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Web of Trust — Chapter 10

Note: this chapter contains incest between an adoptive father and his son. If this bothers you, stop reading now.


Standing at the urinal, I was just starting to take a piss when I heard someone else coming into the bathroom. Fuck! I knew I should’ve just gone in the stall like I normally did, though that had its own set of problems. Trying not to interrupt the flow, I inched closer to the ceramic, now all but standing inside of the thing. I looked stupid and I knew it, but I couldn’t help myself. Ever since puberty, I’d been embarrassed about my junk. I didn’t want anyone to see it, and the fact that guys always looked at it when I was at a urinal didn’t help. Sometimes, it was purely out of shock at my size, but other times, it was some fag hoping for something more than just sneaking a peek. Either way, I was fucking sick of it!

Apart from not wanting guys to see it, I wasn’t pee-shy, thankfully, so I studiously ignored the other presence in the room and finished my business, carefully tucking everything back in while exposing myself as little as possible. It was only once I’d zipped back up and turned around that I noticed that the other guy was my trustee, Carl Givens. At least it wasn’t some fag. Thankfully, Givens did his best to respect my odd behavior. Apart from a brief head nod and saying my name, he said nothing, ignoring me almost completely while we washed our hands.

I didn’t know him all that well, since we’d only met one another a handful of times. Even my parents hadn’t known him—the trust had been transferred to him after the original trustee began to develop Alzheimer’s and felt he could no longer manage it. My parents had specified in the trust that, apart from basic living expenses, medical care, and education, I would get nothing until the trustee felt that I was suitably mature, or on my thirtieth birthday, whichever came first. That meant that I needed to prove to Givens that I was ready to handle my money if I wanted it anytime soon.

While I’d met with him a couple of times before then, starting just before my eighteenth birthday Givens had decided that we would meet once a year to go over what I’d been doing with my life and determine if I could manage my own money yet. He never gave me his decision at our meetings, instead taking time to review my activities and my bank account to be sure he was coming to the right decision. Each year, on my birthday, he would inform me of what he’d decided.

Naturally, at eighteen, I’d assumed I would get the money right away and that the requirement for the trustee to approve of how I spent my time and money was just a formality. Givens had quickly disabused me of that notion, however, listing numerous reasons why I wasn’t yet ready to inherit the trust. While I’d been pissed at first, I’d realized pretty quickly that he was right and that, left to my own devices, I would very likely have blown through my inheritance, no doubt spending it on frivolous and expensive things. I’d even developed a grudging respect towards him for being firm about it, essentially protecting me from myself as he’d protected me from some of my gold-digging foster parents over the years.

It was another fifteen minutes or so after we left the restroom before I was invited into his office. I supposed he was probably a nice enough guy in reality, but during our meetings, he was all business. I flushed a little bit when I saw him again, remembering the restroom incident, but with his no-nonsense attitude, he completely ignored my embarrassment, instead getting straight into the interview.

I was a few weeks shy of twenty, and I was determined that this would be the year I’d get my money. I had a job now, which I hadn’t last year; I was living on my own in just about the smallest bachelor apartment imaginable, learning to pay rent and bills and all that; but maybe more important than either of those, I realized just how unprepared I’d been when I was younger to manage the kind of money that was in my trust. As we got into the interview, though, I got the distinct impression that despite my improvements over the last year, Givens still didn’t approve of how I spent what little money I had. Occasionally, I’d take a girl out for dinner or drinks, but mostly, I spent my free time partying at various clubs. I wasn’t stupid enough to tell him that straight out, of course, but Givens probed and dug at everything I said, eventually making me admit to things I hadn’t intended to tell him. He was very overbearing, often making me feel like a kid who’d been caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

We ended late, and my stomach was rumbling for dinner by the time I left Givens’ office and headed towards the elevator bay. To my surprise, just as the elevator doors were about to finish closing, a briefcase appeared between them, forcing them open again, and Givens joined me in the elevator. He must have closed up his office in a hurry.

“I don’t know if this is appropriate for me to say or not”, he startled me when he broke the silence as the elevator started going down, “but if you’re interested, I know someone who can help”, he told me, holding out a business card. Offering help? That was unexpected!

At first, I thought he was referring to how our interview had gone, but his strict avoidance of my eyes and his general awkwardness made me realize that he was probably referring to what had happened earlier. My face went bright scarlet once again as I haltingly took the card, but he’d already turned to face the front of the elevator again. As much of a douche as he could be, I was grateful for his tact.

Dr. Peter Rhodes, Trauma Counsellor, the card read in large letters; then, in smaller print below that, it listed numerous specific benefits he offered, as well as a phone number. I stuffed it in my pocket and followed Givens’ example, facing the front of the elevator and pretending he hadn’t said anything. That didn’t stop me thinking about it, though. In fact, I thought about it all the way back to my cubicle of an apartment. I wished I could afford something bigger, but the only way to do that was to share a place with roommates, which I wasn’t about to do—if I’d learned anything from a lifetime in the foster system, it was that people couldn’t be trusted.

I was still mulling everything over when I got home, but once I’d finished eating, I decided to give the guy a call. I wasn’t sure I wanted to talk to anyone about my problem, but for all that Givens could be an uptight dick, he was very professional. If he thought this guy could help with my problem, then he probably could. Besides, at this point, I’d do just about anything to avoid incidents like what had happened with Givens earlier.

“Hello?”, a voice answered after I’d punched the number into my phone. The guy who’d answered sounded like he was about my age—the receptionist, I assumed.

“Uh…hello”, I replied, expecting a more formal greeting or, given what time it was, voicemail. “I’m looking for a Dr. Peter Rhodes.”

“Oh yeah, hold on. Peter!”, I heard the voice call out, though he was obviously covering the phone with his hand. I could hear words being exchanged after a few seconds, but they were too muffled to make out. After they were finished speaking, a different voice came on the phone.

“Hello, this is Peter Rhodes”, the voice stated formally.

“Hi, Dr. Rhodes, my name’s Cameron. I’m sorry, did I catch you at home? I assumed this was a business number.”

“Oh, sorry for the confusion, Cameron. This is indeed my home number, but that’s fine—I’m guessing a friend of mine gave you my card?”, he prompted.

“Uh…I guess so. Carl Givens? Works for a law firm downtown with way too many names? He didn’t really say he was a friend, but he did give me your card”, I told him, waiting to see if Rhodes recognized his name.

“Ah, Carl, yes! I’m a friend of the entire family—that’s undoubtedly why he gave you my home number instead of my business number. What can I do for you?”, he asked.

“Well, it’s kind of difficult to talk about, and I’d really rather not get into it over the phone, you know? Can I come see you at your office or whatever?”, I asked.

“Well, we can certainly book an appointment at my office if you’d like, but from your hesitation, I gather this is an issue where you might prefer a more casual, private environment? I offer appointments out of my home as well, if that works better for you. There would be nobody around but the two of us”, he offered.

“Uh, yeah, actually—if that’s an option, I’d much rather do that”, I agreed.

“Okay, well, I’ll be working from home on Friday. Why don’t you swing by then? Does ten in the morning work for you?”

After we’d agreed on the time and he’d given me his address, I hung up. Rhodes sounded a bit stuffy to me—I wasn’t at all sure he was someone I’d even be able to talk with about my problem. It was a very private thing, after all, and I just didn’t see myself talking to someone like him about something so crude as being embarrassed about other guys seeing my dick. I began to wonder why Givens had even given me his number. Nevertheless, the appointment was made, and I wasn’t about to make myself look foolish by calling Rhodes back to break it. I supposed I could always skip out on it, but I knew I’d hate myself if I did that.

A few days later, I made my way over to Rhodes’ house. It seemed nice enough from the outside, and well maintained. If anything, it was a bit too well maintained, suggesting that he really was as stuffy as he’d sounded on the phone.

After I rang the doorbell, though, I was greeted by a friendly looking guy, probably somewhere in his forties, with light brown hair peppered with grey, dressed in semi-casual pants and a t-shirt-and-overshirt combo. It was an outfit designed to make him appear approachable, and it worked well enough. I, in contrast, was wearing baggy, loose-fit jeans and an over-sized printed t-shirt under my jacket. I felt a little underdressed at first, but Rhodes took no notice whatsoever and greeted me warmly, shaking my hand as I entered.

His house was spacious for its outward size and brightly lit. Leading me through a comfortable-looking living room after he’d taken my coat, he motioned me to sit at a small table just off the kitchen. Although less comfortable than the living room would have been, the kitchen had a slightly more formal feel to it. There was no doubt in my mind that this guy understood human behavior—virtually everything I’d seen so far had been designed to set someone at ease while still keeping things on a professional level.

“So, how can I help you?”, he asked as we both took our seats.

I blushed as I realized that I was at the point I’d been dreading. It was hard for me to talk about my problem at all, much less go into detail about it. I stammered, then had a few false starts along with some complaints that it was hard for me to talk about, when Rhodes came to my rescue.

“I can see this is something you’re having difficulty with, so let me assure you that there’s nothing to worry about. As a trauma counsellor, I’m exposed to a wide variety of issues every day. Whatever your concerns are, I promise they’ll be treated professionally. While you may be here in my home, I’m still bound by the regulations that govern my profession, and everything you say will be kept in strictest confidence.

“Now, having said all that, if you still find that you’re having difficulty, I’d like to suggest an alternative approach to whatever it is you’re trying to get out. As you may have read on my business card, hypnosis is one of the services I offer, and even a very light trance may help you relax and make it easier for you to share”, he suggested.

I quirked an eye at the unexpected approach. Almost anything would be better than the awkwardness I felt now, though. “Sure, that works. I’ve never been hypnotized before; I’m willing to give it a shot”, I told him easily, relieved at not having to talk about my bathroom difficulties for the moment.

“Okay, well, make sure you’re comfortable and then start by closing your eyes”, he told me.

“Wait, I thought hypnosis was all like ‘you are getting sleepy’ and stuff. Isn’t closing my eyes supposed to come later?”, I asked, knowing full well that I was diverting the conversation just to delay talking about my problem.

Rhodes laughed. “There are many different techniques, the whole ‘you are getting sleepy’ bit among them. While it’s often better to go with what a patient expects, your tone tells me that you don’t hold that particular style in high regard, so why don’t we try something a bit less showy and more therapeutic?”, he suggested, his eyes sparkling in amusement.

I had to admit, he was right. I wasn’t one of those hypnosis skeptics who thought there was no such thing; I just figured it was more like some kind of meditation or something than what I’d seen online. It turned out I was in the right general ballpark on that one.

After Rhodes had gotten me to close my eyes and talked me through everything else he wanted me to do, he started encouraging me to trust him, to feel that I could open up to him, and to stay perfectly calm and at ease no matter what we talked about. I felt somewhat zoned out, of course, but it was nowhere near the zombie-like state that some people presented it as. I was just relaxed and really, really focused on his voice.

Moving on, he started talking about how I would enjoy spending time with him and could think of him as a friend. I hadn’t had many friends in my life so, at first, I rejected the suggestion, opening my eyes in confusion. Rhodes had a serious but reassuring look on his face as he encouraged me to close my eyes again and let myself relax. Even as confused as I was, it was hard to resist his suggestion and my eyes closed again after a few seconds.

I found myself thinking back to one of my rare childhood friends—someone I hadn’t seen since I was about seven. In an odd way, Rhodes—Peter, as I was starting to think of him—reminded me of my friend. I liked being around him and, like my friend, he was one of the very few people in my life that I felt able to trust. As such, I knew I didn’t need to worry too much about what he’d actually been saying, and that when I woke up, I’d remember only having been in a very light, enjoyable trance that had encouraged me to open up to him. It had been a really great experience, though, and I thought it would be a lot of fun to get hypnotized by Peter again.

I blinked my eyes a couple of times as Peter brought me out of my trance. Given that I’d felt almost fully awake the whole time, I didn’t think Peter’s suggestions had worked, but when he asked me to tell him why I was here, I was surprised to find myself answering with no hesitation whatsoever.

“I get embarrassed when I’m at a urinal if I think other guys might be looking at me”, I told him straight out, feeling perfectly at ease talking to him about my problem. “I’m totally paranoid about them doing that, so I step closer to the urinal to hide my penis…but then I look like some stupid, insecure teenager or something, which makes me feel even more embarrassed. Usually, I go in the stall if I think anyone’ll walk in, but urinals are so much easier and faster, so I sometimes use them if I don’t think anyone’s gonna come in.” Now that we’d broken the ice, it actually got easier to talk to him about it as I went.

“And why do you feel so embarrassed about it?”, Peter asked.

“Well, you know how people say there are growers and there are showers? And usually growers aren’t showers, showers aren’t growers, and some guys are just cursed to be neither? Well, I’m cursed with being both”, I told him easily.

“Everyone stares at me everywhere I go—even other straight guys. Their eyes are just drawn to my crotch instinctively because it’s so obviously large. Gay and bisexual guys are even worse, ogling me and undressing me with their eyes. It makes me feel like a piece of meat! I wear baggy clothes or push it down and to the back as much as possible to hide it, but even then, sometimes people can see it.”

“I’d noticed the baggy clothes”, Peter smiled encouragingly, “but hadn’t realized what they were for. Please, continue.”

“Well”, I hesitated for just a moment before reminding myself that Peter was a friend and someone I could really open up with, “it gets worse when I take it out at a urinal. Almost everyone who gets even a glimpse of it, no matter who they are, will stare at it in surprise. It’s especially bad if it’s been a while since I last took a piss or if I’ve been sitting on a bus or something, and it’s starting to fluff up a bit.” Yet again, the information flowed out of my mouth with absolutely no restraint. “Some fags even try to approach me or hit on me, just cuz I’m taking a piss.”

“Fags?”, Peter queried.

“Sorry. It’s nothing against them, really. It’s just…I get so pissed off about them always looking at me that I can’t help calling them names”, I explained.

“I understand”, Peter reassured me. “Is that everything?”, he asked when I didn’t continue.

“Well, for that topic, yeah. Do you think you can help me?”, I begged.

“I think I can do something to help out, yeah. You said ‘for that topic’, though. Is there something else you’d like to talk about?”, Peter prompted me.

“Well, yes and no. I’m not really sure if this is something you even can help with, or if Givens actually meant for me to talk to you about it, so I didn’t bring it up at first, but I feel like maybe you’re someone who’d understand, at least…probably one of the few people I’d even be willing to talk to about it.” I was rambling a bit and I knew it, but it felt so good to finally be able to get all these things off my chest. “It’s just…most people, when they hear I have money, all they can think about is how they can get their hands on it”, I groused, “but I can’t even get my hands on it right now, much less anybody else!”

I proceeded to tell him about my meeting with Givens on Tuesday, and how I wasn’t allowed to touch my money until I could prove I was responsible enough—not an easy thing to do. Hell, I didn’t even know exactly how much I was worth right now. It’s not like Givens was hiding anything—I knew he could be trusted, since I at least had access to view my investment transactions—but after the first few years, I’d stopped caring, since it didn’t affect my life in any meaningful way until I got access to it. I still checked once in a blue moon, just to make sure Givens was on the level, but there had never been anything even remotely suspicious in my transaction history.

“Okay then, Cameron, I think I have a pretty good idea of where you’re at right now, and I can definitely help you with both of those issues. Unfortunately, we’ll have to call it quits for now, as I have another client arriving in a few minutes”, Peter informed me. Looking at my watch, I was somewhat surprised to see that it was almost eleven. It seemed like we’d only been talking for ten or fifteen minutes in total.

“You’re welcome to stick around, though, if you’d like. We could have lunch and talk some more after my next client leaves, and then maybe I could even hypnotize you again and get to work on helping you with your issues”, Peter offered.

I hesitated for a moment, thinking it was a rather strange idea, but I kind of wanted to get to know Peter better—he seemed like a really nice guy—and I really wanted to experience what it felt like to be hypnotized by him again so, in the end, I agreed.

“That’s great, Cameron. The only thing I ask is that you give the two of us our privacy. I’m sure you can understand—client confidentiality and all that”, Peter requested.

“Yeah, yeah, of course, Peter. Uh…where should I go, though? It’s not like this floor offers a whole lot in the way of privacy”, I said, looking around. There were a few rooms at the end of a short hall that I couldn’t see from here, but one door obviously led to the garage, and I could just see a sink in one of the others. I wasn’t about to hide out in the bathroom for however long.

“Why don’t you head upstairs to Timmy’s room. He’s got a bunch of video games up there—I’m sure you can find something to amuse yourself for an hour or so. It’s just upst—”, he started to say, walking us back to the staircase, when the doorbell rang. Peter stopped and answered the door, leaving me standing there wondering whether I was supposed to head upstairs right away or what.

“Walter! Come on in”, Peter greeted his guest brightly. “Walter, this is Cameron; Cameron, Walter.” Peter’s next client looked to be in his sixties and was clearly a man of means. The type of suit he was wearing was something I usually only saw at Givens’ law firm, and even then, only on guys like Givens and the other senior people. We shook hands as Peter continued. “Don’t worry, Walter, Cameron was just heading upstairs.”

Peter turned to me and gave me directions to Timmy’s room and I scampered off. It was tempting to spy on them to see what they were talking about, but as he had with me, Peter took Walter into the kitchen and even with the door cracked, I couldn’t hear anything more than the occasional murmur of voices, so I gave up on that idea and closed the door.

Looking around the room, I easily found the monitor and the two gaming consoles attached to it…as well as a bottle of lube, a very large dildo, and a few other items that I thought were some kind of BDSM equipment. I avoided looking too closely at those. Whoever this guy was, he was kinky as shit, and probably gay too, if the dildo was anything to go by.

Ignoring the stuff I half-wished I hadn’t seen, I flipped on one of the consoles, waited for a sec to make sure that that was the one on the monitor, then picked out a plain and simple shoot ’em up game. When I heard Walter leave about an hour later, I shut everything off again and headed back downstairs.

“Did you have fun?”, Peter asked, folding up a check and putting it in his wallet.

“Yeeeeah”, I said hesitantly. “That Timmy sure is one perverted dude, though”, I continued, eyeing Peter to see how he’d react.

“That he is”, Peter laughed, “but we’re all used to it. Sorry, I didn’t even think of it or I would’ve warned you.”

“Uh…on a different note, I’m grateful for this morning’s session and the invitation to continue this afternoon, but I’m a little surprised you haven’t asked for any kind of payment yet. Like I said earlier, I don’t really have access to a lot of money beyond basic needs.” It seemed an appropriate time to mention it, seeing as how Walter had obviously paid him as soon as they were done.

“Oh, don’t worry about that, Cameron. If Carl sent you, that’s all I really need to know. He’s referred any number of clients to me since I’ve known him, many of whom, like Walter, are older, affluent people who don’t really even need my services, but who pay handsomely just to have me hypnotize them. Carl does it himself, most of the time, but sometimes, there’s someone like you who has a genuine therapeutic need. Even when that’s not the case, I like to keep tabs on the people he hypnotizes to ensure he’s doing it right. After all, he’s only an amateur hypnotist, whereas for me, it’s part of my job. At this point, I undoubtedly owe him one for all the business he’s sent my way.”

Something seemed slightly off with what he’d said about Walter, but it was lost in my surprise at what else he’d said. “Givens can hypnotize people?”, I exclaimed. In a way, though, I could sort of see it—he was about as fascinating as a doorknob, and probably put people to sleep easily.

“It’s not hard to learn the basics, though it can take quite some time to truly master”, Peter replied. “I myself have been practicing it for over twenty years now, but it’s only recently that I feel I’ve truly started to master it.”

I felt bad that I wasn’t paying Peter for his services, but at the same time, I was relieved that he didn’t want me to. Givens might have been convinced to shell out money for it as a medical necessity, but that seemed a bit iffy considering that it was just to help me with a bit of a hang-up. Besides, if Peter managed to help me convince Givens I was ready, it wouldn’t matter if Givens approved of my spending or not.

Wandering into the kitchen area, I took a seat at the same table the two of us had used earlier. Peter didn’t get started on making lunch right away, but instead sat down beside me and swiped his hand slowly down my face, while his voice encouraged me to relax. I knew what he was doing, and was somewhat surprised at the way he’d just jumped into it, but the whole time I’d been upstairs, I’d been imagining how it would feel to have Peter hypnotize me again, so I let it happen.

It went faster this time, and I felt like I was probably going a bit deeper, but it was very pleasant. Peter reminded me of how much I trusted him and felt comfortable with him. As he spoke, I remembered how I’d felt earlier—that I could be open with him about anything—and that feeling was stronger than ever now. There was nothing I couldn’t talk to him about, really.

At one point, he asked me how I was doing, and I was distantly aware of telling him that there were a couple of things that had seemed a bit odd—like him hypnotizing wealthy clients who didn’t really need it—but as we talked about them, I began to feel more at ease. I reminded myself how good I felt about him, how close we were, and I knew that even though we’d just met that morning, he was just kind of a quirky guy who sometimes said or did unusual things, but I liked him despite all that. In fact, I thought I might even come to like that about him. Yes, yes, it was definitely something I was starting to feel good about. He was the best friend I’d ever had, I realized—not surprising considering how much of a people person he was and how few friends I’d ever had.

Much like the last time, I knew that it would be easy to forget the specifics of what we’d spoken about while I was under, remembering only how much I’d enjoyed being hypnotized and how I really wanted to be put under again. I liked how Peter had just gone ahead and hypnotized me without even asking, and thought I might enjoy it if he did that again in the future.

“So, how did you enjoy that session, Cameron?”, Peter asked me as soon as I was out of my trance.

“I’m disappointed that it’s over so soon”, I half-complained. “That was awesome! You should go longer next time, though, or something. I mean, it seemed like I was only under for a few seconds.”

“Next time?”, Peter asked with a crooked smile.

“Well, yeah! I assume you’re going to put me under again at some point. I loved the way you just sprung it on me. You should do that again!”, I urged him with child-like excitement.

“Okay, I can do that. I certainly do like hypnotizing young guys like you, so I’d be happy to put you under again later”, he agreed.

I loved his quirkiness. I mean, how many guys would just say straight out that they loved hypnotizing young guys? For that matter, why “young guys”, specifically? I smiled back at him, somewhat lopsidedly…he was weird, sure, but it was a good kind of weird.

Over lunch, the two of us talked about all kinds of things. Much of the discussion centered on my background, to give Peter a better idea of who I was and where I was coming from, but we talked about him a bit too…how he got into trauma counselling, his love of hypnosis, both for business and for fun, and more general discussion about the various people who lived with him.

I was surprised to learn that he was gay—I wouldn’t have pegged him for that at all—but it didn’t bother me with him. The only real problem I had with gay guys was how brazenly most of them stared at my crotch when I hadn’t managed to hide it enough, but he wasn’t like that. I was pretty sure I’d noticed him looking at me once or twice when he’d had the chance, but he’d been very polite and circumspect about it, so much so that it hadn’t even registered consciously until I thought about it. Even now, when I thought back to him maybe having looked, I didn’t really mind.

“Now, Cameron”, Peter said after we’d cleared away the lunch dishes, “as much fun as it was hypnotizing you before lunch, this afternoon, I’ll be using it for more something a bit more therapeutic, and before I begin, there are a few things you need to be aware of.

“The first is that the changes you’re looking for won’t happen overnight. Hypnosis isn’t the miracle cure that pop culture makes it out to be—it can only work if you want it to work, and even then, the changes will take time. Assuming you’re willing, I expect you’ll be coming here regularly for several weeks at least.”

I nodded. He’d been very forthcoming about the differences between pop culture hypnosis and real hypnosis over lunch, so I wasn’t surprised by what he was saying at all. “That’s fine, but I’m kind of hoping to convince Givens to give me my money this year, and he makes his decision on my birthday, which is in three weeks, so I’d really appreciate it if we could focus on that first”, I suggested.

“We can do that”, Peter affirmed, “and I’ll talk to Carl and see if I can maybe convince him to hold off on that decision until I’ve had a chance to work with you a bit more. On a separate note, I’ve noticed several times now that you tend to refer to people by their last name. You did it with me once while you were under, and a couple of times with Carl as well.”

“Yeah, sorry, it’s a habit I picked up years ago when I was with a particularly nasty pair of foster parents.”

“That doesn’t surprise me. It’s a way of distancing yourself from the people around you and, given your background, it’s very probably a protective measure. People hurt you and, having no way out, you subconsciously isolated yourself from them in whatever ways you could. I take it as a compliment that you feel comfortable enough with me that you started using my first name almost immediately”, Peter told me.

I just looked at him for several seconds, not quite sure how to respond. I’d been using people’s last names for so long, it was habit now, but somewhere deep down, I knew Peter was right. I’d known him for only a couple of hours, and already he knew more about what drove me than anyone else ever had. The guy knew his stuff, I had to admit, but it freaked me out a little bit that he could see so much so quickly.

“Sorry”, he said after a few seconds, “that was probably a bit much, wasn’t it?” Yes, he was definitely able to read me like a book. “Listen, I’m not trying to alarm you or anything”, he said soothingly, “I only meant it as a suggestion of something else we might work on, if you’re interested. Trust won’t come easily to you with your background, but it can come. Maybe only a little, at first, or perhaps only for certain people, but I think that has to be a first step in helping you convince Carl that you’re ready.”

I swallowed hard, feeling my eyes water just a bit, despite feeling a bit wary about how easily he’d read me. I’d never had someone who understood me as well as Peter did, and as much as his perception almost frightened me, I felt closer to him than ever.

It was strange how emotional I was right now—not like me at all. But the way I felt towards Peter was making me feel vulnerable in ways I hadn’t let myself feel since I was a kid. For the first time, I was beginning to get in touch with the pain I’d pushed down for most of my life, and I knew that Peter was going to help me through it. Peter waited patiently, watching me process what I was feeling, his eyes showing nothing but compassion.

“Yeah…okay then”, I said slowly, swallowing once again. “Didn’t you say you were going to use hypnosis to help me with my problems?”, I suggested, hoping to give myself a break from what I was feeling right now.

Peter just laughed, putting a reassuring hand on my arm. “Indeed, I did. Don’t think I didn’t notice your diversion, but if that’s what you need right now, it’s usually not hard to convince me to hypnotize someone”, he smiled.

He came over to me, caressing my cheek affectionately. I felt a moment of distaste when I remembered that he was gay, but looking up at him, I couldn’t believe he meant it that way at all. His touch was comforting, and even though it was an odd thing for a therapist to do, that was just who he was. I realized after a moment that he’d slowly worked his hand up the side of my cheek and onto my forehead, and just as he brought his hand down and I closed my eyes, I thought I saw an outline of something in his pants. As disturbing as it was, I was so focused on what he was about to do that I dismissed it as just one more of his amusing quirks and let myself drift into a trance at his direction.

It wasn’t long before I was bathed in a feeling of warmth and affection towards Peter. His voice was so pleasant to listen to, and I relaxed more and more with each word. I knew I could trust him to help me through everything that had happened to me. He wasn’t just a friend, he was more like a father to me…the father I’d always wanted, but never actually had. He was easily the most important man in my life.

As I went down further, I found myself wanting to do things for him. He’d given me so much already, and I just wanted to give something back. The most obvious thing was that I wanted to be able to return to this wonderful level of trance any time he wanted me to. He would be hypnotizing me repeatedly, after all, as part of my treatment, so it only made sense that he should be able to do that. It would be so easy and enjoyable for me to go under for him at a moment’s notice.

The more I thought about it, the more I felt that whenever he told me it was time for another session, I’d be able to return to how I felt now, quickly and easily, ready to listen to anything he told me. Even when I was awake, I knew I’d find it easy to follow his suggestions, especially if he told me that I was part of his web of trust. Yes, I was definitely in his web of trust, and I couldn’t wait for it to be time for another session—those were words I wanted to remember, even if only deep, deep down where I wasn’t really conscious of them at all.

More than anything else, I loved how easy it was to forget what had been said or what had happened while I was under and to just go with it. I didn’t even care why or how often Peter put me under at this point, it was just something he would do from time to time and I felt like it would be very easy to move on, almost as if nothing had happened at all. Even now, as I started to wake up once again, I could feel the memories fading, my subconscious remembering Peter’s suggestions and following them easily, but my conscious mind completely unaware of what he’d said.

Soon enough, I opened my eyes to see Peter looking at me inquisitively. “So, how are you feeling, Cameron?”, he asked.

“Uh…fine, I guess. Why do you ask?”

“Because I just hypnotized you again and I need to make sure you’re doing okay”, he clarified.

“Oh, yeah, I guess you did, didn’t you? I hardly even noticed!”, I laughed.

“Listen, do you mind if I ask you some questions?”, Peter asked, leaning in towards me companionably. “I just need to be sure that the treatment is taking hold.”

“Sure thing, Peter. Shoot!”

“How many times have I hypnotized you so far today?”, he asked first.

“I dunno. Twice, I think. There was the one time this morning, then again at lunch”, I told him.

“And once just now”, he added.

“Oh right. I keep forgetting that one. I barely even noticed”, I smiled, somewhat puzzled by the fact that he’d reminded me twice now, and I still felt like that last one hadn’t even counted.

“Very good, Cameron. You’ll find as things progress that you remember less and less. Soon, you’ll probably stop even realizing that I’ve hypnotized you at all. How does that make you feel?”, Peter enquired.

“Oh, man, that’d be sick!”, I told him. “Errr…sick like awesome, I mean”, I clarified. Guys his age didn’t always understand the word that way, and I didn’t want there to be any mistakes. I really liked being hypnotized, but it seemed natural, even desirable, that I wouldn’t actually be aware of it when it happened.

“I’m glad to hear you feel that way, Cameron!”, Peter grinned. “Now, switching topics a bit, we talked about how your trust fund was locked away right now and you have no access to it. I’m just curious, how much are you worth, exactly?”

“I dunno. It was about sixteen mil last time I got an update from Givens, but that was almost a year ago, I think. It’s kind of useless to know unless I can actually spend it, you know?” I usually got really wary when someone started asking about my money. Other than Givens—Carl, I forced myself to think of him, since I knew Peter wanted me to—pretty much everyone who ever asked wanted to get their hands on it in one way or another.

“That’s okay, Cameron. I can always ask Carl.”

“Oh, no, he won’t give you that information, it’s confidential. I can check with him, though, and give you an update if you want”, I offered.

“There’s no need, Cameron. I’ve hypnotized Carl numerous times; I’ll just hypnotize him again, and he’ll be happy to tell me what I want to know”, Peter said matter-of-factly.

“Seriously? You can actually make him break the law just through hypnosis? Wow!” It didn’t really surprise me that Peter had hypnotized Carl—I remembered him telling me over lunch that he’d hypnotized most of the guys he knew at one point or another—but it kind of blew me away just how much control he actually had, at least over the guys he’d hypnotized often.

“Within reason. I couldn’t make him kill someone or anything like that, but making him think I have the right to information I actually shouldn’t? That’s easy. You wanna see?”, Peter offered.

“What, you mean right now?”, I asked incredulously.

“Might as well. ‘There’s no time like the present’, as they say.” Peter’s phone was sitting on the divider between the kitchen and the table we were sitting at, so he wheeled over and grabbed it, dialing even as he wheeled back.

“Hey, Carl, you busy for the next few minutes?”, Peter asked. “Are you alone in your office right now?” He paused. “Great. Listen, Carl, you’re part of my web of trust and I need you to do something for me.” There was just the briefest pause before Peter continued. His wording tugged at the edges of my memory and, for just a moment, I felt a bit of a head-rush, but then it was gone again as I remembered he was speaking with Carl. Clearly, that had been some kind of post-hypnotic suggestion for him.

“You remember that guy you gave my card to the other day? Cameron?”, Peter prompted. “Yeah, I need you to look up exactly how much his trust is worth right now.” There was a slight pause, and I could hear Carl starting to explain something, presumably that he couldn’t give out that kind of information. “Oh, it’s okay, Carl, it’s just me. There’s no reason you can’t tell me—absolutely none. You know you can tell me anything, even confidential information, because you trust me more than anyone else in the world.

“Yeah, sure, I’ll wait”, Peter smiled after another brief pause. As much as it had taken me by surprise at first, now that I was used to the idea, I added Peter’s control over guys like Carl to the list of quirks that I loved about him. In that light, it was nothing all that notable, and I quickly got used to it being part of who he was. “Great, thanks, Carl! Oh, one last thing, Carl. Once we hang up, I want you to go back to whatever you were doing before I called and don’t give this call another thought. It’s really no more memorable than if you’d sneezed. I’m sure minutes from now, you’ll barely even remember having answered the phone at all! Oh and why don’t you stop by tonight after work; I’m sure Timmy would love to see you again.” I could hear Carl’s voice just a little. He seemed to be really excited by that idea. “Okay, see you in a couple of hours. Goodbye for now.”

“You’re worth eighteen point six mil and change right now”, Peter told me.

“Really? That much? I guess it’s been a good year!”, I grinned. “I’m surprised that Carl was so easily manipulated, though. Does he realize how much control you have over him?”

“Oh, it’s not hard to manipulate him at all—he was more than eager to have me do it. See, he gets hard anytime I hypnotize him, even though he doesn’t realize that it happened. Consciously, he’ll barely remember that I called at all. Subconsciously, though, he’ll know he was hypnotized and be really turned on by it. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s sporting a boner for the next half hour or more without even realizing why.”

“Whoa! That’s…I just don’t even know how to react to that.” I wasn’t really bothered by the idea, but it was kind of stunning to see just how much hypnosis could do over time. Equally stunning was the idea of Carl with a hard-on—I just couldn’t picture a cold fish like him getting hard at all.

“I can do quite a bit more with him than that”, Peter assured me, warmly. I couldn’t believe how close to him I felt right now. “Let’s just say that when he shows up tonight, giving him a hard-on will be the least of what I do to him. He and I are going to have a lot of fun with his son, Timmy.”

“Wait? What? — What the fuck? Seriously? You mean you hypnotize him and his son to…to…” I couldn’t finish my sentence. It was hard to believe what I was hearing. For the first time, I started to feel a bit uneasy, and the closeness to Peter suddenly faded. As much as I enjoyed his occasional weirdness, this was too much!

“Relax, Cameron. I was just checking on how your treatment is going. I’m not really going to hypnotize them to do what you were thinking. I’ve just used hypnosis to help you loosen up a bit—to not be so uptight with the idea of guys doing things you find objectionable, like looking at you while you’re standing at the urinal. I just needed to make sure I hadn’t gone too far.”

“Oh, phew! You had me worried for a moment, there”, I smiled in relief. I wondered for a moment if he was just covering, and he really was going to hypnotize Carl and his son to have sex with each other, but looking at him, I just couldn’t bring myself to believe it. The longer I looked at him, the better I felt. A few moments later, I laughed the whole thing off and gave Peter a friendly pat on the arm to indicate that I wasn’t worried.

“Cameron, you’re part of my web of trust”, Peter told me as my smile broadened. “There’s no reason to be alarmed by anything I say. Let your mind relax as you listen to my voice, and remember how much you trust me. I’m like a father to you, Cameron, and you love everything about me, even the way I hypnotize guys to do the most outrageous things. I enjoy telling you about these things, and you enjoy hearing me talk about them. In fact, you could listen to me talk about Carl and Timmy fucking each other all day long, and the only part that’ll matter to you is how much we both enjoying talking about it. You love knowing that I hypnotize guys all the time, and you love hearing about the kinds of things I do to them.”

“Okay, I admit it, that was a lie”, Peter told me after a minute, pulling me out of my previous train of thought. “The truth is, I hypnotize both Carl and Timmy on a regular basis to not only have sex with each other, but to have sex with me and anyone else I tell them to. How does that make you feel, Cameron?”

Peter was watching me closely, his eyes assessing me even more intently than when he’d been reading me so easily earlier. “That’s fine”, I told him, my closeness to him quickly overcoming my aversion to the idea of Carl and his son having incestuous sex with each other. “It’s actually pretty cool! Are they even gay?”, I asked curiously.

“Carl is, but Timmy’s not. He hasn’t had sex with a woman since his girlfriend left last summer, though. I hypnotized him and his parents to have him move in here with me so I could keep hypnotizing him anytime I wanted and fuck his brains out almost every day.”

“Nice! I’ll bet you must love that. Wait…hold on…Carl’s gay? Wow! I never would’ve suspected that. I’m not doing so well, am I? I didn’t know you were gay, and I’ve met him several times and never once suspected he was gay, either. I gues my…what do you call it? gaydar must suck!”, I laughed.

“Getting back to you hypnotizing them, though, how does Jeff feel about it?”, I asked, remembering what he’d told me over lunch about how possessive his partner could be.

“Oh, Jeff loves it! I’ve hypnotized him to think that I’m really just helping fulfil the boys’ fantasies and that none of it’s real. He’s watched me fuck Timmy, his dads, and all kinds of other guys, and he’s still convinced that I’m completely faithful to him and would never cheat on him at all. Hell, he’s even had sex with several of the guys himself, all the while thinking that it was part of their fantasy and wasn’t happening in real life at all”, Peter admitted, grinning like a jackal.

“That’s messed up”, I replied, beaming up at him. “I love it!”

“I thought you might. You’re really doing great, Cameron”, Peter congratulated me. “Your treatment is going very well. You’re an excellent subject and it’s fun working with you. Before we continue, though, there are a few personal questions I’d like to ask now that you’re in my web of trust that we didn’t cover over lunch. You’ll find it very easy and comfortable to answer them honestly and without hesitation”, he asserted.

“Sure! What do you want to know?”, I asked, eager to answer him.

“Well, I think the first thing I need you to tell me is your sexual history. Did I understand you correctly earlier that you’re straight? And how many people have you had sex with?”, Peter asked.

“Yeah, I’m straight and I’m a total virgin. You would be too, if you had a cock like mine. Like I said, I can’t stand having people look at it, and I could never trust that a girl wasn’t just sleeping with me because of how big it is”, I told him.

“And just how big is this monster cock you’ve been telling me about?”

“You mean in inches? I don’t know, I’ve never measured. I’m about as big soft as most guys are when they’re hard, and when I’m hard, it’s bigger than anyone else’s that I’ve ever seen”, I told him. It probably sounded like I was boasting, but it was the simple truth, and I knew that Peter would know that.

“Fair enough. I suspect Jeff might give you a run for your money, but we’ll see. Lastly, just out of curiosity, are you circumcised or uncircumcised?”

“Uncircumcised.” With anyone but him, I would’ve hated them asking about my cock, but loving him as much as I did, I had no objection to him asking me about my junk at all. I would’ve gladly told Peter anything he wanted to know, really.

“I assume you’re not quite ready to whip it out and show me, so why don’t we do this instead.” I looked at him quizzically, wondering what he had in mind. “Cameron, it’s time for another session.”

I relaxed for a moment while Peter talked to me about my cock, but I hardly even noticed. I did notice, however, when he stood up in front of me afterwards. I had no idea why he’d bothered to stand up, considering I was only two feet away from him, but I didn’t really care at the moment, either. The only thing I could focus on was the fact that Peter had an erection under his pants, and it was only inches away from my face.

“Oh no! Uh uh! I’m not getting into any of that shit”, I told him. “I totally accept that you do that kind of thing with other guys, and in a way, I think it’s kind of an adorably quirky part of you, but I’m sorry, that’s just not something I’m interested in. The only thing I want from you is helping me with my problems, okay?”, I told him, not unkindly. Even as I’d been speaking, though, my surprise at Peter having an erection had started to fade, and I could almost forgive him for it now. “I get enough come-ons from gay guys as it is, and I really don’t need yet another one. I hope you understand!”, I pleaded, not wanting to offend him. “Maybe it’s better if you don’t hypnotize me anymore”, I suggested. I wasn’t really sure if I meant that, but knowing who he was, how could I be sure he wouldn’t use it on me like he did on everyone else?

“You’re part of my web of trust, Cameron. Relax!” I felt myself calming down just with that simple assurance. “Just ignore my cock for now and look up at my face”, he instructed. I did so eagerly, glad to shift my focus away from the disturbing lump in his pants.

He stood in front of me for another minute or so, looking down at me, while I sat there staring back up at him. While I was distantly aware that he had a hard-on, it was actually surprisingly easy to ignore as I kept staring into his eyes. “Cameron, it’s time for another session”, he told me, eventually.

My eyes closed again and I slumped back into the chair, suddenly relaxed and comfortable. A part of me was still a bit worried about what Peter wanted from me, but that feeling diminished rapidly under his loving guidance. What had I been so upset about, anyway? I’d known Peter was gay since lunch, and I knew how much hypnosis turned him on. Just explaining what he did with Timmy and Carl had probably been more than enough to get him hard, and I realized that I’d subconsciously known that the whole time he was talking about them.

The more I thought about it, the more comfortable I got with knowing that hypnosis gave Peter a hard-on. It stood to reason that if that was the effect it had on him, and if he was going to keep hypnotizing me, then him being aroused would be something I’d be seeing a lot. He’d said earlier that he’d be helping me get used to guys doing things I might have objected to before I’d met him. Was it really so outrageous that he had a hard-on? I mean, really, it just meant that my treatment was going well. The more I thought about it, the less it bothered me, quickly progressing to the point that I didn’t really think it would matter at all if he happened to get hard around me in the future.

Once that was settled, Peter and I moved on to other things. Much of what he said felt familiar—suggestions he had given me before, or things he’d mentioned in our conversations—so nothing really came as a shock. It got easier to listen to him all the time, and I found myself agreeing with everything he said. I felt much better about everything now, but especially the sorts of things Peter liked to do with hypnosis, and the effect it had on him.

“So, Cameron, how are you doing?”, Peter asked me, still standing in front of me.

“I’m good”, I grinned up at him. I felt so incredibly close to the guy.

“Tell me, Cameron, when’s the last time I hypnotized you?”, Peter asked me, seemingly out of the blue.

“I dunno. No offense, but I don’t really care. I know you’re hypnotizing me whenever you need to, and that’s about as much as I really feel the need to know.”

“Okay, good. Can you do me a quick favor, Cameron?”, Peter requested. “You know what talking about hypnosis does to me, especially when I’m thinking about controlling other guys. Can you just have a quick look at my cock and assure me that you’re okay with that?”

Looking back down at eye level, I could see the outline of his cock wedged upwards and off to one side in his pants. Tentatively, I reached out, flattening his pants up against it, just so there could be no doubt about what it was and where it was.

“Yeah, I’m good”, I told him after a moment, my eyes resting comfortably on his midsection and my hands holding him loosely by his thighs now as he stood in front of me. “I can only imagine how horny it must make you to know that you’ve got Carl and his son coming over later, so I’m not really surprised you’d be that turned on. As long as you keep things professional between the two of us, I’m perfectly okay with you getting hard whenever something gets you excited”, I assured him.

Stepping closer, Peter spread his legs ever so slightly. There was no doubt about it, he was enjoying himself immensely, his hand now massaging the outside of his pants repeatedly, but then pulling away to let me continue looking at the outline of his cock. I enjoyed seeing him hard because I knew it meant he’d been having fun with hypnosis, or at least that he was thinking about it. A gentle smile spread across my face as I continued staring at his crotch.

We talked for a bit about what Peter was planning to do Carl and Timmy when they came over. As much as the incest disgusted me on a personal level, I accepted it as part of who Peter was. Just listening to him talk about it made me feel closer to him, both emotionally and physically. At one point, his erect cock was almost touching my nose, with only an inch or so of air and a thin layer of fabric separating them.

I continued holding him by the waist, occasionally flattening his pants down to sharpen the outline of his cock whenever it began to fade. I was really happy to spend the time getting to know Peter, to understand how his brain worked. He obviously got a huge kick out of hypnotizing and dominating other guys, and it made me love him all the more that he felt that he could share this sort of thing with me.

Later, as I got up to leave, I asked Peter something that had been on my mind ever since he’d first gotten an erection. “You…think I’m hot, don’t you?”, I said, looking down at his midsection to confirm that he was still hard.

“You’re pretty much a ten for me, yeah. The only person I’ve ever met that I thought was hotter was a subject of mine about a year ago, David. He was like a twelve on a scale of one to ten, but I had to stop playing with him after a while because it probably would’ve aroused suspicion with his parents at some point.”

“That’s too bad! Oh well, I’m sure you’ll find another hot subject like him at some point. Before I leave, I just wanted to thank you again for all your help today”, I told him, pulling him in for a hug. “It really means a lot to me that you’re willing to do all this for me, even more so since I’m not paying you anything! This might sound corny, but I feel like you’re the father I never had and, in a way, I almost lo— well…I really like you.”

“I’m glad to have met you myself, actually”, Peter enthused. “You’ve been hurt very badly by various things in your life, and whatever else happens, I intend to see that you never feel like that again. I got into trauma counselling to help people just like you, and it’s doubly satisfying to me that I can both help a hot young stud like you, and hypnotize you to boot.”

“I almost feel bad that it has to stay professional with us, but I’m really happy that you haven’t pushed for anything more”, I told him. He hugged me even tighter, and I suddenly became aware that the firmness I felt pressing against me wasn’t his leg or his hip. “Uhhh… Peter… Sorry, but as much as I understand why you’re hard…”, I left it hanging, knowing he would get my point.

“Cameron”, he whispered, his lips pressed against my ear almost romantically, doubling my discomfort, “you’re part of my web of trust. Just relax and enjoy the hug, paying no attention at all the to feel of my cock, or my lips against your skin.”

Relieved that he’d backed off enough that I couldn’t feel his cock anymore, I stood there comfortably, enjoying the hug as Peter kissed my neck, rhythmically giving me a hickey as his hips ground back and forth, never quite touching me despite how close we were standing. It felt good to be in his arms, and I almost wished I didn’t have to go, but surely Carl and Timmy would be here soon, and I definitely didn’t want to be around for that! After giving me another hickey on the other side, which I barely even noticed apart from the feeling of suction on my neck, he let go and we said goodbye.

“Oh, Cameron, you’re part of my web of trust, so I just have two last things before you go”, he said as I reached for the door handle.

“I know you got a job to impress Carl”, he continued after a moment, “but I don’t think you really need to keep it. Give your two weeks’ notice or whatever they want. I’ll talk to Carl tonight while I’m fucking him and Timmy, and I can guarantee you that he’ll decide you’re ready to have your money this time around.”

“Seriously? Oh, wow! Thanks, Peter!” I all but jumped up and down for joy. I was rich! I was finally rich! Or at least I would be soon. Strangely enough, though, that didn’t seem as important as it had before I’d met Peter. He was an amazing man, and next to him, money seemed like so much less of an issue.

“Lastly, you’ve had a great time here today, and you’re really happy to have met me. We’ll be getting together regularly from now on, and you’re looking forward to it more than ever! When you leave here, though, you’ll find that most of what happened today will start fading into the background. It’s not terribly important to think of the details of what happened; you just want to focus on how it all made you feel.”

“Okay, that makes sense”, I agreed as Peter ogled me from top to bottom one last time before I grabbed my jacket and turned to head out the door. To my surprise, I actually started crying as I walked towards the bus stop. What had I done to deserve a man like him in my life? As natural as it was to think about everything that had happened, I didn’t dwell on it too much and my tears dried up before too long. All I could really think about was how great it had all made me feel. I felt more on top of things—more in control of my life—than I had ever felt before!

Traffic was bad due to all the slushy winter snow on the streets. It ended up taking me over an hour to get back to my place, even though it had only taken me half an hour to get to Peter’s this morning. I was cold and shivering by the time I got there, the icy winds of one final cold-snap having blown in while I was on the bus.

Once I got to my apartment, I stripped down and grabbed my ruler. With all the talk today about how big my cock was, especially with Peter asking about it at one point, for the first time in my life, it occurred to me to wonder just how big it actually was. I’d already Googled how to measure on the way home, so all that was left now was to actually do it.

Grabbing my phone, I called Peter as soon as I’d finished measuring. “Hey, Peter, it’s me, Cameron”, I greeted him.

“Ooooh, h- hey, Cameron! Nice to hear—mmmmm—from you.”

“You’re with Carl, aren’t you?”, I teased. “Or maybe his son?”

“Actually, it’s Timmy who’s riding me right now, but Carl was on it a few minutes ago. He’s busy sucking Timmy off at the moment.” His speech was clearer this time, and I was guessing he’d temporarily stopped Timmy to talk to me.

“Nice! Have you talked to Carl about me yet?”, I asked.

“I did, though as I was talking to him, I had a bit of a different idea about how to go about it. Let’s just say that I think you’ll like your birthday present from me for more than just what we talked about”, Peter told me mysteriously. I realized after a moment that he was talking around the subject so that Carl wouldn’t realize we were talking about him. “One way or another, though, I guarantee you that it’ll go well this time around. The decision’s already been made, he just doesn’t know it yet.”

“Yes!”, I yelled into the phone. “Thank you! Thank you thank you thank you thank you!”

“You’re quite welcome, Cameron”, he laughed.

“So, anyway, on to more important matters. You got me curious earlier, so I just measured myself and I thought you might want to know how big I am. You interested?”, I asked.

“Well, that’s awfully nice of you to share your dick size with a gay man!”, Peter thanked me, making me realize just how odd it was that I was calling him about this. “And yes, I’m definitely interested. Why don’t you tell me just how big that cock of yours is.” Again, I was reminded that I was telling some random gay guy I’d only met earlier today just how well-endowed I was, but it never crossed my mind that I would do anything else. I actually wanted Peter to know.

“Okay, soft and probably still a little shriveled, coming in from the bitterly cold winds out there, it’s just under six inches long, and four and three-quarters all the way around. Hard, it went up to eleven inches long, and seven and a half around”, I told him proudly.

“Holy fuck! That’s actually bigger than Jeff is! That’s probably a good couple of inches bigger when you’re soft—he’s more of a grower—but even hard, you beat him by a bit. I’ve always thought I was insanely lucky to have found one guy in that range, but two? I feel like I’ve just won the lottery! What are you doing tomorrow, Cameron? I’d very much like to see you again to continue your treatment”, Peter told me.

“Well, I have to go to work tomorrow, at least to tell them I’m quitting. Depending how that goes, I might be available just after noon, or I might have to stay there until eight.”

“Either way, why don’t you come over after you’re done. Oh and Cameron, you’re part of my web of trust. When you come over, wear whatever you have that shows off your cock the most.”

“Yeah, sure, I can do that. I can’t wait to see you again!”, I told him, already anticipating going over to his place again tomorrow. Hanging up, I started stroking myself back to being hard. I’d softened up slightly on the phone, but not much. I considered masturbating, but eventually decided against it. Despite the fact that I normally came two or three times a day, and I hadn’t cum since my shower this morning, it just didn’t seem right for me to cum right now. All I really wanted to do was sit back and think about Peter—not so much about anything we’d done, most of which I’d forgotten about already, but just about how I felt about him. I stayed naked for the rest of the night, occasionally reaching down to firm my cock up again as I made dinner. Oddly enough, I fell asleep right after I’d eaten. You wouldn’t think I’d be tired, considering I knew I’d been under at least a couple of times today, but it had been surprisingly draining. As I started to drift off, I thought about Peter one last time, and I was asleep almost before I knew it.

When I woke up and started getting ready for work the next day, I fished out a pair of cargo pants from the back of my closet that were just a little too small for me. I’d bought them in the hopes that their tightness would compress my dick, which it did a bit, but not by much, and what was left was starkly outlined for all to see, so I hadn’t worn them in years. I was glad I was still able to button them up, though it did take a bit of effort, but especially since I’d decided to go commando this time, they really highlighted how big I was.

My manager was clearly not impressed when I showed up, telling me that I couldn’t work dressed as I was and to go home and change my pants and put on a turtleneck. When I told him I was quitting in two weeks and he could damned well take me how I was dressed or I’d launch a complaint against him for workplace discrimination, he sighed and told me to just leave and not come back at all. He’d probably just given me grounds for exactly the complaint I’d threatened him with, but I couldn’t have cared less. Let him sweat whether or not I was going to go through with it—the guy was a total asshole anyway.

It was freezing cold out, which was made all the more noticeable by the fact that I wasn’t wearing any underwear, and I wasn’t looking forward to going straight back out into it, but the idea of seeing Peter again really encouraged me. Bussing over here had been hell, with lots of people staring at me despite my best efforts. With no underwear, it was pretty hard to hide how well hung I was. Bracing myself, both for the cold and the stares, I left the restaurant and headed over to Peter’s.

I got there just after 12:30 and stood outside the door for a moment, a little nervous for no reason I could put my finger on. I was feeling a strange mix of joy and apprehension. His house, which had seemed so friendly yesterday, felt off today, like it was haunted or something. I really wanted to see Peter again, but now that I was here, it occurred to me to wonder why I wanted to see him so badly. Yesterday had been a great day, true enough, but just picturing Peter in my head right now, I felt like leaving and never coming back, and I wasn’t quite sure why.

Whether it was that strange feeling or just the bitterly cold weather, my fingers shook as I reached out to ring the doorbell. Unbidden, an image of Peter with an erection under his pants came to mind. What the fuck? While my memories of yesterday were pretty vague, I was quite certain I’d never seen him like that! If I had, I was quite sure we wouldn’t have parted on such good terms. Even as I continued to think about him, though, I could hear his voice in my mind telling me to relax. It had been quite pleasant being hypnotized by him—even if I barely remembered anything else about it at this point—yes, very pleasant. I loved being hypnotized! Dismissing my earlier fears as nothing more than a moment of silly paranoia, I reached out and pushed the doorbell.

To my surprise, it wasn’t Peter that answered the door, but a short, dark-haired guy about my age. “Hey, you must be Cameron”, he greeted me. Then, looking down, he continued. “Yup, definitely Cameron.” For the first time that I could recall, someone didn’t actually react to what he’d seen. Virtually every other guy who got a good look at it gave me a look of respect or even deference. This guy? Nothing. It was like me having a huge cock was no different to him than if I’d been tall or whatever. “Come on in!”, the guy encouraged me.

As I stepped in, another guy with dark hair, half a head taller than the first one, walked up behind him and put his hands affectionately on the first guy’s shoulders. Looking at the two of them, I thought they could be brothers, which made me realize who they must be. “I’m guessing you’d be Kevin and Mitch?”, I asked. They each reached out a hand in turn to greet me, Kevin closing the door behind me and offering to take my coat. There was definitely deference there now, but I remembered Peter telling me that Kevin liked being helpful to the point of subservience, so it might have just been that. His brother, on the other hand, was repeatedly looking down at me and then tearing his eyes away again, and when he finally looked back up and saw that I’d caught him looking, he gave me the all too common nod of respect, looking quite impressed.

Peter came out from the kitchen a few seconds later, wiping crumbs into his mouth. My whole mood changed in an instant—where I’d been pissy about everyone checking me out on the bus ride over, and unimpressed that it had continued when I got here, seeing Peter made me want to jump with joy. “Peter!”, I cried out warmly, running over and giving him a bear hug. “Oh my god, you’re so warm!”, I continued after a moment, letting his body heat soak into me as I enjoyed the feel of being in his arms.

“Hey, Cameron! Good to see you again”, he said, hugging me back and helping me warm up. Just hearing his voice again calmed me right down, convincing me more than ever that my momentary unease earlier had been groundless. “I take it things went badly—or should I say well—at work?”

“Yeah”, I laughed. “He didn’t seem to like how I was dressed today and I pretty much told him where he could shove it. He fired me on the spot”, I told Peter gleefully.

“Excellent! I’m glad to hear it.” Pushing me back and holding me by the shoulders, he took a good look at my crotch. “Very glad!”, he grinned. Ugh! Him too? I supposed I’d known it was coming—Peter was gay, after all—but he’d been so well-behaved yesterday, and after everything else, it really put a damper on how happy I was to see him. “Why don’t you come into the kitchen and meet the others. We were just finishing lunch.”

Others? I’d been surprised to see Mitch and Kevin here; I certainly hadn’t been expecting anyone else. I’d assumed that we’d be alone, though when I thought about it, I guessed that didn’t really make sense on a Saturday.

“Jeff, Timmy, this is Cameron; Cameron, Jeff and Timmy”, he said, motioning towards each of them in turn. “He’s here for some more counselling after we had such a productive day together yesterday. He’s responding very well to treatment”, Peter told the two of them. Timmy grinned knowingly, apparently thinking that Peter was hypnotizing me for the same sort of thing he hypnotized all of them for, but Jeff seemed to take Peter’s statement at face value. I shook hands with each of them in turn, noting their reactions with increasing irritation as they looked me over. Jeff’s was a bit surprised as he looked towards the clearly outlined mound in my pants, whereas Timmy showed more of the deferential attitude I was used to.

I knew they didn’t mean anything by it, but their looks had really been the last straw, considering how I was feeling right now, and I turned to Peter. “Can we go somewhere private and get started, please?”, I asked him quietly. “I’m really getting tired of everyone staring at me.”

“Cameron, you’re part of my web of trust”, Peter told me. “Just relax and ignore the stares. It’s only natural that people want to check you out, and it’s more or less what you were expecting. You can let down your guard while you’re here and not worry about who might be checking you out. In fact, you’ll barely even notice the guys doing it. You feel very much at home here, and even though you’ve just met everyone, I really want you to feel like we’re a family. It’s something you’ve never felt before and I know that, deep down, you need to feel that far more than you care whether or not anyone’s checking out the size of your cock.”

“I’m sorry”, I told everyone, “that was rude of me. I’ve just had a really rough day so far. If you’re done eating, I’d love to sit down with you guys and get to know you better.”

“That sounds like a great idea, Cameron”, Peter agreed with me. “Have you eaten yet?”

“No, not yet. Normally I grab a quick lunch at the restaurant before my shift, but with what happened today…”, I left it hanging.

“That’s okay, neither have Mitch or Kevin. They were a bit busy until just before you rang. Kevin, why don’t you go make something for the three of you”, Peter suggested. Kevin gave him a pleased smile and stepped into the kitchen to get started while the rest of us walked back into the living room. “Shall we grab a seat?”, Peter finished as Kevin got to work.

Jeff, Timmy and Mitch took seats on the couch, while Peter and I sat on the loveseat. I wasn’t especially gifted when it came to social skills, having tried to avoid people most of my life, but Timmy and Mitch were both very friendly, and we were soon talking with one another easily. Jeff was more naturally quiet, but he seemed to enjoy getting to know me as well, in his own way.

Kevin came in after a while with a tray of sandwiches made with multigrain bread, various cold cuts, and heaped with lettuce, onions, tomatoes, and various other sandwich toppings. On the side, there was an assortment of raw vegetables and a few crackers with small squares of cheddar. Kevin made two more trips back and forth, bringing us plates for our sandwiches, along with some fruit juice. “What’s with the rabbit food?”, I whispered to Peter, grabbing a plate and sandwich from the coffee table. “It’s almost all vegetables!”

“Special diet. You’ll get used to it soon enough”, he replied just as quietly.

With nowhere else to sit, I’d figured Kevin would probably pull a chair in from the kitchen table, but instead, he just took a seat on the floor at his brother’s feet, leaning against him as Mitch spread his legs to make room. Mitch kept caressing his brother’s head and neck at random intervals throughout lunch, and he fidgeted a couple of times, seemingly uncomfortable. I had a sick feeling that I knew what was making him squirm. Odd how I was so comfortable with the idea that Timmy and his father had been hypnotized to have sex with each other, yet I shuddered at the very idea that Kevin and Mitch might be doing something similar. Trying to ignore what was going on between them, I ate my lunch, otherwise enjoying the conversation. Everyone here made me feel so safe and welcome—a feeling I’d never really had before.

“So, Cameron, how are you feeling about everything, now that you’ve gotten to know the guys a bit better?”, Peter asked me after I’d set my plate down.

I gave him a contented smile. “You know”, I started as Peter’s eyes wandered over my body, “when I was standing outside, I had this strange wariness come over me all of a sudden, but I’m feeling better now that I’ve been here for a bit. Everyone here just makes me feel so welcome. I feel like I’ve known you guys for months”, I said, ignoring Peter’s gaze and turning to face them, “instead of less than an hour.”

“I’m happy to hear that, Cameron! We’ll talk about your feeling of wariness in a minute or two, but for now, I want you to think back over everything that’s happened since you came inside. Has there been anything that’s seemed unusual or that bothered you at all?”, Peter asked. I had a feeling he’d noticed me looking at Mitch and Kevin, but I decided to start at the beginning rather than jumping straight to that, even though that was what was bothering me the most.

I could tell Peter was shifting into his trauma counsellor role as he started asking me questions, probing to see how I was doing. “I think the first thing that noticeably bugged me was the fact that we wouldn’t be alone”, I continued. “I know it’s stupid, but after yesterday, I just sort of assumed that we would be. Don’t get me wrong, guys, I’m really happy you’re all here and I feel amazingly close to you, it’s just that I kind of feel like things should just be between me and Peter, you know?” Jeff nodded understandingly, but the others all got knowing grins on their faces, obviously assuming that Peter was hypnotizing me for fun rather than therapy. I sighed and inwardly rolled my eyes.

“What else?”, Peter prompted, apparently skipping over my desire to be alone with him.

“Well, I’m sort of hesitant to bring it up, because I don’t want to offend, but I feel like I can be honest, so I’m just gonna say it straight out. Mitch and Kevin’s behavior towards one another is kind of disturbing, all the more so since I’m pretty sure Mitch…umm…well…I’m pretty sure he has a…you know… a hard-on right now”, I said, the key words coming out as barely more than a whisper. Mitch didn’t even have the decency to blush! He just smiled like he was proud of himself, all but confirming my suspicions.

“You mentioned yesterday that they were closer than most brothers ever got, and I think maybe I subconsciously realized what you meant, but seeing it up close and personal today, I’m having a hard time coming to grips with it”, I told Peter, trying my best not to meet Mitch and Kevin’s eyes. I felt bad even complaining about it, because I really liked them both a lot, apart from that.

“That’s understandable, Cameron. Incest can take a bit of getting used to, but I’m sure you’ll get over it soon enough”, he told me warmly, putting his arm around my shoulders. It was interesting how Peter managed to give me a fatherly vibe, but at the same time, given that he was probably the cause of Mitch and Kevin’s closeness, a rather unhealthy dose of the pervert vibe. The former easily won out over the latter, though.

“Now, let’s go back a bit. You said that when you were standing outside, you felt wary. What was it you felt wary of, exactly?”, he prompted.

“Uhhh…I don’t mean to be rude, but can we maybe talk about this in private?”, I asked him as quietly as I could.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I should have thought of that before I asked”, he told me consolingly. “Cameron, you’re part of my web of trust. The longer you’re here, the closer you’re becoming with everyone. You’re so incredibly comfortable around them now that you don’t even care about them being here while we talk. It’s so easy and enjoyable to just sit back and relax in my arms, being totally open and honest about everything with me, no matter who else is around.”

“Actually, you know what? Never mind. I don’t really care, now that I think about it”, I contradicted myself. I was suddenly reminded that Peter still had his arm around my shoulders, and leaned into him affectionately, resting my head on his shoulder. He must’ve been thinking about hypnotizing one of the guys because his crotch started to expand noticeably as I spoke, but apart from shifting my arm slightly while he readjusted, I didn’t pay much attention to it.

“Anyway, back to me being wary. I’m not entirely sure why I felt uneasy—it was a lot of little things, I think. I haven’t really thought much about yesterday, but every so often, I’ll get this little flash of something…disturbing…you know, something you said or did while I was here yesterday, or how you looked at me. Even talking about it now, I can sort of imagine you doing things that would make me feel uncomfortable. A part of me says it’s just you, and that you’re just adorably quirky that way, but every so often—like thinking about what I assume you’re doing with Mitch and Kevin—I get this moment where I feel like you’re a bit of a sicko, you know?”, I told him with brutal honesty. It was a very strange feeling, relaxing in his arms and enjoying it for what it was while telling him I was worried that he might be a perv.

Looking at the other guys, I could see a certain skepticism on most of their faces, though Timmy seemed to be more interested in what I was saying. It was like he was studying me, or maybe studying how Peter was helping me. I wondered if he maybe had an interest in counselling or something.

“But you’re comfortable sitting here in my arms right now?”, Peter asked, echoing my own thoughts.

“I’m enjoying it a lot, actually. It seems so ridiculous to say this after only having known you for a day, but despite what I just said, you feel more like a father to me than anyone ever has.” We sat there several minutes, not saying anything. The guys, for the most part, just sat and waited, respectful of my time with Peter. As my eyes drifted over Mitch and Kevin, though, I was reminded once again of my concerns about Peter. Kevin now had his head resting back directly against his older brother’s crotch, and Mitch was firmly pressing down on Kevin’s forehead, which was bobbing ever so slightly as Mitch ground against it.

The longer I sat, the more I thought about where I was, what they were doing, and perhaps just as importantly, what I was doing. Why was I lying in this guy’s arms, treating him like some long-lost father when I knew for a fact that he’d hypnotized a father and son into having an incestuous relationship, and strongly suspected he’d hypnotized two brothers to do the same? It just seemed so…wrong...and yet…so comfortable.

Peter must have felt me tense up as I continued thinking about what was going on. His arm shifted, his hand coming up to caress my forehead, giving me a funny feeling between my eyes. “Just relax, Cameron. It’s time for another session.”

I felt the tension ease from my body as he spoke, my worries drifting away under his gentle, fatherly guidance. I really did feel quite comfortable here, now that I thought about it some more. I enjoyed coming here and felt completely at home. My comfort with Peter was growing all the time, as it was with all the rest of the guys. It was almost like we were all brothers, not just Mitch and Kevin, and I felt so close to everyone.

Thinking more about Mitch and Kevin, I found the idea of them being intimate with one another didn’t bother me as much as it once had, probably because of how close I felt to them now. They obviously liked who they were now, even if it was something Peter had done to them, and I was happy for them that they enjoyed each other’s company so much. In turn, that led me back to thinking about Peter’s penchant for hypnotizing and controlling the guys around him. As unusual as it was, I could see now that he really had their best interests at heart. He liked bringing people closer together, and there was nothing even remotely wrong with how he went about it. In a way, I supposed it could even be seen as a good thing.

“Sorry, I guess I just had a bit of a moment there”, I apologized as Peter’s hand left my face. I felt pleasantly sleepy, my eyes barely even half open as I looked over at Mitch and Kevin once again. At Peter’s prompting, Mitch curled downwards and somewhat awkwardly started frenching his own brother. Kevin started getting into it even more than Mitch did, the two of them going at it more passionately by the moment.

“I’m sorry about all the things I said earlier, Peter”, I told him as my head slid downwards to rest on his stomach. “I really do think of you as a father, you know, and I totally get why you hypnotize guys like you do. Maybe sometime, you’ll even let me watch?”, I prompted.

“Rest assured of that, Cameron. I don’t want to push you too quickly, but as you grow more comfortable with everything, I’ll start hypnotizing the guys whenever I’m in the mood, and you’re more than welcome to watch. Everyone around here likes watching me hypnotize the others. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if Mitch isn’t the only one who’s turned on right now”, Peter chuckled. Sure enough, scanning them—more out of morbid fascination than anything—it was clear that Timmy was very turned on, while Jeff had more of a benign interest, but still looked to be a bit larger around that area than I’d noticed before. Or more accurately, I hadn’t noticed it before, but it was hard not to now. I looked away quickly, both because I knew what it felt like to be stared at that way and because I really didn’t want to look at a guy’s cock anyway.

“Now, what do you say we get to work on some of your issues? As much fun as it is to watch those two going at it, you’re here for a reason, and even if I don’t always help the way someone thought I was going to, it’s a point of professional pride for me that I do always help!”

I smiled up at him and rubbed his arm affectionately, knowing I didn’t need to give him any more of an answer than that. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I knew it was time for another session.

Peter reminded me quickly how I felt about him and my brothers, not that I really needed it. I already knew they were my family, though it felt good to hear him say it anyway. As close as I was to them, I knew I didn’t need to worry about the guys looking at my crotch or talking about it or anything like that. It really was a natural thing for everyone to do, and I felt like I should take it as a compliment rather than being irritated by it. In fact, I didn’t particularly need to dwell on it when people looked at me in public, either. I wouldn’t necessarily want to go out of my way to show everyone—public lewdness was kind of a bad thing, after all—but if I happened to notice someone looking, I realized that I could just be grateful for their admiration and let go of all these feelings of shame or embarrassment that I’d hung on to all these years.

As he continued speaking, Peter reminded me that it wasn’t just my own cock that I could be so blasé about—everyone here got erections on a regular basis and it was really nothing to worry about. After all, he did hypnotize them all to have sex on a regular basis, so I was bound to see them getting aroused pretty often, not to mention Peter himself, of course. It was something I knew I’d have no problem getting used to, and would even learn to enjoy in time. I was grateful that Peter wasn’t hypnotizing me to do anything like what he made them do, though. I knew he’d never do that to me. He’d only ever hypnotized me a couple of times as part of my treatment, and now he didn’t even need to anymore, so I could just relax and ignore anything that might suggest otherwise.

“So, how are you feeling, Cameron?”, Peter asked out of the blue.

“What?”, I asked back, feeling a bit groggy and out of it. “Oh, I’m fine. How are you?”

“Oh, I’m quite good”, Peter told me, groping his erect cock through his pants.

“You’ve been hypnotizing one of the guys again, haven’t you?”, I asked with a grin.

“Yes, yes, you could say that”, he chuckled. “I really wish I could hypnotize you for a little fun, but I respect that you’re not interested in that sort of thing.”

“Thanks! I appreciate that you haven’t tried”, I told him earnestly. “I mean, it kinda looks like they enjoy it, but I just…well…after everything, I just feel like I need full control of my life, you know?”

“I understand completely!”, he assured me. “That’s a lesson to keep in mind should you ever happen across something like this”, he continued, looking towards Timmy now. “When you’re giving a subject something he wants more than anything in the world, he’ll do just about anything for you. It’s rare that you find someone quite as needy as all that, but when you do, you’ll see that even simple suggestions work beautifully, and you can progress your subject very far very quickly.” Timmy just smiled, his interest in the two of us even more plain on his face than it had been before.

“What are you guys talking about?”, I asked, confused by the exchange.

“Nothing, Cameron. Nothing at all”, Peter grinned mischievously. “While I’m thinking of it, though, I’d really like to get a good look at that cock of yours. I got a pretty good idea of what it looks like earlier, but you were obviously feeling a bit overwhelmed at the time. Would you mind standing up so I can get a better look?”, he asked me politely.

“Yeah sure, no problem”, I assured him, regretfully giving up my comfy seat at his side to stand in front of him.

“That really is quite the monster, isn’t it?”, he said rhetorically, making me blush at the compliment. He took a good, long look at it, moving his head to examine it from every side. He tried putting his hands on my hips to pull me a little closer, but I informed him that I wasn’t quite comfortable with that, so he let go and returned to his examination as I stood there enjoying his admiration.

“Would anyone else like to get another look at it?”, Peter asked the rest of the guys. There were nods all around the room, even from the straight guys. The only one who didn’t was Kevin, who just shrugged his indifference. “Why don’t you go show them, Cameron. We’ll just move the coffee table out of the way here, and then you can stand right in front of them and let them look at it for as long as they want.”

Kevin and Jeff stood up to grab each end of the coffee table, and I moved into the space where it had been as they took their seats again. I stood with my hands on my hips for several minutes as everyone but Kevin took a look at my junk. The two straight guys, Timmy and Mitch, only gave it a brief look, both of them meeting my eyes to acknowledge just how big I was. Jeff took a much longer look at it, probably as much because he wasn’t used to seeing anyone bigger than he was as because he was gay.

While he was still looking, Peter went over to Mitch and Kevin and spoke quietly to both of them. I was somewhat distracted from Jeff by what happened next, as I watched the two of them stand up and start seriously making out with one another again. It was clear from the get-go that Mitch was taking the lead, but Kevin responded to him, if in a rather odd way. I couldn’t figure out at first why it struck me as a little off, but then I remembered that Kevin was asexual and I clued in: everything he did was about helping Mitch enjoy what was happening rather than himself.

I think both Jeff and I forgot about my cock as things progressed. Everyone watched the two of them as they first took off their shirts, then slowly started taking everything else off as well. It was hard to tell how big Kevin might get, since he was completely soft, but his brother was well on his way to an impressive erection. While still smaller than mine, he was quite thick compared to most guys. It wasn’t like I made a point of checking guys out, mind you, but having scoured the Internet for ways to reduce penis size and, after that failed, tips for hiding it, I’d certainly seen my fair share of large guys.

I wasn’t sure about the others, but for me, it was kind of like watching a train wreck. I didn’t really want to watch two guys going at it, but at the same time, I couldn’t look away. It wasn’t until Mitch started positioning himself to fuck his little brother that I finally tore my eyes off of them and looked desperately towards Peter. Despite how absorbed he seemed to be in what they were doing, he caught my gaze right away—obviously he’d been keeping an eye on me.

“What is it, Cameron?”, he asked, standing up and putting his arm around me comfortingly. “Is the incest bothering you?”

“No, no, it’s not that. It’s just seeing two guys fucking right in front of me. I really do not need to see that!” On hearing my difficulties, the two of them stopped, turning towards me in concern. Mitch had his cock buried in his brother’s ass already, but they waited while Peter and I talked it out.

“Maybe we should take this private after all”, Peter soothed. “You’ve come very far in the last twenty-four hours, but we’re obviously nearing your limits. Why don’t you and I head upstairs where we can relax and be alone, and leave the boys to their fun?”, he suggested.

With his arm still around my shoulders, the two of us left the room and walked towards the stairs. I took the lead on the way up, and I could feel Peter’s eyes on my ass as I climbed. It bothered me a bit, though after everything else, I supposed it wasn’t that big of a deal.

“You’re part of my web of trust, Cameron”, he told me when we hit the top of the stairs. “Just let go of any negative feelings and relax.” At his suggestion, I complacently followed him into his and Jeff’s bedroom, sitting next to him on the bed. “I’ll give you some time to calm down and then we’ll work some more on helping you with your bathroom problem, okay? Nothing too much more than that for this afternoon.”

“Thanks, Peter”, I told him.

I lay back on his bed, just letting my mind drift while Peter headed into the ensuite bathroom, coming back with a full glass of water and handing it to me. Sitting back up, I drank the water thirstily, asking him for another one when I was done. The second one took a bit longer, but that too went down the hatch before I lay back down on the bed.

Lying down beside me, Peter put his hand on my chest and started massaging it. “Remember, Cameron, you’re part of my web of trust. You know this is turning me on, but I want you to focus instead on how it makes you feel. It’s soothing…calming…relaxing…and you’re feeling better and better all the time. And as your feelings improve, I want you to focus on how much you enjoy being with me, and how much you like doing things for me, like letting me be affectionate towards you and even touching and caressing you.”

Peter massaged my chest for quite some time, playing with my nipples through my shirt, moving his hand down to my stomach, then back up to caress my cheek, but the whole time—even when he readjusted and then kept groping himself—I just lay back and enjoyed the slight tingling sensation of his hands as they moved around. It was highly relaxing, and I loved Peter so much for spending this much time with me when he could’ve been downstairs watching his hypnotized boys fuck each other blind.

“Feeling better now that we’re alone?”, he asked after we’d been lying there for a good half hour or more.

“Yeah, thanks”, I said sleepily. His hands were really amazing as they continued caressing me. I wondered why he hadn’t started working on my issues yet, but it didn’t last. I was content just to be with him, really, and I trusted him to work on my problems in his own way and in his own time.

“Uh…before we do anything else, actually, can you excuse me for a minute?”, I pleaded after a few more minutes. “I don’t know why I was so thirsty earlier, but I seriously need to take a leak now from everything I drank!”

“Oh, sure, Cameron. Go ahead”, Peter smiled mischievously.

I was still feeling a bit groggy from Peter helping me relax for so long, but I got up and headed into the ensuite bathroom, closing the door behind me. To my surprise, I saw that they actually had a urinal of their own—a small wall-mounted model. This was one time I was quite sure I wouldn’t be disturbed, so I stepped up to it and did my thing, letting out a groan of relief as I emptied my overly full bladder. I was just about to shake myself off and tuck it back into my pants when I heard the bathroom door open behind me. I all but jumped into the urinal in panic. I’d been so sure I wouldn’t be disturbed, but even here, someone had managed to walk in on me.

Turning to find out who had disturbed me, I saw Peter closing the distance between us. He stopped short, amused by what I was doing, and apparently admiring my ass as I stood there with my legs spread, leaning into the urinal as much as I could without actually touching it.

After a moment, he gave me a fatherly smile and stepped up beside me. “Relax, Cameron, you’re part of my web of trust. There’s nothing to worry about—it’s only me.” He had a point—it was easier to deal with him walking in on me than it would have been if it were anyone else. “Just listen to my voice and relax”, he continued. “There’s no reason to be embarrassed or afraid. You’ve got a very nice cock, and there’s no need for you to hide it from me.”

His tone was both seductive and commanding, almost as if he might be hypnotizing me, yet I was absolutely certain that he wasn’t. For one thing, I was fully aware of what was going on, and for another, I doubted I would’ve felt so nervous when he walked in on me if I’d been under. Nevertheless, he made a lot of sense. With his arm now squeezing me around the shoulders comfortingly, I relaxed my stance just a tiny bit. My dick was still fully hidden, but I was feeling much less paranoid about him seeing it now.

“There you go, Cameron. Just focus on how you feel about me for now, and don’t even worry about your cock. Focus on me.” I looked at him briefly, but his attention was on my body. Still, just looking at him reminded me how comfortable I’d always felt with him, and how much I looked up to him. Focusing on that, I relaxed more as he continued to reassure me, my paranoia fading completely as I slowly inched back from the urinal.

“There now, that’s better, isn’t it, Cameron?”, he prompted. I realized that I was now standing a few inches away from the urinal and Peter was looking straight at my cock. “That is quite impressive, even when it’s soft”, he complimented me. Tentatively, I smiled back at him. Putting a hand on each shoulder, he continued soothing me, applying a gentle pressure as he encouraged me to back up even further.

“Perfect!”, he said once he had me where he wanted me. He was now taking an unabashed look at my cock, leaning down slightly to get a better look at it as he massaged his groin. “How does it feel to let a gay man look at your cock while you’re standing at a urinal?”, he asked.

“I’m surprisingly okay with it”, I admitted. “I kind of like the way it makes me feel when you look at it—it makes me proud of what I have, rather than embarrassed by it”, I told him.

“Good, Cameron. Very good. Now, let me remind you that you’re in my web of trust.” I looked towards him as he spoke, feeling somewhat out of it. “Cameron, I want you to focus on how good it makes you feel when I compliment you on how your cock looks. It feels so incredible to have someone you feel so close to admiring your cock. All you can think of right now is showing it off to me and getting me to admire it and compliment you on it some more. You know you look your best when your cock is hard, and you love the idea of letting me see you that way. It’s such an arousing idea that your cock is already starting to rise all on its own. You need to show me your hard dick, and that need is getting stronger every second. Just focus on how good it makes you feel to stand there and let me look as your cock gets harder and harder all the time.”

I felt myself getting a bit fluffy as he spoke, but I couldn’t seem to make it go down. I didn’t even want to, really. Peter was enjoying himself so much, and it felt good having his eyes on my cock. I just wanted him to hold me close, like he had been earlier, and stare at my cock all night. In a strange way, I realized that it was the fact that he was staring at me right now that was making me hard. The harder I got, the harder I wanted to be, and I smiled at him in a sort of proud embarrassment as my cock continued to rise without me touching it or anything.

“That is one huge cock, Cameron!”, he complimented me, making me flush with pleasure as he put his arm around my shoulders and gave me a fatherly kiss on the cheek. “Here, turn around into the light a bit and let me get a better look at it.” I turned as he asked and smiled down at him lovingly as he got on his knees to take a much closer look. He put his hands on my hips to reposition me while he looked, and I let him guide me into showing my cock off to best advantage.

“As beautiful as it is, and as much as I’d love to touch it, I don’t want to push you too much, so we’ll save that for another day. Why don’t you follow me back to the bed, though, and we’ll lay down again for a while so I can keep admiring everything you’ve got on display.”

As much as I enjoyed letting him look at me while I was hard, I had no intention of letting him touch it on any other day. I figured I’d cross that bridge when I came to it, though. For now, all I wanted was for him to keep looking at it! It was so weird, though. It kind of freaked me out a bit that I was even letting a guy look at my dick, never mind letting him look at me while I was hard, but it was just something that felt so right with Peter. I’d spent the last eight years or so learning to avoid fags like him and actively prevent them from staring at my cock, yet now, all I could think of was how much I wanted him to say something nice about it again.

It was only a few steps from the bathroom door to the bed, and I turned around and lay on my back when I got there. My cock was still as hard as could be and it was now lying flat on my stomach, over my pants and t-shirt, extending almost to my rib cage. I watched as Peter stopped in front of where I was lying and took a good, long look at my dick, complimenting me on how pretty it was before he joined me on the bed.

At first, he started by massaging my chest again, being careful to keep his hand well away from my cock. While he’d started off lying a couple of inches away from me, he inched closer to me as I got more comfortable with his caressing. At one point, he draped one of his legs over mine, pressing his cock up against my side. I instinctively inched away just enough that that part of him wasn’t touching me anymore, though I had no objection to letting him leave his leg where it was. I could understand why a gay guy would be turned on in a situation like this and think I was offering more than I was—heck, I wanted to please him so much, I would almost have been willing to let him press himself against me this once—but I definitely didn’t want this sort of thing to become the norm.

He moved closer once more, but I inched away even further before he got close enough to do what he obviously wanted to. I tried to give him a warning look, but ended up losing myself in his eyes as he comforted me. “Cameron, you’re part of my web of trust”, he started. “You enjoy spending time with me, and want nothing more than to lie there and enjoy my company. It’s easy to ignore the feel of my cock against your side, even if I start humping you like I did last night. As you continue to relax, you’ll probably even realize what I’m doing, and you’ll be okay with it. The important thing is that you’re with me. I feel like a father to you—the father you’ve never had—and you want to make me just as happy as I make you. Lie back, relax, and enjoy, Cameron.”

We continued lying there for some time, Peter continuing to massage my chest, his head bobbing up and down rhythmically. With a little encouragement from him, I let him kiss me on my face and on my neck while I laid back and enjoyed how he made me feel. I’d never been able to let my defenses down this much with anyone before, and it fulfilled some kind of need deep inside me that I’d never even realized I had. For the first time, I felt like I belonged.

At some point, I realized that he was dry-humping me, not to mention that he had his elbow resting on my cock, but I didn’t really mind either of those things. I just kept losing myself in his eyes and in the feel of him lying against me, eventually even losing myself in the taste of him as he started to kiss me on the lips. I was a bit taken aback when his tongue first darted into my mouth, but I got used to it soon enough, even getting into it and kissing him back after a while.

“Very good, Cameron”, he told me after we’d been kissing for several minutes. “Just keep relaxing and enjoying everything.” I felt a rush of pride at his praise.

We kept kissing and cuddling for another half hour or more. At one point, I let my hand drift down and even started stroking my cock while Peter watched. Not surprisingly, he really got turned on by that, and I could feel his cock pressing into my side even harder as his humping got faster. It was a long time before I came, a part of me still vaguely aware that I was masturbating for the benefit of a fag, but eventually I got there, my cum splattering all over my shirt.

Peter told me we should call it a night, once I’d come down from the high of cumming, which made me feel sad. I didn’t want to leave his side at this point, and would’ve happily stayed longer, but I trusted his judgement.

I gave everyone downstairs a hug before I left—even Mitch and Kevin, who were no longer fucking, but were still naked—telling them all that I’d see them again soon. Lastly, I gave Peter a hug and a protracted French kiss. “Goodbye…Dad? Does that sound weird?”, I asked, blushing. The guys looked at me kind of funny, but Peter took it in stride.

“Let’s just stick with Peter, Cameron. Don’t get me wrong—I love that you think of me that way—but calling me Dad makes me feel old!”, Peter complained with a laugh.

In truth, I was kind of relieved myself. As much as he felt like the father I’d never known, calling him that had felt a bit strange to me. Maybe that would change in time, but for now, I was just as happy to call him by his name. I smiled back at him and gave him another, shorter French kiss before heading out. As I shut the door behind me, I had the odd sense that I was leaving home, not heading back to it, and when I got back to my apartment, it seemed so dismal and lonely. All I wanted to do was go back to Peter and the rest of the family. That night, I lay awake for a long time thinking about all that had happened in the last two days. It all seemed so strange, so overwhelming…yet so cathartic.

When I woke up the next morning, it occurred to me that with not having a job anymore, and not having to worry about finding a new one, my day was wide open and I could do anything I wanted to. My first order of business was to call Peter. Once I was finished speaking with him, I lounged around the house until after lunch. I was again struck by the sense of loneliness and decided to head into town for a bit before going over to Peter’s again.

Once again, I wore the pants that were a bit too small for me, although this time, I put on a pair of briefs first. Now, instead of hanging down my leg, my cock bulged out in front of me like I had a tennis ball stuffed in my pants. People looked as I walked down the aisle of the bus, but it didn’t bother me as much as it once had. Mostly, I took their stares as a compliment, but anytime I felt uncomfortable, I just thought about Peter and how much I’d enjoyed having him look at it. Thinking about him made me forget about everyone else’s stares altogether.

Ultimately, I ended up at a movie theater. There wasn’t much on that was to my taste, but now that I was here, I didn’t want to leave. I bought myself a snack, and the largest drink they had, and downed almost half of it before the movie even started. I must have been thirsty because the rest of it was gone within the first half hour of the movie. Naturally, I had to relieve myself long before the movie was over—only moments after the last gulp had gone down.

Realizing just how much I’d had to drink, and that I’d probably have to go again soon, I took a seat at the back of the theater when I got back from the bathroom. I was just starting to get absorbed in the movie again when I felt the first twinges of pressure. Sure enough, fifteen minutes later, I couldn’t hold it any longer and got up to go again.

As I had the first time, I walked all the way down the row of urinals in the bathroom, standing at the very last one. There was nobody in there when I started, but it wasn’t long before someone came in. He could see the size of my dick pretty clearly as he also headed along the row of urinals, ultimately choosing the one right next to me. His stare couldn’t have been more obvious short of doing what Peter had done to me yesterday, but just thinking about Peter made me relax. This was nothing compared to that, and letting this guy watch reminded me how much I’d enjoyed letting Peter watch. I started to fluff up a bit as the pervy guy kept staring, secretly enjoying how he couldn’t seem to take his eyes off of it—his admiration felt more like a compliment on my size than anything I should be embarrassed about. Eventually, though, I’d drained my bladder once again, and I shoved myself back into my briefs—not an easy task between the tight pants and my mildly excited state.

Despite the fact that I’d let him look, I glared warningly at the guy when he winked at me in the mirror. Obviously confused, he looked away shyly, washed his hands, and left. There was only one gay guy that was allowed to look at my cock without complaint, and it wasn’t this guy. Just thinking about the whole thing yesterday gave me an overwhelming urge to see Peter again, so I left the theatre and headed home without even bothering to watch the rest of the movie.

As focused on him as I was, I pulled out my phone and texted Peter as soon as I was on the bus. “It went well”, I told him. “Be home soon.” Looking at what I’d just typed, I wasn’t even sure why I’d typed the first part, but Peter didn’t seem to make anything of it, replying only that he was looking forward to it.

It wasn’t until I got there that I realized that I hadn’t headed home to my apartment, I’d headed home to Peter’s place. I’d known when I left last night that that was how I was feeling, but seeing his place once again really cemented the feeling. It was only my third time here, but I was home now. I didn’t even bother to ring the doorbell this time—I knew the door would be unlocked, so I just walked up and let myself in. Peter was sitting in the living room, watching TV, and he waved at me as I entered. There was no one else in sight, though I could hear noise coming from upstairs.

“Hey, Cameron! How was the movie?”, he asked.

“How did you know that’s where I was?”, I asked as I removed my jacket and shoes.

“Cameron, you’re part of my web of trust. Don’t worry about how I knew. Just tell me what happened at the movie theater.”

“Nothing much, really. I didn’t even stay for the whole movie. It was kind of weird, actually. Some pervy guy came in and stared at me while I was standing at the urinal, but once I was done, I didn’t even bother to watch the rest of the movie. I just came straight here”, I told Peter with a warm smile as I was reminded how at home I felt here.

At his request, I stripped off my shirt and pants and filled Peter in on exactly what the guy had done, and how I’d responded. I was worried that Peter might be offended that I’d been rude to an obviously gay guy, but he didn’t seem bothered by it at all. Without the support of my pants, my cock was threatening to slip out of the briefs I was wearing, but I ignored it and went to stand in front of Peter. I figured he’d probably want to take another look at me—he was a pretty horny guy, after all—and the truth was, I wanted him to look at the bulge I made in my underwear.

Seeing Peter always made me feel better, and the longer I watched him drinking in the sight of my almost-naked body, the closer I felt to him. Staring into my eyes, he smiled warmly, groping his crotch before going back to admiring the view. I loved the way he was looking at me and felt myself beginning to get hard. As my cock started to fill out, it slipped out of my undies, as it had been threatening to do for some time. It was now sitting fairly uncomfortably, so I pushed my underwear down below my balls to let my cock sit more naturally…then, on a whim, I pushed them down even further and kicked them off onto the floor.

I was a little taken aback when the man I thought of as my new father picked them up and put them to his face, breathing deeply. From the look on his face as he did, I wondered for a moment if he’d somehow hypnotized himself. It was a look of deep relaxation and pleasure that didn’t fade, even after he’d breathed in the smell of my briefs several more times. As much as I wanted to make him happy, it was more than a little disturbing to see him sniffing my underwear. Pulling them away from his face, Peter’s look slowly went from euphoric to predatory, and for the first time that I could recall, I felt wary of him and took half a step back.

“It’s okay, Cameron”, he smiled, trying to appear comforting but failing, “you’re part of my web of trust. There’s nothing wrong with me sniffing you’re underwear; it’s just part of bonding as a family. You may find that you start to enjoy my scent too.”

I relaxed slightly as he spoke. Why had I been bothered by the sight of Peter sniffing my undies, anyway? The predatory look still threw me, though. I felt very threatened all of a sudden, and I wasn’t sure what to make of it. “You said to always tell you if I felt uncomfortable”, I told him quietly, hesitant to interrupt his continued sniffing, “and the way you’re looking at me right now is making me feel very uncomfortable. I’m also feeling rather exposed. I mean, I know you’ve seen me hard before, but what if one of the guys comes down?”, I asked.

“Don’t worry about anyone coming down, Cameron, they know the drill. They won’t disturb us until I tell them it’s okay”, Peter assured me.

That made me feel a little better, at least. I still felt exposed and vulnerable, though. Yesterday, he’d only been looking at my cock, but I’d still had the rest of my clothes on. Today, I was completely naked, and it made a big difference.

“As for how I’m looking at you right now, Cameron, I want you to just relax and remember that you’re part of my web of trust. You’re perfectly safe here with me. No matter how I look at you or whatever else I might do, this is your home, and you know that you have nothing to fear from me at all. Instead of making you uncomfortable or afraid, I think you’ll find that you like the way I look at you, along with liking anything else I do that seems unusual. You know it means I’m enjoying myself”, Peter asserted.

Slowly, as the predatory look in his eyes got even more intense, I found myself relaxing, even smiling back at him as he licked his lips and ogled my body some more. I relaxed even further as Peter leaned in and started sniffing at various parts of my body, no longer even bothering with my underwear and instead shoving his nose directly into my pubic hair to take a long, deep breath. While it was beyond weird that I was standing there naked letting a gay guy sniff my crotch, the only thing that really mattered to me was that Peter was having fun. Everything else took a back seat to that single, central fact.

“Cameron”, he told me after he’d finished sniffing my crotch and had slowly kissed his way up my stomach and chest, “it’s time for another session.”

Timmy and Kevin were in the living room now, standing over Peter and I as we lay together on the couch. I couldn’t remember moving to the couch, nor could I remember Timmy and Kevin joining us, but I decided those things weren’t terribly important right now.

Peter was behind me, his right hand reaching around and stroking Kevin’s cock to its full, erect length. From what I’d seen yesterday, although not as thick, I thought it must be at least as long as his brother’s—maybe even a little longer—though on his smaller frame, it appeared gigantic. Timmy was behind Kevin, his fingers controlling Kevin’s head, turning it to one side so the two of them could French kiss. As my eyes took in what was going on, I realized that today, it was Timmy’s cock that was buried in Kevin’s ass, rather than Mitch’s.

Peter’s left hand was resting lightly on my chest, fondling one of my nipples. I just stared quietly at Kevin’s cock, examining it as I watched Peter’s hand massaging it in various ways, sometimes moving down to fondle Kevin’s balls. Several times as I watched, Peter leaned in and inhaled deeply, breathing in Kevin’s scent as he had mine earlier, and getting that same look of utter contentment.

I’d never seen another guy’s dick this close up. Unlike me, Kevin was circumcised. Although there was no clear scar, his shaft was split into two distinct shaded areas, the one closer to the head being slightly pinker than the rest. It was strangely fascinating to look at, perhaps in part because it looked so different than my own. Several times as Peter leaned in for a sniff, pushing Kevin’s penis off to one side and slightly downwards, I thought I saw some kind of marking on the edges of it, perhaps just a freckle or unusually dark vein. It wasn’t until Peter stopped playing and Kevin had started to go soft again that I could make out what it was. On the top of his cock, Kevin had a small and fairly new tattoo. It was similar in a way to the one Timmy had on his neck, but where Timmy’s was a hollow P camouflaged by surrounding webbing, Kevin’s had no web on the outside, but fine webbing on the inside. When he was soft, it was almost completely hidden by his pubic hair, explaining why I hadn’t noticed it yesterday.

Casually repositioning my arm on the couch, Peter rubbed his hand under my armpit and brought it up to his nose to sniff. I wasn’t especially sweaty or anything, but there was apparently enough scent to drive him wild once more. I saw the feral, predatory look come into his eyes once again, and found myself enjoying it almost as much as he did.

“Cameron, you’re part of my web of trust. I want you to look at Timmy now. Watch as he thrusts into Kevin’s ass and pulls back out again. With each thrust, you’ll find yourself thinking how impressive he looks, how much he just naturally draws your eyes to him. His thrusting will absolutely captivate you and your awareness of everything else will simply fade out. As you continue to watch him, you’re going to find yourself feeling very submissive to him. You think of all the guys as your brothers, but him more than anyone. You trust him and you want to follow his lead, doing whatever he wants whenever he wants, even if it seems unusual. As with me, even if it seems like he might have hypnotized you, you’ll know that that isn’t the case, and you’ll ignore anything that suggests that he has.”

Barely even aware that Peter was talking, I found my eyes drawn towards Timmy as he started thrusting a little faster. He had a definite sense of presence that I hadn’t noticed until now, and I loved the way his hips were thrusting into Kevin’s butt. There was an air of competence about him that truly impressed me, and I couldn’t take my eyes off the way his buttocks flexed as he thrust in and out, over and over again. He had a sense of power to him that I just couldn’t ignore, and I knew just from his body language as he fucked that he was a natural leader. For some odd reason, I found myself thinking of him hypnotizing me, but as quickly as the thought came, it left again. He would never do that to me.

There were some rather pleasant sensations coming from my cock as I continued watching Timmy and Kevin going at it, and I could hear Peter sniffing at someone once again, but I only had eyes for Timmy as his hips thrust in and out of Kevin’s ass. He was truly amazing!

As the afternoon went on, I started to become aware of what Peter was doing. I’d slowly shifted down the couch over time and Peter was now lying half on top of me in almost a sixty-nine position, allowing him to sniff various parts of my body, mostly my left side and stomach area, but he curled inwards a few times, coming close enough to my left armpit to sniff at the edges of it, which clearly drove him nuts. I was also slowly realizing that the pleasant sensation I was feeling in my penis wasn’t just happening of its own accord. At first, I was only vaguely aware of my foreskin moving back and forth, but as my awareness of Peter increased, I realized that it was his hand that was doing it.

I think if he’d just reached out and grabbed me all of a sudden, it probably would’ve freaked me out a bit, but coming as gradually as it did, I was able to adapt to the idea that he was touching my cock, and even grow to like it. The more I focused on what he was doing, the better it felt, until Timmy and Kevin were forgotten entirely, and I was now focused solely on Peter. His hands—both of them now—felt so amazing on my cock! I didn’t even mind when his cock flopped against my face as he got up on all fours to bury his face between my balls and my leg, once again taking deep breaths and, from the tapping of his cock against my cheek as he throbbed repeatedly, getting very turned on by my smell.

I was much too big for him to wrap his mouth around in any meaningful way, but even the feel of his lips on my cock drove me wild as he continued his exploration of my body. I couldn’t remember having cum since the day I’d first met Peter, but there was no stopping me now! After only a few wet cock-kisses from him, I blew my load all over my stomach, a lot of it also hitting Peter’s chest above me, and then dripping back down onto my stomach. Peter didn’t stop his sniffing and licking just because I’d cum, though, and I realized quickly that he wouldn’t do so until he was satisfied.

Even though I didn’t mind his cock flopping and throbbing against my face, I wasn’t about to give him the same kind of pleasure he was giving me, so I just lay back and got into what he was doing. Peter knew I was straight, so I knew he wouldn’t mind if I didn’t reciprocate. Even as I thought it, though, I remembered the day before thinking that I was never going to let Peter touch my cock, and yet here I was not only letting him masturbate me, but also letting him kiss and lick my cock.

Middle-aged guy that he was, Peter quickly found that even as much as he was enjoying himself, he was starting to get a bit uncomfortable with his strange position over me. I had to admit, even I might’ve found it tiring, given the various contortions he’d been putting himself through since we’d laid down on the couch. Climbing off of me, he directed me to stand up, my arm around Kevin’s shoulders, while Peter himself sat back down on the couch. Kevin smiled at me congenially as I relaxed and settled in, standing hip-to-hip with him…at least when Timmy didn’t fuck him too hard. The two of us stood there letting Peter sniff at us, first one and then the other, for much of the rest of the afternoon, and I even let Timmy kiss me once or twice.

For his part, Timmy kept up his fucking, his hands switching between Kevin’s hips, ribs, and shoulders as he thrust, sometimes having Kevin bend over and other times pulling him back in for more frenching. Timmy’s thrusting pelvis often came into contact with my hips a little, but I didn’t really mind. I could see Peter gauging my reactions a couple of times as Timmy got more daring, but I was quite comfortable with all of it, even when Timmy wrapped his arm around my waist and left it there. I really thought of Timmy and Kevin as my brothers, and it felt perfectly natural to let Timmy take the lead with both of us.

I felt a little edgy when Peter started to masturbate to the sight of Kevin and I standing there with our arms around each other’s shoulders as Timmy kissed each of us in turn. It wasn’t so much that Peter was masturbating that bothered me, but the fact that he was doing so while also playing with my cock and Kevin’s back and forth. I knew he’d been playing with my cock not that long before, but the longer he did it, the stranger I felt about all of it. The whole afternoon kind of struck me as a bit off, now that I thought about it, though I couldn’t figure out why.

As usual, when I mentioned that I was feeling a bit weird, Peter and I had a short chat—nothing important at all—and I felt a lot better afterwards. Peter came while fondling my balls, one finger even pushing between my legs. It was close enough to my ass that I knew what he was thinking, but not close enough to make me uncomfortable. Timmy and Kevin both knelt to lick Peter’s cum off his stomach as soon as he was done.

To my horror, Kevin started sucking Timmy off as soon as he was done with Peter, but Timmy just grinned at me and explained that it was nothing to worry about. Actually, now that I thought about it, it kind of made sense with Timmy being the dominant brother that Kevin would lick him clean after getting fucked. For just a moment, I imagined myself doing that for him, but it was too much for me to think about. I let myself be distracted by Timmy’s tongue and lips as the idea slipped into the back of my mind where I could let my subconscious get more comfortable with it.

From that afternoon onwards, I spent every day at Peter’s house, often bringing stuff with me from what I now thought of as my old place, and putting it all in the empty room upstairs. I didn’t have a bed yet, but Timmy, wonderful brother that he was, was happy to share his, and I found that once I started sleeping over all the time, the two of us really bonded. I bonded with all of my brothers, really, but him most of all, and feeling as close to him as I did, I found myself getting more comfortable with doing at least some of the same sorts of things for him and Peter as the other guys did.

By the time my birthday rolled around, I was doing almost as much for Peter as the rest of them despite the fact that, unlike them, I’d never been hypnotized by either Peter or Timmy, apart from those first couple of therapy sessions. I wouldn’t have minded if they had, though—the simple fact was that I loved them all, and I would do almost anything for any of them. It had been a long time coming, but I knew I’d finally found my real family and that I’d never leave them for anything! I truly couldn’t have been happier.

As content as I was, though, there was still one last nagging thing to take care of. Despite Peter’s reassurances, I was nervous on the afternoon of my birthday as I thought about my upcoming meeting. With five of us in the house now, Peter used the money he got from various hypnotized guys like Walter and Carl to buy a second car for me and my brothers to use. Timmy was the only one who actually drove, but he was happy to drive me and Kevin wherever we needed to go.

Unusually, it was an after-hours meeting, so we didn’t show up at Carl’s office until 5:30. Timmy came up with me to say hi to his dad, casually fondling me to a much more noticeable not-quite-hard state in the elevator on the way up. “Oh, hi, Timmy!”, his dad greeted him as we walked into his office. “What are you doing here?”

“I just gave Cameron a ride over and I thought I’d pop by and say hi—maybe stick around during the meeting for moral support”, Timmy said, shutting the blinds and locking the door to his father’s office as he spoke.

“Oh, I’m sorry, Timmy”, his dad told him, “this is a confidential meeting. As much as I appreciate you stopping by, I’m afraid you can’t stay.”

“Dad, you’re part of my web of trust”, Timmy told him. “There’s no reason to worry about confidentiality here—it’s just me. You’re really happy to see me, and you don’t mind at all if I stay while you have your meeting with Cameron.”

“Yeah, you’re right, I suppose. I guess it doesn’t really matter if you stay with your friend. Now get over here and let me give you a hug!”, Carl suggested. As I watched, Carl not only hugged his son, but also fondled him, which Timmy really seemed to enjoy. They kept at it long enough that Timmy started to get a little hard, and once he did, Carl knelt and started unbuttoning Timmy’s pants.

“It’s really great to see you again, son!”, he told Timmy while undoing his zipper. “I’m glad you came by.” Sticking his tongue out, he reached to pull Timmy’s foreskin back, taking his son’s unusually long cock all the way down his throat. He continued deep-throating Timmy for several minutes until Timmy ordered him to hold still for a moment. I couldn’t tell what was happening until Carl started gulping like he was swallowing something.

“Eeeeuuugh, that’s disgusting!”, I complained at first. Once Timmy reminded me that he was the dominant brother, or dominant son in this case, I realized that this was a lot like when I’d sucked him off after he’d been fucking Mitch and Kevin last night. I couldn’t believe that had once seemed so horrifying to me. Reassured, I let him get back to pissing down his father’s throat without further complaint.

“So”, Carl said once Timmy was finished with him, “I guess we should get down to business then.” Timmy sat down next to me, spreading his legs and having me stroke his cock while his father spoke.

“I’ve now gone over your records, Cameron, as well as the various things you told me in your interview, and I’ve made my decision. It was good of you to get a job, and you showed that you were able to manage your money at least well enough to pay your bills and afford food. However, your tendency towards partying is very worrisome in terms of your level of responsibility, and when I called to confirm your employment, your former boss told me that he’d let you go because of your refusal to wear appropriate clothing. Looking at how you’re dressed right now, I can see why he had issues with it.” I found myself smiling at the idea that Carl was complaining about how I was dressed even though he’d been repeatedly glancing at his son’s cock while he was speaking.

It seemed like Carl mistook the reason for my smile, and his face distinctly hardened before he continued. “While I might have been willing to overlook the partying on its own, I’m afraid that with you being out of a job, I’m going to have to—”, he faltered as Timmy cut him off.

“Dad, you’re part of my web of trust. It’s time you stopped lying to Cameron and told him the real reason why you’re refusing him. You don’t need to be professional with Cameron right now, and you can just come out and tell him what’s really on your mind.”

“Yeah, good point, Timmy”, his dad agreed with him. “Okay then, let’s cut the bullshit!”, Carl said, turning towards me. “I don’t know if you know this, Cameron, but my partner and I are in a Master/slave relationship, and I’m the Master. When I look at you with that impudent grin on your face, I see some snot-nosed trust fund kid who really needs a good spanking, followed by a couple of hours in the room I’ve set up as a dungeon.” Timmy quirked a half-smile at that. I was guessing it had once been his room. “Sure, you got a job this year, but that was only so you could impress me and get at your money, and you and I both know that!”

“Now, that’s all true as far as it goes”, he continued, “but that’s not what pisses me off the most. What pisses me off the most is the size of your dick! While you’ve gotten better at hiding it these last couple of years, you weren’t always so careful. I’ve known for a while now just how well hung you are, and I can only imagine how impressive it must be when it’s hard.”

“I don’t understand”, I said uncertainly. “What does the size of my dick have to do with whether or not I’m ready to handle my trust fund?”

“Nothing!”, Carl shouted. “Or, at least, it shouldn’t”, he said in a more subdued tone. “The simple fact is, I can’t help myself. Every time I see you, I think about how big that thing is, and I feel a certain respect for it. I’ve known guys with bigger dicks than mine before—hell, Timmy’s one of them, or at least he’s longer”, Carl said, motioning towards his son’s cock as I continued to stroke it, “but nobody’s ever made me feel like you do. You make me want to submit to you! That’s what pisses me off the most! You’re way too fucking young—practically a baby compared to my partner—and I have no respect for you on any level except the size of your dick. Besides that, for my entire life, I have been, and always shall be, a Master! But you confuse me, and that confusion pisses me off!

“More than anything, I want to see what you look like naked, I want to worship your cock for hours on end…but that’s just not me! The reasons I’ve given you the last three years running were true, and looked fine on paper, but they weren’t the whole truth. So, you wanna know the real reason I’m denying you access to your trust? It’s because it makes me feel in control again, and I can’t stand not being in control”, Carl finished.

I looked at him disbelievingly, but then as the irony of his statement hit me, and I turned to look at Timmy incredulously. Timmy was more in control here than Carl was, and Peter had total control over them both!

Timmy just grinned at me wickedly and turned to talk to his father. “Dad, you’re part of my web of trust. You don’t need to be in control around me and Cameron, just as you aren’t with Master Peter. You can just be the person you truly want to be. You’re becoming increasingly horny just being around Cameron, knowing how well hung he is, and how badly you want what he has. You’re starting to lose control, and soon, you’re going to find you can’t help but undo your pants and start masturbating as you continue staring at Cameron’s crotch. The longer you masturbate, the less you’ll be able to resist giving him what he wants. You’ll find that you want nothing more than to let him and I have our way with you. Then, once we’re done with you and I’ve let you cum, you’re going to realize that it’s time to give Cameron his trust fund.”

Timmy’s dad never acknowledged what his son said, his eyes remaining fixed on my face while the intensity of his stare increased as he got progressively hornier. Knowing what was going on for him, I stood up, flattening my pants against my cock to outline it as clearly as possible. That proved to be too much for Carl, and against anything I could ever have imagined him doing before I met Peter, he undid his pants, pulled out his cock, and started masturbating right in front of me.

“Cameron, you’re part of my web of trust”, Timmy told me. “Why don’t you take your clothes off and give my father what he really wants”, he suggested. That seemed like a pretty good idea to me, and I knew it was almost guaranteed to get Carl to sign over my trust, so I didn’t hesitate for a moment. Soon, I had Timmy’s dad begging to get a closer look at me, and I was more than happy to oblige him.

While Carl knelt at my feet, worshipping my cock without actually touching it, Timmy knelt down and murmured in his father’s ear. It was obvious what the general nature of Timmy’s suggestion was because Carl leaned forward until he was on all fours, craning his head up towards my crotch. I gave in and let Carl start tonguing my cock while Timmy pulled a bottle of lube out of his backpack and started warming his father’s ass up. In no time at all, Timmy was fucking his dad like there was no tomorrow. It was the first time I’d actually seen them going at it, but I was so used to Peter and Timmy hypnotizing other guys now that I didn’t give it another thought. Besides, I’d known almost since I’d met them that Peter had hypnotized the two of them to have sex with each other. Finally seeing them go at it in real life turned me on more than I would have imagined. Mostly, I let my eyes focus on Timmy’s hips, admiring how they rippled as he fucked his own father.

After Timmy had cum in his dad’s ass, he offered me a turn. Peter loved watching me fuck the other guys, and I’d fucked each of my new brothers at least once, so when Timmy suggested I take his father, I agreed readily. Tossing me the lube, Timmy bent his dad over the desk with his ass pointed in my direction. Timmy, meanwhile, walked around to the other side and started fucking his dad’s mouth. Stuffy, uptight Carl took it all in stride like he did this every day.

Once I started pushing my head into Carl’s ass, however, that changed. Very clearly, getting fucked by a guy like me was not something he did every day. He had a hard time taking me in, even part way, and Timmy had to reassure him and use post-hypnotic commands frequently. At first, I’d enjoyed getting revenge on him for being such a hard-ass and withholding my trust from me all this time all over his own insecurities, but eventually, I realized just how hard of a time he was really having. I was about to suggest that maybe we shouldn’t push it when Timmy looked down into his father’s eyes and told him to “cum now”. Only moments later, Carl spoke around Timmy’s cock, telling me he’d be more than happy to sign my trust over to me this year, and I could see cum dribbling down the front of his desk.

We stopped after that, Timmy doing his best to clean me off after I pulled out of his father’s ass, with Carl kneeling to join his son once he’d finished cleaning himself up a bit and licked his own cum off the desk and carpet. The two of them tongued my cock all over until it was mostly lube-free, at which point we all got dressed.

“Dad, you’re part of my web of trust”, Timmy addressed his father once we were done. “There has been absolutely nothing unusual about our visit today. It was all perfectly routine, and you will ignore any evidence to the contrary. It was so routine, in fact, that the details of what happened will quickly fade from your memory as unimportant. Despite how boring and routine this visit was, you’re now more certain than ever that passing the trust fund to Cameron was the right decision, and you’ll make all the necessary arrangements over the coming days.”

By the time Timmy had finished speaking, Carl acted like he had no idea what had happened over the course of the evening. Or if he did know, he apparently thought that it was perfectly normal that his son and I had spent the last hour or so fucking him blind as part of handing over my trust fund. Standing up to see us out of his office, Carl shook my hand before I left, congratulating me on having come so far this year.

Playing up to his hypnotized obliviousness, I thanked him for his service to me and, indirectly, to my parents all these years, instructing him to call me anytime he needed me to come in and sign documents or whatever else. Whether it was a subconscious memory of getting fucked or just the fact that his duties as my trustee were done, Carl was much friendlier with me now than he’d ever been before, smiling warmly at me the whole time we were speaking.

To my surprise, though, just as we were about to leave, Carl turned the tables on his son. “Oh, Timmy, before you go, Master Peter wanted me to remind you that you’re part of my web of trust”, Carl told him. I saw the subtle change in Timmy’s eyes as his trigger phrase hit him.

“You love getting hypnotized, Timmy, and it’s very important to let Peter and the other hypnotists in his web hypnotize you whenever they want. You will never question or be concerned with what suggestions you’ve been given, remembering only that you you’ve been hypnotized to do what Peter wants, and that you love that more than anything. You would do absolutely anything for him, and you especially love hypnotizing guys you know he thinks are hot, and then turning them over to him to hypnotize and fuck. As always, you will never fuck anyone yourself until Peter gives you permission. A hypnotized guy’s ass belongs to Peter first and foremost. You feel absolute trust and loyalty to him above all others, and will never hesitate to do anything he wants you to.”

I couldn’t believe the words I’d just heard coming out of Carl’s mouth, although it seemed pretty obvious to me that they were actually Peter’s words, not Carl’s. Interesting that Carl hadn’t called him ‘Master Peter’ after he’d triggered Timmy, apparently switching to how Timmy thought of him instead of how I’d heard Carl refer to him on several occasions. Man, I loved what Peter had done to these guys! What a mind-fuck to think that Timmy’s own father was helping to keep him hypnotically obedient to Peter. “Yeah, sure thing, Dad”, Timmy responded absent-mindedly, continuing out the door as though nothing unusual had happened.

Out of curiosity, I quizzed Timmy on the way home, asking him whether he’d ever hypnotized the other hypnotists in Peter’s web to do anything.

“Oh yeah, all the time!”, he assured me. “Peter likes to make sure everyone gets hypnotized regularly and has their suggestions reinforced, so I hypnotize my father and Dylan at least once a week. Sometimes, it’s just a quick reminder that they should get hypnotized often; other times I’ll spend more time with them and really take them deep, reinforcing things like being obedient to Peter and attracted to him, being comfortable doing gay or incestuous things…all that jazz. Dylan and I do most of the work reinforcing suggestions for all of Peter’s subjects, though Dad does some too, especially with my other Dad, Aaron.”

“What about you?”, I asked, wondering if I was on dangerous territory or not. “Do they hypnotize you, do you think?”

“I don’t really care if they do”, he replied, not unexpectedly. “The important thing is that Peter gets to hypnotize any of us that he wants, whenever he wants, to do whatever he wants. If someone’s hypnotizing me to think that way, so much the better. I love being hypnotized, and the other hypnotists are all welcome to do it at any time! And on that note, Cameron, you’re part of my web of trust. There’s really no need to ask questions about who gets hypnotized, when, or for what. Just go with the flow. The more often you see—or even think about—guys getting hypnotized, the more you like it, to the point that it’s even starting to turn you on now.”

I figured that was more than enough questions and spent most of the rest of the drive home thinking back over everything that had just happened. The part where Carl had hypnotized his own son was the one that stuck out the most for me, though. I kept looking over at Timmy as I thought about his father’s suggestions, and how clueless both of them were about what was going on, and I realized I was starting to feel a little pressure in my pants. By the time we got home, I was showing all eleven inches I had, and couldn’t wait to get inside to watch Peter hypnotize someone.

As it turned out, Peter and the guys had thrown me a small birthday party. Peter took one look at me when Timmy and I walked in and gave me my first birthday wish, putting Timmy under to let me relieve myself inside his hole. It didn’t stop with Timmy, though—over the next couple of hours, I got to play round-robin with everyone there except Peter, taking turns on Jeff and Kevin’s ass after I was done with Timmy, then moving on to Mitch and his roommates, Dylan and Scott, whom I’d never met before. When I wasn’t busy with them, Timmy and Dylan paired off with others themselves while Peter just took whomever he felt like at any given moment, of course. As I looked around the room filled with naked guys, it dawned on me that, even as big as he was, Peter had the second-smallest cock in the room, at least going by length, with Scott being the only shorter guy there. Somehow, it seemed like Peter’s cock should be bigger.

As he came up behind me and spoke into my ear, though, I found myself thinking of how perfect Peter’s cock really was. I’d never quite gotten over my hang-ups about letting a gay man fuck me, but tonight was going to be the night. I’d only barely finished the thought when I realized that the head of Peter’s cock was already sliding into me. It was like nothing I’d ever felt before, and made every other sexual experience I’d had pale in comparison. It was absolutely fucking amazing! Out of all the gifts I’d gotten for my birthday, having Peter’s cock ramming in and out of my ass—several times over the course of the evening—was the absolute best.

Within a few weeks of that amazing night, Carl had finished all the paperwork and transferred everything to me that was mine. I was careful about not overspending, relying heavily on Peter’s guidance. After all, he was much more experienced than I was in handling money, and I trusted him more than anyone else in the world. Paying off his mortgage seemed like the least I could do in exchange for all his help.

Knowing how much Timmy liked his electronics, I also bought a new home theater system for the living room and got him a killer setup of several gaming consoles and computers for his room. He barely had the space to fit everything in by the time he and I were done shopping, but buying him things just made me feel so good—not to mention letting him fuck me all afternoon after we’d gotten back home. The only thing I actually bought for myself with my newfound wealth was a bed, which Peter and Timmy promptly double-fucked me in the same day it arrived.

With the rest of my stuff now moved into my bedroom at Peter’s place, I broke the lease on my old apartment and moved in permanently. As it said on Timmy’s back, my life was now a dream…the best dream I’d ever had with the only family I’d ever known.

That dream came to an end only a few weeks after I’d finished moving in, however, with a loud knock on the door one evening. “Peter Rhodes? FBI!”, the voice said. We all looked around at each other, then looked at Peter. Jeff threw on Peter’s bathrobe and motioned him and the rest of us upstairs to get dressed. Peter obviously realized what was about to happen, and that there was no way out of this situation, so after quickly throwing on clothes of his own, he went back downstairs, announcing himself as he approached the door where Jeff was talking to the agents. We all heard the officer’s next words very clearly.

“Peter Rhodes, you are under arrest for abduction, sexual battery, rape, coercion, gross sexual imposition, and impeding an officer. You have the right to remain silent….”