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Yard Sale

It has been a while. I got married, got a new job, moved and then moved back again. Anyway, as always, looking forward to your feedback, . Now that I am married, I have a whole new set of experiences and fantasies to build off of.

Tom and Angela were married for two years almost to the day. They had bought their first house last March and things had been going well until about a month ago when Angela lost her job. But not wanting to sulk around, Angela decided to use her new found free time to go through their things and hold a yard sale to help them cover expenses.

Angela was twenty-five, 5′ 6″, hundred and ten pounds bluish green eyes, brown shoulder length hair. Her bra size was 32 smallish B, if there was such a thing.

Angela had never really been much of a go getter, but she was insistent that the laying off was not going to get her down to the point of almost obsession with the yard sale.

Tom tried to be understanding, but Angela’s constant talk and fretting about the yard sale was really getting to him.

They had a good marriage. They obviously loved each other. Their sex life was OK. Angela wanted to try and open up more and be a bit more daring, because she knew Tom would enjoy that, but that was not how she was brought up and she just did not know how. When she and Tom had tried something new and daring, it just felt so unnatural that she could not bring herself to continue. So sex had become more or less ritualistic occurring probably on average once a month. Tom’s traveling, which often kept him away for several weeks at a time, also kept their sex life limited. Angela did masturbate, something she had “discovered” in college, but since meet Tom, and especially since marriage, it was something she rarely did and it was always when Tom was away for a particularly long stretch.

Angela had had a couple boyfriends before Tom, but they had never gotten serious. She had met Tom just after graduating and fallen for him hard. After a short period of dating and a short engagement, much to the shock of their friends and family, they had gotten married.

Tom had also come up in a fairly strict upbringing, but had a bit more experience in college. He wished Angela would try something new in the bedroom department from time to time, maybe some dirty talk, a new position, or trying something sexy other than the piece her sister and mother had bought her for her wedding night. With traveling a lot, he used those occasions to rent the occasional porn from the hotel or even take part in one of the paid phone sex services from time to time. He masturbated a lot, but he had never cheated on Angela.

During the weeks leading up to the yard sale, Angela had been even less interested in sex, so Tom found himself Tom having to masturbate to find relief.

Angela had them up at 5 AM the morning of the sale. Tom often had to work weekends and this was no exception. He got up with her and made breakfast while she started setting up. On his way out he carried the last boxes of items for sale out front where Angela already had her first customers of the day. It was only 6:45 and the sale was advertised to start at 7:30 AM, so it was a bit surprised to see people already. Tom kissed his mostly distracted wife goodbye and headed off to work.

Selena enjoyed early morning drives from yard sale to yard sale. She got to meet so many interesting people. People comfortable in their own home settings, but stressed by the work needed to pull off a successful yard sale. That made them much more susceptible. Immediately upon pulling in front of Tom and Angela’s house, she could sense that Angela fit that model perfectly.

Selena decided to sit in her car, make some adjustments, and enjoy what transpired. There was plenty of time for bargain hunting.

Angela felt a little lightheaded for a moment and things got a little fuzzy, but then it passed. Maybe she should have had more for breakfast, but there had been so much to do and she was really too stress/ nervous to eat.

Little did Angela know, but Selena had now implanted in Angela a strong need to sell whatever was desired. Angela really wanted the yard sale to be successful, so it had not been hard for Angela to enhance that a bit.

Angela had also reached out to the customers to make their requests a bit more interesting. It would not work on all, or even most, of the customers, but it would work on some.

The first was a neighborhood girl who had been admiring some of the baskets on sale when she noticed feeling lightheaded for a brief while. Although still interested in the baskets, she all of a sudden wondered if Ms. Logan had any bras for sale. Lisa had been wearing a training bra for a year and her mother had recently told her that it was time for them to go out and buy her a real bra. Lisa was obviously excited about this prospect, as a number of her friends already had really bras. She looked over at Ms. Logan and estimated that she might have bras that fit her.

Lisa walked over to Angela who had just finished selling some old plates to some happy customers.

“Ms. Logan are you selling any bras?” asked Lisa.

Angela had to think for a moment, being taken a bit a back by the question. She look around. She had some clothes for sale, but no bras.

“No, no bras. But I have some nice shirts that might look nice on you,” responded Angela.

Lisa was disappointed and it showed on her face. “No thanks,” answered Lisa sounding dejected.

Angela did not want to disappoint a customer. It was important to her that her customers we satisfied. Then it hit her.

“Wait,” Angela called out.

Lisa stopped and turned around to see Ms. Logan reach under her shirt around her back and then around one side and finally pulling a bra out her right sleeve. Lisa smiled.

“How much,” asked Lisa.

Angela had to think. She had never intended to sell her own bra. “How about one dollar,” answered Angela.

“I can afford that,” Lisa said as see pulled a crumpled dollar bill out of pocket, handed it over, and took the still warm bra from Ms. Logan’s hand.

Angela had been a bit taken aback by Lisa’s request, but she was glad to have been able to satisfy her. But Lisa was not satisfied.

Lisa looked down at her prize and realized something was missing. The bra was a nice mauve color and Lisa only had normal girl panties and nothing that would match her new bra. For some reason all of a sudden it was important to Lisa to have panties that matched her new bra.

“Um, Ms. Loga, do you have any, um, you know, panties that match this bra that I could buy,” asked a blushing Lisa.

Angela was taken back, but determined. Of course she had matching panties. The bra came as a set with them. And in fact she was wearing them. She had planned on surprising Tom with some intimacy this evening after the yard sale was over and wanted to look nice for him.

“Hang right here and I will see what I can do,” answered Angela. She then turned and went into the house, quickly kicking of her shoes, pulling down her jeans, and slipping off her panties. She did not want to leave her sale unintended for longer than needed, so she quickly pulled her jeans back up without retrieving a new pair of panties. Not having panties on, or a bra for that matter, certainly felt weird to Angela, but she could not worry about that now, she had a lot left to sell and hopefully plenty of more customers to please.

When Angela got back outside, she handed over the panties and collected another dollar from Lisa. Lisa, although embarrassed, was very happy with her purchases and left on her short walk home. She did not leave however before Selena made one more slight change. Lisa would now find an urge to show off her new purchases, not to her mother, but to someone she was interested in, whether that be a boy or a girl. And if there was no one at that time, well may she would just have to give her father a little show. Selena smiled to herself.

It was not too much longer before a month and a teenage daughter came by the sale. They looked at some things and seemed to focus on the clothes.

Angela, eager to make a sale walked up to the mother and daughter and asked if they had found anything they liked. The daughter did not speak or make eye contact, but the mother answered in the negative.

Just as they were about to leave, they both felt a bit light headed. As the mother’s head cleared she found herself staring at the jeans that Angela wore.

“Hay honey, I think those jeans might fit you,” the mother said talking to her daughter before turning to Angela and asking, “how much?”

Angela had to think for a moment. She never intended to sell her jeans. But then again a customer wanted to know how much, so she felt she had to set a price. “How about $5”

“Hmm, that seems like a bit much for a used pair. I will give you $3,” responded the mother.

Angela felt that the jeans were worth more than $3, but she wanted to make the sale so she agreed. There were too many customers at this point to go inside and change, so she quickly slipped off her shoes and then the jeans. The fall air felt cool against her now bare ass. But with all the customers requesting her attention, all Angela could do was tug on her shirt and hope it covered things enough.

The mother seemed happy with the purchase and the daughter seemed as embarrassed as ever as they departed. Angela was too busy attending to customers to notice. But during a lull in customer traffic, Angela did notice a couple of the neighborhood boys whispering to each other near one of the tables. Fearing what they might be up to, Angela decided to confront them.

“What can I do for your boys,” Angela asked.

“Um, well, we wondering whether we could get something,” responded the boy who Angela recognized as the oldest of the group from around the corner.

“It is all for sale, so if you pay for you, you can have it,” Angela answered getting a bit impatient.

“How about your pubic hair,” at this point half the group of boys was giggling and the other half was turning beet red.

Angela was dumb founded and looked down. Sure enough her shirt had pulled up a bit a tuff of her pubic hair was exposed. But before she could say anything the requesting boy pulled out a dollar bill. “I have a dollar and am prepared to pay.”

Angela had no choice. The customer wanted her pubic hair was willing to pay for it. She looked around and saw a pair of scissors in her supply basic and a small bowl. Grabbing the scissors, she sat down and positioned the bowl between her legs and began to cut.

Angela had trimmed a couple times in high school, but had not bothered to since. It felt a looked weird as tuffs of hair fell away into the bowl. It took her a couple minutes, but she finally did all she could do with the scissors. She looked down and examined the stubble that used to be where her pubic hair had covered her mound and sex and consoled herself knowing it would grow back. She had no idea what she would tell Tom.

Angela stood up and tugged at her shirt in a futile attempt to cover her even now more exposed sex and walked over the boys who had been admiring from a distance. “Here you go. That will be $1.”

“We said we want all of your pubic hair. I still see stubble,” responded the boy with an amount of boldness that even surprised him.

Angela was flabbergasted, but the boy was right. Angela had never shaved down there before, but she knew that is what she was going to have to do to finish this sale and get back to her other customers. She had no choice but to ask the boys to look after things and rush into the house to shave. She quickly found a new razor and got her shaving gel and started at it. She was surprised how easily the fresh razor cut through the gel and stubble. But she wanted to be thorough, not wanting to have to come back and have to shave some more because she had missed some. Not before too much longer, she was satisfied that she had removed all the stubble and captured it in the bowl (along with a fair bit of gel).

Angela rush back outside not wanting to miss any sales totally forgetting that she had thought about putting another pair of panties and jeans on.

“Here is my public hair. That will be $1.”

“Did you get it all this time?” answered back the boy. “Yes, of course I did,” Angela answered. “How can we be sure,” fired the boy back without missing a beat and with a smile breaking through on his face and snickers coming from behind him.

Angela had no time for games. “Check for yourself then and lets get on with this. I have other customers to attend to.”

Angela was not comfortable with these neighborhood boys touching her most intimate of areas, but at the moment she felt like she had no choice. The first couple of boys were a bit rough and fumbly and quick. But a couple of the boys lingered and managed to touch just the right places just the right way. The last boy, the leader as she was thinking of him now, took the longest. By now Angela was definitely turned on and showing outward signs of it. She hoped desperately that the leader was not able to detect her growing wetness. She actually found herself regretting his stopping and announced that he was satisfied that they now had all her pubic hair and handed over the dollar. But as the group was leaving Angela distinctly heard him tell the rest of the group that she had peed on him followed by a chorus of “yucks” and “Ooohs.”

Angela made a few more sales and caught more than a couple of the male, and even a few of the female customers admiring her exposed sex and butt. There was nothing Angela could do about it, but keep paying attention to the sale at hand.

But it was not long before another customer came up with another strange request. “If I pay you a dollar, would you allow me to stick my penis into your vagina?” Angela was there to sell things, not have some sick pervert stick his dick into her. But the guy did not seem to be going away, and besides a dollar is a dollar.

“OK, for a dollar, but the rule is you cannot cum inside me.” Angela had no intention of getting pregnant and it did not really feel like she was cheating on Tom if she was not enjoying it and they did not cum within her.

Angela bent over to allow easier access and tried to go back to the customer she had been talking to as the man slowly slid his member between her already lubricated sex, thanks to the neighborhood boys.

This man did not last long, pulling out just before shooting cum all over Angela’s bare ass. By this time there was a line of male customers waiving dollar bills, some with their wives or girlfriends giving them an evil eye. Before long, Angela had taken a permanent bent over position reaching around just to take the next dollar and again explain the rules.

By the fourth guy, Angela was no longer able to concentrate on other customers. This guy seemed to have a particularly shaped penis that doing some interesting things. Angela found herself liking the sensation. She knew that was wrong, but she consoled herself by believing that so long as she did not cum, it still was not cheating.

By the fifth guy, she found herself thrusting back with her hips and letting out soft moans. By now a significant amount of cum was dripping down her ass, down her leg, onto the ground and it was starting to be joined by her own juices.

By the sixth guy, she had abandoned whatever decency she had been clinging to and bent the rest of the way onto the table, trusting one hand between her legs and the other under her shirt and onto her needing breasts.

The seventh guy was nice enough to help her remove her shirt before entering her. So there Angela was naked in her front yard with a stranger pumping away at her from behind and her one hand feverishly going to town on her newly shaven sex and the other flicking over her erect nipples.

Angela could not help but notice the eighth guys wife staring at her with disgust as her husband entered Angela from behind. Angela found herself even more turned on watching the angered wife. Just as number eight pulled out to shoot his load across her back, Angela erupted into an orgasm of her own. But it was an orgasm unlike she had ever experienced. Instead of reach a brief orgasm and pulling away to allow the warm tingly sensation gently wash over her, Angela’s finger stayed pressed up against her clit as it pulsed with orgasm. Each pulse causing it to rub up against the pressed finger. Normally such sensation would have been too much for Angela, but now it just seemed to bring on even more intensity. Her whole body shook and instead of a warm after glow feeling, lightening bolts of pleasure pulsed through her body. Her own convulsions caused renewed friction and pressure against her clit which ignited next orgasm. This cycle continued for at least a minute before Angela collapsed on the ground in a combined state of sexual bliss and exhaustion.

Selena had seen enough and it was now too late to do any other yard sale shopping. She got out of her car. Upon Angela’s collapse, the remaining customers departed, so by the time Selena reached Angela, the yard was empty.

Selena reached down and pulled Angela up and led her into the house and up to the master bedroom. There Selena removed her clothes and positioned Angela between her legs.

It was in this position that Tom found them when he returned early from work to see if his wife needed any help cleaning up after the yard sale. There was a strange woman naked in his bed with her legs spread and his also naked wife’s face planted between them and her bare ass sticking up obviously coated with dry cum.

Tom could have freaked out, but Selena took care of that. Tom slipped out of his underwear and pants and took up a position behind his wife without causing his wife to miss a beat. For the rest of the night the three enjoyed each other’s sexual company. As midnight approached, Selena took her leave. But before she did she erased various aspects of the day from both Tom and Angela’s mind and ensure that both would have a much more interesting sex life from here on out.