The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Web of Trust — Chapter 4


  • Peter — Timothy Olyphant
  • Scott — Luke Mitchell
  • Mitch — Robbie Amell
  • Dylan — Luke Bilyk

Mitch and I exchanged looks as Dylan headed out, then both of us ran over to the door to put our shoes on. We’d begun to suspect that something more was going on with Dylan than what he was telling us. Lately, he’d been going out at all hours, and he was constantly talking about hypnosis and this guy, Peter, that he was learning it from. Dylan loved hypnosis—there was nothing new about that—but there had been more to it than that the last few months. It was like he was obsessed. What had really aroused our suspicions, though, was an incident a couple of weeks ago when Dylan had gotten a call at four in the morning and had tried to sneak out of the house. It was one thing to politely be quiet and not wake up your roommates, but he’d been positively furtive. If Mitch hadn’t woken up when Dylan’s phone rang, we never would’ve realized anything was wrong.

We couldn’t be sure what was going on, exactly, but given Dylan’s behavior, it seemed plausible that it had something to do with the hypnosis. Urban legend certainly suggested that that sort of thing was possible, but I’d always thought that was all it was. Doing a little Googling, I’d gotten some mixed responses on the idea. Many sites said that you couldn’t be made to do anything against your will, while others suggested that it was relatively common to manipulate someone’s perceptions and thought processes to produce long-term changes in both interests and behaviour. The two claims seemed to be at odds.

I knew, at least in a general sense, that Dylan had always liked the idea of hypnotizing people or being hypnotized, so it was possible that everything was fine, but given his odd behaviour lately, it seemed to Mitch and I that we should make sure. If there were a problem, the two of us would do whatever was necessary to put a stop to whatever was going on.

We were kind of playing it by ear, but the natural first step was to figure out what was actually happening. To that end, we’d decided that the next time we saw Dylan leaving unexpectedly, we’d follow him and see where he went. After all, for all we knew, he might have just met someone new and was getting lucky. He was very open about being gay, so I couldn’t imagine any reason he’d hide someone new from us, but I tried to keep in mind that this could all be something perfectly innocent.

It was a little weird to follow the guy, I’ll admit, but I didn’t want to do anything else until we knew for sure that something was going on. I’d run the idea past Mitch and he’d agreed. After all, how stupid would we look if we called the cops or something and it turned out that Dylan really did just have a new boyfriend?

Dylan had obviously broken into a light jog as soon as he was out the door, so he was well ahead of us and we had to break into a run ourselves to catch up. At first, it was easy enough not to be seen, since he seemed entirely focussed on where he was going. Once we got into the neighbourhood Dylan was headed to, however, things got a bit trickier—it was hard to stay out of sight in a residential neighbourhood when there was almost nobody on the sidewalks. We stayed about a block behind, though, and when Dylan turned into someone’s yard, Mitch and I quickly squatted, pretending to look closely at someone’s flowerbed. As far as we could tell, Dylan never spotted us.

As we got closer, Mitch and I got a better look at the place. At least from the outside, there was nothing unusual about it. It was a good-sized house, and we were coming at it from the side with the garage, so at first, we couldn’t see very much at all. On the other hand, that meant that we probably wouldn’t be seen, either, so we carefully walked up to the window near the front door and Mitch tried to peek in. Having apparently no stealth skills whatsoever, though, he was noticed from inside almost immediately.

A moment later, the front door swung open and I found myself face-to-face with a guy in his forties, I thought, or maybe even early fifties. “Can I help you?” he asked, eyeing the two of us more with amusement than the suspicion or hostility I would’ve expected. I got the impression that he recognized us. If he followed Dylan online at all, he would almost certainly have seen pictures of the three of us.

“Uh…we…” I started, flushing as I realized that I really had no good way to explain why we were here.

Mitch decided to skip over that whole awkwardness and just blurt everything out. “We’re Dylan’s roommates and, to be frank, we have some concerns about what’s going on here. Can we come in? We’d like to talk.”

So much for the subtle approach. Way to go, bonehead! With little choice at this point but to go inside, Mitch and I wandered in as the guy stepped back invitingly. At least from the entry, there was no immediate sign of Dylan.

It was a fairly open design, with a dining room to our left and a large living room to our right, with a staircase between the two. Beyond, I could see a kitchen. The way the light shone into the kitchen suggested that there was a breakfast nook or open storage area behind the living room wall. All in all, it seemed like an open, inviting house. Hardly the sort of place you’d expect for anything nefarious.

The guy who’d answered the door appeared to be in decent shape for his age, but certainly nothing spectacular. Sizing him up, I figured that if it came to it, either Mitch or I could take him on our own; with both of us together, there would be no contest at all. I didn’t really expect things to go that badly, but I wasn’t taking any chances.

“Dylan’s just in the bathroom”, the guy informed us before I could figure out what to say next. “He’ll be out in a few minutes, I assume, and then we can get this all cleared up, whatever your concerns are.”

“Just to be clear, you are Peter, the hypnotist that Dylan keeps talking about, aren’t you?” I asked.

Motioning us in through the kitchen, Peter smiled and nodded, replying as we walked. “Yes, that’s me. I didn’t realize he was talking about me quite that much. I guess that gives me at least some idea what your concerns are.” He led us into what was indeed a breakfast nook and motioned us to take a seat at a small table. It seemed odd at first that he hadn’t chosen the living room or the dining room, but thinking about it, I suspected he’d chosen this room specifically—it was more business-like. “Let’s just wait for Dylan and then we can get into specifics. You two look a little warm. Can I get either of you a glass of water?”

I declined, despite being a bit thirsty from the run over, but Mitch accepted. I gave him a bit of a warning glance, but his return glance was subtly withering. I supposed he was right—after all, we could see the entire kitchen from where we sat. After filling two matching glasses with a yellow pattern on them, Peter returned and offered Mitch his choice of which glass to take. I thought there was an amused glance in my direction and wondered if he’d caught my warning look or at least guessed at my train of thought. When he sat down, Peter promptly drank half his own glass as if to prove there was nothing wrong with it. Mitch drank his more slowly, but it was clearly just water. I supposed I was being a bit paranoid.

As we sat, I could hear the tap dripping slightly, the only notable noise in the somewhat tense silence. After listening to it for a few minutes, I started becoming more aware of my bladder. The dripping was actually somewhat maddening that way, but I tried to focus on what I wanted to say and not to let it bother me. We all sat there staring awkwardly at each other, then around the room, in a nightmare of attempted nonchalance until I finally heard Dylan flush the toilet, wash his hands, and emerge from the bathroom.

When he walked out into the hallway and spotted us sitting at the table, he didn’t seem at all surprised to see us. Either he’d heard our voices or Peter had told him before answering the door that we were here. “Hey guys! What’s up?” he asked. Well, he seemed normal, at least. Then again, I was pretty sure you couldn’t take a dump while hypnotized. What did I know, though?

Now I really felt awkward, but there was really no help for it at this point, so I plowed ahead, speaking straight to Peter. “Okay, well, since Mitch has already blurted things out, let me put all our cards on the table, just so we’re completely clear. Ever since Dylan met you, we’ve noticed some changes in his behaviour. At first, we thought it was just because he was so excited about learning hypnosis that he was spending so much time out, but then we noticed the calls. He often gets these calls, sometimes his eyes glaze over a bit, and then he almost always leaves right after he hangs up…like he did about fifteen minutes ago. It’s pretty obvious that’s you, and we— well, we’re wondering what’s going on, exactly.”

“By which you mean you think I’m hypnotizing him to come over against his will?” Peter asked with amusement. Dylan snorted derisively and Mitch blushed enough to make an answer to Peter’s question unnecessary. “Okay, let me clear up that misconception first, then. Hypnosis can never make you do something against your will, or if it can, it’s not something any reputable hypnotist would ever do. Of course, since you obviously think I might not be a reputable hypnotist, I suppose we should address that.

“As you already know, I’m giving Dylan lessons in hypnotism. Yes, I’ve hypnotized him a number of times, but I’ve also allowed him to hypnotize me. After all, he needs to practice on someone. If what you suggested were even possible, he could easily have found out what I was doing while he had me under, and I have no doubt he would have done something about it if he had. Subjects are usually very open and truthful while they’re in a hypnotic trance.”

I noticed an odd look on Dylan’s face while Peter had been speaking, but it wasn’t what I would’ve expected at all. It was more guilty, I thought, but with an odd confidence behind it. If I was reading things right, Dylan had found out something he wasn’t supposed to while Peter was under. Whatever the case, Dylan certainly wasn’t coming across as any kind of victim here.

“I have several people who come to me as subjects and I’ve also been hypnotized by a number of people, myself. It’s all about building a web of trust”, Peter told us, his eyes flicking to Mitch momentarily to include him. “Once you have trust, it’s much easier to be open to someone’s suggestions, whether they’re subliminal suggestions, regular everyday suggestions, or hypnotic ones.” I noticed Mitch nodding his head in acknowledgement. I was a bit skeptical, though. Building a “web of trust”, as he called it, meant having more than just his word that everything was okay. If he’d really been hypnotized by as many people as he said, it shouldn’t be hard for him to provide references. I figured I’d let him finish talking, though, and then see how he reacted when I asked for some.

“You can do a lot of things with hypnosis, whether they’re therapeutic things like weight loss, or showy things, like getting someone to forget the letter ‘P’, but you can’t make someone do something they have significant objections to. I can see that you’re the one I’ll have to convince so, if you’re willing, I’d like to prove to you that hypnosis can’t be used that way. It doesn’t involve putting you under at all, and you’ll have two witnesses here to confirm that for you. It’s just one of the suggestibility tests that some hypnotists, especially stage hypnotists, like to use to get an idea of whether or not someone is a good subject or a poor one. Regardless of which you are, though, the test will show you that nothing at all will happen if you don’t want it to. Are you willing to let me show you?” the guy asked.

He was putting me on the spot and I felt I couldn’t really say no. After all, what it really came down to was either him proving that there was nothing going on, or us ushering Dylan out against his will, making us as bad as we’d accused Peter of being. “Alright”, I agreed, though I shot Mitch a glance that I hoped said, “Watch carefully!”

“Okay, stand up and place your arms out in front of you like this”, he told me, putting his arms straight out, parallel to one another with his palms facing each other. After I copied what he’d done, he dropped his own arms and continued. “Now, all I want you to do is slowly move your hands towards one another and when they touch, lace your fingers together.” I did that, looking at Mitch and Dylan briefly to see them watching what was happening interestedly, but otherwise appearing perfectly at ease.

“Good. Now, look here”, he said, pointing at my thumb, “and as you hold your hands there, you can feel your fingers locking together tighter and tighter. Your hands are clasping together harder and harder all the time. It’s like they’re bonded together; you can’t take them apart.” He kept saying things like that over and over, pointing at my thumb on occasion, and doing other weird, chaotic things with his hands. I imagined that I could feel my hands starting to bond together a little bit, just like he said, and it was just beginning to be a bit disturbing when he resumed a more normal speaking voice.

“A normal subject would be able to separate his hands fairly easily. A suggestible subject, on the other hand, would find that he could barely move them at all, or perhaps they’d even be stuck fast. With you, though, you’re obviously quite concerned that I might try something, and you don’t want to follow the suggestions I’ve given you, so you won’t have been affected by my suggestions at all. When I tell you to try, I’m sure you’ll find that your hands come apart just as easily as they always have. Try now.”

Sure enough, I was able to open my hands up quite easily. There was a moment of resistance, but I’d been clasping them together so tightly while he’d been speaking that they were a bit stiff, so it was only natural that I had some difficulty. I could hear the water still dripping in the background. Unless this went badly wrong, as soon as we were done here, I was going to use the facilities.

“See? As I said, you both consciously and subconsciously didn’t want to follow my suggestions, so they had no effect on you whatsoever. The same thing goes for any form of hypnosis or suggestibility test. If you don’t want something to happen, or if you feel anxious about it at all, it won’t work, so there’s no way I could be hypnotizing Dylan against his will. If he feels comfortable being hypnotized—if he knows it’s perfectly harmless and enjoyable—it’ll work.

“Hypnosis helps remove your inhibitions a bit, sure—otherwise, stage hypnotist shows wouldn’t be half as amusing as they are—but only if you’re enjoying what you’re doing”, Peter said. His intonation was a little weird. Whatever that was about, I felt a little better with his explanation. Dylan and Mitch were both smiling at us and nodding in agreement, though my attention was still focussed mostly on Peter.

“Now, let’s try something else”, Peter suggested. “I want you to hold your hands out in front of you again, only this time, I want you to keep them evenly spaced apart. Just hold them there for a bit.” He paused and studied my arms intently for maybe fifteen seconds or so. I wasn’t as tempted to look at Dylan and Mitch for reassurance this time, focussed instead on making sure my hands stayed the same distance apart.

“This time, my hand will act like a magnet and you’ll see that when I put it between your hands, they’ll slowly start to move together. They’ll just drift together very naturally and comfortably. That’s a normal, natural phenomenon because of how the brain works. You can feel it a little bit already—even without my hand between them, they want to move together—but you need to just focus on keeping them the same distance apart until I put my hand between them”, he instructed.

Sure enough, I could see my hands tentatively move together, but I deliberately moved them back to where they had been. Peter repeated what he’d said in slightly different words, his hands waving about at odd moments, and then he curled his hand into a loose fist and put it between my hands. Sure enough, I watched as they slowly moved towards his fist, eventually becoming locked to either side of it. I was standing there, perfectly awake, yet my hands were stuck to him, and I couldn’t move them at all.

“Now, when I say ‘yellow’, you’ll find that my hand reverses polarity and is actually repelling yours, making them move further and further away. My hand is reversing polarity, pushing yours away. Yellow.” His choice of colours wasn’t helping my bladder at all! Before I even realized what was happening, I felt my hands start to move away from his, moving beyond where they’d originally been to open wide.

“There now, that was more fun, wasn’t it?” he asserted, dropping his hand. “That time, you subconsciously knew you could choose not to follow the suggestion, so you felt comfortable following it. It’s all a matter of what you want to do. You always have a choice with hypnosis, so you can relax and follow suggestions without worrying too much about it.” Again, he was stressing words very oddly, putting more emphasis on some parts of what he was saying than others. Despite the disjointed feeling it gave me, I felt calmer and less suspicious than I had on the way over. I felt a little weird, slightly out-of-focus, but with the demonstration now over, Mitch got up from the table and excused himself to go to the bathroom. Apparently, I wasn’t the only one affected by the dripping water.

“You know”, Peter said before I could turn and sit back down, “I don’t think we shook hands when you came in”, he said, putting his hand out. It was odd that he’d offer to shake hands now, of all times, but instinctively, I put my hand out towards his, feeling a little weird.

“Nice to—” I started to say as Peter took my hand, but instead of shaking it normally, he did something odd. He kind of jerked it and the movement interrupted what I’d been about to say.


My eyes closed reflexively and I fell slowly back into my seat, only distantly aware of Peter guiding me into it. He was talking now. He was saying things…things that didn’t matter…things that could go deeply into my subconscious. I felt better about being here, about hypnosis, about everything, really. I knew I could just relax and let Peter guide me.

Mitch had emerged from the bathroom at some point and was talking quietly with Dylan in the hallway. After watching them for a minute, I realized that Dylan had hypnotized Mitch. I sat calmly and watched the two of them, waiting patiently for them to be done. It wasn’t long before they returned, Mitch looking as out of it as I felt. It was hard to focus on that right now, though, or anything else, for that matter. I almost felt like I was hypnotized, but I knew I wasn’t. Trying to regain my bearings, I did my best to act normally and continue questioning Peter.

“Thanks for that demonstration, Peter”, I continued as if the last several minutes hadn’t happened. “It was very reassuring, but I still have a number of questions.” I felt an odd pressure in my groin…not a pressure, really, more of an awareness of my penis. “If you can’t do anything against someone’s will, then how come every time you call, Dylan looks like he goes under a bit and then leaves? If he wanted to come over anyway, couldn’t you just ask him to?” As my awareness of it grew, I felt my penis shift slightly in my pants, bringing my attention to it even more. I wasn’t getting hard or anything—I just couldn’t seem to stop thinking about how it felt, sitting against my boxers and the tightness of the jeans.

“I suppose I could just ask him, but truthfully, I think it’s more fun to hypnotize him to come over. That way, he thinks it’s his idea. For a while, I even let him think he was the one who’d hypnotized me to let him come over, though the novelty of that wore off after a few times. He got a little too cocky about it when he thought he had that much control”, Peter grinned towards Dylan, who blushed somewhat.

The more I thought about my penis, the more I focussed on where it was sitting and how it felt. It was definitely starting to swell a little in response, but I wasn’t worried. It wasn’t enough to be noticeable yet, and sitting at the table like this, nobody would be able to see anything anyway. I smiled at the pleasant feelings as I thought about what Peter had just said. “So, you admit that you’re controlling him to some degree”, I confirmed matter-of-factly.

“Well yeah, sure, but like I said, he wouldn’t be letting me do it if he didn’t trust me. If I were trying to hide anything from him, I certainly wouldn’t be sitting here telling you all these things right in front of him”, Peter reassured me. “He enjoys being hypnotized; he gets quite turned on by it in fact, just like you do.”

Peter was right, Dylan wasn’t the only one who had that issue. As my penis grew harder and harder, I realized that I was getting turned on by all this talk of hypnosis. I’d never realized how much of a turn-on it could be until we’d started discussing it in more depth. How had Peter known?

“Scott, how would you like it if I hypnotized you again?” Peter offered. The idea of being hypnotized sent a surge through my groin. I knew that if I let Peter hypnotize me, it would feel even better than it already did. Wait…again? When had he hypnotized me before? I supposed it didn’t really matter. I just looked at Peter passively, not trusting myself to speak right now, as turned on as I was.

Peter reassured me that I was an excellent subject and that I would find it quite easy to go under. He must have been right because I found my eyes closing almost immediately when he suggested it. It was so easy just to listen to his voice and be completely unconcerned about anything else at all.

At one point, I woke up to find my crotch magnetically locked to Peter’s hand, just like my hands had been locked to his fist earlier. I couldn’t move it away no matter how hard I tried and I even started humping his hand subconsciously! Mitch and Dylan just looked on with amusement, laughing at me like this was the funniest thing in the world. I was completely mortified, but there was nothing I could do. It was actually relieving when Peter told me that it was time for another session and I felt myself falling into a deep trance even as I was falling into my chair.

“So, how did you enjoy being hypnotized, Scott?” Peter asked me.

“Uh…I don’t really remember anything, so I can’t be sure.” It dawned on me suddenly that the tap was no longer dripping and I no longer needed to take a leak. That was a relief in its own right, but all the more so because my cock felt like it wanted to burst out of my pants right now and I wasn’t sure I would’ve been able to get it down enough to go. “I’d love it if you hypnotized me again sometime, though!”

“I’d be happy to,” Peter assured me, “but first, I need to talk to Mitch for a bit. You must be getting thirsty by now. Why don’t you just sit back, relax, and drink your water”, Peter suggested. Leaning back in my chair to give my cock some more room, I smiled at Peter encouragingly. I was actually quite eager for him to hypnotize me again. He’d set a glass of water in front of me while I was under. It was warm and noticeably off-colour, but it tasted fine, so I drank thirstily. Mitch made a face that was both disgusted and amused, but he was distracted by Peter before I had a chance to ask him why.

“So, Mitch, how did you feel about seeing Scott hypnotized?”

“That was awesome! I couldn’t take my eyes off the two of you”, Mitch gushed.

“Was there anything about it that made you feel uncomfortable in any way?” Peter asked.

“No, not at all! I think my sessions with Dylan have really gotten me over any discomfort I might have otherwise felt with any of the suggestions you gave him.” I wasn’t aware that Dylan had been hypnotizing Mitch. I was surprised that he hadn’t mentioned it before we’d come over. It didn’t really matter, though, I supposed. I knew now that hypnosis was completely harmless and nothing could ever happen unless Mitch wanted it to.

“You did an excellent job picking up on my suggestions to go take a leak, by the way, Mitch”, Peter complimented him, “though clearly you’re not the only one who picked up on those suggestions”, he said, looking pointedly at me.

“Sorry for taking you by surprise when you came out of the bathroom, by the way,” Dylan interjected, speaking to Mitch, “but I wanted to make sure you’d be okay with it when you saw Peter hypnotizing Scott”, Dylan explained.

“Nah, it’s all good, man. I’m sure I would’ve been fine with Scott being hypnotized anyway, but you know I’d never say no to you hypnotizing me!” Mitch grinned like an eager puppy. He looked about as enthusiastic about being hypnotized as I felt.

“How long has Dylan been hypnotizing you, Mitch? How did you guys get started?” I asked, eager to talk about hypnosis some more.

“Yes, why don’t you tell us all about how Dylan got you into hypnosis”, Peter agreed. “I’ve heard his side of it, but I’d love to hear it from your point of view too, Mitch. You can be completely candid with everyone here”, Peter assured him. “Don’t leave anything out.”

“It all started as kind of a bet, I guess”, Mitch began. “Truth is, when Dylan became our roommate, Scott and I kind of gave him the crappy chores, since he was the newbie and younger than us by several years. Specifically, he got the garbage and the bathrooms. A couple of months ago, I was complaining about having to vacuum when Dylan told me that he could actually make my chores more fun for me.

“Well, I’m sure you can imagine, I didn’t believe him for a second, but he said that if he couldn’t make me want to do my chores, he’d do both of ours. If he could, though, I’d have to do both. I figured it was a safe bet that I’d never want to do the vacuuming—much less doing the toilets for him—so I said ‘Sure!’

“He didn’t tell me that he was going to hypnotize me, but knowing he was into it, I wasn’t really surprised by the idea. So, I let him walk me through how to relax and everything, and the next thing I know, I’m downstairs vacuuming like there’s no tomorrow. When I was finished, I went and cleaned the toilet too, thanking Dylan on my way by for letting me do it.

“It was only supposed to be the one time, but Dylan just kept hypnotizing me and it kept getting more fun every time! After the first couple of times, I even started to pop a boner whenever I was cleaning.”

I’d never been home while any of this had been happening—presumably that had been deliberate on their part, since I wouldn’t have understood at the time—but listening to Mitch talk about it now, I had to smile. I couldn’t imagine Mitch popping a boner over cleaning the toilet. The idea was just hilarious! Still, it was a harmless suggestion, and it was good to see that Dylan got a little something back for the time he spent hypnotizing Mitch.

“I suppose this is where it would probably seem weird to some people, but Peter said I shouldn’t leave anything out, so let me see if I can explain. After the first time I popped a boner, I took a shower like I always do after cleaning the toilet. The whole time I was in there, my cock just wouldn’t go down, so when I got out, I hopped onto my bed and called Dylan in to show him what he’d done to me. I know he’s gay and all, but I wasn’t worried about him misunderstanding why I’d called him in. He’s just good like that.

“Of course, he took in the problem right away and we smiled at each other in mutual understanding. Even though I knew he was the cause, I didn’t really blame him for it or anything. I just wanted his advice on how to deal with it. He told me to grab my pillows and prop myself up against the headboard, recommending that I take my time and spend the next couple of hours taking care of it.

“That seemed like a good idea to me, so I sat back and got started, spending most of the afternoon just lounging there stroking myself. I had to keep it really slow so that I didn’t cum too soon, but I didn’t mind. Dylan let me do my thing, leaving my door open on his way out so that he could keep an eye on things. He popped back in to check on me several more times that afternoon, snapping a couple of pictures on his camera to record what had happened and how he’d dealt with it. I assume that was for you, Peter, so he could get advice on it or something.

“Anyway, a little before you were due home,” Mitch continued, turning back towards me, “he came in and told me I should finish off. He stayed and watched, just to be sure that everything went okay and that it went down like it was supposed to after I was done, which I thought was very professional of him.” Mitch looked over at Dylan appreciatively as he remembered. He didn’t seem to have any clue that he’d been hypnotized to put on a show for Dylan.

“Since then, I’ve been helping Dylan with other chores too. I keep asking him to give me more things to do, especially the stuff he really hates doing himself. At first, it was just things like taking out the garbage or helping him masturbate. Then he got me into doing other stuff like making dinner for him when you weren’t around and sometimes buying him little things so he didn’t have to go out and get them himself. I knew I couldn’t tell you about any of what we were doing, at least not at the time, so we were always careful about that.

“Anyway, recently, he told me that he really hates trying to find hot guys to sleep with, so after I do the chores and shower, I’ll usually suck him off or lie on my bed and let him fuck me. I know that probably sounds gay, but it’s not like that at all. It’s all just part of my chores.”

“Nice!” I told him encouragingly. It certainly wasn’t my place to clue Mitch into what was actually going on. There was no reason to, really, so I decided it was better to be supportive instead. I could tell by the way Mitch was squirming that he was getting a hard-on just thinking about how much he liked to do his “chores”, but I was hardly in a position to complain—my cock hadn’t gone down at all since the last time Peter had hypnotized me. Listening to Mitch talk about his experiences helped with that. The sex parts didn’t turn me on, of course, but the hypnosis certainly did, and hearing how he usually got an erection when he’d been hypnotized made me increasingly comfortable about having one, myself. I knew I didn’t need to be embarrassed about it anymore.

“Yes, thanks for telling us”, Peter agreed. “It’s always interesting to hear how the subject perceives things compared to how the hypnotist thinks of it. Now, Mitch, as you just told us, you’ve been letting Dylan see you naked and even having sex with him as part of helping him with his chores, but you’re not actually gay or bi at all, are you?”

“No, not at all”, Mitch replied, not surprisingly.

“Mitch, I just wanted to reiterate that you’re a part of my web of trust now, so there’s no reason to worry about your sexual orientation here. Just set that aside completely, like you do when you’re doing your chores. The only thing I want you to worry about is how much you enjoy doing things for me and making me happy, just like you do with Dylan.”

It seemed like Peter and Mitch were having a normal conversation, but obviously something had changed. Mitch had been very compliant the whole time we’d been here, but now he was practically fawning over Peter, even just sitting there. His whole body language had changed.

“Now, Mitch, have we ever met before today or spoken at all?” Peter asked him, standing up, his pants tented out prominently.

“No, not that I know of. Until about an hour ago, I only knew your name”, he replied as Peter headed over to stand next to him.

“Mitch”, Peter continued, his cock almost touching Mitch’s shoulder, “as you probably already know, I’m gay, and since the moment I saw you, I’ve been wanting to see more of you. Would you mind standing up and taking your shirt off for me?”

“Oh yeah, sure thing, Peter!” Mitch agreed, hastily pushing back his chair. As I expected, when he stood up, he had a hard-on of his own. He looked like he was probably as big as Peter was, or maybe even a bit bigger. Normally, I would’ve looked away in disgust if a couple of guys just started parading around with hard-ons in their pants, but it was different now. Looking back and forth between them, I realized that they were both better endowed than I was and I felt a certain respect towards them for that. It was kind of like an amateur football player meeting a couple of professional ones.

While I was comparing their cock sizes, Mitch did as he’d been told to and started unbuttoning his polo shirt. He pulled it off over his head and tossed it aside, letting Peter take a good look. Dylan had seen everything before, of course, so I wasn’t surprised to see that his eyes were fixated on Peter’s crotch instead of Mitch. He’d always said he was more of a Top, but he was almost drooling at the sight of Peter’s cock in his pants.

“What kind of underwear are you wearing, Mitch?” Peter asked as his hands rubbed down Mitch’s muscular pecs and nearly washboard stomach until he had his fingertips buried just under the waistline of the Mitch’s black jeans.

“Black boxer briefs. You wanna see?” Mitch offered, now completely unresistant to even the veiled suggestion in Peter’s question.

“Please!” Peter told him. Sure enough, Mitch started undoing his jeans, oblivious to the fact that Peter had moved around behind him and that he was now pressing his ass up against Peter’s cock as he bent over.

Peter didn’t even bother looking at Mitch’s underwear once he’d stripped off his jeans. Instead, he reached inside and started massaging the impressive lump Mitch had. “You’re very comfortable with what I’m doing, Mitch, and enjoying it a lot.”

Mitch relaxed even further at the statement, his body pressing up against Peter’s like a lover. Peter continued his massage, stroking Mitch’s cock back and forth while pressing his crotch firmly against Mitch’s ass. Without even asking if he minded, Peter tucked his thumbs into the rim of Mitch’s underwear and pulled them down just enough to expose Mitch’s smooth, thick, massively hard, circumcised rod. “That’s quite the nice cock you have there, Mitch. I think it’s even bigger than mine”, Peter told Mitch approvingly.

“Thanks”, Mitch said simply. He was obviously very much in the moment and couldn’t care less about anything besides making Peter happy, just like Peter had suggested.

“Listen, one last thing before we take a break. Can you just strip off your underwear and bend over the table for a minute?” Peter requested.

“You got it, boss.” Mitch complied easily, soon standing stark naked in front of all of us as though this was an everyday occurrence. The edge of the table was at just the wrong height for Mitch, so he had a hard time bending over for a second with his massive cock in the way, but he quickly pushed it off to one side and bent over as ordered.

“Very nice, Mitch, very nice indeed!” Peter’s hand groped Mitch’s butt cheek possessively. It was obvious Peter had taken a liking to him. “This table’s going to collapse if I do much more, though, so we should probably move to the living room soon.

“Dylan, before we do that, why don’t you come over here and help me get out of these clothes?”

I sat quietly and watched as Dylan stripped Peter’s clothes off. Peter was an even more impressive man now that he was naked. I couldn’t stop marvelling at the perfection of his body, especially his cock and the bush of hair he had around it—I hoped I’d look as good as he did some day!

With my newfound interest in guys’ cocks, I checked out Dylan’s boner as well, of course. It was fairly impressive, but probably not quite as big as Mitch’s or Peter’s, from what I could tell through his pants. It seemed I was the little guy here. That felt right to me. It actually made me feel a bit inferior to the rest of them, especially Peter, since he was both the eldest and had a big cock. It really made me feel bad that I’d questioned his motives earlier.

As Peter had suggested, the four of us moved into the living room after I took a quick trip to the bathroom. To my surprise, Peter had a urinal, so I had no problems at all taking a piss despite still having a hard-on.

When I got back to the living room, Dylan was sitting on one end of the couch while Mitch was in the middle with his legs spread to give Peter and Dylan a good view. Peter motioned me towards the last spot on the couch, so I sat down, sneaking another quick look at Mitch’s impressive cock before turning my attention to Peter’s even better one.

The four of us chatted for a while about our sexual history and masturbation habits and such. Peter seemed to really enjoy talking about that sort of thing. He remained standing the whole time, leaning casually on the fireplace mantle, his cock sticking out proudly for all of us to admire. You really had to respect someone with the confidence to just stand there and show himself off like he was.

After we’d talked about ourselves at some length, with no warning at all, Peter suggested that it was time for another session. The suggested session never materialized, though. Instead, Dylan and I both stripped out of our clothes while Mitch decided to start jerking himself off for Peter’s amusement. Once I was completely naked, I sat back down beside him and followed his example. Dylan took slightly longer than I did to undress, but he followed suit as well.

It felt a bit weird masturbating right next to my two roommates, especially with my bare leg resting against Mitch’s, feeling his every move. My discomfort didn’t last long, though, as I found myself becoming absorbed in Peter’s body. It was absolutely majestic! It was like in the time we’d been here, he’d somehow magically transformed from an average middle-aged guy into the most revered person the world had ever known. I felt so mediocre next to him, especially my small, pathetic cock, and jerking it off like I was only reminded me how tiny and inferior it was compared to his. The other two looked like they were enjoying themselves, probably because they had decent-sized cocks, but for me, every stroke made me feel less, while Peter became more impressive every moment.

He watched the three of us for a while, especially Mitch. I felt so happy for Mitch that he’d managed to catch the eye of someone so incredible. He let us all admire him for a minute or two as his cock leaked precum down the shaft, accentuating its beauty. Dylan needed no convincing whatsoever when Peter walked over to him and simply opened his mouth to start sucking Peter’s cock. Lucky bastard!

Peter couldn’t contain himself for long, though, and only let Dylan suck him off for a little bit before moving over to Mitch. “I have some chores for you, Mitch—even better than the ones you do for Dylan!” He pushed Mitch’s jaw open with his thumb and Mitch got to taste Peter’s cock for the first time. It was obvious from the start that he loved having Peter inside him. While he’d been all smiles as Peter had come over, once Mitch got started, he treated sucking Peter’s cock very much like a chore he enjoyed. He was diligent about it, exploring Peter’s tremendous shaft and head with his tongue quickly and then going back to the places that got the most reaction to ensure that Peter got maximum pleasure out of him.

They were probably at it for a good ten minutes or more before Peter pulled out of Mitch’s mouth and came over to me. His cock was amazing as it sat there, glistening, in front of my face. After seeing Dylan and Mitch take their turns, I knew what was coming, of course, but I didn’t dare open my mouth or do anything Peter didn’t want me to.

“Open”, he said simply. It didn’t matter that I was straight, it didn’t matter that I felt unworthy to suck such a majestic cock as his, it didn’t matter that I was terrified of getting it wrong somehow. When a man so far above me told me to open my mouth, I did it, no questions asked.

He stuck his head in and just let it sit there. “Don’t move. Swallow what comes out”, he ordered. I saw his balls rise slightly and realized that, unlike the other two, I wasn’t there to suck his cock. His hot, masculine liquid hit the back of my throat and I drank it automatically, obeying his orders unquestioningly. He stopped after a moment to let me finish swallowing, then started again. Considering it was piss, it tasted surprisingly good. Or, more accurately, it didn’t really taste of anything much at all, I just really, really wanted it in me. When he was done, he moved back to Mitch for another few minutes, leaving me flushed with shame, knowing that I wasn’t good enough to suck his cock.

While Mitch was enjoying Peter’s cock once again, Peter started talking to him about how much he’d love doing other chores for Peter, like bending over and getting fucked. Mitch took Peter’s instructions in dutifully, grinning as he flipped around and knelt with his face pressed against the back of the couch. “Dylan, why don’t you go grab some condoms and loosen this piece of shit up while I have some fun!” He didn’t actually say “piece of shit”, I think he just said my name, but I knew that’s what he meant. I was nothing compared to him.

While Dylan ran upstairs to find the condoms Peter had mentioned, Peter pulled some lube out from a small cupboard built into the coffee table and had Mitch start smearing it all over his cock. I would’ve thought, as big as Peter was, that Mitch would have needed some kind of warm-up or something—after all, that’s what Dylan was about to start doing for me—but neither Mitch nor Peter seemed all that worried about it. Even when it came to getting fucked, Mitch was just better than I was, and eagerly accepted Peter’s assertion that he’d relax easily and enjoy getting fucked, even if he was a bit tight at first. Mitch gritted his teeth as Peter started pushing the head of his cock in, but by the time Dylan returned with a full, unopened box of condoms Peter was already buried right to the hilt inside Mitch’s ass and had started to thrust in and out a bit.

Dylan whispered a question into Peter’s ear that I couldn’t quite hear, but Peter’s response was in a normal voice. “No, you go ahead, I’m in no hurry to switch partners.” Peter’s smile seemed tremendously satisfied as he pressed Mitch down into the couch and pumped his perfect cock rhythmically into Mitch’s ass.

Without hesitation, Dylan ordered me to stand up and bend over the back of the loveseat. Dylan seemed to understand how inferior I was and that I would do what I was told without question. I did exactly as he instructed me to, but as absorbed as I was in Peter’s fantastic body, I all but ignored Dylan except when he told me to do something. Even when I felt his tongue in my ass, helping his expert fingers to open my hole, all I could think about was how incredible Peter looked fucking my best friend and roommate of several years.

I did notice when, after a good ten minutes or so, Dylan stuck his dick inside me and started thrusting slowly but firmly into my body. I knew I didn’t want him in me, but there seemed to be nothing I could do about it…nothing I even should do about it. I felt like a serf getting fucked by his lord. I just knew it was my place to take it without complaint, regardless of how I felt about it, and that it was Dylan’s right to fuck me, given that he was superior in every way.

He took his time, obviously in no hurry to get himself off. I was just a recreational fuck for him, something to make his dick feel good on an otherwise normal Saturday afternoon. Peter must have spent a good half hour or so fucking Mitch. They changed positions a couple of times, but otherwise he spent the entire time in Mitch’s ass. It was obvious at a glance that Peter thought Mitch was extremely hot; he could hardly take his eyes off the guy.

Eventually, though, he reluctantly pulled out, grabbing a condom from the box and telling Dylan that it was he was going to take his turn on me for a bit. Before he did, he pulled Dylan aside for a second and gave him some instructions. When he came back, Dylan took Mitch into the kitchen while Peter just came up behind me and started ramming into me aggressively.

Unlike with Dylan, there wasn’t even a question of whether I wanted Peter in me or not. It was his absolute right to be there, especially after I’d dared to question his right to hypnotize whomever he wanted. This wasn’t any kind of revenge or anger fuck, it was just letting me know my place. Even his cock itself informed me of my place. Where Peter had fucked Mitch normally, both he and Dylan had used condoms with me so that their magnificent cocks wouldn’t be tainted by the lowliness of my ass.

If I needed that idea reinforced, I got it about ten minutes later when Dylan and Mitch returned. Peter picked up speed, blowing his first load inside me before pulling out and discarding his used condom on my back. No sooner was he done with me than Mitch grabbed a hold of my hips and took a turn. Even he put on a condom to fuck me, despite how long we’d been friends. I knew now that I was the lowest of the low. Every man in the room had a bigger and better cock than I did and even though they’d all taken a turn on my ass now, none of them wanted to let their magnificence touch me directly.

Mitch fucked me dutifully, enjoying it only in the sense that he enjoyed doing things for Dylan and Peter. The whole time he was in, I could feel the used condom sitting on my back and tried to make sure it didn’t fall off. Peter, meanwhile, took a turn on Dylan’s ass while Mitch was busy with me, breathing in Dylan’s scent deeply the whole time they were together. Even though he’d just cum, Peter had no difficulty at all keeping it up, though he was perhaps a bit less enthusiastic now than he had been with Mitch and me before he came.

After Mitch also blew his load inside me, Peter pulled out of Dylan and ordered Mitch to stand up against the wall. Stripping off Mitch’s condom, Peter balanced that one on my head. I wasn’t even human anymore, I was now a dog doing balance tricks, or so it seemed to me, and those tricks got a lot harder when Dylan slid on another condom and took yet another turn on me. This time, he was taking it a bit more seriously, and I knew right from the start that he intended to dump his load inside me too. It didn’t take him long.

Once he was done, he pulled out and Peter briefly interrupted his own fuck to take the condom off Dylan’s manly cock and balance this one on the bridge of my nose. I had trouble balancing everything, but managed to do it, tilting my head upwards slightly so neither the one on top of my head, nor the one on my nose would fall off. At Peter’s order, Dylan grabbed his cell phone and started taking pictures, while Peter went back to his favourite new toy and started fucking Mitch for all he was worth. It took quite a while, but eventually, he came inside Mitch and collapsed against him, panting and complimenting Mitch in between breaths on how well he’d done all his chores.

The whole time, I stood there, my legs and arms now very wobbly, balancing all three used condoms. The one on my nose was actually oozing cum out of it a bit, but I didn’t dare do anything about it—it wasn’t my place. Dylan took several pictures of everything, some close up, some from further away to capture the whole scene.

I wasn’t even sure when I was put under again, only realizing it had happened when I woke up sitting next to Dylan and Mitch on the couch. The three of us were all still naked, though as soon as Peter brought us out of it, we started to find and put on our clothes. Peter was also naked, and still a little spongey, but even he seemed to have mostly run out of steam now.

“I trust you’re feeling better about Dylan’s activities now, Scott?” Peter asked me.

“Yes, Sir, I totally get what’s going on now. I’m so sorry for doubting you.” I blushed profusely.

“That’s alright, Scott”, Peter told me magnanimously. “I think you’ve made it up to both me and your roommates. I suppose it’s only fair to tell you at this point that Mitch told Dylan about your suspicions a couple of weeks ago and I had Dylan hypnotize him to go along with whatever you suggested. Don’t blame him, though. Like I said earlier, it’s hard to keep secrets from your hypnotists.

“You have a very distrustful nature, Scott, but I’ve mostly gotten you over that now. I want you to let Dylan hypnotize you again a few times, though, just to make sure there are no relapses.”

“Sure thing, Peter, whatever you say.” I realized as he’d been speaking that while I still knew that he was superior to everyone in every way, I no longer felt inferior to everyone in every way, and that that had just been a form of punishment for my being so suspicious of him.

“Oh, Mitch, I’m curious: would anybody think it odd if you moved in here with me and my partner?” Peter asked.

“Well, I suspect my parents would ask a few questions. Scott and I have been roommates for years and they’re bound to wonder why I would move all of a sudden. If you’re looking for housemates, though, my little brother might be looking for a place when he gets back from Europe in a couple of months.”

“Little brother? You didn’t tell me Mitch had a little brother, Dylan!” Peter accused.

“I wasn’t trying to hide it or anything!” Dylan replied a little defensively. “I guess it just never really came up.”

“Do you have any pictures of him, Mitch? Or do any of you?”

“Sure,” Mitch replied, pulling out his phone and bringing up his brother’s Facebook profile for Peter to look at. “These are some of Kevin’s pictures from Europe. He’s been saving up since he entered high school so he could do the backpacking across Europe thing. It freaks Mom and Dad out, having him so far away and totally on his own like that. Hell, it even freaks me out a bit; we’ve always been close. Still, he’s enjoying himself and he seems to be doing okay. The plan was to do a whole year before coming back and, as far as I know, he’s still on track for that. He should be back sometime in September, I think.”

Peter studied Kevin’s pictures intently for a bit, using Mitch’s account to look at whatever photos he wanted. I could see Peter’s cock getting harder as he looked, though it still remained fairly soft, given that he’d gone off twice already. “Mitch, it’s time for another session”, he said, holding Mitch by the shoulder to balance him.

As Dylan and I watched, Peter suggested repeatedly that it was very important to Mitch that he bring his little brother over sometime so he and Peter could meet. There was nothing Mitch wanted more than to watch Kevin get hypnotized. He wouldn’t even realize consciously that he wanted them to meet; it would just be something he’d do automatically whenever a natural opportunity presented itself.

“I don’t know how he’d feel about living with someone like you, though”, Mitch continued, obviously unaware that he’d been hypnotized. “You’re obviously very sexual, where he’s totally not.”

“He’s eighteen and he’s not at all sexual?” Peter exclaimed. “He’s never dated or anything?”

“No, nothing. Mom thinks maybe he’s gay and just hiding it, but I’m not so sure. Like I said before, he and I are pretty close and I think if he were gay, he would’ve told me by now. I don’t know what to make of it, really.” Peter seemed even more curious to meet Kevin with that revelation, if I read him right.

Just then, we heard a key in the door and some blonde guy about my age walked in. “Hi Jeff! As you can see, we have a couple of new visitors, but they were just about to leave. We’ve all just had a fantastic group hypnosis session!”

It didn’t seem to bother Jeff in any way that Peter was naked. I guessed they had some kind of understanding. Jeff obviously knew Dylan, and they said hi to each other briefly before the three of us left.

As we headed back home, I checked my cell for any messages I might’ve gotten while we were at Peter’s. The only one was one that I’d been leaving myself every day, “just in case”. Smirking as I thought of what I was about to say to myself, I put it on speaker so Mitch and Dylan could hear it as well.

“Hey,” my voice began in a sinister tone, “this is you, Scott. I hope this is just me being paranoid, but in case the worst happens, you need to be aware that you’ve been suspicious that Dylan may be being hypnotized against his will. You intended to follow him the next time you suspected something was up. In a worst-case scenario, you’ve been hypnotized too. Be on the lookout for anything strange, like being somewhere and not remembering how you got there; meeting this guy, Peter, and liking him a bit too much; totally forgetting your suspicions; or getting calls at all hours and leaving the house, like Dylan’s been doing. Be very, very suspicious of any big changes right now!”

By the end of it, the three of us were laughing our asses off. I couldn’t believe I’d been so fucking paranoid about being hypnotized. I mean, as Peter himself had demonstrated, hypnosis was completely harmless, and it could never be used to make you do something you didn’t want to. If you couldn’t trust someone as great as Peter, who could you trust? I was so grateful to him for showing me that my fears about hypnosis were completely unfounded. Still laughing, I hit ‘Delete’.

When we got home, Dylan wanted to put me under, and remembering Peter’s suggestion, I let him put me under with no hesitation whatsoever. In gratitude, I gave him a blowjob after he brought me out of it, and Mitch joined in as well after Dylan put him under briefly.

“Listen, Dylan”, I said around his deliciously hard shaft, “I was just thinking: I can take on any chores you don’t already have Mitch doing. I really think, at this point, that your only worry should be hypnotizing us whenever you want. That’s a full-time chore in its own right and you shouldn’t have to do anything else! Whatever you need me to do, you just me and I’ll make sure it gets done.”

“Thanks, Scott, that means a lot to me”, Dylan told me, grabbing me by the hair and forcing himself deep down my throat. It felt good to be sucking his cock for him. Maybe it was something leftover from my session with Peter, or maybe it was something Dylan himself had hypnotized me to do, but either way, even though I was straight, I felt like Dylan deserved my respect and that it was the least I could do to give him a blowjob whenever he wanted one. It occurred to me that I should probably break up with my girlfriend to make sure I was available for him as much as possible.

As it turned out, I didn’t have to break up with her, at least not directly. The Friday after I’d gone over to Peter’s, I got home to find my girlfriend, Kathy, staring daggers at me. “You son of a bitch!” she screamed wildly, giving me a full roundhouse slap before storming off.

Apparently, after a week of not hearing from me, she’d shown up at the apartment Dylan, Mitch, and I shared to find out what was going on. Naturally, she figured that maybe something had happened with my phone or that I’d just been over-worked or something. Seeing an opportunity, Dylan “accidentally” let it slip that I’d been seeing another woman. When Mitch gave Dylan shit for his “mistake”, Kathy had had no choice but to believe them and I’d arrived home only a couple of minutes later to face her wrath.

Of course, I wasn’t pissed at him for lying to her—quite the opposite, I was grateful to him. I’d been putting off breaking up with her because I couldn’t figure out what exactly to tell her. He’d taken care of that nicely. Mitch left for his third trip to Peter’s since last weekend, so since it was just the two of us, I bought Dylan dinner to thank him for his help with Kathy. That night, after he put me under, I let him have my ass for the first time since we’d been at Peter’s. He fucked me in every room in the house, even Mitch’s bedroom, and holy fuck was he ever good at it. I couldn’t get enough!

Following Dylan to Peter’s place, even if it had been for all the wrong reasons, had been the best decision of my entire life!