt so sore since I lost my virginity.” Her face took on a puzzled expression. She looked down and then back up to Darrin. “My God, I’m already wet again.” A shudder passed over her.

Darrin chuckled. “The beer bottles are in the refrigerator.” He laughed softly and turned back to the coffee bean grinder.

Lisa pressed herself to his back, her hands reached around him to stroke his shorts. “Darrin, you know what I want.”

“You’ll have to earn it, Lisa.”

“Come on, Darrin. Don’t you want to fuck me again? Didn’t you enjoy it?”

“I did indeed.” Darrin turned on the grinder. “But you’ll have to earn it.”

Lisa tried to move seductively against Darrin’s back. “Come on, Darrin. I know you must want me too. After last night?”

Darrin laughed. He turned off the grinder. “Lisa, you’re already aching for my cock again, aren’t you?” Darrin carefully removed the container of freshly ground coffee from the grinder.

“Yes, Darrin.” There was some shame in her voice.

“You need what I have. But I can go out and find lots of pretty girls with tighter pussies than yours. Alexis even. So if—”

“Alexis!” Lisa’s horse voice sounded sharply. “She’s coming over.”

“What?” Darrin nearly dumped freshly ground coffee over the counter. Putting the coffee down, he turned around to look at Lisa. “Oh, I get it. You were supposed to come over and soften me up with all that ‘Alexis really loves you’ stuff.”

Lisa just stared at the ground and nodded.

“Well now you’ve been fucked by me, and you can’t wait for more. I wonder what Alexis will think of that?” Darrin blinked. He backed away from Lisa. Softly he spoke: “Make some coffee.” His expression was that of one experiencing a sudden revelation.

Lisa looked puzzled. Quietly she set to making coffee. She thought his expression meant he was upset, and she did not want to make the situation worse.

Darrin walked out of the kitchen to the living room and his favorite chair. He sat down slowly. He was stunned. Had he not chastised Alexis just a few days ago for selfishly trying to force him into some sort of fashionable mold for men? But what was he doing to Lisa? What had he already done to her? She was agreeing to be his slave. This could not be right.

Darrin was barely aware of the cup of coffee that Lisa eventually set down on the small table beside his chair. He was even less aware that Lisa kneeled down at his feet, quietly watching him. Darrin was lost in thought. Minutes passed, a quarter hour, a half hour, whole hour.

“Darrin,” Lisa’s voice was unsure and soft, “are you okay?”

Without looking at Lisa, Darrin replied, “I’m not sure.” Darrin was silent for several more minutes. He finally turned his head to look down at the still naked and kneeling Lisa. “Something is wrong... I think. I don’t know. I’ve never been a harsh man. Or tyrannical. Something is happening to me. I don’t understand it. Or even why it’s happening.”

“Is there anything I can do?” Lisa’s question was sincere.

“I don’t know.” Darrin sighed. He lifted a hand to rub his face. “Get dressed. If Alexis is coming over, you should be clothed when she gets here.”

“Yes, Darrin.” Lisa rose and went to the pile of her clothes that still lay where she had dropped them after undressing. Slowly she began to get dressed once more.

“Take the clothes in my room and get dressed there. I don’t want to watch you just now.” Darrin’s voice sounded weary.

Lisa quietly nodded and complied. She even closed the door to the bedroom. Darrin would hear the faint sound of crying from his bedroom for several minutes. When Lisa finally emerged from the bedroom, she still had wet cheeks.

“What’s wrong?” asked Darrin.

Lisa knelt down before Darrin once more, looking up to his face. “I don’t know, Darrin. I’ve never felt like this before.”

“Join the club, Lisa.” remarked Darrin. Lisa looked puzzled. “Never mind. You’ve never felt like what before?”

“I don’t know how to explain it.” She looked down at his feet for a moment. “No man has ever done to me what you did.” Lisa looked back up to Darrin. Tears were in her eyes.

“What did I do, Lisa?” Darrin shifted position in his chair. He focused on Lisa’s eyes.


“Humor me, Lisa. What did I do?”

“You took me. No pretense. No psudo-sly build up. You were strong, and there was no question about what was going to happen. And I gave in, Darrin. I’ve never done that before. But I never felt so free, Darrin. You tied me down, and I felt like I was soaring. You made me beg, made me give myself to you completely. At that moment, when I begged to belong to you, Darrin, I felt like a weight fell away from me.”

Darrin shook his head. “This is... It just can’t be right.” He rubbed his eyes as he were waking up. “What is going on?” He yelled his next sentence, and it took Lisa by surprise. “What’s happening to me!”

“Darrin? What’s wrong?” Lisa was now genuinely worried.

“I could not even begin to explain. I don’t understand it in the slightest.” Darrin just sat there holding and shaking his head. Lisa placed a hand on his knee. Darrin slapped it away. “Don’t touch me.”

“Why?” whimpered Lisa.

“It’s too...” Darrin could already feel the hunger inside him. “Just don’t.” Faintly the hunger stirred. He looked down at Lisa. Her blouse was not buttoned. Darrin could see her cleavage and her bra. He felt an itching in his palms, an itching to be sated only by hard, female nipples. He could smell the warmth of Lisa’s body. Darrin closed his eyes. He did not fully understand the hunger, but he knew it was doing something to him, influencing him, changing him. He took a deep breath to try to calm himself, but his breath pulled in the scent of Lisa’s wet sex.

Darrin opened his eyes. Lisa was still kneeling before him, an expression of worry on her face. He had to get out. He needed to get away from Lisa and away from the visit of Alexis who would surely arrive soon enough. Without a word, Darrin stood up and walked to his bedroom. He changed clothes, dressing in black jeans and a denim shirt that nearly matched his dark blue eyes. He slid on a pair of black cowboy boots as well. He brushed his thick hair swiftly and opened the door to the bedroom. Lisa was kneeling in front of the doorway. Stepping around her, Darrin headed for the front door of the apartment.

“I’m going out. If Alexis arrives, tell her I don’t know when I’ll be back.” Darrin spoke only after opening the door. Outside, the dusk was gone, replaced by a clear night lit by a bright half-moon. “Whatever you want to tell Alexis about what happened between you and me, feel free.”

“Yes, Darrin.” replied Lisa as Darrin pulled the door closed behind him.

Darrin took a deep breath as he walked to his car. He felt better already. The hunger was not diminishing, but it certainly felt more under control now. Darrin entered the car and drove out of the parking lot for the apartment complex. He soon found himself on the interstate. He rolled the windows down and let the cool air rush in. He felt better. Yet, the hunger seemed to be growing. Darrin was unsure. This time the hunger seemed different. He felt a strength seep into his limbs. He needed something. The something was related to the hunger, but different. The more he tried to examine the need, the more enigmatic it seemed.

Darrin tried to shake the feeling and concentrate on his changes. He needed to figure out what was going on. He knew he should be happy about what was occurring to him. The hunger seemed to make it possible to manipulate women into wanting sex with him. That sounded great, sure, but what else was it doing? He had made Lisa agree to slavery. How could that be good? She said she liked it, but was that her, or his manipulation of her? Darrin could not figure it out. He wracked his brain to figure out some cause for this wild hunger. How did it work? Where did it come from? Why did he have it? An image of her, the woman from his reoccurring, dream came to his mind. That was just a dream, however, not an answer.

Darrin began to get a sense of needing to find something. To find what, he had no idea. But he needed to find it soon. He looked at the clock on his car radio. He had apparently been driving for about thirty minutes. A well lit town was up ahead, and Darrin decided to take the next offramp from the interstate. Despite this odd need to find something, and his inability to make heads or tails of what the hunger was doing to him, Darrin felt much better. He thought to himself that perhaps he should just stop in somewhere for a drink. Well, maybe just some soda since he still had to drive home. But he could still stop by a bar for that. Going into a bar sounded good. Darrin turned from the offramp toward the well lit down.

Sitting nearly at the foot of the offramp, were two bars. One was called the Stumble On Inn. The other was called Richard’s Moroccan Cafe. The latter sounded much more interesting. Darrin turned to the right, and then into the parking lot of the Cafe.

Richard’s Moroccan Cafe was a warm looking place, decorated with wood outside and in. The lights inside were dim. A pretty good band was playing and empty seats were few. Darrin paused at the bar long enough to place an order for a glass of Coke®. He next found himself a seat at a small table in a corner.

Darrin still had the feeling that he needed to find something. He looked slowly around at the other patrons of the bar. His gaze paused and then returned, after looking over the whole room, to a woman across the room. She had tears in her eyes as she talked with the man sitting next to her at the table. She looked young, around 19 years old. She had thick, extremely curly brown hair and a pretty face. The man appeared to be a little older. He had short brown hair, an angular face, and a lean build. His expression was one of sadness.

Words were exchanged between the man and woman. The woman eventually appeared to become angry. She pulled a ring off and slapped it down onto the table. The man slowly picked up the ring and looked at it. The woman spoke more words, and the man nodded. He stood up, turned, and slowly walked away. The woman watched him for a moment before hiding her face behind her hands.

Darrin turned to the pretty waitress, who had just stepped to his table with the glass of Coke Darrin had ordered, and said, “Tell that young woman over there to order what she wants, on me.” Darrin gestured to the woman across the room.

“Huh?” The waitress stared into Darrin’s eyes. A shudder seemed to move through her as Darrin returned the gaze. “Oh! I’m sorry. Which one again?”

“The one holding her face in her hands.” Darrin gestured again.

The waitress nodded and placed Darrin’s drink on the table. She walked across the room, weaving between tables with a dancer’s grace. The waitress leaned down and spoke into the woman’s ear. The woman turned to the waitress and then across the room at Darrin. The woman blushed and smiled with embarrassment, then turned and spoke to the waitress. As the waitress turned away and left the table, the woman wiped tears from her cheeks and stood up. She smiled coyly as she carefully walked between tables.

The woman appeared to be no more than five and one half feet tall. There was a lovely hourglass curve to her narrow waist and rounded hips. Her chest was round and full, yet not out of proportion to her height and size. There was a softness to her face and limbs that implied the woman was naturally attractive without need to exercise. Her face had a youthful appearance. She had a cute little nose. Her rosy pink lips had a classically pouty shape. Her round, brown eyes still sparkled with her recently spent tears. Darrin could easily tell that, despite the woman’s smile, she was struggling to maintain her composure.

Darrin watched the woman as she walked. She was wearing a dark blouse that seemed a half size too small; a green, knee length skirt; and dark, canvas sneakers. Darrin smiled at the image of this woman. She appeared almost innocently cute, and at the same time very aware of how sexual her cuteness could be.

“Hello.” the woman said softly as she neared Darrin’s table.

Darrin smiled at her. “Hello. Please, have a seat. I’d stand up to hold your chair out, but I am afraid someone would steal mine.”

The woman giggled. Some of the tension in her smile seemed to lessen. “My name is Brook.” She sat down in a chair next to Darrin and scooted closer still.

“I am pleased to meet you, Brook. My name is Darrin.”

Brook looked away from Darrin and to the table surface. “I guess you saw my fight with my fiance... ex-fiance now.” Her voice was soft and full of sadness.

“I did. I hope you don’t mind my offering to buy you a drink.” Darrin sipped his own drink. He carefully studied Brook’s face.

“No, no I don’t. But...” Brook hesitated. She looked to Darrin’s face. She was nibbling her bottom lip slowly.

“But what?” Darrin smiled. His eyes peered down into hers.

“I was wondering if...” She hesitated again.

Darrin chuckled softly. “You’ll never know if you don’t ask me.”

“Instead of a drink, would you come home with me?” Brook blushed even as she spoke the words. She did her best to smile sweetly at Darrin.

“Don’t you think it’s too soon after a break up with your fiance to be—”

“No.” Brook interrupted. “No. I want this. Please?” Softly she added, “I need this.”

Darrin felt the hunger simmering within him. He knew the mysterious hunger would grow if he went with her. And yet, was that not why he had stopped at the bar in the first place? The hunger had prompted him to hunt for a woman. Even now, Darrin was beginning to experience the heightening of senses that the hunger gave him. Silently Darrin turned all this over in his mind.

Brook mistook Darrin’s pause for hesitation. She reached out her small, thin hand, laying it down on Darrin’s knee. Slowly she slid her hand up toward Darrin’s crotch until her hand found the bulge of his slowly hardening cock. Her eyes widened slightly as her hand, sliding over the fabric of Darrin’s pants, probed the length and width of his growing erection.

“Please.” Brook pleaded softly. “Just one night. Come home with me.”

Something in Darrin’s mind nagged him, reminding him that Alexis was expecting to meet him at his apartment. He studied Brook’s face.

“How old are you?” asked Darrin.

“21. I know I look younger. Everyone says so. I’ll show you my driver’s license if you want.”

“No, I’ll take your word for it.” Darrin reached up to Brook’s cheek. His fingers caressed her skin.

“Please...” Brook said softly, “I want you.” She lightly grasped his hand, and moved it from her cheek down to her chest. She pressed his hand to her breast. Her nipple hardened under his palm.

To be continued...