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Overview: Tom Byron was forty-four; six-foot-two inches tall and was of medium weight and build. He worked for a company that manufactured and marketed medical instruments. As he walked past the white doctor’s coat he paused momentarily and looked at it. Tom grinned. A power trip.

“Oh, doctor!” a woman suddenly cried aloud, tears running down her cheeks.


Tom Byron was forty-four; six-foot-two inches tall and was of medium weight and build. He worked for a company that manufactured and marketed medical instruments. Tom’s job, as state manager for his company, was to demonstrate the new instruments to the medical fraternity. If they liked them an order would follow in one way or another. He liked his job. It allowed him to get out and about, meet new people and the like. Now he sat in a downtown doctor’s reception room waiting for the one-man-show- doctor to get back from lunch.

Sitting at her desk was a receptionist. She looked to Tom to be in her late twenties and as about as sexy as a hatful of assholes. The tweed suit and dark- rimmed glasses looked terrible. Tom shook his head, thinking she must have already caught her man to not care about her presentation so much. Presentation was everything to Tom. It meant to him the difference between a sale and not a sale, and it usually depended on his presentation of himself first, with the instrument he was demonstrating second. He hadn’t told the receptionist why he was there, just that he wanted to see the doctor.

She didn’t ask what his problem was. If she had, he would’ve told her why he was there. Tom heard the phone ring and looked up casually as the receptionist answered it. Suddenly she burst into tears and hurriedly put the phone down on its cradle. Then she held her hands to her face as she cried.

“Can I help you?” Tom asked, concerned,

“No. My dog’s ... just been hit by a car.” she cried. “I’ve got to go home to my neighbour. He found him. He’s got to get it to a vet or he’ll die. My neighbour doesn’t drive a car.” Then the girl picked up her bag and stood up, looking at Tom in a strange way.

“I’ve got to go,” she cried. “Doctor Thompson will be back any minute. Will you tell him what’s happened? He won’t be long. I’ve got to go!” And with that she rushed from the office slamming the door behind her as she went.

Tom sat there feeling sorry for the girl, in spite of her complete and utter lack of feminine sensuality. Then the phone rang. Tom got up from the chair and casually picked up the receiver as if he worked there.

“Doctor Thompson’s office.” Tom said into the mouthpiece.

“Ah, hello.” a nervous-sounding female voice spoke.

She sounded stressed to the max.

“I’m calling from Saint Reed’s emergency room. I’m sorry to have to tell you that Doctor Thompson’s been involved in an auto accident. He’s okay, but we have to keep him in for observation overnight. He’s asked us to ring you and tell you to cancel his appointments for today and tomorrow. Will you do that? Oh, and he also said to take two days off-and that they won’t come off your holidays. Okay?”

“Okay.” Tom answered and hung up the phone, pissed off that he’d come all the way across town for nothing.


That day was Friday. Tom decided he would leave the brochure of the instrument on the doctor’s desk, then call on Monday and make another appointment with Bruin Hilda on the front desk. Her dog would be either dead or alive, but she should be there, along with the doctor, he hoped. Tom walked to the doctor’s door and opened it.

Then he went inside. Walking over to the big mahogany desk he noticed a white doctor’s coat hanging on a rack, and a man’s tweed coat. He placed a blind man could not miss the brochure on the desk in a position he was sure, and then he turned to go.

As he walked past the white doctor’s coat he paused momentarily and looked at it. People who wore them had always fascinated him. They signalled authority to anyone looking while dressed in one. Doctors and Dentists, the Technicians at his manufacturing plant. They all seemed to undergo a metamorphosis in the eyes of whoever saw them in it, seeing someone of power.

Tom grinned. A power trip. That’s what they were. He wondered what it would be like to actually wear one. Not having a reason to, but doing it anyway, he looked around him. Of course, there was no one there. He reached out and took the white coat from the rack and slipped it on over his expensive grey suit, leaving it open at the front like they all do.

Looking down at himself then he decided he looked good. He turned around looking for a mirror. There wasn’t any. He stepped out of the office and into the reception area once again, hoping the receptionist might have a small hand mirror in her draw.

Just as he reached the receptionist’s desk the front door opened suddenly and a woman in her early thirties came rushing in. He looked up, startled, at once self-conscious of the white coat he was wearing and feeling like he’d been found out about something he shouldn’t have done.

“Oh, doctor!” the woman said, tears running down her cheeks. “I know I don’t have an appointment, but I just can’t wait any longer! I’ve got to know! I’ve just got to know! You’ve just got to help me! Please, Doctor?”

Then she covered her face with her hands and sobbed. Tom was speechless. He didn’t know what to do. His thoughts raced. Should he admit he’s not really a doctor? Then be thought a little strange for wearing the white coat? And why was he if he wasn’t a doctor? What was he? Some kind of nut? Or should he try to comfort the woman with kind words and tell her to go to a hospital instead?

“Please don’t cry.” Tom said sincerely. “It can’t be all that bad.”

Denise Anderson just sobbed even harder. She was desperate; knowing it ‘could’ be that bad. It could be ‘terrible,’ if she was.

“It ... might be!” she cried. “That’s why you’ve got to help me! I’ve just ‘got’ to find out. I can’t go through the weekend not knowing! Please, doctor! You’re my only chance! I couldn’t get an appointment anywhere else on Friday afternoon! Please? I ‘need’ to be examined so I know! Please!”

Tom watched helpless as the woman continued to sob. How the hell was he going to get out of this one? He puzzled. He couldn’t examine her. He’d end up in jail for impersonating a doctor. Then Tom halted his thoughts. The receptionist was gone and the doctor wouldn’t be back. Nobody would be there until Monday. Tom thought some more while the woman sobbed softly. Then he made a decision that even surprised him.

“All right.” he said. “But I’ll just lock the door. I don’t want any more patients coming in at this hour. I was just going. You’re lucky you caught me. Please go through to my office and take a seat. I’ll be right there.”

“Oh, Doctor! Thank you! Thank you!” Denise cried and added silently. God! Thank you, too, God!

“Yes.” Tom said. “It’s all right. You can relax now. I’ll examine you in a moment. Go through and sit down at my desk. I’ll be right with you.”

“Yes, Doctor. Okay. Thank you!” Denise said and walked through into the office, feeling so grateful that he was seeing her. She just had to know. She ‘had’ to.


Tom’s heart raced as he walked to the front door and locked it. He looked down at the white coat draping his body. Maybe he did look like a real doctor? He thought. Real enough to fool a desperate woman, he concluded with a grin and walked back into the office, shutting the door behind him.

He walked around behind the big desk and sat down, leaning back into the comfortable leather chair as he imagined a doctor would. He placed his hands on the desk in front of him. The woman was sitting in her chair and wiping her nose, sniffing.

“Okay now.” Tom said authoritatively. “Miss ... er.”

“It’s Anderson.” Denise said, putting the tissue in her shirt pocket. “Denise Anderson. And thank you, Doctor. I am really grateful! You don’t know how much!”

Tom waved a hand dramatically across in front of himself.

“Yes. Well, that’s enough thanks. I haven’t done anything for you as yet. Now. What seems to be the problem, Denise?” Tom finished, proud of sounding like a doctor.

“I’ve got to find out if I’m ... if I’m ... Ooohhh!” Denise stammered and then broke down crying again. It was just too much, she thought. It’s just too much. I can’t take it.

Tom let her cry for a little, and then coughed.

“Settle down, Denise.” he told her firmly. “I can’t help you if you’re crying now. Can I?”

Tom was surprised at the reaction he received. Denise shut up instantly and looked at him with tear-filled eyes that were very red and very swollen. He thought he might’ve sounded too harsh for a real doctor, but it had worked. Then he softened his eyes.

“Tell me.” he said firmly, trying it again. “And no more tears or we’ll be here all night. Okay?”

“Yes. I’m sorry. I won’t cry anymore. I’ve done enough anyway. I’ve been crying all day.” Denise answered. God, what must he think of her? What a damn baby. Stop it, fool.

“That’s a good girl. Now tell me. What do you have to find out?” he asked her.

Tom watched as she took a deep breath.

“Ohhh. I don’t even want to say it.” Denise whined. “Just in case saying it makes it come true, somehow.” Please don’t make me say it, she silently begged him. It ‘might’ come true.

She was starting to give Tom the shits.

“Denise!” Tom snapped.

“Yes, Doctor!” Denise answered instantly, shocked at the tone of voice. “I’m sorry! I’m sorry! Pregnant! I might be pregnant! I’ve missed my period and think I might be pregnant. I knew we shouldn’t have without a know...but it happened so quickly! We’d been out and had a few drinks! I didn’t plan it! Now Bobby will have to leave his job. He loves it. But he couldn’t afford to keep me and the baby!” she finished prattling. Then, “The baby? Oh, no! Ohh!”

Oh my God, she thought. What a mess. What a bloody mess. I’m losing it.

Tom watched as she burst into tears again, sobbing like a baby herself.

“My life is ruined!” Denise cried. “I’d been so careful! Always so damn careful! And now this!” All her plans, she thought. All gone. All destroyed because of one mistake.

“Denise!” Tom snapped, knowing he felt like cuffing the woman.

“Yes, Doctor. I’m sorry!” Denise halted instantly and apologised profusely again. “I’m just desperate! I know I’m probably pregnant. I can’t have an abortion! I just couldn’t! Christ! What’ll I tell him? What’ll I tell my parents?” Jesus, I can’t help it, she thought frantically. Oh, God. What a bloody mess.

“Denise! Be quiet!” Tom barked at her sharply.

“Yes, Doctor!” she snapped like a soldier responding to an order.

Denise shut up like a clam, feeling as if he’d hit her in the mouth. Her eyes were wide and white with surprise at hearing a doctor talk to her in that tone of voice. Then she felt embarrassed by her childlike behaviour.

“Please understand.” Tom said quickly. “It’s been a long week. I’m here because you asked me to be here, and that’s all. I’ve got a home to go to as well. Now. You asked me, or begged me to help you, did you not?”

Denise nodded. She did not speak. Please don’t throw me out, she silently begged.

“And you are very worried you might be pregnant. Correct?” he led her.

Denise nodded again, her gaze never leaving his, completely intimidated now by the white coat and the man in it.

“And you want me to examine you right now and tell you hopefully that you aren’t. True?”

Denise nodded again, vigorously. Yes, please. Oh, please, yes please!

“And you want me to tell you if you are as well. Isn’t that also true?”

Nod. But don’t tell me that! Please don’t tell me that, she cried silently inside. Please!

“And if you are pregnant, you will not have an abortion. Right?” he continued to lead her down the ‘yes’ trail, even if it was a nodding ‘yes.’

Another nod. Denise knew she could never end a life, no matter what others thought.

“And it will drive you crazy to have to wait until Monday to find out, so you want it badly done right now, which is why you come rushing in here to me. Correct?”

Crazy? Denise cried desperately inside. Crazy? It’ll drive me bloody insane!

“Well, Denise.” Tom told her. “I hope your luck continues to hold out. You just happened to burst into a baby specialist’s office. I do nothing else but tell lovely ladies like you the good news, whichever way it goes, which is what you really want. The good news. Isn’t that true?”

“Yes!” Denise spoke and nodded at the same time. “Good news! Please let it be good news! Please! Good news is really what I need to day! I’ve been so worried since breakfa......”

“Denise!” Tom snapped again, shutting her up instantly again. She sat there like a stunned mullet. Tom watched her hang her head then and began to sob softly.

“Yes, Doctor! I’m sorry.” she cried. “I’m just so upset. So upset.” You don’t know, she thought.

“I understand.” Tom told her sincerely, and then decided to lie. “But what you don’t know is that the more you get upset, the more you activate certain chemical additives to your bloodstream, such that if you do have a small embryo inside your body that chemical will help it adhere to the walls of your baby-making factory. But if you remain calm, well, even if something is already there, it may just not stick there. Do you understand?”

Tom finished, wondering where he’d got that one from. Tom watched Denise open her eyes wide, her mouth, too, as if she’d just been told where to find the Holy Grail and Monty Python to go with it.

“Really?” Denise sniffed, obviously already to finish the waterworks now that she had been educated. She didn’t know that. Thank you, God, for sending me to him. Oh, thank you. Maybe there was a chance, even if she was pregnant after all. Oh, please, God. Calm. Calm.

She wasn’t going to do anything to help it stick, Tom could see that. He nodded.

“Now, why don’t we see if anything is there? Hop over there,” he told her, gesturing to the long table with the blanket draped over it. “Get undressed and lie on the table and we’ll see if I can send you home with a lovely smile on your face, which ‘is’ what you want. Isn’t that true?”

“Yes, Doctor!” Denise almost began crying again, and then shut herself up instantly. Jesus, girl, she admonished herself. Get it together before he throws you out. He’s probably got a wife and kids waiting for him at home. He doesn’t have to be here. Please say I’m not pregnant! Please!

“Of course it is.” Tom reassured her in her correct decision-making processes. “Now, do as you’re told and get undressed, then hop up on the table and we’ll have a look at you. Hurry up now. I’m sure we both have better things that are waiting for us. Right?”

“Yes, Doctor.” Denise said, rising from the chair. Then she turned and walked over to the table. When she got there she looked around herself. “Isn’t there a screen?” she asked sounding a little embarrassed, without looking back at him. Screens were normal, weren’t they? She half-wondered through her distress. Other doctors had them, and a nurse.


Tom sighed loudly enough for her to her him. He was feeling like a doctor already and becoming frustrated with his patient, in more ways than one.

“Denise! Why the need for a screen? There is only you and I here. Now, if you don’t get on with it, you can go and find another doctor to put you out of your misery. Make up your mind. Do as I’ve asked you or find someone else. It’s your choice. What’s it going to be?”

“Yes, Doctor.” Denise’s answer was to quickly remove every bit of clothing she was wearing. She heard him rummaging through the drawers of the desk. God. Please help me keep it together. Don’t let him throw me out. Please. She stood naked and trembling, embarrassed with her back to him, her hands covering her modesty. She hated examinations, especially medicals.

Tom found what he was hoping he’d find-a clipboard with some paper on it. He took it out and got up from the desk. Denise was standing with her back to him as he approached. She held her hands across the front of her thighs, leaving her naked buttocks facing him.

“Don’t be embarrassed or afraid.” Tom told her soothingly. “You are about the fortieth naked woman I’ve seen today. They all left with smiles on their faces, too. Wouldn’t you like to be one of them?”

“Yes, Doctor.” Denise nodded, wondering how he could find his wife appealing after seeing everything so often. God, she thought. Give me a smile, too, just like all the rest. Please make me smile, too.

“Fine then.” he said. “Let’s see what I can do then to make you smile. Okay with you? Bring back the gorgeous smile I know you have for that special man in your life when you tell him the good news?”

Denise half-smiled as she nodded, feeling resentment flare up inside her because of that special man who had been so careless. He should’ve known she didn’t drink much.

“That’s the spirit.” Tom praised her. “Now. If it will make you feel less embarrassed you can keep your eyes closed. You don’t even have to answer me with your voice if you don’t want to. Just use your head to convey your answer. Would you like that?”

Denise nodded, knowing that sounded good. If she couldn’t see what he was doing or where he was looking she mightn’t be embarrassed.

“Fine. Close your eyes then. Do it now, and listen to my questions, then nod. Okay?” Tom told her.

“Yes, Doctor.” Denise said without thinking. She closed her eyes, feeling a little giddy at first. Then it was okay.

“Good girl.” Tom praised her again. “Now. Is this the first time you’ve had a pregnancy examination?”

Denise nodded, wishing to Christ it wasn’t even happening, let alone the first time.

Tom’s eyes stared at her buttocks. They were rich and creamy, and very strong- looking. His loins stirred and his groin went with them.

“Fine. Now, has anybody ever told you what a pregnancy examination will entail? You know, like when you were in school in the motherhood classes or something like that?” Tom asked, finding out all he could, while he could.

Denise shook her head, knowing all they’d told her in the sex-ed class was about disease.

Tom’s hand gripped his crotch and squeezed, flexing his buttocks while his gaze drilled holes in her ass that his penis wanted to.

“That’s okay. Most don’t know because they never think it will happen to them for a long time. Okay.” Tom continued. “Just a few more questions and we’ll get on with the examination. Okay with you? Not too bad so far. Is it?”

Denise shook her head, knowing it ‘had’ happened to her. Thank Christ she found this man, she thought gratefully. Thank, bloody, Christ. Then she felt a little off-balance.

Tom’s eyes raped her backside over and over while he stood behind her. She was beginning to sway a little from standing with her eyes closed and losing her peripheral vision for balance.

“That’s fine. You’re doing perfectly.” Tom praised her again. “You’re doing very well indeed.”

Denise tried to relax and regain her balance by allowing her shoulders to sag a little as he’d said that. She was relaxing, or at least trying to, anyway.

“Now Denise.” Tom began, winging it and trusting himself to come up with the goods when he needed them. He’d always had the gift of the gab. His mother said so, although it had never worked on her when he’d needed it to.

“When I do these examinations I usually have my nurse here to help with certain things and to do a part of the tests herself. Since you’ve come along after I’ve sent her home for the weekend you’ve now got two choices. You can allow me to do the whole examination myself, so you can get the results immediately before you leave here, or I’ll do only half the tests and you can come back Monday for the final results, in which case you might as well get dressed again and simply come back Monday morning. What would you like to do?”

A rock and a hard place. That’s where he’d put her. But she knew she had no choice.

Tom was feeling pretty sure of her answer to come.

“Do it now.” Denise answered without too much thought, knowing there was really nothing to think about, unless she wanted to go completely starkers by Monday. “Do it now.”

“That’s fine, Denise. You’re doing perfectly.” Tom praised her again. “Okay. I’ll do all the tests myself, just as you wish. Now, every individual test fits together in the end, like very special and very important pieces of the whole pregnancy puzzle.”

That makes sense, Denise thought, satisfied with her balance again.

Tom paused, knowing he didn’t have a clue where all of this was coming from, but he wasn’t complaining. It seemed to be working just fine so far. It was impressing him, even if it didn’t impress her.

“And as you know now,” he went on fabricating. “And, as your good luck would have it, I’m a specialist in pregnancy detection. That’s what I do. And I ‘will’ have a result for you when we’ve finished all the tests. There’s no point asking me to explain each test and the reason for it. Unless you’re a doctor you wouldn’t understand the language I would use to explain it you, and I don’t know how else to talk. I’m a doctor. We ‘all’ talk like that, as you know already. Just like we write and nobody can read our writing or understand us.”

Denise nodded, recalling a friend of her mother’s who was a doctor. Nobody could understand his writing either. Besides, she really didn’t want to know the ins and outs, only the result-the ‘negative’ result. She felt her balance going again. She felt lopsided.

Tom grinned, loving it, knowing there was no challenge like no challenge.

“So, you can keep your eyes closed or open as you feel fit to do so and just do everything I tell you to do. That’ll make the whole thing go more quickly and be more enjoyable. If you don’t cooperate in some of them, whenever I ask you to, I can’t do them. It’s as simple as that. I want you to allow your mental, your emotional, and your physical state to feel or say or move in whatever way your body and mind want to feel. That’s really very important. That way all the right chemicals will be working for you and not against you, like I’ve told you already. And I know you want them working for you. Isn’t that true?”

“Yes, Doctor.” Denise nodded and spoke again, still swaying slightly, and wanting to get it done. Just get it done. Please, she mentally begged him. She wanted to cooperate, to do anything that will help get the result quickly.

Watching from the behind, she seemed to Tom to be a lot more relaxed than she was.

“To validate ‘all’ the tests, Denise, I need honest feedback from you, too, or the test results in the long run might be unreliable, and you don’t want that. You want the truth of the whole test. And in order to give you that, ‘you’ have to be truthful with me, in whatever you feel like doing; to just allow everything to happen naturally, just as it wants to.”

“You might not see the connection or the reasons for some of the tests, but remember, without doing ‘all’‘ of them, I cannot give you the results tonight. Do you understand? When I’ve done all the tests, and only when I’ve done ‘all’ the tests, and with you helping me and doing exactly what your body ‘feels’ like doing, without question, and without doubt, the puzzle will fall into place like a happy jigsaw. Then you’ll have your good news. Happy with that?”

“Yes, Doctor.” Denise said quietly, nodding. She mentally agreed with the logic of everything he was saying. What was the point of ‘not’‘ being truthful? She wondered. She didn’t want to puzzle anything. She just wanted it all over with so she could go home happy.

Tom grinned; squeezing his lump even harder, if that was at all possible. His hand already looked like it had joined the ‘white knuckle’ club. Now the finale.

“That’s fine. You’re doing perfectly.” Tom told her. “Now remember, just do exactly what your body tells you to do, with honesty and sincerity, and complete co-operation, willing co-operation on your part, I might add, no matter how unusual or strange you might think the test is. Remember, I’m the expert. That’s why you’ve come to me.”

“So, just let me do my job, and you’ll get your tests as quickly as I can give them to you, and the results will ‘definitely’ leave with you tonight. If you don’t let your voice and your mind, your body and your emotions respond with complete honesty in whatever feels as if it wants to happen, whatever that might happen to be, and simply answer with, ‘Yes, Doctor,’ I’ll lose faith in you immediately.”

“It’s as simple as that. I’ll just stop the examination, believing you’re ‘not’ as desperate for the results tonight, so you can leave here and have a worry-free weekend of knowing what you came here to find out. Is that understood, Denise?”

Denise nodded, knowing that it would take Satin himself to make her do something that would make the doctor stop his examination. She was going to get the results tonight no matter what strange things her body wanted to do that were necessary. Yes. She’d decided. She planned to cooperate in every way possible to help him bring about a speedy result from her tests, whatever they happened to be, even if they embarrassed the shit out of her.

“Yes, Doctor.” she said quietly, knowing she was as ready and as committed as she’d ever be- and, as she might ‘have’ to be, Denise added to herself, just for reinforcement.

Tom’s grin broadened across his not-unattractive face and features. ‘Yes Doctor,’ he repeated silently to himself. ‘Yes, Doctor.’

“That’s fine.” Tom told her. “Now, get up on the table, Denise, and lie facing away from me on your side, please.”


Denise got up on the table and lay on her left side. She felt unstable, as if she were going to fall sideways or backward. The white sheet covering the table felt cool against the underbelly of her left breast and ribs.

She looked like she was going to topple sideways, Tom thought. But the sight of her was absolutely fantastic. He was beside himself as he stared at her relaxed right buttock cheek as it sagged slightly down on top of the other one. Sometimes her buttocks jiggled while she teetered, maintaining her balance with little jerks of her hips.

“Draw your right knee up and over a little.” He told her. “That should make lying there a little more comfortable.

Denise did exactly as he said. She lifted and moved her right knee over her left leg and rested that knee on the table. She felt stable and vulnerable now, but also embarrassed. She closed her eyes, knowing the examination would begin soon, and then be over.

Tom nearly creamed his trousers right there and then as the movement of her right hip upward and forwards opened the deep, dark crease between her round firm buttocks. He could clearly see the lushness of her abundant dark pubic hairs as he moved over to stand beside her at the table where she lay facing away from him. He moved further up to stand behind her shoulders.

“Just relax now, Denise.” Tom told her soothingly. “I’m going to start the tests now. I won’t waste time telling you beforehand which one I’m about to do, or we’ll be here all night. Just relax and accept that I have to touch you in order to examine you.”

“And accept also whatever you feel in your body and your mind, and respond honestly if you feel like doing or saying something, or, if you feel like moving your body or any part of it in any way. Understood? You must allow your mind and your body to do what they want. It’s vital to the outcome of your examination.”

“Yes.” Denise said softly, and then cleared her throat. “I mean ... yes, Doctor.”

“That’s fine. You’re doing perfectly.” Tom said, his trousers tenting and moving as if the Russian Circus had come to town. “Now close your eyes, and let go completely.”

Then he placed his left palm in the middle of her back and tapped several times on each shoulder below her shoulder blade. That didn’t seem so bad, Denise thought, although she wondered why he was up there, expecting him to be between her legs or something, where the problem might be hiding.

Tom had seen them do that on the TV soap show, General Hospital. He repeated the procedure lower down near her bottom rib, looking down now at her breast while he tapped. It was gorgeous. Full and firm, with large brown areolas and a small, dark nipple.”

Her right hand rested on her right kneecap. He left her shoulders then and reached over, gently picking up her right wrist and moving her arm behind her back, such that it rested on the table behind near her backside.

The effect was what he wanted though, a clear shot at her breast without her arm in the road. And with her arm now behind her it pulled her shoulder back a little more, causing the beautiful breast to jut out prominently from her chest, with just a hint of downward sag because of its size and full weight. Her stomach was absolutely flat. He glanced down at her face. Her eyes were closed. She had a slight frown upon her forehead, but her breathing seemed relaxed enough, considering. When his hand touched her breast.

She flinched. It was warm. Denise hadn’t expected that. She thought it would be cold. Then the hand began to ‘move’ on her breast, lifting it and feeling her in a repetitive, but stirring and methodical fashion.

It wasn’t that unpleasant, she thought. She soon became aware of the tightness beginning in her nipples and the familiar full feeling in her breasts swelling, even the left one, which he wasn’t even touching.

“Relax, I said.” Tom scolded her, and then began lifting and weighing the weighty piece of female mammary gland. It was soft and firm at the same time. His cock twitched violently inside his trousers, demanding to be let in on the action. He began to squeeze and palpitate it from side to side, for over three minutes, around and around, up and down in slow, rhythmic movements, always the same pattern.

He grinned when he noticed her dark nipple erecting and extending. Then he stopped his hand’s action on her breast and reached her lengthening nipple with his thumb and forefinger.

By the time she felt his warm, strong thumb and forefinger close over her nipple and begin to tug and squeeze it, Denise was becoming aware of another effect it was having on her mind and body. She was sure it was not the one the doctor was expecting her to have. Her energies began pooling in her lower loins. She could feel herself blushing.

Tom worked on the hard, yet spongy nipple relentlessly, tugging, pulling, lifting it up and dragging it down, brushing over the very tip, and then pushing it back into her breast itself.

By the time he had spent about two minutes on it alone the nipple was like a teat in length, and the colour had changed to a very dark brown with the engorgement of the fresh blood her mind had sent there because of her obvious thoughts of arousal.

Then, upon seeing that he stopped, releasing her nipple back to her breast. It stood out like a penny on a plate, proud and stiff, and very, very long. He walked around to the other side of the table.

When she felt him release her nipple Denise was about to moan. God, how she wanted to moan. She could feel it building strongly as he’d twisted and pinched her nipple, first softly, then harder, until it almost hurt her.

But the hurt was a good hurt, she remembered feeling. It caused the energies in her loins to do what they always do whenever she became strongly aroused, and Denise knew she ‘was’ becoming strongly aroused. In fact, she knew she already ‘was’ aroused. Denise could feel herself growing more and more moist. That feeling of the approaching moan had been almost unstoppable.

If he hadn’t stopped what he was doing, tugging it around and around in almost a hypnotic movement, pulling and twisting it this way and that, she would have done what he said whether she wanted to or not and groaned to the high heavens exactly what her body was telling her to say.

Denise knew it would not have been difficult to have just groaned at how nice it was making her feel. Only for a brief second while he’d been doing that did she wonder what he was doing had to do with pregnancy detection. But then she remembered what he’d told her and stopped thinking about it or questioning. She didn’t want him to stop the examination.

As it happened then, without any conscious thinking to distract her from becoming aware fully of the feeling of what he was doing, the full effect of it crashed through the barrier of her senses, washing over her from head to toe, in her mind, and ‘especially’ in her body-her ‘lower’ body.

God, Denise then thought suddenly, as the coolness of the air replaced his warm hand and fingers on her throbbing heavy breast and hot nipple. What will I do when he touches me down there? He’ll know ‘exactly’ what I’m feeling. ‘Exactly.’ Then he might stop the examination anyway. Now she was ‘really’ worried-aroused, but worried.

“Turn over and lie exactly the same way please, Denise.” Tom said in a businesslike tone of voice.

“Yes, Doctor.” she breathed heavily, and did as she was told, trying to keep her knees pressed together as she rolled over.

She placed her left arm behind her back as he had done with her other arm. She kept her eyes closed and didn’t open them at all, not even when she settled on her right side, or, when she felt his warm hand settle on her left breast and begin moving on it in exactly as it had done on her right.

Denise couldn’t help a small sigh from escaping her mouth when she felt his fingers dig firmly into her mound of flesh and lift it strongly. She felt the pull deeply inside her chest, as well as deeply inside her thighs, and knew she was getting more and more moist by the second.

God, she thought. I hope I don’t leak! Soon the feelings began to grow faster and more rapidly. Denise felt hot and bothered from head to toe.

Tom continued to work on her left breast for several more minutes, and then transferred his attention to her nipple, attending to it in exactly the same manner as he had the other. It lengthened, stiffened, then lengthened again as he twisted and pulled it lightly, then tugged it upwards and downwards, then round and round quite firmly.

The sigh that had earlier escaped her lips had not escaped his ears. He knew he was on the right track. Her skin felt hot. She looked flushed all over. He could see upper thighs were pressed tightly together and her breathing rate had increased. Then he heard another sigh, a louder one almost ripping from her mouth.

“Ohh!” she sighed breathily.

“That’s right, Denise.” He told her. “You’re doing perfectly. Just let out all of that tension in as many sighs as you want to. It’s the release of that tension you’ve been holding in all day that will help to unstick things, if it’s needed. Just do whatever feels right to do. You’ll be helping your own cause, I assure you.”

That’s right, Denise remembered then. He’d said that earlier. She wanted to sound ‘exactly’ how she wanted to sound all right. She just didn’t want to embarrass herself in front of him. He might think she was a slut or something.

“Oh,” she whispered almost silently as another sigh ripped itself from her lips when his thumb and finger pinched and twisted a little more harshly than they had been.

“That’s right, Denise. Let it all out.” Tom said to her soothingly. “This happens every time. It’s normal. No matter what you’re feeling, believe me, it’s perfectly normal for this type of specialized examination. Every woman feels and does and says things exactly as you are, and will yet. Just let it out, and let it happen. You’ll be amazed at how much better you’ll feel, not to mention the good you might be doing for yourself regarding anything that might not be wanted.”

“So, the more you allow yourself to feel and say and do whatever you’re feeling right now, and in a few moments from now, and throughout the entire examination, the more chance you have of helping to flush that unwanted something out before it gets stuck there. That makes sense. Doesn’t it?”

“Yyeess, Doctor.” she sighed slowly, her head nodding. It was all she could do not to groan out a lot louder than that as his relentless and pleasurable assault on her nipple continued.

Her aching nipple felt as if it were a blowtorch against her breast, which felt like it was on fire because of the nipple. God, she thought. It feels so dam hot! Then, before she could even try, she couldn’t stop what happened next, even if she’d wanted to.

“Ohh!” she moaned without trying to silence it in any way. And as she did so the tidal wave of sexual pleasure that had been simmering molten between her legs burst like a supernova, outwards, backwards, and upwards at the same time.

She flamed between her buttocks, while her secret place trembled as it burned over the top of the extended little hill of sensual flesh. The sensual flames raced up her belly and licked their way sensually into each breast, and then fired their way mercilessly up into her throat and mouth and brain.

“Jesus!” Denise groaned loudly as her climax burst from her mouth as explosively as it had burst from her swollen loins. “Oh, Christ! Oh, my god! Oh, my God! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Ohhh!”

Tom continued to tug at her nipple while she came, twisting and reaching down to take firm hold of the other one as well. He watched her thighs and hips thrust involuntarily as wave after wave of intense orgasmic pleasure bathed her mind, her senses, and her body.

Only when he carefully watched and saw those waves of pleasure dampen out with her last shudder did he ease off the pressure slowly until his hands left her nipples altogether and gripped his cock to squeeze the fuck out of it for a few seconds.

Tom quickly had to release himself or he would have joined her, only inside his own pants, and humping mid-air like a horny greyhound dog. That was definitely not his plan. He saw her chest inflate fully as she drew deeply on the cool air in the air-conditioned room.

Then she sighed and seemingly deflated on the table in front of him like a burst hot-air balloon.

“Good girl.” Tom praised her in tone as he rested his hands lightly on her warm trembling shoulders. “Now you’re getting with the medical program you’re supposed to.”

“Yess, Doctor.” Denise sighed hesitantly, her breath still a little shaky. She half- smiled with his praise, knowing he thought she’d done well. She had been so tense ever since she’d woken up that morning. So tense.

And now she felt so, so, so relaxed and loose. Nothing could stick to her, she was sure of it. She felt saturated between the legs; felt it running down across her lower thigh, even between her buttocks, almost right in her bottom.

Every now and then a pleasurable little tremor still made her shudder with pleasure and relaxation, either around her still-quivering little secret place, or deeply between her buttocks. When it happened there Denise could feel her backside clench involuntarily.

She dreamily wondered if she had flushed anything out yet, if anything were there to ‘be’ flushed out. She was certainly moist enough. Denise had never experienced that sensation before. Never. Nor had she ever experienced an orgasm from simply having her breasts fondled either, for that matter.

God, she admitted. She had never felt anything so intense. Then she sighed softly again as his warm hands settled lightly on her shoulders. Oh, please God, she thought, as she breathed very deeply again and sighed. This ‘must’ be a good sign. Anything that feels ‘this’ good has got to be ‘doing’ me some good.

“And you must admit, you ‘do’ feel a whole lot better than you did when you first came rushing in here all upset and crying. Isn’t that true, Denise?”

“Yesss, Doctor.” Denise answered with an exhalation, which relaxed her even more at hearing the peaceful sound of her own voice.

She knew the doctor spoke the truth. Yes. Definitely. It was the truth. She had been a mess. And now she felt so, so wonderful. Yes, Doctor, she did feel a whole lot better than before, she said to herself before repeating it out loud to him a second time. “Yess, Doctor.”

Yes, Doctor, Tom silently said to himself again. Music to my ears, he thought, as he looked down at the main circus tent held up by his throbbing tent-pole. He gritted his teeth, not being able to resist slowly removing his hands from her shoulders and gripping himself fiercely one more time.

Music, to my fucking ears.


“That’s fine, Denise.” Tom said. “You’re doing perfectly.”Roll over onto your back now, please.”

Denise found that very easy to do. She felt so relaxed that when she leaned her shoulder to the left the rest of her loose body simply followed and she flopped over onto her back.

She felt very open to him, and was aware of that fact, but she felt so calm, so peaceful as she lay there. Her eyes were still closed, not being game to open them for fear of being embarrassed at her total nudity in front of the doctor, even as peaceful as she felt.

Denise then began to wonder again how different everything was to that which she had expected. Again the thought came to her as to what the connection might be between arousal and unsticking something that might already be growing inside her body.

That thought brought tears to her eyes and panic once more to her frame of mind. But then it vanished when she felt a warm hand grazing the skin just above her pubic hairline.

Denise became embarrassed in the extreme once more. The lush, thick patch of jet- black pubic hair between her thighs had always embarrassed her. There was so much of it! And now his hand was there! Denise felt herself growing hot and bothered as his hand began to then apply light pressure to her lower abdomen.

Tom felt her skin flinch when he placed his right hand on her lower belly, just above all that black hair. As his eyes roamed and focused between her legs he could see that the dark hairy jungle seemed to grow down the insides of her inner thighs a little way as well.

He applied pressure to her lower abdomen and looked at her f ace. It was flushed, but apart from that it seemed relaxed and calm. He began to brush his hand lower and lower until it completely covered the thatched roof to her forest floor and heated centre, somewhere down there beneath all that black, curly jungle.

Her thighs flexed a little and seemed to relax even more so as his hand then turned side-on, making a knife-edge which slowly slid downwards and then up again along her warm furry crease. Not only was it warm, Tom thought, as he smiled. It was very, very moist.

Denise could feel herself blushing uncontrollably. His hand simply being where it was and doing what it was doing sent wave after wave of intense pleasure upwards over her belly and into her breasts once more.

She could feel the weight of her legs and thighs falling outwards as her junction relaxed and tried to open like a flower in spring all by itself. All that hair, she thought again.

What was he thinking of her? That she should shave a little? Or a lot? Tidy herself up a little? Maybe trim the edges a little?

Those thoughts suddenly then vanished instantly as something quickly seemed to slide deeply up inside her centre. Her mouth opened and the sound that came out embarrassed her far more than any she had let escape so far.

“Ugh!” She grunted, turning it into a low, loud groan. She drew her knees upwards and outwards just a little. It was an unconscious action on the part of her body to allow more fullness to enter her reaching apex.

Tom had slid three fingers deeply and quickly up inside her tight, slick well and was now feeling the very tip of her cervix.

His fingers pressured the little neck, drawing it forward, lightly pressuring it back, while the fingers of his left hand poised above her dark Amazonian jungle to find the wings of her butterfly, and then to open those wings and find her beautiful chrysalis hiding within.

All the while she moaned he grinned, pressing his groin against the edge of the table as he manipulated her expertly from the inside out.

Denise was losing it in a different way to that which she had expected now. He was turning her insides inside out. She could feel herself being touched in ways that she had never been touched before, never even imagined before.

God! She thought hazily. She should have these medicals more often. ‘All’ women should. The gentle pulling and pressure deeply inside her brought moan after moan from her open mouth.

She couldn’t help her tongue snaking out and racing around her lips every now and then. The heat seemed to be radiating from between her buttocks and fanning upward and backwards into her junction to where his fingers inside her were doing whatever they were doing.

Tom moved very, very quickly and grasped the two full lips he knew were somewhere beneath all of that dark, mysterious public air. He took a guess and squeezed together as he lowered them instantly into the dense black forest.

As he did so he knew he’d struck pay dirt. The fullness of her soft, puffy flesh flattened in the grip of his fingers as he pressured them tightly closed over the Jewel of her Nile.

“Oh, no!” Denise cried out loudly, meaning anything but the word, ‘no’ in reality. Her hips suddenly bucked upwards and her whole body jerked. Her knees drew up even higher and then lay sideways, opening her deep, hairy junction to his gaze and pressuring touch like an open-cut diamond mine.

Tom decided it was time to find her diamond so fine as he listened to her pleasure leave her mouth while squeezing her lips tightly together.

Denise felt as if she was electrocuted when his fingers gripped the lips of her genitals and squeezed them so firmly. Her core had been clamped and shocked at such direct contact that her mouth had spewed forth such moans that she’d never thought would ever have passed between her lips.

She could feel her hips gently thrusting as his fingers continued to relentlessly push and tug and grip gently upon her cervix deeply within her. Her centre felt as if it had burst her dam and was flooding wildly like a torrent after a flash rainstorm and flood.

Her breasts burned on her chest and her nipples throbbed and ached. And once more she felt the rapidly growing fire that was no longer simmering in her lower belly. It was raging! The inner core of her secret place prickled and lengthened, thickened and pulsed for stimulation,

“Ohh, god!” Denise cried out in raw sensual rapture and bliss and was then consumed completely in strong electric pressure. She groaned louder and lifted her shoulders high from the table in sheer shock to her senses.

Tom had opened her swollen lips with his fingers and spread them, then had slid gently back the cocoon that hid her diamond so fine. His thumb and finger had then released her lips and clasped firmly onto that shining diamond and its firm little shaft in one smooth, quick action and squeezed.

“Oh, my god!” Denise cried loudly. “Oh, Jesus!”

Her hips bucked and thrust upward under Tom’s squeezing and tugging as groan after groan burst from her snapping mouth each time he squeezed her shining diamond forcefully and directly, without the dampening cover of her hood.

He then withdrew the fingers of his right hand from deeply inside her flooding mine shaft and quickly undid his belt and trousers, allowing them to fall around his ankles.

Then, in one movement his right hand reached over and under her right leg and thigh and lifted, turning her toward him such that her buttocks faced his now free and rampant arrow that had been so tightly strung in his bow for an aching, agonizingly long time.

He then let go of her pulsing jewel and lifted her left leg. Then he pushed both knees back and over onto her breasts, forcing them hard down into her chest.

Denise had lost touch with reality and she knew it. One part of her awareness, somewhere in the dimness of her sexual ecstasy wondered how this all fitted together in the puzzle of whether she was pregnant or not, but it was so dim that her conscious mind did not even want recognize it as anything worthwhile to be bothered with right now.

Tom then gripped his own rigid heat and muscle and aimed without thinking or looking, sensing where to thrust and drive her home like a flaming arrow to its bulls-eye. And he did just that, quickly, violently, rapidly, and very brutally.

“Ugh! Denise cried gutturally. “Oh, my go—!” Then she screamed involuntarily. “Oh, fuck yes!”

In her sensual daze Denise had felt her legs lifted one after the other, and then her knees were pressed down hard against her chest. She sucked and gasped at the cool air about her face and drew it deeply down into her lungs.

When she felt it what she and her body felt next she knew-she just knew, and so did her flaming body. Her body unconsciously and instinctively reacted with the feeling.

Denise then snapped open her eyes wide and staring at the distant, unrecognisable ceiling as she felt a long, thick, hot electric instrument fully penetrated her centre, filling her completely. It seemed to lengthen her, stretching her wider than ever before.

Again and again she felt the constant stimulation and pressing on her deepest cervix. Her mouth opened to scream her pleasure, but then suddenly, and without any advance warning her throbbing, aching chrysalis instantly exploded violently on her hairy, wet mound under the sudden and gripping, pulling pressure of heaven squeezing the life from its stinging, singing core; tugging it, twisting it round and round; pulling it away from her cocoon and just tugging, tugging, tugging.

Oh, my God! My God! My God! Oh, my God! She cried silently in her rapturous, head- spinning delirium. Oh, my god! But nothing came out of her mouth now except her repeated low guttural groans of unadulterated lust and rapture, one after the other like a tape on constant replay.

In her rapidly dimming conscious awareness of the world and all her problems living in it Denise knew she being fucked brutally, violently, and very, very deeply.

Denise knew she was also being mated with, solidly, but she was in heaven’s seventh heaven, as well as a doctor’s office, so it must be all right, a small, distant voice said, somewhere.

Tom had penetrated the sensually dazed woman quickly and completely, hilting her depths with his firebrand to the ever-deepening limits of her body where his fingers had been only moments before.

He felt her heat and her liquid slickness, as well as her tightness which accommodated and clenched his frictioning length and girth completely now. Her cervix crumpled, crumbled, and then finally gave way under his fireball’s fiery onslaught. Savagely beating against it, the bulbous head of his flaming tip caused it to yield quickly to the hot pressure of the head of his war-lance.

He thrust his battle-axe more rapidly into her sopping, molten lava and cave, splitting her centre deeply like a woodsman wielding his sharp edge. His slapping, furry balls warmed by her heat hammered loudly on her skin as they assaulted the flexing humid darkness between her buttocks.

The feel of that made him drive even harder against her cervix’s weak resistance. Tom felt her deepest core finally surrender totally then and give in to do his bidding. It suckingly gripped his one-eyed leaking burrower and began milking it furiously with sucking butterfly kisses each time it thrust against it.

Tom was lost himself now and continued to hammer-thrust into her dripping black Amazon forest fiercely, while his left hand held its grip on her swollen, pulsating core directly, brutally tugging and frigging it round and round, up and down, this way and that.

His loins frantically pummelled her, slapping against her sweating fleshy buttocks. With his right hand he continued to press her raised legs further down into her chest as he royally plundered her protruding and clenching slippery chasm.

Again and again and again he drove inside her with a thousand deep, sharp spikes of a railroad being laid down as he stared wide-eyed at her face. Her head lifted and sank repeatedly with each deep drilling; lifting and sinking with each pistonning lunge and plunge into her sopping depths.

His balls were being boiled like eggs inside his steaming sac and suddenly tightened. Tom sensed the change, knowing instinctively now that his end was nearer than his few next heavy, gasping breaths.

Denise’s eyes were wide open and staring, but they saw nothing, comprehended nothing, except what her senses told her with each thumping expansion of her thighs and what lie fully stretched and deeply lengthened in between. Her thoughts simply had ceased to be.

She did not know her own name, or where on the face of the earth she was. Only her turbulent emotions and raw sensual sensations drove her need to exist in each passing second now, in which she lived contentedly and wholly.

She was not aware of the feeling of being emptied for the briefest of seconds. She was not aware of being flipped over to lie face down on her stomach with her legs over the side of the table and her ass resting over the edge. Nor was she aware of her legs being spread wide.

Denise was also not aware of the hot hand reaching into her sopping empty jungle centre and scooping her flooding abundance outwards and away from its place of origin. And in her bliss she was not aware of that hot hand then pressing that slippery flooding abundance deeply down into the depths of her behind.

Tom gripped his almost-exploding fire-hose tightly in his right hand. He was not ready to put out her fires yet. He was still too busy starting them like a crazy sensual pyromaniac. He held her firmly with his left hand and pressed his shuttle’s expanding tip into the liquid heat he’d smeared between her creamy cheeks. Then instinct took over.

He was far too close to delay and he knew it with every fibber of his being. He had only mere seconds. And that was all he needed. He opened his mouth and lunged his loins forward and into her tiny brown starfish covered with slippery heat.

“Yes!” He cried out loudly as he ruptured the tight-rimmed muscle at the entrance to her behind and continued to slip fully upwards inside her ass, driving himself to her very depths, wedging himself in her deepest gut like a torpedo fired into its own tube.

His large boiled eggs contracted frantically inside their molten cocoon while his phallus rose like the phoenix from the ashes and lengthened even further up her ass as he began to lunge and plunge, plunder and take what was never offered to him, and probably never planned to be given in this one’s lifetime.

Denise then became aware, and, in a painful, pleasurable, shocking and electrifying way as she had never become aware before in her life. Her awareness of what pain and pleasure combined really felt like began instantly with the incredibly painful splitting of her backside in the very depths of its origins, and then of being stretched and filled at the same time and in the same place in one god-almighty pain of being born all over again.

Eyes wide and bulging the searing, burning agony was so fierce her gaze shimmered and her eyes bulged in their sockets. Her mouth opened and remained frozen that way for several seconds while her tongue extended to its fullest length from her mouth, licking the air like a crazy frilled lizard.

Her mind blazed with acute rude shock and sensual sparks from bodily electricity she had never experienced before in her life, nor even be able to ever imagine such a sensation would exist in the mind of a human being, let alone her, let alone in her backside.

Tom rammed her trembling ass home again and again, over and over, stretching and filling her to her body’s capacity. The tightness of her confines spurred him on to even greater sexual and sensual sensations experienced from the tip of his sledgehammer to the wide trunk of its base.

It was coming soon. He fired and fired and humped her high and mightily while his left hand reached under hips for her private volcano to take with him so they could erupt together.

Denise’s fevered brain was being pole-axed between her buttocks relentlessly, again and again, filled through her stretching, widening starfish by something never intended by god or man to be filling her there to her capacity.

The rimming muscle of her last defence post was destroyed savagely and loosened completely by the sudden exploding of the wide entry of the throbbing missile through its wrinkled hot starfish crater.

Her swooning senses spun crazily with each expansion and contraction as it arrived fully and then left almost completely within the depths of her deepest behind. Her inner world tumbled topsy-turvy over and over.

Suddenly then the heat and sensual pleasure rapidly fired with the gripping pressure on her molten core. Her Jewel ached and throbbed between pressures so hard and so harsh that her backside began to flame pleasure in unison with her blazing, thrusting loins.

It was starting. Tom knew it, but couldn’t do a thing to stop it, except rocket himself in and out of her tight backside even faster and harder than he had been. It was starting. It was starting. The omega. The beginning of the end.

For Denise the waves of extreme pleasure and extreme sensual pain came and the same waves went, followed by more waves and more waves again. They crashed on the pain- swept, pleasure-beaten windswept beaches of her searing mind with the gale-force arrivals of a Tsunami, washing her from head to toe in pleasure sheer, raw and unleashed for the first time in her life.

Her arms flew out and over the table, fingers of womanly steel gripping the edges for support while she hammered and fired her blazing behind backwards again and again onto the merciless tree trunk that pistonned and oiled her buttock’s tight cylinder like a Chevy’s suped-up engine.

Her mouth opened and closed like a Japanese blowfish, sucking and blowing so hard she was hyperventilating. Her eyes saw the stars of heaven’s glorious colours while her backside raged with the flaming bush-fire between her legs as her black hairy jungle burned like the fire on the mountain for Moses.

“Yesss!” Tom cried as he exploded, emptying seeming gallons of seedlings into the deep fishpond of her ass. Then he quickly withdrew, lunging instinctively and emptying the remaining litres inside the sucking, heaving centre of her vaginal chasm, deep inside her cervix that had been waiting expectantly for him to return. Its mouth opened and it sucked and drank greedily and hungrily of him and all he had to give.

Then, for Denise, coolness, from the inside, a sudden bathing the fire inside her behind and then deeply inside her clenching centre. A cooling coolness that began to put out the fires, one by one that had been raging unchecked within her mind and senses.

It splashed her deeply, over and over, coating her cervix with icy coolness. It painted her walls silver and cooled them down, too. And then those fires began to slowly go out, one by one, along with her conscious awareness of even being alive.

Denise then sank blissfully and unknowingly downwards into a sea of sensual and spiralling consciousness where she heard nothing, saw nothing, and felt nothing, except the strangest feeling from far off somewhere in another part of her most primitive brain that seemed to be heralding the arrival of a happy event.

The message told her that something ... had been added. But Denise did not hear, could not hear, because Denise was no longer listening.


Tom could tell she had fainted long before he had withdrawn his length and girth from her sopping wet and still-clenching junction.

She lay limp and loose like a discarded and broken rag doll across the table in front of him. He watched fascinated for a few seconds as the bulk of everything he’d emptied inside her only seconds before was now trickling slowly from the jungle between her legs and the deep crease of her behind.

It wandered leisurely down the inside of her thigh, like two streams beginning separately in the high mountain jungles that then slowly meandered their way down through the trees to join and empty into the sea.

He cleaned himself up with the edge of the white doctor’s coat and smiled. Got to be good for something except show, he thought, as he reached for his pants around his ankles.

He pulled them up and tucked himself away, belted up and then zipped up and looked down at the sleeping woman once more. Her diaphragm rose and fell gently while she slept.

He then removed the white doctor’s coat and cleaned her up as well, wiping and cleansing deeply between her legs and the cheeks of her relaxed behind. He then lifted her legs and laid them out on the table, wiping the white coat down and up along the full length of her body, including her face and neck.

Then he placed her arms across her tummy and interlaced the fingers of each hand together on her belly. He smiled then, somehow sensing what he’d done as he noticed his own breathing only just now returning to some semblance of normal.

“I should go to the doctor’s office more often.” he grinned aloud.

Then he saw her eyelids blink a few times. Then they opened. She took a deep breath and looked up at him, her face a picture of calm and serenity.

“I’m .. sorry, Doctor.” she said hesitantly. “I ... I didn’t .. hear you.”

“I said, you can get dressed now. The examination is finished. You fell asleep so I let you doze for a while until I determined the overall results.” Tom told her with a smile.

Denise sat up slowly and swung her legs over the table. Tom turned away and walked back to his desk and began writing absolute rubbish on the foolscap. Within minutes she was seated opposite him looking very poised, and a little bit expectant of what he had to tell her.

“How do you feel right now?” he asked her, smiling warmly and wondering what he would do if she cried rape.

“Good.” Denise answered. And she did, too. She was trying to recall the examination and whatever it was that he did, but everything about it seemed so hazy. She could recall becoming embarrassed when she’d orgasmed as he’d been examining her breasts.

After that she just couldn’t seem to get a handle on any one thought or memory for any longer than a flashing second. Fragments only. Feelings. Emotions. Grunting sounds, with her own voice.

“That’s fine.” Tom told her. “You’re doing perfectly. You did very well throughout the examination. I’m very proud of you. Some women can’t handle it very well, but most, like you, understand the importance of it.”

“And usually, when it’s over, they feel really good about themselves, and surprisingly, without feeling guilty. They always feel very relaxed and calm. And that feeling lasts for days and days; a long time, actually, no matter what the news is I have to give them.”

“It seems somehow that during the examination they unconsciously come to grips in their mind with the fact of them being very capable people; very conscientious and caring about other people and their own offspring. They somehow leave here with the feeling that everything’s all right, that everything’s going to turn out exactly the way God had planned for them in their destiny. And everyone likes to believe they are fulfilling their destiny. Don’t you agree?”

“Yes, of course.” Denise found herself agreeing. Everything he said made good common sense.

“Denise. You’re pregnant.” Tom said quietly, but with a warm smile on his face.

Denise just sat there and listened to those words reverberating around in her head. She was surprised that she wasn’t upset or crying as she thought she would have been.

Her eyes took in those of the doctor. They were warm and friendly. They were caring eyes that any woman would be glad and proud to have look at her in that loving, caring way.

She found herself thinking and hoping that ‘her’ man would look at her that way, after he found out she was going to have a baby. Then, amazingly to her, Denise found herself beginning to smile.

“Denise?” Tom asked, seeing the beautiful, smile slowly spreading across her face.

“Yes, Doctor. I’m sorry, Doctor.” she answered and apologised as she broke his gaze and blinked several times.

“How do you feel about being pregnant?” he asked.

“I feel fine.” Denise answered. “I really do feel fine.”

“That’s wonderful.” Tom said with a grin. “You’re doing perfectly. I will be closing this clinic permanently this week. My father-in-law is ill and I have to move interstate. I’d like you to find yourself a really good doctor to handle your pregnancy, one that you really feel you have rapport with from meeting them.”

“Yes, Doctor.” Denise answered respectfully to his professional, but caring tone of voice. She had the feeling that he really cared about everything he was telling her, almost sounding like he was offering her those caring words about ‘his’ baby.

“I’ll check on you and how you’re going from time to time, but don’t worry if you don’t hear from me for a while. It might take some time to settle in. In the meantime, this examination was on the house, my gift to you and your coming baby. It’s a bit unusual, but I think you’re worth it and I want to do it.”

“Now, look after yourself and everything you do that can look after your baby. That little person is very important to me. In the future I’ll catch up with you and you can show me how proud you are as a mother. Okay?”

“Yes, Doctor.” Denise heard herself replying, but knowing her mind was already buying baby clothes and things for the nursery.

As he saw her from his office he had asked her if she now believed her visit had been worthwhile, in spite of the reasons she had come in with in the first place. She had answered easily and then left him waving goodbye to her, wondering as she walked to her car why she felt so tender in her behind.

Then she grinned. A little tenderness was nothing compared to how wonderful she felt-wonderful in herself, and wonderful knowing she was going to become a mother. A mother.

Then suddenly, as she entered her car to drive away, flashes of raw lust flew in and out of her mind’s eye. Then it was gone. She felt hot, but in a strange and not uncomfortable way.

As she started the engine and pressed down on the pedal Denise sensed again the tenderness in her bottom, only this time, as she did so, she was rewarded with the most sexual, sensual sensation there between her cheeks that she felt herself blush from head to toe.

Then she shook her head and smiled as she put pedal to metal and sped off toward her waiting motherhood.

“Yes, Doctor.” she recalled saying to him as she drove away from him forever. “It ‘has’ been a productive visit to your office today. Yes, Doctor, it certainly has.”

Tom had smiled at her answer and had then stood watching the mother of his future son until she had disappeared from view as she’d driven down the road and around the corner.

Then he closed the door, went inside and grabbed the white doctor’s coat and left the building, after first leaving a note for the receptionist about her boss’s misfortune. He also added a note about her dog’s well being.

Then, white coat rolled up and under his arm to drop in the trashcan, he stopped at the first one he saw on his way to his car. As he lifted the lid and raised it to throw the white coat inside he paused momentarily, looking at the coat and remembering all.

His arm dropped and the green lid slammed shut, but was already walking away and whistling to himself, just as a proud father would, seconds before the green lid slammed the bottom.

Tom’s right arm swung high as he strode on in unison with the youthful spring in his step, while his left arm remained pressed where it was, against his side. The rolled-up white doctor’s coat lay trapped firmly between the two.