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The Awakening

The Vyartu Stories

Story Number One—Part Six

Darrin watched the door close behind Alexis and Lisa. He heard the sound of the door hitting the frame and the latch clicking into place. The sound seemed to have resonated within him, shaking some weight from his body. He felt light. He took in a deep breath and even the movement of his chest felt more free. He laughed. He laughed for several minutes. Despite his giddiness, however, the physical exertion of the day finally began to settle on him. He stepped backward to the couch and plopped down, knocking over the coffee mug on the floor. Darrin looked at the spilled coffee and laughed.

As minutes passed, Darrin’s laughter slowly lessened. He lay back on the couch as his body urged him toward sleep. His eyes soon closed. Not long after that, he was deep in sleep.

The dream came to Darrin again. As it was when it came to him at Brook’s house, the dream seemed more like a vision. The dream was complete in every detail. Every detail of dimensions and colors and sounds and tastes and scents was exact.

In his apartment, he walked from the kitchen to the couch and sat down, a cup of coffee in his hands. He took a sip and looked to the door. He was expecting someone. Someone was coming. Someone he should be prepared to meet. Who this someone was, he could not seem to remember. But someone was coming. The someone was important, yet he was dressed casually in jeans and a white T-shirt. Darrin looked down. He didn’t even have shoes or socks on. He looked to the door again. Someone was coming. He sipped his coffee and put the mug down on the small table in front of the couch. There was a knock at the door. Darrin stood up and started walking to the door. But each step went so slowly. He tried to speed up, but he could not. Every step seemed to take an hour to complete. Finally getting to the door, Darrin reached to the door knob and opened the door.

Standing on the other side of the doorway was the most beautiful woman Darrin’s eyes had ever looked upon. The woman at the door was as tall as Darrin. She had long, thick, gloriously golden hair. Her large, round eyes had irises that were as green as winter wheat. Her face was the most beautiful Darrin had ever seen. Her bodily dimensions, with the fullness of her chest, the narrowness of her waist, the curve of her hips, the length of her legs, were perfect. She was wearing a snug, long sleeved, black T-shirt. The lower half of her body was clothed in a miniskirt that matched her eyes, black stockings and high-heeled, black boots. She was smiling at him as if she knew a secret. Again the dream seemed to shift into slow motion as the woman’s lips parted. She was opening her mouth to begin a word. Darrin watched as the woman’s gorgeous lips slowly parted further.

Unfortunately, whatever word the woman was about to say, the sound never reached her mouth. Darrin woke up.

Darrin rubbed his eyes. The day had returned. He could see the day light that slipped past the edges of the blinds in the windows. Darrin sat up and looked to the clock on his VCR. It indicated the time was 9:36 AM. Darrin thought a moment. He knew there was a reason to be worried about something. Monday. He was late for work. Darrin laid back down on the couch. His eyes closed for a moment. Or at least it seemed a moment. The next glance to the clock on the VCR told him otherwise. The clock now said the time was 10:25 AM. Darrin sat up and rubbed his eyes again. He stumbled to the phone in the kitchen and managed to push the buttons in the right order to call work. He left word that he was sick and would not be going into work that day. Actually he felt just fine. But since he was already late, Darrin had decided to stay home and perhaps try to make some sense out of his new weird hunger and the events of the past few days.

Darrin stepped over to the coffee pot, still full of coffee from the night before. That reminded Darrin of the spilt coffee. He’d clean it up later. He got another mug out of the cabinet. Darrin wondered if Alexis would try to talk to him again. Would she stop by after she learned he had called in sick? She probably would come by. Would she wait for lunch? Darrin chuckled to himself. Alexis probably thought he had figured her out. He had only guessed about her motives last night. He was nearly surprised as she was that he had been correct. He was proud of himself for maintaining the upper hand in that entire situation. There had been a time, before the break up between Alexis and him, when Darrin would have let Alexis control the situation. He wondered now if he had been to harsh on Alexis. He shook his head. No. He was better now. He felt much better.

Darrin realized he was standing in front of the coffee machine and staring at the coffee pot. Then he looked down at his clothes. He needed a shower and a change of clothes certainly. Leaving the coffee and the mug behind, Darrin walked to his bedroom. The scent of stale sweat and cum hit Darrin’s nostrils. His bedsheets needed changing too. He could do that later. Darrin stripped down and went into the bathroom to take a warm shower.

A cleaner Darrin, though with still damp hair, walked back into his bedroom and put on a pair of boxer briefs and a white T-shirt. He pulled all the sheets off his bed and piled them up in a corner. He found the extra set of bedsheets and put them on the bed. He glanced to the clock beside the bed. 11:47. The shower must have lasted longer than he realized. He walked back to the kitchen and the mug waiting for him in front of the coffee pot.

Again, he poured no coffee. Darrin realized he had not eaten anything the day before when his stomach rumbled softly. Odd that he had not thought of it before, Darrin thought to himself. He looked in the refrigerator. Nothing there seemed appealing to him. He looked through the cabinets and had the same result. He had started pondering going to grocery store when he heard a knock on the door.

“Just a minute.” Darrin walked to the bedroom and put on a pair of jeans before answering the knock. He smiled when he opened the door because Lisa was on the other side of it, holding a bag of groceries. “Hello, Lisa. Come in.”

Lisa stepped in and headed for the kitchen. “Hello, Darrin.” Her voice sounded soft and timid. “When I called Alexis at work to tell her I was sick and not coming in, she said you had already called in sick too. I got worried. I hope you don’t mind.” She put the sack of groceries on the counter in the kitchen. Lisa was wearing a red, long-sleeved shirt and black jeans. The shirt was tight around her chest while comfortably loose over the rest of her torso and her arms. The jeans were a snug fit down to her sneakers.

Darrin had closed the door and watched Lisa walk to the kitchen. He smiled at her words. “Mind? Not at all. I glad you showed up. I was just noticing that I was feeling hungry.”

Lisa smiled. “I am glad. I shall make you some lunch then.” She began to unload the grocery bag. Soon evident was the fact that Lisa had not actually just come from the grocery store. Most of the items she was removing from the grocery bag were in plastic containers.

“Did you empty out your refrigerator?” Darrin walked to the kitchen and looked over the 15 or so plastic containers on the counter.

“No.” Lisa smiled to Darrin. “But I didn’t know what you might want to eat. So I brought a little of everything.”

“Hm... Meat. Did you bring some meat?”

“I have a couple of pork chops and half a steak.” Lisa picked up a pair of matching containers. “Which do you want?”


“Both? Okay.” Lisa leaned up and gave Darrin a kiss on the cheek.

As Lisa turned to open Darrin’s tiny microwave, Darrin said, “Lisa, I did not intend to hold you to your agreement to be a slave.”

Lisa laughed softly. “Agreement? I begged you.”

“True, but under duress.”

“I don’t think so.” Lisa started the microwave heating up the half piece of steak. “I don’t think it was duress. I think of it as motivation. It was a decision I was glad to make Darrin.” Lisa stepped to Darrin and put her arms around his waist. “Don’t apologize. I loved the power and dominance you showed yesterday. Even when you were talking to Alexis. I’ve never really seen that in a man before.” She leaned against Darrin, laying her head against his chest. “Of course, I would never have said so in front of Alexis, but I thought you were wonderful.”

Darrin was completely surprised. He had certainly never thought of Lisa as the submissive type. And here she was, practically at the verge of pledging her devotion to him. Darrin checked himself. The hunger was at a low ebb, simmering quietly. So he wasn’t manipulating this. Was Lisa sincere? Darrin was unsure. The Lisa he was with now seemed 180 degrees removed from the Lisa he thought he knew.

“Darrin,” started Lisa timidly, “would you like... I mean... do you think you might like to... have... me as a servant?” She bit her bottom lip gently and looked up at Darrin.

Darrin looked down to Lisa. “Are you sure you would want to do this?”

Lisa nodded slightly: “I spent alot of time last night and this morning thinking about it. I know Alexis wouldn’t like it, but I really do want this. I realized last night that I had wanted this for a long time.”


“Well, not always with you precisely. But I have wanted a relationship with a strong man...” Lisa blushed. “A dominant man.” She looked at his chest.

“Are you sure you want to do this with me then?” Darrin raised a hand to her chin and gently pushed her face up until her eyes looked into his once more.

Lisa smiled to him, even though she was still blushing. “Yes. I am. In a way, I already am. I’ve felt like I am since I begged yesterday to be your slave. That’s why I came over with all this food. I wanted to serve you.”

Darrin silently stared into Lisa’s eyes. He desperately wanted to believe what Lisa was telling him. He wanted Lisa to be sincere, not just manipulated by his hunger. He searched himself as much as he searched Lisa’s eyes. Certainly he had made Lisa beg to be his slave. Had that changed her? Were the effects of his hunger on others more powerful or more lasting than he had realized? Was the hunger capable of changing another person’s personality?

“Did I say something wrong?” asked Lisa. She frowned slightly with worry.

“No, Lisa. Not at all. But there’s something I think I should explain to you.” He smiled to her as he reached a hand up to gently trace the curve of her cheekbone. “Finish warming up the meat and join me on the couch.”

“Yes, sir.” Lisa smiled brightly. She stepped back from him and returned to preparing Darrin’s lunch.

Darrin walked to the couch and sat down. Yet again, the events of the past few days churned in his mind. He wondered if he could even explain what had been happening to him. He wondered if Lisa would believe him.

Moments later, Lisa was standing next to Darrin, holding a plate in one hand and a mug filled with coffee in the other. Lisa put the plate, on which were the pork chops and piece of steak, down on the table in front of the couch and held the mug out to Darrin. She smiled as Darrin took the mug.

“Sit down, Lisa.” As Lisa complied by sitting on the couch, Darrin set down the mug, picked up the fork and knife that were also on the plate and cut a small piece from the steak. He chewed the piece as he pondered where to begin his explanation. After a sip of the coffee that Lisa had managed to fix just as he liked it, he turned to Lisa and hesitated for a moment. He looked into her eyes, still unsure if she would believe anything he wanted to tell her. Darrin felt Lisa’s hand touch his. He looked down to their two hands touching. He took her hand in his, gripping her gently. He watched her fingers move to interlock with his. He looked up to Lisa’s eyes once more. “Lisa, I don’t fully understand this myself, so please be patient as I explain. And keep an open mind.”

Darrin proceeded to describe, or try to describe, the events that had happened since his break up with Alexis. He told Lisa about the hunger as best he could, and how it had influenced himself and her during their sex. He talked about Shannon and Brook. He told Lisa everything, in detail, except the dream of the beautiful blond. The words spilled out of Darrin’s mind and through his mouth, yet he would stop each time his narrative seemed to come to the dream. He would hesitate a moment, and the go on, never mentioning the dream. Darrin rambled on for two hours with his explanation. He took occasional sips of coffee, but the meat was forgotten.

“Wow.” said Lisa when Darrin was finally finished. She leaned back on the couch. She struggled both to work her mind around what Darrin had told her, and to hold down her sexual arousal. Darrin had given her most of the details of his encounters with Shannon and Brook. Lisa’s vagina was flooded with wetness. She tried to focus on Darrin’s explanation of his weird hunger.

The scent of Lisa’s arousal was stirring the hunger in Darrin. He had been able to keep the hunger under control while explaining everything to Lisa. But now her arousal filled Darrin’s nostrils. He could feel Lisa’s body heat increase slightly. His cock was already hard. He struggled to push the hunger down. He needed to have it under control if he was to get an honest answer from Lisa.

“So what I need to know now, right now,” Darrin said, “is do you honestly and truly desire to be a servant to me? I need to know if this is real, or just something I have manipulated you into.”

“Darrin, I have wanted a relationship with a dominant man for a long time now.” Lisa sat up straight again and looked down at her hands. “Before I even knew you I am sure I wanted it. But I always thought that was wrong. I mean, women, well, we’re not supposed to want that anymore.” Lisa bit her bottom lip in hesitation. She looked up to Darrin’s face. She could not meet his gaze. Lisa focused on his mouth. “But I do. I want that Darrin. And I want you to be that dominant man. I’m not asking for or expecting romance. I... I’m not sure what I expect. I know I want to serve, to be your servant.”

Silently moments passed. Darrin knew he should say something, but he was fighting to keep his hunger under control. He stared at Lisa’s face. He believed her. She was being honest about her desire. Finally he placed a hand under Lisa’s chin and lifted her face until she was looking into his eyes.

“Okay.” was all he said. Lisa smiled, but Darrin soon smothered the smile with a kiss. His arms pulled her into a strong embrace. His lips parted to let his tongue lick her lips. Darrin had not lost control of the hunger, but he knew it had to be fed. If it was not fed, he would lose control. Darrin finally released Lisa, who was softly panting now. “Strip.” he calmly told her.

Lisa nodded and stood up. She stared at Darrin as she began to slowly pull her shirt off. She tried to move slowly, to be sexy for Darrin. Her hands gradually sped up however. Lisa kicked off her shoes as her hands swiftly unfastened and pulled down her pants. She yanked her socks off. Her hands raced to get her bra off as if it were suffocating her. She ripped her panties while trying to pull them from her legs. Lisa stood naked before Darrin, and she was already beginning to breathe a little faster. The moisture of her growing arousal was already making her labia wet.

Lisa did not quite understand what was happening. Somewhere in the back of her mind, she knew that her willingness and desire to serve Darrin, and probably his odd hunger too, were accelerating her arousal. Lisa blushed because she was being aroused so easily.

Darrin looked Lisa over slowly. He could smell her wet pussy as if his nose were buried in it. He could feel her heat. He could even faintly hear Lisa’s increased heart rate. Darrin’s cock was hard and straining against his jeans. He stood up and immediately removed his jeans. His fully erect cock was sticking out past the leg of his briefs. He pulled the boxer briefs off next, but never had a chance to pull his T-shirt off because Lisa attacked him.

As Lisa’s mouth covered his face and neck with kisses, Darrin fell back to the couch. They both began to grab and massage the body of the other. Darrin’s hands found Lisa’s breasts and squeezed hard. Lisa moaned in response and redoubled her efforts to kiss and taste Darrin’s skin. Lisa’s own hands roamed over his chest and sides. She moved her body to push her sex against the length of Darrin’s cock. Helplessly she ground her pussy against the hard erection, moaning to his flesh all the while. Her mouth devoured Darrin’s chest with feral kisses.

Lisa’s sexual desire was affecting Darrin like a drug. He was already at an ecstasy high. His cock was throbbing against the silky wetness of Lisa’s labia. He felt overwhelmed by the desire Lisa was radiating. Darrin’s left hand had moved to the back of Lisa’s head, holding her head to his chest. His right hand gripped her left breast tightly, with his fingers digging into her flesh. He was starting to moan also. He heard his moans mix with Lisa’s into an arrhythmic harmony of lust. There was an explosion of sensation and ecstasy within Darrin when Lisa’s pussy suddenly pulled back and shoved down over his cock. That Lisa’s vagina was much tighter than before was noticed by Darrin’s brain, but there was neither time nor space to think about it. Lisa’s body was writhing wildly, slamming down against him. Somehow she was finding the breath to scream as she bucked and thrashed with her own ecstasy. Darrin could not halt his own bucking up to Lisa. His hands were moving, alternately gripping the couch and gripping some part of Lisa’s body. An earsplitting scream sounded, and Darrin felt Lisa’s vagina clamp painfully tight on his throbbing cock. Then came the hot flood of female cum over his cock. Darrin’s body froze, one hand on Lisa’s ass, the other hand on the floor with a handful of carpet. His cock erupted violently with scalding semen. His head thrashed with his mouth silently open. Lisa too had become soundless as she continued to writhe. Darrin was ejaculating with such intensity, his cum seemed to shoot forth in a continual stream. His climax did not fade until after Lisa’s body had collapsed on top of him.

Gasping for air, Darrin slid his arms around Lisa. She was also gasping for air, but made no response to Darrin’s embrace. He managed to sit up and move Lisa to his lap. She was unconscious. Darrin smiled and picked her up carefully. He carried her to his bedroom and laid her down on the bed. He reached down and pushed a sweat soaked strand of hair from her face. She was smiling. Darrin leaned down and kissed her before walking to the bathroom for another shower.

Darrin was wearing jeans and a white T-shirt again as he stood in the kitchen and poured himself a cup of coffee. He took a sip of the coffee as he pondered Lisa’s state. She had awakened not long after Darrin’s shower. After taking a shower herself, she spoke of feeling completely exhausted, lay down on the bed again and was asleep in moments. She was still asleep now, about three hours later. Darrin, on the other hand, was feeling sated and invigorated.

Taking another sip of coffee, Darrin turned and walked to the living room and sat down on the couch. He wondered why the sex that seemed to have so reenergized him had left Lisa so completely exhausted. The sexual episode had not even taken up much time. Yet, it had been amazingly intense. Even the hunger seemed to be dormant now. The hunger was still there; Darrin could feel it. It was, however, quiet and still, like a lion sleeping after a feast. This was yet something else new to Darrin since he first noticed this hunger. He was completely puzzled by the hunger. Obviously the hunger was sexual in nature. Why did it seem allow him to manipulate women? Why was it dormant now? There were so many questions that Darrin had no answers for.

This train of thought was distracted by a glance to the VCR clock. 4:22 was the time on the clock. Alexis would have left work at 4:00. Would she come over once more? wondered Darrin. Of course she would. Alexis would return for one more try to get back together with Darrin. She would return with more apologies. She might even offer herself to him the next time. Or try to seduce him perhaps. Darrin chuckled at the thought. Would she go home after work or come straight to Darrin’s apartment? Either way, Darrin would be waiting for her.

An odd sense of familiarity came to Darrin, as if he had done this before. He shrugged it off. He leaned back against the couch and took another sip of coffee. He held the warm mug in his hands and laughed softly. Alexis had been so important to him once. He wondered if other people were as confused about love as he had been with Alexis. Darrin laughed again as he remembered how important Alexis had been to him. And now he was waiting for her again. He looked at the door. Alexis was coming. Darrin was certain of it. He laughed out loud, at Alexis for being so predictable and at himself for actually waiting. He picked up the remote for the television set, about to turn the set on, when there was a knock on the door. Darrin shook his head. Alexis must have come over straight from work.

Darrin stood up and began to walk slowly to the door. Let her wait, he thought to himself. Leisurely he walked to the door. Again the feeling of familiarity, like he had done this before, came to him. Again, Darrin shrugged it off. Finally arriving at the door, he turned the knob. As he pulled the door open, his mouth dropped open in complete surprise. The woman at the door was not Alexis.

Standing on the other side of the doorway was the most beautiful woman Darrin’s eyes had ever looked upon. The woman at the door was as tall as Darrin. She had long, thick, gloriously golden hair. Her large, round eyes had irises that were as green as winter wheat. Her face was the most beautiful Darrin had ever seen. Her bodily dimensions, with the fullness of her chest, the narrowness of her waist, the curve of her hips, the length of her legs, were perfect. She was wearing a snug, long sleeved, black T-shirt. The lower half of her body was clothed in a miniskirt that matched her eyes, black stockings and high-heeled, black boots. She was smiling at him as if she knew a secret.

“Hello, Darrin.” the woman said.

Darrin blinked. This time, he was not dreaming.

To be continued...