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Disclaimer: This is a fantasy story with sexual and mind-control content. But you should know that already if you are reading this disclaimer. All characters contained herein are entirely fictional, and any resemblance to actual persons is coincidental. Also, these stories are entirely of my own making. Any resemblance to other stories is entirely coincidental.

Author’s note: These stories are dedicated to Carole. © 2001

The Awakening

The Vyartu Stories

Story Number One—Part Seven

Standing on the other side of the doorway was the most beautiful woman Darrin’s eyes had ever looked upon. The woman at the door was as tall as Darrin. She had long, thick, gloriously golden hair. Her large, round eyes had irises that were as green as winter wheat. Her face was the most beautiful Darrin had ever seen. Her bodily dimensions, with the fullness of her chest, the narrowness of her waist, the curve of her hips, the length of her legs, were perfect. She was wearing a snug, long sleeved, black T-shirt. The lower half of her body was clothed in a miniskirt that matched her eyes, black stockings and high-heeled, black boots. She was smiling at him as if she knew a secret.

“Hello, Darrin.” the woman said.

Darrin blinked. This time, he was not dreaming.

“My name is Helena Boyd. I’m Brook’s housemate. You are Darrin, right? Darrin Fitzwright?” Her voice was soft and she seemed to smile as she spoke.

Darrin felt a little groggy and blinked again. “Yes. I am. Uh, come in, er, Helena.” He stepped back to let Helena in.

Helena look puzzled for a moment as she stepped inside the apartment. She turned to look at Darrin. “Good God! You’re Vyartu aren’t you?” She appeared startled as the realization sunk in to her mind.

“Eh?” Darrin had no idea what she meant. Something related to his hunger was responding to Helena. She was affecting the hunger in a new way. He felt aroused and peaceful. Perhaps from instinct, perhaps from the hunger, Darrin knew he needed to find out what made Helena different. Her exclamation, however, puzzled him. “A vie-what?”

Vyartu. Don’t tell me you don’t know.”

“I have no idea what you are talking about.”

“Don’t lie to me.” Helena was starting to sound upset. “You can’t hide it. Not from me. You know that.”

“I don’t know what ‘Vie-are-too’ means. I never even heard the word before you said it.” And Darrin was being completely truthful.

Helena was obviously skeptical. “How could you not know? Don’t expect me to believe that you’re this old and you don’t know.”

“What the hell are you talking about?” Darrin looked completely puzzled.

Helena started to wonder if he might really not know what he was. “Come on, you and I both know that your parents at the very least would have told you.”

“Honestly, I have no clue. I’m an orphan, and never knew my parents.” Darrin finally walked over to the couch. “Please, have a seat.” he said as he sat down.

“Orphan?” Helena stood there stunned for a moment. The word ‘orphan’ sunk into her thoughts and swam around for a bit before she managed to realize just what the implications were. “Oh my God. You really have no idea. But...” She walked over to him, smiled sweetly and looked down at him. “Don’t you feel aroused?”

Darrin suddenly felt drunk and sober and hot. His hunger was going crazy. He was undeniably aroused. He looked at Helena and could feel lust rising in him. She was doing this. Darrin realized she must have the hunger too, or something like it. He blinked a few times and called on his own hunger. There was a short struggle in his gut and in his mind as his hunger worked to overpower the effect Helena was having on him. As the hunger rose within him, his head cleared, and he felt sober once more.

“Yes, I do.” he responded. “But I bet you do too.” Darrin was using the hunger at full strength. He reached out to grasp Helena’s hand. He looked her directly in the eyes, smiling warmly. She was starting to squirm. She looked like she was struggling with something. Darrin pulled her hand to his mouth and gently kissed her palm. He watched as Helena groaned and shook and began to press her thighs firmly together.

“Oh my God.” exclaimed Helena. She yanked her hand away from him and took a step back. “Oh my God.” she said again. Helena was breathing swiftly. Her legs were still pressed tightly together. “You are one of the strongest I have ever met. Please, stop it. I know what you’re doing.” She was staring directly into his eyes with the expression of a frightened doe. “You have to stop. We need to talk. Please.”

Darrin had to fight his hunger down. The scent of her arousal was strong and sweet. “Okay. Let’s talk. Sit down and tell me what a ‘Vie-are-too’ is.”

After waiting a moment to regain her composure, Helena slowly turned around and sat down on the opposite end of the couch from Darrin. With her legs still pressed together, she took a deep breath and let it out slowly.

“The Vyartu are separate race of humans.” explained Helena. “Like the other power races there are very few of us in the world. Last I heard, the total count of Vyartu on the entire planet was one hundred.”

“Wait. Back up. Power races?”

“Yes, there are five that I am aware of: the Vyartu, the Ebar, the Daothene, the Yaizer, and the Sloa-shee.”

“Unbelievable.” Darrin blinked several times as his mind tried to process all this.

Helena smirked. “Yes, I suppose it must be for you. Ordinarily you would have learned all of this years ago from your parents.” She paused a moment. “Anyway, each of the power races is relatively few in number. There seems to be a correlation between the general level of power and the rarity of the members of a particular race. The Ebar are arguably more powerful than the Vyartu, yet there are only around thirty of them on the planet.”

Obviously, Darrin was somewhat amazed by all this information. He would not believe Helena at all but for his experiences of the past few days. How could this possibly be true? Surely if there were such power races people would find out. Darrin tried to work his mind around the concept of such beings existing. It did not seem possible. Yet Darrin had experienced a kind of power that was equally unbelievable.

Helena was obviously thinking. “Have you known about this power long?”

“Only the past few days.” Darrin muttered.

“Really?” Helena was surprised. “Usually Vyartu abilities show up a little while after puberty. Odd that abilities as powerful as yours would have shown up only recently. Hm.” She stared at Darrin for a moment. “Have you been unusually lucky with women?”

Darrin looked puzzled. “No... Well, I don’t know. I mean I didn’t have much trouble getting dates in high school.” Darrin was mulling over his past. “I met Alexis my freshman year at the university. We were together from then until recently.”


“Yeah. Oh, um, romantically... sort of.”

“Sort of?” Helena chuckled.

“It’s a long story.”

“Perhaps you should tell it to me.”

And so Darrin told his story to Alexis. He talked about Alexis’s personality. He explained how he and Alexis had, during their relationship, sex every night and usually many times on weekends and holidays. He told the events that had happened since his break up with Alexis. He even included the dreams of Helena at his door.

Helena was visibly stunned. “Dreams. Of me?” She wondered what that could mean. She had to admit there had been a certain deja-vu sort of moment when Darrin had opened the door. She had experienced some strange dreams lately. But they were of some intense sex, and always of the same man. She could never remember the man’s face when she woke up, but every dream was with the same man, that much she was certain of.

Darrin nodded. “Yes. Now it’s your turn. Tell me what all this means.”

Helena stood up and took several deep breaths. She pulled herself into a semblance of composure and began to explain. “There are a few differing theories about how the power races came to be. Some believe the power races are freaks of the evolutionary process. Some believe that perhaps some of the offspring of fallen angels and human women, back before the Tower of Babel, were the ancestors of the power races. There are other theories but they are essentially variations on those two. There is no real consensus about the origins of our races. But we exist.

“The Vyartu, as I have told you, are one of the power races. We feed, for lack of a better word, on the energies a human body creates during sexual activity, and so we have the ability to manipulate people in sexual ways. We eat and drink, of course, but mostly for the calories and added vitamins. If you ate but never had sex, you would eventually die. If you never ate, you might live for a while, but you would eventually become emaciated and die. Your ability to manipulate women into having sex with you is your tool to provide for your sustenance. There is a side effect however. And this is why most Vyartu never form long-term relationships, though a few have and are quite happy with them. A long-term sexual relationship between a Vyartu and a normal human is addictive for the normal human. This is probably why Alexis is complaining about not sleeping at night. She is beginning to suffer withdrawal symptoms that she will never recover from unless she either gets sex from you on a regular basis or finds another member of our race to have sex with. However, there are very rare exceptions. Brook is one of those exemptions. The only reason why some people are able to remain unaddicted is because they are completely unaffected by the power of the Vyartu.”

“Wait, a minute.” interrupted Darrin. “Brook is not affected by the hunger?”

“’Hunger’, is that what you call it?” Helena smiled. “That’s as good a name for as I’ve heard. Most call it ‘the desire’. But yes, Brook is completely unaffected by it.”

“That’s... Hey. How do you know?”

Helena smirked. “Why I’ve tried to use the desire on her, of course.” She laughed at the look of puzzlement on Darrin’s face. “No, I’m not really homosexual or bisexual. Though perhaps I have bisexual leanings. I don’t generally find females sexually appealing. But after living with Brook for a while, I thought I would try the desire on her and see how it worked since she never seemed to react to me the way most other women do.”

“What do you mean?”

“Many women are intimidated by my effect on men. And many are just embarrassed by their feelings of arousal in my presence. Brook had neither reaction.”

“But are women, er, affected by your hunger?”

“No, not usually. The desire generally only affects people you are normally attracted to. Using the desire on other people is possible, if you want to do so.”

After a moment of thought filled pause, Darrin said, “So what happened when you tried to use it on Brook?”

“Nothing at all. She was completely unaffected by it. No one has been able to discover why some humans are immune to the desire. Some believe there is another race who are immune to the power races altogether, but again, this is just conjecture. Whatever the cause, Brook is unaffected by the desire.”

Darrin was not surprised, but felt that he should be. “So her reaction to me had nothing at all to do with the hunger? Then why did she react the way she did?”

Helena laughed. “To hear her tell it, because you’re a god.”


“She told me about her encounter with you. You know she was still naked when I got back to the house. She was all excited like a little girl on Christmas morning. I had to drag out of her that she broke up with Jack. You’re the first man to take her to three orgasms on the same day. She’s never even done that to herself before.”

Darrin was stunned yet again. All that Helena had said explained much, but also left more questions behind. The events of the past few days finally seemed to make some sense. “Wait... Uh... So, my relationship with Alexis is why I never recognized this power before? And she’s addicted? And Brook’s immune? What about Lisa?”

Helena laughed. “Whoa. Slow down. Yes, Alexis is permanently addicted to sex with you. Most likely she’s willing to do anything to get it back in her life. Yes, Brook is quite immune, I assure you. And Lisa, as you told the story to me, seems like a woman who’s just figured out what she wants.”

“What about sex between Vyartu?” asked Darrin. The events of the past few days had replayed at fast-forward in his mind, and so his thoughts had come again to the way Helena had affected him.

“I don’t really know. I’ve never had sex with another of the Vyartu. I have heard stories though.”

“Okay, so what do the stories say?”

Helena hesitated. Darrin’s story had aroused her. And she could feel his power. He was the first Vyartu she had ever met whose power actually seemed stronger than hers. She had met only a handful of other Vyartu besides her parents, but even so, Darrin’s power was startling. She was unsure whether she wanted to discuss Vyartu sex with him. “That it’s glorious. That it’s a painful struggle. That it can leave a Vyartu unconscious for days.” she finally said. She had a feeling that if she ended up in bed with him, she would be the one waking up days later. That feeling might not have been so bad if not for the fact that another feeling, this one rooted in her wet and warm vagina, made her ache to give herself to him.

“So what does it mean that I dreamed about your appearance at my door?” asked Darrin. He was still trying to put all the pieces together.

“I’ve never heard of that sort of thing happening before. So I really have no idea what it might mean.”

“Have you had any dreams that I showed up in?”

Helena looked away from him. “No.”

“You’ve had some sort of dreams lately though, haven’t you?” Darrin was surprised by how easily he seemed to be able to read Helena. He had known as soon as she turned her head that she had something concerning dreams she was hesitant to talk about. “Tell me.”

Helena slowly turned to look at Darrin again. She didn’t want to tell him about her dreams. Telling him would make her more vulnerable to him, and that frightened her a little bit. Yet, already she knew that she would tell him.

“Tell me, Helena.” he insisted. Darrin knew it was underhanded, but he let his hunger rise a little bit. He saw the result of it in the way Helena sighed and shifted her position on the couch.

“I’ve had this one erotic dream... Always with the same man, but I can never remember his face.” Helena realized that she was going to spill the details out, helplessly. “He’s tan and well built. And he has a huge cock... even for a Vyartu. I am not a weak willed woman, but I find myself obeying him. And he makes me feel more aroused than I’ve ever been before. I can’t help staring at his cock, and he seems to hold it before my face while he plays with me. And I cannot resist him or fight back or protest, because he controls me... and because he keeps making me orgasm over and over. He finally puts his cock in me, by making me suck on it. I can feel it stretch my throat, and by that time I’m so aroused that I cum twice before he does, and I suck greedily on his huge cock when he does in my throat because his semen makes me orgasm again, and then I can hear myself begging for him to fuck me, and my pussy aches with a hot need like I have never known, and I agree to let him tie me down to the bed because I am willing to do anything if he’d just fuck me, and I feel like a slut because I want him so badly, and he presses my breasts together as he pumps his cock between them, and I cum again without him even touching my pussy, and he cums on my face, and I’m begging even as I cum for him to fuck me, and I’m telling him that I need it, and that makes me feel even more like a slut, but I can’t stop the words as they come out, and I scream when he shoves his hard cock inside me, and I explode with ecstasy like I’ve never known because he rammed his whole huge cock into me the first time, and it’s like a thousand suns being created in my pussy which is gushing with another orgasm, and I can’t talk anymore as he fucks me and he pumps and pumps forever and I cum again, and finally there’s an explosion of scalding heat inside me as he fills me with his semen... and... and... I guess I pass out... or wake up...”

Helena realized that her breathing had sped up, and juices of arousal were trickling from her sex. She had swiftly rambled out the dream, without thinking. Her hands were fidgeting with her skirt. She blinked when she realized that she was staring at the bulge that was surely Darrin’s erect cock under his jeans. She looked away from Darrin, feeling uncomfortably warm and embarrassed but not realizing she was blushing.

Darrin was definitely aroused now, but also puzzled. When Helena had come into the apartment and after what she had told him about most Vyartu not having long term relationships Darrin had the impression that she was more of a confident woman, used to using men and dumping them. This dream of hers, however, seemed just the opposite of that. “Have you ever been controlled by a man... I mean, well... have you submitted—”

Helena interrupted. “I know what you’re asking. No, never.”

“Have you had a lot of these dreams? Where you are controlled, I mean.”

“Y—” She started then paused. Helena thought she was becoming too vulnerable to him. She knew full well that he could simply turn on his desire, and she would be putty in his hands. That thought aroused her even more. She also had a feeling that if she lied, he would know it. “Yes, I have. Since I was 16 I’ve had dreams like this. Though the one I described to you I have had only during the past week.”

Just then Darrin looked toward the sound of his bedroom door opening. Lisa’s nude body stood in the doorway. She nearly glowed with a happiness and self-confidence that Darrin had never seen in her before.

“Oh. I’m sorry, Darrin. I didn’t mean to intrude.” said Lisa. She blushed slightly, though she continued to smile directly at Darrin.

Darrin smiled back at Lisa. “No, Lisa, you’re not intruding. In fact—” Darrin was interrupted by a knock at the front door to the apartment. He grinned. “That will be Alexis.” He looked at Helena. “You should go into the bedroom with Lisa and talk. I think you two have a lot to explain to each other.”

“We do?” asked Helena. She obviously didn’t see what Darrin meant.

“Yes. She should know what we are, and you should talk to her about that dream of yours.” Darrin stood up. “Lisa, this is Helena. She has a very amazing bit of news for us. And I think you can help her sort a few things out.”

“Yes, sir.” said Lisa as she nodded. She watched Helena stand up. “Oh, you’re beautiful.”

“Thank you.” Helena had heard that complement many times, of course, but for the first time it now made her blush. Helena quietly walked back toward the bedroom while another knock came from the front door. She did not think about the fact that she was obeying Darrin. Her mind was preoccupied with the sensation that she had just changed, had passed some spiritual threshold, had just emerged from a shell. Helena walked into the bedroom, and Lisa closed the door. Helena said “Oh my.”

In the meantime, Darrin had stepped to the front door of the apartment. He knew Alexis was on the other side of the door, but he found himself wishing that Brook were there instead. Of all that he had discovered in the past week, he thought Brook might very well be the best of it.

There was another knocking, followed by Alexis’s voice saying, “Please Darrin. I know you’re in there. I can’t... I need to talk to you. Please.”

“Hello.” said Darrin as he opened the door. “Come in.” He smiled at Alexis as she stepped inside. He was pleased that Alexis’s haughty attitude seemed to have finally left her. She even had her head bowed. She was wearing a trendy business suit with navy blue jacket and pants, but it seemed wrinkled, which was unusual for Alexis.

“Darrin, I need you.” Alexis began. “I—”

Darrin interrupted her. “Yes, I know.”

“Damn it, Darrin! I came here to... to... apologize and you don’t have to gloat.”

“Alexis, shut up.” Darrin watched as anger flashed into Alexis’s eyes, but then she softened almost immediately. She nodded silently. “Good. Now listen to me. You might still be faking it, but I get the impression you’ve finally gotten beyond your impulse to manipulate. And that’s good. But you didn’t come here to apologize. You do need me, Alexis. And for the first time since I’ve known you, I actually feel a little sorry for you. I know something about you now that I wouldn’t have thought possible before. You’re addicted to me.” Darrin held up his hand to her mouth when he saw her eyes widen. “Hush, don’t speak. You are addicted to me. It’s true.” He brought his hand down after she nodded. “You came here because you need me. It’s not your fault. No one is to blame really, though I am closer to blame than anyone else for your addiction. But neither you nor I can do anything to change it. What will change, however, is the nature of our relationship.”

Alexis trembled and dropped to her knees. “Please, Darrin, don’t hate me. I don’t understand what’s happening to me. Come back to me. Love me. Or... Or just fuck me. I don’t care anymore.”

To be continued...