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What’s Happening To Me?

Part One

I’m not quite sure when it all started happening. Now, I can see signs of it going back some years. I think back and wonder if something as simple as someone changing lanes on the highway was any indication of how long I’ve been in this situation. But if I didn’t have a clue before everything changed, I certainly did after.

About a year ago, I had a day like no other. My life changed. One day, I was a married man working through the middle of his career. The next... well, I wasn’t.

Let me share with you, my November 30th, 2009.

* * *

I had taken that Monday off. I had to go to the DMV to renew my license. Knowing it would be an ordeal lasting at least an hour or two, I felt it would be better to have my schedule clear. Besides, work could do without me for one day.

Breakfast was excellent—sausage and gravy, my favorite, made by my wife. Ally was always good about guessing my mood and cooking accordingly. Better yet, she had time to join me that morning.

As she left for work, I left for the DMV. Traffic was bad, but I had some good openings and made it to their offices just after they opened. As I had expected, it was busy. But not just busy, it was packed. I guess being a Monday, and the last day of the month, everyone was in need of something at the last minute. While I cursed my poor choice of days to come in, the lady at the welcome counter called me forward.

“I’m here to renew my license,” I told the woman. She barely looked up from her computer to glance at my renewal form. As she typed something into the computer, I wondered how long the wait was going to be. Hopefully, it won’t be too long, I had thought to myself.

“Mr. Durant, you’ll be number 901,” she said, looking up at me. “I put you in the priority line, so you don’t have to waste your day standing in line. They should call your number almost immediately.” She had a friendly grin on her face.

Staring at her, I stammered, “Um, thanks.”

She cocked her head to the left and gave me a wide smile that seemed to strain her face. It almost looked as if the aged woman, who I can only assume had worked for the DMV most of her life, hadn’t smiled much in a long time, at least until that moment.

“It was my pleasure!” she beamed.

Hesitantly, unsure of why she was cutting me ahead in line, I carefully walked away. Looking back for a moment, I noticed she was still looking at me, and still stretching her face into a smile. I just about bumped into someone sitting in a chair, distracted by the random kindness at the reception counter.

I found an empty chair, figuring maybe she was just pulling my leg. But as I was placing my butt into the uncomfortable plastic and metal chair, my number was called.

In disbelief, I followed the audible prompt to the appropriate counter. There, I found a rather attractive and quite young woman. Her long and flowing auburn hair seemed to accentuate the low neckline of her red shirt. A slight hint of cleavage showed, and as I quickly did my covert glance down to her body, I could tell she had some nice curve at the waist. But the most striking feature wasn’t her hair or her body, but the lack of life in her face. It was very disconcerting to see someone as beautiful as this look so dead inside. As I made the last few steps to her counter, I wondered how long it took someone to die while working at the DMV.

“It says here that you’re looking to renew your license, sir. Please look into the viewer so we can proceed with the visual test.” She was very monotone.

My attempt at a warm smile went unnoticed. In fact, I don’t believe she even glanced in my direction the first few minutes.

I read off the lines of letters, then verified that I wasn’t color blind, and waited for the next slide. She was having some sort of issue with the machine, so it was taking a moment for her to fix the issue. When it finally came up, her voice seemed to have come to life.

“Mr. Durant, now want I want you to do is tell me which side of the screen the yellow dot shows up on. We’ll alternate eyes.”

I muttered something in response, trying to shake my head while in the viewer. Was that the same woman? The sound of her voice was so different that I wondered if she had been replaced with another employee. After doing the last test, I pulled my face away from the unit and looked at the young woman at the counter.

It looked like her, but seemed as if someone had switched on her brain or replaced it entirely. It was the same woman, but now she was glowing. Her eyes were alert and opened wide. Her face was animated, and her smile was almost infectious. She had gone from an attractive yet lifeless woman to the hottest damn thing I’d seen in a long time.

“You passed your visual test perfectly, Mr. Durant. Alexander. I can call you Alexander, right?” she asked with a look of curiosity. She was practically on the edge of her seat.

“Um, sure? Or just call me Alex.”

“Alexxxx....” she whispered to herself. “OK, Alex.” She giggled. “Meet me over at the red screen over there so I can get a picture of you.”

I followed her over to the screen, and sat down. She came up to me, putting her arms on the screen to raise the background for my height. She was close—very close, with her legs rubbing against my own as she reached over my head. Her wonderfully perky breasts were practically in my face. Damn, I thought to myself, is she coming onto me? I found myself hoping she was.

“OK, I’m ready for you,” she sighed. She touched me on the side of my arm. “You look very good, Alex, I think this picture will be the best I’ve taken all year.”

She just about skipped back to the camera. Grabbing the control, she glanced up at me and told me not to move.

FLASH. The picture was taken.

FLASH. I had almost stood up.

“I’m making sure I get a couple good ones... er, for the best photo possible.” She beamed that gorgeous smile at me once again.


I was practically blind at this point.

“Hmmmm... OK, we’re done here. Meet me back at the counter.”

As I walked back to the far side of the room, I got the most amazing view of her pert ass swaying sexily from side to side. I had been right about her curves. Not only did she have them, she knew how to use them. How she ended up working at the DMV instead of modeling was beyond me.

“OK, Alex, I’ve got your pictures. Let me print out a temporary license. Your permanent replacement will come in the mail soon. I flagged it for priority, so it should only be a couple days.”

She turned her chair to the printer to wait for the paper license they gave you until your plastic one came in the mail. As she waited for the printer to warm up, she was jotting something down on a small piece of paper.

“Thank you, you’ve been very kind,” I told her. She looked up and smiled at me again.

Temporary license in hand, she carefully tore out the perforation, being sure to glance at me every other second. The smile had never worn off her face. She picked up the small piece of paper she had written something on, put the license over it, and handed it to me.

“It was my pleasure to service your needs today, Alex. This is your temporary license. The other paper is my name and number, if you’d ever be interested in getting a coffee or drink sometime.” She winked at me.

I was beside myself. Holding onto the the papers, trying not to pop a tent in the front of my pants, I found a renewed sense of courage. “Sorry, I’m married.” Oh how wrong it would be to take this girl out, but how nice it would be at the same time. For the first time in my marriage, I wished that I’d stayed single.

She put her hand to her chest, as if my statement had taken her breath away.

“Well, I’m OK with that, if you’re OK with that. Just think about it, K?”

My heart was busting out of my chest at this point. Here I was, a decent-looking 35-year-old, who years ago would have given his left nut to go out with a girl this beautiful, turning away such an amazing offer.

The girl let go of the license and paper, got up from her chair, and quickly walked away.

Dumbfounded, I turned around and slowly walked to the door.

What an amazing experience. Not only was the girl at the counter almost too friendly, even the older woman at the counter was still beaming in my direction. I wondered what it would be like if the DMV always operated that way. Some time later, I would learn just how prophetic that statement would be.

* * *

I made my way back to my car. Damn, I thought to myself. What the hell happened in there?

As a testament to just how hitched I was, I was even more amazed by the fact that I was in the DMV for maybe 30 minutes. I’d never been in and out of any government office that fast, unless it was to use the bathroom.

I shook my head. “OK, so maybe the hot girl hitting on me was more amazing,” I said to myself.

I looked at the paper under my license. Julie, was her name.

I couldn’t get the whole ordeal out of my mind. Since I had plenty of time to kill, I went and ran some errands I had planned on doing later, including some shopping at the mall. I’d hoped that it would get my mind off of the whole incident, but the whole time I was out and about, I couldn’t stop thinking about Julie. She was so sexy. And so willing. It had been a while since a girl practically threw herself at me. It was amazing. But at this point in the day, I still didn’t think anything was odd.

Toward the end of my errands, I decided to grab a bite for lunch. Being at the mall, I could just find something quick to eat, then then go home early for the day. I was still wrestling with the thought of Julie. In my mind, knowing the reality of my situation, I wished that Ally acted the way Julie had. We’d been married for about seven years, and while I loved her more than life itself, our physical relationship had waned over the years. Also, stress and age were starting to show a little bit.

But Julie, she was young and energetic, and quite beautiful. And until five minutes before I had walked into the DMV, I imagined that she had been completely dead inside. I just didn’t get it. Maybe she was having a bad morning, I rationalized, and she just happened to get out of her funk while helping me. I would have loved to find out. I would have loved to have taken her with me and spent the afternoon with her. I would have loved to touch her and explore her body. But I had enough strength to keep strong. I loved my wife, and while the lust I had felt was very tempting, I still had my ethical compass pointing me in the right direction.

The mall was busy. I guessed that the local schools were still off for Thanksgiving break. I’ve always enjoyed watching people, so I chose a good spot in the corner to soak in the mall craziness as I enjoyed my pizza and soda.

After a few minutes, I saw a group of teens walking by, trays of food in hand, only to backtrack a bit and sit near me. They were bubbly and cute—in some ways, a lot like Julie had been toward the end of my visit to the DMV. That lustful sensation washed over me again, just thinking about her fit and curvy body making its way around me as I had sat there in front of the camera. I was so wrapped up in the memory that the falling tray jarred me back to reality.

When I looked around, I wasn’t quite sure what I was seeing. People young and old, even teen girls, were all wiggling and jittery. The lady who had dropped a tray full of food stood next to a teenage girl, both with their eyes closed, looking as if they were about to cum in their pants. The teens that had sat near me seemed to be writhing in their seats. As I stared, a blond teen turned to the friend next to her and kissed her. The red head she had planted her lips on was returning the kiss while feeling the other girl’s tits. The third girl in the group, sitting across from the other two, appeared as if she had her hands down her pants and was getting off on watching the other two.

On the other side of me, a boy was feeling up the leg of the girl he had been sitting next to. At the same time, an older woman who hadn’t been sitting with them came over and started kissing the boy’s ears from behind.

All around the food court, people were in some state of lustful distress. It was very disturbing. It was also very arousing.

I looked back to the mother and the teen next to her, who were now making out. As hot as it was to see a mother sticking her tongue down her daughter’s throat, I looked away. The trio of girls who sat near me were now all three topless and kissing each other. The boy had an older woman taking off his shirt while the girl who he had come with was going down on him.

With all this going on around me, I panicked. I wasn’t sure what was going on, so I decided to get the hell out of the food court before it got worse.

As I raced to the car, I had no clue what I’d just witnessed. I’ve seen people making out in public, maybe even a little too far for public, and seeing girls kiss each other was far from new. But what I had witnessed heavy petting progress to random precursors to an orgy. No, I’d never seen THAT in public.

I got away from the mall as quick as I could, having decided to head home. It must be a full moon or something, I thought to myself. First, the weirdness at the DMV, and then the mall, was more than enough reason to call it a day.

* * *

As I pulled up to the house, I noticed a car parked on the street in front of my house. It wasn’t a car I recognized, so I didn’t think much of it. After parking the car in the garage, I walked out to the mailbox and grabbed the mail, and then went inside the house.

I plopped down the mail on the kitchen counter, grabbed the edge of the granite top, and let out a deep sigh. As I walked toward the living room, I kicked off my shoes and rubbed my eyes. When I opened them, I discovered the biggest shock of my life.

There, on the floor, was Julie. Naked as can be, clothes all about the room. With a huge vibrating dildo pistoning in and out of a beautifully shaven pussy. Her head was propped up by a pillow, eyes glaring at me.

“It’s about time you got home. I’ve been waiting for an hour or more. I can’t stand it any more, I need your cock!”

Even though I had kept my resolve earlier, I never had a chance with an amazing, naked, and horny creature before my eyes. My cock took an instant liking to what was happening on the floor below me. I was hard in seconds, and ready to pop.

At that moment, it felt like I’d taken the back seat in my body. I could see Julie, who had now moved the dildo into her ass to accommodate my incoming dick. I could see my clothes coming off. I could see my cock, throbbing, aching to enter the tight body of the beautiful Julie. I saw myself slowly pushing the head in, only to ram her all the way a moment later. She was tight, but so very wet, and I could feel my body start to thrust in and out of her wanting pussy. I even heard her tell me I was her first, and that she would never be with another man. I experienced this almost as if I were watching a movie through my own eyes. It went on for several minutes, until I could no longer hold back.

After cumming inside her, harder than I ever had in my life, I came back to my senses. I pulled away. Julie seemed to have passed out. Cum dribbled from her sore and red pussy lips. The vibrator still hummed inside her ass. The door from the garage opened and closed. Footsteps walked into the living room. As I turned, my head still a little foggy, I saw Ally standing in the doorway.




And quickly taking off her clothes.