The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Title: Welcome to E.Y.E.

Description: Chelsie showed up for just a simple eye appointment unknown to her it actually was an employment

Eye doctors they ain’t cheap and Chelsie new that. She needed an eye appointment since at work she had a hard time reading the paperwork and she could run the risk of losing her job and considering that her and her girlfriend just got a house yeah that can’t happen. She was looking online and everything look liked to much it was all too much. “Damn” she thought “I don’t have this kinda money” suddenly at the bottom of the page was a pretty cheap place only $20 an eye exam and a diagnosis. The prices seemed too good to be true so she read the reviews. 5 stars and 136 reviews. Maybe it was true. She pondered it for a bit and considered it worth the risk. She went to their website. The website was weird. The home page was just an image of a black and white eye with text reading “eye exams” it felt uncomfortably minimalist. She scheduled an appointment anyway she considered that a place with those prices probably can’t afford a nice shiny website that site was quite possibly all they could afford.

It was a couple days later and the appointment was in about 30 minutes. It wasn’t far according to the websites directions but she had never been to that side of town before and she wanted to give herself some leeway in case she got a little lost. She grabbed her purse, jacked and a hat, kissed her girlfriend Liz goodbye and set on her way. After about a 15-minute bike ride she found the place. The building was odd looking similar to the website. It was just a square little building with plain solid white paint coat. It had “EYE” written on its front with an outline of a eye just below it. She walked in it’s plain white metal door to find a waiting room with calm elevator music playing. A woman was typing on her computer in a front desk. The waiting room was also bland white walls just like the outside with only a couple plants, some grey sofa chairs and a couple eye carts on the wall. She walked up to the woman at the desk. The woman was wearing a plain white sweater with just eye written on it, black skinny jeans, she had black hair with red lipstick on. The woman was wearing glasses but the lens was so dark you couldn’t see her eyes. Strongly the woman looked just about Chelsie’s age and body statue (around 25 and skinny). Chelsie gently knocked on the woman’s desk, she looked up and told Chelsie “The Dr. is busy with a patient I will let you know when he is finished. Until then you may sit down and enjoy one of our complementary magazines”. Chelsie nodded and thanked her. She sat down on one of the soft grey chairs. As she sat down, she couldn’t help but think about how weird the woman replied. She sounded like an answering machine, no emotion or change of tone or pitch. Her face didn’t move much either it felt like she was a robot or something like that. Chelsie decided to read one of the magazines, how odd she thought as she flipped through the pile on the floor next to the row of chairs, all of the magazines were old. The most recent one she could find was dated 1993. She thought it was odd but shrugged it off.

After a good 10 minutes of reading the woman at the desk called out. “Ma’am it is your turn”. Chelsie got up and walked through a big metal door. Before the door closed the woman spoke one last time “have a nice day”. Weird she thought shouldn’t she have said that when I left. Up on the roof there was a small screen in it read “welcome to eye. Your room is the second door on the right” Chelsie walked down the single long white hallway with just a sign on the wall “Welcome to EYE” she found and walked through the second door on the right. Inside was a single chair with a table. Above hanging on the wall was a what looked to her some sort of large helmet thing that she could only assume was to test her eye sight. On the wall read “please sit in the chair” Chelsie did not long before a man walked in the room wearing a lab coat with badge. He was skinny and tall and looked in his mid 30s “Hello Chelsie my name is Dr. Evens.” The man said. Chelsie shook his hands and explained her situation. “Well first I’ll have to run a test before I can make a diagnosis but I’m 80% sure I know what’s going on. So, what I’m going to do is lower this Helmet shaped monitor down and it’s going to flash a bunch of images and words and you’re going to tell me what they and/or say. that sound good?” She nodded and he lowered the monitor down until the screen was all that she could see. The screen powered on and all that was shown was the eye logo.

Suddenly the room’s lights turned off and the doctor left the room. “What the, where you going” she hollered but got no response. Suddenly two speakers attached to the monitor came down next to her ears. Suddenly locks latched on around her wrist’s feet and neck. A video started on the screen. “Hello young future product. You have been chosen for our program. EYE aka enslaved young essentials. (Chelsie squirmed and shouted help) in this program you will be brain washed into a slave then stored in our facility where you will be feed and cleaned daily. Here you will be rented out to businesses and individuals for tasks and jobs they need perfect employees for. These jobs include but are not limited to. Cleaning, office work, performing at strip clubs, house work and personal sexual acts. Now your brainwashing will begin. Thank you and welcome to eye. The video ends and suddenly a black and white spiral spins on the screen. Chelsie attempts to turn her head away but the neck lock is too tight. Her head turns back towards the screen. She closes her eyes but she has already caught enough of it. Her mind keeps telling Chelsie to look at the screen. It shouts and screams for her to open her eyes. Suddenly she hears the door open with footsteps walking towards her. A female hand placed itself on Chelsie’s hand. It was Chelsie’s girlfriend “it’s okay I stopped it you can open your eyes now.” Her girlfriend said. Chelsie breathed a sigh of relief only to open her eyes for her girlfriend nowhere to be seen and the spiral to still be spinning. Chelsie looked at the screen to long now closing her eye was in possible now. The spiral spins faster and faster Chelsie could only dig deeper into. The room felt like it was spinning with the screen as slowly Chelsie’s mind was becoming foggier. Chelsie’s mouth dropped, drool began to slowly drip out and into her lap. Suddenly her mind became so much of a blur that thoughts, ideas, actions and memory all began to fade away as it felt like they were falling down the spiral similar to how Chelsie felt. Love, Fun, all emotion began to fade away lost in the spinning fog that surrounded her mind. All of her memories were gone, as if they were looked into a chest and thrown in the spiraling sea displayed on the screen, her family, her girlfriend, her home everything was so far gone into the fog. Her thoughts ideas and concepts also faded as she began to accept everything that had happened, the spiral told her to as one concept remained in her mind “Obey” it was all she could do.

The lights in the room turned on and the screen was shut down and lifted itself automatically back to its position on the ceiling. Two people walked in both wearing plain white shirts with “EYE” on them. There was one man and one woman the man had nicely combed hair and the woman had bright red lipstick. When the screen arose, it revealed that Chelsie’s eyes had now turned into spirals just like the screen, the man and the woman in the room had them. Latches came undone and the man and the woman lifted her out the seat. The man and the woman to show her around. They walked out the door through the hallway into a larger door. In the other side of the larger door lied a massive room with rooms of metal chairs and rooms with clear glass walls Almost every chair had a young man or woman with a plain expression on their face sitting in it in silence. In the small rooms appear to be people renting out slaves through a computer. The man walked away and got in his chair while the woman removed all of Chelsie’s clothes until Chelsie was completely naked. The woman took Chelsie’s clothes and threw them down a shoot that was labeled “to furnace” Chelsie and the woman walked to a table with several white “EYE” shirts and plain grey pants. The woman hands one of each into Chelsie’s and tells her to put them on. She does of course. The outfit is specifically designed for enslaved young people as the outfit has no bra and no underwear so the slaves can easily expose themselves if a customer wishes it so. Chelsie sits in a hard metal chair next a flat chested small Asian girl. They both stare out into know where with their plain faces and their black and white spiral eyes.

A day passes when suddenly Chelsie the Asian girl next to her and a tall man are called up to be rented. A man from an online porn service and local strip club is filling out the paperwork before he orders them all three into the back of the truck. They arrive at the studio where a bed and a couch lie on a set. All three of them are ordered to take all of their clothes off they all Obey. The man is told to sit on the couch as the Asian girl is told to suck is erect penis. They do as they’re told. Chelsie is then Called to make out with the man as he fondles her boobs. They change position and rolls before Chelsie is told to have sex with the man and then have sex with the Asian girl. Chelsie already knows the man who she is having sex with as he is the doctor, Dr Evans just an enslaved man pretending to be a doctor.

The day is done. The man is sent back in a car to the EYE facility. Chelsie and the Asian girl are both displayed out in the strip club dancing as they have been ordered. At one point in the night Chelsie dances with the Asian girl and makes out with her. Over the night the two give blow jobs, hand jobs and lap dances before they are returned. This pattern of Chelsie getting rented for different jobs is her new life now and It will always be well until she’s grown much older in that case, she’ll be released with no memory of the past 10 to 15 years. A few weeks later Chelsie would have sex with her own girlfriend as she was enslaved going into the facility to look for her. But don’t be so sorry Chelsie she’s not sad with her life hell she can’t be sad or happy along as she’s under the enslavement of E.Y.E. Enslaved Young Essentials.