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Author’s Note: This serves as an extended preview for the upcoming Journeys into Passion story Enyo, which is part of the Will of Darkness storyline. Here, the events are told from a different perspective.

We Met a Goddess Today

{Digitized journal entries from Bianca Smith’s journal. It describes the day she met Enyo. Any apparent writing issues are from the source document. The entries go into a second book, which was incorporated into this file.}

So, an actual Goddess walked into my bar. Her attire was a rather contemporary red tube top, skinny jeans, and brown sandals. She looked hot, but was disappointed somehow.

She quietly sat at the empty bar, and asked me for some wine.

She confirmed who she was: Enyo

“You are?”

“Bianca!” I gave her the wine. “I’m not normally allowed to just give out whole bottles, but I’ll bend the rules for you!”

Enyo drank down half the glass not looking dissatisfied. “It’s funny. I never thought of myself as a hero.”

“Well, you have been since you helped destroy that robot monster … Hey, would you mind if I ask you something?”

“Go right ahead, Bianca.”

“Did you really go to battle once covered with blood instead of armor?”

She raised an eyebrow, looking all awkward. “It was’t my idea …”

“Huh …” Now I was really curious.

“Ares said I should just use blood as armor as a joke. I said no without a laugh. Zeus overheard, and told me to do it. Did not amuse him much, so never again. Zeus calmed a lot since then, but can be quite the asshole.”

“Dealing with shitty bosses! I know that.”

Enyo smiled pleasantly.

“So, saving the world again?”

Enyo knew it was a jovial question. “Actually, it would seem so.”

“Oh … What’s coming this time?” I was very serious now.

“Already here. This one’s a real head trip, to use the contemporary parlance. The Protectors aren’t strong enough anymore for this fight. Maybe right after the last, but not today. We need something more. We need eyes an ears to figure out what is happening.”

“If you’re looking for followers, Enyo, you don’t need to try very hard.” I took out my phone, swiped around, and presented it to Enyo.

She looked at a Facebook fan page dedicated to her.

“Looks like you’ve got over three-million followers on there.”

“Err … Well, pedicare me! Is this even serious? I know you can like whatever you want on there, whether true or not, whether Human or not.”

“Well, even if only a third of them are serious, that’s a million people. Besides, I think even bots are afraid to troll you online!”

“You’re in this group, I take it?”

“Yeah. Why not? You’re as beautiful as powerful. You create victories even in defeat. You decided to help people, when you could have just stopped caring like the rest of the Old Gods. You’re the ultimate feminist icon!”

“Huh …” She sat in apparently deep thought.

“Our nemesis is not on Facebook, is he?” Bianca asked.

“No, I do not think so …” she said ponderously. She glanced at my wedding ring. “Caution is still of upmost importance, it would seem, though … It has been a very long time since I took a direct role with my followers. People have changed in ways at times intangible. Would you and your spouse like to come to my place tonight?”

I felt more excitement and joy than I thought possible. “Fuck yeah! I get off in an hour. I’ll call Larry …”

Larry sat on the red couch of Enyo’s cabin. He was surprisingly relaxed, compared to me. Well, I might as well have been the true “worshiper” here, but he looked curious.

We two sat before her, the mesmerizing Goddess.

“So this … Facebook group. How connected are you with it?”

I smiled. “Not at admin or anything, but I know one in real life. I can get into contact with her to make myself an admin, too”

“What I need in followers is not quite like the old days of glory, Bianca. You understand social media better than myself, but that is barely the first step. We need to keep in mind the timetable may be short, and the timetable is very much obscured.”

“Facebook is that, Enyo!” Larry said jovially. “But, what do you want in followers?”

Enyo smiled. “You get right to it, Larry! When have I ever had a large following next to Ares? … What I want, obviously, is devotion. I also want altruism. I was tired of burning whole cities to the ground before your ancestors’ ancestors were born.”

“How do your followers confirm this altruistic devotion, Enyo?” he asked with a sarcasm masking fascination.

Enyo turned to me. The way I looked up at her said it all. Having the Goddess tower over me in total command of the room was practically overkill.

“Your wife, Larry, is ready to understand.”

What happened after that was remarkable. I had sex with a Goddess. I will remember it vividly forever. I learned to derive pleasure from her, and let that become my pleasure. At the same time, I remember also deriving more and more pleasure every time I followed her commands. Her feet were perfect, yes, but I wanted to worship them, as ordered. Her asshole was perfect, yes, but I wanted to shove my tongue into it, as ordered. I wanted her to be pleasured above all else. I became … hers.

All I seem to know now is whatever Enyo tells me to. I no longer have a will of my own, yet I am now her General. The orders I am given are paramount. I am her extension, her translator, her Human wrangler. I feel her inside me, always, guiding my every action. The love that connects me to her is beyond any depth that may be dreamed by the Human mind. This is my life now. That said, Enyo does not care about having a journal. I just find it rapidly becoming necessary. This is the last page of this book! I do want to still explain what happened if anyone ever comes across this. I want others to know the pleasures that Enyo can give ...

{Continued entry in next book]

I looked up to Enyo with reverence.

“Once upon a time,” Enyo began. “We were worshiped because we simply looked that part of Gods. Humans also needed scapegoats for their own failings, of which my kind’s were as true as theirs. So, we just let it happen. It really was that simple, unlike what happened with the Titans. Now, we knew even then that sex and power can be epic bedfellows. The marriage of monarchs sealing alliances. The cataclysmic adultery between kings and queens. Ironically, we did not wield that much amongst ourselves then, just letting the Humans not always think with their brains. That obviously glazes over the fact that we had plenty of sexual relations with Humans, Zeus the God-king of adultery. There were so many Demigods of little note.

“Once the world shifted away from us, we let our precious Hierarchy collapse. All we had left, we realized, was sex. In quiet whispers, we knew the power of sex was not wielded by most of us. It did not matter anymore. So, we just began to fuck each other in epic orgies. Humans sometimes showed up. They had fun if they wished, but had more than enough after a week. All the Humans that appeared could have been ours, but the time of followers was over, we agreed.

“Now, times have changed again, and I know what I want out of my followers in 2020. Sexual power will create the devotion, and the devotion will create the altruism.”

Eyno walked to the other side of the room, owning every step, every subtle body movement. She opened up her suitcase, and took out some semi-opaque, black pantyhose.

“Bianca, catch!”

I caught the packaged hose almost robotically.

“Take your shirt and pants off, put on the pantyhose, put back on your shoes if removed, and crawl to me.”

“Yes, Enyo,” I said without second thought.

Larry sat in total amazement, watching me follow the word of a literal Goddess.

Larry blurted something.

“Be honored, Larry! Few Humans became followers this way, as I never created followers this way before! Honestly, I am more than pleased how well this is working. You feel it, too, right, Larry? A sexual pull toward me? The growing need to follow my will?”

“Yes …” he said.

Enyo smiled at the not yet fully indoctrinated man. “Don’t feel jealously or shock toward how easily your wife is falling to me. She might as well have already been worshiping me. I am merely directing her on how to worship me now.”

I was on my hands and knees, dressed as ordered. I crawled over to Enyo. The soft black heels were sexy and blatant against the pantyhose. Enyo rather liked the black floral tattoo on my side. Yes, Enyo would make all her new followers have a tattoo of devotion: a swan. She always liked swans apparently. To her they were symbol of beauty, as beauty may be found in war.

The worshiping waited in excitement below, looking up but not making eye contact. Enyo subtly presented her sandal-clad foot to me. I lightly touched it reverently.

Eyno lifted her foot, and said, “Worship your Goddess’ foot.”

Excited, I cradled her foot, and began to kiss and lick, especially the fully exposed toes.

“OOOO, that’s good, Bianca. I love how your tongue feels between your Goddess’ toes.”

The way I moved my tongue between her toes, it was clear there was nothing else for me. My mind was Enyo’s.

“Don’t forget to like your Goddess’ whole foot … UMMM, very good …”

I passionately moved my lips from her toes to ankle. This was not about taste or even sensuality. This was exactly what Enyo wanted: power over me. But yes, this sexually aroused me more than I had ever been aroused.

Enyo pulled over an end table in reach, and sat on it. Her feet flat on the floor, I continued my worship. The leather traps on her sandals were starting to darken from my spit. She grasped my head in a kind of compliment.

“Yeah, that’s great! Suck it. Suck it! … Now just my shoe. Lick it. Lick it clean!”

I moaned with joy, successfully satisfying my Goddess.

“Get in there and make them shine!”

I did as ordered, literally polishing the leather with my lips and tongue.

“Now nice long licks, shoes and feet. Very good.”

My head was still grasped by Enyo, who was subtly nudging me in whatever direction desired.

Enyo then picked up my head, almost forced eye contact, and said, “You did well, Bianca.”

I melted with joy.

“Now I want you to worship my ass.”

Enyo pulled off her tight pants, and leaned up against the wall, muscular ass protruding. I quickly went in, hurrying my face between the firm glutes. I licked excitedly, taking long trips around the hole.

“Yes, feel your Goddess’ ass, rub it. Very good.” She grasped my head, and forcibly buried my face between the cheeks for a moment. Pressing deeper, Enyo exclaimed, “Be honored! You are the first Human to taste this divine ass.” She pulled my head out. “What do you say?”

“Thank you, Enyo!” I said honestly, before I was pushed back in.

Enyo genuine loved anal attention!

Still leaning on the wall, Enyo lifted her foot, and ordered, “Take my sandal off. Slowly … Excellent. Enjoy the scent and taste of divine feet on them.”

Like pumping heroin into my veins, I inhaled the leather shoes with great pleasure. The taste was all but orgasmic.

“Do you like the smell and taste of your Goddess’ feet on the shoe?”

“Yes, Enyo,” I said, barely removing the shoe from my face.

“Now put the shoe down, and worship the real thing.”

I did so. I licked the soles with great devotion, as I took the toes deep into my mouth. I cradled her foot like it was the most precious thing in the world.

“Take all of your Goddess’ foot. Take in all you can.”

I forced as much of the foot into my mouth as I could. Every toe was tickling the back of my throat.

“Very good. The rest of the foot feels dry.”

I licked and sucked from heel to toes, enjoying the toes the most. There was no protest on Enyo’s part!

Enyo then sat back down, and presented the other foot.

I needed no instruction, removing the sandal. With a subtle motion, Enyo had my paying great attention to the foot itself, shoe still in hand. That was not before I took in the divine aroma of the shoe.

“Yes, worship my foot. Take in the divine scent!” Enyo growled through her own growing pleasure.

I practically made out with the foot, moving from heel, to sole, to toes, with equal devotion.

Multiple toes sucked at once, Enyo teased, wiggling the foot, “Such a pretty mouth. It is perfect for worshiping!”

I moaned and cooed in joy.

“Take those toes in … Lick it all the way, heel to toes …” Eyno micromanaged as a tease. “Take it in as far as you can. All the way … OOOO, that is amazing! No take it out and kiss the top. So very good.”

I did as ordered, not aware of a mind of my own. Worshiping Enyo was my sole purpose in the world right then.

Eyno the began to feel my breasts with her feet. “You feel really good. Onto your knees.”

I did so, Enyo’s foot now teasing my belly.

“Take off your left shoe, and smell it.”

I did so.

“The scent can never be divine, but it is yours. It is therefore wonderful, arousing.”

I took the scent in just that much more deeply, not knowing how good my now scent was.

“Now the other one.”

I put the shoe down, and took off the other to enjoy, as ordered. I took in the scent with great pleasure.

“Kiss it.”

“Ummm,” I moaned, kissing and inhaling.

“Keep going. I like that shoe very much. Worship the shoe for me.”

I did so. Licking, kissing, taking in the shoe with all my senses.

“Put it down.”

I looked to Enyo expectantly.

Finger teasingly on my lips, Enyo ordered, “I want you to stand up … Good. Open your legs.”

Enyo then placed her foot onto my very moist crotch, making me moan. She began to rub the crotch, and I put her hand on the foot on impulse.

“I do not want you to touch my feet.”

I quickly moved my hands away.

“Oh, yes. You are so warm, wet.” Enyo rubbed the crotch more excitedly

I moaned in pleasure.

“Do my feet turn you on?”

“Yes, Enyo,” I said honestly, grunting.

“Move on my foot. So very good. Yes.”

I rubbed my wet crotch onto the foot, practically worshiping it between my hot thighs. I moaned and cooed so happily.

“Yes, worship my foot with your pussy!” Enyo smiled largely. “Yes, faster and harder! That’s it. That is what your Goddess wants!”

I was genuinely joyous and full of pleasure, dancing on Enyo’s foot with my crotch.

“Oh, yes! I want you to cum, Bianca. I want to feel your cum on my foot through you pantyhose.”

“O, ERR, fuck, yeah!” I came. “Yes, OHHH, ENYO!”

“Was that fun for you?”

“Yes, Enyo!” I huffed honestly.

“Come on down here, and suckle on you Goddess’ breasts.”

I did so, loudly smooching.

“Yes, worship them!”

Moving her chest in blatant ways, Enyo guided me between the divine breasts. She practically played with my face with her breasts. It felt so damn good! Of course, a lot of that pleasure was from the near complete power the Goddess now exerted over me.

“You are sooo good with your tongue, Bianca!”

Enyo then nudged me in closer with her foot on my ass. She stood, and showed her bare ass, having me pull the hose down. She teased my own ass with her foot. Enyo then positioned herself to have me back into her. The positioning was just that much more effective, Enyo’s leg up on the low table.

I was ever more deeply buried between Enyo’s firm cheeks this time, Enyo pulling me in Indeed, I could only pleasure her asshole, excitedly.

“Oh, yes, Bianca. You really are coming to understand what your Goddess wants! Yes!”

Enyo moaned and cooed wildly in the anal pleasure.

I consumed, worshiped, enjoying herself.

“Yes. Push you tongue in there. Do not hold back! Don’t stop until I let you. OH!”

It was clear that this was now my duty, to pleasure my Goddess’ asshole. And I went for it. I sucked, I licked. Enyo’s asshole was becoming quite moist.

Enyo encouraged my through her growing pleasure, making me worship just that much more deeply, hungrily. Enyo actually came a little, but still wanted to work on me more.

Repositioning to partly lean on the wall, leg still up on the table, Enyo ordered me to worship her pussy as her asshole.

“Oh, yeah. Worship your Goddess’ pussy!”

My new task was clear, and I excelled like before. I consumed like it was the only thing in the world, and it was.

Enyo tightly pushed me just that much deeper into her crotch. I was her worshiper, and it turned her on like nothing else.

“Make me cum, Bianca. Make your Goddess cum like she never has before!”

I amazingly did as ordered. I sucked and liked and kissed without abandon. Enyo than came hard and loud, her divine juices dripped down my face and throat.

After basking in here great afterglow, Enyo ordered, “On your knees, Bianca.”

I did so, my Goddess standing before me.

“Look up to me. Look into my eyes. Will you worship me now and forever, Bianca?”

“Yes, Enyo,” I said truly.

“Will you forever be an extension of my will, following my word without question?”

“Yes, Enyo.”

“Good, Bianca. Thus, you are an extension of my will.”

Enyo was visibly exhilarated, looking into my eyes. This was apparently rare thing to do to a Human. I genuinely let my will be fully subverted by Enyo’s. This was something deep and spiritual, and far beyond psychological. Enyo could to with my consciousness as she wished. I literally just know and do things now that stem from Enyo.

“As reward, Bianca, you will be my General, my Stratega, the chief of my Warrior Worshipers. You will be my sole avatar. Do you understand, Bianca?”

“Yes, Bianca. I am your General, the chief of all your Warrior Worshipers. Statega Bianca. I will be your avatar.”

Enyo squatted down to her General’s level, and held her subservient face at the chin. “Your Goddess loves you for this.” She kissed me, and I melted at the touch.

She stood, glancing at the mesmerized Larry on the couch. Enyo lifted her foot to me, and I automatically licked and kissed.

“Very good, Stratega. Come with me.”

Me walked over to the amazed yet smiling Larry. Enyo crawled on top of him.

“Are you … gonna take me like you did my wife?” he breathed.

“Your wife will be conquering your body and soul to become my Warrior Worshiper.”

“OK …” he said amazed. “You’re just making this up as you go along, aren’t you, Enyo?”

Enyo smirked. “Improvisation may mask one’s tactics.” She glanced at me, her General, on all fours. “Before she begins, ask your wife who she loves the most.”

He blinked, looking somewhat uncomfortable. “Um, Bianca, who do you love the most?”

“Enyo!” I said joyously. “I am hers.”

“Very good, Strategy Bianca,” Enyo stated. “Now, make Larry understand.”

I sat before him on the coffee table. It was obvious he saw something different in my eyes. I had, after all, the will of a Goddess with me. As such, I had a fraction of the very power that conquered me, and that can be enough to overwhelm an unsuspecting Human.

“Just relax, Larry,” I ordered in domineering tone reminiscent of Enyo’s. “Let yourself go, and let me take you into Enyo’s Army.”

Larry’s wide eyes glanced at the smirking Goddess. “I can’t believe you guys rarely used this power a few thousand years ago!”

“General,” Enyo forcibly stated to Bianca.

I smacked him hard, and with my hand over his mouth, I ordered, “You were not given the allowance to speak, Initiate!”

Larry effectively silenced, I leaned back, and presented my nylon-covered foot. “Take it. Worship it.”

Tentatively at first, the spellbound Larry took the foot, and began to rub it. He took the heel into his mouth, almost experimentally sucking on it.

“Very good, Larry. I am glad you are starting to understand.”

Albeit far less powerful and experienced, what I just did was exactly of Enyo did to me. The really difference was that I was more naturally passive than Larry. Enyo felt a touch of pride at how well I used her this power over Humans.

The more Larry licked, sucked, and rubbed the encased foot, the more energy he put into the worshiping. He was really starting to like this. And through that growing enjoyment, his own will and alpha-ness was starting to break down.

I possessively touched Larry’s face, and Larry automatically began to worship the palm. I let go, and teasingly felt up my leg. Larry followed the hand, licking and kissing upward.

I then guided him onto the floor, and positioned myself just above his chest, teasing him by nudging him away from my wet pussy.

“Look at it, Larry,” I said, feeling the top of my pussy. “Do you like the way it smells?”

“Yes, it smells so good, Stratega!” He looked almost surprised at the statement, probably because of what he automatically called me!

“Good, lick it, worship it!”

“Umm!” he exclaimed, moving in.

He was completely mesmerized, worshiping the Stragega’s pussy.

“Now my asshole, yes … Just the tongue. Just the tip … Yeah, that’s it, amazing! OHHH, yeah … That’s so damn good. Right there. OOOOOH, YEAH!”

I had a quick but good orgasm. Enyo gave me a long, thick dildo, and I then guided Larry onto his back.

I began to lube up and finger Larry’s relaxing asshole. With a gasp, I began to shove the rubber member into the anal canal. I went deep, while I allowed him to stroke himself. The pleasure for Larry was clearly unlike anything he ever experienced before.

I then worked the other end into my wet pussy, and holding the dildo lightly, began to thrust back and forth. We moaned and cooed primally, myself more so.

I eventually removed the rubber member, and crawled up to him. I kissed him lovingly, but not like how I ever kissed him before. It was aggressive and possessive. I was kissing him with the Love of Enyo. He could not get enough, especially when I “lovingly” licked his face with the tip of her tongue. Larry’s will was nearly subverted fully now.

The dildo was then placed into his mouth by me, having him hold it in with his teeth. I mounted it with my pussy, and began to squat up and down on it, moaning deeply. I let him stroke himself, but it was clear my pleasure was all that mattered right then.

When he was visibly close, I had him stand and jerk himself. He came hard into my hands. I gathered most of it. In a blatant sign that his will was now that of Enyo’s, he squatted down to my hands, and began to worship them, cum and all. When we kissed, we lovingly shared the cum. What we now felt was no longer the love we once shared, but of the Goddess Enyo …

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