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The Awakening

The Vyartu Stories

Story Number One—Part Eight

“Alexis, shut up.” Darrin watched as anger flashed into Alexis’s eyes, but then she softened almost immediately. She nodded silently. “Good. Now listen to me. You might still be faking it, but I get the impression you’ve finally gotten beyond your impulse to manipulate. And that’s good. But you didn’t come here to apologize. You do need me, Alexis. And for the first time since I’ve known you, I actually feel a little sorry for you. I know something about you now that I wouldn’t have thought possible before. You’re addicted to me.” Darrin held up his hand to her mouth when he saw her eyes widen. “Hush, don’t speak. You are addicted to me. It’s true.” He brought his hand down after she nodded. “You came here because you need me. It’s not your fault. No one is to blame really, though I am closer to blame than anyone else for your addiction. But neither you nor I can do anything to change it. What will change, however, is the nature of our relationship.”

Alexis trembled and dropped to her knees. “Please, Darrin, don’t hate me. I don’t understand what’s happening to me. Come back to me. Love me. Or... Or just fuck me. I don’t care anymore.”

Darrin stepped to Alexis and stroked the top of her head. “No, don’t worry, Alexis. I won’t change you. At least not any more. You’re a strong woman for the most part, and I intend to leave you that way. Though perhaps you’ll learn some humility. And possibly, just possibly, you’ll learn that there is a submissive side to you. I can see now why you were so intent on manipulating me. It has to do with that social standard for women and men that you wanted to live up to. You let it control you. You had submitted to it without ever questioning it. You let it mold you. And now it’s left you stranded, because it cannot meet your needs. But I can. So contemplate that.”

Alexis might have spoken a response, but it got lost in her sudden fit of sobbing. She shook as she wept loudly on her knees. What Darrin had said had been exactly right. The clarity of it in her mind was frightening. And now she was completely in Darrin’s hands. She was as helpless and vulnerable as an infant. Alexis slowly collapsed to her side on the floor, still sobbing. She felt her physical and mental strength seep out of her with every tear that ran from her eyes. She didn’t want to think, but Darrin’s words kept running through her mind.

Darrin watched Alexis and finally pitied her. He squatted down and scooped her still sobbing body into his arms. He carried her to the couch and laid her down on it. Darrin stroked her hair for a moment before grabbing a box of facial tissue and handing the box to her.

“Here,” he told her, “clean your face up. And we’ll talk more when you’re done.” Luckily the phone rang at that moment, providing Darrin a good reason not to stay and try to comfort Alexis. He felt pity for her, but not compassion.

“Hello.” said Darrin into the phone after walking into the kitchen and picking up the receiver.

“Hello, Darrin.” said Brook from the other end of the connection.

Darrin smiled. “I hope you’ve gotten dressed since I left.”

Brook giggled. “I’m wearing some panties and a T-shirt.”

“That’s good. How are you, Brook?”

“I’m wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.” Brook sighed happily. “How are you?”

“I’m good.”

“I know you are.” Brook giggled again.

Darrin chuckled. “I am well.” he said. Or crazy, he thought.

“Is Helena there?”


“I thought so. She’s so protective of me. She’s like a big sister. It’s funny though. Lots of women dislike her.”

“Really?” This was interesting, Darrin thought. Brook may not know the Helena was a Vyartu. “Why don’t they like her?”

“I don’t know. She really is the sweetest person I know.”

So Brook did not know. Darrin made a mental note to talk to Helena about this. “We need to sit down and talk, in person.” he said.

“Soon.” added Brook quickly.

“Yes, soon. Tonight perhaps. But in a public place or we likely won’t get much talking done.”

Brook laughed. “You’re right, of course.”

“You have a lovely laugh.”

“Thank you.” Brook sighed. “Darrin, I think... I...”

“Hush, Brook. We’ll talk later when I bring your car back.”

“Yes, Darrin.”

Darrin could see that Alexis was sitting up on the couch now. “I’ll bring the car by this evening. I have a couple of things to take care of first.”

“I can’t wait to see you again.”

“I’m anxious too, Brook. I’ll see you later.”

“Yes, Darrin.”

“Good bye ‘til then, Brook.”

“Good bye.” Brook’s voice was almost sad.

As Darrin hung up the phone he realized that had to be one of most boring conversations he had ever experienced, yet he had been reluctant for it to end. Darrin smirked as he thought about that. There was something special about Brook. And it was more than just her being immune to his Vyartu hunger. And more than just the way she looked while covered in nothing more than sheen of sweat. Darrin leaned against the kitchen counter, smiling as he thought about Brook. But his thoughts came back to his surroundings when Alexis spoke.

“Darrin, please, may we talk?”

“Yes, Alexis.” Darrin walked to the couch and sat down next to Alexis.

“I need...” Alexis hesitated to rethink her words. “Please, Darrin, I would like to say something.”

“Okay.” Darrin was surprised by how Alexis had changed. He watched her face as she spoke, and thought that perhaps he could come to like her again. He wouldn’t love her romantically again, but liking her seemed possible.

“I was wrong.” Alexis stared at the carpet as she spoke. “I was wrong about everything. You were... are exactly right. I wanted to conform to a social standard. I wanted to make you be what I wanted rather than caring about who you were. I was wrong, and I’m... sorry. I’m sorry.”

“I am very glad to hear you finally say that, Alexis.” Darrin took Alexis’s face in his hands and turned it to face him. “And I forgive you.” At that instant, Alexis broke into tears again. Darrin watched as she grabbed several tissues, blew her nose, and wiped her face dry again. “Now that you’ve admitted the truth, we can put the lies behind us and move on.”

Alexis nodded. “Please, may I say something about that too?” She looked to Darrin hopefully.

Darrin stared to her eyes. Alexis was deferring to him for permission to say what was on her mind. This was a real change in her. Darrin was surprised and pleased. “Yes,” he said, “you may.”

“I need you, Darrin.” began Alexis. “I want you. I don’t know how I became addicted to you. But I know it’s true. I couldn’t even make myself reach orgasm last night. I fingered myself sore and even used my hairbrush handle to... to fuck myself with and I couldn’t reach climax. I fell asleep from exhaustion and dreamed about you.” She started to tremble. “I dreamed of you... fucking me. And when I woke up, I discovered I had orgasmed. I think I must have climaxed several times. The amount of... cum on the sheets was tremendous.” She looked down at the floor again. “But I felt empty and unsatisfied. I do need you. My vagina is already wet just from being here with you. I am addicted. And I don’t know what to do about it.”

“To be honest, Alexis, I am going to have to think about the situation for a while before I figure out a long-term solution.” Darrin felt the stirrings of his Vyartu hunger. He lifted Alexis’s head again and saw the expression of desperate desire on her face. “But I think I can help you a little.” He watched as a bit of hope came to Alexis’s expression. Darrin smiled to her. He could tell by the scent that she had also just become more aroused. “Stand up and take your clothes off.” There was a long moment of hesitation, but Alexis silently nodded and stood up.

“What should I do with the clothes?” asked Alexis. “After I take them off, I mean.”

“Just drop them on the floor. You can pick them up later.” Darrin was pleased again as he saw Alexis at first react with displeasure, then calm just as quickly and nod to him demurely. The old Alexis was not entirely gone, but she was changing.

Alexis removed her jacket and let it drop to the floor in a heap. She hesitated for a moment and then took her shoes off. Another moment of hesitation, and then Alexis unbuttoned her blouse and dropped it on the jacket. She unzipped her skirt, let it fall to the floor and stepped out of it. Alexis stared at Darrin for a moment, wondering why she was so nervous about undressing in front of a man she had fucked many times before. She blinked as her attention went back to the task at hand. Her hands trembled slightly as she peeled off her pantyhose. Alexis hesitated again. She stood there in her black bra and very wet, black panties, staring at Darrin. She looked down at herself. Her nipples were hard and pushing against the silk fabric of the bra. Her panties were so saturated with the juices of her arousal that the juices were starting to drip down her thighs. She looked back to Darrin and remembered how she used to sometimes seduce him to bed, how she used to believe that she was really the one who controlled the relationship, how she used to think she could manipulate Darrin into sex any time she wanted it. But now she felt completely helpless and somehow that was making her even more aroused. Her hands finally reached behind her to unfasten her bra. She added the bra to the pile of clothes while foolishly covering her nipples with an arm. Alexis blushed and let her arm drop. A faint whimper of fear escaped her as she slowly removed her panties. At last naked, she trembled as she looked intently at a tiny stain on the carpet.

“Good girl.” said Darrin. He had remained quiet while Alexis had stripped. He thought that talking during that might trigger another bout of sobbing, and he did not want that. Darrin slowly turned up the power of his Vyartu hunger. He smiled as he watched Alexis quiver and whimper with growing sexual need. He watched her juices drip onto the carpet. Alexis finally looked up, and the desperation in her expression grew more intense by the moment. As he stood up, Darrin said, “Now relax, Alexis. Let’s see if I can’t get you the release you need.” He realized he was being a little cruel, but he felt no remorse for it.

Darrin stepped behind Alexis and began to whisper to her. “You can feel the need in your pussy, can’t you?” He reached around her and began to caress her breasts, making sure to ignore her nipples. Alexis groaned and leaned back against him. Darrin brought his mouth to Alexis’s ear, so that his lips brushed her skin as he whispered. “Your pussy must be so hot. Wouldn’t it feel so good to have my cock fill that tight, dripping, hot little vagina?” Alexis moaned loudly and nodded. “But I’m not going to do that. I’m going to make you cum without touching your pussy.” Alexis whimpered and shook her head. “Oh yes. And you’re not going to touch it either. You’re going to put your hands on my thighs.” After a moment, Alexis nodded and placed her hands behind her and on Darrin’s thighs. “Good girl. That poor pussy of yours must be just aching for release. And my hands must be driving you mad with lustful desire.” Darrin’s hands increased the pressure on her breasts, from caressing to massaging, but still ignoring her nipples. “Can you feel your vagina flexing yet, Alexis, aching for something to release the building need?” Alexis moaned and nodded. Her hands began to clench at Darrin’s thighs. “Yes, it must be convulsing, trying to do something, anything to find release.” Alexis nodded again as her body’s trembling became a constant shudder. She was beginning to turn her chest side to side in an attempt to get his fingers to touch her nipples, which now also ached. “Perhaps that release will come when I touch your nipples, Alexis. Yes, yes, it will come when I touch your sensitive nipples. You need that now, don’t you? Of course you do. Look at the way to try to get me to touch them. Beg for it, Alexis. Beg me to touch your nipples.”

“Darrin,” Alexis said almost as a moan, “please touch my... oohhh... touch my nipples.” There was genuine pleading in her voice. “Please, Darrin. Ohhhh God, Darrin, I need this. Let me cum, please. Please! Uhn... oh God... pleasepleaseplease...”

“Good girl.” Darrin pushed his hunger up to full force. “Now when I touch your nipples,” he whispered to her ear, “you will reach orgasm. And you will cum hard.” Darrin teased her breasts for a moment more. He was enjoying the way Alexis was squirming and shuddering and moaning. He finally pinched her nipples and twisted them harshly.

Alexis let out a scream as her body was rocked by orgasm. She fell to the floor and writhed as the fires of climax raged inside her body. Minutes passed as days of pent up sexual need and frustration seemed to be released all at once. Scream after scream came from Alexis’s mouth as her body helplessly thrashed about under the power of her orgasm. Cum gushed from her aching pussy and puddled on the carpet. She had no thoughts. Only blinding and white hot pleasure filled her mind. For ten minutes nothing existed for Alexis except the orgasm. The reason that only lasted ten minutes is because she passed out.

Darrin had been amazed by the length and intensity of Alexis’s orgasm. When she finally passed out and stopped thrashing about, he scooped her up and laid her down on the couch. Darrin wondered about how easily Alexis’s body had been manipulated. It had done exactly what he said it should. He added that to the list of questions for Helena. Which reminded him that Helena and Lisa were in the bedroom talking. Darrin chuckled to himself. Just a few days ago, he would never have considered the possibility of having not only three sexy women in his apartment with whom he could have sex if he wanted to, but also another sexy woman waiting elsewhere for him. He laughed when he also thought of how most men would think this was a fantasy come true, but how it really just added a new set of weird problems to life.

Opening the door to his bedroom, Darrin saw Lisa, still naked, and Helena sitting on the bed and talking like old friends. And talking about Darrin of course. He smiled as Lisa broke off in mid sentence to look at him.

“I thought he was a j—” Lisa had said before turning to smile at Darrin. “Hello, sir.” She blushed slightly.

“Hello, Lisa. You used to think I was a what?”

Lisa looked down as she blushed more intensely now. “I used to think you were a jack ass, sir.”

Darrin laughed. “But not now I hope.” He walked to the bed and sat down beside Lisa. He kissed her blushing red cheek. Lisa looked at him, smiled broadly and shook her head. She leaned against Darrin, and he put his arm around her shoulders. He looked to Helena. “So, have you learned anything?”

“Yes,” Helena nodded, “I have.” She took a deep breath. “But it scares me.”

“Oh?” Darrin had been caught off guard. He hadn’t expected an answer like that. “Why?”

“Because it means a change in me, and who I think I am.” Helena, with an expression like a little girl afraid of her first day of school, was staring directly at Darrin. “Wait, let me finish.” she said before Darrin could talk again. “I’ve been pretty sure of myself most of my life. I’ve known I was very pretty and why boys liked me since I was seven years old. My parents told me about my Vyartu heritage on my twelfth birthday, and since then I’ve hardly worried about surviving or getting along in the world, because I knew I could get just about anything I wanted. And here in America, I fit right in as a strong woman who took what she wanted and didn’t need a man. There were the dreams, of course. Dreams of being taken... no, I need to be honest. They were dreams of being owned. I always denied them. I tried to ignore them and tell myself they were just crazy dreams of an overactive mind and wild libido. But after talking to Lisa, I... I think I was w... I know I was wrong. You had dreams of me, coming to your door to bring you the knowledge you needed. I believe now I had dreams of you, owning me and giving me the knowledge I needed.”

Darrin blinked. He had definitely not expected anything like that to come from Helena. His life had become a pornographic episode The Twilight Zone. First the weird hunger, and the intense sex with various females, then Lisa submitting, then meeting Brook, then finding out he some sort of freak who needs sex to live, then Alexis surrendered apparently body and mind, and now Helena admitting to wanting him to own her. Darrin took a deep breath and let it out slowly.

“Lisa,” Darrin said, “Alexis is on the couch. If she’s still unconscious, find something to cover her with so she doesn’t get cold. If she’s awake, I think you should talk to her.” He kissed Lisa on the cheek and gave her a little smile.

“Yes, sir.” replied Lisa as she stood up. She grinned when Darrin gave her ass a pat, and made sure to sway her hips for him as she walked out, closing the door behind her.

Helena was starting to feel fear. She was now alone with the man she knew she had to submit herself to. But she did not want to submit. Her mind yelled at her that submitting was wrong. Her gut emotion told her that the situation was far too uncomfortable and she should leave now before she got into something she did not want. But that soft, small voice at the back of her brain kept reminding her of her dreams. And the growing heat in her sex told her that she did want this.

“If you want to submit to me,” Darrin explained, “then I need to see the proof. I’ve had my fill of being manipulated by women only out to serve their own gain. So you’re going to stand up; you’re going to remove all your clothing; you’re going to kneel before me; you’re going to beg me to own you and explain why I should.”

“I...” Helena hesitated. “No, I can’t do this.” She stood up. “I need to go.” She managed to take one step toward the door.

“Stop.” said Darrin as he pushed up his hunger full blast.

Helena stopped walking because her legs suddenly felt like jelly. Her body and mind were hit by Darrin’s power, and that turned all her strength and willpower into sexual need. She moaned as she dropped to her knees and juices of extreme arousal streamed down her thighs. She looked up at Darrin and knew she had to submit. The desire she had locked away for so many years demanded that she submit.

“I’m sorry.” she said. “I do want to submit. I will obey.” Helena sighed with relief as she felt the pressure of Darrin’s power ease. She found she had the strength to stand up again. She bent over and unzipped her boots before pulling them off one at a time. She peeled her stocking off next, first from the right leg and then from the left leg. Her skirt was then dropped the floor. She pulled the tight shirt off over her head and let it also fall to the floor. She unfastened her bra and let it slide off her arms. She pulled down her saturated panties last. Her motions had all been mechanical because Helena was trying to distract herself from thinking about the fact that she was about leave behind who she had always been. When she was finally naked before Darrin, she wanted to run. She wanted to bolt from the room, clothes or no clothes. She wanted to hide somewhere else. She avoided eye contact with Darrin as she knelt down once more. “Please, sir, let me submit to you.” She knew that was not enough. She had to offer him everything. She had to give him a reason to take her in or this would all fail “I mean, sir, please let me be your... slave.” Her voice was soft but stiff. “I need to be owned by you. I will do anything for you. I will obey any command. I will accept any treatment of me and my body.” Helena shook her head. “I mean, sir, of your slave and this body. Use me as you wish. Please, make me your slave. Make me your slut. Make me anything you would have me to be. I will cook, clean, fuck, or anything else you might desire. I cannot be anything now except what you make me.” Her voice began to tremble.” If you turn me away, I will be nothing, sir. I am yours to do with as you see fit. I will strive to complete any command to the best of my abilities. I will always do by absolute best to please you. Please, Darrin, sir, make me your slave.” Helena took a deep breath. “Let me be your slave, I beg you.” She put her forehead to the ground, not to emphasize her plea, but to hide the fact that hot tears were filling her eyes. If she had ever done anything more difficult or more demanding than beg Darrin to be his slave, she could not remember it.

Darrin had been only gladly pleased when Alexis had submitted, but now he was exhilarated. He smiled down at the kneeling form of Helena. He felt strong and tall and masculine. He was not gloating, for he had nothing to gloat about. And he knew it was not that he had a beautiful female at his feet, for quite obviously he had experienced that more than once lately. Yet, something about what Helena said had pushed a switch inside him. Something in the back of his mind told him that he had just found some sort of fundamental truth about himself, but he couldn’t pin down what that truth was. He decided to worry about it later.

“Stand up.” Darrin told Helena. He watched her stand and then grabbed her chin to make her look him in the face. “Is there anyone or any thing that would be a hindrance to you moving into my apartment?”

Helena smiled a little. “Only my agreement with Brook to pay for half the utilities and half the phone bill at our house.”

“That’s not a hindrance, because you can continue to do that for now.”

“Yes, sir.”

“I have a notion that she may not need that arrangement for much longer anyway.” Darrin grinned. he had more than a notion. He was certain that Brook too would be moving in with him soon enough, but after he had first moved into a bigger apartment. Darrin let go of Helena’s chin. “So you will make all necessary arrangements to move in here as soon as possible.” Darrin was somewhat surprised by the speed with which he had made that decision. Ordinarily he would have deliberated for a few days to decide. Yet, right then, in that moment, Darrin knew exactly what he wanted. And he was certain about what he needed to do to get what he wanted. Darrin liked this state of mind. It felt good, but more importantly, it felt right.

“Yes, sir.”

“Now undress me.”

“Yes, sir.” Helena nodded and smiled. She grabbed the bottom of Darrin’s T-shirt and pulled it off over his head. She looked at his muscled torso and paused a moment to touch his chest. His flesh was hard under her soft hand. Helena shuddered. She knelt one more time and began to unfasten Darrin’s jeans. She shuddered again when, as she pulled the jeans down, she saw the size of the bulge under Darrin’s boxer briefs. Juices flowed again from her pussy. Her hands trembled as she reached up to grab the boxer briefs. When she pulled the undergarment down and she saw not only how large Darrin’s cock was but that it was now swiftly getting bigger as it became erect, Helena felt her body shaken by an orgasm. “Oh my God, it’s huge.”