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Web of Trust — Chapter 7

Note: this chapter contains brief sexual contact between two adoptive fathers and their son. If this bothers you, stop reading now or simply skip over the paragraph where Tim says good morning to his dads.


“Well, looks like that’s everything”, Tim said as he closed the back door of the minivan one of his dads had borrowed. “Everything except the bed, that is, but I kinda have to sleep on that tonight.”

Supposedly, Tim had invited me over to help him out with the packing, though there really hadn’t been all that much to pack. Other than the bed, everything had fit into nine boxes of varying sizes and a few garbage bags of clothing, and he’d already packed much of it before I’d arrived. What was left had taken us no more than hour to pack, plus a few minutes more to walk it downstairs and put it all into the minivan. The only things left, besides the bed, were clothing and toiletries that had to wait until tomorrow morning.

In reality, I knew that this was one last chance for us to have a sleepover before he moved. We’d been having sleepovers since we’d first met in kindergarten. Our first had been after his fifth birthday party, and we’d been best friends ever since. Lately, we’d been having them every week, probably because we both sensed that things were likely to change after Tim moved out.

Tim and I walked almost in lockstep as we headed back inside and raided the fridge. “All done?” Aaron called from the living room.

“Yeah, Dad, we just wrapped up. We’ll probably go to bed soon—it’s going to be a long day tomorrow.” That was a bit of a surprise since it was only 10:30, but I supposed Tim was right.

“I’m really gonna miss you, but I know how much you want to move in with Peter, and I suppose you had to move out sometime. I just wish you’d been able to stay with us a few more years. Of course, I’d probably say that no matter what age you were”, Aaron admitted with a chuckle.

“Speak for yourself”, Carl chided with a wink at Tim. “I can’t wait to turn his bedroom into a workout room!”

“Whatever for?” Tim shot back, grinning. That was something else Tim and I shared—unlike almost every other teenage guy we knew, we both got along well with our parents…or parent, in my case. My mom had died in her sleep from a rare genetic disorder when I was still an infant, one that I thankfully hadn’t inherited.

After Tim and I had eaten, we headed upstairs and got ready for bed. Tim went to the bathroom to brush his teeth while I got changed into my pyjamas. As much as I liked Tim’s dads, I was still just a tiny bit self-conscious around them, so I always covered up fully with pyjamas whenever I was here. When Tim stayed at my place, though, we both usually just wore boxers to bed. The last couple of times we’d stayed here, Tim had started sleeping in the buff, and even went naked around the house sometimes. His dads had also started wandering around the house naked a fair bit. None of them acted like there was anything unusual or embarrassing about it, not even when they had morning wood. I figured they were probably just nudists, and now that I was older, they’d decided to stop hiding it. Despite not wanting to be even half-naked around them, myself, I found it surprisingly easy to ignore their nudity.

Coming in from brushing his teeth and, apparently, taking his clothes off, I noticed that Tim had a hard-on. I wondered briefly what had gotten him hard, since it obviously wasn’t morning wood, but it was only a passing thought, forgotten as easily as the erection itself was. “Okay, I’m just gonna go brush my teeth and then we can hit the sack”, I told him.

“Yeah, sure Lucas. Oh, before you do that, you’re part of my web of trust.” Tim paused for just a fraction of a second, looking at me almost like he was waiting for a response. I could barely even remember what he’d said, though, much less figure out how to respond. Before I could worry about it any further, he continued. “We’re having a perfectly normal conversation, Lucas, and there’s nothing unusual about it at all. Your cock’s starting to get hard as you listen to my voice, but you won’t notice it or do anything about it in any way. When you get back from brushing your teeth, you’ll ignore what I’m doing and just turn out the light and go to bed, like normal. Go brush your teeth now.”

I turned and left the bedroom to brush my teeth without even acknowledging what Tim had just said. It hadn’t really needed any kind of response anyway. I had a vague impression of my cock feeling good as it brushed up against the cabinet beneath the bathroom sink, but I was too busy brushing my teeth to really notice it. When I got back to the bedroom, Tim was lying on his bed, masturbating slowly, so I reached over and turned out his light for him. Feeling my way in the darkness, I lay down on the sleeping bag that would be my bed for the night. Tim’s fapping was just barely audible off to my side.

“So, I guess you’re really doing this, aren’t you?” I said to Tim in the darkness. “You’re really moving in with this guy, Peter. Why wouldn’t you just stay at home?” I asked.

“I dunno, really. Almost from the moment I met him, moving in with Peter just seemed like something that I really wanted to do. Besides, Peter’s a great guy! You’ll like him. He’s a trauma counsellor and he’s really big into hypnosis, which is kinda weird but kinda cool at the same time.” Tim’s masturbating increased in speed slightly. “It sounds like he’d be one of the most boring people ever, but he’s really not, honest. I just kind of saw his place and knew I needed to move in with him more than anything. When he mentioned he had a spare room, I talked to my dads and convinced them to let me move in with him”, Tim explained.

“Ooookay, that seems kinda weird, but I guess it’s kinda cool too, in a way. Hypnosis has always given me the creeps, personally. I don’t like the idea of being controlled that way, even if it’s just little things like they do in those stage shows. Still, Peter sounds like a nice guy from what you said, and if you like his place and you get along with him, I suppose that’s all that matters. I guess we won’t have sleepovers as much, though, or if we do, they’ll be at my place. Even if he’d let you have me over, there’s no way I could ever let my guard down around someone who’s that into hypnosis.”

“Meh, hypnosis doesn’t really bother me. Like I said, I think it’s kind of cool. I’m still convinced you’re going to like him, though. Trust me, he’s really nice and easy to get along with”, Tim assured me. I did trust Tim, of course, so I took his word for it. I probably would like Peter, despite how weird it was that Tim was just moving in with him all of a sudden.

“You know, it’s nice being able to jerk off around you now. All these years, that’s the one thing I hated about our sleepovers was that I couldn’t masturbate when you were here. You’re so relaxed when I do it now, though, not even giving it a second thought”, Tim told me, his speed increasing again.

“Yeah, I’m not surprised you felt that way. I felt kinda the same way, but I was hardly gonna tell you I didn’t wanna come over just so I could jerk off once or twice. I just make up for it whenever I get home, or sometimes I go into your bathroom and do it there if I really feel the need”, I replied honestly. I’d always been honest with Tim, but lately we’d become so close that I’d stopped even censoring myself around him. He deserved to know whatever I was thinking. “Besides, it’d be kind of gay to have us both masturbating at the same time, especially in your dads’ house—no offense to them or anything.”

“Nah, I understand totally. I probably never would’ve come up with the idea, myself, but Peter’s really helped open my mind to a lot of things. He’s a really great guy!” Tim asserted once again. The more he talked about Peter, the more I was sure I was going to like him. “Okay, I’m gonna finish myself off now, so I kind of need to concentrate. You just lie there quietly and listen, then once I’m done, you’ll easily drift off into a deep sleep.”

Respecting Tim’s request to remain quiet, I listened intently as he sped up his fapping and eventually let out a loud moan of pleasure when he finished. His dads probably heard it too, as loud as he was, but I doubted they’d care from what I’d seen. They were all more open-minded than I’d ever realized, obviously. Not long after Tim came, I fell asleep, feeling a slight pleasure rising in my cock as it pressed against the sleeping bag and into the floor, but I was already too deeply asleep to do anything about it, or even notice it, really.

“Hey, sexy!” the girl greeted me, stark naked, her voluptuous curves drawing my dick towards her. “Wanna f—?”

Right when things were about to get good, I was awoken by Tim’s voice out of the darkness. It was low, though—low enough that I realized he must have been muttering in his sleep. I’d been woken up in the middle of what might well have been a wet dream just for him muttering in his sleep? Seriously? Fuck right off! He’d been dreaming and talking like that every time we had a sleepover lately. Normally I didn’t mind him talking in his sleep, but his timing seriously sucked this time. His voice trailed off—amusingly while he was talking about sleeping more deeply—and I drifted back to sleep. Sadly, the dream didn’t return.

His muttering continued, piercing my consciousness every so often, but each time it did, I did my best to focus on sleeping even more deeply. Eventually, though, I woke up a little bit and started really listening to what he was saying. It was kind of weird, since he was telling me to relax and sleep more deeply, but also to listen to his voice. One way or another, I was too out of it to worry about it. I let myself go, relaxing more deeply than ever, his voice droning on in my ear.

After a while, I also felt him touch my arm. It felt nice. It was like it created some kind of bond between us—a soothing, lingering touch that reminded me how close we were. I relaxed even more, my mind gently drifting in sync with the light touch of his fingers as he stroked my arm and encouraged me to go deeper…to just sleep so deeply and listen to his voice. He had a very nice voice. I was really happy that he kept speaking, a little bit louder and clearer now, but despite that, I continued drifting into the deepest sleep I’d ever been in.

I was dreaming again, but this time, it was an oddly familiar dream where I was sort of aware that I was dreaming, and Tim’s voice overlaid everything. He was telling me how great Peter was and how he liked to hypnotize people. It was nothing to be afraid of, just something Peter enjoyed doing and something I would enjoy experiencing. It was always relaxing and a lot of fun, especially when you combined it with sex. I thought that was kind of an odd thing to dream about at first, but the more I thought about being hypnotized—and more importantly, how good it would make me feel—the more it made sense to me.

I was actually quite comfortable with the idea of being hypnotized, just like I was comfortable watching Tim’s dads having sex. Wait, why was I comfortable with Tim’s dads having sex? Why would I even think about that? I struggled to wake myself up from this strange and disturbing dream, but I couldn’t. Eventually, I drifted back down, deeper and deeper, going deeper all the time, once again thinking about Tim’s dads having sex as I started to go really deeply to sleep…deeper than ever before. When I got right down to it, I supposed there was nothing really wrong with them having sex, or even doing stuff with Tim. I mean, I’d already seen them with hard-ons, so what was the big deal if one of those hard-ons was inside someone else? I could picture all kinds of different possibilities, and none of the ones I thought of really bothered me at all. It was just something that sort of happened sometimes and nothing to worry about in any way.

If they hadn’t been already, things got weird then. I kept waking up and then drifting back to sleep, but I was sleeping with my head on Tim’s stomach now. He’d spilled something on his stomach, but being the good friend that I was, I helped him clean it up. Whatever it was, it was cold and slimy, and dried out in places, but it tasted amazing! Then I was sleeping again and things didn’t seem so odd anymore. I trusted Tim completely and I enjoyed our sleepovers more every time.

It wasn’t just Tim I trusted, though, it was anyone that Tim told me was a hypnotist, especially Peter. I knew somehow that I was part of Peter’s web of trust too, just like I was part of Tim’s. Even though I’d never met him, I could picture exactly what Peter looked like. It was like his image was now burnt onto my retinas. He was the greatest hypnotist, the most important one, and I wanted him to hypnotize me more than anything. It’d be easy to let myself go under for him and it’d be a total blast!

The strange dream faded slowly after that and I fell back to a more normal sleep with dreams that were less weird. Like almost any dream, it was totally forgotten by the time I woke up to the sound of Tim coming back into the bedroom. I could tell from the direction he entered that Tim had just been in his dads’ bedroom, probably to make sure they were awake for the move. As usual, he had morning wood, and as usual, I ignored it.

“Good morning, Lucas! Sorry, did I wake you up?”

“No, I don’t think so. I slept right through you leaving the room and only just woke up a minute ago. How long have you been up?” I asked.

“Oh, about half an hour. I had to talk to my dads for a bit”, Tim told me, tugging at his foreskin to relieve some slight discomfort. I’d never even known he had foreskin—him and his dads, actually—until a few weeks ago, but then again, they were Canadian originally, so I wasn’t really surprised. I wasn’t sure how common circumcision was there, but I knew it was nowhere near as common as it was here.

“Okay, enough chitchat, I gotta go!” I told Tim, standing as I spoke. I passed in front of Tim’s dads in the hallway, nodding good morning to them briefly before darting into the bathroom to take care of the woody I was sporting.

I was still trying to get started when Tim walked in. I was startled by the intrusion at first, but I calmed down after Tim explained what was going on. Aaron was going to make breakfast, apparently, so after I was done relieving my bladder, Tim suggested that we shower together quickly while we were waiting. It was a bit awkward, since it was the first time I’d shared a shower with him, but we got through it without too much difficulty. It was nice having someone to help wash me off; then I helped him wash in return.

After we’d dried off, I put my pyjama bottoms back on, but before I put the top on, Tim stopped me. I couldn’t even think why I’d been trying to put the pyjama top on in the first place. I was fully dressed and ready to meet Peter just as soon as we’d eaten breakfast. Tim would stay naked throughout breakfast, of course, only getting dressed at the last possible minute.

Heading straight downstairs from the bathroom, we found Carl and Aaron already there, as expected. Aaron was leaning up against the archway into the kitchen, his head in one of those leather gimp hoods and his hands attached to a bolt in the ceiling. I’d noticed the hole for it before and figured it was just a leftover from something that they’d never bothered to cover up. Now I knew why they hadn’t. Carl was fucking Aaron vigorously. From the state of Aaron’s cock, it seemed he was enjoying it thoroughly. I’d never really understood how someone could enjoy anal sex. Didn’t it hurt?

Tim stopped next to them briefly to say good morning. For some reason, he was half-hard and getting harder, which Carl noticed. Pulling out of Aaron’s ass and releasing him from the eye-bolt, the two of them knelt and gave Tim a brief blowjob. After they were done, they stood side-by-side and waited as he knelt and returned their good morning. It was the first time I’d seen them do this particular good morning ritual, but given that Carl and Aaron were both gay, I figured it was probably a pretty typical way for them all to greet each other in the morning. Once Tim was done, Carl re-attached Aaron to the ceiling and went back to fucking him. Breakfast had already been set out—juice, yogurt, and cereal at each place setting, with a bowl of muffins in the middle of the table—so Tim and I immediately sat down and started to eat.

After we were finished, Tim gave Peter a quick call to let him know that we’d be on our way shortly. Tim had lost the hard-on he’d had when he was saying good morning, but it came back quickly while he was on the phone with Peter. “Yes. Yes, I did it exactly the way you told me and he didn’t bat an eye. Yes, he’s definitely ready.” Tim seemed to listen for a minute longer and then hung up the phone without even saying goodbye.

“What was that all about?” I asked when he was done.

“Huh? Oh, you’re part of my web of trust now, Lucas. It’s nothing you need to worry about.”

“Okay then, so shall we go get your bed and get going?” I asked. “I’m looking forward to meeting this guy you’re moving in with.” I didn’t mention it to Tim, but I was thinking of asking Peter if he’d hypnotize me. With how afraid I was of being controlled, I’d never tried it before, but I thought this guy Peter might just be the one to change all that.

Tim nodded and we both ran upstairs. We brushed our teeth together and then Tim got dressed while I packed all my stuff into my backpack. Carl and Aaron showered quickly while Tim and I moved the bed downstairs and tried to attach it to the minivan. Neither of us had a clue what we were doing, though, so we waited somewhat impatiently as Carl redid the rigging when he and Aaron joined us. Carl didn’t actually take all that long—he handled the rope like he tied things up all the time—it was just that I was really getting eager to be off. A woman on the sidewalk glanced at what we were doing as she passed by, giving me a quizzical look as I waited for Carl, but she was past us after a few seconds. Once Carl was done, the four of us hopped into the minivan and headed over to Tim’s new place. To my surprise, Carl and Aaron sat in the back, letting me ride shotgun while Tim drove.

The two of us talked animatedly on the way over while Carl and Aaron sat eerily quietly in the back. “Lucas, you’re part of my web of trust”, Tim mentioned while we were stopped at a red light a minute or two before we got to Peter’s. “You’re getting a hard-on now—a huge, raging boner. It’s the biggest boner you’ve ever had in your life. It’s perfectly normal for you to be as hard as you are, and you won’t pay any more attention to it than you would if you were totally soft. When we get to Peter’s, you’ll wait until I tell you before getting out. After I do, the only thing you need to worry about is introducing yourself to him. You’re becoming more eager than ever to meet him, and that’s the only thing that matters to you right now. Even this conversation will seem unimportant compared to how much you want to meet Peter.”

I absolutely couldn’t wait to meet Peter all of a sudden. Somewhat insanely, I wanted to hop out of the minivan right away and run to go meet him, even though I had no idea where we were going. Thankfully, we turned into Peter’s driveway only a minute later. I was fidgeting wildly in my excitement to meet him now. The garage door was open when we got there and Tim backed us in, seeming to take forever. After checking the sidewalk and glancing towards the house across the street, he told me I could get out. I jumped out of the van the moment he said I could, walking quickly towards the door from the garage into the house. In my eagerness, I opened it and let myself in without even thinking about knocking.

There was a man walking towards me as I opened the door, and I knew the moment I saw him that it was Peter. Taking the two remaining steps towards him, I reached out my hand and shook it firmly as he looked me over. He seemed to be admiring the area around my waist most of all. I wondered if he might be gay too, like Carl and Aaron.

“Well, it’s a pleasure to meet you, Lucas! Come on in and we’ll get to know each other a little bit. Tim, why don’t you go get your parents to move everything in for you. I’m sure they won’t mind”, Peter suggested, winking. For the life of me, I couldn’t imagine why Tim’s parents would want to move his stuff in without our help, but I went inside with Peter, eager to get to know him better.

There was another guy kneeling on the floor in the living room as we went inside. He had dirty blond hair, a fairly smooth body, and the biggest dick I’d ever seen. I wasn’t a great judge, but I thought he was probably fairly attractive. That seemed to confirm my suspicions that Peter was gay, not that it really mattered. “Jeff”, Peter spoke down to him as he started rubbing the top of his head, “I think I’d like some time alone with Tim and Lucas. Why don’t you get dressed and go spend the day with your friend, Adam. I’m sure he’d be happy to see you again. You’ll stay with him until I call and tell you that you can come home.” Sure enough, the naked guy stood up and went upstairs without another word.

Peter smiled at me. “I’m sure you’ve already guessed, but Jeff has been deeply hypnotized on countless occasions and he’s now extremely susceptible to it. He’s basically a puppet at this point, doing whatever I tell him. Adam’s a former client of mine as well. He’s…well, let’s just say that he’s always happy to have Jeff over whenever I want Jeff out of the house for a bit.”

“Wow, that’s crazy! Guess it works out well for you, though”, I grinned at him. I wanted to just come right out and tell him how badly I wanted to be hypnotized, but I was a bit shy sometimes. I was still figuring out how to bring it up when he got rid of the problem entirely.

“How would you feel about being hypnotized, Lucas?” he asked me straight out.

“Well, I used to be really creeped out by it—afraid of it, I guess you could say—but I think I’m starting to get over that now. If I’m being totally honest, I was really hoping that you’d be the first person to hypnotize me. I feel like with you, I don’t have to be afraid of it anymore”, I admitted.

“Even after seeing Jeff naked and waiting for me on his knees?” Peter asked.

“Oh hell yeah! I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m totally straight—and I definitely don’t want do the sorts of things I assume Jeff does—but there’s just something about the idea of hypnosis and sex together that just makes me feel so incredible! Just seeing him kneeling there, hypnosis is all I can think about right now!”

Peter chuckled at that, his eyes wandering down towards my pyjama bottoms again. “Okay then, why don’t we just wait for Timmy to back from hypnotizing his dads and I’ll put you both under.”

“Wait, Timmy’s hypnotizing his dads? Is that why you said they’d love to move his stuff in. He’s hypnotizing them to want to do it, isn’t he?” I asked.

“You got it”, Peter confirmed.

“Wow, that’s even crazier!” I told him, just a bit of my former wariness coming into my voice as I thought about everything I’d seen and heard in the last few minutes. It was starting to occur to me that I should feel creeped out by the idea of Peter hypnotizing Jeff, and that it was really weird that I felt better about that than about Tim hypnotizing his parents. I took a half-step back, hesitantly, when Peter reached a hand out reassuringly.

“Lucas, you’re part of my web of trust. There’s nothing to worry about. Hypnosis is very fun and you love the idea of other guys being hypnotized just as much as you want to be hypnotized yourself. Just thinking about hypnosis makes your cock hard, and it’s getting harder and harder now as you think about Timmy hypnotizing his dads. Everything about hypnosis turns you on like nothing else ever has”, Peter told me.

I stood there for another minute as I thought about Tim hypnotizing his dads. The more I thought about it, the harder my cock was getting, but I didn’t really pay much attention to it. “Damn, that’s hot!” I commented absently as I stood there waiting for Tim to finish what he was doing. He joined us a couple of minutes later with his hard cock sticking out of the top of his pants as his dads got to work bringing stuff in and moving it upstairs. “All done”, he informed Peter.

“Excellent. So, your friend Lucas here was just telling me how much he enjoys the idea of being hypnotized and that he’s never done it before.” Tim and Peter exchanged a grin and looked at me, which I didn’t understand at all, but I forgot about it completely at his next words. “Timmy, Lucas, it’s time for another session.”

“That’s it?” I asked as Peter stood there looking at us expectantly.

“Well, that’s it for now, at any rate.”

“But you didn’t do anything!” I complained. “I don’t feel any different now than I did a moment ago.”

“Actually, I did quite a bit. Why don’t you go look back into the garage”, Peter suggested.

To my shock, the minivan was gone. Apparently, Carl and Aaron had finished moving Timmy’s things in and left. And yet it felt like I’d never been under at all! I couldn’t believe that they’d had time to do everything and that I hadn’t even noticed. I started getting hard when I realized that I really had been hypnotized, despite how it seemed to me.

Peter and Timmy were frenching each other when I went back into the living room and the front of Timmy’s pants were open, with Peter helping himself to Timmy’s cock. “As you can see, Timmy has also been hypnotized on any number of occasions, and is more than happy to let me take control.”

“God damn!” I replied, my cock bobbing up and down, getting a bit irritated as the head rubbed back and forth against my pyjama bottoms.

“Timmy, why don’t we head up to the bedroom now and you can show your friend Lucas just how hypnotized you both are.”

Timmy turned instantly at the suggestion, apparently completely unconcerned that a gay man had just invited him up to his bedroom. Despite everything, I was convinced I wasn’t as hypnotized as Peter thought I was. If I had been, I suspected I’d be behaving a lot more like Timmy. Still, I wasn’t about to miss out on the fun, even if all I did was watch, so I followed Timmy upstairs with Peter trailing behind. I could almost feel his eyes on my ass as I took each step.

Timmy led the way into Peter’s bedroom, stopping just inside the door and beginning to strip. The moment I entered the bedroom, I stopped as well, my hands falling to my pyjama bottoms and pushing them off. I stood there woodenly, staring at nothing in particular, only vaguely aware that Peter was standing at the door to his bedroom admiring us both.

The minute he crossed into the bedroom, however, Timmy and I were both riveted on him. Groping both of our cocks, one in each hand, he started kissing us back and forth. My mouth opened willingly, eager to accept his tongue as I felt his hand stroking my cock. After only a few minutes, though, he stopped. As Timmy and I watched, he stripped out of his clothes, showing off his somewhat hairy body. All I could do was stand there and stare. I knew it was a fairly average body for a guy his age, and yet I wanted it more than anything I’d ever wanted in my life. I wanted to look at it, to touch it, to taste it…anything! And everything! I was nevertheless held motionless as I watched Peter strip and walk over to lie on the bed. Timmy didn’t seem to be having any better luck than I was, his whole body following Peter’s every move, his cock bobbing around wildly, and yet he was rooted to the floor as well.

“It’s okay, boys.”

In a flash, we were both on the bed, pressing as much of ourselves against him as we could. I nuzzled in on his left, while Tim climbed onto him from the right. I immediately started kissing him on the shoulder while simultaneously fucking his hip. Timmy got to work on one of his nipples, simultaneously fucking his other hip.

The two of us kissed and licked Peter’s torso for a while, our cocks both manically rubbing against his sides. I could tell Peter was enjoying himself as much as we were. I rubbed my hands on him as well, focussing on his cock, of course, but also rubbing around his stomach and chest when one of us wasn’t kissing or licking him there. It felt strange holding a man’s cock, feeling his fur tickling my hand, but it wasn’t unenjoyable—in fact, I quite liked it.

At a signal from Peter, I moved up his body slightly and started kissing and licking his ear. As my tongue penetrated the hole of his ear, I felt his finger penetrating the hole of my ass. I’d never felt anything quite like it before. It was invasive and yet pleasurable. I loved the idea that I was being violated.

Relaxing into him, I curled downward slightly and started kissing his neck as his finger kept delving into my ass. I could see that he was doing the same to Timmy, but I couldn’t really have cared less what they were doing, just as long as he kept doing it to me. I wanted him inside me so bad!

As he started putting a second finger in, though, I felt a bit of pain and my hole spasmed tighter. The pain shocked me and made me think about what I was actually doing and I started to feel a little panicky. Thankfully, Peter noticed and helped me out. “Lucas, it’s time for another session.”

“Feeling better?” he asked as I opened my eyes.

“Yeah, much better. Thanks!” I smiled up at him.

“Sorry, I forgot how new you are to all of this and I guess I got carried away.” He was back down to one finger, I realized, but I was glad that he hadn’t pulled it out of me entirely. “I think you’ll find that once you’re in the right frame of mind, however, it’s easy to open up. Just look at me, Lucas…look into my eyes and relax.”

I did as he suggested, my eyes relaxing ever so slightly as I stared into his. “Just take a deep breath and let go of everything, Lucas.” I relaxed further. “Just relax and keep staring into my eyes. It’s very comfortable and enjoyable to just lie back and let yourself be absorbed into my eyes.” I could feel both his hands on me now, one rubbing my body up and down while his finger kept going in and out of my ass. “Just keep relaxing. You’re doing so well and you’re having more fun than you’ve ever had before.” We could’ve been at it for an hour or maybe just a few minutes, I really didn’t know. The whole time, he just kept encouraging me to relax and look into his eyes. Despite his best efforts, though, he still wasn’t able to get more than a finger inside me.

I’d been staring into his eyes so deeply and for so long that I’d lost all track of anything else at all. Timmy was almost entirely forgotten—I knew he was around, but I had no conscious memory of seeing him at all since I’d started staring into Peter’s eyes—and I realized distantly that Peter had shifted positions slightly. He was now lying on his side while I lay next to him with one leg lifted up to my chest and Peter’s arm draped over me possessively. “That’s so nice, Lucas. You’re doing very well indeed. I know you can take more if you just keep staring into my eyes and relaxing. Feel your whole body relax as you take deep breaths and look into my eyes.”

We shifted positions again at some point, though I was at least a little more consciously aware of it this time. Still, I was able to keep staring at him the whole time as he rolled on top of me, his arms to either side of my body while his finger briefly left my ass and then plunged back in again. He tried a second finger briefly, but as he continued telling me to relax, I felt it go back down to one again.

“I’m sorry, I just can’t seem to take any more than that”, I apologized after he slowly encouraged me back to awareness of the world. “One finger seems to be my limit, even with hypnosis.”

Peter grinned at me as he continued doing push-ups on top of me, his one finger driving in and out of my hole. I couldn’t believe how much I’d come to love having that one finger inside of me.

Slowly, the physical impossibility of the situation dawned on me. His arms were on either side of me, yet somehow, he had his finger in my ass and it felt amazing! I looked down, already knowing what I would see. Somehow, despite the fact that it felt like just a finger, his entire cock was plunging into me and then back out again. He was easily able to bury his entire cock inside of me, yet it felt like it was only a single finger. Somehow, knowing it was a finger felt okay, whereas thinking of it as his cock kind of bothered me. Looking back into his eyes, I stopped worrying about the whole thing and just lay back to enjoy the feel of his finger inside me.

I smiled at him as he continued pumping, knowing how deeply hypnotized I must have been and feeling so turned on by it. My cock wanted to burst, but I couldn’t touch it—I couldn’t do anything at all, actually, except lie there and let him continue to finger-fuck me for as long as he wanted.

It was only as I tried to get comfortable that I realized that the bed wasn’t a bed. The bed, at least part of it, was Timmy. Turning my head, I looked at him, though it was difficult and I could only see him out of the corner of my eye. I could feel his hands around my waist now that I thought about it.

“What’re you doing there?” I asked him quietly as Peter kept fingering my ass. This revelation didn’t take anywhere near as long as my first and I looked down in shock, then up at Peter as I realized what was happening.

“One finger”, Peter grinned. And that’s exactly what it was. Peter and my best friend both had their cocks inside me, and yet I still thought of it as being only a finger unless I really thought about it. I didn’t really want to think about it, though, so I just let go of the idea again while they had their fun.

The two of them fingered me for who knows how long until eventually, Peter came inside me, the two of us staring into each other’s eyes once again. I had a brief moment of anxiety as I was once again forced to realize that it was his cock inside me, but looking into his eyes for reassurance, I found it totally natural to just relax and let him take me, both physically and hypnotically.

Timmy and I were curled up together on the couch, both of us naked and exhausted from whatever we’d done this afternoon while we were under. I knew by the fact that we were both naked that there’d been at least some level of sex combined with hypnosis, even if it had probably only been us taking our clothes off. Sex with hypnosis was the best! I could hear Peter upstairs taking a shower. It was easy to see why Timmy liked his new landlord so much. He was a very easy-going and approachable guy. Even in the short time I’d been here, I’d developed an intense friendship with him and felt really close to him. I was grateful that he’d been so willing to hypnotize me and I was looking forward to letting him do it again sometime. It was too bad he wasn’t a woman so it could be even more sexual, but I supposed I couldn’t have everything.

“Any idea what we did this afternoon?” I asked Timmy.

“Nah, I don’t bother trying to remember. Even if something triggers a memory, it always feels so much like a dream that I’m never sure if what I remember actually was a dream I had at some point or if it was the real thing. I love the idea of Peter just hypnotizing me and me not really knowing what’s going on. It always leaves me feeling so fucking horny!” I could see Timmy’s incredibly long cock twitch. “You know, I was with Amanda for almost two years, but in the space of a few months, I’ve all but stopped caring about being with a girl. All I want is to be hypnotized, or to hypnotize, and it just feels so natural for it to be with a guy now. I guess it’s kind of like being in a prison, but in a good way…a fan-fucking-tastic way!”

“I can see that. I mean, just thinking back on this afternoon, in a way I kind of wish Peter had been a woman, but at the same time, it felt so natural just to be hypnotized by him”, I replied. “I could maybe see myself letting it go a little further next time.”

“Yeah, Peter’s good like that. He’s really gotten me over the whole idea of being gay or straight. I mostly just think of him as the guy who hypnotizes me and makes me hornier than I’ve ever been in my entire life. Honestly, Amanda had nothing on him!” Timmy had started air humping as he thought about Peter hypnotizing him. “Fuck, it’s been so long since I’ve had my cock inside anyone—at least as far as I can remember.”

“Don’t get any ideas!” I joked. I wasn’t really worried. Despite how much Peter turned Timmy on, I knew he was as straight as me.

Timmy just looked at me all of a sudden with a gleam in his eye. Wait, he wasn’t actually thinking of…. “You’re part of my web of trust, Lucas.”

I immediately relaxed and stopped worrying about the gleam in Timmy’s eye. I felt very attentive towards my friend all of a sudden and my only concern now was whatever it was he wanted to talk about.

“As you sit there next to me, seeing my cock twitching whenever I think about hypnosis, you’re going to start thinking about how much I need to get my cock inside someone. The more you think about it, the more comfortable you’ll get with the idea of helping me out. It’s not something that you really even think of as sex because it’s not with a woman. It’s just you and me having a bit of fun together as friends. There’s no reason to by shy or embarrassed. Even though it’s something we’ve never done before, you’re starting to think that it would be incredibly enjoyable for both of us if you sucked me off. Oh and there’s no need to worry that I might’ve hypnotized you to do anything unusual; you know I’m your best friend and that I’d never do anything like that. We’re just having a completely normal conversation like we often do.”

Timmy and I sat there for a couple more minutes and I found myself looking towards his twitching cock more and more. He sat up a bit, putting his cock closer to my face, and I couldn’t help but think how frustrated he must be that he never got to put it inside anyone, at least not that he was allowed to remember. “Hey, Timmy, I was just thinking. Can I suck your cock for you? I mean, it’s obvious you’re insanely horny—I can see the precum dripping from your dick there, dude—and I really don’t see any reason why you and I can’t have a bit of fun, just as friends, if that’s something you’d enjoy. I think you could really use the help, from what I can see here”, I laughed.

“Really? You’d do that for me? That’s awesome! Go for it”, he told me enthusiastically, holding his dick out slightly for me to suck on.

I’d obviously never had a dick inside me before, nor did I really want one now; it was just something I felt like I could do to help Timmy out, and that I’d enjoy it in that sense. Who knows when the poor guy had last been inside someone. Hell, from what he’d told me back when he was with Amanda, she hadn’t been big on oral, so it had probably been quite a while.

It was weird holding a cock that had foreskin. I’d never even seen one up close before and now I had Timmy’s in my hand and in my mouth. Pushing back the foreskin with my tongue and peeling it back a bit further with my fingers, I started licking up all the precum he’d been spewing. It tasted pretty bad, but I’d known when I made the offer that that would be part of the job. He was every bit as horny as he’d said and it only took him a minute before he started thrusting faster and I felt his hand forcing me to stay on him as his jiz hit the back of my mouth.

Pissed that he’d taken advantage of my help, I started gagging and pushed back against the force of his hand as I pulled off of him. Retching, I spat his cum back out onto him. There was something familiar about the taste. Despite how awful it tasted, I was associating it with something I liked—I just couldn’t remember what. “Not cool, dude! That was completely out of bounds!” I told him, wiping my mouth in disgust. It was only our years of friendship and the realization that I’d never actually said whether he could or couldn’t cum inside me that kept me from being even more upset than I was. I wasn’t absolving him of blame, but it was only fair that I took my own part of that blame. After all, I’d offered to help.

“Lucas, you’re part of my web of trust. Despite how angry you are, you’re also realizing that my cum tastes pretty good. It tastes absolutely awesome, in fact! As you realize that, the anger is draining right out of you, completely forgotten now. All you can think of is how much you want my cum and how much you’ll enjoy swallowing it for me the next time”, Timmy told me.

I licked my lips as the taste of Timmy’s cum registered on me fully. “God damn! That’s good stuff! You didn’t tell me you tasted like that! Holy shit, if I’d known that, I woulda been sucking you off for years!” Looking down at the cum I’d just spat out onto him, I leaned into his pubic hair and started licking it all back up without bothering to ask if he minded. “Hey, buddy, you got any more of that in there?” I asked, grabbing his shaft and stroking it slightly.

“Sure, Lucas. Help yourself! I’m good for another go at least, maybe two if you’re lucky.” I got to work immediately. “God I love hypnotizing guys”, Timmy told Peter has he came downstairs.

I stopped sucking Timmy off long enough to tell him that I was willing to give hypnosis a try with him too, if he wanted. I knew Peter was a master of hypnosis, but I thought I’d probably enjoy being hypnotized by Timmy almost as much. For his part, Peter just smiled as he stood there and watched the two of us.

I called my Dad to come pick me up shortly after I’d managed to extract a third small, but astoundingly delicious, load out of Timmy’s balls. I was really glad that I’d suggested sucking him off, strictly as a friend of course, and couldn’t wait for our next sleepover so I could have some more of him.

“Timmy, I think you should have a sleepover at Lucas’ place soon”, Peter suggested after I hung up the phone, as if reading my mind. “While you’re there, why don’t you see what you can do to get Nick comfortable with Lucas spending the night here fairly often.”

Timmy just laughed. “Not a problem, Peter. By the time I’m done with Nick, I suspect he’ll be happy to drop Lucas off anytime you want.”

“Wait, are you guys talking about hypnotizing my dad?” I asked incredulously, both turned on by the idea and a little bit concerned about how cavalierly Peter suggested it. “And how did you know what his name was?”

“Yes, we are”, Peter confirmed, “and Lucas, now that you’re a part of my web of trust, you have no problems at all with your Dad being hypnotized for anything Timmy or I want. Every time we talk about hypnotizing someone, or actually do it, you’ll be more accepting and more turned on than ever before.”

I sat there for a moment after Peter replied, just taking in what he’d said. “That’s cool. I’d love to watch while you hypnotize him, Timmy. But wait, you still didn’t tell me how you knew my dad’s name.”

Peter smiled at me. “I would think that should be obvious. I’ve hypnotized Timmy to tell me all about anyone he thinks I might have an interest in, and recruit them for me if he has an opportunity.” Both my cock and Timmy’s started to get hard at the mention that Peter had hypnotized him. “Naturally, since you’re his best friend and very much my type, your name came up first, and he told me all about you and your dad.

“I have to say, even though you were the one I was most interested in, I might not mind hypnotizing your dad, too. I’m usually not much for guys closer to my age, but there’s definitely something to be said for having both a father and his son under my hypnotic control at the same time!” he told me, giving Timmy a wicked grin. “I’ll have to get a better look at your dad when he comes to pick you up.” Fuck, that was a hot idea! “Speaking of which, we should probably all get dressed before he gets here—at least this time.” The three of us just laughed.

“Well, it was great to meet you, Peter”, I told him as I watched him checking out my dad. “Maybe I’ll see you again sometime if Timmy and I get together to study or something.” Dad asked about me using “Timmy” instead of just “Tim”, and I told him it was just an in joke, but it wasn’t long before he started using “Timmy” as well.