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Evilena Presents : Wally World’s Brain Wave of Horror Seance and Charity Night


Synopsis : Just a silly little Samhain story , about Evilena’s Halloween celebration, because Jafar isn’t here this year to continue his REAL Brainwave of Horror series.

That big amusement park in south Florida was having a GIGANTIC Halloween charity celebration.

And although Goddess Evilena would never work for a mouse in real life , she was happy to contribute her time to a charity event and so, on this Samhain the Goth Goddess was dressed as the cartoon witch-queen , Elspeth , from the Snow White fairy tale. She wasbusily preparing a seance for a handful of spoiled young , college aged brats.

And most assuredly , had Evilena been cast in a movie as the witch-queen , that magical mirror on the wall would have told her she WAS the fairest in the land . But each of these young , spoiled princesses thought THEY were the most beautiful in the magical kingdom .

And they WERE pretty. Just not in comparison to Evilena.

The Halloween revelers were exchanging catty remarks ,even as they sat down . These were the type of girls that , had Evilena seen them in a club or bar, she would simply put them on " ignore”. However , she had made her commitment to the charities . And when the Goth Goddess gave her word, one could be assured that it would be honored.

Even as the four young college girls , all daughters of obscenely rich parents ,walked into the Samhain seance, all of them looked around and made an expression as if she were smelling aged cheese . Then, as each one realized she wasn’t the ONLY honored guest , the catty comments commenced again , now delivered in earnest .

Each young beauty sat down in a chair, marked with her name , which was arranged around a large, round table . A bubbling, dry ice cauldron sat in the center , as a Halloween centerpiece, like some Shakespearean witch’s brew.

Each of the girls parents had contributed $25,000 to the sponsoring charities so their daughter could have an impressive Halloween Party at the amusement park , but the arrogant adolescents were all angry that the OTHERS were in attendance. All had expected an " All about ME,” evening, with just her own circle of friends present .

But , to assuage their anger, Wally World had set up a special seance with the beautiful blond witch , Evilena , as the highlight of the night for each of the four parties, and only the hostess was allowed to attend the evening’s SPECIAL event . Sitting around the bubbling cauldron were girls dressed as Mulan , the Chinese warrior , Princess Jasmine, from the 101 Arabian Nights , fairy tale Princess Snow White, and American Indian heroine Pocahontas , each costumed girl looking jealously across the table at the other three .

The girls , and their envious comments, reminded the Evilena of the crew on " Filthy Rich : Cattle Drive” , or the girls on that “My Super Sweet 16 " show. It looked like , in order to fulfill her promise to the charities , she would have to conduct, her own show , " Filthy Rich-Sweet 16 : The Cartoon Cutie Seance “. At least her four spoiled “Princesses” reminded her of Cattle Drive’s Kourtney, they were all very sexy , very hot .... and VERY dumb.

As the beautiful, blond Samhain sorceress tried to quiet the group down , the bratty girls argued with each other as to who was prettiest and who’s parents were richest, and who had the cutest costume . Evilena decided to quickly silence their bickering by putting them all in a magical trance.

After all it WAS Halloween, and what better way to celebrate the spirit of the holiday than to be put under the spell of a sexy Gothic witch. But, the girls just didn’t know that was to be their fate .... YET.

Evilena waved her hand over the cauldron and it began to bubble furiously. Then, a melon sized illuminated crystal ball rose from the mist inside the large container. It revolved slowly giving off fascinating specs of light as it spun. The tiny, sparkling flecks of brilliance flashed into the eyes of the pretty girls and immediately captivated their attention. Magically it floated closer to the blond witch and hovered silently next to her face .

“Do you like my crystal ball ? It’s priceless, you know. An ancient magical heirloom from the ruins of a castle in Carpathia. You can’t stop looking at it, can you ? It radiates so many pretty colors. It seems like there are millions. A rainbow spectrum . First they merge into one blinding light, then they seperate again into myriads of colors. And the colors hold your attention. You find yourself searching for the crystal’s center but it ‘s so illusive... so hard to find...yet you feel compelled to keep searching it’s depths because you know if you find it’s center, you will be mine. And you WANT to be mine. And at the moment you find it’s center you WILL be mine. You have no choice but to obey me. There is no escape from my magical power. I’ve imprisoned your wills. You cannot defy my power over you. I rule your subconcious. You feel so helpless ... so powerless... so weak ... ”

The blinding orb continued to brightly twinkle , casting it’s multi colored particles of light directly into the princesses eyes, and then suddenly the light seemed change. Now it seemed to be eminating from Evilena’s eyes instead of the spinning crystal ball. Her eyes were flashing with hypnotic, compelling streams of color, The girls were spellbound. Fascinated. Awe struck.

Their expressions glazed over and their jaws fell slack. Their eyes ceased blinking and remained vacantly open. They sat limply in their chairs.

The girls’ gazes were held psychic prisoner to Evilena’s flashing , hypnotic eyes.

She had consigned the girls to an magical enchanted infinity , and she alone had the power to bring them back.

The hypnotic blond gestured gracefully with her hand, almost literally pulling their eyes to hers, and spoke to them in a soft, mesmerizing voice that seemed to echo within their minds.

Tongue of Lizard,
Eye of Swine,
A black bat’s gizzard,
Soaked in Brine.
Watch the crystal ball
Spinning near my eyes,
It has the power
to hypnotize.
And as your eyes,
Gaze deep in Mine.
Thy wills are broken,
All thoughts become mine.
And Now Thine Eyes,
With mine entwine,
Helpless before Evilena,
Thy hearts , too, are mine.
Double double toil and trouble
Fire burn and cauldron bubble.
Spinning lights now in my eyes
Entrance, seduce and hypnotizel

Hokey ... but effective.

And then she snapped her fingers.

The brat pack became frozen in place and all four minds were helplessly held under the powerful magical spell of the mesmerizing sorceress.

“ You may stand now, my little princesses ,and continue to gaze deeply into my eyes as your will power drains away... totally under my power ... lost in my Halloween spell .... listening only to your Queen .... your hypnotic Goddess.... wanting to obey my every command .. helpless to resist ... powerless before the witch who holds you thrall... unable to resist my hypnotic commands... helpless ... powerless.... ”

Like anime zombies the four young princesses stood, attentively, before the enchanting hypnotist, falling deeper and deeper under her spell, lost in the depths of her green eyes.

“ And now your programming begins. You have no thoughts OTHER than to obey me. You want to worship me... you NEED to worship me... you belong to me..... helpless ... helpless.....helplesss...Evilena’s sexy little cartoon characters . I don’t want you little brats to argue any more. We are all just going to get along tonight.” she commanded.

Evilena walked around the table and , as she reached each mesmerized girl , directed her to the center of the room. She locked the main entrance so they would be alone. Then , gently the hypnotist pushed Mulan into the arms of Snow White and Jasmine toward little Pocahontas.

“ My pretty little Princesses are so excited by the nearness of all these other sexy girls that you are getting wet. Your nipples are hardening. You are so excited by being so near a sexy, beautiful girl . You want to feel the warmth of another girl. You know, in your mind you just have to kiss these sexy princesses . You may, you know... it IS allowed. Mistress Evilena will allow you do do just what you want...”

Following the erotic suggestions , the two sexy couples embraced and kissed, mouth open, tongues twirling, lustful kisses.

The sounds of erotic moans soon echoed throughout room.

“ Good girls ! I simply love your cute costumes, but I think I’d like it even more if you were naked before me . Please undress for me..... go ahead... you may do it now...”

The four entranced beauties were now helpless to resist even the slightest suggestion made by Evilena and soon the brightly colored Halloween costumes were strewn all over the carpeted floor.

As bitchy as they were, Evilena thought, these little barbi dolls WERE sexy. The blond witch wondered if there were a law against the carnal knowledge of a cartoon character . It probably would be suspended on Halloween anyway, she conjectured .

“Mulan , come here , " she said, crooking her finger.” The attractive young Asian disentangled her self from Snow White and slowly crawled toward Evilena, all the while licking her lips, invitingly .

Now it was Evilena’s turn to take off her sexy costume. As the dark haired warrior girl started to tongue the hypnotist’s feet, the witch’s tall pointy hat, fell to the floor, followed quickly by the long , black robe . Now the incredibly erotic blond stood above her servants dressed only in the skimpiest of black panties and bras . The near naked mesmerist looked over at Pocahontas and gestured toward her, and she too, crawled , submissively toward the blond sorceress.

Their partners, momentarily absent , Snow White and Jasmine found each other, then soon embraced and kissed, sighing loudly.

These girls may not of gotten along BEFORE, but they were lost in lust now. They continued to kiss , touch , and suck at their sensuous partners . Girls, formerly enemies, were now now Halloween lovers.

As Pocahontas and the sexy Chinese warrior licked tenderly at Evilena’s toes, the enchantress glanced over and saw that Snow White and Jasmine had tumbled to the floor, breasts pushed erotically against young , firm breasts . Their nipples stiffened as they continued to kiss and lick at each others’ nubile , young bodies. They started shaking with passion, their bodies flopping like freshly caught salmon on a river bank, hands, fingers and lips moving ever quicker.

Then, the Arabian Princess gracefully moved her body so that the two were in a sixty nine position, breast on belly, licking furiously at their now eye level pussies.

The hypnotic blond watched as Snow White drug her tongue skillfully across Jasmine’s clitoris and smiled as the young girl shook with ecstasy.

Evilena jumped with a start as Mulan first kissed, then nipped at her gorgeous ass, and soon the Native American Princess followed her example and was licking and kissing the gorgeous apple shaped bottom of her irresistible, mind controlling mistress.

Evilena directed these two cartoon girls into their own soixante-neuf and watched as they brought each other to orgasm, again and again . She smiled as they began screaming in unison as their warm juices oozed out to cover their partner’s face .

Evilena looked about the room, thoughtfully. How could she get some EXTRA value out of these bratty princesses ?

An idea sprang into her mind.

“As I count from five to one you pretty princesses will be free from my spell and you will be able to do anything you desire, do you understand ?” she purred.

“Mumf ... unnerstnd ...yef..miftreff” were the muffled replies from the girls, still engaged in mutual cunnilingus.

“Five ..... slowly coming up to consciousness....”

“Four..... free to do as you desire ...but remembering everything that has occurred.”

“Three ... minds becoming clearer...”

“Two ... being slowly released from your hypnotic spell..”

“One ... awake ... alert ... and free...”

All four naked girls looked first at each other, then at Evilena as the memories ( and tastes ) of the last half hour were fresh in their minds and on their tongues .

Then, with sensuous smiles upon their lips, they all crawled toward Evilena, whispering , " Mistress....Mistress... we must do as you say ...” no longer hypnotized but STILL under Evilena’s erotic spell.

Evilena reached under the round table that still held the bubbling cauldron at it’s center and pulled out four orange colored boxes. Marked on the side of the containers were web site addresses,


As she handed the charity boxes to the girls she suddenly laughed. " I was going to send you out to trick or treat for these charities now, but I guess I’d better get you dressed first.”

The four girls blushed, then quickly redressed in their colorful cartoon costumes and obediently took the boxes from their new mistress.

“ Now, my adoring anime automatons, after you finish trick or treating you will return here with these boxes full of money , then, exactly at the stroke of twelve , we’ll work on filling some other boxes. I think you will enjoy this Samhain more that any other in your young lives.”

The girls looked longingly, adoringly at Evilena, obviously willing to follow ANY command spoken by her lovely lips.

With that she gave each costumed character a chaste little kiss on the cheek and sent them off to collect for the charities , and looked forward to the magical midnight to come.