The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Author’s Note: This story is set prior to the events of the main Voluntatem Tenebrae series at It focuses on the corruption of Tammy, who is a Priestess of Cthulhu in the present.

Recovered entries from Tammy Jackson’s 2018 journal, all grammatical and spelling issues sic

The following in neat but somewhat carefree hand

Craziest dreams last night! Started with me watching some weird tentacle porn. Really getting off on it. Turns me on still just thinking about it. What I was watching wasn’t just some big rubber dildo thing forcing itself into a woman. The whole thing was kinda dark and more realistic somehow. Shiny black tentacles from nowhere penetrated every hole of the woman that was really enjoying it. There was a surreal sensuality the way the tentacle wrapped around her limbs and penetrated her. Held up in the air, she was swimming in a sea of unearthly pleasure.

Shit, I’m fingering myself now!

What is really amazing me is how it gave me an idea for a project. My friends and I were struggling to come up with a subject, and the thing is due by the end of May. It will be the psychology of sex cults when fictional mythology is applied. I hope they like the idea.

They went for it! Ron, Jack, and Brad seemed a little too excited, and Lisa clearly did not have any better ideas. What really surprised me was how the idea evolved. I really am not sure who wanted to do this first, but at least I was really excited. Inspired by the legendary “Dare Club” that supposedly existed at the college back in the late 1990s, we agreed to do more than just research, and create our own cult. The latter part was not really part of the accepted proposal.

Also not part of the proposal was our agreement that we would need to shed our sexual inhibitions amongst ourselves. None of us were seeing anyone right then, so that was not a bid deal. We did all admit that this was pretty crazy, though.

Things were moving quickly amongst the five of us. Embarking on creating a real sex cult was nuts, but for whatever reason none of us were deviating from that goal. Last night was the first crazy night I ever had in college.

Last night we were in Ron’s “Cottage” at the Lake Houses. Besides Brianna, his other roommates were away for the weekend, and the five of us decided to hang out, get drunk, maybe do a little pot. Brianna was pretty sexy, dark skinned woman that did not mind joining us. I had the foresight to plop my phone up to record us in case this might be useful to the project (at least the “side” part of it). The guys wore that generic t-shirt and jeans, while Lisa and I were in t-shirts, short-shorts, and flip flops. It was somewhat warmer than usual this spring. The attire was technically casual, but drool inducing to a horny coed.

We talked some about the project, and whatever else came to our inebriated minds. Jack teased Lisa how she was on the quiet side, but she was fine with it. I eventually suggested we do the cliched Truth or Dare. They all shrugged. I started.

Ron opted for truth. It turned out that Ron was actually a virgin, but also admitted to watching probably too much porn.

Ron got truth from Lisa. He asked the generic male-fantasy of if she ever kissed or fucked another girl. She said no.

Lisa than asked Brad, who opted for truth. He revealed that he was not a virgin, and that he had a lot of sex with a high school sweetheart, but they broke up a year ago. He then had a quick but, according to him, an extreme sexual relationship with Lindsey, who transferred away a year ago.

Brad got a dare out of me. Unsurprisingly, I found myself making out with Brianna. I really liked it, to my surprise, and was pretty sure she did, too. Most, soft, sensual, we just knew what we wanted out of the dare. To be honest with myself, I actually felt somewhat empowered, and turned on by that empowerment.

I jumped back to Brad, who asked for a dare. What I dared him to do surprised everyone. For a moment, I wasn’t sure why I did it. Then I realized I wanted a taste of power, to embrace that empowerment I just felt. I wanted to make someone do something more than a stupid kiss. I dared Brad to take Ron’s virginity, and if they opted to do it privately, I would need video evidence.

Well, they opted to do it privately. After they closed Ron’s door, Lisa asked if I was crazy to have them do that. I told her that they there really was no rule that anyone had to do anything in this game, and that they were literally doing it in the other room! We actually heard them grunting after a while.

They emerged about ten minutes later, with an awkwardly shot cellphone clip that showed more than enough. Brad let Ron fuck him up the ass with lesbian porn playing on the other cellphone. Ron never sexually penetrated another before. They admitted it was strange and unexpected, but both came. Well, maybe not that strange for Brad, whose last girlfriend of course fucked him up the ass with a strap-on several times. Ron said also loved anal porn, and the lesbian porn he was watching was strap-on anal, all fours, from behind, etc.

The game actually continued after that. Brad dared Lisa to give Ron a lap dance.

Lisa shrugged and walked over to the wide-eyed Ron. She sat on his lap and ground on him. I turned the music up on her request. I don’t think she ever did such a thing before. But as a sexy, sandy-skinned brunette, It did not seem to matter to Ron, who was clearly enjoying himself.

I saw a cowgirl hat, and tossed it over to Lisa. She plopped it on with a big smile, and resumed teasing his hard cock with her tight bubble butt, back now to him. She flipped around, straddled his leg, and slithered up and down to the music.

Lisa said how this was a little awkward with clothes on, and Jack suggested she just take them off. With Ron amazingly a happy, Lisa pealed off her shirt, revealing her pink leopard bra, and playfully moved up and down the man’s seated body.

Brad playfully teased Lisa that she should take off her shorts, get it over with. Lisa did so cutely, revealing her matching pink panties. Ron slapped a 20 in her panties as a joke.

My turn! I suddenly said, basically forcing a dare.

I nudged myself onto Ron’s chair with Lisa in front of me (her shirt pulled back on). Lisa went with it. She spread my legs wide, grasped the chair, and lifted herself into a handstand. My face with in her dancing ass. She was a great. I actually gave her 30 bucks. She gave us all lap-dances on make-shift dares, and literally made 100 bucks off of us. She really was a savant, turning us all on.

Lisa then dared me to fuck Brianna in front of everyone. She actually seemed surprised and nervous. She never had sex with a woman before, and kiss me earlier was her first same-sex kiss.

We undressed, and I lightly brought her to the carpeted floor. I really liked her body. She was noticeably voluptuous, at least compared to my slim physique. Her melons looked quite nice objectively, with fully erect nipples from the cool air. I went down on them, tenderly sucking the hard nipple, occasionally pressing my face into her soft breast. She moaned and encouraged me. Our legs soon naturally criss-crossed, with our warming crotches on top of one another.

Our eyes eventually met. There was no love in her eyes, as I’m sure there was none in mine. Instead, there was a lustful hunger. We were really turned on by this new means of sexual pleasure. We kiss, oh we kissed! We felt and grasped our heads and silken hair.

Before I knew it, was grinding my moist pussy onto hers. As she moaned with a big smile, she groped up and down my back and ass. Hungry eyes locked, we began to grind harder, more aggressively, her hand squeezing and pulling my ass. the humping was crazy, wild, and feral. Our random kisses somehow added to the growing sexual madness. We began to moan and coo and thrust with even greater intensity. There was nothing else in the world but the lust were were making. Holding tight and thrusting yet harder, we brought ourselves to hard and fast orgasm. Our eyes met again, leading to a pleasurable kiss in gratitude for a great fuck.

I eventually looked over to the amazed Lisa. Well, they were all pretty amazed. I dared her to create another game for us.

Lisa created a simple stripping game on the spot. We’d flip a coin to dictate an upper or lower article of clothes, and the flipper will then dictate who drops the clothes. The one who dropped gets to flip next. We dressed ourselves giggling. Lisa started, and had me remove my pants, revealing my black panties.

I flipped, and had Brad take his shirt off. He flipped and had Brianna take her panties off (pants already gone), revealing her clean-shaven crotch. She flipped and had me remove my top. We went on like this until we were all practically naked (the men still had their tight boxer-briefs on). This was the first time we all saw each other naked at the same time. We were all rather attractive in our own right, Ron especially chiseled, while Lisa, Brianna, and I might as well be teen models.

Brad hopped over, and began to give Lisa her own lap dance on a whim. He straddled her legs, and teasingly thrust his crotch toward her in his semi-squat. She looked somewhat amazed at first, but by the time he danced down and up her body, she raised her hands and cheered happily.

He was soon holding himself up with one hand, lying back on her lap and feet braced on the table behind her, and thrusting his tented crotch up and down. Lisa was laughing happily, eyes glued to the crotch. After he went back to his feet, it was full contact between the two of them

I said he should remove his “panties” like the rest of us, kissed the horny Lisa, and hopped onto Ron to give him a full-contact dance. Brianna, enjoying herself perhaps more, hopping onto Jack. Us dancers weren’t really kissing at first, but all but were with kind of air kissing.

Brad then picked Lisa up, and plowed her onto the table. He commenced fingering and licking her very open pussy. At the same time, Jack had rolled on top of Brianna, while I aggressively kept on top of Ron, making out and groping with a kind of lust I never knew before.

Jack then moved down, and spread Brianna’s legs to make out with her crotch. I let Ron do the same to me. Our chuckles of fun were slowly morphing into pleasure. I made out with Brianna next to me. Have no idea what came over me, kissing other women, but I really liked it!

I put myself on all fours, and Ron eat me from behind. I smiled largely seeing Brianna sucking off Jack’s dick. I licked my lips seeing Brad trust into Lisa with a slow, lustful passion they both enjoyed too much, before I began to consume a dick myself.

Brad picked Lisa up again, and plopped her on the couch. She stuck her tongue out as us like a happy slut getting exactly what she always wanted. Brad propped Lisa up to her side, and lay down. She began to stroke his large, throbbing member, playing with it. She mounted him soon after, thrusting on her knees above. They moved up and down in a kind of lustful dance.

Not to be outdone, Brianna and I mounted our own members, playfully dancing on our knees. Me and Brianna kissed wetly.

By the time I looked back to Lisa, she was on all fours, aggressively being fucked from behind. She soon collapsed onto her stomach, the man thrusting just that much harder. We were all moaning and grunting wildly in our ecstasy through the loud music.

It was a crazy, wild, erotic dance, creating pleasure for the sake of pleasure. I know I did not want it to stop. I know none of us wanted to stop. There was no tenderness, there was no love. We just fucked. The only reason we changed positions was to give ourselves a moment necessary to extend this glorious joy. We even changed partners after a while, moving from one source of pleasure to another. It did not matter if Ron was literally fucking Brad, or if I was elbow deep in Lisa’s pussy. We were just fucking, and that was all that mattered.

I have no idea how long we went like this really. We all came several times by the end. The whole place smelled of musky cum.

I noticed right away that the others started looking at me differently after that orgy. All that happened between us yesterday was all me somehow, and they all loved it! I did not really know how to roll with this, but I was not stopping them from looking up to me.

For my own enjoyment, I gave the four of them tasks to complete mostly amongst themselves. Ron would fuck Lisa up the ass. Lisa would become a stripper. Brianna would try scissoring with me. Jack would jerk himself off until he ran dry. Brad would get himself sexually dominated by a hooker. I even told them all to call me Priestess.

It was crazy, but they were actually doing it, so to speak. Lisa was already fucked by Ron up the ass, so I simply ordered that Lisa fuck Ron up the ass next. Lisa got an interview at a local strip club. Brianna and I scissored, multiple orgasms every time we did it. Jack had all but melted his brain already by jerking off. Brad found and would schedule a time with an escort tonight.

Brianna was like my personal sex toy now. It was as if she was addicted to me, and only I could make her cum. It was awesome to have her anytime I wanted!

This was crazy, but so much fun!

April 9 appears missing

We talked with some cooky old professor today. Just the original four of us. Brianna was not part of the “official” project. We went though some real and fictional cults, particularly the sex-cults. Interesting, but the only one that really caught me was the ones of Lovecraft.

The described cults were and weren’t sexual in nature. The professor agreed that tentacle porn had roots with these kinds of stories. What was really interesting was the lack of detail in the rituals, at least in what Lovecraft wrote. The professor forwarded his interpretation that it did not really matter what the rituals were, because they were largely created by humans via trial and error. It was like an ant colony deciding to get the attention of humans: possible.

He was surprisingly helpful in devising possible rituals based on the Cthulhu Mythos, especially in what would best connect to sexual endeavors.

April 11 through 14 appear missing

The following in scrawled hand

Preparations for our first ritual were complete last night. What we did cannot be undone.

We set up on top of a nearby hill. 3D printed statue of Cthulhu at the peak. All naked under our robes, which became our blankets once disrobed when we started.

With me at the forefront naked and chanting, they were all pleasuring themselves. With my staff, I began to open the Gate that was Yog-Sothoth.

Yog-Sothoth knows the gate.
Yog-Sothoth is the gate.
Yog-Sothoth is the key and guardian of the gate.
Past, present, future, all are one in Yog-Sothoth.
He knows where the Old Ones broke through of old,
and where They shall break through again.
He knows where They have trod earth’s fields,
and where They still tread them,
and why no one can behold Them as They tread.
By our sexual power freely given,
Let us see into the Hiding Light!
Let us see into the Blinding Darkness!
Rend the Veil!
Destroy the Mirror!
Reveal the Illusion!
See, the Gate opens!

After speaking those words, myself and the rest orgasming, something happened. I began to chant in a language and tones wholly alien to me. A veil of darkness shrouded me that was no veil. The timeless infinity of the multiverse slowly began to infest my perception of reality. There were vast darknesses overlapping with endless energies, impossible colors, life beyond life. Through it all was something existing that was beyond my feeble human imagination moments before.

Before me came into focus a monstrous anthropoid form, whose tentacled presence transcended conscious reality. Waves of pleasure flew from the being that was the Great Cthulhu. Every wave brought about world destroying orgasms that ripped apart my very being. I became nothing yet everything in a time undetermined. Yet, it was that very orgasmic energy that gave me the strength to pull myself back together into something new.

My Master pushed me back to my feeble human body back on Earth. My reformed essence altered my body at the genetic level, remaking me into the first true Priestess of the Great Cthulhu. There would be no need to open the Gates again, for my essence was now forever connected with my Great Old One, the Dreamer existing beyond time and space.

I simply knew things now. I knew the path I must take. I knew my DNA, my essence would transform further. Every genetic change will bring me and others to a final form forged by the Great Cthulhu

* * *