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Disclaimer: This is a fantasy story with sexual and mind-control content. But you should know that already if you are reading this disclaimer. All characters contained herein are entirely fictional, and any resemblance to actual persons is coincidental. Also, these stories are entirely of my own making. Any resemblance to other stories is entirely coincidental.

Author’s note: These stories are dedicated to Carole. © 2002

I want to apologize for the long delay in getting parts 9 and 10 finished. I am grateful for all the encouraging feedback I have received. But sometimes life just is not accommodating for an amateur writer.

The Awakening

The Vyartu Stories

Story Number One—Part Nine

“Now undress me.”

“Yes, sir.” Helena nodded and smiled. She grabbed the bottom of Darrin’s T-shirt and pulled it off over his head. She looked at his muscled torso and paused a moment to touch his chest. His flesh was hard under her soft hand. Helena shuddered. She knelt one more time and began to unfasten Darrin’s jeans. She shuddered again when, as she pulled the jeans down, she saw the size of the bulge under Darrin’s boxer briefs. Juices flowed again from her pussy. Her hands trembled as she reached up to grab the boxer briefs. When she pulled the undergarment down and she saw not only how large Darrin’s cock was but that it was now swiftly getting bigger as it became erect, Helena felt her body shaken by a mild orgasm. “Oh my God, it’s huge.”

“Is it?” asked Darrin semi-sarcastically.

Helena silently nodded. She had seen more than a few penises during her life. Darrin’s cock was one of the biggest she had seen. She reached up to put both hands on his now erect cock. Helena guessed that the huge thing had to be at least three inches in diameter, and the length of it was at least fourteen inches, though she thought it was probably closer to sixteen inches. Darrin’s cock was large even by Vyartu standards. Helena whimpered in amazement. As she turned her head up to look at Darrin’s face, she realized she had to forcefully rip her gaze away from his cock.

Darrin stared down at Helena. Over the past few days, he had been confused and puzzled a lot. But at that moment, the situation, what he should do, and how Helena should be treated was all crystal clear in his mind. He studied Helena’s face, and saw a lusting slave. He saw a female who was going to be formed into something new by his will.

Helena stared up at Darrin. She had always been a sure of herself and how to get what she wanted. But she now that she knew the truth about what she honestly wanted, she had no idea what to do. She studied Darrin’s face and saw a strong master. She saw a man who was going to make her into something new by the force of his will.

Darrin let his Vyartu hunger rise, and began to rub Helena’s labia with his foot. He watched her moan and begin to breathe in swift gasps. He saw her eyes close as she pushed herself against his foot. Helena spoke quickly and softly, “yes, yes, yes, gods yes,” as she began to fuck his foot. Darrin grinned as Helena embraced his leg and humped her body to his foot. She finally let out a small scream as she climaxed. Darrin laughed softly. He watched Helena blush with embarrassment as she let go of his leg. He watched her look at the floor first, and then start to look up, only to have her gaze caught and held by the sight of his cock. He heard her whimper as his hunger continued to slowly rise.

“I need you to tell me something.” said Darrin to Helena. “Out there, I had Alexis hot and bothered, and I told her she would cum when I touched her nipples. I not only got her beg for it, but when I touched her nipples, she climaxed so long and hard she passed out. Did I make her do that?”

Helena nodded. “Probably. When you’re controlling someone with the desire, it’s like—” Helena stopped herself by slapping a hand over her mouth. She had caught herself before she had given Darrin the key that would allow him near total control over her. Certainly she had begged to be his slave a few minutes ago, but the idea still scared her. Again she wanted to bolt from the room. Submitting to Darrin meant a fundamental change in her life and a total rejection of who she had thought she was.

“Like what? Tell me.”

Helena slowly lowered her hand and whispered something.

“Speak up.” Darrin turned up the strength of his hunger. “Tell me now.” His tone of voice made clear that his patience was gone. He did not feel angry. Darrin was not sure just what he felt emotionally. But he did know he felt like he was on the verge of something very important. During the moment of Helena’s silence, Darrin had a flash of insight. He was no longer becoming a dominant man. He was a dominant man. He was a master. No, Darrin thought to himself, he was simply a man, but a true man, what a man was supposed to be. He was now a man. And the world was different to his senses, as if he had just woken from a long daydream. He smiled down at Helena and said calmly, “You will tell me right now.”

“It’s like hypnosis. The desire affects not only a person’s body, but the person’s mental state as well. Some think this is why long term repeated use of a normal human makes that human addicted.”

“This is incredible.” replied Darrin. “So does it also affect Vyartu that way?”

Helena nodded. “Yes. Just now... I... I don’t think I could have resisted you if I had wanted to.”

“If you had wanted to?”

“Yes.” Helena hoped Darrin would let that answer be enough.

“No, you better explain, girl.”

“I’m scared.” Helena’s voice trembled. “This is against everything I ever thought I was. Even my Vyartu mother didn’t raise me to be submissive. As a kid, I lived with my mother. My parents were separated.” Helena could feel the emotional pressure building in her gut. Part of her mind kept trying to tell her that she did not know why she was doing any of this. But she knew why. She knew all the reasons. And that scared her more than anything else. “It’s not that men were the enemy. They were the competition. I was taught that I had to prove I was just as good as any man. More than that, I was taught I had to use men. And when I began to realize my Vyartu abilities, and how easy manipulating men could be...” She hesitated. She realized she wasn’t really sure how to explain something she had so recently begun to question.

“We can go over life stories later.” said Darrin. “But I think I understand. You’ve believed in the emasculation of men under the hypocritical feminist cry of equality. And that’s how you’ve lived your life. Only you started having second thoughts, didn’t you?”

Helena nodded. “Yes.” And with speaking that word, she felt a rush of relief. She had admitted to something that she had not wanted to admit even to herself, but that she could not deny.

“Lay down on your back, on the floor, with your feet under your ass.” Darrin smiled at Helena. It was a sort of devilish smile the hinted at the plan he had in mind.

Helena was a little surprised by the apparent change of subject, but she was obeying the command before she even thought about moving or wanting to obey. She lay on her back and tucked her feet under her ass. The position was certainly felt awkward, but Helena was agile enough to hold it without much difficulty.

First using his foot to push Helena’s thighs wide apart, Darrin knelt down between those firm thighs and began to caress them. “You started having second thoughts. Perhaps because of your dreams. Or perhaps some scene or some phrase at just the right moment found a tiny hole in that wall of close-minded thinking your mother imposed on you. And now you’re naked and vulnerable and dripping wet with arousal and obeying a man, and you’re enjoying it.” As Darrin spoke, his hands slowly and softly rubbed circles from the front to her inner thighs, and from her knees toward her crotch.

“Yes. Oh yes.” said Helena, half moaning the last word.

“But is this about sex, or about something more substantial?” Darrin slowly rubbed along her inner thighs, but avoiding her labia, his hands drifted up to her abdomen. “Or perhaps a better question, are you here because of the pleasure you might get, or for some other reason?”

Helena paused her soft moans to answer. “I don’t know.” Her body involuntarily tried to push her hips up. She felt both frustrated and aroused by the fact that his touch had deliberately missed her sex.

Darrin laughed and gently slapped Helena’s thigh. “Silly girl. You know, but you won’t admit to yourself. That training your mother drummed into you still has a hold on your thinking.” His hands now rubbed down her waist towards her ass. “You think you’re independent, but you’re only a slave to the thinking your mother forced on you. That kind of thinking enslaves with its close-minded and intolerant hypocrisy.” The rubbing caress moved slowly from her ass up to her thighs. “I can tell you why you’re here. And it’s not about sex. Not really.” His hands slid down to her inner thighs and teasingly began to rub towards her vaginal lips once more. “The idea of the possibility of the pleasure of sex may have caught your attention, but what Brook had to say about me must have snuck inside that shallow facade of the thinking your mother gave you.” His hands once again avoided her labia altogether and moved their caressing touch up to her abdomen. “And so you came here, probably thinking you’d protect your friend Brook. But then you realized what I was. You discovered what I could do to even you. You could have left the apartment right then. And you could easily have not told me about that dream of yours. But you stayed, and you did tell me about that dream.” His hands were now caressing along a path down her waist to her ass and over her thighs to her inner legs, always coming so close to her sex but missing it to rub up to her abdomen and roaming over the path repeatedly. “Now, I don’t know exactly what Lisa told you. But I’m sure she talked about her own submissive nature. And something about that made a real crack in your hollow thinking. You’re here because the true Helena Boyd, buried down under all your mother’s words, is fighting to escape the Atlas worthy burden, and now she has a real chance. You’re here because I can free that real Helena Boyd by doing all the things your mother probably warned you against letting men do to you. That’s what this is all about, and why you’re here, and why your hot pussy is right now dripping wet.”

Helena was indeed dripping wet. The juices of her extreme arousal were dripping from her aching sex. But her eyes were also wet. She was crying, tears streaming down the sides of her head. Her pussy ached and was full of sexual lubrication. Her head felt light and was full of wild emotions. Regret, relief, disappointment, and joy all seemed to swirl in her mind. Darrin had been right, of course. His words had come like a revelation to her, each word sinking down into her brain, past all the warnings that she had heard in her mother’s voice. Helena couldn’t think of a protest to what Darrin had said. There was nothing for her to do but surrender.

“Take me.” moaned Helena. “Please, I... I submit.”

Darrin laughed with delight. “Of course you do.” Darrin moved from between Helena’s legs to straddle her head. His cock hung down before her face, while his hands stroked her inner thighs just millimeters away from her engorged labia and clitoris. “And you’re going to cum for me to prove it. Only I’m not going to touch your pussy. Neither are you. You’re so aroused, no one needs to touch it. Mm... I can smell it. You sex is hot. It must be aching terribly.” He pursed his lips and blew a soft, cool breath over her vaginal lips.

Helena moaned loudly and shuddered. Being Vyartu herself, Helena could feel that Darrin was not even using his Vyartu ability. Yet, she was getting close to orgasm. Her sex indeed ached painfully with need. Juices dripped in a steady stream from her pussy to her ass, trickled to her heels, and flowed down her feet to the floor. Helena’s hips started to slowly move up and down, trying to fuck something, anything that would make her cum and grant her release. And as if that were not enough, Darrin’s cock was directly in front of her face, and she could not take her eyes off of it.

“Yes, so hot, so wet.” said Darrin. “You can probably feel a need to cum. That pretty little clit of yours is almost red with the hot blood flowing through its veins. It must be aching too, poor thing. But your whole body is surely aching by now, needing the release of orgasm.”

“Yes... Oh God, yes... please take me...” Helena moaned the words, her voice full of desperation already.

“But you’re so close already. Those inner muscles of yours are no doubt so very tight. Squeeze them, and I bet your poor pussy would begin flexing all on its own. Because it needs orgasm.”

Helena’s body seemed to obey Darrin’s words of its own accord. She didn’t even have to think about it before her vaginal walls were clenching repeatedly. Each flex of her pussy was more intense than the one before and pushed her closer to climax. Her hips pushed up and down faster as her need for orgasm grew more desperate. She loudly moaned sounds like, “pluh”, “eez”, “tahk”, and “nuhd”. Each moan was louder than the one before as her aching vagina flexed uncontrollably. Her whole torso was soon humping up and down. Helena was so focused on Darrin’s cock hanging before her face, she believed she could see it even when she closed her eyes.

“Oh, you’re so close. Can’t you just feel yourself at the verge of hot climax?” teased Darrin. He began to blow cool breath over Helena’s labia. “You slick, wet pussy must be so hot and so tight. And so close to climax, needing the release, aching for it.”

“Puhhhhluheeeeze!” The word came from Helena’s mouth, starting out as a moan and ending as a scream. Her body was trembling even as her hips pumped up and down. Her head was starting to toss side to side. Her hands were trying to grip handfuls of carpet.

Darrin spoke forcefully. “Cum for me, female. Cum now.”

Helena felt it happen in slow motion. Her body arched up as high as her spine would allow. The cum seemed to seep into her vagina like hot syrup. She heard her own scream, and felt it sting her throat. She felt cum gush from her pussy and stream down her ass. The seemingly slow flooding of her sex over and over with her cum sent lightening bolts of pure ecstasy repeatedly through her flesh and mind. There was no time, just the orgasm. Each minute of the orgasm was a lifetime. Lifetime after lifetime of nothing but intense sexual release, until finally the universe faded away.

Helena’s eyes fluttered open and saw Darrin’s face. She smiled to him, and her face glowed with happiness. She did not know if that was the most intense orgasm she had ever experienced, but it was certainly more satisfying than she had ever dreamed an orgasm could be. Helena felt like she was floating on clouds.

“You are one loud woman.” said Darrin with a soft chuckle.

“I-I’ve never felt anything like that.” Helena realized she was still gasping for air and still on the floor.

“So what do you think of finding pleasure at the command of a man?”

“That’s not... a fair... question.” answered Helena, the words coming between panting breaths.

Darrin laughed. “No, it’s not. But I asked it anyway. So what do you think of it?”

“I... I enjoyed it. But... I’m not sure what I think of it.”

“Oh? Why is that?”

“It was pleasurable, but it still scares me. And I guess I thought it would be more... invasive.” Helena was slowly getting her normal breathing rhythm back. She blushed when she said the word ‘invasive’, feeling like a school girl using her first sexual innuendo.

Darrin laughed again. “Oh we’ll get to that, make no mistake. However, I’m making a point.” Darrin sat down on the edge of the bed and snapped his fingers. “Come and kneel, female.”

Helena obeyed, but also spoke a reply: “My name is Helena.”

“I know that, girl.” said Darrin with a stern voice. “But you will respond to whatever name I wish to call you. Is that clear, bitch?”

Helena looked as if she had just been slapped. She hadn’t expected Darrin to respond that way. However, the reason for his reaction was clear in her mind. Darrin had just driven home the point that he, not Helena, was in charge of the situation. Beyond any sexual play, he was in charge. If he were to walk out of the room right then, he would still be in charge.

“Yes, sir.” answered Helena. She swallowed and realized her mouth was watering as she stared at Darrin’s cock once again.

“Good girl.” Darrin smiled again and petted Helena’s hair. “Now spread your legs wide as you can, and start masturbating.”

Immediately spreading her legs as wide as she could without losing her balance, Helena was slow about pushing a finger inside her. She hesitated because she knew this was one more tactic to strip away her pride. She knew that by watching her, Darrin would learn how she made herself most quickly orgasm, for she would not be able to control herself. Her body was already becoming aroused again, just from the sight of Darrin’s huge cock right in front of her face. She belonged to him already.

“Put on a good show for me, female.” said Darrin. “I want to see everything you do to give yourself the most pleasure.”

“Yes, sir.” Helena whimpered as she began sliding two fingers back and forth in her pussy. She moaned softly as her free hand lifted up to her chest and began to caress her nipples. Licking her lips without realizing it, Helena continued staring at Darrin’s cock. Her fingers were gradually moving faster inside her pussy. The fingers of her other hand began to rub her breasts and nipples more forcefully. A tiny, weakening voice in her brain tried to tell her to stop. But not only could she not stop, she did not want to stop.

Darrin was grinning as he watched. Not just because he was aroused by watching Helena, but also because he could see the change of her attitude. She had been a confident woman when she had first walked through his door. She had seemed to slowly loose that confidence as they had talked, and then to loose it completely after they had come into the bedroom. But now, she seemed confident again. Her head was up, even though she was still staring hungrily at his cock, and she was pushing her chest forward as if she were proud of herself again.

Helena was pinching and roughly kneading her breasts, one hand moving swiftly from breast to breast. The other hand was busy trying to pinch her clitoris and keep two fingers pumping in her dripping pussy. Somewhere in the back of her mind, a tiny voice tried to tell her she was acting like a slut. Her thoughts, however, were over come by the desire to please Darrin and by the heat of sexual need growing in her body like liquid wax filling her torso. She heard herself moaning, but the moans seemed distant. Saliva was dripping down her chin because her mouth was wide open with moans and staring at Darrin’s cock was making her mouth water. She felt her own two fingers stretching her tight vagina, but they were not satisfying the ache in her pussy. She wanted that cock. She pumped her fingers faster and pinched her clit harder. Echoing in the back of her brain was the word ‘slut’. Slut, slut, slut. Her body was trying to hump to the fingers that so desperately thrust in and out of her pussy. The fingers of her other hand were abusing her nipples, pinching and twisting and pulling.

Ache filled Helena’s arms and fingers, for Darrin let the minutes pass as he watched. Each minute he had to use a little more effort to hold the hunger in check. Five minutes had passed. Six. Seven minutes. The time zipped by for Darrin. Helena was masturbating and pinching herself wildly, and Darrin was enjoying the display. The analytical part of Darrin’s mind was still working in hyperdrive, and the thought came to him that he had never been interested in watching women do this sort of thing before. Oh, he liked women and seeing them naked, but watching porno stuff always bored him. The difference, he realized, was that Helena was here, in his room, doing this for him, because he had told her to do so. And he was enjoying it. His cock was rock hard and starting to throb a little. Drops of precum were leaking from the tip of his cock. Ten minutes had passed. Eleven minutes. Darrin enjoyed the way the light in the room was reflected by the sweat covering Helena’s body, the rhythm of her body trying pump her arm and her hips, the sounds of her lusty moans, and the wantonly expression on her face. Thirteen minutes. Somewhere in the fourteenth minute, Darrin stopped holding back his Vyartu hunger and reveled in the feeling of hot power it gave him.

There was no warning for Helena. She screamed as the flash flood of the desire from Darrin made her body explode with blazing hot ecstasy. Pleasure and climax shook her body, however, only long enough for her pass out.

Helena woke up, moments later, aching in her hands, arms, throat and thighs. Those aches were nothing compared to the need in her vagina. It was not an ache, but a need; a need to be filled, to be fucked. The thought, “I am a slut.” came to her, and then the realization broke through. This was her dream. Darrin’s dream, of meeting her at the door, had come true. Now Helena’s dream, of being controlled and fucked and of feeling like a slut, was coming true. She slowly sat up, having fallen backwards when she lost consciousness, and looked up to the grinning face of Darrin. His Vyartu power held her firmly, and she felt safe. The voice of her mother was gone from her head. There was nothing to make her hesitate in begging for the fulfillment of her need.

“Please,” began Helena in a soft and pleading tone, “fuck me.”

“Yes, we are through playing around.” replied Darrin. “Now you are mine. And I’m going to use you. Open your mouth, slut.”

To be continued...