The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Web of Trust — Chapter 2


  • Peter — Timothy Olyphant
  • Jeff — Michael Grant Terry
  • Dylan — Luke Bilyk

I needed to get over to Peter’s place right away!

At first, that was my only thought. I had a vague memory of being woken up by a phone call, but that wasn’t important right now. Feeling a surge in my groin, I threw on some clothes and did my best to sneak out of the house. Now that I wasn’t living at home anymore, I technically didn’t have to tell anybody where I was going, but if my roommates saw me leave at this hour, they were bound to ask questions. I was usually an early riser anyway, so at least they wouldn’t question my absence if I were gone when they woke up, which I probably would be.

Peter, on the other hand, I wasn’t worried about at all. I was pretty sure he’d be awake, though offhand, I couldn’t think how I knew that. Even if he wasn’t, I could hypnotize him not to care what time it was any more than I did. He’d undoubtedly be a bit tired at work later, and I’d be lucky not to fall asleep in Art History, but that didn’t matter. All that mattered right now was that I needed another one of his mind-numbing fantasy sessions immediately.

It was cool outside with just the barest hint of pre-dawn light on the horizon. Buses ran infrequently at this time of night, so I broke into a light trot and headed over to Peter’s on foot. The new place was only about ten minutes away at this speed, and he’d love it that I was a little sweaty. It wasn’t the sweat itself he liked, but just the way I smelled overall. The sweat just brought it out more. He said there were a few guys where something about their scent made him go wild. I was one of them, a fact I used mercilessly to get what I wanted out of him.

Peter was older than I’d normally go for, though I did tend to like somewhat older guys, but being able to control someone completely added immensely to how attractive they were. Since my earliest fantasies, I’d often imagined myself controlling guys or, when I was in more of a submissive mood, them controlling me. The best fantasies of all were a mix of the two—them controlling me when I thought I was controlling them or vice versa. My fantasies could get confusing at times, even to me, but hypnosis and mind control fantasies made my dick hard like no other type of fantasy could.

I’d told Peter about the different versions of my fantasies, of course, so that I’d be able to choose which one I wanted on any given day, and sometimes he’d juggle things up a bit by adding his own fantasies into my sessions as well. After my first fantasy session at his place, he’d offered to teach me how to hypnotize other guys. I’d always wanted to, but I’d never actually learned, so I accepted eagerly. Once I’d mastered the basics, he’d suggested that I start practicing on friends, but he had also let me put him under a few times to make sure my technique was good.

After I’d done that a couple of times, I discovered that he’d taken my fantasies a step further than he’d said he would—the hypno-sex wasn’t just a hypnotic fantasy, it was a reality, and he was also trying to get me to hypnotize other guys for him. I’d put a stop to that once I’d found out. I hypnotized guys for my own benefit, not his, though I did make a point of using the same triggers Peter used and making sure that my subjects would respond to either of us. It only made sense, after all, since I was still learning and might make a mistake. If I did, he needed to be able to take over at a moment’s notice. As an added safeguard, I also made sure to send him contact info for all my current and prospective subjects, as well as keeping him up to date on how far I’d gotten with hypnotizing them, or if I hadn’t done so yet, how naturally suggestible they seemed to be.

So far, the only subject I’d gotten very far with was one of my roommates. He was at the point now where he was going under very easily, and I planned to start introducing sexual suggestions shortly. It had been a long time since I’d slept with anyone but Peter, and I really wanted someone that I could fuck on a regular basis.

The problem with Peter was that I usually ended up bottoming for him. He was just one of those guys that pushed my bottom buttons, despite the fact that I preferred to be the Top. He’d actually been the first person to fuck me, though I hadn’t even realized it at the time. At first, I’d only remembered what he wanted me to, some of which I later found out weren’t even real memories at all. Peter liked hypnotizing guys to think one thing was happening when really there was something completely different going on.

That was part of Peter’s overall method. He said that subjects tended to go deeper and accept suggestions much better in future sessions if they remembered really enjoying what had happened in previous ones, even when they weren’t consciously aware that they’d been hypnotized at all.

The other main component was trust. The goal was to get the subject to let their guard down, at least a little, and stop processing things rationally. Hypnosis was about bypassing rational thought by its nature, but with Peter, once a guy started to let his guard down, he exploited that to encourage the guy to let his guard down further—usually much further—greatly increasing the guy’s hypnotic and waking suggestibility in the process. If Peter had gained a subject’s trust, even just a little bit, given enough time, he could pretty much get a subject to do whatever he wanted. He was getting better at it all the time. One of his favourite tricks to gain trust was to use another guy he’d hypnotized to make the new subject feel safer. The other guy would stay awake during the session, supposedly to keep things on the level, but in reality, he’d been hypnotized previously to let Peter do anything he wanted.

It was generally accepted in professional hypnosis that you couldn’t make someone do something that went against their morals. As Peter said, though, morals were often looser than people liked to admit, and professional researchers had certain guidelines to follow besides. Most of them weren’t perverts using hypnosis for their own benefit like we were. Even when the researchers were perverts, they obviously weren’t going to publish the details of how deeply they’d manipulated their subjects. Some guy named Erickson had done that years ago and now the so-called researchers just rolled their eyes whenever they heard his name, believing that they’d thoroughly debunked his more outrageous claims.

My friend David was a clear example of what could be done if the hypnotist really wanted to. A couple of months after I’d started training with Peter, I’d thrown a birthday party for David and invited Peter along as both the entertainment and the designated driver. It hadn’t taken a lot of effort to convince everyone there to let themselves be hypnotized, with Peter playing the affable stage hypnotist who was just there for fun. In reality, he was helping to teach me and, naturally, hunting for new subjects. He preferred having several on the go at once, and it had been obvious to me from the moment I’d introduced them that he’d really taken a liking to David.

David had been a little unsure about being hypnotized, but after I’d volunteered to stay awake as a safeguard, he’d acceded and let Peter put him and the other guys under. To my surprise, Peter had done exactly what he was supposed to do, even though I would’ve happily let him do just about anything in the name of training.

It had been a fairly typical stage routine, letting the two other guys feel what being hypnotized was like. He’d focussed most of his attention on David, though, using the fact that David was the birthday boy as an excuse. Peter had given him a few extra post-hypnotic suggestions to make him do things like freezing on command or acting like he was a woman and, of course, getting him to go back under at a moment’s notice. To everyone but me, it all seemed perfectly normal and harmless, but it didn’t take me long to realize that what Peter was actually doing was getting David used to following post-hypnotic suggestions and going under whenever Peter wanted him to.

After the party was over, Peter had given the other guys a drive home while David and I cleaned up. David had had a lot of questions about being hypnotized and what had really happened. I answered him honestly—minus the fact that I knew Peter was interested in taking it further—and told him that I was learning to do it, myself. That only made him more interested.

When Peter had gotten back, supposedly to pick me up, he’d put David back under almost the moment he’d gotten in the door. By the time he was done, David had gone from thinking the party was over to being eager to let Peter and I hypnotize him all night long. With a little guidance from Peter, I’d been the one to get David horny and thinking that it was perfectly normal that we were all visibly turned on. When he’d woken up, David had immediately started groping himself through his pants and he’d had no objection at all when Peter suggested that I take my cock out and start stroking it. As far as David was concerned, we were all just sitting around talking and playing with ourselves like guys do sometimes.

After that, Peter had taken over and had David strip. David wasn’t as well hung as either Peter or I were, but he had a body to die for otherwise, at least if you liked blond, jock-like twinks who were slim, with a perky butt and every abdominal muscle lightly outlined. He was exactly Peter’s type. Hell, I didn’t usually like twinks and even I’d gotten turned on looking at his naked body. It hadn’t taken long before Peter had had David squatting down slightly, his ass lubed up with some Vaseline we’d found in a medicine cabinet, and riding Peter’s finger for all he was worth.

It had been very educational watching Peter hypnotize David time and time again until he was willing to let someone he’d only just met stick a finger up his ass. I’d watched Peter hypnotize Jeff a few times, of course, but he’d hypnotized Jeff so often that Jeff went under for him in moments now, so watching the two of them hadn’t been all that educational. Jeff went under so easily, in fact, that Peter had given all his other subjects different triggers, just so that Jeff wouldn’t go under accidentally while Peter was triggering someone else. Unfortunately, Peter said that that also meant Jeff wouldn’t go under for anyone else, so I’d never had the chance to use Jeff for practice. As a result, my experience and success before David had been limited. Once I’d gotten the hang of it with David, however, I’d promptly put Peter’s techniques to good use on my roommate and gotten much better results!

The trickiest part to learn was the waking hypnosis that turned Peter and I on so much. Waking hypnosis for simple tricks was well known, of course, with a hypnotist able to make people temporarily forget their name, or feel warm or cold, just by saying something to that effect, but Peter had gone much further with it than anyone else I’d heard of, though his method seemed to be more of a half-way thing, really. There were still triggers, but the subject stayed completely awake, or at least they seemed to.

It wasn’t quite as effective as full hypnosis, but close. Suggestibility varied a lot, increasing the longer Peter worked with them. Subjects also usually remembered what happened, though they could be convinced to perceive things in a very different way than if they were fully conscious. So far, Jeff and David were the only two guys Peter had found who could be made to forget everything that had happened while they were in a state of waking hypnosis.

A few weeks ago, using only his brand of waking hypnosis, Peter and I had even had sex in the same room as Jeff while he remained completely unaware of it. With just a few words from Peter and a scratch on the head, Jeff had closed his eyes and focussed on some quiet classical music Peter had turned on, totally oblivious to the sound of Peter fucking me right next to him. Peter’s current goal was to have sex while Jeff watched, and maybe even participated, all while Jeff remained “awake” and certain that he and Peter were completely monogamous.

As I continued jogging, my mind turned back to Peter, himself. I was still completely addicted to his fantasy sessions, but now that I was in control, that’s all I let him do. Maybe once or twice a week, I’d find that I was insanely horny, like I was now, so I’d head over to his place and get him to put me under. Usually, after he was done, I’d put him under and use him in whatever way I was in the mood for. Lately, though, I hadn’t hypnotized him every time and I’d even thought of not hypnotizing him at all anymore. Knowing that I was in complete control of the situation took some of the thrill out of the whole thing. In some ways, I’d enjoyed it more when I hadn’t been in control.

Thinking about hypnosis so much, I was rock hard by the time I arrived at Peter and Jeff’s place. It was quite uncomfortable to jog while hard, and there was really no way to hide anything, but seeing Peter was the only thing on my mind right now. Thankfully, residential streets were dead at this time of the morning and there’d been no need to worry about it. Only one woman had come anywhere close to spotting anything, and I’d just jogged past her nonchalantly, hoping that my confidence would convince her that she was imagining things.

Standing on Peter and Jeff’s porch, still panting slightly, I rang the bell and waited. “Hey, Jeff,” I greeted him when the door opened. “How’re— Holy fuck, dude! I’d heard…but….” I was at a total loss for words. Not only had Jeff answered the door stark naked with a hard-on, but it was the biggest cock I’d ever seen in real life. I’d seen one or two cocks Jeff’s size in porn, but I’d always figured they’d pumped or something. Seeing one for real just boggled my mind and made me rethink whether the ones that I’d seen in porn were pumped or not. It was hard to accept that a cock could actually be that big. I had thought that I was fairly well endowed until now. Peter was the only guy I’d ever known who was bigger than me, and even he was only about half an inch longer. Jeff’s cock just dwarfed mine in all dimensions.

Gathering my wits, I slipped in the door so Jeff could close it. Obviously, Peter had made some progress with him. I’d have to keep that in mind when I put Peter under later. “Is Peter here?” I asked. “I know it’s late, but I need another session…like right this minute.”

“Sure, Dylan, he’ll be out in a moment.” Jeff seemed to have completely ignored my comments about his cock.

As horny as I was, and knowing that I’d be under again and having the time of my life in a few minutes, I undid my pants and started stroking my cock. I stared openly at Jeff’s cock as I did and, as I expected, Jeff just stood there making small talk while we waited for Peter, completely ignoring what I was doing.

“So, how’re you?” he asked. “You look a bit winded.”

“Yeah, I jogged all the way over,” I replied absent-mindedly, far too focussed on both his cock and my own. He seemed to be staying hard without even needing stimulation. That was something I understood well. Whenever Peter put me under, I always stayed hard until we were done. It was like every glimpse of him, every word he said, everything about him just made my cock want to get harder and harder. Just thinking about it, knowing it was coming, I started to get submissive like I always seemed to around him. I thought I might even lose it and shoot my load, but I never quite got there.

“Hey, Dylan!” Peter greeted me as he came downstairs. He was also naked, which was another first. Until now, he’d always maintained the illusion for Jeff that what he did was at least semi-professional. “How’s it going? Nice to see that beautiful cock of yours again!” As soon as I was able to make out Peter’s cock in the dim light, my eyes locked onto it, completely forgetting about Jeff’s. Peter’s was smaller, but I wasn’t really a size queen and I was completely addicted to Peter’s cock. Looking at it, I started to feel even more submissive.

“Hi, Peter! God, you can’t imagine how happy I am to see you! I seriously need to be hypnotized, like, right now! I’m just so fucking horny!” I told him.

“Well, you’re in luck! Jeff and I happened to be awake anyway, and I was just telling him how much I’d enjoy having one of my regulars over,” Peter told me, his hand wrapping around my cock and pushing mine away. His other hand wrapped around Jeff’s cock and he started stroking both of us at the same time. For his part, Jeff just looked at me and smiled. It was clear that Peter had finally achieved his goal of getting Jeff involved while he had sex with someone else.

He only played with Jeff for a minute before turning his full attention to me. Leaning in, he inhaled deeply while he played with my cock. As I’d known he would, he loved the smell of me, especially with the light sheen of fresh sweat, and he spent several minutes fondling me and taking deep breaths. After I’d taken off my shirt, I just raised my arms and let him enjoy himself while Jeff watched the two of us, his hand pumping his cock somewhat mechanically.

“I’m going to hypnotize Dylan now, Jeff, just like he wants,” Peter told him after reluctantly pulling his nose away from my skin. “As always, you’ll feel very happy that I’m so giving of my time, and it’ll be a pleasure to watch the two of us together. Nothing I say or do will concern you in any way because I’m the most trustworthy person you’ve ever met and you know I would never do anything inappropriate. Every time I give Dylan a suggestion, you’ll remember that he came here to be hypnotized and you’ll know that whatever I’ve suggested is exactly what he wants.” Jeff took in the suggestions easily, as always. He’d been a total puppet to Peter since before I’d met them—all the more so with the progress they’d made recently.

I wasn’t concerned about what Peter had told him either. Knowing that I’d hypnotized him not to do anything I didn’t want, I trusted Peter almost as much as Jeff did. Peter wasn’t consciously aware of it, of course, but he really would be hypnotizing me in exactly the way I wanted him to; he couldn’t do anything else. With that thought in mind, I slipped under quite easily when Peter turned back to me and looked me in the eyes. “Dylan, it’s time for another session.”

By the time I woke up, Peter had stripped me completely naked. I was more turned on than I’d ever been in my life! Even though Peter wasn’t doing anything at all at the moment, it felt like he was giving me the best hand job, the best blowjob, and letting me fuck the hottest piece of ass I’d ever had, all at the same time. It was a wonder I didn’t just explode from all of it, but I never did until Peter wanted me to.

I felt confident that I was completely awake, not in one of Peter’s waking hypnosis states, because I’d hypnotized him a while back to never do that to me again. God I felt amazing! I always did after one of his sessions—they were positively addictive.

“Dylan, why don’t you follow Jeff and I up to the bedroom. It’s obvious that you’re feeling really submissive right now and that you’d like nothing more than for the two of us to take turns on your hot little ass.”

He was so right. How did he always do this to me? I’d come here wanting to hypnotize him and fuck his brains out, and now all I could think of was lying on his bed, having him and his partner fuck me as long as they wanted.

I followed the two of them upstairs silently, taking my place submissively on their bed when we got there. I heard Peter hypnotizing Jeff again, but all I could think of was how incredible my cock felt and how much I needed the two of them inside my ass. Once Peter stopped talking, I felt a warm tongue in my ass, starting to loosen me up. I knew it wasn’t Peter’s—sticking his tongue in a guy’s ass just didn’t make sense to him as a Top—so it must have been Jeff’s. Peter really had made progress with him if Jeff was eating someone as young as me out! I felt Peter’s weight settle against my side, his cock pressing against my leg as he started to finger my hole even as Jeff continued tonguing it.

“Man, his ass tastes incredible!” Jeff told Peter enthusiastically as he spread my cheeks so he could get his tongue in that much deeper.

“I told you it would,” Peter replied, his cock swelling against my leg at seeing what I assumed was a hypnotic suggestion taking hold. “Just bury yourself right in there, Jeff, and enjoy it like Dylan’s fantasizing about you doing.” Peter’s hand left my ass for a second and then I felt a lubed finger suddenly driving into me as deep as it could go. One of the better things Peter had done for me with hypnosis was to teach me how to relax almost instantly and I put those techniques to good use as he invaded my ass like he owned it. God I couldn’t wait for his finger to be something more!

Jeff had no qualms continuing to eat me out around Peter’s finger as Peter rammed it in and out of me. “Your ass is loosening up quite nicely, Dylan. Just relax and let me in. You can’t wait to get my cock inside you!”

He was a little bit late on that one—I’d wanted his cock in my ass since the moment I’d seen it—though hearing him say it just added to how I was already feeling. He’d only barely gotten started with a second finger before he decided to give up on fingering and move straight to the good stuff. Moving up my body, he positioned me on my side and I felt his head pressing against my hole. Jeff had to stop rimming me for the moment, so he came up to share the taste of my ass with me instead.

The pressure of Peter’s cock mounted quickly until I felt my sphincter give way reluctantly around his head. It hurt a bit, but holy crap it felt awesome! I couldn’t believe how satisfying it was to have him inside of me at long last. It felt like I’d been waiting for days for him to fuck me, even though it had only been a couple of minutes at most. Already, I felt my hole loosening more to accommodate him.

I never worried about condoms with Peter—there was no reason to. Sure, he fucked around a lot, but he always made sure it was safe. If you weren’t a virgin, you got tested for pretty much everything out there and then hypnotized to have sex only with Peter or his other subjects. I’d already started following the same protocol with my roommate, even though we weren’t having sex yet, and I’d presented Peter with a copy of my roommate’s test results last week. It was just nice not to have to worry about that sort of thing at all. The only person I’d ever hypnotized and not ensured he was safe was Peter himself. I trusted him enough to know that if he’d had anything, he would’ve said so.

“Jeff,” I heard Peter’s voice in my ear as he spoke past me to his boyfriend, “you really can’t get enough of Dylan’s ass, especially now that my cock is inside it as well. Why don’t you go back to eating him out and tonguing me too as my cock goes in and out of his ass. I know you think it’s kind of gross, but Dylan’s ass and my cock are just so delicious, you can’t help yourself. In fact, the longer you do it, the more you’ll enjoy it.”

Sure enough, Jeff pulled his tongue out of my mouth and a second later, I felt him lifting my leg and pulling my balls up so he could get at my ass again. That, in turn, let Peter in deeper, and he started thrusting vigorously. Jeff couldn’t really tongue both of us at once without getting his tongue yanked into my ass, but he seemed to enjoy licking around my hole, occasionally switching to press his tongue against Peter’s cock as it drove back and forth. Not surprisingly, the longer Jeff went at it, the more he moaned in satisfaction. Peter was extremely good at what he did.

“Man, I used to think this was so gross, but I could get used to this! Dylan’s ass tastes so fucking awesome on your cock!” Jeff told him at one point.

“I’m glad you’re enjoying us so much, Jeff. Say, that gives me an idea,” Peter perked up as he continued fucking me. “Do you remember what you said earlier this evening? Something about how whatever I tell you to do, it’s all good?”

“Yeah, of course,” Jeff confirmed. “And I meant it, too! I don’t know why, but I really loved the way you ordered me around earlier tonight. I might even be willing to consider some kind of long term arrangement, if you want.”

“I’d love that, Jeff. You know how much I enjoy being in charge.” I could hear the grin in Peter’s voice, and I didn’t need his cock ramming into me even harder to tell me that this was all part of what he’d hypnotized Jeff to do sometime before I’d arrived. He could’ve done it a long time ago, of course, but I’d noticed in the months he’d been teaching me that Peter liked to play with his toys—some of them, anyway. There were also subjects like David where he just went straight for what he wanted. It all depended on the guy. “I want you to really focus on that idea for a second, Jeff. Really feel the truth of it deep inside you. Whatever I tell you to do, it’s all good.”

Jeff apparently took the command literally, because he responded exactly one second later. “You know it!”

“Jeff,” Peter said, pulling out of my ass, “blow me!”

I both was and wasn’t surprised that Jeff did as he was ordered. He’d done that sort of thing before when he didn’t realize Peter had been fucking one of his boys, but until today, I’d never seen him do it knowingly. Sure, he’d been licking my ass and tasting it a little bit on Peter’s cock, but taking the whole thing straight out of my ass, just because he’d been told to, was a step up for him.

Jeff kept going on Peter’s cock for a couple of minutes, getting face-fucked at first, then tonguing, kissing, and sucking his way up and down Peter’s cock like it was the best thing in the world. I just lay there, leaning back into Peter’s chest, feeling Jeff’s cheek against my balls as he went to town on Peter’s cock.

“So, what do you think, Jeff? You like that?” Peter asked him after a while.

“It tastes great! Just like you said, the longer I do it, the more I’m starting to like it.”

“I thought you would once you’d tried it for a bit. Why don’t you lube me up so I can go back to fucking Dylan some more. I’ll have more for you later while you take your turn on Dylan’s ass. Sound good?”

“That sounds fantastic!” Jeff enthused.

Peter’s cock going back inside me felt so incredible, especially when he started reminding me how much I loved to get fucked. He was, without a doubt, the best Top I’d ever had. Of course, since he was the only Top I’d ever had, that wasn’t really a surprise, but I knew that nobody else could ever even come close. The thought of me Topping him seemed ludicrous now. I was starting to understand that he was just a natural Top, and that that’s why I always felt so bottomish around him.

It wasn’t just bottoming that I was enjoying, though, submission was definitely a big part of it, just like it was for Jeff. The idea of letting Peter hypnotize me whenever he wanted, without me hypnotizing him in return, was starting to appeal to me more and more each time I was with him. Besides, if worse came to worst, I could always start hypnotizing him again. When you got right down to it, I was still the one who was in control here, since I’d hypnotized him not to do anything I didn’t want. It was like how a sub or a slave was really the one in control in an S&M relationship, since they got to set the limits and the Top had to stay within them.

I just wanted the whole morning to go on forever, but the reality was that we all had to get going at some point, so I wasn’t surprised when Peter stopped talking about how I was really the one in charge and pulled out of me to let Jeff have a piece of my ass.

Jeff seemed even larger inside my ass than he did outside. He was fucking huge! It felt like his cock just kept worming its way further and further up my ass. Peter was fond of big guys and big toys, though, so I’d had at least some practice with his collection of oversized dildos, and I even had a good-sized one of my own now. Still, a moderately large dildo just wasn’t the same as an extremely well hung guy.

The look on Jeff’s face was indescribable. He was in absolute bliss. And who could blame him? Since the day he’d met Peter, he’d been a total bottom even if he didn’t realize it. My ass was the first real ass he’d been inside in years! In a way, I felt honoured.

Peter, meanwhile, had positioned himself over my head and had me sucking his delicious, hairy balls. As expected, he ordered Jeff to start sucking his cock. Jeff didn’t miss a beat, his massive cock pulling nearly all the way out of me before plunging back in again, even as he leaned forward to do as ordered.

After I got used to it, Jeff’s cock wasn’t so bad, and I encouraged him to pick up speed and get rougher with me, like I knew both he and Peter preferred. He could only get so rough and still keep sucking Peter’s cock, but I wasn’t complaining—even being only a little rough, my ass was taking a real pounding! Man, it felt good to be servicing two men at the same time.

For just a minute, Jeff’s thrusts developed a sort of intensity to them before he slowed down almost to a halt. I assumed he’d just cum, but if he had, it was about the most uneventful orgasm I’d ever seen a guy have. Most guys, when they came, moaned and groaned, and took a minute to enjoy it, but Jeff wasn’t doing that at all. He was still fucking me slowly and sucking Peter’s cock, just like he’d been ordered to.

“That was great, Jeff.” I could hear Peter’s hand running through his hair. “You’re really starting to enjoy the idea of going from ass to mouth as you get used to it, and you’ll find yourself thinking about it more and more, looking forward to doing it again. It’s becoming a new fetish for you, Jeff, and the idea of doing it really turns you on.

“Before we finish up here, Jeff, I’m going to take one last turn on Dylan, and I’ve got some more suggestions for him as well. When I tell you to, you’re going to pull out of him and go stand against the wall to watch us going at it. It’s really hot to see me hypnotizing and fucking some young stud in our bed, knowing that it’s all just a fantasy. Your cock gets so hard at the idea that I’m sleeping around on you, but you feel completely secure because you know it’s not real. It’s such a hot idea, in fact, that you won’t even need to touch your cock the whole time you’re watching us. You’ll just stand there and watch, on the verge of blowing your load, but never actually doing it.”

Jeff continued what he was doing, both in me and on Peter, with only a brief acknowledgement that Peter had said something. That was the fun part about waking hypnosis was that the person often acknowledged you saying something, but wasn’t consciously aware of it. It was a lot like the million things you do instinctively while driving a car but have no memory of later on.

When Peter finally told Jeff to finish up, he pulled out of me quickly and unceremoniously. It was a little uncomfortable to have someone that big pull out so fast. It was a whole different ballgame when Peter flipped me on my stomach and helped himself to my ass, though. From the moment I felt it push up against my hole, Peter’s cock felt amazing! Everything about him felt amazing, really, but most especially his cock. Jeff had been enjoyable enough until he’d pulled out, but Peter was on a whole different level.

“Now, Dylan, just remember that you’re part of my web of trust, and that you can just completely relax. Just relax and focus on my voice. You know you’re not in a state of waking hypnosis because you’ve hypnotized me never to do that, so you can just let yourself go and enjoy what’s happening. Take a deep breath and go deeper into this pleasant state you’re enjoying so much. Deeper and more relaxed, enjoying the sound of my voice, the feel of my body and especially the feel of my cock. It gets better all the time.”

I knew I wasn’t hypnotized right now, of course, but it was nice to have his reassurance that I wasn’t. Following his suggestion, I let my mind wander and felt my body sinking deep into the bed as I relaxed more and more.

“You love listening to my voice and following my instructions, and you’re now surer than ever before that you’re completely safe with me. You know you’ve hypnotized me never to do anything you don’t want, so you can just accept any suggestion I give you without worrying about anything.

“All you can think of right now is relaxing and giving yourself to me completely. It’s what you want more than anything. Your mind will become wide open to my suggestions. It is wide open to my suggestions—you don’t filter them at all anymore. You love having me tell you what to do, and you feel so good and so turned on whenever you’re with me. Just relax and go deeper and deeper as you focus on those ideas.”

As he spoke, I continued relaxing more and more. The sound of his voice, the feel of his body, and especially his cock inside me, became my entire world. I was safe with him and I trusted him more than anyone I’d ever known. As I felt his cock ramming into me harder and harder, I started to think that I could finally, truly let go with him and become his puppet, just like Jeff was. I knew it was safe and it was what I really wanted…what I’d always wanted.

“There’s no need to hypnotize me anymore. You love having me be in complete control. You can’t imagine it any other way. Your body and mind both belong to me, and it feels so right that they do. You love being hypnotized, just as you always have, but even more now, you love the idea of just giving yourself to me in every way. You won’t realize it consciously, but deep down, you know that there’s absolutely nothing you wouldn’t do for me.”

Lying there underneath him, listening to what he was saying, I finally made the decision to let go of any need to try to control him anymore. It was just the right time to go back to the way things had been before I’d found out he was taking advantage of me. Perversely, I realized that I trusted him with my mind and body even more than I trusted myself with them.

“Now, Dylan, I want you to focus on my voice. As you lie there, listening to my voice, you’re starting to wake up a little. You know you’ve been awake this whole time, and that it wasn’t any kind of hypnosis at all. You were just feeling so relaxed and enjoying everything going on around you. You’re coming out of that state now, loving everything about it. As always, you will remember everything that happened since I first woke you up, and you know that all of it was exactly what you wanted. As you keep focussing on my voice, you’re going to start to feel a bit more like your normal self, though. You’re still feeling relaxed, but more alert, remembering only how good it feels to be put under. Now just lie there and enjoy the feel of my cock as you keep waking up further and further.”

The longer I listened to him, the more I started to come out of the doze I’d been in. It had been very pleasant just relaxing and having sex, but now I felt more like my usual self…and boy did I want Peter to fuck me! It felt so wonderful having him inside me and just being there for his pleasure.

The more I woke up, the harder he fucked, inhaling the scent of me deeply as he did. There was nothing quite like having his cock pounding into my ass over and over again, often taking it all the way out and ramming it all the way back in again. After taking Jeff up my ass for so long, it was a bit painful, but I didn’t mind. I just couldn’t imagine saying no to him for any reason, especially not when it came to getting his cock inside of me. I lay there submissively as he hammered my ass for a good ten minutes before finally filling me with his mind-blowing load.

“Oooooh, man I needed that!” Peter exclaimed as he lay panting on top of me, pinning me to the bed.

“Me too. Holy shit, that was amazing!” I agreed.

“Listen, Dylan, before you go, there’s one last thing I’d like you to do for me,” Peter said.

“Sure thing, Peter, anything.”

“As I recall, you don’t like the idea of ass-to-mouth at all, right?” he asked.

“Ewww, no, that’s one of the most disgusting things I’ve ever heard of.” I looked at Jeff somewhat guiltily, but he didn’t seem bothered by my vehemence.

“Yeah, that’s what I remembered. Dylan, you’re part of my web of trust now, and it’s a bottom’s job to clean off the guys who’ve fucked him. You don’t really think of it as ass-to-mouth, and even though you’ve never done it before, you know you’re going to love it. You can’t wait to give it a try!”

“Yeah, you’re right,” I acknowledged absent-mindedly. “So what was it you wanted me to do?”

“Oh, I was just thinking it would be great if you’d get on your knees and lick Jeff and I off now that we’re done with you,” Peter suggested.

“Ooooh, can I?!? You’ve never asked me to do that before!” I’d always wanted to clean someone off after they’d fucked me and I practically bounced off the bed to kneel between the two of them as Peter leaned back against the wall beside Jeff.

“Enjoy!” Peter told me, his dick throbbing against my palate as I took him all the way inside to clean him off. His cock was delicious! Once I’d gotten him as clean as I could, I switched to Jeff’s massive shaft and cleaned him off too. After I was done there too, I just switched back and forth between them—focussing mostly on Peter, of course—until he told me we were done and that I should go shower and get ready for class.

“Oh, any luck on finding roommates yet?” I asked as I stepped out of the shower and Peter stepped in right behind me.

“No, not yet,” he replied, “but there’s no big rush. As I’m sure you’ve already guessed, there are certain attributes I’m looking for or else I would’ve invited you and probably one or two of my other subjects to join us already. No, I’m definitely holding out for a certain type of guy. Call me self-serving, but I don’t just want a few hot, hypnotized fucks, I want it all! The process of interviewing candidates promises to be a lot of fun!”

He grinned lasciviously, making it obvious exactly what he meant. Whatever else he was looking for, he would only be picking from guys he’d hypnotized, and I was guessing that he’d be hypnotizing guys even more guys than usual now that he was on the prowl.