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Web of Trust — Chapter 1

Foreword: The main focus of this story will be age-discrepant hypno-sex, with the older guys being in their forties and the younger ones ranging between eighteen and early thirties. If this makes you uncomfortable, stop reading now. Some chapters will involve incest while others won’t. I will try to remember to mark those appropriately. The story is very episodic so it shouldn’t be a problem to skip those chapters. Lastly, I usually post links to my stories to a celebrity hypnosis list with a fictional casting for each character. This time around, I’ve decided to leave the cast list in, so we can get straight to the good stuff and avoid lengthy descriptions of what people look like. I suck at those anyway.


  • Peter – Timothy Olyphant
  • Jeff – Michael Grant Terry
  • David – Luke Benward

It was the middle of the night and I was horny as all hell. My dick was just throbbing! I could hear my boyfriend snoring lightly beside me. Without giving it a second thought, I rolled over on top of him and did my best to pin both of his arms down with one of mine while pulling down the boxer shorts he usually slept in. The way he was lying didn’t make it easy and I ended up waking him up long before I was inside him.

We both liked this sort of thing. Sex should be rough, hard, and leave you knowing who was in charge. Tonight, that was going to be me, no question about it. We were a match made in heaven, when you got right down to it. Before I’d met Peter, I’d often ended up being the bottom simply because most guys couldn’t handle someone my size, especially if I was being rough. I didn’t mind bottoming from time to time, but it really sucked that I almost never got to be the Top. Peter was the only guy I’d ever met who could not only handle how big I was, but who actually liked how hard I fucked. Of course, he was no slouch, himself—his cock was easily big enough to star in size-queen porn, and he also liked to give it really rough. Still, as big as he was, he had nothing on me. He liked to joke that by being with me, he was helping to get dangerous weapons off our streets.

“Whoa, whoa, hold on there, tiger! What do you say?” he prompted me as I continued fumbling with his boxers.

It was a concession he’d managed to wrangle out of me back in the beginning. Before play-raping him, I had to reassure him that it wasn’t real by saying a certain code phrase—sort of like a safe word, but in reverse. Unfortunately, one of the other concessions he’d gotten out of me was that he was allowed to give as good as he got at some point, which he usually did as soon as I was done with him. It was worth it, though! It didn’t matter how often I did this to him, I came to the same conclusion every time. Besides, it was only fair—if I was going to rape his ass, he certainly deserved the chance to do the same to me, even if it was right after. I never flip-flopped on him, though, for the simple reason that those times when he went first, I was usually too worn out by the end of it to even think of raping him in return. I couldn’t imagine how he found the stamina.

“You’re the perfect boyfriend and the best hypnotist in the world!” I told him, dutifully mouthing the required phrase. As much as I knew it stroked his ego, I always felt so good saying that. It made me feel so content…so relaxed. Finally getting his boxers down, I rammed my cock into him as hard as I could. Man, did it feel great to be inside him again! It seemed like it got better and better each time.

I didn’t actually think he was the best hypnotist in the world, of course, but he was a hypnotist. In fact, that was how we’d first met. It had been the last frat party I’d gone to while I was still in college, and there had been this hypnotist there. I wondered at the time how he’d gotten in, as I’d thought he looked much too old to be a student, but you just never knew with college frat parties. Occasionally, there actually were older students who were part of the in-crowd, and, of course, college guys often got all sorts of wacky ideas in their heads as to what would be entertaining. He’d done a few people throughout the night, making them do silly things, often slightly adult things, like putting on strip teases…nothing all that unusual for a stage hypnotist from what little I knew about them. At one point in the evening, I got “volunteered” to be his next subject, by virtue of one of my friends shoving me firmly forward when he asked if anyone else wanted to try it.

It had been hard going under with all the distractions, and I later learned that I wasn’t a particularly good subject. Still, he’d gotten me to put on a bit of a show before taking me off to a private room to make sure I’d come fully out of my trance. With the party having gotten noisier and more crowded over the course of the night, it was harder for him to judge, apparently. The friend who’d volunteered me had waited right outside and assured me that we were only in there for a few minutes before we both came back out—just long enough for the hypnotist to make sure I was fully awake.

I’d left the party not long after that and gone straight back to my apartment to get some sleep. To my surprise, though, there had been a knock on my apartment door just before I’d been about to go to bed. Figuring it was probably just someone who was a little too happy and knocking on the wrong door, I’d cracked open the door and peeked my head around it, using it as a shield, since I had only been wearing pyjamas.

To my surprise, it had been the hypnotist from the party. “Hey, sorry to disturb you, but I wanted to hypnotize you again in private. You love being hypnotized, don’t you Jeff?” he’d asked in an alluring sort of tone that said he already knew the answer.

Honestly, I’d thought it incredibly inappropriate—even alarming—that he’d just shown up at my door and suggested hypnotizing me, but somehow, I just couldn’t say no to him. I’d ended up letting him in and then stood there complacently in my pyjamas while he’d tried his damnedest to hypnotize me again. He’d failed even more miserably that time than he had at the party, but somehow, without even noticing it, I’d developed a massive hard-on while he was trying to hypnotize me. By the time he was done, I was beyond caring what he was doing—all I could think about was sex!

Looking at him more closely, I’d realized that he wasn’t quite as old as I’d first thought; he was actually about the same age as I was. I’d always had a thing about older guys not being with younger guys, especially when the older guy could’ve been the younger one’s father. That was just plain creepy! Guys should just stick to other guys their own age. I’d never dated anyone more than a couple of years older or younger than I was, and I couldn’t imagine I ever would.

As horny as I’d been at the time, I’d been really happy to realize that he was in my age range, and even happier when he’d made the first move and started stroking the protrusion in my pyjamas as if he owned it. Soon, we’d moved into some really intense, rough fucking, quickly leading to the super-rough type of play-rape we were in the middle of right now. It had ended up being the best sex of my life up to that point, and after spending the night together, we’d decided to start going out. I didn’t really tell my friends at the college about it, though. It wasn’t like it was a big secret or anything, but it had been the end of the year, and I just hadn’t really felt the need to tell them that I was going out with a guy who’d hypnotized me. I knew what they’d think, and the truth was, it didn’t really matter to me what they thought, since I’d probably only ever see most of them again on social-networking sites after I left college.

As it turned out, I’d been right. I’d moved into his place on the other side of the city after I’d left college just a couple of weeks later, and hadn’t stayed in touch with any of my college friends since then. He’d been my one-and-only for the last seven years. We’d even just bought a house together, with a couple of spare bedrooms that we could rent out to some of the local college students for extra income.

It wasn’t until I felt Peter’s cock pounding into my ass that I realized I’d finished raping him at some point and it was now my turn. He was hard on me—he always was—but I just kept thinking back to how good it had felt when I’d been the Top and that made it all worthwhile. It was probably at least a couple of hours later when I felt his jiz filling my ass and I was already drifting off to sleep again by the time he pulled out.

The next evening, when Peter got home, he informed me that he’d be having one of his boys over later. We were completely monogamous, but since I was pretty much impossible to hypnotize, I let him set up hypnosis sessions with other guys as long as there was no sex involved. He was a trauma counsellor, which sometimes got him some “extra-curricular clients”, as he liked to call them, but generally he just trolled the college parties looking for new clients—and usually didn’t have much trouble finding them. A lot of people were fascinated with hypnosis, so all it took most of the time was for one of his existing clients to invite him to a party and he usually had several new volunteers. Most only got hypnotized at the party but sometimes he’d encourage a guy to come back here for a more private session. Then, if they turned out to be particularly good subjects, they became regulars.

David, the one coming over later tonight, had been a regular for a couple of months now. He wasn’t even from the local college—he was in his freshman year at the university across town. He was still quite young yet, but even though I’d never think of going out with someone that young, I could see that he was quite the hottie for his age.

What Peter offered in his extra-curricular hypnosis was basically a custom-made fantasy. It could be anything at all, from a trip to Disneyland to the wildest sexual escapades they could imagine. According to Peter, some people were especially susceptible to hypnosis. For them, he could create the best fantasies, so it was only natural for them to want to return.

David’s thing was that he liked to imagine he was cheating on his girlfriend, but since the person he was cheating with wasn’t real, he’d figured it was all good at first. Peter had set him straight on that, though, insisting that he either be faithful to his girlfriend or break up with her if he wanted more than just the one session. Despite his fantasy of cheating, David was actually still a virgin, apparently. Even so, Peter insisted that he had to either be faithful to her and not get hypnotized, or break up with her and get whatever fantasies he wanted. When David had shown up for his second session, he’d proudly announced that he’d broken up with his girlfriend. He still got hypnotized to feel like he was cheating on his girlfriend, though, even though he no longer had one.

As a counsellor, Peter couldn’t share those kinds of details with me about his regular clients, of course, but for the extra-curricular stuff, he was under no such obligation. In fact, he enjoyed sharing people’s intimate fantasies with me. I had at least a basic idea of what most of his boys’ fantasies were. So far—gay, bi, or straight—not a single guy had opted for the Disney vacation.

Peter and I were still finishing dinner when David rang the doorbell. We all chatted together amiably for a few minutes—David giving Peter a backrub as he sat back from his dinner—before Peter motioned David towards the stairs up to our bedroom. Peter always hypnotized his clients in there since it was quiet, they could lie down, and if he felt the need, he could close the door for privacy. He usually left it open, though, as a way of helping me feel more secure that nothing untoward was going on. As David moved out from behind Peter, I could see that he had a hard-on in his pants, but that wasn’t unusual. Hypnosis—sometimes even just the idea of being hypnotized—had that effect on a lot of Peter’s clients, especially given that they were here to experience sexual fantasies. It helped that almost all of Peter’s extra-curricular clients were college aged, so erections came easily.

Before following David up to the bedroom, Peter walked with me into the living room and I turned on the television. As I started to watch, Peter sat down beside me and spoke quietly into my ear, stroking my hair lightly as he did.

“What you’re watching is the most interesting thing you’ve ever seen, Jeff. Just relax and let yourself become completely absorbed in it, just like you do every time I have a client over.” He kept stroking my hair, helping me relax even further as I stared intently at the television. “That’s it, good. Now, it’ll be very easy to ignore anything else. Nothing else matters but what’s on TV. You’ll ignore any other sounds you might hear or things you might see until I tell you otherwise. It’ll be easy for you to just sit here and relax for a couple of hours, ignoring everything—even the need to go to the bathroom. Just watch TV and relax.”

His voice and his hand running through my hair were both very soothing. I never even noticed when he got up and left. I just sat there watching television. Sometime later, I heard movement and some fairly loud moans coming down the stairs from our bedroom, but I was so absorbed in what was on television that the sounds didn’t even register consciously, forgotten the moment they stopped.

I had no idea how long I’d been sitting there when I heard Peter’s voice calling down to me. “Jeff, can you come up here please?” I felt really disoriented and weird as I walked up the stairs and down the hallway to our bedroom. Usually, Peter came and spoke to me in the living room when he was done with a client, but the sudden interruption this time in mid-show had left me a bit dazed. The bedroom door was wide open, as usual, and as got closer, I could see David’s bare legs as he knelt on the carpet. Continuing on into the bedroom, I was shocked at what I saw. David was giving Peter a blowjob!

I felt confused and betrayed. Peter and I had always been faithful to one another. Almost as bad as that was the fact that David was well outside the age range Peter should have been having sex with. Especially seeing the two of them together, it made Peter look even older. Where most of David’s torso was smooth and still relatively hairless, Peter’s was rugged and hairy. I knew they couldn’t quite as far apart in age as they looked—though still a good ten years or more, if Peter was roughly my age—but seeing them in contrast made it seem like there was a much larger age gap than that between them. It probably says something about me that in that moment, I was just as concerned with the age gap as the betrayal, but in my defense, I was in utter shock and not thinking clearly at all.

“Just relax, Jeff. Everything’s okay. Come over here and I’ll explain,” Peter ordered. I would’ve thought I’d be too stunned to move, but my body obeyed instinctively even as my mind was still struggling with what I saw before me. As I took my place at Peter’s side, he started running his hand through my hair again to help me calm down. It worked like a charm.

“You’re just seeing David’s fantasy, Jeff. None of this is real.” At first, my mind balked at the idea, but as Peter kept stroking my hair and repeating variations of those same two sentences, it settled in more. Sensing that I finally understood the situation, Peter continued. “David believes that he’s giving me a blowjob, but he also believes that I’m a very attractive woman who just happens to look exactly like a man who’s nearly thirty years older than him. Of course, I’m not actually a woman and he’s not actually giving me a blowjob. What you’re seeing is all in his imagination, Jeff. None of it is real.”

A woman who happened to look exactly like a much older man, even to the point of having a cock? That was fucked up! Still, I was immensely relieved once I understood what was actually going on. Looking down at David sucking Peter’s cock—and quite expertly from what I could tell—I started to feel much better. Peter just kept stroking my hair and making sure I fully understood what was going on until, eventually, I smiled back at him and asked him why he’d called me.

“Oh, yeah, I almost forgot. Well, I was planning on ‘fucking David’s brains out’ later,” he said, drawing air quotes to show that that too would be all in David’s imagination, “but I just realized that with everything you and I did last night, we used the last of the lube. Can you run out to the sex shop before it closes and get us some more? The biggest bottle you can find.”

“Yeah, sure thing, Peter! I’ll be back before you know it.” I was only too happy to help Peter with one of his clients. I knew how much he enjoyed hypnotizing people and his happiness was naturally very important to me.

When I got back, he and David had moved downstairs into the living room. Peter was peeking up at me over the back of the couch and David had just sat up, presumably from having given Peter a “blowjob”—a load of fantasy cum dribbling down his face.

“Ah, you’re back! I figure that now that you understand what’s going on, there’s no sense us staying in the bedroom. As you can tell, David’s hypnotized so deeply at this point that it really doesn’t matter where we are, and I thought it might be nice to include you in tonight’s session. Why don’t you come in here and join us.”

Smiling at both of them, I went to sit down on the far end of the couch near Peter’s feet, handing him the lube on my way by. “Great! Thanks, Jeff,” Peter said as he sat up, putting the lube on the floor next to the couch. “Right now, I could use a break, but I’ll definitely be needing this soon. While I’m relaxing, why don’t you and David get to know each other a little better?”

It was a little uncomfortable at first, sitting next to someone so young, given that he was, at least in his imagination, stark naked and had just given my partner a blowjob. David seemed equally awkward in starting a conversation, though I figured that probably had more to do with the fact that the hypnosis hadn’t quite worn off yet.

Sensing our difficulty, Peter intervened. Standing between us with his cock still a bit spongy, he started running his hand lovingly through my hair. “Why don’t you get undressed, Jeff, and show David just how big your cock is. It’ll help break the tension a bit. Don’t worry, I’ll hypnotize him so that he’ll think there’s nothing unusual about it. That’s it, Jeff. There’s no need to feel self-conscious around any of my clients. I’ll take care of everything. You just take your clothes off and sit back down beside him.”

I realized Peter was right. I loved showing off how big I was, and with David so deeply hypnotized, he probably wouldn’t even realize that I was naked except maybe as some kind of a dream or something. As I stood up and stripped, Peter sat back down next to David and gave him some post-hypnotic commands, or maybe hypnotic—I’d never really been all that interested in the specifics of it all. Soon, David and I were sitting together chatting away like excited teenage girls.

“So how did you and Peter meet, anyway, David?” I asked to get us started.

“It was through our friend, Dylan.” I recognized the name as being one of Peter’s other regulars. “For my eighteenth birthday, my parents went on a mini-vacation the weekend after my birthday, letting me have the run of the house, as a kind of birthday present. I told my friend Dylan, and he threw me a small party Saturday evening, inviting a few friends of ours. With all of us too young to buy alcohol, Dylan invited Peter as both the guy who could get us booze and as the designated driver. After we’d all had a couple, Dylan started telling us how Peter’s this really great hypnotist, and how he’d tried it at a friend’s place and had a blast.”

“Everyone wanted to try it, but I was a little reluctant at first cuz you hear these stories sometimes, you know? Peter was great, though. He guessed what the problem was, and suggested that since Dylan had already tried it and knew what it felt like, he could stay awake this time and make sure everything was legit. I agreed, and then Peter put everyone but Dylan under. It was fucking awesome!”

“What did he get you to do?” I asked.

“I have no idea. I still can’t remember anything about it. The other two had hazy memories of acting weird, but not me. All I remember is how awesome it was! According to the guys, Peter put me under a bunch more times during the party, or he’d make me do weird shit without realizing there was anything wrong with it. At the end of the night, he drove the other two guys home while Dylan and I cleaned up.

“He came back afterwards to pick up Dylan, but then we all got into a long discussion about hypnosis. I guess Peter’s teaching him a few things, so they used me as their test dummy. Most of the time, I didn’t even know they’d done it until they started talking about something I had no memory of. At some point during the night, Peter told me that he could give me these really wicked fantasies. He said he’d done it for Dylan a couple of times now and that Dylan was totally into it.

“I was a bit leery at first, mostly because he was a guy, but we started talking about it and he just made me feel so comfortable that I started telling him all my sexual fantasies. It didn’t take him long to convince me to try it, and once I had, I was hooked! I even gave up my girlfriend just so I could get hypnotized more. Sounds crazy, I know, but to this day, I love being hypnotized more than I ever loved her! In a way, it’s kind of like I’m cheating on her. At least I feel like it is.” It was hard not to recognize some of the things Peter had told me about, though I’d never realized that David’s first session was actually at his birthday party.

“I guess you know the rest, pretty much,” David continued, “since you’re usually here whenever I have a session. So what about you guys? How did you meet?”

I told him all about the frat party and how we’d been together ever since that night, though I left out the bits about rough sex. If he was still a virgin, and a straight one at that, he was probably still a bit too young and naïve to deal with that. Truthfully, I was a little concerned that Peter was hypnotizing a guy that young and still living with his parents, and I gave Peter a pointed glance to say so. Sure, there was nothing actually going on, but what would people think?

“So that’d make you…what? Twenty-seven? Twenty-eight?” he asked when I was done.

“Twenty-nine, actually.” He didn’t ask how old Peter was, and thinking about it, I realized that in all this time, I’d somehow never found out exactly how old he was either, not even on his birthday. I wasn’t even the least bit concerned about that, though. Peter’s driver’s licence said he was almost forty-six, but that was just a typo he’d never gotten around to having corrected. All that really mattered to me was that he was about my age.

As we’d been speaking, David had clearly been admiring my cock. Even soft, I knew it was impressive, and he couldn’t seem to take his eyes off of it. He was straight, but this wasn’t the first time I’d noticed a straight guy struggling not to look. Peter had said he’d take care of it, but somehow, that had made David stare at my cock non-stop. It was a little disturbing, actually, being stared at by someone that young.

“Jeff,” Peter whispered in my ear, having come over to stroke my head, “there’s no reason for you to be bothered by the age of my clients. There’s no sex happening, as you know. It’s strictly professional, so there’s nothing to worry about. Just relax. You can be completely comfortable being naked around all of my clients, no matter how old they are.”

He was right, of course. He was a professional, after all, and even if David was a bit young for me, I knew he was completely oblivious to what he was seeing, so I didn’t have to worry. The more I thought about it, the more I felt that having David stare at my cock so single-mindedly was actually quite comfortable.

“Now, Jeff, I’d really like to fulfil some of David’s wet dreams, so I’m going to go give him some more suggestions. You can just sit there and watch, perfectly comfortable with whatever I say to him, knowing that everything’s aboveboard and anything that happens is all just a fantasy in David’s head.

“In fact, Jeff, you’re going to help me out a bit. You’ll really enjoy it. I’m going to let David think he’s stroking your cock. As soon as he touches it, or at least he thinks he’s touching it, I want you to reach out and start stroking his cock too.” The idea that I might be stroking an eighteen-year-old’s cock, even if it wasn’t for real, went against everything I was about, and I looked up at Peter for reassurance.

“Shhh, Jeff. It’s okay. Just remember that everything’s completely legit. You don’t even have to worry how old he is because this is all David’s fantasy. He can fantasize about whatever he wants; you wouldn’t dream of trying to tell him he shouldn’t.” As Peter talked about it longer, it started to make more and more sense. It wasn’t going on in my head, so I had no control over it. I was just a passive part of David’s fantasy, doing whatever he imagined I was doing.

“After I’ve finished with David’s suggestions, you’ll continue chatting with him, just like you were before. He’s a great guy and you really enjoy having him here. It’ll be very casual and comfortable to just sit there and chat with him while you stroke each other’s cocks.”

As Peter went to hypnotize David, I found myself looking forward to when he was done and I could talk with David again. Sure, he was young, but what did that matter? He was really nice, and easy to talk to. It was interesting hearing Peter’s suggestions to David. Just like Peter had talked about earlier, he suggested to David that I was actually a beautiful woman with the biggest cock he’d ever seen and that all he could think about was touching it and stroking it, maybe even sucking on it. Even though he was hypnotized, David’s eyes were open throughout all this and I could see him staring at my cock like a zombie…who thought my cock looked like brains.

Once he was sure David had accepted his suggestions, Peter also suggested that he really liked having things up his ass, that the bigger things were, the more relaxed he would feel. Apparently, Peter had already had him fantasize about things like that before, so this was just a quick reminder. Peter had David get up on his knees to give him easier access and then he woke David up.

As soon as David was awake again, he reached out and grabbed my cock, slowly stroking it to its full size. I did the same to him too, of course, feeling him stiffen up in my grasp. I watched delightedly as Peter started fingering David’s ass, or at least that’s what David imagined he was doing. If I’d thought for a moment that Peter was actually fingering his ass, I would’ve been livid, but knowing it was all just part of David’s fantasy, I had no worries at all about what we were each doing. In fact, David’s hand felt great on my cock. He really knew how to handle me.

“So, what do you do for a living, Jeff?” David asked me as he rubbed his thumb repeatedly over a good spot, leaving me gasping for a moment.

“I work as an orderly at the General,” I replied, feeling his foreskin sliding back and forth in the palm of my hand. I hadn’t had a lot of experience with uncut guys, so it was a sensation I wasn’t entirely used to.

“That m— must be interesting,” David gasped as Peter worked his way up to three fingers already. I was amused at how easy he seemed to think it was in his fantasy. Most guys didn’t open up quite so easily in reality.

I could see Peter’s cock dripping as he really got into what he was doing with David’s ass. Interrupting us for a moment, Peter gave David another suggestion, and soon, David was eagerly stroking Peter’s cock as well as mine.

“It’s not what I wanted to be doing,” I told him, “but I found when I—” David groaned again, interrupting me momentarily, as Peter moved up to a forth finger. “When I graduated,” I continued, “there just weren’t any jobs in my field.”

“Ooooh,” he whimpered as Peter really drove his fingers in, “that’s too bad.” Just as Peter had suggested to him, the more fingers that went into David’s ass, the more relaxed he got.

“The poor boy seems to be having a hard time concentrating on speaking,” Peter observed. “I think maybe we’d better put his mouth to use doing something else. Jeff, can you go get me our toy box? I’m definitely going to want a few things out of it before we’re done here.”

Releasing myself from David’s grasp and letting his cock fall out of my hand at the same time, I headed down to the bedroom and dug in the closet for the box of BDSM toys. In the minute or two that took, Peter had already started to work his thumb into David’s ass. “Ah, that’s great, Jeff. Before you go back to your chat with David, can you just open it up so I can grab what I need? I don’t want to have to take my hand out of David’s ass…it’s just so hot filling his hole like this.”

“Yeah, sure thing, Peter,” I agreed, opening up the box as requested. Before I stood back up, Peter started rubbing his free hand through my hair like he so often did, so I just stayed on my knees for a minute while he did.

“David really wants to suck your cock, Jeff. When you sit back down on the couch, I want you to help him out by sitting back and letting him enjoy himself. He’s got a great throat that really relaxes under hypnosis. You don’t need to worry about how young he is. Remember, this is all just a part of his fantasy. It’s not real, and you have no control over what he fantasizes about. Now why don’t you go sit down while I talk to him for a bit, then once he gets started, you can just relax and really get into it.”

As Peter stopped stroking my head, he pulled David back against him a bit, but with his hand up to the knuckles in David’s ass, it was kind of an awkward position. I could hear his suggestions to David quite clearly. Knowing that the whole thing was a fantasy anyway, I just sat back and relaxed as he reminded David what a beautiful woman I was and how suckable my cock looked. In any other circumstances, I’d never have cheated on Peter, not even for just a blowjob, but as Peter himself had pointed out, it wasn’t real. David was the one who was in charge here, really, since it was his fantasy. Peter and I were just doing what he wanted us to.

I was amazed at how incredible David’s mouth actually felt once he woke up and got started. As Peter got back to work on his ass, David leaned down and took about half of me inside of him. Unfortunately, like most other guys who’d ever tried, that was as far as he could get—his throat just wasn’t big enough to take me any deeper. That didn’t stop me from enjoying it, though. I just sat back and let him go to town on my cock, knowing how much he was enjoying sucking a beautiful woman’s cock in his fantasy.

We stayed in pretty much the same position for the next half hour or so, David giving me head and stroking Peter’s cock while Peter worked David’s ass up until he had his fist buried in David’s ass right to the wrist and could pull it out and put it back in with ease. I could tell it was a real power trip for him. David hardly even seemed to notice. He just focussed his entire attention on my cock, which I certainly wasn’t complaining about.

Once Peter tired of fisting David, he switched to anal balls almost the size of billiard balls, followed by a giant dildo that looked to be about a foot long and at least three inches thick. The scary thing was that there was an even larger dildo still in our toy box. I’d never even realized we had any of these things! Though, looking at them, there was…a vague sense of…familiarity. I puzzled over why that was for a moment before deciding that I must’ve seen them when Peter first bought them and then just forgotten that we had them. The dildo that had just gone up David’s ass, and of course the one still left in the box, were even larger than my cock was, so I couldn’t imagine when we would ever use them.

When I was the Top, I never used toys for the bottom’s benefit, only to warm him up. If my cock wasn’t getting attention, I wasn’t having fun, so once it fit in the guy’s hole, anything else going in there was a waste of time. Peter never needed any warming up though. He was just one of those guys who could relax his ass completely with no effort at all. Knowing he could do it, I’d gotten pretty good at it myself, though I couldn’t yet do it as easily as he could.

I supposed Peter might want to use the biggest one on me when he was in power-trip mode, but hell, even David’s ass couldn’t take that one and this was just a fantasy! I was skeptical that anyone could actually take the biggest one, but I supposed if they were available, some guys must be able to. I thought it was hilarious that David fantasized that he was taking something this big when he was still a virgin. It was strange how we were using real dildos in a fantasy, but David’s tongue distracted me from any further thought about how it all worked.

After a while, we all settled down for a breather, Peter impaling David on the largest butt plug we owned, though it was still a bit smaller than the gigantic dildo. I listened in as Peter took him down into a deeper state of trance, encouraging him to accept whatever happened, reminding him how much he enjoyed servicing both of us, playing with and sucking on our beautiful female cocks, and how great it felt having things in his mouth and up his ass.

Bringing him back out of it, Peter started pressing on David’s abdomen. As small and twinky as he was, and as big as the butt plug was, David’s abdomen was clearly firm and somewhat distended. “You like how that thing feels in there, David?” Peter asked him, massaging the whole area, then flipping his hand around to stroke David’s cock. Of course, having just been hypnotized to enjoy it, David responded enthusiastically that he did.

Not wanting me to feel jealous, Peter came over to me after that, standing beside the couch and running his hand through my hair like he did so often. I actually dozed off while he was busy.

When I woke up again, I found myself admiring David’s abdomen. It looked great the way his cock was lying against the indistinct outline of the butt plug. It was a small cock compared to either of ours, but probably average compared to most guys. I found myself leaning down to get a better look at the whole area. God it was beautiful. I found myself thinking that this kid really needed a blowjob.

I didn’t even ask him, I just grabbed his cock, opened my mouth, and took him in, right to the hilt. I could feel the firmness of his abdomen against my cheek, and loved the idea that Peter was responsible for that. It was all such a wonderful fantasy and I thought it was great that Peter was so giving of his time to help these boys imagine that they were actually doing these things.

Naturally, it didn’t take long for David to cum, the jiz landing deep in my mouth. Pulling off, I opened my mouth so we could both share and wasn’t at all surprised when David started frenching me, each of us passing the cum back and forth to the other whenever we did, occasionally showing it off to each other and Peter as well.

After we’d passed it around for a bit, we both swallowed when Peter told us that he wanted in on the cock-sucking action. David and I both took turns deep-throating him, then sometimes we’d lick up the sides of it, frenching each other around it a little, and then again more thoroughly when our tongues met at the tip. It was such a sharp contrast going from David’s young cock to Peter’s older, hairier one, but at this point, I was entirely beyond being bothered by something so trivial as the apparent age gap between them.

“Mmmm…you two have great tongues, but I think it’s probably time we move on now. After all, David’s parents are going to start wondering where he is if he stays out too late, and I’m not done with his ass just yet.” Peter came over and spoke to me for a minute, but I was just so horny, I couldn’t focus on what he was saying at all. After he was done with me, he had David stand up—a little gingerly with the giant butt plug inside him—and with a little work, Peter managed to get it out, tossing it onto a plastic sheet he’d put on the coffee table.

“It feels great getting things up your butt, doesn’t it, David?” He waited until David, not surprisingly, confirmed. My bottom side was clearly coming through tonight because I found myself agreeing. Something that big would feel great up my ass!

“You miss having something up there, don’t you?” Again, David confirmed and again I agreed as my eyes fell hungrily on the various used anal toys on the table. I really needed something inside me right this instant, so I stepped over to the toy box to see what was left. Unfortunately, in all of their play, Peter and David had used everything but the largest dildo.

From the moment I spotted it, it was my entire world. I forgot about Peter and David completely, and unabashedly grabbed the thing out of the box to lube it up. It was easily over a foot long, and about four inches across, but I needed it more than anything right now. As turned on as I was, I could already feel my ass loosening, wanting something deep inside. Once I was done lubing up the dildo, I lubed my ass up as well and was surprised to find that just from the minute or so of fantasizing about getting something big up my butt, I was already able to fit four fingers inside. Clearly, I was insanely horny!

Putting the dildo in position on the floor behind me, I knelt and set its head against my hole. I couldn’t take the whole thing right away, of course, not even as loose as I was, but I started pushing up and down on it, working the head in just a little bit deeper every time. I was amazed at how quickly it went. Finally, I groaned in pain and pleasure as I felt myself open up enough to take in the entire head of the dildo and start working my way down its incredibly long shaft.

By the time I’d worked the entire thing inside of me, Peter was fucking David vigorously. I grinned as I saw them going at it, amused by the fact that in his fantasy, David’s ass could adjust from having been so loose only a few minutes ago to tight enough to make it good for Peter now. No ass could loosen and tighten that quickly in reality, of course, although I remembered Peter mentioning once, a while ago, that some people could make their bodies do incredible things like that while they were hypnotized.

Noticing me watching them, Peter turned to look down at me. “Hey, Jeff. I see you finally managed to get the monster dildo in. Good work! What do you think of me fucking David?” he asked.

“I think it’s great!” I responded, looking back down at Peter’s seemingly middle-aged shaft penetrating David’s twinky young hole. “This boy has some really hot fantasies, and I think it’s just wonderful that you’re so willing to help him with them,” I elaborated.

“Fantasies aren’t the only thing David’s got that’s hot!” Peter leered. “His ass is amazing! Why don’t you just sit back and watch us for a bit,” he continued, running his hand through my hair, “and enjoy the feel of that dildo up your ass.”

That seemed like a great idea so, as they continued, I started bobbing up and down on the dildo, my eyes locked on Peter’s cock and David’s hole. It looked absolutely wonderful to see the two of them fucking…at least in fantasy. I was amused at the thought of how different I would’ve been reacting if they’d actually been fucking right in front of me instead of only in David’s imagination.

Around twenty minutes later, Peter started picking up speed, getting really rough with David the same way he usually did with me. David was moaning and whining for all he was worth, but he took it like a champ. It wasn’t long before it was Peter who was moaning as he rammed his cock into David’s ass one last time, right to the hilt. The two of them stood there, frozen in ecstasy for a minute or two before Peter finally withdrew.

I kept bobbing up and down on the monster dildo as Peter put David into a deep trance again, suggesting that he wash up and get dressed, ignoring any evidence that anything had happened, or was happening, other than him having a really hot fantasy while he was under hypnosis. Peter also suggested that David wouldn’t remember anything that had happened to him since he’d been put under except that this had been the best fantasy yet. Soon enough, David was wandering upstairs to the bathroom to get cleaned up.

“While he’s doing that,” Peter said, turning to look towards me, “there’s something I’d like you to do for me, Jeff. I want you to wrap those hot lips of yours around my cock.”

He knew he wasn’t going to turn my crank that way, and since this was no longer David’s fantasy, I wasn’t just doing whatever David imagined I was. Peter knew that if a guy wanted me to suck him, he had to force me to do it, not just half-heartedly boss me around. Besides, even if it hadn’t been real, I still had the image of him fucking David engraved in my mind. There was no way I’d be able to bring myself to suck his cock right now.

“You wish!” I laughed.

“Jeff,” Peter’s voice became commanding as he started running his hand through my hair, “just relax and let your bottom side take over completely. You can’t think of anything you’d rather do than suck my cock right now. You know that me fucking David was just a fantasy and that my cock is actually perfectly clean. It’s not just clean, it’s absolutely beautiful. It smells great, and it tastes fantastic! You can’t resist putting it in your mouth right now and sucking me off for as long as I want.”

Staring at it, I could feel the urge building inside me. God, he was so right! That thing looked delicious! I leaned forward, feeling the dildo shift inside me, and opened my mouth to take Peter’s cock as far down my throat as it would go. Man, I could just suck on this thing for hours!

“Hey, thanks for the fantasy, man!” David enthused as he came back downstairs, pulling his shirt back on. “That was wicked!” Just as he’d been hypnotized to, he completely ignored the fact that Peter and I were naked and having sex in the living room; he ignored all the toys that were out; and, based on his reaction, he obviously had no concerns about having been naked or how sore and used his ass must feel. Of course, since he hadn’t actually had anything inside his ass, that last was to be expected. “I swear I’m not going to need to masturbate for a week!”

Ah, the shallow promises of youth. Unless, of course, that was something else Peter had hypnotized him to do, or in this case, not do. As much as Peter enjoyed his power trips, I wouldn’t be surprised.

“It was nice seeing you again, Jeff! Later!” David waved at me.

I vocalized around Peter’s cock as though saying goodbye and waved back, but otherwise kept my full attention on Peter’s mouth-watering cock.

Peter pulled out of me after only a few more minutes, leaving me wanting, but he was good at that. Some days, like today, he could make me want to be a complete bottom-whore for him when he put his mind to it. “Hey, I’m really tired,” he said. “Clean this all up and put it away…after you’ve finished jerking off thinking about how great it was to watch me fucking that hot piece of ass that just left.”

It was phrased as an order, but being the total, submissive bottom-boy I was, I didn’t mind it a bit. It was actually kind of kinky to have me clean everything up. Closing my eyes, I envisioned Peter pumping David’s ass and I started stroking my cock to the fantasy. Between the stupendously hot image and the giant dildo pressing against my prostate, it took only seconds for me to cum, and then I had to face another loss, the monster dildo coming back out of my ass. I sighed dejectedly and started to clean everything up.

It was almost four in the morning when I woke up to take a leak. Climbing back into bed, I looked over at Peter and thought back on the evening’s events. I was really happy to have been included in his hypnosis session. Lying back down, I nuzzled into him, unintentionally waking him up as well.

“Hmmm? What’s up?” he asked sleepily.

“Oh, nothing. I was just thinking how much I love you and how great it is that you’re providing such a wonderful service to your boys, fulfilling all their fantasies. I’d really love it if we could do sessions together with some of your other boys as well,” I suggested.

“Are you trying to keep an eye on me while I’m with them?” he accused me mockingly.

“No, no, it’s not that at all. I know you’d never cheat on me,” I assured him. “Besides, they’re not even your type.”

“Well, if you’re really that interested, I’d be happy to do some future sessions with you.” He kissed me on the forehead. “In fact, why don’t I call Dylan up right now and get him over here.”

“Now? It’s four in the morning. Why would he come over now?” I asked, puzzled at the suggestion.

Scratching my head, Peter suggested that I listen in and enjoy what I heard, so I laid back down while he called Dylan. He put it on speaker for me. It took quite a while for Dylan to answer, presumably because he’d been asleep.

“Hello?” he muttered. “Who the hell is this and why the fuck are you calling me at four in the morning?”

“Hi Dylan, it’s Peter. You’re part of my web of trust, so why don’t you just lie back and listen to my voice.” It was clear from Peter’s inflection that “web of trust” was some kind of trigger word for Dylan.

“Are you at home right now, Dylan?” Peter asked.

“Yes,” came the distant reply.

“Can you sneak out without your roommates hearing you?”


“Okay, listen very carefully, Dylan. There’s something you need to do. You need another hypnosis session, and you need it right away. There’s nothing more important to you. You can feel that need filling you up, taking over. You have to come see me as soon as you can.” I could hear mild moaning and I thought maybe a little squirming.

“It’s so urgent that you come see me that you’ll put this entire phone call out of your mind. It’ll fade away like a dream. All you can focus on right now is sneaking out of the house and coming over here right away. Do you understand, Dylan?” Peter asked, his voice once again taking that rhetorical tone.


“Good. Hang up and get your ass over here, then.” There was a click on the line, and Peter hung up on his end as well.

“Nice!” I told him once he was off the phone. “You just hypnotized him to come over here, didn’t you?” I asked, not that there was much doubt.

“It’s not full hypnosis,” Peter clarified, “at least not for most people. I’m still figuring out how to maximize the effect. I’ve been using it on one guy for years, and I think using it for that long has made him more pliable than most. In my other clients, though, it’s more like a waking hypnosis that I can trigger whenever I want to—a way of opening them up to my suggestions without having to put them all the way under. If Dylan had been fully hypnotized, I could have done a lot more with him and I could’ve made him completely forget having been hypnotized rather than just putting it out of his mind. It wasn’t necessary to do that just to get him to come over, though. He’s been hypnotized previously to come over at the slightest excuse and with me hyping it up like that, I expect he’ll be really juiced by the time he gets here.”

“Man, that’s wicked!” I enthused. Some days, I could really understand why Peter loved this hypnosis stuff so much. “Since we’re on the topic, there was one other thing I wanted to ask. How is it that I can see these guys’ fantasies? I don’t understand that part.”

Rubbing my head, Peter started to explain. “Don’t worry about it, Jeff. It’s just technical hypnosis stuff that you’re not interested in. It’s easier if you just accept whatever’s going on without questioning it.”

“You know what, actually?” I interrupted him, feeling so relaxed as he continued rubbing my head. “Forget I asked. The explanation would just bore me to tears anyway. It’s probably easier if I just go with it.”

“That’s right, Jeff. I’m glad you see it that way. Always remember, any time I have a boy over, no matter who it is or what we’re doing, it’s all part of their fantasy. You love helping me out with their fantasies, doing whatever I need you to do…whatever I tell you to do. In fact, I think you’re starting to realize that you always love doing whatever I tell you to do.”

“Yeah, you’re right. Whatever you tell me to do, it’s all good.”

“That’s great, Jeff! I’m really glad you see it that way. Now, while we’re waiting for another hot young boy to show up for me to hypnotize and fuck, why don’t you get that hot mouth of yours down onto my cock again and blow me!” Peter suggested.

I was so turned on by the way he bossed me around that I went down on him without a second thought. All I could think of was that Dylan needed to hurry up and get here so that I could watch Peter fantasy-fuck him. Dylan’s fantasy would really play into this well, too. From what Peter had told me, he got off on the idea of thinking he was in charge, when in reality, he was being controlled, himself. I wasn’t sure exactly what Peter had in mind, but in my mind, I imagined Dylan telling me what to do, maybe even fantasizing that he’d hypnotized me, while in reality, Peter did whatever he wanted to both of us. I couldn’t wait!

For the first time, I found myself agreeing with Peter’s adage: at least for me, he really was the perfect boyfriend and the best hypnotist in the world!