The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Web of Trust — Chapter 3


  • Peter — Timothy Olyphant
  • Jeff — Michael Grant Terry
  • Adam — Matt Lanter

“So, I guess this is our last session, eh, Peter? I wish it weren’t over, but my HMO knows best…or at least they think they do.” Truthfully, I supposed it should be over at this point. Realistically speaking, I’d pretty much come to grips with everything that had happened. Peter was a nice guy, though, and I’d enjoyed our sessions. I was going to miss getting together with him every week or two.

“You know you can call anytime, Adam, if ever you feel that you really need to talk about your rather spectacular divorce”, he smiled sympathetically as he said that, “or anything else at all. Don’t worry about whether or not your HMO will approve another session. We’ll find a way.”

“No, I think we’re past the worst of it now. My ex-wife’s in jail, her communications are monitored, and I’ve moved halfway across the country and changed my name. Short of her doing something that would get me into WITSEC, I don’t think there’s much more to be done”, I replied.

I was still getting used to being “Adam”, even though it had been nearly a year. My ex was in jail for life, and while that should’ve been enough, it was the nature of someone in crisis to overreact. After the hell she’d put me through, I’d also abandoned all social media sites and dropped off the face of the earth as far as my old life was concerned. I had a new job and a new set of friends, albeit a fairly small set so far. I considered Peter to be a friend, even though our relationship was strictly professional, for the simple reason that he understood what I’d been through. I couldn’t say that about anyone else currently in my life.

“Are you sure? If you feel you need additional sessions, I do take on extracurricular clients sometimes, out of my home. You’re welcome to become one of them. If money’s an issue, we can work out some other arrangement. I’ve had clients who have offered other services—anything from estate planning to one young guy who would just do our dishes whenever he was over. One or two have even been entirely pro bono”, Peter offered.

“Well, with resetting my entire life, you’re right, I don’t have a lot of money, but I really don’t see what else I could offer you, unless you have an airplane you haven’t told me about that needs maintenance”, I quipped. Peter laughed at that. I wasn’t sure quite how the conversation had changed from me saying “no” to me considering his offer, but it would be nice to get to know Peter outside a totally formal setting.

“I’ll tell you what, Adam,” he countered, “if you have a genuine interest in more sessions, why don’t you stop by the office again after you’re finished work tonight and we’ll talk about it in more detail. Right now, I’m afraid I’m already a couple of minutes overdue for my next client.”

“Really? You’re sure? That’s great, Peter. I really appreciate your time. I’m not sure what I can do for you, but hopefully, we’ll be able to work something out.” There was no question that I’d show up tonight. The hypnosis sessions we’d had so far had really helped me de-stress after my ex-wife had, quite literally, turned into a psychopath who’d tried to kill me when I turned out not to be the perfect husband. Peter said she’d probably always been that way and had been hiding it from me or possibly even using me to make her seem more normal.

I’d been telling him the truth when I said that I thought the worst was over with, but a few extra sessions would be kind of nice. Being hypnotized was kind of addictive in its own way and always left me feeling so calm and centered. I put it out of my mind after I left, focussing on my work, but the minute my shift was over, I was out of there. I wasn’t usually a stickler for leaving work exactly on time—I’d wrap up whatever I was doing before I left—but I’d never been late for a session, and even if this wasn’t a formal appointment, I wasn’t going to start being late now.

Peter was alone in his office when I got there. “Hey, Adam. Good to see you again”, he greeted me enthusiastically. “How was work?”

“It was fine. Uh…listen, I really appreciate the offer, but like I said, I’m not sure what I can offer you in return”, I reminded him.

“Stop worrying about it, Adam. Like I said, this can be pro bono if you can’t afford it otherwise, or we can make it a ‘pay as you can’ arrangement, or even just a promise of future services. Who knows? Perhaps I’ll own my own jumbo jet someday and you really will be able to fix it”, he chuckled. “For now, just put any question of payment out of your head. That should be the least of your worries.”

Feeling reassured, I thanked him, and we got down to business.

“Okay, Adam, you know the drill. Just close your eyes and focus your thoughts on relaxing. Think of nothing else but letting your mind and body relax completely as you’ve done so many times before. Listen to my voice as you quickly go deeper into trance.”

I’d done this in every session we’d had since the very beginning, and I was out like a light before he got much further. As always, there was some sense of the passage of time, but like regular sleep, it was vague at best, and it seemed like I’d only closed my eyes for a couple of minutes before he brought me back out of my trance again.

“So, listen, Adam, now that we’re off the clock, I thought I’d introduce you to the possibility of recreational hypnosis.” Obviously expecting my question, he continued before I even opened my mouth. “Basically, it’s hypnosis without a therapeutic goal. Some people just enjoy the feeling of being hypnotized, while others enjoy using it to live out some fantasy or another—perhaps being a spaceship pilot or taking a vacation or whatever. Some also enjoy a bit more of a stage routine, finding themselves doing things without knowing why, that sort of thing. My point being that we don’t have to follow a strictly therapeutic regimen anymore if you’d like to let loose sometimes and explore the other uses of hypnosis”, he finished.

“Well, I’m not sure. It sounds like it could be fun to try once or twice, and I’ve certainly enjoyed our hypnosis sessions so far, but it seems to me like once we’d tried it, the novelty of it would wear off pretty quickly, wouldn’t it?” Truth was, I wanted to try it, but something in his approach to the subject seemed off somehow, and I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. He was a bit too enthusiastic about it, though I supposed that could be just because he enjoyed his profession.

“Not usually, no. Most people like you, who have already enjoyed repeated hypnosis sessions, find recreational hypnosis as enjoyable the tenth or even hundredth time as they did the first—even more so, usually. It’s no different than your regular sessions, and as far as you’ve told me, you enjoy those at least as much now as you did back in the beginning.” That was true enough.

“Well, I dunno. I suppose you might convince me, but I have some questions about it first.” I found myself in that awkward position of being both interested and yet wary for no reason I could name and I figured asking questions might help set my mind at ease. As Peter had noted on a number of occasions, I was very analytical and the more information I had about something, the more comfortable I’d be with it.

“Of course, Adam. I’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have. Just remember that you’re part of my web of trust now and that you’re completely comfortable with me. I’m sure you’ll find all of my answers to be unremarkable and that no matter what I say, you’ll be absolutely determined to have me hypnotize you again.”

“Oh, I’m sure I will”, I replied, confident that everything was above-board, despite my previous wariness. It was interesting how my wariness had faded so quickly at his reassurance. “Out of curiosity, how many people have you used recreational hypnosis on?”

“Honestly, I’ve lost count. Over the years, there have easily been over a hundred. Some have been only for a single time to see if they’re good subjects, some for a fling of a few sessions, while others become regulars that keep seeing me for months or years. Until recently, I’ve usually only had three or four on the go at a time, but if I had to use my professional skills on myself, I think I’ve hit a mid-life crisis or something along those lines. Lately, I have a guy over for a session pretty much every night.”

“Only guys?” I asked.

“Yeah. I don’t know if you’d figured it out or not, but I’m gay.” I hadn’t figured it out, actually. My “gaydar”, as they called it, had always sucked. “I’ve always found it a major turn-on to hypnotize hot guys—even more so if they’re well hung—so guys are the only ones I take on for extracurricular sessions.” I smiled, realizing he’d just complimented me. “Some of them, like my partner, don’t even realize they’ve been hypnotized.”

“Huh, interesting. Why are some regulars and some are just flings?”

“The same reason as with any other relationship: how attracted I am to the guy and how compatible we are. Hypnosis can affect compatibility greatly, of course, but it’s not a perfect solution. Changing someone temporarily is easy, but changing their entire personality on a permanent basis is harder. It’s better to start off with someone who’s fairly compatible and whom you feel you could spend a lot of time with. Ultimately, I’m hoping to find a couple of other guys like my partner that I can hypnotize at will for years.”

“That makes sense. I hope you’re not thinking I’ll be one of those guys, though”, I laughed. I didn’t mind him hypnotizing me, of course, even if it was only because he thought I was hot, but that was as far as I was willing to go. “I am straight, after all!”

“No, no, I don’t actually think you’ll become a regular”, he assured me. “You’re seriously hot, but not quite what I’m looking for in the end.” It was sort of deflating that he’d already pegged me as someone he wasn’t interested in in the long term, but at the same time, I was happy that that wasn’t what he was aiming for. It was rather confusing, all in all.

“So, what sorts of things do you do with the guys you hypnotize, then?” Now that the basics were out of the way, it seemed important to discuss what we’d actually be doing.

“Well, usually the first thing I do is encourage them to want to be hypnotized again. With you, that part came long ago, but purely for professional reasons at first. I just sort of neglected to remove the suggestion when our sessions were coming to an end.” I laughed, amused by his audacity. Even knowing that, though, it didn’t affect my desire to be hypnotized again in the least.

“After that, I usually give them a set of trigger words to put them under again, either fully, or into a state of waking hypnosis like you’re in now.” I hadn’t even realized I was in a state of waking hypnosis—in fact, I was certain I wasn’t—but at the same time, I didn’t want to offend Peter, so I just let it go.

“The last thing I do, at least in our first session, is this”, Peter said, standing up and groping his crotch meaningfully.

“Is what?” I asked, confused by his statement.

“Exactly”, he grinned. I could see that his dick was hard, and he certainly enjoyed massaging it—he’d been massaging it behind his desk the whole time we’d been talking, actually—but I had no idea what it was he’d supposedly done. “Think about it, Adam. Really think about it. How would you feel if you went to see a counsellor and he had a hard-on and started massaging his crotch right in front of you?” he asked.

“I’d think he was a sick pervert and probably report him to the police and whatever professional boards he belonged to”, I replied, somewhat appalled by the idea.

Peter just grinned, and it finally dawned on me that that was exactly what he was doing. “I always get hard when I’m practicing recreational hypnosis, so getting a client to ignore that fact is important during the first session.”

I laughed as I realized the contradiction between what I’d just said and how I actually felt now that I realized what he was doing. Obviously, the suggestion had taken hold completely. I’d not only been ignoring him playing with himself this whole time, but even now that it had been pointed out to me, it seemed like the most natural thing in the world. There wasn’t even any question of me reporting him to anybody. That would just be mean.

“As for the other things I do”, he said, sitting back down, “it varies depending on my mood and the guy. One thing I’ve found that’s important, though, is to hypnotize the guy to enjoy or even get off on whatever I do. So, there’s really no need for you to worry about it, Adam. It’s enough for you to know that we’ll both have a lot of fun.”

Even as he said it, I realized he was right. I didn’t really need to know what he planned to do, just as long as we both enjoyed ourselves. “Thanks for answering my questions, Peter. I guess that about wraps it up”, I told him, my curiosity satisfied for the moment. “When did you want me to come over? I can’t wait to be hypnotized again!”

“Usually, I’d send someone off for some tests before going any further with them, but in your case, that’s not much of a concern. I know you had all your lab-work done after things went south with your ex, and based on what you’ve told me during our sessions, I’m assuming you haven’t had sex with anyone else since then, have you?”

“No. I don’t think I’m quite ready for that yet”, I told him truthfully. I’d never been one to discuss my sex life with anyone, but that was one of the nice things about Peter: as my former therapist and closest friend in my new life, I could be totally honest about even the most intimate things like this.

“Why don’t you come over tomorrow morning, then, and we’ll get started. I’ll definitely be putting you under repeatedly”, he said, massaging his pants vigorously, “so plan on making a day of it.”

“Sure thing, Peter! I’m looking forward to it.”

“I know”, he grinned, and I laughed back as I realized that was probably part of what he’d done earlier. “Well, if you’ll excuse me, I should probably be getting home to Jeff and tonight’s toy. Hypnotizing you has made me insanely horny, but it’s best not to do too much all at once.”

I smiled, somewhat tentatively, as I realized what he was suggesting. Still, I could never think anything bad about Peter, and I knew he’d never do anything I didn’t enjoy.

“Before you go, Adam, why don’t you come over here for a second”, he said, standing up again to say goodbye. Moving over to where he was sitting groping a substantial boner, I realized that I was slightly turned on, myself, for no reason in particular. “Adam”, he said, standing up, “I want you to just relax and spread your legs slightly. You feel very comfortable around me and nothing I do will bother you in any way. No matter what I do, you can just keep standing there, relaxing, enjoying how you’re feeling right now.”

I spread my legs like Peter had asked and, as I stood there next to him feeling happy as a clam, he lightly placed one hand on my crotch at the same time as his other hand cupped one of my ass cheeks. I didn’t mind, of course—I was enjoying standing there far too much to worry about Peter feeling me up. When I didn’t react, he squeezed and massaged more firmly with both hands. After a couple of minutes of feeling so relaxed and wonderful while he massaged me, Peter told me it was time for another session.

We said goodbye after that and I turned to leave his office. I couldn’t wait to see him tomorrow so I could get hypnotized again! There was more to hypnosis than I’d realized before now and he obviously enjoyed it a lot. I was sure I’d find ways to pay him for his time in the future, but there was no need to worry about it for now.

I was still somewhat aroused as I left his office, but the feeling faded quickly, disappearing completely by the time I got to my car. Looking at the sun setting, I realized that I must’ve been with him for close to two hours. It had seemed like so much less. I couldn’t wait to spend the day with him tomorrow!

I thought about that on the drive home. I’d never really liked gay guys before I’d met Peter. It wasn’t that I was homophobic or anything, I just had a hard time dealing with another guy who looked at me the way most women looked at me. It had always made me feel threatened. And pretty much every gay man I’d ever met looked at me that way. I was apparently even hotter to them than I was to women. I just didn’t get that sense from Peter, though. He’d always been professional and business-like while I was his client. Now that I was an “extracurricular”, as he called it, he wouldn’t need to be constrained by that sort of thing anymore, but I knew he’d be respectful despite that. Tonight was the prime example of how different he was compared to most gay guys. Never mind looking at me, even when he’d been groping me, I hadn’t felt uncomfortable or threatened in the slightest.

Saturday morning, I woke up early to go to the bathroom, and as eager as I was to get hypnotized again, I couldn’t get back to sleep. I gave up trying after only a few minutes and got up, showered and had a light breakfast.

Peter’s place was about fifteen minutes away from mine in a moderately upscale middle-class neighbourhood. When I got there, Peter answered the door and invited me in. He was just dressed in boxer shorts and a t-shirt, obviously not showered yet. I couldn’t blame him, really. He hadn’t set a specific time, but I was pretty early.

“Listen, Adam, before I introduce you to my partner, I wanted to talk to you about Jeff. I don’t know if you remember me mentioning, but he’s been hypnotized to the point of being a total slave to my will, and I normally keep him naked around the house—frequently hard or with something stuck up his ass. Are you going to be comfortable with that?”

Peter’s frankness took me off guard. “Uh, I don’t want to be rude, Peter, but I don’t think I’d be comfortable with that at all. I mean, you’re the first gay guy I’ve really known, but I’m pretty sure it’s not normal to have your boyfriend prancing around naked with an erection while company’s over!”

“I understand, Adam. You’re part of my web of trust now, though.” He put his hand on my shoulder familiarly, as if to reassure me. He ended up bracing me slightly, though, as I felt a strange lassitude come over me along with an unusual sense of openness or letting go, like when you’ve been worried about something and suddenly find out that your worries were groundless. “You should really try to be more accepting of hypnotic slavery. You’ll no doubt find it quite intriguing after you’ve watched us for a while. I’m sure you’ve seen naked guys before. Seeing a guy with a hard-on isn’t something that should bother you.”

“Yes, yes, of course. You’re absolutely right”, I agreed, barely even registering what he’d said. “But getting back to your point, I’m sure I’ll get used to it soon enough. Like you said in our sessions, being Adam is a chance for me to set aside some of the things I didn’t like about my old self.”

His partner, Jeff, came downstairs a minute later with the biggest erection I’d ever seen. I didn’t even know they came in that size! Peter stroked it possessively while rubbing Jeff’s head with his other hand. It didn’t last very long. Peter reassured Jeff as to why I was there and told him that he shouldn’t feel unusual being naked around me. After that, he sent Jeff off to go make breakfast and told him to be quiet when he brought it in, since I’d be under by then.

Shaking hands with a guy who had such a huge erection was a little strange, but easier than I would’ve imagined. Peter had a hard-on himself, now that I thought about it and looked—he probably had since I’d arrived and I just hadn’t noticed. Unless I actually thought to look at it for some reason, it was just part of him, something easily ignored.

“So, now that you’re in the door, why don’t you take a seat and we’ll get down to business. You do still want to try recreational hypnosis, don’t you?” he asked.

“Absolutely”, I confirmed. “I’ve been looking forward to this ever since I left your office last night!”

The house was fairly open, though a little oddly designed. From where I stood, I could see the dining room and living room to either side of me, and a kitchen beyond them, with the archways to each all clustered together in the center of the house. The idea seemed to be that you could get from the dining room, living room, or kitchen to any of the others quickly. With only the staircase between the living room and dining room, that also meant that there was pretty much no privacy from one room to the next. The windows all had blinds, though, to keep people outside from seeing anything.

Peter led me into the living room. They’d set the furniture towards the front of the room, making it a bit cozier than setting furniture along the walls would have. The extra space at the back by the archway to the kitchen was a fairly typical accumulation of junk. In front of that, there was a loveseat facing a television by the front window. A couch faced the other wall, which had a good-sized fireplace set into it. Peter took a seat in the middle of the couch, so I went past him and sat on the loveseat. “Adam”, Peter said as soon as I was seated, “it’s time for another session.”

He was still sitting on the couch when he woke me up, though Jeff had joined us, sitting on Peter’s far side, and there was a breakfast tray in front of them. As I sat there and let the hypnotic cobwebs clear for a second, Peter picked up a cup of coffee from the tray and sipped it, his other hand stroking Jeff’s massive cock.

It was intriguing seeing the two of them together, especially the way Jeff just sat there like it was the most normal thing in the world to have your cock played with in front of someone you’d just met. I was much more comfortable with seeing Jeff naked and hard than I had thought I would be. While I wasn’t able to dismiss it quite as easily as I could dismiss Peter’s hard-on, Peter stroking his partner seemed like a fairly natural thing, especially considering that he was gay and Jeff was hypnotized. As I looked at Jeff’s naked body, though, it occurred to me that I was probably a bit overdressed. Leaning forward, I took my shirt off and set it beside me.

“Feeling okay, Adam?” Peter asked. “You’re not too warm, are you?”

“No, I’m good. I just figured if Jeff was naked, I should probably at least take my shirt off. It seems rude for me to be fully dressed when he’s not.” That logic didn’t really even make sense to me, and Peter was clearly a bit skeptical of it as well, but he politely said nothing. It was just the right thing to do; I couldn’t really explain it better than that.

“Fair enough, Adam. I want you to feel completely comfortable to do whatever you want while you’re here. Think of this as a place of safety and solitude, where you don’t have to worry about psychotic ex-wives, or any woman at all, for that matter. Being gay, we’re good with an all-male environment”, he told me, the edges of his mouth turning up in a slight smile.

I hadn’t really thought of it that way until he’d said it, but that was an added benefit of being here. I felt safer than I had anywhere recently, except maybe Peter’s office. Even there, though, I couldn’t just casually shuck off my shirt for no good reason. Here, I knew I could do whatever I wanted, be the person I wanted to be, and there was nothing to worry about. “Thanks, Peter. That means a lot.”

At Peter’s prompting, Jeff lifted Peter’s t-shirt and started licking his nipple while also lightly massaging the mound in Peter’s boxers. We all sat fairly quietly for a few minutes while Peter sat back and sipped his coffee, enjoying Jeff’s attentions. When he was done, Peter set his mug down and leaned back, one arm wrapping around Jeff’s shoulders and encouraging him to move down for a blowjob, the other arm stretching invitingly across the back of the empty seat on the couch.

He probably just meant to lean back and relax, but it was like my mind was just wide open to even subtle suggestions right now, and I was moving to sit next to him before I really thought about it. My hands went to the button of my jeans as I stood up, letting them fall to the floor as I changed seats and nestled into Peter’s shoulder.

“You don’t mind, do you? I didn’t want to seem unfriendly”, I double-checked.

“No, that’s fine, Adam. Like I said, feel free to be your true self while you’re here.” Jeff had opened the fly of Peter’s boxers while I’d been changing seats and was now busy sucking him off, so I just sat with the two of them and relaxed. Peter’s arm dropped off the couch and around my shoulders, his finger drawing random designs on my arm.

A lot of men would have felt threatened or awkward by the whole situation, but I took it in stride as part of a newfound expression of metrosexuality. Where the old me hadn’t wanted to deal with gay guys, Adam would, especially with guys like Peter.

I didn’t really want to watch Jeff giving Peter a blowjob, though, so I cuddled into Peter’s arm a bit more, facing slightly away from Jeff, causing Peter’s hand to slide down onto my nipple, which he started playing with. It almost tickled, but not enough to make me ask him to stop.

“You can take your underwear off too, if you like”, Peter offered.

“I don’t think I’m quite comfortable with that idea”, I replied. “Or maybe I am”, I countered myself as my hands moved down to tug my navy blue briefs off from under me. I knew it was probably something he’d hypnotized me to do, but that was what I was here for, after all! The three of us stayed that way for some time as Peter enjoyed his blowjob and drank his coffee.

“Would you take this into the kitchen for me, Adam?” Peter requested, handing me his coffee mug. I could feel his eyes on my ass as I walked away from him, and I could see quite clearly that he was looking at my cock on the way back. It wasn’t one of the big ones that he’d said he liked, but he looked at it anyway.

“Don’t sit back down yet, Adam. I want to get a better look at you.” As requested, I stood there and let him admire my body. His eyes scanned me up and down languidly, admiring every part of me equally, or so it seemed.

“And turn around”, he ordered. I did. I could feel his eyes on my ass again, even though I couldn’t see him. The fact that he reached out and started massaging a cheek confirmed it. I tensed up and started to turn red with embarrassment—I felt like a piece of meat being examined—but relaxed soon enough when Peter suggested that there was nothing for me to worry about.

Even as Jeff’s slurping continued, I felt Peter’s right hand on my other butt cheek and he spread my ass cheeks apart for a good look. “Nice hole”, he said, his thumb reaching in to massage around the outside. “Why don’t you just kneel over the coffee table here, Adam, and I’ll check it out a bit more. You’re okay with that, aren’t you, Adam”, he said, making it more of an alluring statement than a question. “It’s all part of embracing your metrosexuality.”

“Yeah, sure”, I agreed. I was actually quite proud of how metrosexual I could be when I put my mind to it. Sure, what he was asking me to do would seem gay to a lot of guys, but they were homophobes. It was really no different letting a gay guy play with your ass than giving him a hug. Kneeling down, I got into position and felt Peter’s thumb pressing up against my hole, rubbing around it in small circles.

Peter sent Jeff in search of some lube and while he was gone, I felt Peter’s hand reassuringly on my back as he continued my butt massage. “You’re very relaxed and enjoying yourself more than you ever thought you would, Adam. You know where this is going, but you’re secure enough with your sexuality that it’s not a big deal. You can enjoy it for what it is—time with your new friends—and really embrace having sex with a gay guy as part of your new metrosexuality.”

Jeff came back with some lube and knelt next to me on the coffee table, both of us letting Peter lube us up and massage his thumb around our holes some more. I couldn’t really see what was going on, exactly, but from Jeff’s satisfied moan, I was guessing that Peter’s thumb had penetrated his ass effortlessly. Mine didn’t open up quite so easily, but under Peter’s expert guidance combined with his soothing voice, his thumb was pushing inside me soon enough, my sphincter giving way reluctantly at first, but relaxing quickly as he kept up his massage and repeated his reassurances about how much I was enjoying myself.

Jeff and I looked each other in the eyes and smiled. I wasn’t getting quite the same thing out of this as he was, of course, but I could see why he liked it. Having Peter thumb both of us at the same time gave me a sense of camaraderie with him. Tentatively, I leaned towards him. He seemed unsurprised, like he was used to accepting whatever happened, and leaned in towards me in return. At this range, I could smell his breath, which was scented lightly with some kind of fruity smell, presumably what he’d eaten for breakfast. I imagined that the scent of Peter’s cock must also be there, but not knowing what cock smelled or tasted like, that was hard for me to tell. Leaning just a little bit closer, I gave him a quick peck to see what he’d do. A moment later, we were Frenching vigorously.

Frenching a guy wasn’t quite the same as with a woman. Women didn’t need to shave, for one thing, but even ignoring that, there was an aggressiveness to Jeff’s kissing that I wasn’t used to. Vowing to really get into the experience, though, I tried kissing him back more aggressively, myself, and pretty soon, we were almost ferocious about it…as ferocious as we could be with Peter’s thumbs stuck up each of our asses, or maybe even more than that by now. I hardly even noticed anymore, as absorbed as I was in kissing Jeff.

Jeff and I went at it until, suddenly, Peter’s face was between the two of us. “You two enjoying yourselves?” he asked.

We both just grinned at him. “This is awesome!” I told him. “I mean, I’m not gay or anything, but I think I could get used to this sort of thing.”

“Indeed, I’m sure you will. Adam, how do you feel about the idea of getting fucked?” Peter asked me.

It was nice that he was so polite about these things. I knew I had the option to opt out of anything that made me feel uncomfortable. I was about to tell him I wasn’t ready to go that far when he cut me off.

“Before you answer,” he said, moving behind me and grabbing me by the shoulders, his dick resting on my tailbone, “just relax and feel how nice it is to have a man grabbing you by the shoulders thrusting into you. You’re part of my web of trust, Adam, and it feels incredible.”

As he spoke, I felt a renewed sense of vulnerability to him, but in a good way. I could feel his cock sliding back and forth on my lower back, and it was absolutely amazing the way he very gently controlled me by gripping my shoulders and guiding my body into him with each thrust.

“You’re really warming up to the idea of getting fucked, and you know you’re going to enjoy it more than anything else you’ve ever done in your life”, Peter continued, his hands moving down to control me by my hips, now.

“Yeah, yeah, okay. I’d love to see what that feels like!” I told him after I’d thought about it for a minute. The way he just kept thrusting made me want him inside me so badly! “Wait, shouldn’t you be using a condom?” I asked as I felt his cock head press up against my ass.

“There’s no need, Jeff. I know you’re safe, and you know you can trust me completely. I’d never knowingly expose you to anything”, Peter reassured me.

“Yeah, you’re right, I wasn’t thinking of that”, I agreed. “It just gets drilled into you to always use a condom, you know?”

“Indeed! I’ve always hated the things, myself, though. They just dull the sensation too much. I’ll use them when necessary, of course, but we don’t really need to here”, Peter asserted. He was right, of course, so I demurred and went back to kissing Jeff while Peter helped himself to my ass.

I couldn’t completely ignore a cock the size of his the way I’d been able to ignore his fingers, but I still tried to focus on Jeff rather than Peter. That wasn’t anything against Peter, of course, it was just easier for me to take Peter’s cock up my ass if I didn’t focus on it. It hurt a bit at first, but it was amazing how my ass just relaxed a little more every time he told me it would.

I felt oddly empty when Peter pulled out and went over to fuck Jeff. It was somewhat of a relief for my ass, but even so, I wanted him back inside me. Getting fucked was the best! Jeff seemed to think so too, as he lost it even more than I had. His eyes practically rolled back in his head and I could tell that, unlike me, he was focussed entirely on Peter’s cock and making it feel good.

Peter took turns on both of us for a couple of hours, and even by the second time he was in me, I was already learning from watching Jeff just how to focus on Peter and please him as much as possible. He’d made me feel so good this whole morning, I just wanted to do the same for him. By the fourth time he thrust his dick into my now-eager hole, I’d stopped paying any attention to Jeff at all and just leaned back into Peter, my arm stretching back to cup his head and pull him in for a kiss as we fucked. Jeff didn’t seem to mind the lack of attention, though. He just waited, bent over the coffee table with his ass in the air, until Peter decided it was his turn again.

As it turned out, though, Peter was already getting hungry for lunch. I guess fucking the two of us for that long was giving him an appetite. I couldn’t blame him, really, as I was starting to notice a certain peckishness as well, though I thought that might just be a hunger for Peter’s cock to get back in my ass again. I couldn’t believe how much I enjoyed something so obviously gay! But then again, I supposed it wasn’t, really. When you really embrace your metrosexuality, whether something seems “gay” or not just stops mattering. Today was about spending time with friends.

Jeff and I kissed again after Peter was done with us, both of us grinning like idiots. Peter lay on the couch in afterglow. I could feel his cum dribbling down my leg. He’d cum inside me, but it had been so easy to stay loose for him by that point that some of it had come back out before I’d started to tighten up again. I smiled euphorically as I felt the cold cum making its way down my leg and gave Jeff yet another kiss as the two of us bounced into the kitchen like boys at a fair to make Peter’s lunch. The clock on the stove put it a bit after noon; we’d been at it longer than I’d thought.

Unlike our normal hypnosis sessions, I could remember everything that had happened over the course of the morning and found myself reminiscing about it all as I watched Jeff cleaning off Peter’s cock. I was impressed at just how metrosexual Adam was able to be. That was such a change from who I’d once been, but definitely a change for the better. We ate our lunch, Jeff and I cuddling together on the loveseat while Peter looked on in amusement, but around mid-afternoon, Peter decided that he was satisfied for now and told me I could go.

Only after I was back in the car, my ass feeling like it had been pummelled by a watermelon, did I realize that not once in the entire day had I gotten hard. I wasn’t even horny, really. Why would I be? Even though it had been almost non-stop sex, it was gay sex, which didn’t turn me on in the least. Besides, it had really been all about making Peter’s dick happy, not mine.

While Jeff and I remained friends, and he even visited me sometimes when Peter wanted him out of the house, Peter and I never got together again. The memory of that session stayed with me, though, and I realized that even with women, sex really wasn’t about my dick at all. Women often told me after that that I was more attentive in the bedroom than any man they’d ever been with. I never told any of them, though, not even my new wife, that as much as I was focussed on pleasuring them, I was remembering my time with Peter.