The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Wedding Gift

Stephanie and I had been dating for a year when I finally decided to pop the question. I had the whole thing planned out to the letter. First we would dine at a fancy steakhouse, then a beautiful moonlight walk in the park where I would propose.

“Are you nervous?” my best friend Sam asked me before I left to pick up Stephanie.

“A bit,” I replied to him,” but I’m sure my nerves will settle as the night goes on.”

Dinner at the steakhouse was fantastic. The food was prepared perfectly and the atmosphere was sublime. Not even the one hundred and twenty dollar check dampened my mood. I happily paid and then drove to the park. The temperature was a mild seventy degrees. Not too hot, or cold. The moon was out in full force, shining brightly in the night sky. When we were halfway across the walking bridge that crossed Cedar River, I stopped and turned towards Stephanie. With moonlight glistening off the water below, I dropped to one knee and pulled a ring from my jacket pocket.

“Stephanie Miller, the past year has been the best of my life. Will you marry me?”

My beautiful girlfriend looked directly down into my eyes and replied, “Yes, I will marry you Lance.”

The following six months were a blur, cakes, bands, churches, it was almost too much to handle. However, after all the chaos settled, I married Stephanie Anne Miller six months to the day after my proposal. The festivities went off flawlessly. After hours of dancing and celebrating the party wound down and we retired our motel. We had plans to honeymoon at Niagara Falls, but for the wedding night, I had booked a suite at a local motel.

Though my bride was on the curvy side, I had no issues hoisting her up across the threshold of our suite. I kissed her deeply, and then gently set her down on the bed. She reached up and removed ties from her hair, letting the straight, sandy brown locks fall to their natural shoulder length state. Stephanie stared at me, her deep blue eyes meeting my hazel ones. We again kissed deeply and I slowly began to reach into the depths of Stephanie’s wedding gown. My manhood quickly grew as I ran my hand up her white stocking covered leg. While still in a deep and passionate kiss, I unhooked the garter belt straps, slid her white, lace panties down to her stocking covered knee, then returned my hand to her moist sex where I began teasing her clit with my fingers. At the same time, Stephanie had managed to undo the button on my tuxedo pants and slide them down to my upper thigh area. My sexy bride then reached under the waistband of my black boxers and began to massage my throbbing cock.

Her gentle massaging of my engorged manhood became more fast and aggressive, and my clit teasing turned into a full blown fingering. With both of us at a point of pure lust we each shifted just enough to have the other remove our undergarments completely. I then pushed the excess of Stephanie’s gown up and entered her dripping pussy. “Yes Lance yes,” Stephanie cried out as I thrust deeper and harder. The pleasure from my motions had caused my bride to arch her back. In addition to this, the muscles in her soaked womanhood clinched, the sensation to this added to the pleasure I was already feeling inside of her sent me over the edge. With three more hard thrust I reached my climax and released. Stephanie, who had already came twice, shuddered with lust and came once more.

“That was amazing,” Stephanie said between her gasps from being out of breath. “I love you.”

“I love you too,” I replied. We both managed to finish undressing before falling asleep in each other’s arms.

The next day, we showered and dressed. Our parents met us in the motel restaurant for breakfast. After eating, we gave them the tux and her gown. The gown was hers, but we didn’t feel like taking it along to Niagara Falls. The tux was a rental. My dad was returning it along with the others we rented. We said our goodbyes to the folks, drove to the airport, and after a three hour flight, reached our destination. The motel suite I booked overlooked the falls. The view was stunning. Stephanie and I were both a bit worn out from the flight so we decided to do the sights the following day. We had room service deliver our meal, and then decided to take a dip in the room’s hot tub. We soaked and did some other naughty things for an hour before hearing a knock at the door. I exited the tub, threw on a robe, and answered the door. Upon opening it, I discovered that no one was there. Instead, a medium sized box was on the floor. It was covered with white, floral pattern, wrapping paper. A small note taped to the top read, “To the newlyweds, enjoy.”

“What is it?” Stephanie asked from the hot tub.

“A gift,” I replied, “get out and come open it with me.” After a minute or so, Stephanie emerged from the hot tub room in a robe.

“Does it say who sent it?” she asked.

“No,” I answered, “the note just says it is a gift for the newlyweds.”

“Well,” Stephanie said as she reached out towards the gift. “We might as well open it.”

I agreed and together we tore the paper off to reveal a plain brown box. It was sealed closed with packaging tape. I used a knife left over from dinner to cut the tape. The box contained four items. A pair of black, lace panties, black, thigh high stockings, and sexy baby doll negligee with a tiger pattern. Under those three items was a pair of silk boxers with a tiger print that matched the baby doll.

“Well,” I laughed, “that’s kinky.”

Stephanie looked at me and began to laugh as well. “It must be from one of our friends back home.”

“Yeah,” I replied, “that would be my guess. So, do you want to put this stuff on?”

My new wife chuckled a bit then answered, “Sure, it is our honeymoon after all.”

Stephanie went into another room of the suite to change while I just slid off the robe and put the tiger boxers on by the bed. When the silk of the boxers touched my member I almost doubled over with pleasure. I sat on the bed to prevent myself from falling. The pleasure was intense, causing my cock to become rock solid. It was harder and bigger than it had ever been before. Suddenly I heard moans of pleasure coming from the other room. Stephanie sounded as if she were having an orgasm. I was just about to get up to see what was going on when my new wife appeared at the doorway. She looked so sexy in the tiger print baby doll, and the black stockings. Unlike her white wedding dress stockings, these had an elastic band in the lace tops to prevent them from sliding down. In addition to her erotic attire, something else was different. Yes, she had put on black eye shadow and lipstick, but that wasn’t it. It was something about the way she seductively sauntered over to the bed. The sight of her made my cock grow even larger.

“Hello lover,” she purred. “Do you like the outfit?”

At that point, Stephanie was sitting sideways on the edge of the bed. Without warning she reached out and began to rub my erect member. “It feels as if you like the outfit,” she said in a very erotic tone. “Tell me, did you get this hard because of me, or when you put on the boxers?”

“Both,” I gasped between my moans of ecstasy. “I am so horny right now, this isn’t natural.”

Stephanie unfastened the button that held by erect manhood inside of the boxers. She then straddled me. Her pussy was dripping wet. The sensation of that through the lace panties made felt so good. I knew that something was off but at that point I stopped caring. I flipped over, pinning Stephanie to the bed. “I am going to fuck your brains out.”

“Take me,” was her reply. In one swift motion I slid off my wife’s soaked panties and thrust myself inside of her dripping mound. She arched her back and cried out as I drove myself deeper and quickened my pace. Within moments we both came. However, my manhood remained rock solid and we felt no fatigue. Instead we flipped again, placing Stephanie on top. All the while I never our connection was not broken. She vigorously rocked back and forth, my cock driving deep inside of her. Stephanie held her hands against my nipples pinching them on occasion. An act which caused me to arch my back, thus driving my member further into my wife’s wet and pulsating pussy. Suddenly, Stephanie’s eyes seemed to fade, replaced with a milky white look. Still overwhelmed with lust, I was unable to react to this turn of events.

“Must obey,” she started chanting over and over again, “Must obey, must obey.”

“What the fuck is going on?”

“You must obey me,” was Stephanie’s reply.” The Head Mistress sent the outfits. She saw us in the motel lobby. The tiger print baby doll and boxers have brought out our animal lust. It is the design and will of Head Mistress for you to become a slave to me. The baby doll, along with the panties, and stockings transformed me into a, lusty mistress.”

“This is nuts!” I yelled, “We just got married, I want to have a happy, normal life. Not some twisted slave and mistress thing.”

“Normality is no longer an option,” Stephanie hissed as she pinched hard on my nipples. “We have been chosen for a greater purpose. The outfits are designed with a magical fabric to bring out our animal lust. This weekend our minds, allowing the will of Head Mistress to be implanted. We will help her execute her plan for a better world. With me as a sub-mistress and you my loyal slave we will convert other couples. Making them into wild, lustful, animal lovers.”

I was near a point of surrender. To break me, Stephanie had came once more. The feel of her wet juices rolling down my cock while I was still inside her sent me over the edge. I released once more and cried out, “I will obey, I will become your slave!”

My mind went blank. The will of Head mistress and Stephanie would direct me from that point on. Still in our tiger print clothing, Stephanie and I sat at attention on the edge of the bed. We sat there in a trance like state for two hours. We never met Head Mistress in person that night and still haven’t to this date. However, her will and instruction flow through both our minds. Stephanie is my dominant mistress, I obey her every whim and desire. Sometimes that is sexual, while other times it is actions like driving her around, or doing menial tasks. While in Niagara Falls for the duration or our planned two week honeymoon, we converted six couples. We are now on a plane home. Stephanie has ordered me to write this tale down. What she doesn’t know is that I am using the very last shred of my will power to send this out as a forwarded email. The pleasure that Head Mistress gives is wonderful. However, I’ve seen a brief vision of the world she has planned. It is too late for me, resist her and be free.