The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


5. Were-Tigress (part 1)

Mari opened her long leather wrap, shrugged it off with one leg forward, and what lay beneath was like something from a fantasy world because surely it couldn’t exist in this one, a vision of powerful seduction barely contained in a scanty leather catsuit and high-heeled boots. My jaw would’ve dropped if I could’ve moved it; in just the three days since I’d last seen her, Mari had somehow grown taller with broader shoulders and was dramatically more muscular and almost impossibly voluptuous. Her lustrous long dark hair was now shot with streaks of honey blonde, white, and dun orange, and her fingernails, which had been long before, were even longer now, narrower, rounder, deep purple, and curved to wicked points. They looked like talons. I think my heart skipped a beat.

“Cat got your tongue?” she purred. “Appropriate, considering my form is now truly part feline. Look closely, at all of me, and see how much more has changed.” And she did a slow, slow turn.

The tattoos on her upper arms were gone ... all the skin showing through her incredible outfit looked soft, firm, and clear over a powerfully muscled frame. Her breasts, formerly high and smallish on a taut gymgoer’s torso, were now enormous, round, beautifully formed and soft, overshadowing the muscle beneath and swelling over the top of her bustier. Before I’d thought she might have looked like she was in her late 30s, but now her face looked more like she was in the flower of beautiful modern maidenhood, just out of college in full expectation the world would fall into line behind, her own personal oyster.

Her catsuit was breathtaking, thin soft black leather with purple accents, underarm cutouts showing generous swelling side-boob, thin strips of leather looped across partway down to keep those astounding breasts from going solo, more up the side of her powerful thighs, sumptuous calves, and above her plump but heavily muscled ass where a different sort of woman might have a stamp. A sensuous oval window further down showcased deep nether cleavage. The leather was so tight and supple, Mari’s figure so powerful, that each window displayed little more than the leather would have otherwise concealed. The leather was gathered into something like pleats outside seams that framed her breasts to her shoulders, that ran up the back of her boots and legs from heels to ass, right down the middle of her back from shoulders to ...

Crotchless. I caught myself hyperventilating.

Rich purple lipstick and then her eyes, larger than I remembered and ... purple. Even from halfway across the room I could see motion within them.

“Mmmmmmm,” Mari crooned as she raised one powerful leg, heel above knee, then stretched that leg straight above eye level with exquisite balance and control, rose to her toes on the other foot and raised arms high above her head, substantial triceps rippling, hands and long fingers posing as easily and gracefully as any prima ballerina. Then she dropped her foot and spun a neat pirouette ending in exactly the same place she began, her magnificent legs tightly crossed. And again with her other leg, but slower. I had no choice but to see everything, and every single thing was spectacular.

“Look upon my mighty form, ye mortals, and despair!” she exulted, sharp-looking teeth glinting behind predatory smile, and lowered her arms.

“I have a new name for you ... little moth,” she said. “I went to a lot of trouble for this new form, designed by me for your benefit alone since none of my other slaves has ever been able to resist me, so ... time to raise my game. I paid a visit to my favorite witch, paid dearly, in fact. Called in favors, pulled strings, spent long hours thinking about exactly what I wanted. She gave me two new spells ... I’m now a were-tigress, this is my animal form, and we are about to consecrate it, with you the first to fully lose yourself in worship. You should know there are costs for me to change into and maintain this form, and more to safely transform back, but fortunately you’re the purrfect person to make those payments. The cost is sex. Lots of sex. Scorching hot, frequent, extended, multi-orgasmic sex. You will learn to separate your orgasms from your ejaculation, so you can go for hours [SNAP], satisfy me for hours [SNAP], and ... hours [SNAP].”

“You will drink my intoxicating juices deep.” [SNAP]

“You will be conditioned.” [SNAP]

“Dominated.” [SNAP]

“Helpless to My will.” [SNAP]

“And by the time I revert to my human form, nothing will change for you, because ...” [SNAP] she lowered her voice as if relating a sexy secret, “you will already be mine.” [SNAP]

“But you won’t cum from just my fingersnaps [SNAP], oh no. Each snap [SNAP] will send more pleasure than the last ... up [SNAP] and down [SNAP] ... your spine, flooding you [SNAP] with pleasure, overwhelming any resistance you might think you still have [SNAP], bending you to my irresistible will [SNAP], my searing heat [SNAP], my overwhelming power [DOUBLE SNAP]. And I will have your payment again and again, fueling my power [SNAP] every time I wish. My nectar will flow through you, encase you [SNAP] just as perfectly as this tight, supple leather embraces my perfect new form.”

Even after an entire season’s worth of sex with Joanna over the past few days, I was already shuddering in pleasure. “Come nearer, little moth,” she repeated, and I couldn’t help myself, coming half a step closer. “Come nearer, little moth,” [SNAP] she said again, and again, and again, snapping her fingers each time, my body obeying automatically, the small size of each step its only resistance, brain fogging with desire. As terrifying as every moment of this was, she already had me close to the edge. She raised one foot above her knee again, slowly, gracefully, rose to her other toe. But this time was no pirouette, instead her foot lashed out, cat quick, straight at my groin. Even if free to move, I couldn’t have avoided evisceration, but her foot stopped just short of impact, graceful, effortless. And there was the top of her arch against my balls, caressing, rocking her metal boot toe into my perineum. I gasped, whimpered. She raised her arms above her head, posing hands, fingers, claws as they twined there even as her boot continued rocking my balls, her gaze to the ceiling as the tips of her claws brushed against it, reveling in her power. The scraping sound tingled straight down my spine to tense balls and ramrod-stiffened cock and legs.

“Look at me,” she commanded, and my eyes, already locked on her, attended. She lowered leg, arms, eyes, and stepped nearer. In her boots and augmented form she now stood two inches taller than I. Her eyes, noticeably purple and in motion from farther away, were a universe unto themselves up close, and I didn’t need reading glasses to see details, it was like they sucked me in whole. There were fucking spirals, delicate key-lime-green, almost fluorescent spirals around her pupils, round with just a hint of vertical slit at the top and bottom, like a tiny artistic liberty. The spirals rotated slowly. Spinning. I moaned. The whole world seemed to be spinning.

“So good,” she purred. “Look deeper. I command, you obey. Deeper. Deeper down.” I lost track of flowing time, words, finger snaps, jolts of pleasure increasing, increasing.

“Yes,” I heard myself repeating again and again as if from far away, the first words I’d been able to speak since Joanna had silenced me. I felt so lost.

She put the claws of one hand to my throat, gently touching their points to dimple tender skin. Moved her lips to my ear. “These are real claws now,” she whispered, flexing those fingers against me. “So strong I need a knife sharpener to hone them, and sharp, so sharp. They could rip your throat out as easily as ...” she reversed her hand against my neck, “As I’m caressing you now.” Gentle brushes from the back of her fingers and claws, continuing for long breaths.

“Feels good, doesn’t it?” [SNAP] she asked.

“Yes Mistress,” I said without thinking. Wait, where had that come from?

“Good boy,” she said, then placed her hand around my neck and tightened, tightened, her fingers like steel. I couldn’t breathe past them.

“I was strong before, but I’m so much stronger now, so much stronger than you,” she whispered. “I could crush your throat as easily as rip it out. She held me there until my vision dimmed. I still couldn’t even try to move away. She finally released her grip and my breath gushed in, out, in again. She smiled. Her hand slid to the back of my neck, claws coming all the way around it to nearly meet on either side of my windpipe, gently tapping. Her fingers tightened again and she lifted me from the neck until I wondered if my feet might leave the ground, then her hand twisted slightly up on one side. It felt like my neck was caught in a machine. Remorseless. Yellow-orange streaks flashing across my darkening vision.

“I could snap your neck jusssst as easily, even with just ... this ... one ... hand,” she whispered, then after a few seconds of me gasping in increasing pain, sight dimming again and the beginnings of squirming despite her orders not to move, my heart seeming ready to burst from my chest, she slowly relaxed her grip, lowered the weight she’d been suspending, and began lightly massaging, soothing, tapping the tips of her claws against my throat.

“Shhhhhhh. Slow your breathing, pet,” she said. [SNAP] “Shhhhhh.”

I did as she commanded. Several more breaths. My heart began slowing.

“You like this,” [SNAP] she said. It was more like a command. Each snap brought me closer to an edge I knew I would not cross, but I still jerked with pleasure every time. I felt like my conscious mind was at the bottom of a deep well, a tiny circle of light and freedom above, so far out of reach, every snap eclipsing that tiny light longer and longer.

“Yes, Mistress,” I said without thinking. Her hand massaging my neck felt so good.

“All of it.” [SNAP]

“Yes, Mistress.” Uhnh. Pleasure jolting.

“Goooood,” she crooned. “I’m not angry with you any more, little moth. I can’t stay angry at a good slave [SNAP] like you, not when I already own you so completely. You aren’t even the same person you were at the hotel, and just as I’m so much more powerful now, you’re completely helpless to resist the way you thought you could then. Tell Me you’re My good slave [SNAP].”

“I’m your good slave, Mistress,” the words tumbled out.

“Mmmmmmmm,” she crooned again, removing her hand from my neck, then “On your knees, slave.” [DOUBLE SNAP]

My knees instantly buckled, dropping me before her, my mouth just outside her sex through her crotchless catsuit.

“Worship Me, little moth,” she commanded. [SNAP] “No hands.” [SNAP] She put a leg over one of my shoulders and leaned in, her eyes on me as I focused on her pleasure. Her hands, fingers, claws made soothing flowing motions in my peripheral vision. I feather-kissed inner thighs, gently lapped outer lips with my tongue, thickened and hardened it to tease and penetrate inner lips, flattened it and pushed its center against the bottom of her clit, keeping tongue in place while moving my head between her bulging quadriceps, side to side. This used to drive Joanna crazy: tease inner thighs and outer lips, penetrate and tease inner lips, pulse tongue against clitoris. Repeat.

“Mmmmmmmmm,” she crooned, her pussy noticeably heating. She’d been lubricated before, but I could feel more trickling over my tongue now, her smell as feral and savory as her taste. She ground herself into me, her bootheel over my shoulder jabbing into the middle of my back.

“Ahhhhh. Ahhhhhh. Ahhhhhhh.” Her sounds, coming closer and louder, tracked the excitement I could feel growing within her. Her clitoris hardened, her hands moved to rest on my shoulders, squeezing, soft and strong, so strong. Her sex seemed almost superhumanly warm, maybe no surprise now that in her animal form she was effectively superhuman. I sucked her clit between my lips.

“Yes, YES .... AHHHHHHHH!” Her hot juices overflowed my tongue, flooded my mouth, sprayed my face and mouth despite my best efforts to consume every fragrant, feral drop while continuing to move my tongue against her.

“Enough,” she commanded. “Yes, drink Me, all of Me.”

I sucked and lapped her juices and lips, inner and outer. My head swam in the potency of her intoxicating heat as a rush of euphoric disorientation swept over me. My eyes were open but there was no longer anything I could focus on, as if my own living room were flowing around me, nothing to make sense of, just colors, gentle motion, and her sex.

Mari’s breathing slowed. She removed her leg from my shoulder and backed half a step away. She smiled at me, relaxed, content.

“You are so good, slave,” she said. Pleasure and spinning desire surged at the unexpected praise.

“Thank you Mistress,” I whimpered.

“Quiet now, you have so much more to learn. I will guide you, but you must attend carefully. I am the light you crave now, little moth. Nothing else matters, no one else matters. Nothing from your old life matters. Only My desires matter.”

‘Yes Mistress,’ some part of me wanted to say but couldn’t. That part of my existence was closed to me again.

“Soon, you will cum inside Me, harder than you’ve ever cum before, and you will cum repeatedly, ecstatically, with no time necessary between orgasms. I will tell you when to begin cumming, and from now on any time I tell you to cum you will do so instantly, helplessly. You will build to an orgasm so great that it will make the rest of your life seem meaningless. Your cum will fuel my growing power, and as you give it freely and blissfully, you will rejoice to know that I am happy with you as I receive it. I will force all the cum from your body into mine, and when you have none left to give and you’ve cum and cum long beyond and I’ve finally commanded your orgasm to End, you will sleep and eat and regain your strength until I want more. Now Stand.” [SNAP]

I stood.

“As you experience each aspect of My new, blessed, perfect form, you will become more and more aroused, deeper and deeper in My power, deeper and deeper in servitude to My divine will. You will experience so much pleasure in serving My desires. With every word you speak in devotion to Me, you will feel more and more pleasure, just as you will feel jolts of pleasure escalating even more every time I snap my fingers. If I cause you pain, even if your cock feels like it is being crushed within me, you will feel a wave of intense pleasure wash over you, consecrating that pain to a divine worship of Me, as you will know I wish you to feel whatever pain I give. Tell Me you will serve Me joyfully, no matter what I ask.”

“I will serve you joyfully, Mistress, no matter what you ask,” I heard myself say.

“Tell Me again.” [SNAP] The tips of her claws rested against my balls, through my pants.

“I serve you joyfully, my Mistress, no matter what you ask.” Pleasure surged through me.

“Again.” [SNAP] She squeezed Her claws together, just a little. A flush of pleasure followed.

Uhnh. “I serve you joyfully ... my Mistress, no matter ... what you ... ask.”

“Again.” [SNAP] She pincered harder with each snap. Uhnh. It hurt, but the wave of following pleasure was becoming intense.

“I serve you ... joyfully ...” [PINCH] Uhnh. God it hurt. Goddess it felt so good, so good.

“My Mistress, what ... ever ...” [PINCH] Uhnh. God ... no ... Goddess it hurt. Goddess it was so good.

“You ... aaaaAAAASK.” I was far beyond what should have been edging, far beyond any void or fulfillment I could once have begun to imagine. Far beyond thinking, comprehension, anything but feeling whatever Goddess wanted, which was all I could want. It was so …

“Goooood,” she said, and even through my fog of pain and tumbling ecstasy, the approval I heard in her voice triggered yet another massive wave of pleasure.

“You’re becoming so conditioned for Me,” [PINCH and SNAP]

“So responsive to My perfect form,” [PINCH and SNAP]

“So compliant to My perfect desires,” [PINCH and SNAP]

“So ready to completely submit to My will.” [PINCH and SNAP]

“Tell Me.” [SNAP]

“Oh Goddess,” a voice that sounded like mine said between gasps, “Oh Goddess, oh my Goddess, oh.”

“Tell Me!” [DOUBLE SNAP]

My body was shaking uncontrollably. I was descending into a swirling maelstrom of sensory overload, nerves misfiring throughout my body. She considered what to do with a slave so far gone as to be incapable of speech.

“Strip!” [SNAP]

I removed my pants and socks and boxers automatically, grateful to not need thinking or feeling or seeing or speaking ... My body could do this easily in total darkness, even trembling as hard as it was. I fumbled at the buttons on my shirt before Mari reached into my shirtfront and shredded it, fabric and button string parting effortlessly before Her powerful sharp claws. She put their tips to my now-naked balls, pinched ever so slightly. Goddess it hurt, Goddess it felt so good. I cried out. I have no idea what else came from my mouth, but from so far away, so far into that vortex and uncontrollable trembling, it didn’t sound like words.

“Tell Me!” [PINCH and SNAP]

My lips, tongue, vocal cords couldn’t seem to coordinate, I just whimpered, moaning, gasping, wanting nothing more than for my Goddess to be pleased, for this pain, this pleasure to never stop.

“You will feel My perfect claws dig into your balls, again and again, even as My hands explore your chest, your back, your ass, your cock, controlling everything they touch, more and more, creating acceptance, submission, joy no matter what pain or pleasure your body feels. You are My pet, My puppet, My slave. And you want this so much, to serve My perfect form, My perfect desires, My perfect purpose.” She took hold of my cock, tugged me further into the house. We’d been in the living room 15 feet inside our elevated front window this whole time. Two neighbors across the cul de sac might’ve even been able to see some of the goings-on here if anyone was watching from the right angle—their front windows were just high enough. Mari’s strong hand was warm on my aching, wanting, helplessly engorged cock. I floated in swirling fog behind, shivering, trembling, quaking, void.

She turned into me, thrust Her perfect tongue, long and rough and yet another of her irresistibly strong muscles, down into my mouth, squeezed my cock with Her perfect hand, dragged Her perfect claws slowly up my ass and back while I continued to feel Her perfect phantom claws dig into my balls. Then She let go my cock and took one of my nipples between Her perfect claws, pulsing it gently between sharp sharp points, my knees almost buckling again, the perfect pain and waves of divine pleasure taking me that much farther into Her control.

“You will feel My perfect claws pinch your nipple, both your nipples, again and again, even as My perfect hands continue to explore your body, controlling everything they touch, deeper and deeper.” Then She hooked Her leg behind mine and engulfed my cock with flawless precision into Her perfectly hot pussy as we stood together. Squeezing, squeezing me. Harder. Harder. So painfully hot and painfully hard, waves of ecstatic divine pleasurable pain washing over me. Then it was as if Her perfect pussy began pulsing around me. I cried out, again and again, pausing only whenever I ran out of breath.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh Godddddddddddessssssssssssssss,” I managed to moan across several breaths.

“I will count down from 3,” she whispered, low and sensuous, every syllable, every intonation tuning my entire nervous system to the perfect pleasure of Her perfect voice. Nibbling my earlobes with sharp teeth, another assault on senses already far beyond overload, Her perfect pussy continuing its irresistible conquest of my cock, Her perfect claws brushing agonizing pleasure across my back and shoulders and ass, again and again and again, Her perfect phantom claws pinching my balls and nipples, again and again and again.

“When I reach 1, my control over the pleasure center of your brain will be complete and you will cum, harder and longer than you’ve ever dreamed possible, and helplessly keep cumming until I tell you to Stop. By then you will have nothing left to ejaculate, but you will not stop cumming, your cock as hard as ever, because [3] ejaculation is not necessary for orgasm, not when I will it, not when I demand it, and there is no higher purpose for you in this life than to serve My every desire. [2]”


Mari pushed Her perfect tongue deep into my mouth, easily pinning my own into submission just as Her perfect arm overwhelmed me in Its inescapably powerful embrace, me helpless to do anything but what Goddess allowed. Mari drew back, Her perfect purple lips just an inch from my mine, touched the tip of Her perfect long tongue to my top lip while Her perfect sharp lower teeth painfully stabbed my lower lip into its bottom. Flexed one perfect fingertip on my anus, stretching the sharp point of that claw to the sensitive skin beyond, the others pinpricking nearby, my entire body jolting in incandescent pain and flooding pleasure. Gently but irretrievably rippled my cock deep and tight within Her perfect pussy, held me there, held me there, on the razor edge of orgasm as I was suspended, helpless, until Her perfect voice should utter that one (!!!!) final word.

I came so hard, releasing so much tension Goddess had collected in me, pent up, harnessed, leashed, conditioned, muzzled, subdued in me, flowing now uncontrolled into Her perfect form, fueling Her perfect power.

“[1],” Mari said, drawing back in puzzlement at my slight prematurity. My head thrashed from side to side as She continued pulsing Her perfect pussy around my cock, continued lightly scratching my back and shoulders with Her perfectly sharp claws, continued squeezing my unworthy disobeying chest between the supple leather encasing Her perfectly powerful arm and Her perfectly muscled stomach, Her perfectly soft, bountiful breasts.

It went on for so long, so long, so exquisitely long. She squeezed every drop of cum from me deeper and deeper into Herself, cumming twice more as she did, kept pulsing Her perfect pussy around my rock-hard cock even when there was no cum left in me. She let go with one arm, one leg still hooked behind my knee, the other arm and the firm grip of Her perfect pulsing pussy keeping me upright while she began unlacing her bustier with Her perfect free hand, revealing more and more of Her perfect breasts. Every new glimpse of Her perfect flesh brought new and higher waves and waves of inexorable pleasure. Her perfect nipples emerged from their perfect veil. So large, distended, stiff, perfect.

I was still cumming, ecstatically, unthinkingly lost to Her perfect sensation, which increased even more as Her perfect chest was slowly, sensuously revealed.

“You like this,” [SNAP] she said, smiling a tiny self-satisfied smile.

I was no longer capable of coherent vocalization, just intermingled gasps, sighs, moans, groans, wails of inconceivable pleasure, but I most certainly did like this. She continued unlacing until the front of her catsuit draped from the top of Her perfect hips. Her flat, toned, muscled, perfect stomach below Her perfect, bounteous, shapely outthrust breasts, even larger than they’d seemed while covered. Somehow She drew my cock deeper into Herself using only the perfect muscles of Her perfect pussy and slowly leaned forward until Her perfect hard nipples touched my chest, the sensation an electric arc that continued and intensified as She brushed against me, side to side, up and down. I felt Her cumming again, moaning, Her perfectly lubricated pussy’s grasp on my cock slipping with the temporary, partial loss of Her perfect muscular control. She was so, so hot inside, slowly, exquisitely roasting my cock, her temperature still increasing.

“You’re still orgasming but no longer ejaculating,” She said, Her perfect voice breathy and hushed. “I’m going to make this gift to you permanent, so whenever I instruct it you’ll be able to orgasm without ejaculating. You’ll be able to cum at my command for half an hour on end, just as I’m making you do now, or even longer once you become more conditioned to My desires. And after that I’m going to make you cum even harder than you’re cumming now, as if all the perfect pleasure you’re feeling now, the best you’ve ever experienced in your life, will feel like nothing more than a walkthrough for the real orgasm.”

Mari reached under a breast with her free hand, cupping, lifting, kneading, pinching Her perfect nipple between fingertips and moaning, clamped Her perfect pussy down on me harder, hard enough to make me yelp before another wave of even greater pleasure crested over me, pulsed Her fingertips pinching Her perfect nipple until she came again, relaxing Her perfect pussy’s inescapable grip on my cock.

“Look into my eyes,” She said, breath unsteady, moisture beading on her perfect forehead.

I obeyed. The room spun even more as I fell into Her perfect depths. She spoke words I don’t remember and couldn’t respond to, but they seemed to rhyme, and Her voice seemed to chant them. A spell?

“Now you know,” She said, Her breath smoothing, “though you won’t remember until I command it. And now I own the pleasure center of your brain, the perfect foothold for My control ... your experience with pleasure will never be the same. And now it’s time for your first big finish, My favorite way to make it impossible for a slave to even conceive of disobeying My perfect desires, to consider even trying to escape My perfect control. I will melt your captivated mind to a puddle, then rebuild it to My perfect specifications.

“And just like everything else you’ve experienced with Me today, My ultimate control will be the best thing that has ever happened to you. I’m going to release your cock from My perfect pussy, but you will keep cumming for as long as I instruct. Later, I will mount your face, you will worship Me and drink every drop of the precious nectar I bestow as you worship Me again and again, and then, My perfect nectar wiping your mind clean, I will mount you, count you down, and pour My thoughts, My desires, My commands into your empty mind, changing you forever for the better as I conquer you with My perfect ultimate orgasm. I know My perfect stimulation has made it impossible for you to reply, but you will visualize it all for Me now.” And then She gently squeezed me deep within Her, my orgasm continuing on and on even without additional pain for stimulation as my imagination tried to follow the future She’d described for me.

But I couldn’t really follow. Absent the constant stream of sensory overload She’d been assaulting me with every moment since Her arrival, even through my continuing marathon orgasm, my easily distracted self instead recalled the image of that small circle of light, escape and freedom so far above. It seemed so much farther away now, and a part of me mourned even as I continued to squirm and moan in exquisite pleasure.

Feel like Jonah in the belly of the whale
I get so lonely in the belly of the whale

My eyes were open, staring deep into Mari’s, disoriented and fogged by her glowing, spinning magical spirals. Mari’s perfect pussy alternated squeezing me harder and softer every few seconds, establishing a rhythm I suspected would become permanent very soon if nothing changed. Each harder squeeze to the point of pain was followed by a peak in my continuing orgasm.

The doorbell rang. The same doorbell Joanna made me fix yesterday.

Mari frowned, glanced behind Her, “Ignore that,” She said.

Sometimes it’s heaven
Sometimes it’s hell
Sometimes I don’t even know

It rang again. Ding dong ding ... dong.

Mari growled, I’d heard a tiger at the zoo growl like that, the sound had carried fifty yards, raising hair on the backs of necks all the way. We were out of sight of anyone who might’ve been looking into our front room, though not by much. I heard a key turn in the front door. An image came to mind of a long thick tail, striped orange golden black white, thrashing behind Mari.

I’ve got a tiger by the tail it’s plain to see
I won’t be much when you get through with me

Mari roared, straight out, a roar to freeze blood. Unmistakably, dominantly apex predator. My eyes slammed shut.

Come, come to me
It might be exactly what you need
And once you walk through the door
You’ll be coming back for more

I heard the key turn again, which I suspect meant it had just been re-locked. Then came a knock against a window and a sweet, Irish-accented voice. “Bob? Joanna and your kids left a little while ago and were acting really strange. I wanted to see if everything was OK.”

It’s not that she’s gone away
It’s the things I hear that she has got to say
About me and about my friends
When we’ve got no defense

God bless our neighbor, Rowan. She’d been herb-gardening at least as long as I, seriously gardening for much longer, and we’d taken inspiration from each other’s yard projects and even lightly flirted for years, just as my aged father and her aging mother made light-hearted chat on the rare occasions both were in town. Rowan was about 10 years younger than I, born in Ireland, strawberries in cheeks and hair and as magnetic a personality as you might imagine when she wanted, which wasn’t as often as I could fully comprehend. She’d been on a seriously high-powered Marketing Executive arc in her mid 20s but had thrown all that over the side after marrying and having a couple kids, then her family moved in across the cul-de-sac. She and her husband had become two of our best friends, their daughter and son of an age with our two younger children. Theirs was one of the two houses from which someone might possibly have seen something of what had been happening here through our front window.

“Brad’s coming over in a minute, too.” Brad is a police officer on the municipal force, another neighbor. Mostly community relations, but cops are good about calling in backup.

Mari released me from Her genital ministrations, effortlessly lowered me to the floor. “Bathrobe?” She asked. I felt closer to being able to muster a coherent response, but between the shivering, the shaking, the inability to even think of words to say, the throbbing aching pleasure soliton blasting up and down my central nervous system as I came and came, the promise that I was about to get brain-wiped wasn’t really a motivator.

“Towel?” Mari asked, to a similar quivering, orgasmic silence from me. She found a slightly damp beach towel in the first floor bathroom, came back holding the front of Her catsuit to Her perfect chest under it. “This is not convenient,” She said, sharp teeth showing behind drawn lips, then headed for the door, but the front stairs and yard were empty. She picked up her long leather wrap and clutch where she’d left them near the door, lay them down next to me, flung the damp towel toward the bathroom.