The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Walking Sideways

Chapter 5

I slowly swam up out of a relaxing sleep, luxuriating in the warmth of Wayne’s arms encircling me in the bed. I could feel him breathing behind me, each hot breath tickling the back of my neck through the ringlets. I was curled up and his body curled behind me; I could feel his chest at my back, warm and hard and soft all at the same time. I didn’t so much feel uncontrollable lust as a gentle sort of erotic torpor, a lazy sexual awareness of every part of my body and his.

Just two days ago, I would never have thought of having sex with a man; yesterday, I’d had sex with so many men I couldn’t actually work it all out especially with all the time jumps, and wound up in the arms of the one person who had been with me through this entire ordeal. The fact that I couldn’t actually make out the situation that had caused him to be the last one to fuck me last night didn’t faze me; it was enough for me that he had, and it felt so very right. I pushed myself backward into him a little, causing him to stir for a moment and tighten his arms around me.

I was still of course erect and leaking; I couldn’t remember a time anymore when I wasn’t. I could feel Wayne hardening in his sleep, pushing back up into the crack of my ass. I got a wicked thought, and reached behind me to adjust him so that he was at my entrance again. He shifted a bit and pushed forward, popping into me. I let out a contented moan and pushed further back, going so slowly, trying to let him remain asleep. His breath quickened a bit and he mumbled in his sleep, but he didn’t awaken.

I let inch after inch disappear into me until I could feel him all the way inside, his pubes tickling my ass. I just let it stay there, rocking a bit on it and enjoying the feeling, and eventually drifted off to sleep again.

I woke up again only when I felt Wayne’s cock slide out of me. I groaned in protest and tried to follow his body backwards. He chuckled deeply into my ear, licked my earlobe, and removed his arms from my chest, extricating himself slowly from our embrace. I turned around to face him and stared into his eyes, just looking. He winked at me and kissed my nose, and then slid out of bed. He was magnificent in the morning light as it streamed through the curtains of my room, and I could see the goosebumps on his skin as the cold air of the room pushed them out. His hair, normally so perfect, was tousled and stood out in all directions, and his chest hair was matted in parts with come from the exertions of the night before, both mine and his. He was beautiful. I just laid there naked, not bothering to cover myself, and watched him pad off to the bathroom. I heard him piss into the toilet and then heard the shower running, and...

I was back on my knees in a shower again, with something huge in my mouth, but this time I knew it was Wayne and I was okay. I was more than okay with it, I was blissfully sliding up and down on the thick object in my mouth. I couldn’t get all the way to the bottom, and I choked a little when I tried, but I did what I could. I reached a hand up to pump and twist at the lower half of his shaft as I sucked and moaned into the upper half, and Wayne groaned in appreciation. I couldn’t see with the water flowing over my head, but I knew what to do and what I was doing. I felt Wayne’s hand gently against the back of my head and let him guide me for a while, with him face-fucking my mouth and me moaning through it.

“I’m getting close, baby,” he moaned, and tried to pull out, but I knew what I wanted. I tightened my hand around his shaft and clamped down with my lips and sucked, twisting my tongue around the huge cockhead in my mouth. I felt him pulse once, twice, three times, and then a salty, slightly slimy substance was pouring into me, down my throat in a hot stream. I idly thought that it was a little like eating okra. Not unpleasant at all, but an acquired taste, and I was certainly acquiring a taste for it fast.

Wayne’s strong arms lifted me up into a standing position, and he kissed me hard, biting my lower lip. I returned it with change, leaning into him. We didn’t stop sucking face until we couldn’t breathe anymore, and had to break off, both of us panting. I leaned my head against his neck and ran my hands down his back, feeling the strength of his muscles there.

“Where did you get a body like this?” I murmured appreciatively.

“Just lucky, I guess,” he breathed into my ear. We both giggled a bit. His pecs bounced when he laughed. It was amazing.

“Are you sure you don’t want to talk about this, Aaron? You and I both know that this isn’t you, and I still feel guilty about it. I’m taking advantage of you,” he said. I put a finger up to his lips and shook my head. I didn’t want to think about where the feelings were coming from anymore; I just knew that when I was with Wayne, I felt safe and secure and more alive than at any time in my life. The hours I’d spent with him after he got me off the sling had been like wrapping myself in a blanket. The sling experience had been so intense and in its own way surreal, not to mention the older man who had started off the night and had been the first to plow me ever, that by the time I got to Wayne I was ready for security. He grinned a bit and sucked my finger into his mouth. I gasped a bit and writhed against him. That finger, at that moment, felt like it was directly connected to my cock. I pulled the finger out slowly, and it felt like his mouth was slipping off my cock. The experience was so intense that I came without touching myself, my semen dripping against his thigh. He gaped at me and I smiled contentedly at him, inches from his face. I slid my arms around him and hugged him tightly as the warm water fell down around us. We stayed that way for several minutes, just hugging and running our hands over each others’ bodies.

We washed each other, slowly, taking our time to explore each others’ bodies. He actually washed my hair twice, using both hands to run his fingers through the curls, working some of the tangles out with his hands. Each time he pulled on a tangle, my cock jumped a bit. It was as if every physical effort caused me to pant in lust. When he wrapped his hands around my shaft to wash me, I came again right there. He caught it in his hand and brought it up to his mouth, soap and all, and licked it off, staring into my eyes the entire time. By then, he was hard again too.

“If we don’t get out of the shower soon, we’re going to be wrinkled as prunes,” I joked at him, and he grinned back at me.

“It might be worth it,” he replied.

I reached around to turn off the water, and we toweled each other off. He blow-dried my hair while I sat on the toilet, and I blow-dried his chest hairs, running my fingers through them until they stood out in little soft curls throughout. I’d never seen a hairy red-headed man before. He was covered in freckles from his chiseled head to his perfect feet. I thought the hair was adorable. And sexy.

This time, I didn’t want to hide anything, so I picked out the sheerest clothes I could find. I chose a loose mesh shirt, the underwear that looked like a sock attached to a string, and the tightest shorts I had. Wayne stuck with what was becoming his trademark: denim jeans and a loose plaid shirt. I idly thought about helping him with a sexier wardrobe.

Wayne whistled at my get-up, and reached his hand into my shorts to adjust my cock so that it tented out obscenely from my pants. He kept his hand in my shorts as he breathed heavily down on my hair, rubbing until I had to gently grab his hand and pull it away or I would come a third time.

I looked at the clock, and it was a half an hour till my appointment. “We have to go get me that MRI,” I reminded him, and he nodded into my hair. We headed out, and as we did, the hotel receptionist walked by. He gave us a very significant look as we walked past, and we just turned to each other and laughed out loud. He sniffed loudly behind us but we kept on walking out of the hotel area.

We were no more than a couple miles from the Center, so we decided to walk. The midmorning air was unseasonably warm, but a stiff wind was blowing, keeping it from getting too uncomfortable. Several joggers ran past us on the way, with a couple of them staring openly at me as Wayne and I walked arm-in-arm down the street. We stopped in front of a three-story building and Wayne started to remove his arm from my own, but I wouldn’t let him. We walked together up to the counter, where a receptionist tried her best to ignore the situation. I gave my name and mentioned my appointment for 10am; she looked me up and then invited me to sit in the waiting area while she summoned the doctor. She was done up like a stereotypical librarian; middle-aged, thin, hooked nose and horn-rimmed glasses, a tight white bun on top of her head. She studiously avoided eye contact with Wayne, pretending he wasn’t there. When we were seated in the empty waiting area, Wayne and I grinned and whispered at each other about her failed attempts at tolerance.

Wayne placed his hand far up my inner thigh as we waited, and the heat pouring through his hand was driving me insane. I started to shift uncomfortably in my seat as my ass itched. I gave him a significant look and pointed at the spot in front of my shorts; my leaking faucet of a dick had actually started to soak through the shorts, too. I whispered in his ear “If you don’t behave, I’m going to give that poor receptionist a show she’ll never forget.” He laughed loudly, but he moved his hand down to my knee. I felt the lust recede a bit, but not by much. I wasn’t willing to let him move his hand from my knee, though.

The doctor came out to the area and called for me. “Mr. Singleton? If you’d...” his voice trailed off for a moment as he took in my condition and my attire. His eyes widened a bit and I could hear his breath quicken a bit. He continued, a little huskier, “Mr. Singleton, my name is Dr. Gupta. If you’d follow me into the MRI chamber, this won’t take too long. Mr. Hollinger, if you wouldn’t mind waiting out here...” I wanted Wayne to stay with me, but the doctor informed me that it was against the Center’s rules to have others in the chamber with me, as it could interfere with the sensitive equipment. I shrugged and Wayne removed his hand reluctantly from my knee, sliding it a bit up my thigh quickly first and eliciting a gasp from me. I stood up, my shorts tenting out in front of me, and the doctor gasped too. He was clearly Indian, with dark skin but strangely Caucasian features; a thin, short nose, wide mouth with thin lips, and a pointed chin that was made even more pointed by a goatee. I found him attractive, but in my current state, I would probably have found a potted plant attractive. I could tell that he found me attractive, too.

Just to be a tease, I slid up closer to him than I needed to and said “Lead the way, Dr. Gupta,” stretching out his name a bit. He had the thinnest waist. He turned around a little uncertainly and led me through a pair of swinging doors into a sterile, white hall with doors on both sides. A door with an “EXIT” sign was at the end of the hall. I noted he had a particularly round, pert ass as he walked. It swayed with each step he made. I tried to emulate the walk, so I could sway like he was.

He picked the second one from the left at the end and led me through to another room inside with a large piece of equipment filling up most of it. It looked a bit like a large doughnut with a clinical bed in the center. He asked me to lie down on the bed and asked if I had any piercings or other metal objects on me that would need to be removed, and I shook my head no. My cock was throbbing in my shorts, pulsing with his every word. He aligned my head against a padded “U” support and placed one thin plastic strip across my forehead, fastening it to the other side. “This should take approximately 20 minutes; you’ll hear tapping and knocking noises. That’s the imaging process. I’ll be in the glass room behind you, and will let you know when you need to remain perfectly still, ok?” I nodded my assent, and he went into the other room.

The table slid up about a quarter of the way into the doughnut, and I waited for the process to continue, panting slightly with the effort of not touching myself through my shorts. I felt so aroused. The knocks and clacks started, and I held myself still. They stopped, and a moment later started up again. I didn’t feel anything at all; it was a little like getting an x-ray. I could feel myself throbbing with each knock and clack. I knew my dick was jumping at each throb, and I wondered if Dr. Gupta could see what was going on.

After about 20 minutes of the same process, the doctor opened the door from his glass cage and walked out. I couldn’t turn my head to see him, but I felt him stop somewhere near the foot of the bed. The table started to move out from the doughnut, and he came into focus. He had a strange look on his face, like he was constipated. He didn’t say anything to me, so I just waited for him to remove the strap on my head, but he didn’t make a move. His narrow chest rose and fall as he breathed deeply and quickly.

Instead, he walked up to my middle, and laid a hand against the bulge in my shorts. I gasped and writhed on the table, humping up into his hand. He still didn’t say a thing, just stood there with that look on his face, while his hand slid up and down my shaft slowly. It was driving me crazy with desire, and I arched up a bit, widening my legs to give him better access. I groaned loudly. His hand slid into my shorts, pushing aside the sock. He continued to stare at me with that same weird expression. He was breathing hard now, but I was already breathing enough for the two of us. My panting sounded loud in my ears, but he gave no outward indication that he even heard me. He slid my shorts and underwear off me, leaving my hairless crotch wide out in the open.

“Ohhhh doctor,” I moaned, and he snapped out of whatever trance he was in and looked down at me, with my body naked below the waist. He hesitated for a moment, his facial features hardening and his lips thinning until they were just a straight line. “I shouldn’t be doing this,” he muttered, but he climbed up on the table anyway. He pushed my legs up around me and pulled open the slit in his slacks, moving his underwear aside and revealing a dark and erect dick erupting from a stream of black pubic hairs. His dick was no more than seven inches, standing straight out in front of him, and he was uncut. He peeled back his foreskin, letting his dark cockhead pop out from it, and settled at my waist. Mumbling about getting fired for this, he pushed into me and I screamed out in ecstasy.

“Oh, god, yes, fuck me doctor, FUCK ME DOCTOR,” I yelled out, arching my back again as he pushed into me all the way. He made loud shushing noises and pushed his hand across my mouth to get me to shut up. I was screaming with pleasure into his hand, and started licking at his fingers. He started pistoning in and out, grunting with the effort. It didn’t take him long, no more than five or six pumps, before he groaned and fell on top of me. I could feel his cock swell inside of me and then I felt him pumping jism into me, load after load. He bit my shoulder as he came; I tried to move my head but I couldn’t, as I was still strapped in. I just pushed as far as I could against him, pushing him back with my efforts to take him all in.

He laid on top of me for a moment, breathing heavily, and then without a word got up off me, unfastened the plastic strap from my head, and walked out. I was a little miffed that he hadn’t said a word after, nor had he given me any relief. I sighed and got up off the table, leaving a smear of the doctor’s cum as it leaked out my ass, and pulled back on the sock underwear and shorts. I padded out of the room and walked back to the waiting area. Dr. Gupta was not there.

Still breathing heavily, I let the receptionist know I was done, and she assured me that I would get my results within five business days. She gave me an odd look as Wayne walked up to me while I was at the counter and patted my ass. His hand hesitated when he felt the damp spot, and I could feel him looking strangely at me off to the side, but I pretended nothing had happened. After giving my contact information, we left the center and headed back to the motel.

“So Aaron... do you want to stay another day? We’ve already missed check-out time,” Wayne pointed out. I definitely did not want to leave.

“Let’s go out on the town tonight, Wayne. I’ve never seen Seattle before.”

“Sure!” He launched into some of the clubs he wanted to visit, and snaked his hand around me, holding me by the waist and gently rubbing my upper thigh as we walked. His hand reached down to my ass from time to time, pausing each time at the wet spot, but I ignored his silent query. A man and a woman walked past us, staring disapprovingly at my obscene get-up. I sneered at the woman and looked the man slowly up and down, obviously appraising him. He grimaced and grabbed the woman’s hands, muttering “fag” only loudly enough for me to hear as he walked past. I may not have been gay two days ago, but I sure the hell was now. I was definitely gay, if by gay you meant that I wanted practically every man I saw to fuck me cross-eyed. If by gay you meant that I was seriously contemplating picking out glassware with Wayne. If by gay you meant that even thinking about my past caused my mind to skitter... I could only think of the present. A little warning sign went off in my head, but I pushed it aside. I let Wayne natter on as we walked, mostly lost in a haze of lust and openly undressing every man that walked past us with my eyes, running them up and down their bodies. Several men who walked past appraised me just as openly, but most of them looked at me with either anger or revulsion. Wayne’s strong presence beside me probably made them think twice about making a big deal of it.

The idea was to spend the afternoon at the hotel, lounging around (for me, hopefully having lots of sex) and then head out on the town at lights-out. I wanted to spend some time sunning myself at the pool, so when we got back to the motel we grabbed some snacks from the vending machine and headed into our respective rooms to change. I picked one of the items that I’d bought at the sporting goods store, a black-and-white thong that had tight spiral patterns throughout. I slipped it on; it barely contained my erection or my balls, the elastic slightly pulled away from my waist. I grinned down at myself, feeling sexier than ever, and...

I was stepping out of a store in a strip mall in a totally unfamiliar area of town, wearing just the thong and a mesh shirt. I felt...satisfied, strangely. I had no idea where I was, though. I turned around and saw that I’d just walked out of a tattoo parlor. A barrel-chested, leather-clad man inside grinned at me and waved slowly, giving me a thumbs-up sign that he pushed through an “O” made in his other hand. Momentarily, I felt the same panic I had been feeling until the leather-jacketed guy had turned me out; I had gotten a tattoo?! Of what? Where?! I stared down at my chest, but I could see nothing obvious. I craned my head around to see what was on my back and I saw that a stylized, tribal image emerged from both of my shoulder blades down the center of my back, disappearing into the crack of my ass, which showed well above the skimpy thong I was wearing. It was very clearly a huge phallic shape, with large balls at the top. It walked down my chest in a thorny sort of pattern, dark blue against my pale skin. My clear mesh shirt showed it clearly enough that I was worried about being arrested for indecency. On either side of the end of the tattoo at my ass, scripted words said “Enter” on one cheek and “Here” on the other. Oh, shit! This was permanent! Some part of me had felt that this was almost a romp until now, something I’d suffer through for a short while but eventually get over. What my time-flash had done to me this time would not go away soon. It would not go away ever. I started to tremble, but then another hot flash of lust started at my waist and travelled up to my head, and once again all was well with the world.

Something told me that I wasn’t done yet though with the new modifications, and I hesitantly pulled open the front of the thong to look at my crotch. Sure enough, a small very pornographic drawing of two men fucking doggie-style was right at my denuded cock, and a cock ring that looked to be about a half an inch long encircled my shaft, pushing my balls up and out and making sure that I would not be able to push my hard-on down again to make it look decent. I looked for a clasp on it but it looked seamless, as if it had been welded on. It was definitely too tight to work off, especially in my now semi-constantly erect state. I looked back inside the tattoo parlor, and the leather-clad man grinned at me again, punching his hips forward lewdly. Without thinking, I pushed my ass back against the window, rubbing myself up and down against it, and pouted my lips at him and then grinned back. He laughed and walked into the back of the parlor...

And I was back at the motel at the pool on a lounge chair with Wayne just walking out of his room in a pair of tight speedos, his tanned and red-haired body looking like he was ablaze in fire in the noonday sun. He was yawning, and smiled sleepily at me. “Didn’t get much sleep last night, I guess... took a little nap,” he mumbled as he pulled a lounge chair next to me and laid down on it. I hadn’t had a chance to say anything before he pushed his left hand playfully into my thong, and felt the cockring. “What’s this?” he said, and turned on his side to look more closely.

He bent his hand down to my waist, and I said “Time shifted again!” to him right about the time he saw the tattoo. He whistled in shock, and ran a finger along the two men. One was wearing a biker jacket and nothing else, and the other was wearing a stud collar with a leash attached that the other was holding on to.

“While I napped!?”

“Yep,” was all I said. “And that’s not all.” I turned over so he could see the other tattoos, and heard his breath gasp inward. He traced the phallic tattoo all the way to my ass, and then ran his fingers lightly along the words on each cheek. I groaned and humped the lounge chair a bit. “Damn, dude...” he trailed off. His fingers kept tracing the tattoo.

“It’s fine. I like the look actually,” I said. He looked at me strangely but I just stared back through lust-filled eyes at him, and he kept his mouth shut. He kept rubbing my ass-cheeks where the words were tattoed on it, though, almost absently. I pushed my ass back a little more into his hands as he did so, and reached over to rub against the bulge in his swimming trunks, and we stared at each other as the sun blazed down on us.