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Wrath of the Wizardess

Chapter Two

“So, uh, I guess you’re wondering how, exactly, we ended up here, specifically.

Item: One gothgrrl apprentice Sorceress come drooling Slaveslut.

Item: One hostage reporter come confessor slash confidant.

Item: One writhing Mayflower Leaguer.

Item: Me! (The Wizardess)

Under siege in a Starbooks by half army’s worth of cops and probably about to get our perfectly formed asses kicked.

Well, I’d love to tell you, but first, I have to ask, reporter girl, do you throw like a girl?

Really? Live up to the stereotype much?

How about paper aeroplanes, any good with paper aeroplanes?


All is forgiven, reporter girl! Here, just make this up into one then, ‘cause I never could do that sort of thing. And just scrawl ‘Demands’ across the wings. Now, they’d probably blast me, but you can just glide it out there. Aim for Klystron would you. She the athletic redhead, between those two PD cruisers. Wait, wait, keep watching, you wouldn’t want to miss this. She bends over – nice ass – picks it up, unfolds, reads and…”


Not a list of demands, obviously. More of a statement of intent. A statement, anyway. ‘I prepared explosive runes this morning!’ A tip, if it works in the comics, it’ll work in the world. Looks like I got Kly – heh. She’s pissed, just look at the way her hair’s sparking with poorly-restrained power. Really sells the flame illusion doesn’t it? Twister a bit beat up too, but she’s taking it with dignity. Attagirl. She always was my favourite. Of course, that’s not enough to take ‘em down but hey, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

It was razed in a day though, and perhaps that’s a better parallel for what I’m going for here, don’t you think?

Anyways, how I got into this mess.

Well, it was obvious that vengeance wasn’t going to be served by sitting around all day, being fed peeled grapes in nectar by scantily clad babes and having my slit licked. Not having to do the cleaning or research difficult bolstering spells for the Mayflowers, rather than using my not-inconsiderable arcane arts for my own benefit.

In fact, the sooner I avenged myself, and alleviated the need to worry about my ex-partners the sooner I could get on with enjoying the lifestyle I so richly deserve.

I mean, it’s downright impossible to relax by a gorgeous heiress’s pool—even if her nectar is divine—when worrying about ‘Pathica tracking you down psychically, and Klystron or Twister dropping in unexpectedly to send me off to prison, or maybe to have ‘Trancica mindbend me into a nice straight girl.

Nuh-uh. Not this lesbian. I like being a bad, bad girl. They’re not supposed to pull that kind of crap, being the good guys and all, but we used to back when I was on the team.

Then it occurred to me that the only way I could be really, really sure that wouldn’t happen is if my ex-team-mates were the ones doing the grape peeling and slit licking. Besides, Twister still owes me a pair of bright shiny orgasms, and I’m hoping her tongue’s as good as her name.

So, having determined my goal, I had to find a method of achieving it.

I mean, it’s all very well to get into a knock-down, drag out fight with the League, but I’d, well, lose.

Twister could toss me a couple of hundred foot into the air – no problem, so long as I‘ve got a fly spell prepared. And I always do, ever since she had to save me, because I couldn’t save myself. Besides, how’d you think ‘Trancica and ‘Pathica and I used to fly with the team? Me, that’s how. The Wizardess Taxi service, taken for granted, but pretty useful nes-pa? If Twister tossed me twenty feet up, that’s the problem, I’d hit the ground and go splat before I was halfway through my spell-cast.

Now Klystron… kidding aside Klystron’s a scary chick. That flame-red hair sparking with electromagnetic energy isn’t just for show, even though she doesn’t control it too well. The microwave beam hands more than make up for it, and they don’t just give her the power of flight you know.

Let me put it in terms you’ll understand. Ever microwave a ‘baked’ potato? C’mon, we all have. Ever forget to spike it? The water molecules inside get all excited by those microwaves, vibrating back and forwards, up and down, left and right, getting all steamy hot. Man, I wish I had my vibrator. Horny as fuck. Bang! Potato pops. I’m ready to pop. But potatoes just sit there. They don’t writhe and scream and beg for justice because stupid me contaminated the evidence and they know no jury’ll convict because America’s a civilised country and so scary Kly didn’t have any choice and it was all my fault. That time. The pop’s loud, but it’s quiet after. Messy, but quiet. That took me off the boil, a bit. No ‘O’ for the Wizardess.

‘Scuse me a moment. Slaveslut, oh Slaveslut, cum over here.

Anyway, enough sad shit.

‘Trancica. I get all wet just thinking about what ‘Trancica can do to me, if I give her half a chance.

Half of half a chance wasn’t enough though, was it though ‘Trancica dahling. Can’t hear me writhing down there on the floor ‘Trancica? I know, I know, it hurts but it’s your own fault really.

After all, you’re still resisting.

Lie there quietly, don’t interrupt, don’t even think about trying to use your powers, and agony’ll fade to ache. Don’t think I’ll take pity on you otherwise ‘Trancica. The choices that have led you here are your own.

Besides, you made me ditzy.

The Wizardess is never ditzy. You also cost me my apprentice, The Sorceress. But I’m up here and you’re down there. And that means I win. The ditzy will pass, prolly.

If you let it, so shall the pain.

Here’s my pretty little Slaveslut Sorceress. Just step over poor ‘Trancica down there on the floor. You remember how I touched you, before? When I recruited you to be The Sorceress, to help me shatter the Mayflowers? It felt good when I licked you, didn’t it, because you were a slut then too. Except now you’re nothing but a mindbroken slaveslut.

Not. My. Fault.

I’m sorry Slaveslut, but I’ll help you to be the best slave you can be. Can you think of what you should do? Try, my sweet Slaveslut Sorceress, try to think. Here’s my pussy, all bare and glistening and delicious, and there’s your tongue.

No? You lick, Slaveslut, you eat the tasty pussy out just like I licked you out, way back when you could still think for yourself. You’ll enjoy that, won’t you? Pleasing your Mistress is pleasure itself.

Remember that.

Do you think that’s a nod, reporter girl? Ahh, there she goes. I’m glad she can still do this. The Slaveslut Sorceress’s mind is not completely gone. Gah, I’ve gone all yakity yak yak. Swore I wouldn’t do this too, monologue all about the secret evil plan.

You’re not a heroine, are you, reporter grrl? ‘Trancica’s earned her pain, not that I’d begrudge her submitting, and ending it. But she has to be so stubborn!

That’s why it had to be this way. I could’ve used Deep Slumber, or Dominate, or Crushing Despair, or Bestow Curse, or Hypnosis. The list goes on and they’d have had about a fifty-fifty chance of working on someone as iron willed as ‘Trancica.

Flip a coin, heads I entrance her, tails she entrances me. Kinda weak ass plan. But pain, pain attacks the mind through the flesh. And ‘Trancica’s flesh is far weaker that Klystron’s or Twister’s or since I went solo, mine. She just doesn’t have the fortitude.

Weird that I used to be so weak.

There won’t be any orgasms for ‘Trancica either. Not from The Slaveslut Sorceress, and certainly not from me. She hasn’t earned them yet. It’s magic, y’see. No marks after. No marks at all on pretty ‘Trancica, writhing on the floor, ‘cept the one on her forehead.

No! Don’t look! It’d hurt just to look at it, unless you submit, and sit mindless. You haven’t earned that fate. I drew it right on her skin, too. I can be such a bitch.

Seriously though, I didn’t have much choice. Clearly, taking on the Mayflowers head on was not an option. So, I thought, what advantages do I have:

Stupendous beauty, check; Genius level intelligence, check; Ability to tell the laws of physics to sit down and shut up, check.

Oh, and a certain personal magnetism, to attract a few willing allies. I might have glossed over the highly increased likelihood of slavesluttery in her personal future, but you don’t think Slaveslut actually minds, do you? I swear I didn’t plan this when I chose a gothgrrl to call The Sorceress with a, ohh, ooh, pierced tongue as my pseudo-apprentice.

Might’ve planned to fuck her cute ass though. I don’t exactly remember.

In short, I am a wizard and, with a little insight and forethought, I can be a threat to even awfully powerful beings. And I know my ex-league mates the Mayflowers damn well. So I went straight for their weakness: ‘Pathica.

Specifically ‘Trancica’s overprotecting of her ‘weaker’ twin ‘Pathica.

Of course ‘Pathica was going to be out trying to pick up my psychic scent and there’s no way her ever-loving twin ‘Trancica wouldn’t be there to protect her sister. No problem if you can fly. Half a mile away and you can swoop down for the last second damsel-in-distress save. It used to be my favourite bit, rescuing a beauty and carrying her to safety cradled in my arms.

Except it turns out that there’s more fun to be had doing the distressing and sweeping a hot hostage off to your lair. Heroes don’t always arrive in time to keep you from fun. In fact quite often my hostages press phone numbers and addresses and soaked panties onto me.

I get offers, ‘If you need a hostage, I’ll be in blah, yours willingly, if you’ll take me. Signed: Some babe whose world I rocked.’

Key point, if you’ve been paying attention: ‘Trancica can’t fly with me out of the picture so she has to be down on the ground with her sis. The most dangerous one of all and her greatest weakness. All vulnerable together.

Advantage me.

Not a one-woman job though so I went out and I scoured. Found this goth chick. Pretty cute but most importantly a spellcaster. A natural, not a studier like me. Hence young.

Also known as not worldly wise enough to be wary when notorious rebel The Wizardess offers her the chance of a lifetime. The Sorceress, I named her. She thought it was ‘Kewl’, her word, to dabble in the dark side.

Lousy in bed at first. But that was just inexperience.

She’ll get plenty more, and that tongue-stud her parents didn’t know she had makes up for a lot. Sex is about all you’re good for now, isn’t it, my poor little Slaveslut Sorceress. Not enough of her mind left to do anything but obey.

She’ll obey you, me, whoever. And if there isn’t anyone, she’ll obey the basest desires of her id.

She didn’t use to be like that of course. She had a name and everything. A real one even before I called her The Sorceress. The weird part is since she’s a natural, her spell-casting doesn’t depend on intelligence. If I were crawling mindless slaveflesh…

I’d be eating your pussy right now. Wouldn’t I reporter girl?

I also couldn’t spell-cast, but my Sorceress Slaveslut’s as powerful as she ever was if she had the will to use it. Not really evil apprentice material anymore though.

She could’ve been good at it too. Jumped right at the chance to take down the Mayflower League with me. Big break for that poor doomed gothgrrl becoming The Sorceress.

It was a simple job. Just a bit of illusion magic: Disguise Self and Magic Aura. No problem even for a beginner. I cast them too and switched with her. She got my gorgeous bod and my badass aura of power, I got her flat rack and field of total weakness. Great deal for me because we wandered around together, let ‘Pathica and ‘Trancica get a peak, then when ‘Trancica dove in, thinking to take me out quick she went for The Sorceress instead.

I was just on the edge of it and I felt it, down there, when ‘Trancica burst into my poor Sorceress’s mind. Made me juicy. Part of me wanted to wait my turn to be mindbroken and turned ‘Trancica’s slave. How bad could it be? My little Slaveslut doesn’t exactly seem displeased does she? It must be an easy life when all you have to do is lick.

But I stuck to the evil plot and slapped a Symbol of Pain onto ‘Trancica’s forehead. That’s when things went off the rails. Plan was the goth apprentice grabs incapacitated ‘Trancica, I take down ‘Pathica with a few combat spells—the kind the Mayflowers never saw because I was ‘more valuable’ buffing them up instead and not stealing their place at the top of the billing. Then the script said a swift away to the lair. Well—borrowed socialite’s country house (complete with maidstaff) with twin Asian super-heroines to break at leisure.

Instead ‘Trancica goes wild. Probably from the pain. She’s already in The Sorceress’s head and ‘Trancica just tears her mind apart. A short career can be a hazard on the path of light or darkness. Good retirement package though. I predict a long, blissful life for Slaveslut.

Provided I win today of course.

So suddenly I had no apprentice, ‘Trancica’s gone half wild, there’s a dazed slave needing direction,and ‘Pathica’s screaming for help both psychically and physically.

Cops, Mayflowers, the whole works come crashing down on me. So I grab ‘Trancica (who has finally collapsed into an agonised heap) and dive into Starbooks, the first cover available. Slaveslut just trots right after me since I’m her authority figure.

And that’s pretty much where you came in. Patrons flee, you’re my hostage, ‘Trancica’s still resisting and writhing, the siege out there’s intensifying and Slaveslut’s looking to get fucked.

I mean just look at how enthusiastically she’s lapping up my juices.

Quite incompetently – don’t you want to please your Mistress more, Slaveslut? – but eagerly. I swear I’d toss her off right now if I weren’t so horny or if I had a more talented girl to take her place.

Sure you wouldn’t care to? Experimenting wouldn’t make you a lesbian. It just means your trycurious. Aren’t reporter grrls supposed to be inquisitive? Aren’t I hot? I couldn’t do you back right now of course because I gotta go fight soon. But Slaveslut’ll fuck anything, and I promise I’ll do you later too.

And two.

At once.

No? Okay then. Your loss. Can’t blame a girl for trying. Guess I’ll just have to get myself off, won’t I? Fortunately, there’s that big nasty siege to get my rocks off on.

See, it’s fighting time.

Hey Klystron, gotcha a present!