The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


Lyn stood half slumped over the counter. She was bored. She looked out through the large glass window at the customer car-park.

“I’m bored” she said

“What?” Helena her mother asked

“I said I AM BORED”

Helena poked her head around the door from their apartment

“If you’re that bored why don’t you go cleanup some rooms?”

“Uggghhh!” Lyn sighed.

Helena looked back at the tv.

Lyn dipped a finger into a jar of honey on the desk and played with the long gooey strands before sucking it off her fingers. It was delicious. She wished she could make honey like that!

* * *

Yuri was a truck driver. He was doing a long haul from Kiev to Athens. He’d crossed into “Europe” some while ago, and was now moving from Bulgaria into Greece.

He wiped his eyes. He was tired.

Up ahead he saw a motel sign. In Greek it simply said Σφῆκες and “Open” blinked in green underneath.

He hoped that they spoke English. He didn’t speak much but he was sure that they’d speak no Ukrainian.

He drew to a halt in front of the reception and jumped down.

Opening the door he was struck by a sweet smell.

Lyn, who was half-asleep behind the counter nearly jumped to her feet.

“Good evening, Sir” she beamed

“Good evening” Yuri said

“How can I help you?”

“Ah..” he said “I’d like a room”

“Sure, we can do that” Lyn smiled looking down the register “Room 10 is available”

“How much would that be?”

“€20” she said

He thought that was amazingly cheap. The other thing he thought was amazing was Lyn. She had flawless if pale white skin. Her eyes were bright. Her hair silky smooth and black. She wore a figure hugging top, and obviously no bra as her breasts peaked with rock hard nipples pressed out against the red fabric.

It was clear she was attracted to him.

He did not understand. At 34, with stubbled chin and large belly he was not a looker. A divorcée and a long haul driver he had little in his resume that would come close to the words ‘a catch’.

But this young beaming beautiful thing was flirting with him.

She leaned over forward a few times to give hm a better gaze at her cleavage.

“Ah-hem” came a voice.

“Mother!” Lyn growled looking over to see her mother emerge from their apartment.

The hotel lobby backed straight onto their living quarters.

“Can I help you, Sir?” she asked

“I… “ he gulped. He realised he should not have been prevuing at the youngster, sexy as she was, Willing as she was.

“Room 10” Helena said to her daughter.

“Yes, mama” Lyn said, retrieving the key from behind the desk

“Travelling far?” Helena asked

“To Athens”

“Ah, Athina” Helena beamed.

Like her daughter Helena was short. But she had small breasts, unlike her daughter.

Helena was just as pretty. Just as pale.

“Let me show you to your room” she said, taking the key off of her daughter.

“There’s no need to trouble yourself”

“No trouble” Helena said coming around from the counter. She lead Yuri out the door.

“Where would you like me to park?”

“Over here” she said “Would be fine”.

Helena waited for him to get back out of his rig, after parking and lead him across the courtyard.

The hotel was a single story building shaped like a square “U”. At one point was the reception/main apartment, then a whole series of car-park facing rooms around the rest of the entire building.

Helena gave a little swagger as she lead Yuri across the uneven asphalt.

He tripped but regained his balance

“We have been meaning to fix that” she smiled apologetically.

She got to room 10 and unlocked the door. But instead of giving him the key she stood aside, holding the room’s door open for him.

“There’s no need” he continued to express his willingness for a less elaborate service. He was kind of wondering if they were going to try charing him for extra service.

As he entered, she moved forward slightly so his body brushed up against hers.

“Excuse me” he bowed politely.

She smiled.

What she did next took him by surprise

She entered the room and closed the door


“Shhh” she smiled, pressing a finger against his lips

She threw the keys on the dresser.

“Let me fix you a shower” she smiled

“I…” he began but she ignored him and went to the bathroom.

He heard the water start running

He entered the bathroom

She was naked standing under the water.

“Care to join me?” she purred

“I…” he began again

“Let me wash you” she beamed

He had to admit, despite her small frame and middle-aged smile she still looked hot.

Yuri kicked his shoes off

His pants dropped to the ground

Next came his shirt.

He joined her under the water and she lathered up a sponge and began running it over his body in long longing strokes.

She soon had him on his knees and he administer his tongue to her. She had a light coating of black hair down there.

“Eat me!” she growled, “Get your tongue inside me1’

She ground her hips against his face.

And then suddenly she came.

She squirted onto his face but under the water he did not notice.

When she came she turned to water off. He was expecting a blow job and was disappointed.

They dried, a towel each.

She lead him back to the bed.

The smile returned to his face as she lay on her back and opened her legs for him.

He was still rock hard

With the towel he wiped the water out of his ears and then threw it to the ground as he climbed onto the bed.

“Come to me” she giggled girlishly

“Shit” he spat


“I don’t have any cond…”

“Don’t worry” she interrupted him.

He looked at her quizzically.

“I want to feel you come in me” she purred

It was invitation enough. He grabbed his cock and mounted her, pushing into her warmth.

She was soft and yet also tight.

He felt her vagina grab him and suddenly pull him deeper into her.

“Ooof!” he gasped

She sighed with his thrusts, but he was not quick enough for her.

With skill and speed she rolled him over, with her still attached to him. She ground her pussy against his hips.

“Yessss, “ she purred, “That’s soooo nice!”

She rode him and then he spluttered into her.

“Oh, my!” she cried and came too before collapsing onto him.

She lay on him, her sweat mingling with his. Her whole body, lying on him rose and sank with his quick breathing.

She pulled up off his cock.

Because she was short she had to slide up his body so they were facing.

“You were amazing” he gasped

“I knew you’d be a good one” she said.

He looked at her puzzled.

“Your come” she smiled, “It’s working in me”


Suddenly she rose up. Helena opened her mouth. Her upper canines extended into long ominous fangs.

“What the fuck!” he growled. With his left arm he grabbed her by the throat.

She took hold of one arm and pinned it to the mattress. Wth her other hand she took hold of his left wrist and with little effort tore his hand away from her throat.

He couldn’t believe how strong she was.

He tried to buck her off him and just then she struck

Her mouth pressed against his flesh, her fangs cut into his flesh.

Her fangs were hollow. Small muscles in the upper part of her jaw squeezed pushing her venom down and into his blood stream.

He managed to buck her off. She fell sitting onto the floor.

Yuri sat up, and suddenly he fell back flat against the bed.

Helena picked herself up, and smiling she looked at his helpless form. Already her fangs drew back into her.

He could breath. He could see. But nothing else.

His eyes were filled with fear.

If he could have, he’d have shook and trembled but even that; an expression of fear was beyond him.

“You’re sperm is good” she said as she looked down at her groin.

She turned and went into the bathroom, even as her abdomen seemed to rise and fall like a bellows

She went and stood in the shower and braced herself

In a minute her stomach bega to swell. She caressed her pregnant form.

And then she partly squatted and began to push.

What she expelled from her womb was nothing like a baby. It looked more like a giant maggot; creamy white.

Helena carried her larvae back into the bedroom

She held it like a baby. It moved like it responded to her warmth

“Do you want to see our daughter?” she grinned, holding it out proudly for him to see.

He wished he could cry.

The room door opened.

Lyn came in. “Is everything alright, momma?”

“Yes, honey” Helena beamed

“I knew he had good seed”

“Can I see her?”

“Sure” Helena said holding up Lyn’s sister.

“She’s beautiful”

“Yes, she is” Helena said, almost in tears of joy.

“Now…,” Helena said “Help me”

Lyn got up onto the bed and rolled Yuri onto his side.

Helena put her daughter down on the mattress behind Yuri’s thighs.

The larvae became more animated now. It wormed its way towards the truck driver’s ass.

It pressed its end against Yuri’s anus and began pushing into him.

At this point was actually fortunate that Yuri could no longer feel what was being done to him.

The ‘baby’ wormed its way into Yuri’s rectum and soon had disappeared.

Lyn helped her mom roll Yuri back onto his back.

Helena moved up next to Yuri’s head. His eyes placed with her.

“Our baby is inside you now” Helena said, patting his hair lovingly. “You will feed her till she is ready to pupae…

And so it was; the parasitic wasp had laid her egg and the host would house and feed her till she was ready to emerge in seven weeks time.


Lyn checked on the rooms. They were neat and tidy all. Except Room 10.

Yuri looked at her.

Yuri’s stomach was hugely swollen and now he was being stretched out. Between his legs his anus suddenly opened up in a giant yawn

A dark head of hair pushed out, and then the whole head. Soon Lyn was helping her sister emerge from Yuri’s torn bowels.

Yuri’s body ripped open.

Lyn took her sister’s arm and guided her into the shower to clean.