The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

What’s Happening To Me?

Part Two

Ally walked into the room, wearing only her socks. As she sundered over to me, I found myself torn between the lust of having my wife naked in the living room, just after having fucked the hell out of the hottest young thing I’d ever seen, and the mixed emotions of being caught cheating. I’d never once strayed, even though I’d had many “what if” thoughts over the years. And now, instead of having my wife scream and try to beat the shit out of me for fucking someone absolutely gorgeous and much younger than the both of us, I find her walking sexily across the room to me. But she didn’t stop at me. She didn’t slap me across the face. She didn’t say a word. She winked, walked over to the still-passed out Julie, pulled the vibrating dildo from the girl’s ass, and started to stick it into her own anal passage.

As she was sliding it inside herself, she made her way onto the floor, laying next to Julie, and looking at me with the most expectant eyes.

“I can’t stand it any more, I need your cock!”

As the blood rushed to my engorging dick, I realized that the words that had just come from my now-horny wife’s mouth were similar to what Julie had said before I proceeded to fuck her silly. I looked down at my wife, who was about to cum just watching my cock inflate for her eager snatch.

“I’ve been wanting to come home for an hour or more. I’ve been wanting you since I got to work. I couldn’t stand it any longer. Please, Alex, fuck the shit out of me!”

That’s when my vision blurred, and I once again felt like a passenger within my own body. I fell to the floor, grabbed my bulging cock in my hand, and shoved it completely up my wife’s waiting pussy.

The sensations were just as intense as they were with Julie, who continued to lay, unconscious, next to my wife. Having already cum once, I held out a lot longer than I did with Julie. I don’t know how many times Ally came while I was fucking her. It seemed as if she was having one long, continuous orgasm the entire time. When I was finally on the edge of exploding, Ally pulled out from under me and begged me to come all over her body. I was only too happy to oblige.

* * *

Minutes later, I opened my eyes, being in control of my body again. Looking to the floor, I saw both Julie and Ally laying on the floor, passed out and sleeping next to each other. The vibrator had slipped out of Ally’s ass at some point, and was buzzing around on the carpet. I picked it up and clicked it off.

All of a sudden, panic set in. What did I just do? What am I going to do when Ally wakes up? What’s happening to me? Why did I cheat on my wife, only to have her walk in on me and beg me to do her, too? Why was she acting and talking like Julie? And how the hell did I get rock hard twice in the span of fifteen minutes?

But most of all, how was I going to fix this? How was I going to explain to Ally what I’d done? How was I going to explain to her what she had done? Was she drunk? Did someone slip her a drug somewhere?

I needed some air. I threw on my boxers. My dick was still semi-hard—definitely not like it would usually be after two subsequent rounds of sex. I went to the back door and walked outside into the warm afternoon air.

My back yard is a good size—not too big, but not so small that we couldn’t do anything with it. A tall wooden fence separated me from my neighbors on the sides and back, but I could see into everyone’s back yard from my back porch, since it was higher than the fence line. I took a deep breath and admired the birds in the trees and the wonderful blue sky.

Then I heard something. I looked to the house behind my own. There, on the patio, was my neighbor and his wife, fucking like bunnies. He had her leaning against the patio table while he fucked her from behind. I’d seen them from time to time in their hot tub, and I’d seen the wife in her bikini while in the back yard. I’d always known she was pretty good looking. But now, with the debauchery happening only yards away from me, I saw my neighbor’s hot body without any cumbersome swimsuits to get in the way. And I must say, she was quite good looking. Her husband was a bit on the pudgy side, but who was I to point that out, having a little fat around the edges myself?

I thought to myself how amazing—and completely confusing—the day has been. People nice to me, even outright and shamelessly flirty, then the beginnings of a weird orgy in the mall, followed by the hottest sex I’d ever had. And two women, one right after the other, with one of them being my wife. And now, my neighbors are fucking in their back yard.

“Hi, Alex!” I heard a woman’s voice. I looked back at the neighbors, and found the wife—I can’t ever remember her name—trying to wave at me as best she could while getting plowed from behind. The husband looks over, too, and pumps his fists in the air in triumph.

And then he says to me, “hey man, wanna come over and fuck my wife? She’s wet as fuck today!”

Hot damn. What an invitation. But having just fucked the brains out of two women, I found myself with an ounce of will power. I responded, “No, thanks, maybe another time.”

“Any time you want to, dude, come on over, even if I’m not home. I’m cool.”

“OK, thanks.” Just then I remembered their names. “Tom.” Tom and Samantha Woods. I didn’t know them all too well. It really hadn’t been very long since Ally and I had moved in. I waved to them and went back inside. Sitting down at the kitchen table, I glanced into the living room where my wife and Julie still slept.

What the fuck is happening to me?

* * *

I was dressed by the time Julie woke up. Ally still slept on the floor, exhausted from the royal fucking I’d given her. I was still in a slight panic, unsure of why I’d even cheated on my wife, let alone why Ally seemed to be OK with it enough to take the second round.

“Alex, that was so fucking wonderful. I’ve never come like that before.” She still had that wide- eyed, happy to be alive look on her face. Her smile was starting to make me melt a little, stirring a little something inside. But I had to focus. I wasn’t sure what kind of shit storm would be coming when Ally woke up, and I needed to be ready.

“I have to ask,” I said, “how did you know where I live?”

“Easy, silly, I work at the DMV. I know your address, and a lot more, too.”

That made perfect sense.

“So why did you come here? You gave me your number and asked me to call you, and then I find you inside my house naked and waiting for me to... have sex with you.”

“Sex is one thing, Alex, but what we did was fuck. And it was perfect for my first time. And I couldn’t wait. I needed to have you.”

I was beside myself.

“How old are you?”


I sighed. She was young, but I didn’t think she was quite that young. But at least I wasn’t breaking the law.

“Alex, I hope you’re OK with this. I have to tell you, I’ve never felt like this before. I was miserable this morning, as I am every morning. I don’t want to work at the DMV, but it was the only job that would take me. I’ve been there for two years, miserable. I have no family in the area, and no boyfriend. I’m completely alone in life.

“And then... well, and then I saw you. It was amazing—I can’t even really describe it. It’s like I saw pure happiness. You just looked so... wow. At first, you just made me happy. Then I felt comfortable with you. Then I was flirty, which is not me at all. When I had you in the chair, my heart was racing, and I was desperate to touch you. After you left, I couldn’t hold back any longer. I had to go finger myself in the bathroom. After an hour in the bathroom, my supervisor came in and told me to take the rest of the day off on sick time.

“Before I left, I wrote down your address. At first, I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with it. But after getting home and cumming a few times with my toys, I knew that I’d only be satisfied with you. So I came to your house, crawled in through the garage window—which is unlocked, by the way—and came in to wait for you. Naked. And getting myself loosened up for you.”

Wow. All I could say was wow.

“Alex, I know you don’t know me, but I know you. I know your heart’s desire. I can feel it coursing through my body. I know that you not only want me, you need me. And I need you. I’m in love with you, with my entire soul. I’ve never felt like this before, and I don’t want it to end.”

“Julie,” I started. She shuddered as I said her name. Gaining my composure, I continued. “Julie, I’m married.”

“Like I said, that’s OK. Alex, the same way I can tell that you need me in your life I can feel toward her...”


“... toward Ally. I know you need her as much, if not more, than you need me. I think you’ll find that she’s OK with all this. When she wakes up, that is.”

I heard a groan. Ally stirred. I thought to myself, any chance of getting Julie out before Ally woke up was now moot.

“Alex, baby?” Ally mumbled.

“Yes, Ally, I’m here.”

“Baby, I love you. What she’s saying is true. I’ve always been in love with you, but now it’s like I can breathe in your love and feel it inside me. And I know that you need her too.”

Julie turned her naked body to my wife. “Hi, Ally, I’m Julie.” She extended out her hand.

Ally smiled. “Julie, you and I have more in common than a handshake. Give me a hug. My sister. My fellow bed mate.”

Julie sighed. I guess Ally had made the decision for me.

I sighed, too. But not because I was relieved that this had somehow worked out. No, I sighed because the sight of my wife, naked, hugging another naked woman, was turning me on. And it was turning me on hard. Harder than before.

The women separated, though keeping their hands on each other’s arms. They looked back at me.

“Can you feel that, Ally?”

“Fuck, yes. I’ve never felt that before. Fuck. If I’d known...”

Julie and Ally looked at each other for a moment, then moved in for the most passionate kiss I’d seen on any two women. My wife wasn’t bisexual, by any means, and this was intense. And I was so fucking hard. I stripped off my clothes, fell to the floor, and made my way over to the pair.

I went distant again, a passenger in my body. Though this time, I was more on the surface than the other times. I could almost feel the barrier, whatever it was, dissolving from around me. I could feel the need to fuck these women. But I could also feel the desire now. I wanted to do this. I had no more resistance. And in that moment, I was back in control. I had bested my situation, even if I still didn’t understand it.

I pulled Ally to me, kissing her.

“Eat her out while I fuck you from behind,” I commanded of her. Ally turned her body to put her face in Julie’s pussy. She didn’t even hesitate.

After a moment of bliss, Julie started returning the favor to Ally. I made my way to Ally’s back. Julie parted from Ally’s pussy lips for a moment, taking my now-huge cock straight down her throat. I fucked her face a few times, before Ally popped up from the muff-diving she was performing.

“Will you fucking fuck me already?”

I pulled out of Julie’s mouth and jabbed my cock right up inside my wife’s hole. Back and forth, I thrusted, occasionally feeling a tongue on my balls. The entire time, I felt Ally’s pussy muscles rippling around my dick. It was like a hand job inside her twat. Shit, she’d never been able to do that before. She even started spouting out some kind of liquid. That was when I learned that she had always been a squirter.

I came hard. So very hard. I felt my head get woozy. But I didn’t get soft. For whatever reason, I didn’t even lose my stride. I was still hard as a rock and horny as fuck. I needed Julie’s pussy, I thought to myself. I needed that wonderful pussy before I could be done.

I moved to the other side of my wife... my wives? I wasn’t sure what to call this new, emerging arrangement. Ally looked up from the cunt in her face.

“Honey, you’ve got to try this pussy!” Wow. All I could think of was wow. And tasting that pussy.

I dropped my head to it, while my wife held open Julie’s lips. It was like what I would imagine ambrosia to taste like. It was sweet and succulent. It was addictive. I broke away for a moment, and saw my wife watching me. She moved in to kiss me. Her tongue twisted inside my mouth, eager for that taste. She was ravenous.

Breaking the kiss, I got up on my knees. I heard Julie muttering yes, over and over again, as I rammed her full with my cock. I paused for a moment, feeling the difference between Julie and my wife. Ally licked at the base of my shaft. A week ago, I would have cum just thinking about this kind of scenario. Now, though, I had the stamina of an animal in heat. I started going at it; thrusting. The entire time, Julie was coming, her cunt muscles rippling and squeezing my dick. After a couple minutes, I decided I wanted to needed to cum. I needed it more than I’d ever needed it before. I felt the build up. I felt the pressure. The need for release was overwhelming. I came. Harder than ever before. And as I came, so, too did Ally and Julie. I pumped my seed into Julie, while Ally lapped at the excess dribbling out.

I fell backwards, exhausted. I barely recall pulling myself and my women up to the bed room. The next thing I knew, I was waking up the next day.

What’s happening to me?