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[[[theworldchanged]]]] for Susan


contains consensual non-consent, mind control

“Mind control does not exist. Hypnosis doesn’t work that way, and this is all just fantasy and imagination.”

* * *

It started out like so many other soccer-mom-goes-to-the-salon/daddy-goes-to-work sorts of day. It was a little warm, so Susan decided to put on a light summery dress in order to go to the market and shop for dinner and maybe get a new tie for Bob. He always liked the ties she picked, and she prided herself on her sense of balance and color.

Susan was headed for the front door when


She hesitated, looked out the foyer window to see if something odd was making that . . . sound she heard? Was it a sound? Hmm. Susan didn’t see anything, and now she didn’t hear anything odd, so she put it out of her head and put her hand on the knob of the front door.

Ow! she thought. Wow, my tennies are suddenly SO uncomfortable! Huh, I’ve had had these shoes for ages, and they’re my favorite walking-around shoes. Jeez, they really are painful to wear. That’s odd. Well, she had some other choices. She went back to her closet and chose a pair of 4-inch stiletto heels she had only worn once and didn’t like much, but hey! these were great! They were white, which suited her outfit and her fashion sense, so she happily went out to the car. She liked that the shoes made her butt wiggle.

Sue opened the door to step in, and suddenly realized that her panties were all bunched up and really binding. She used the open car door as a screen (can’t be showing the neighbors anything, ya know) and reached up and tried to fix the problem, but she just made it worse—grabbing pubes and stretching her skin in a very uncomfortable way.

She finally decided to take them off, and bent WAY over to pull them down her legs. She realized what she was doing was showing her privates to anyone who walked by (especially since her heels raised her rear-end WAY up), but as humiliating as that could be, she found she didn’t really care. Well, she really DID, but it just wasn’t that important and it made her smile a little. She threw the offending underwear onto the passenger seat, and got in.Oh, that is SO much better! It made her happy.

She had a bit of a drive to her favorite butcher’s shop, and she thought she’d treat herself to a bit of a rub between her legs. WHAT did I just think?? I can’t believe I even considered it! Her left hand left the steering wheel and she used her nails to caress her inner thigh. I . . . I shouldn’t be doing this! Someone might see! She spread her left leg out a bit and teased her clit a bit with her nails. My god! This is entirely . . . well, not too bad. Oooo, not bad at . . . wait! I can’t do this! Someone will see me! With an act of will she put her hand back on the steering wheel. She gripped hard and tried hard not to think about putting two fingers in her cunt. Wow, something’s wrong. I never use words like cunt, or pussy, or sopping wet fuckhole with my fingers inside it. Oh, god, what is WRONG with me today?? Why did I think that? Susan tried very hard to put such things out of her mind for the rest of the drive.

Well, mostly.

She got to the butcher’s shop finally. She hoped she hadn’t made too bad a wet spot on the car seat; she’d thought a lot of naughty thoughts on the way. She got out of the car and realized that the hem of her summer dress was a liiiiiitle on the short side, considering the heels she was wearing (oh, so comfortable now) and the bit of wind that had kicked up. She started to discreetly hold down the skirt a bit, but found that she really didn’t mind all that much, although she should. She fought a sudden urge to hike the hem up juuuuuust a bit.

The butcher’s shop had a silver bell on the door frame which rang when the door was opened. It rang its usual cheery ding-ding when Susan walked in. The smile on Frank’s face from behind the meat counter was its usual cheery self. “How ya . . . doin’, ma’am?”

“Oh, I’m quite . . . QUITE good, Frank. What’s good today, besides your fat, throbbing cock?”

Oh, jesus, did I just say that?

Frank looked at her oddly for a moment, but recovered his smile. “Uh, got a nice set of . . . tenderloins, yeah, tenderloins, that I just put in the case. Take a look and see if THAT’S what you’re after.”

“Oh, what I’m after . . . “ Susan began to blurt but managed to catch herself, “ . . . is a good . . . “ and with an act of will and clenched fists, “ . . . a good cut of beef.”

“Well, take a look, ma’am. If you don’t see anything you like in the case, just ask. I’m sure I’ve . . . got . . . something you’d love to put in your mouth.”

Susan looked up quickly and saw that Frank was sweating and clearly distraught. “I’m sorry, Frank. Were you . . . coming on to me?”

“Oh, yes, ma’am, I mean, no, ma’am. I mean I . . . got a . . . a . . . hardonthatI’dloveforyoutoswallow! Jesus, I’m sorry!” I can’t believe I said that!”

Susan gave everything she had to not shove her hand up her skirt at that point, and noticed that Frank had both of his hands under his apron, doing . . . something. “I . . . am not myself, today, Frank. I hope you don’t mind if I . . . slip back behind the counter for a moment. Would you?”

“Oh, lady, I’m not sure what I’d do if you did. I can’t . . . seem to help myself today.”

Susan reluctantly slipped around the end of the counter. “I can’t believe I’m doing this, Frank. I’ve never done anything like this bef . . . oh, christ!” Frank had pulled off his apron and was sporting a fat, throbbing cock—just what Susan had envisioned—sticking out of his pants.

Susan thought it was the most beautiful, perfect thing she’d ever seen—that is, she would have thought that if she had been thinking. Right now all she wanted was to take that fuckstick and put it somewhere in her—she wasn’t fussy about where. She found herself drooling from her mouth and her pussy.

“Lady, I’ve been using this for thirty minutes now.” He pulled out a block of lard with a cock-sized hole in it. “I’m so horny today. I can’t . . . help myself. I’ve already come twice!”

With a scowl on her face, she purred, “Frank, honey, I want to see you use that thing on you. That is SO hot! I’ll make it worth your while, hmmm?”

Frank looked disappointed. “I was . . . thinking maybe . . . I’d . . . fuck you good! Sorry, ma’am.”

Susan purred. “Oh, don’t worry, you will. Go ahead, now.”

Frank slammed his cock into the lard and began to work it hard. Susan flinched at the sight, and then pulled down the neckline of her dress to show off her tits. My god! Where is my bra? I know I put one this morning! This outfit is too thin to go around without a . . . but shit! I’m suddenly so sensitive! My nips must be standing up an inch! Oh fuck oh shit that feels so . . . good!

Susan kept tweeking and pulling on her nipples, and came several times. Frank in the meantime worked himself up to a fever pitch. “Lady, I . . . godwhatamIdoing! . . . I gotta fuck you!”

A thought had been forming in her mind that made her shriek on the inside, but she hadn’t been able to quit thinking about it. Susan was appalled. Who would do such a thing?? But then she realized how hot the idea was. She turned away from Frank, hiked her skirt up to her waist, arched her back to show her ass and thighs glistening with her lube, put her hands on the wall to brace, and cooed, “Frank, honey, I think you’re lubed up enough. Put that piece of meat up my asshole.”

“Lady, I never done that before.”

“Neither have I, Frank. But it’s this or I’ll take my business elsewhere.” Fuck, I never talk like that!

Frank said, “Okay, if you say so!” He came up behind her, parted her cheeks roughly, and slowly, inexorably shoved his lard-slicked cock all the way up Susan’s rear. It was everything she could do to not shriek in ecstasy and in horror at having her ass stretched and filled. Every stroke of his pushed her face into the wall, and once he grabbed her hair and pulled hard. She squirted on the floor when he did that.

Susan had no idea how many times she came, or even how many times Frank came. It seems like hours. She was so far into headspace and orgasm that she couldn’t begin to tell.

And then


Frank stopped in midstroke and Susan froze. Neither moved for a moment; they were pressed up against each other, his cock inserted tightly into her rectum. There was some sort of something—a sound or SOMETHING that had happened.

Susan then quietly said, “Frank, takethatthingoutofmenow.” Frank hesitated for a moment and started to push toward her again. “I said NOW!!” He gently withdrew and stepped back.

“Lady. Lady, I’m . . . sorry. I don’t know . . . what happened. I never should have . . . “



“Shut up.” He shut.

She pulled her dress hem down and jerked her neckline back up to keep her now-deflated nips off the cold tile wall. Her feet were beginning to hurt badly. She turned around and looked Frank right in the eye.



“This never happened. I came in to get some steaks for dinner tonight, and that’s what I’m going to do now. We never fucked. You never stuck that magnificent, fat cock of yours up me so hard I’m burping on cum and I will be coming here every week for more of the same and . . . ohgod what the FUCK am I saying??! I am NEVER coming back here until next week when I wrap my lips around . . . ohshit what am I SAYING??!”

“Lady, I got no idea what you’re saying. Okay, okay, we never did this. It never happened and next time I want to come all over those beautiful tits of y . . . oh shit what am I saying??!”

“Just give me four filets with the bacon wrap and shut up, okay?”